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Posted: 29 October 2007

From: Dr. Betty Martini, D.Hum.,
Date: Thu, Oct 25, 2007 6:46 pm
Subject: Open Letter To Fox News: Aspartame Triggers Birth Defects: Misinformation Article Stating Aspartame's Safety MUST Be Retracted To Protect Pregnant Women And Their Offspring

Dear Editor:

This article by Christine Buske should be immediately retracted so pregnant women will not be stumbled into thinking aspartame (NutraSweet/Equal/Spoonful,Canderel/E951/Benevia, etc.) is safe and give birth to babies with birth defects if they survive at all. Aspartame is also an abortifacient: Where are the editors who make sure inaccurate information is not published? Neither Christine Buske or Leslie Beck were edited for accuracy. Of interest is they are complaining about saccharin. Saccharin is a coal tar product and I wouldn't use a chemical sweetener, and certainly pregnant women should be particularly careful. It is believed by many that advertising by NutraSweet years ago with Raquel Welch was done because of the aspartame wars, congressional hearings and the controversy the company wanted to overcome. Raquel Welch was heard saying something like "Ugh this is saccharin, but this one is NutraSweet". Here is Dr. H. J. Roberts position paper on Saccharin:

So Beck is quoted as saying: "Saccharine is in the food supply, so it could be in anything marketed as 'diet', like diet pop or Crystal Light" ..."these should be avoided". Why Crystal Light should be avoided by pregnant women or anyone for that matter is aspartame. Their web site states: "Our powder mix Crystal Light contains aspartame. For freshest taste, beverages containing aspartame sweetener should always be consumed within 5 days of preparing." So aspartame is in Crystal Light not saccharin here in the US.

Then the article continues: "The types of sweeteners used should be right on the front of the packaging and easy to spot, according to Beck, so before giving into a craving, check that snacks or drinks are sweetened with sugar, Aspartame or Sucralose, which are considered safe during pregnancy." It is an abomination to tell pregnant women to use aspartame or sucralose during pregnancy.

Aspartame is an addictive excitoneurotoxic carcinogenic teratogen, triggering birth defects and mental retardation. Sucralose or Splenda is a chlorocarbon poison liberating chlorine: The Crystal Light web site does state "Crystal Light Bottles contain sucralose sweetener (also known as Splenda) instead of Aspartame." So Crystal Light should definitely be avoided but because it contains aspartame and sucralose. I wonder how much research Beck even did on what a pregnant woman should eat. While salmon is wonderful a pregnant woman should be told it should be wild and not farmed which can contain mercury. Here is testimony before Congress by Dr. Louis Elsas who at the time was a Professor of Pediatrics, Genetics at Emory University:

Here are the ingredients of Diet Coke which is known for containing aspartame: just as is Diet Pepsi Indeed, they should be avoided.

Beck comments that six months before getting pregnant is when women should get their bodies in shape. It would have been helpful to mention that aspartame is an endocrine disrupting chemical, stimulates prolactin, changes the menses and causes infertility. So fertility clinics have women sipping diet pop and wondering why they can't get pregnant. If they get off aspartame they might conceive but if returning to the toxin they can lose their baby because it's an abortifacient; if carried can have birth defects or be mentally retarded. Complete information is discussed in the medical text, Aspartame Disease: An Ignored Epidemic, by H. J. Roberts, M.D. In Report For Schools there are articles by many eminent physicians including Dr. Roberts full report " Aspartame - Potentially dangerous to infants, children and future generations".

Neurosurgeon Russell Blaylock, author of Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills also writes about pregnant women in his article in Report For Schools stating: "There are sufficient studies on the effect of aspartame on the developing fetus to draw serious concern about the safety of this product. For example, it has been shown that aspartame in the dose accepted as safe by the FDA (50 mg/kg/day) can produce phenylalanine levels in a large number of women and their babies during pregnancy-large enough to produce abnormal development of the baby's brain. This is because phenylalanine interferes with the normal migration and connections of the developing brain. In my estimation, pregnant women should never consume foods containing aspartame at any level, for the reasons I have discussed. The aspartic acid, phenylalanine and methanol are all known to produce abnormal development of a baby's brain." Dr. Blaylock's DVD, "Nutrition and Behavior" and CD, "The Truth About Aspartame" further discuss the detriment of this toxin, as well as MSG. The latter was completely left out of this article relating to healthy pregnancy.

It was Dr. John Olney who founded the field of neuroscience called excitotoxicity when he did a study on aspartic acid in l970 and found it caused lesions in the brains of mice. Aspartic acid is 40% of the aspartame molecule. He then tried to prevent the approval of this poison along with James Turner, Atty, in Washington, D.C. Here is his 49 page report to the FDA Board of Inquiry on how aspartame can destroy the brain of the fetus, and the double whammy additive effect with MSG: A web site on MSG is

Articles pushing aspartame for pregnant women are beyond criminal - absolutely obscene as Dr. Roberts once mentioned. It's bad enough fronts groups like Calorie Control Council do it with full knowledge:. Here is an excellent report by Dr. Blaylock exposing them.

The FDA originally revoked the petition for approval of aspartame because it can't be proven safe and can trigger brain tumors: You will note in the commentary above this petition is a clip from the film "Sweet Misery: A Poisoned" ( http:// ) with James Turner, Atty, explaining how Don Rumsfeld got it marketed when the FDA said no.

Anyone writing on the subject of pregnancy and aspartame will find millions of hits on the Internet for aspartame and its dangers. There is no excuse for sending out this misinformation. There is independent scientific peer reviewed research and even the last 13 studies in the past two years showing toxicity: Using propaganda from the manufacturers and front groups without independent research is not respected journalism. If you were researching a drug wouldn't the first thing you look for is warnings and side effects? Type "warnings aspartame" into Google and you'll get 373,000 just for starters. They say where there is smoke there is fire, and this is a blazing conflagration. There has been world news about the Ramazzini Studies, the first one in 2005 showed aspartame to be a multipotential carcinogen. It was peer reviewed by seven world experts. The second study reported this year (Dr. M. Soffritti) has proven lifespan exposure to low doses of aspartame beginning during prenatal life increases cancer effects in rats. It focused on damage from low-dosage aspartame consumption over the long terms and clearly demonstrated a great danger to unborn babies and children. Newly identified is risk of breast cancer as the aspartame using child matures. Mammary tumors were also proven in original studies.

Commenting on the Ramazzini studies Dr. Russell Blaylock states: "My review of the first Ramazzini Study concluded that the study was one of the best designed, comprehensive and conclusive studies done to date on the multipotential carcinogenic danger of aspartame. This second study is even more conclusive, in that it shows a dose-dependent statistically significant increase in lymphomas/leukemia in both male and female rats exposed to aspartame. These two cancers are the fastest growing cancers in people under age 30. Also, of major concern is their finding of statistically significant increases in breast cancer in animals exposed to aspartame. With newer studies clearly indicating that toxic exposures during fetal development can dramatically increase the cancer risk of the offspring, this study takes on a very important meaning to all pregnant women consuming aspartame products. Likewise, small children are at considerable risk of the later development of these highly fatal cancers. It should be appreciated that the doses used in these study fall within the range of doses seen in everyday users of aspartame. This study, along with the first study, should convince any reasonable scientific mind, as well as the public, that this product should be removed from the market."

Naturally the question arises for alternatives and there is Just Like Sugar which can be purchased in Whole Foods or Wild Oats. An analysis shows it contains chicory, Vitamin C, orange peel and calcium. Why tell pregnant women to use a product whose components are excito or neurotoxic. The aspartame molecule breaks down to a brain tumor agent, diketopiperazine. How could it get any worse? The Trocho Study in Barcelona in l998 showed aspartame embalms living tissue and damages DNA!

Aspartame is an Imminent Health Hazard and a petition this week has been sent to the FDA for immediate ban. You will see a copy of it below my signature. They have about two weeks to answer.

Dr. Betty Martini, D.Hum.
Founder, Mission Possible World Health International
9270 River Club Parkway
Duluth, Georgia 30097

Aspartame Toxiocity Center:




Subject: Amendment to Citizens Petition to Ban Aspartame, Imminent Health Hazard of this Addictive Excitoneurotoxic Carcinogenic Drug. Sent by Certified Mail

Date: Wed, Oct 24, 2007 11:45 am

"No new chemical or no chemical that is subject to any question as to safety should be employed until its possible injurious effect, both on an acute and on a long-time chronic basis, has been shown to be nonexistent. In other words, any chemical that is proposed for use ought to be proved in advance of distribution in a food product to be utterly and completely without the possibility of human injury." Dr. Paul B. Dunbar (1950), former FDA Commissioner

H. J. Roberts, M.D., who authored the 1038 page medical text on the global plague of Aspartame Disease: An Ignored Epidemic, said: "In the author's opinion, based on five decades as a practicing physician and corporate neutral researcher, aspartame disease can be considered a contemporary "thirteenth plague" in the wake of biological and chemical warfare, and the AIDS epidemic. Others support this conviction. Dr. William Campbell Douglass stated in Second Opinion (April 1999): "Right up there with the fluoride and mercury-in-your fillings scandals is the aspartame mass poisoning of the world."

He also said the issue of aspartame's safety ought not be whitewashed by reassuring pronouncements, pseudoscientific arguments based on limited or flawed doubleblind tests from corporate sponsored researchers, disinformation rebuttals to valid "anecdotal" reports, or medical campaigns waged by vested interests. Senator Howard Metzenbaum stated during the Nov 3, l987 Senate hearing on aspartame: "We need new, independent tests of safety. We don't need the company or nonprofit institutes fronting for the company, telling us this product is safe."

Today many independent scientific peer reviewed studies have been done confirming aspartame's toxicity from the Ramazzini Study confirming original studies the FDA reviewed proving aspartame is a multipotential carcinogen, to the Trocho Study showing the formaldehyde converted from the free methyl alcohol embalms living tissue and damages DNA. Anything that shows the true toxicity of aspartame is either ignored or rebutted by the FDA in defense of the manufacturers.

The food additive amendment approved by the Congress in 1958 was intended to offer the public the same degree of protection against unsafe food additives as unsafe drugs. According to Congressional and Administrative News: Legislative History of Food Additives Amendment of l958 (p. 5302), "Safety requires proof of reasonable certainty that no harm will result from the proposed use of an additive." It also clarified the "Concept of Safety" for food additives in these terms.

The Imminent Health Hazard Regulation:

A House of Representatives report on the Food Additives Amendment stated, "Safety requires proof of a reasonable certainty that no harm will result from the proposed use of the additive" (H.R. Report No. 2284, 85th Congress, 2nd Session, l958).

A Legal Overview:

The pertinent FDA regulation (21 CFE 2.5) concerning imminent public health hazards reads

"(a) Within the meaning of the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act an imminent hazard to the public health is considered to exist when the evidence is sufficient to show that a product or practice, posing a significant threat of danger to health, creates a public health situation (1) that should be corrected immediately to prevent injury and (2) that should not be permitted to continue while a hearing or other formal proceeding is being held. The imminent hazard may be declared at any point in the chain of events which may ultimately result in harm to the public health. The occurrence of the final anticipated injury is not essential to establish that an "imminent hazard" of such occurrence exists.

"(b) In exercising his judgment on whether an "imminent hazard exists, the Commissioner will consider the number of injuries anticipated and the nature, severity, and duration of the anticipated injury."

Provision for the "Amendment or Repeal of Regulations" was set forth in Section 409 (h) of the Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act.

"(h) The Secretary shall be regulation prescribe the procedure by which regulations under the foregoing provisions of this section may be amended or repealed and such procedure shall conform to the procedure provided in this section for the promulgation of such regulations."

The law states the FDA has 180 days to answer a Citizens Petition for ban. It has been over 6 years. This amendment contains information on the last 13 studies showing aspartame toxicity.

Delaney Lives:

Citizens Petition for ban of aspartame never answered:

Based on the fact aspartame is an Imminent Health Hazard and continuing research shows the toxicity a ban must be immediate. FDA's own report shows 92 documented symptoms from four types of seizures to coma and death. Additives are required by law to be inert. Murder is not inert and disability and death are not acceptable costs of business. As Dr. H. J. Roberts pointed out in "Protecting Mankind: One Physician's Quest": "The vast majority of corporate-sponsored studies denying aspartame disease had significant flaws in their design, biased interpretation of the data, or both. Most failed to use real-world products obtained at markets, whose duration of storage and exposure to heat were unknown. Similarly, many of the critics refused to consider the possibility of methanol toxicity resulting from the release of considerable free methyl alcohol (constituting ten per cent of the aspartame molecule) after ingestion."

"Not withstanding intense corporate, bureaucratic and "peer-reviewed" denials, I believe that the current prodigious consumption of products containing aspartame and its analogs constitutes an imminent public health threat. Its manifestations include major neuropsychiatric afflictions, the aggravation of diabetes mellitus and its complications, paradoxic obesity, addition and brain tumors - for starters. Moreover, aspartame reactions can simulate multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer's disease and a host of other conditions. --- The behavioral and psychiatric features of aspartame disease in teenagers have erroneously ascribed to conventional drug abuse, such as use of "meth" ... culminating in added personal misery." The case of Matthew Hobson is attached in this regard.

Dr. Roberts also states that "Subtle aspartame-induced hyperthyroidism can have profound ramifications, especially among older persons. The serious complications of "subclinical" hyperthyroidism (as determined by low thyrotropin levels) include increased mortality from all causes - especially circulatory and cardiovascular diseases, fractures and dementia. There are ongoing attempts to evolve acceptable diagnostic criteria for the diagnosis of multiple sclerosis, especially as new drugs are introduced to modify this disease. Some incorporate the presence of oligoclonal bands in the cerebrospinal fluid and abnormalities by magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Their shortcomings, however, pose a threat to aspartame reactors who simulate the disorder, and are given drugs with considerable toxicity."

"A correspondent from the United Kingdom who had suffered aspartame disease - along with her brother and son --- gave this broad assessment of exposure to aspartame ---- " I find it very disturbing that the so-called protectors of our health (FDA) encourage us to consume a poison that ultimately I can see bringing the entire population to its knees and rendering the people of this world drastically defective as a species." Continuing complaints of disability and death from aspartame are ignored by FDA.

The attached Report For Schools shows that aspartame is destroying the brains of our children by several eminent physicians including Dr. John Olney. FDA knew it from the beginning because of Dr. John Olney's Report to the Board of Inquiry: FDA had agreed with Dr. Olney and cannot deny aspartame is a teratogen, carcinogen and excitoneurotoxin. This does not come under the heading of "inert additive"!

Aspartame interacts with drugs making no drug safe to an aspartame user and this is documented in Aspartame Disease: An Ignored Epidemic by H. J. Roberts, M.D.

It is outrageous the Ramazzini Study peer reviewed by 7 world experts was rebutted by FDA when they already knew it was a carcinogen and their own FDA toxicologist testified before Congress to this effect. The excuses by FDA are answered by Dr. Russell Blaylock in his CD, The Truth About Aspartame, attached to this amendment. Dr. Blaylock, author of Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills pointed out in this text the brain tumor issue and discussed how the Aspartame Board of Inquiry told Dr. John Olney the high incidence of tumors was the result of spontaneous development of brain tumors in rats. "That is, that some rats develop brain tumors naturally, just as humans do. Dr. Olney is a trained neuropathologist as well as a neuroscientist. He reviewed the incidence of spontaneously occurring brain tumors in rats and found that out of seven studies using a total of 59,000 rats, only 0.08% developed brain tumors - the aspartame fed rats had a forty-seven fold higher incidence. But to be fair, he even accepted G. D. Searle's references for spontaneously developing brain tumors in rats and arrives at a figure of 0.015%. This was still a twenty-five fold higher incidence in the aspartame fed rats than in the controls." Dr. Blaylock further stated, "It was then observed that when brain tumors develop spontaneously in rats, the rate at which they appear begins to accelerate after two years of age, exactly when the Searle's study ended. Importantly, brain tumors are extremely rare before age one and one -half in the rat. So in truth, the incidence of spontaneously occurring brain tumors would be even less than cited above. Yet, the aspartame fed rats developed two tumors by sixty weeks of age, and five tumors by seventy weeks."

This is pointed out by Dr. Blaylock's book because FDA has always known it can trigger brain tumors and allowed it to be marketed anyway. In the Bressler Report, FDA audit, it was stated Searle was excising tumors from the rats, putting them back in the study, and then when they died resurrected them on paper. From Excitotoxins: "Dr. Olney hypothesized that one possible cause of the tumor induction was a by-product of aspartame metabolism called diketopiperazine (DKP). When nitrosated by the gut it produces a compound closely resembling a powerful brain tumor causing chemical - N-nitrosourea." With all the damning evidence in the Bressler Report: Jerome Bressler personally admitted when FDA retyped this audit they removed the most damning 20%, then requested by Dr. H. J. Roberts Congressman. FDA has steadfastly refused to give the congressman and Dr. Roberts this 20% which by law is part of public records showing refusal to serve within the law? Aspartame also violates Adulteration statutes, both State and Federal:

It is immediately petitioned as an amendment to the unanswered original Citizens Petition of 2002 aspartame be banned because it's an imminent health hazard. FDA must answer to malfeasance having violated their own law that a Citizens Petition be Answered in 180 days, and the Delaney Amendment as testified by their own FDA toxicologist, Dr. Adrian Gross. The undersigned certifies, that, to the best knowledge and belief of the undersigned, this petition includes all information and views on which this petition relies, and include representative data. The only unfavorable point to this petition is that aspartame producers who are poisoning the world will lose their revenue and ability to buy bureaucracies.

Dr. Betty Martini, D.Hum.
Founder, Mission Possible World Health International
9270 River Club Parkway
Duluth, Georgia 30097

Aspartame Toxiocity Center:


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