Dr. Betty Martini is the founder of the worldwide volunteer force, Mission Possible World Health International, which is committed to removing the deadly chemical aspartame from our food. This poison has brought more complaints to the American Food and Drug Administration than any other additive and is responsible for 75% of such complaints to that agency. From 10,000 consumer complaints FDA compiled a list of 92 symptoms, including death. They used to mail this list out, but now you can't get the list without a congressman or Freedom of Information Act request.

Dr. Martini has been awarded an honorary Doctor of Humanities degree for the work she has done and continues to do in alerting the world to the dangers of aspartame and other unhealthy chemicals and additives.

Dr. Martini has spent 22 years in the medical field. While working with a hematologist she supplied the CDC with reports on leukemia, which CDC said, were more than all the case histories submitted by the entire Emory University Hospital system combined, an indication of the low level of physician generated reports to the CDC. This reveals that only a small percentage of serious health threats are collected and statistically tabulated.

In l970 Dr. Martini established a model for the nation by creating Physicians on Call, a network of five Emergency Care clinics in Atlanta, Georgia, staffed with medical doctors 7 days/24 hours. Services were without cost to the indigent. With a deep interest in traumatology she worked to build a trauma center in her mother's name, Eve Geller, who lost her life to breast cancer, but this did not materialize. She ran for Mayor of Atlanta in l973.

When she developed breast cancer she named the herbal formula that cured her for her mother. Now the FDA has started outlawing the healthful, life saving herbs. It is no wonder she calls the FDA the Fatal Drugs Allowed folks for approving deadly poisons and outlawing safe herbs needed for good health. She says when people send complaints to the FDA about aspartame shattering their life instead of concern they badmouth the safe herb Stevia. This herb could save the life of diabetics since it helps in the metabolism of sugar, and aspartame actually can precipitate diabetes, keeps blood sugar out of control, destroys the optic nerve, can cause diabetics to go into convulsions and interacts with insulin. Larry Hagman said of stevia:

"I am a diabetic and alive today due to Stevia, diet and exercise. I no longer have to use insulin. I would never use aspartame knowing how dangerous it is and having been declared a world epidemic."

At one time the FDA actually embargoed Stevia and the rumor is Monsanto wants to add a molecule so they can patent it, and sell it themselves.

In l993 she began Mission Possible International when she investigated what was disabling a family friend and discovered his multiple neurological symptoms were Aspartame Disease. He constantly drank diet sodas, which is #1 on the FDA list of aspartame disease causes. Soon Betty learned how generalized the devastation is since most Americans consume it and many are addicted to a substance that breaks down into methyl alcohol, formaldehyde, formic acid (ant sting venom) and a long list of other poisons including diketopiperazine, a brain tumor agent.

Three congressional hearings were held on aspartame and books by renowned doctors have exposed its hazards, but the public is lulled to sleep by constant advertising and the FDA seal of approval, even though the FDA themselves originally asked for indictment of the manufacturer. Both U.S. Prosecutors, Sam Skinner and William Conlon, hired on with the defense team and the statute of limitations expired. Betty decided to wake up the world. Using the Internet to create an international audience and enlist an army of activists she has sustained a constant campaign of expose greedy corporate poisoners who destroy our minds, our health, kill our unborn, disable our children and eliminate our sexual capacity and pleasure with a chemical poison so toxic the National soft Drink Association protested against its approval. Their blast was published in the Congressional Record, May 7, l985, S5505.

Dr. Martini speaks on nationwide radio hookups hundreds of times, sometimes on networks of 200 stations for hours on talk programs, answering all questions, forcing a fire hose of facts on corporate filth and corruption. A two-week lecture tour in the UK received large articles in leading English and Scottish newspapers.

The campaign has created a groundswell repudiation of NutraSweet/Equal/DietCoke/Diet Pepsi and other asparpoisoned products. Results include the dissolving of the NutraSweet Company into three parts which were sold off so its parent, Monsanto, could be absorbed by Pharmacia Upjohn.

Five years ago Coca-Cola was the most admired company in the world, now it wouldn't even make the list. Coke CEO Ivester resigned and his replacement Daft is in trouble as they constantly change top management. Her articles are constantly printed in newspapers and medical bulletins in many languages. Doctors from as far as Australia have pilgrimaged to Atlanta to be guests in her home and confer on a worldwide disaster that rivals nicotine.

Recently H. J. Roberts, M.D. published a 1,000 page medical text: Aspartame Disease: An Ignored Epidemic, which is the most comprehensive study of this world plague. In l984 Dr. Roberts was recognized by the national medical publication Practice 84 as the best doctor in the United States. He dedicated this book to Dr. Martini. She has collected thousands of case histories and is recognized as an international authority on this world plague. An award winning website called by David Rietz offers a river of aspartame facts with much of Dr. Martini's work.

Brain tumors, lupus, MS, seizures, horribly damaged infants and immeasurable damage to human DNA desolating future generations, are the curses of aspartame. A July 2001 Canadian Conference on Mal- Mediated Developmental Toxicity attended by 130 scientists reported that 85% of human spermatazoa are damaged. The report gave us this comfort: "Fortunately for most couples it's the undamaged or least damaged sperm that tends to fertilize the egg."

"Worst of all," Dr. Martini says, "It's not a diet product. Aspartame defeats the brain's ability to detect serotonin so you crave carbohydrates. It makes most people fat! This entire travesty, this horrible atrocity against our poor human race is driven only by greed! greed! greed! And because of the damage to the hypothalamus some consumers suddenly drop dead (see Dr. Blaylock's paper on Aspartame, MSG and Other Excitotoxins And the Hypothalamus at This may be associated with recent sudden death of athletes."

Dr. Martini has a great interest in medical research and the consumer's right to know. She believes its despicable that the FDA, the manufacturers, and professional organizations it funds get away with lying to the public, not even acknowledging that aspartame is a drug that reacts with drugs they may be taking.

Dr. Martini has three grown children, two sons and a daughter who is a missionary. Her husband, Don, is an ordained minister. They perform this work as an expression of the neighbor love the Bible teaches, and have nothing to sell and no financial motives. Her work is a pure charity which she explains with this quote: "Deliver those being taken away to death and those staggering to the slaughter. O may you hold them back. In case you should say 'Look! We did not know of this' will not He that is making an estimate of the hearts discern it and pay back to earthling man according to his activity?" Proverbs 24:11