Books and Resources by Dr. H. J. Roberts-

Dr. Roberts was selected as The Best Doctor in the United States by Practice 84, although he was unaware of being researched for such prestigious recognition. Earlier, he was selected as one of the Five Outstanding Men in Florida, an award presented by Florida's Governor. He is in Who's Who in America, Who's Who in Medicine and Healthcare, and other catalogues of extraordinary achievers. He has been knighted by the Order of St George.

Dr. Roberts practiced for 50 years. He is also Director of the Palm Beach Medical Research Institute. His wife Carol was County Commissioner of Palm Beach County for 16 years and mother of six children, including three doctors. Dr. Roberts graduated from medical school at the ripe old age of 21. He was particularly interested in problems difficult to diagnose, maladies often leading to incorrect diagnoses and improper treatment. At the age of 34 he wrote Difficult Diagnosis: A Guide to the Interpretation of Obscure Illness, a text used by 60,000 physicians preparing for their Board examinations. He has written 20 acclaimed books and over 280 original papers/letters.

Dr. Roberts has been corporate-neutral, accepting none of the funds, lecture fees and other thinly disguised bribes from Big Pharma.

His books include: Aspartame Disease: An Ignored Epidemic, 1000 page medical text, Protecting Mankind: One Physician's Quest, Defense Against Alzheimers Disease, Sweet'ner Dearest, Cacof Conspiracy, etc.