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Posted: 04 August 2009

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Well folks, I guess I've heard it all now. The Task Force Report on aspartame was so damning on how they did studies, they sued to have it excluded. In 1977 the FDA asked for Prosecutor Sam Skinner to indict them for fraud having to do with these studies, but he as well as William Conlon both were hired by the defense team.

You recall when the FDA revoked the petition for approval they sued. When Donald Rumsfeld used political chicanery to get aspartame approved the company then bragged about all these studies showing safety. What studies showed safety? The ones done where the FDA caught them in the act of fixing these studies were the reason they asked for indictment. Obviously they didn't want the studies discussed by the Task Force to be known so they simply sued to have them excluded along with any reference to their character. The FDA did an audit called the Bressler Report that exposed how Searle did studies. In one case they were caught excising brain tumors from the rats, putting them back in the study, then resurrecting them when they died. They were filtering out what they didn't want the FDA to know. However, the worst 2 mouse studies were deleted from the report when the FDA retyped it, and the man who did the studies, Thomas Frances Xavier Collins was omitted as well.

Finally Dr. John Olney had enough of it and insisted Searle do studies in his lab where he could oversee what they were doing. They couldn't fudge in Dr. Olney's lab and the studies showed aspartame to trigger brain damage. Dr. Olney thought based on this the FDA wouldn't approve it, but Searle did not give the results to the FDA. In the meantime Donald Rumsfeld was "calling in his markers" to get aspartame on the market with help from President Ronald Reagan who wrote an executive order making the FDA powerless to do anything about aspartame until he could get someone (Hayes) to the FDA to over-rule the Board of Inquiry's decision to revoke the petition for approval. Then someone had it expunged which is illegal and the FDA has refused to make public the Executive Order knowing it has been removed from the Executive Orders that are required to be made public.

The aspartame industry is known to settle out of court so lawsuits won't be on the record. For instance, in the case of AS who walked into the NutraSweet Factory in Augusta, Georgia with a friend and without protective clothing. The friend dropped dead and Alex's lungs were damaged. In order to keep this story , out of court they even threatened to fire his friends.

Aspartame was approved in England through a business deal. When you hear the aspartame industry saying aspartame is approved in different countries, remember it was rubberstamped around the world. When I was in New Zealand someone from Food Standards said, "We did no studies here, we relied on the FDA." Neither were any studies done in the UK. At one lecture in England a guest said, "There was actually one study done on rats but they all died in 30 days." He further went on to say they simply made it a 20 day study when the rats were still alive. This was allowed.

Once aspartame was on the market they tried to prevent studies. For instance, the VP of Searle threatened if Dr. Richard Wurtman of MIT did studies on aspartame and seizures he would lose his research funds. He did. Now Dr. Wurtman who was a tiger in Congress, no longer speaks out about aspartame. ILSI was set up which is a front research group with members from places like Coke, Searle and Monsanto. At the time Dr. Wurtman was threatened Monsanto owned Searle. Today MIT gets research funds. Here is the UPI Investigation discussing what happened with Dr. Wurtman:

When lots of information gets out on what aspartame triggers such as seizures, the aspartame industry does its own studies to show consumers aspartame doesn't cause these problems.

Here is how they fix the studies: They are scholars on it.

Then when independent researchers do studies on aspartame which give the real results they immediately get someone to rebut it. In the case of the damning Ramazzini studies showing aspartame to be a multipotential carcinogen it had to be reviewed by the European Food Safety Authority. They used the flimsiest excuse saying the rats had respiratory disease, knowing full well that respiratory disease is the dying process. Dr. Herman Koter, Director of Science, of EFSA before he resigned confessed that they were pressured by industry to highjack science.

The NutraSweet Company will do anything to stop a hearing because they know all this information is going to come out. In a report published by UPI in 1987, Dr. Woodrow Monte said he was convinced in 1983, when the FDA okayed use of NutraSweet in carbonated beverages, that the sweetener would break down into poisonous quantities of methyl alcohol in diet sodas left in the Southwest sun. Monte, director of the Food Science and Nutrition Laboratories at Arizona State, and two consumer groups petitioned the Arizona Department of Health Services to ban the sweetener.

Monte said his rat studies had shown that chronic ingestion of methyl alcohol causes brain damage similar to that in humans suffering from multiple sclerosis - including seizures, amnesia, optic neuritis, numbness and dizziness. In the desert heat, Monte said, methanol degrades faster into toxic methyl alcohol. He said his petition signaled a threat to the company because it could have opened the door for regulatory actions in other states.

In April of l985, about the same time Monte and his associates finally were to be granted a hearing before the state agency on their petition, they learned that the Arizona legislature had used a rare maneuver to change the law, without public notice, to bar state regulation of FDA approved food additives. The measure passed under the misleading title of a TOXIC WASTE BILL!!

Stephen Fox, Mission Possible New Mexico tried to get aspartame banned through the Environmental Improvement Board in New Mexico who twice granted a hearing. It was never held. After a meeting with aspartame attorneys it was prevented.

Today even regulatory agencies put aspartame industry loyalty before the law. The law states a Citizens Petition must be answered in 180 days. It's been over 7 years and the FDA has ignored it along with an amendment on an imminent health hazard which should be answered in a week or ten days.

When is enough enough? They know exactly how to get around the law.

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