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Posted: 11 November 2021


Don Martini died October 3, 2021. We had been married over 42 years and we worked as a team to teach Truth. His Obituary is below.

He was a poet extraordinaire and often sprinkled humor to make a point. His last words to me were “I’ll love you forever”, and until then I leave from him to all, my favorite poem he wrote with added orchestration in the attachment – “Who Flings The Stars” giving glory to Jehovah God, along with many other poems on different subjects.

Who Flings The Stars With Orchestration

(Song: Who Flings The Stars, Composer: Don Martini, Music: Shirley Moore)

Who Flings the Stars

by: Don Martini


Its halls of marble beckon me
To learn of mankind's ancient ages
And life on Earth's progressive stages.
Thru tall bronze doors I enter, there
To see a man with silvered hair;
A noted anthropologist
And famous archeologist
With twenty students at his side.
O happy day, he'll be our guide!

Down Corridor One he leads the way.
We crowd in close to hear him say:
Our first exhibit's very old,
Twenty-five million, I've been told.
And tho he doesn't look like us
(He's no part of the human race)
We put him here to fill the space.

PROCOUNSUL is the next you see,
There beneath the banyan tree.
With turned up brow and turned down nose
And hairy legs and squiggly toes.
We haven't fully shaped his head,
But all of us are sure he's dead.

So now ten million years have passed
And mankind's day approaches fast.
See next this DRYOPITHECUS.
So much advanced - it seems to us,
With rounded skull and great long arms
And other fine assorted charms
We figured out from just a tooth
And jawbone fragments, that's the truth!
Some little pieces two or three
Set him in your family tree.

RAMAPITHECUS, there to your left,
A tribute to our artists, deft!
Jaws and teeth were all they found
Broken in the hard packed ground.
But he was forty inches tall
With brain the size of a tennis ball,
Hair on his back, nails on his toes;
How we learned that nobody knows.
Ancestral to man, there is no doubt.
Ramapithecus - can't do without!

AUSTRALOPITHECUS is our next ape,
Observe his almost human shape.
But Leakey and Montague both agree
He doesn't belong in our family tree.
Still he hooks so handsome there,
Gazing off with a man-like air,
and we've gone to such heavy expense
To present this scene in his defense
That we couldn't ever throw him out
'Tho we're not sure what he's all about.

Now twenty three million years have gone,
And we're drawing near to mankind's dawn.
It's wonderful how "Science" shows
So many things that no one knows!

ZINJANTHROPUS - what an ugly cus!
We're sure that he was one of us.
Ate dinosaurs and alligators,
Didn't know about refrigerators.
Bought his clothes from Mister Bear
'Cause no Rich's store was there.

Used turtle shells to make his shoes,
from which he got the bunion blues.
And when the ice age came at last
And all the reptiles took off fast
He ate his relatives one by one
Till finally his race was done.
So now we bid his kind adieu,

Old 'Zinny there with eyes of blue,
Who didn't want to be a man
Till Evolution wrecked his plan!

Our next ancestor was extra hairy,
We found his bones near Tucumcari.
Lived in a cave without any rent,
Notice how hi back is bent.
Drew strange designs on the hard rock ceiling,
Humanity's first artistic feeling.
Made musical flutes from a walrus bone
Which sounded much like a grizzly's groan.
And when he played this lonesome sound
Scared all the snakes for miles around.

Two hours had passed, and I'd had my fill
Of this pseudoscientific swill.
So I left the professor's masterly tones
Worshipping apes and monkeys and bones
To reflect upon the great disgrace
That's fallen on the human race.
Slaving its vast intelligence
To babble forth this ignorance.

If every house a Maker has,
Does not a tree or blade of grass?
Or butterfly or crimson flower
Disclose a Supernatural power?
Who paints the sunsets, raises mountains,
And waters earth with living fountains!
Streams and rivers rush to sea
And praise their Maker jubilantly!
Who flings the star and scents the breeze
With fine perfume from fruitful trees.

All shout in praise their Maker's Fame.
Now do not tear this Name, so Grand
From all the wonders of His Hand
Whose loving gift to you and me
An everlasting destiny!

Or do you choose man's science, proud,
Whose gift to us, the mushroom cloud,
Rips God's Name from its rightful place
And steals the future of our race?


NutraSweet, It's the Devil's Treat
It's poured on everything you eat
Don't mind if you go blind
Or leave your brains behind!

If you like doctors, shots' n tests
And hospitals you love the best
And always want a list of ills
To give your friends the shakin' thrills

And if you pine to drink the thing
Of which the stars on TV sing
Who cares if you don't get much olda
Not Diet Coke or Pepsi Cola

Don't imagine that they'll tell you
Of the poisons that they sell you
Formaldehyde and formic acid
Forest lawn will be so placid
Yours is not to reason why
Yours is just to buy and die
You're just another consumer, Honey
Now get back in line and spend your money


Blood Roulette

I stood one day

in the hospital bay

Watching the gurneys roll by

When an orderly said

With a shake of his head

I just hate to see them die

I've seen some sights

Diseases and blights

T'would break your heart indeed

But worst of all

In this medicine hall

Are transfusions the patients don't need

It's blood, blood, blood

Slimly, scarlet mud

It doesn't have to match

And while the microbes hatch

They add it to your bill

Never mind your feeling chill

Typhus, Brucellosis

And mononucleosis

Hemolytic reactions

Incompatible fractions

Septicemia and syphilis

Malaria -- it seems to us

That in this deadly dance

Patients seldom have a chance

Surgery over and you're well

So you bid the doc farewell

Relaxing in your domicile

Feeling easy - start to smile

Just when life is getting mellow

In a month you're turning yellow

Hepatitis takes six weeks you see

To gain its ghastly victory

The CDC says 10%

Get this deadly present - sent

By the blood bank from your donor

Alcoholic, syphilitic blood's last owner

Just because they never tell you

Of the blood borne bugs that fell you

Doesn't mean that they don't know

Basking in their profit's glow

Harvested in mortuaries:

Cadaver blood and death it carrys

Served to you in pintolets

Play a round of death roulette?

Once a time they took your blood

A hundred thousand graves were dug

A death required by medical lie,

Sagacious doctors standing by

Caused George Washington to die

The Father of our Country's dream

His life let out in pulsant stream

Leviticus they should have read:

"The life is in the blood" it said!
Lev 17:11

So now another million die,

Sacrificed to an equal lie

Rivers of blood transfused with zeal

Cannot the Word of God repeal:

"Abstain from blood," The Command is true

"If you keep, it shall be well with you"
Acts 15:29



Once there was a fossil, lying in a bog
Long come a 'pologist, and say "Hot Dog!
"I'll be famous, I'll be known;
Speak in Paris, London, Rome!

"Bout this fossil and his race
Must have had an apelike face
Hairy back and hairy legs
Lived on nuts and roots and eggs.

"Fifteen million years ago
Over glaciers, and thru snow
Hunted Mastodon and deer
With a simple club and spear

Spoke in grunts and growls, That's so!
Couldn't speak a word, you know
Just a skullcap and a tooth
tell me all this ancient truth

And since my given name is Gus
We'll call him Gusieanthropos!



"A Rock we are, the salesman said
"With this policy you'll not dread
The Whims of fate and circumstance
Which may afflict ----or worse ---perchance
Disable you from your lifework
For our part we will never shirk!
You see, we'll always pay the bills
To save you from financial ills,
For we are strong and will be there
To carry burdens you can't hear

"Of hospitals and costly tests
And medicines your Doc requests
We cannot cancel, so you see
You'll always have this policy
Be wise, be prudent and invest
Of course my company's the best
It costs so little, you'll agree
To guarantee security
And peace of mind, for we'll be there

ROCKLIFE, faithful, over fair!"
He didn't mention that the rate
Would then proceed to escalate
Till I, disabled, could not pay

Their premiums another day
And found this "rocklike" policy
A lesson in futility
He should have said: We'll goose the rates
Till you can't pay - so that's the breaks!"
So now my warning, sad but true
Don't let the rock get a piece of you!



I made a promise as a Child
Imagining journeys, jungles wild
This vow did I make long ago

To always do the right thing, so
That God would find my conduct just
And men not fear to give the trust
I made a promise as a Lad
Fantasizing comely maidens glad
To keep myself in chastity
Tho, truth be told, this troubled me
But sooth, a promise once so made
With sacrifices must be paid
That I should be both chaste and strong
And should not trade the right for wrong

I made a promise as a Man
Slipping diamonds on her hand
That evermore would I be true
A husband's service always do
Rejecting all, embracing One
Till tolls the bell when life is done
And children would I teach and lead
Until at last they had no need

So all my promises have been made
And sure I say, most have been paid
Forsaking lust, temptation beauty
In the sacred cause of duty
How now the tally of my life
(Ignoring woes, betrayals, strife,

Adventures lost) am I consumed
With black regret, poor pride broken?
Nor should these deprecants be spoken
These promises, so cheap a price
For hope of life in Paradise!


"Educated Fool"

I love my chemo poison
I'm a modern guy, you know,
Every day consuming "foods"
Like the ads all tell me to.

I argue, fight and persevere
Defending toxins others fear...
No matter that you've spent some years
Researching, hearing others' tears.

I know so much with my degree
No evidence will alter me!
I did my thinking back in school,
But since haven't used a mental tool.

Your new ideas just hurt my pride
And so your evidence I deride.
I've got to struggle hard, you see
To keep someone from teaching me!


(With reflections on the Walrus and the Carpenter by Lewis Carroll in Alice in Wonderland)


The Chemist and the Stockbroker
Were walking hand in hand
They wept like anything to see
Pure food throughout the land
If this were only synthesized
They said it would be Grand!
If seven plants with seven vats
Boiled it for half a year
Do you suppose, the chemist said
That they could make it queer?

Hydrogenated vegetable oils
Chlorinated hydrocarbons in our soils
Organophosphates on Romaine
Formaldehyde to fly your brain
Neurotoxic NutraSweet
In 14,000 foods you eat
Monosodium Glutamate
You say that you're not feeling great?
And wonder why you're often sick
It's chemicals that do the trick!
Lambs to the Slaughter

Sittin in the shadow of a polyester tree
Musing on the wonders of our world of chemistry
Sippin a libation from a thermoplastic cup
Deciphering the label of the potion that I sup

Once a time real lemons were picked for lemonade
Citric acid and aspartame are now from which it's made
With several other additives to get the flavor right
It tastes a lot like cheap perfume or paper roses might

You see the real problem is it costs another dime
Unthinkable consideration in our mercenary time
The Board of Directors decided FAKE will simply have to do
It's profit they are there to make not lemonade for you!

So settle down and drink it down and soon you'll say, it's trueThat lemons give a funny taste, sort of artificial too

And so you'll saturate your frame
With chemotoxins, such a shame
But you can tell your doctor friend
You were a consumer to the end

The profiteer's endless proclamations
With terminal mental constipation
All is Well! All is WELL!
So lure our land and health to hell

Who is so blind as will not see
This pathologic travesty
The simple truth, all argue done
We buy what they advertise till we're done

And never dare to doubt or question
Mesmerized by the vile suggestion
That not to buy is heresy
So Lambs to the slaughter, Tragic, We


Don created a floor stripper called Crocodile, and wrote this ditty We'd been scrubbing and scraping for half the night
When Harry said, "Let's just try dynamite,
This stripper is soda pop¬the taste just isn't right!"

Came a shatter, a chatter, a grunt and a roar,
He glared all around at the mess on the floor.

With a thrash of his tail, a malevolent grin
Eight thousand teeth - to lie is a sin,
We knew it was over when the CROC dived on in.,

If there's 29 coats of wax on the floor
And who knows what color it is any more
Just drink the pop - Sic the CROC on the floor!


Two thousand million years ago
In a quiet sea, by the warm sunglow
A raindrop to a dust mote said
Though you can't think and I am dead

There's just no future being slime
Improve ourselves, we have the time
You be a fish, swim to and fro
I'll be a bird, just watch me go

Though you can't think, and I've no eyes
We'll accidently organize
Into an ape, and then a man
We'll do it all without a plan

Do you think this hard to conceive
Don't reason on it, just believe
Ignore the facts, be "scientific"
Believe in things that aren't specific
It's taught in every institution
This religion they call evolution.



Researching sociologists
Advising anthropologists
Investigate each arcane solution
To 20th century moral dilution

Can intellectuality heal
Society's illness if we feel
That fornication's joys and worth
Ten million children without birth?

Sure murdered in their mother's wombs
Whose hearts become regretful tombs,
If sex we steal, nor pay the price
Of blessed troth, then my advice:

With the silenced child your manhood dies
What fruitfulness shall bless your eyes
When your life comes to fireside
No sons nor daughters at your side?


Dedicated to the pilots who died on American Airlines:


Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome aboar
American Roulette Flight 504
Thanks for betting your lives with us
Some safety tips I must discuss

As you know you may not smoke
So we're serving Diet Coke
Or Diet Pepsi, take your pick
Says FDA: they'll make you sick

Ten thousand complaints on aspartame
They posted the list, and then, insane
They made it a general sweet'ner
Could travesty be more completener?

Cries FDA, "It's healthful as rain!"
What matter citizens who complain
Ignore that tumor in your brain
And birth defects from aspartame

It vends at eight dollars a pound
Boundless booty Ajinomoto found
Who cares if you go blind
Or leave your brains behind

Mind confusion, Panic attacks
Hypertension, yes Heart attacks
We're happy you're on this airplane thing
See the pilot dancing on the wing?

His name is Captain Billy Keno
Nonstop service Phoenix to Reno
Seattle? anyplace way out there
If he can find it from the air

Fourteen pilot magazines, all
Name vertigo, seizures grand mal
Gave numerous deadly incidents
From NutraSweet, Equal, sugarless mints

Poison potion, our bosses knew
Their mortal gamble is me and you
It's the political thing to do
What care for safety, you, or crew?

Risking hundred million dollar planes
On lethal Drug, dissolver of brains
Refusing to ken that the captains died



Down in Chemical City
In a Saloon named Drink & Die
A gang of killers jeers
As the hearses rolling by

There's Diet Coke and Pepsi
Counting money, If you please
While Dottie Dietitian's girls
Are giggling on their knees

And sittin' in the corner
At a table just for him
Is the master of the killers
Mad Monsanto, heard of him?

Besides Mad Monty, laughing
In a gown of crimson, low
Sprawls Fanny Does Anything
She's the FDA you know

Her hand is in his pocket
But he don't give a care
Cause she runs the Drink & Die
And he's always welcome there

Comes a call now from the street:
"Come out Monty, meet your fate
Your killing days are over
Retribution will not wait"

It's Dead Eye Roberts riding
On his horse Hippocrates
And he's never missed an outlaw
With that shotgun on his knees

He's been fighting public poisoners
"It's just good medicine" he avers
Can't be bought, he's not for sale...
You hear the moneygrubbers wail

A hundred million, nay, many more
Owe life and health to our Troubadour
My life is sweetened, to answer then:
"Dr. H. J. Roberts? He's my friend!"



Now about all of those rumors
From European consumers
Who imagine our coke made them sick
We hired men with diplomas
{Rhymes with astrocytomas!)
They're impartial, who else would we pick?

They've poured o'er the problem since yesterday
So we can announce what the "experts" say:

"It's all in your head
After all, you're not dead
Just a low down dirty trick
And you only think you're sick!

It's a sociogenic pathology
Since Coke is paying we all agree:
That hydrogen sulfide and fungicide
A bit of chlorocresol on the outside
With aspartame is so delicious
And of course it's very nutritious!"

Don't imagine that we'll tell you
Of the poisons that we sell you
Formaldehyde and formic acid
Forest Lawn will be so placid
Yours is not to reason why
Yours is just to buy and die

We really care for you a bunch
Now you've made me miss my lunch!
And our stock's not doing well
Over just a little smell
You're just a Belgian consumer, Honey
So get back in line and spend your money!


Kingdom Halls many times are built in one day. Hawaiian brothers named the place of worship "Kingdom Halls" because this is where we teach the Kingdom of God we pray for in the Lord's prayer, a heavenly government over the earth. "...thy will be done on EARTH as in heaven." One of these buildings was built in four days and since Don saw it go up he wrote a poem about it:


Commemorating Quick-Built Kingdom Hall Construction 9/20-24 1991

In Seymore word had passed around
"Jehovah's Witnesses Left our town!
Their meeting place was sold last year
And now no Kingdom Hall is here

"But they still come from door to door
You know - it seems they're doing it more
Two Ladies came to us last week
They said the earth is for the meek
And Armageddon's just ahead
Then God will resurrect the dead!"

But now, let all the truth be told
‘Bout Seymore Witnesses, so bold
Instead of from this area going
This congregation is simply growing

So Twenty-Six September day
Came Witnesses from miles away
Five hundred Brothers, Sisters, came
To raise a house to God's fair Name

When John-the-Baptist sent to Christ
To ask: "Are you the coming one?"
His answer totally sufficed
"Consider but the works I've done."

"The blind are seeing, deaf now hear,
And dead are raised, since I am here.
Good news is wakening the poor."
These miracles gave John answer sure.

Today our world is full of pain
Can miracles be done again
What powerful works our hearts now thrill
And prove the presence of God's will?

Where now does God's bright smile reside
A river of peace deep and wide?
And who now walk in heaven's love
To imitate their God above?

Productive nation, full of fruit
A tree with righteousness the root
Four days, then came the answer strong

Nor mortar, lumber, brick, nor sand
Produced this testimony grand
Jehovah's Spirit this hall did build
To accelerate the work he willed

Seventy thousand congregations!
Jehovah's flock, a mighty nation!
Sprinkling Kingdom Halls as dew
Emblems of an earth made new!

And we, the bearers of God's praise
He'll grant eternity of days
And he, who holds this planet, broad
We'll love forever as our God!

Burma-Shave was an American brand of brushless shaving cream, famous for its advertising gimmick of posting humorous rhyming poems on small sequential . Don even did the same with aspartame in a couple of his poems below.


Consider Ian McFarber

Incensed by the cost of his barber

I’ll fix it, I say, in a permanent way!
And NutraSweet began the next day

His wavy hair turned thin and gray
Now Seldom has Ian a barber to pay

Change in Hair is #66 on the FDA list of 92 symptoms including death on aspartame. Dr. James Bowen who has Lou Gehrig's he said from aspartame remarked his dark hair turned gray after six weeks of use



The moon was full. The kids abed
Perfumed and silked she glided by
Teasing with her fetching eye

Not tonight, forgive me dear
My head is pounding here, and here!

Thus sadly did Poor Richard lie
And turning away, her love deny
What ruined these ecstatic hours

'Twas aspartame had robbed his powers!
Sexual dysfunction is #90 on the FDA list of 92 symptoms on aspartame including death.


Don once made a scum remover called PRUdiculous showing a Martini spilling over the Rock with a runaway olive, from "Martini On The Rock, Inc." Here is the poem he made into song saying: "We present the favorite song of one of the history's great jumpers:

Pru Di Dee Doo Dah, Pru DiDee Aye
My O My What A Terrible Day,
Just got My Bill from That Greedy O Rock;
And When I Pay Them,
I'll be in Hock!

Pru Di Dee Doo Dah, Pru DiDee Aye,
It's The Truth, Contractual
Your Bankroll's Never Satisfactual.
So Here's My Warning - Gloomy, But True
Don’t Let The Rock Get Their Piece Of You

The scum remover said it combats Premium Schemiums, Kitus Blarneyitis and Pestilential Prudentialitis


"Dream Boat".

Last night I had a dream,
I sailed my boat on cream.
It sailed so well, and very far,
I painted on its sail a star.

Now there were great big waves of cream.
And further north the butter gleamed
But the sun came out and spread its beams.
And melted away my lovely dream.

So I've been looking near and far -
For just one glimpse of the beautiful star -
That was painted on my lovely boat
But now I've lost most all my hope.

Don Martini (11 years old)



To end the poetry, and there is much more, it is so fitting for a poem Don and I wrote to a neighbor and her poetry back. They felt so at home they bought our house and became the most dearest friends over the years.

To Laura Mantius, my loyal friend:
I've received the invoice you didn't send
No payment request have you submitted
For benevolences here admitted:

Trips to the market a thousand and eight
Plus those to the Doc when I wasn't great
Two thousand and seventeen totes upstairs
Carrying laundry, cat food and pears

The kitten you buried just last July
Cause you didn't want to see me cry
Watching our house when we're out of town
Carrying firewood without a frown

Never could I take the measure of that vastly richer treasure
Continuously shared with me
Count your children one, two, three

Peter the Great storming barricades
Reporting insurancedom's darker shades
Machiavellian Enemy fiercely fought
To free countless victims pitifully caught

And such fine neighbors, twain, are we
Never a word to disagree
Procuring harmony absolute
Never a theologic dispute!

These credits now apply to our side:
One Rumanian cake- - Petrified
Breach of friendship standing alone
Dids't not thou give us Trojan Stone?
Scarring gums and teeth for Aye
O tragic anti-dental day!

And books to review - were there just four
Have pity, Laura, please halt, no more!
This sin is covered, yes that and more
By your elegance, vacuuming out the door

This cumulative obligation's so great
With numbers that look like a license plate
And since our account is far in arrears
Could we discuss over dinner and beers?

Laura answered
To Betty and Don,
Dear friends are we?
The balance is even,
Don't you see?

Katie, Peter and Meme,
For cash never lack,
The Martini's bank
Is right in the back.

While Mama was lazy,
The kids still got trained,
Dear Betty did teach them
To wipe up the stains,

The Mantius household
has thrived all the more,
On Martini foodstuffs,
Presented galore!

To have one's own typist
Really is neat,
But you're also a notary,
Now that's a treat!

Ah, your copy machine
Obediently produced
Pete's fine resume's
Properly reduced!

Into Encyclopedias
Young Peter really looks,
It's from your library
He learns from fine books.

With your hearts so open
And arms stretched out wide,
For our Romanians
You did provide.

So as you see
My tale is like thine.
How sweetly do
Our lives entwine.

No debt to be paid
No balance is due
It's as God said
To neighbors be true!


Don did decide one day to write a book but never finished it, but as expected he started off with a poem.

We'll have to fake the data, said the Chemist with a grin
So everyone will buy it when we say it makes them thin!
Not to worry said the CEO, that poison it shall be
For if we make it sweet enough, they'll sip it merrily

Then Hollywood celebrities we'll buy to say it's great
And the Dietitians Association will soon be on our take
And when they die we'll simply lie, for we must ne're forget
It matters not what harm we do, it's how rich we can get!

End of Poems

As I looked around after collecting so many of Don's poems there were still so many stacks of his writings from over 42 years of our marriage. They show his love of teaching Truth and compassion for humanity and all he met in need. He exposed injustice and misinformation and sprinkled humor with his poetry which caused access to the people in mass educating and saving lives. As I carry on with a broken heart, I hope you enjoy decades of life expressed in poetry.

Mrs. Betty Martini

Don Martini


Byrd & Flanigan Crematory & Funeral Service
288 Hurricane Shoals Rd Ne
Lawrenceville, GA


Oct, 23 2021

Broadlawn Memorial Gardens

MARTINI, Don Ramon

Age 89, of Duluth, GA, died October 3, and is survived by his wife of 42 years, Betty Martini and her three children, Daniel Joseph Morrison, Scott Thomas Morrison, and Sarah Anne Decker (Bob) with two children, Matthew and Sierra Decker. Don is survived by two sons, Randal Vincent Martini (Valerie) and Valan Ross Martini (Theresa). There are five grandchildren by Randal Vincent and Valerie: Brittany and Renaud Charvet , Jordan (Katrina), Paris Martini,Carly Martini, and Mia Martini. Four great-grandchildren are Heloise and Timothy Charvet and Ronan and Zoe Martini.

Surviving cousins are Robert O'Neill in Michigan and his children Robby and Anna O'Neill, Tammy O'Neill, Cindy and Peter Blackburn, Patricia and Philip Nelson, Pat, and John O'Neill and Virginia O'Neill Renier and Kim Heron.

Don Martini was a minister of Jehovah's Witnesses, outstanding writer and speaker; taught the Bible for 83 years. As an entrepreneur he created many businesses such as Telechem and American Formula.

He was a poet extraordinaire writing such poems as "Who Flings The Stars".


Don married his wife Betty in 1979. Four days after he met her she said, "Just thought I would let you know I'm going to marry you." When a friend almost died on aspartame he set up Mission Possible World Health Intl, a global volunteer force now operating 31 years to warn the public. Also Mission Possible Aviation. On his death a friend wrote "Don was such a beautiful, faithful supporter of Mission Possible- giving his wife wings to fly, literally, world-wide; and was like her consignor too, that I witnessed, a better half, noticing the approaching rapids." Don called it a ministry quoting Proverbs 24:11 because Jesus had pity on the sick, and as a footstep follower of Christ.

He always focused on the needs of others and wanted people to have scriptural knowledge and Jehovah God's love.

His truth and zeal for life were astonishing. It was as if it was his duty to help everyone he met. With great accomplishments will he be remembered among those whose lives he touched.

He will be buried, on Saturday, October 23 at Broadlawn Memorial Gardens at 1:30 PM, Buford, GA. No viewing, grave site, Funeral Home is Byrd & Flanigan A memorial and celebration of his life will be on November 13 at 2:00 PM on zoom.

Jesus said in Matthew 22:32 long after Abraham, Isaac and Jacob passed away. "I am the God of Abraham and the God of Isaac and the God of Jacob. He is the God, not of the dead, but of the living" . "Do not be amazed at this, for the hour is coming in which all those in the memorial tombs will hear his voice and come out." John 5:28,29.

Published by Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Dr. Betty Martini, D.Hum.
Founder, Mission Possible World Health International
9270 River Club Parkway
Duluth, Georgia 30097
E-Mail: BettyM19@mindspring.com

Aspartame Toxicity Center: http://www.holisticmed.com/aspartame