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20 Dec 2016 - Opposing Mandatory Vaccination - Act Now!

20 Dec 2016 - Apprehension, Detainment, And Vaccination For Suspicion Of Infection: The CDC’s Quarantine Proposal

13 Dec 2016 - Vaccine-Induced Toxicity Database

13 Dec 2016 - The Vaccine Culture War On Freedom [Has an embedded video on the web page]

09 Dec 2016 - New Bill Would Allow Kids To Consent To Vaccines [This is completely INSANE! Most of them would not be able to fully comprehend exactly what these vaccines and their numerous sides effects would really do! Another ploy by the pharmaceutical companies to push their poisons! – Dr. B. Carey]

09 Dec 2016 - Foolish To Trust The CDC On Vaccines

30 Nov 2016 - Why New Crohn’s Disease Vaccine Is A Mistake

23 Nov 2016 - New Flu Vaccine Contains Gulf War Syndrome Adjuvant

18 Nov 2016 - Aluminium Adjuvants Have Never Been Approved For Use In Vaccination

15 Nov 2016 - Studies Find Flu Shots Can Harm Your Heart, Infant And Fetus

15 Nov 2016 - The Toxic Science Of Flu Vaccines

09 Nov 2016 - Fascist Medicine From California

07 Nov 2016 - People Receiving The Flu Vaccination Are Continuing To Die This Year As The Numbers Rise [Has an embedded video on the web page]

26 Oct 2016 - After Terrorizing America With Zika Scaremongering, Washington Post Now Admits Zika Virus Doesn't Cause Brain Deformities After All

26 Oct 2016 - CDC Blocks Vaccine Whistleblower’s Testimony In Medical Malpractice Case

12 Oct 2016 - Here Are Some Natural Alternative Ways To Avoid Getting The Flu Shot Our Government Pushes Every Year

12 Oct 2016 - Research Reveals The Toxicity Of Aluminum And Why It’s Used In Vaccines

12 Oct 2016 - Are These Vaccines Damaging Your Immune System? [Has an embedded video on the web page]

12 Oct 2016 - 1 Of Every 200 People Will Die From Vaccines Before Sharks, Alligators, Bears, Snakes And Spiders Combined

12 Oct 2016 - Researcher Who Made Connection Between Vaccines And Autism Found Shot And Floating In River

10 Oct 2016 - Boy Awarded $174,000 After Flu Shot Permanently Disables Him

10 Oct 2016 - Government Vaccine Records Show Injuries And Deaths Due To Flu Shots

30 Sep 2016 - CDC Whistleblower Demoted After Bringing Zika Test Errors To Light

30 Sep 2016 - Lead Developer Of HPV Vaccine Admits It's A Giant, Deadly Scam

30 Sep 2016 - Vaccines Containing Aluminum Shown To Cause Neurological Damage

29 Sep 2016 - The Vaccine Hoax – It Is Time to Start Thinking About Jail Time For Pro-Vaxxers…The Science Is In – Vaccines Are Worthless and Terribly Dangerous…

27 Sep 2016 - More Evidence Proves Nutrition Beats Vaccines In Preventing Disease

22 Sep 2016 - Glyphosate In Vaccines As Well As Food?

20 Sep 2016 - Why You Can’t Find Safe Vaccines

15 Sep 2016 - Monsanto Strikes Again — Tests Confirm Most Vaccines Contain Glyphosate Herbicide

14 Sep 2016 - Corrupt Pediatricians Disgrace Themselves

14 Sep 2016 - Vaccines Provide Herd Immunity? [Yet another one of the many LIES by the pharmaceutical industry! – Dr. B. Carey]

13 Sep 2016 - Life With Vaccine Injury: A Mother’s Perspective

09 Sep 2016 - New Study Warns Of The Dangers Of Multiple Vaccinations

06 Sep 2016 - The CDC Medical Police State: The Right To Detain Anyone

01 Sep 2016 - 8 Ways To Safely Take Charge Of Your Health While Avoiding Toxic Vaccines

30 Aug 2016 - An HPV Vaccine Injury Had To Be Self-Diagnosed By A Dying 13 Year-Old

30 Aug 2016 - Vitamin K Shot Linked To Leukemia In Early Childhood [Has an embedded video on the web page]

26 Aug 2016 - Facebook Goes Full ORWELLIAN... Now Blocking All Stories Mentioning The Keyword phrase 'm-nd-t-ry v-cc-n-t--ns'

26 Aug 2016 - Social Engineering Algorithms Are Being Used To Indoctrinate Citizens Into Surrendering To Vaccinations

25 Aug 2016 - 6 Weird Things About Zika That Don’t Add Up [Has an embedded video on the web page]

25 Aug 2016 - Unvaccinated Children Are Healthier Than Those Who Are Vaccinated, More Studies Reveal

24 Aug 2016 – Abusive Hospital Vaccine Policies Are Pressuring Workers To Chose Between Their Job Or Their Health

24 Aug 2016 - Family Of 13 Year Old Discovers The Risks Of The HPV Vaccine, Too Late [Has an embedded video on the web page]

17 Aug 2016 - Back To School Vaccination: How You And Your Child Are Targets Of Manipulation

17 Aug 2016 - Why Do We Need Vaccines?

16 Aug 2016 - 8 Reasons Why Your Child’s Doctor Pushes Vaccines

16 Aug 2016 - Vaccines Blamed For Alarming Increase In Seizure Disorders Among Children

16 Aug 2016 - Vaccine Studies Debunked 25 Apr 2016 - Doctor Andrew Wakefield: Hero or Quack?

20 Apr 2016 - Former NBC Boss Asserts His Grandson Damaged By Vaccines

20 Apr 2016 - The Dark Side Of Pet Vaccination [Has an embedded video on the web page]

20 Apr 2016 - Same National Media That Freaked Out Over Lead Poisoning In Flint, Remains Totally Silent On Nationwide Mercury Poisoning Through Vaccines

20 Apr 2016 - Flu Vaccines Causing Massive Spike In Deaths Of Elderly Across The UK, Warn Health Officials

20 Apr 2016 - Same National Media That Freaked Out Over Lead Poisoning In Flint, Remains Totally Silent On Nationwide Mercury Poisoning Through Vaccines

20 Apr 2016 - Flu Vaccines Causing Massive Spike In Deaths Of Elderly Across The UK, Warn Health Officials

14 Apr 2016 - Watch Robert De Niro Speak Candidly About Anti-Vaccine Documentary, His Son, Autism, And More {has an embedded video on the web page]

04 Apr 2016 - Infant Paralyzed And Brain-Damaged After 6-Month Vaccinations, Doctors Threatened Parents To Further Vaccinate Their Daughter

01 Apr 2016 - $3 Billion Paid Out To Vaccine-Injured Families By The U.S. Government

30 Mar 2016 - Doctor Critical Of Vaccines Found Murdered Floating In River

29 Mar 2016 - Experts Urge For Change In Global Drug Policy After Evidence Shows 'War On Drugs' Has Been Detrimental To Human Health And Rights

29 Mar 2016 - Vaccines Contain DNA Fragments From Aborted Human Fetal Cells And Viruses That Could Cause Both Autism And Cancer

25 Mar 2016 - Protect Your Daughter From The Gardasil Vaccine Disaster

24 Mar 2016 - FDA Now Wants To Force Tanning Bed Users To Sign 'Risk Acknowledgement' Forms Every Six Months, But Requires No Such Forms For Chemotherapy, Pharma Drugs

24 Mar 2016 - This 1976 Vaccine Scandal Will DISTURB You ... But Has Anything Changed?

23 Mar 2016 - Gardasil Is Destroying Young Girls' Ovaries And Reproductive Systems

22 Mar 2016 - Why MOST Medical Doctors Blindly Recommend Vaccinations

22 Mar 2016 - American College Of Pediatricians Links HPV Vaccine (Gardasil) To “Very Rare But Serious Condition.”

22 Mar 2016 - HPV Vaccines Are Harming And Killing Victims Worldwide In A Silent Epidemic Of Medical Violence Against Children

22 Mar 2016 - After Virologist Warned About Man-Made Plague Strains Being Covertly Developed And Distributed, She Was Framed And Harassed

15 Mar 2016 - Medical Establishment Ignores Cancer Prevention, Rolls Out Experimental Anti-Cancer Vaccine

07 Mar 2016 - Louisiana Mother Knows 8 Vaccine Doses Killed Her 2 Month-Old Son

07 Mar 2016 - How To Naturally Detox From Mandatory Vaccine Injections Forced Upon You By The Medical Police State

04 Mar 2016 - Anti-Vaccination Movement Burning United States…CDC, Health Departments, Vaccine Makers, AstroTurfers,. Whimpering, Trembling, Panicking, For Good Reason

02 Mar 2016 - Zika PAYDAY! Obama Wants To Funnel $1.8 Billion For Vaccine Research And More

02 Mar 2016 - GlaxoSmithKline Fined Less Than $100,000 For Killing 14 Babies During Vaccine Trials

01 Mar 2016 - What CHOICE? Hillary Clinton Wants To Take Away Women’s Rights To Say NO To Mandatory Vaccines That Damage Their Children

01 Mar 2016 - Could Dangerous Mandatory Vaccines Containing Aluminum Salts Be Responsible For Microcephaly In Brazil?

29 Feb 2016 - Serious Warnings About Gardasil Harm To Young Girls

26 Feb 2016 - Medical Tyranny Comes To Colorado: Law Would Demand Names And Addresses Of Unvaccinated Children Be Registered With The State

24 Feb 2016 - Vaccine Pushers Change Rules For Reporting Adverse Events To Unscientifically Claim Vaccines Are Safe

22 Feb 2016 - Red Alert! Colorado Health Department Is Trying To Hijack Vaccine Exemptions

22 Feb 2016 - Historical Data Show Vaccines Didn't Conquer Infectious Disease After All

19 Feb 2016 - You Decide: The Risks And Benefits Of The MMR Vaccination

16 Feb 2016 - Weapons Of Mass Vaccination? CDC Intensifies Childhood Vaccine Schedule To Include 74 Injections Before Age 17

15 Feb 2016 - Vaccinations, Vitamin C, And "Choice"

15 Feb 2016 - The Perfect Storm: Vaccination And Modern Malnutrition

11 Feb 2016 - Flu Vaccine Contains 25,000 Times More Mercury Than Is Legally Allowed In Drinking Water

11 Feb 2016 - Will More States Ban Childhood Vaccine Exemptions?

11 Feb 2016 - Zika HOAX Exposed By South American Doctors: Brain Deformations Caused By Larvicide Chemical Linked To Monsanto; GM Mosquitoes A 'Total Failure'

11 Feb 2016 - Is The Zika Virus 'Epidemic' Being Used To Cover Up Vaccine-Induced Miscarriages And Birth Defects?

09 Feb 2016 - Zika: GE Mosquitoes Bite, Deliver Flying Vaccine? [Another insane government idea! It was their GE mosquitoes that cause this in the first place! – Dr. B. Carey]

09 Feb 2016 - New Documentary Shines Light Onto CDC's Cover-Up Of Links Between Vaccines And Autism

08 Feb 2016 - California Rapidly Turning Into Medical Police State: Mandatory Vaccines And Genetic Discrimination Now Routinely Harming Children

08 Feb 2016 - Vaccine Industry Says That Children Killed By Vaccines Don't Count

05 Feb 2016 - Zika: Update From Brazil: Towering Non-Evidence

05 Feb 2016 - American College Of Pediatricians Links HPV Vaccine (Gardasil) To “Very Rare But Serious Condition.”

05 Feb 2016 - My Children Are Vaccine-Damaged; Are Yours?

05 Feb 2016 - The Vaccine Hoax Is Over. Documents From UK Reveal 30 Years Of Coverup

05 Feb 2016 - New Forced Vaccination Doctrine In California (SB 277) Is Blatant Violation Of AMA Code Of Medical Ethics

02 Feb 2016 - Zika Hoax: Five Things That Will Happen Next

02 Feb 2016 - Zika Freaka: The Other Shoe Drops: Lying About Case Numbers

02 Feb 2016 - Knowledge Is The Antidote For Vaccine Orthodoxy

01 Feb 2016 - Vaccine Reaction Essay: Veterinary Photos Of Injection Site Cancers

29 Jan 2016 - Zika Outbreak Epicenter In Same Area Where GM Mosquitoes Were Released In 2015

29 Jan 2016 - Zika Freakout: The Hoax And The Covert Op Continue

29 Jan 2016 - Is The Dreaded Zika Virus Another Giant Scam?

29 Jan 2016 - 36 Children Die In War-Torn Syria From UN Measles Vaccines; Government Claims Vaccines Were Intentionally Sabotaged

28 Jan 2016 - Truth In Media: CDC, Vaccines And Autism [Has an embedded video on the web page]

28 Jan 2016 - CDC's Own Data: Vaccine-Infant Death Link

28 Jan 2016 - Massive Vaccine Cover-Up

28 Jan 2016 - CDC Channels Natural News, Now Says Whooping Cough Vaccine Doesn't Work... But Recommends More Vaccines Anyway

28 Jan 2016 - 22,000 Nurses Across America Refuse To Submit To Risky, Mandatory Vaccines

26 Jan 2016 - Whooping Cough Vaccine Not As Effective As Thought And Spreads Through Those Vaccinated

26 Jan 2015 - The Seven Most Extreme Childhood Allergies Coincide Directly With Vaccine Ingredients

22 Jan 2016 - The Vaccine That Even Conventional Doctors Fear

20 Jan 2016 - This Woman’s Anti-Vaccination Thesis Is Epic Awesome [She obtained her Ph.D. using this thesis!]

20 Jan 2016 - I Want My Daughter's Life Back The Way It Was Before Gardasil

19 Jan 2016 - Lead HPV Vaccine Developer Admits Gardasil, Cervarix Are Unscientific Scams With Deadly Consequences For Children

19 Jan 2016 - Totally Dishonest Vaccine Pusher Paul Offit Repeatedly Fails To Disclose His Own Financial Conflicts Of Interest

13 Jan 2016 - Mainstream Media Covers Vaccine Side Effects In PETS, But Never In Humans

12 Jan 2016 - The Environmental Tragedies Of Vaccines

11 Jan 2016 - Studies Show That Vaccinated Individuals Spread Disease... Should The Recently Vaccinated Be Quarantined To Prevent Outbreaks?

07 Jan 2016 - 25 Possible Adverse Reactions To Vaccines According To CDC And Big Pharma

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