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Posted: 21 February 2018

From: Dr. Betty Martini, D.Hum.,
Date: Mon, Feb 19, 2018 8:56 pm
Subject: Open Letter to FDA Dr. Joseph Thomas, part of imminent health hazard petition

Dear Doctor Thomas:

This letter to you and the other part of the imminent health hazard petition listing studies together were sent to you certified mail, two day priority. These two documents makeup the imminent health hazard petition. I want to remind you that according to your own laws this must be answered immediately. Since the first petition to ban aspartame in 2002 was sent, and the imminent health hazard petition in 2007 more and more independent scientific peer reviewed studies have been done. All of them have shown aspartame to be deadly, from cancer to dementia. FDA as usual ignored them. FDA did not answer the first petition until 2014 even though FDA has only 180 days to respond legally. The imminent health hazard petition sent in 2007 was never answered. The National Law Review is also being copied.

I want to point out for years you simply send letters stating you have more important priorities. Before you try this again explain to me anything that is more important than stopping the mass poisoning of the US public by aspartame. Countries have rubber-stamped FDA's approval of aspartame through Don Rumsfeld's political chicanery, without doing studies, worldwide. FDA is responsible for doing nothing claiming they have to see science and then when sent ignoring it. FDA has claimed they need to know the mechanisms by which aspartame triggers through precipitates disease. When an entire 1000 page medical text (" Aspartame Disease: An Ignored Epidemic", by H. J. Roberts,M.D.) was sent, you personally denied the mechanisms were there. It was written to list those mechanisms. All you have done is approve another aspartame product to poison more of the public. Enough is enough. As I write this I'm asking everyone who reads it to send a copy to their Congressman and Senator.

Dr. Betty Martini, D.Hum, Founder
Mission Possible World Health Intl (warning the world off aspartame for 28 years)

Joseph M. Thomas, Ph.D.
Consumer Safety Officer
Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition
Office of Food Additive Safety

Dear Dr. Thomas:

"The FDA Food Code Section 8-404.11 states that if an "Imminent Health Hazard" may exist, then the permit holder must immediately discontinue operations. As written, even if immediate corrective action is taken, the operation must cease operation. In fact, if immediate corrective action is needed, then the facility must cease operation because by definition an "Imminent Health Hazard" exists. "

I have written some of the reasons aspartame is an imminent health hazard in the attached petition in letter form and this is a continuation. I wrote it as an article so the public can read what has been the modus operandi of the FDA. In 2015 when the "US Right To Know" petitioned FDA because of deceptive advertising (calling soda "diet" when aspartame is known to trigger weight gain) the answer was you needed more time. Here it is 2018 and therefore, I want the public to see that FDA simply postpones so as not to answer. I'm glad to see attorneys do have time and have filed six class actions, 3 in New York and 3 in California.

Besides deceptive advertising you can clearly see there have been decades of scientific peer reviewed studies showing everything from the metabolic syndrome to cancer. The studies were outlined for FDA and the public, the point being FDA ignores them all, since USRTK wrote FDA there are many more studies. There have been over 900 studies published on the dangers of aspartame.

This time I've done it a little differently from the first and second filing. I've gone through some of industry's studies as examples and shown FDA they are invalidated because of the way they were done. FDA always says itís the most tested product in history. Maybe so since Jana Marie Kincaid who shredded the studies for G. D. Searle and sent one copy to France, admits aspartame killed everything it touched. In order to keep some animals alive they obviously had to do a lot of studies.

The point is FDA asked for science so for years we have sent science. All independent scientific peer reviewed studies have been ignored. FDA asked for the mechanisms by which aspartame triggers or precipitates disease. I sent a 1000 page medical text giving the mechanisms by aspartame. You won't even admit "Aspartame Disease: An Ignored Epidemic" has the mechanisms. I had to quote the book so the public would know FDA lies. Dr. Thomas do you think after aspartame being on the market since 1981 researchers don't know what diseases and symptoms are responsible from Aspartame? Immediately, when it was marketed the public started complaining. Senator Orrin Hatch prevented congressional hearings until 1985 and he was given money by Monsanto. FDA's own list of symptoms list 91 and the ultimate symptom (!!) - DEATH.

What is required by FDA to remove aspartame from the market? Medical texts on aspartame have killer titles such as "While Science Sleeps: A Sweetener Kills" by Dr. Woodrow Monte and "Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills" by Dr. Russell Blaylock. Even books written by victims such as Reigh Parker Burch let you know what aspartame does. Her book is "Aspartame: King of Toxins". Aspartame Detox Clinics like Dr. Ken Stoller's San Francisco Aspartame Detox Center to take care of the victims.

Congressional hearings were exactly as expected. Physicians and researchers explaining how deadly aspartame is and the trade organizations funded by the manufacturer giving their loyalty to industry. The bill by Senator Howard Metzenbaum would have done exactly what was the morally right thing to do - put a moratorium on aspartame until independent scientifically peer reviewed studies could be done on what was being seen in the public and these problems burst in immediately after it was marketed. The bill included what aspartame does to the fetus, behavioral problems especially in children, seizures, interactions with drugs, etc. Tell me Dr. Thomas what honest human being on this planet wouldn't want to sign a bill to find out if aspartame is a killing machine. Yet, the bill never got out of Committee. Monsanto money and power took care of everything.

Thirty seven years after the 1985 congressional hearings those problems are still going on in the population. Aspartame still damages the mitochondria and interacts with drugs and vaccines. One doctor told me all generic gastrointestinal drugs have aspartame in them. Physicians don't know to check generics because FDA lies to them and says aspartame is an additive when itís an excitoneurotoxic drug. I stopped breathing three times. Lies by FDA to physicians who actually see the victims is a health hazard because they don't know to get the patient off of the product triggering their symptoms or diseases or interacting with their drugs. Because of the chemical hypersensitization of aspartame some victims carry epi-pens to prevent themselves from reacting, like going into anaphylactic shock.

Aspartame still causes birth defects. The vileness and heinous crime of sealing the teratology studies from the public is unforgiveable and everyone responsible should have been prosecuted. Right across the FDA papers it says "Aspartame causes birth defects!" As you know, I've added them back to the Bressler Report. I will never forget the sorrow in Jerome Bressler's voice when he said, "The public doesn't know Betty the horror of what aspartame causes or what I've had to live with since FDA sealed the information. I would see pregnant women drinking diet pop and know the baby will probably be born with birth defects." They had to be horribly bad for FDA to seal them, and they included neural tube defects, spina bifida and cleft palate.

No, Monsanto would do anything to keep the studies from being done, The way I found out about aspartame was seeing a man just diagnosed with Parkinson's who appeared to be dying with his arms uncontrollable and his feet flaring out, the interaction of L-Dopa with his Diet Coke. They stopped immediately on his abstaining from aspartame. His case is in the medical text you have.

Consider Michael Fox who is addicted to Diet Pepsi and was their spokesman. He asked, "How can a 30 year old man get Parkinson's, an old man's disease? Aspartame knows no age. Seizures continue with no anti-seizure medication working. As Dr. Ramon Sanchez, neurologist in Atlanta, told me: "I tried every anti-seizure drug in the PDR and nothing would stop the patient's seizures. Then I found out she was drinking Diet Coke. The withdrawal was so bad she went crazy. I put her in a mental hospital and two weeks later the mental problems stopped as did the seizures,"

Consider at the time of Metzenbaum's bill they were already seeing behavioral problems in children. It's gotten so bad today children are medicated instead of educated. It's so bad that at one time the Governor of Georgia mentioned wanting to pay teachers based on what the children were learning. How bad is it? There were front page articles of "teachers" going to jail for cheating because they couldn't get students to learn sufficient to get them through school. Here is the Atlanta Journal Constitution about what was going on: a href=>

In the documentary "Sweet Remedy" the ADD people, Feingold, said before aspartame was approved they hardly even used the term ADD. In order to notify schools and parents we have the Report for Schools: Ritalin is what is being prescribed to the children with ADD and what do you think is in it? methylphenidate hcl

(methylphenidate hydrochloride) extended-release chewable ... - Pfizer

_... "Dec 7, 2015 - Pfizer Receives U.S. FDA Approval of New QuilliChew ER - (methylphenidate hydrochloride) extended-release chewable tablets CII ....QuilliChew ER contains phenylalanine, a component of aspartame, and can beharmful to patients with phenylketonuria

(PKU). Thatís right - aspartame, With over 30 years of horrors FDA has the audacity to keep approving drugs with aspartame and even for newborn babies, Further, Dr. James Bowen told me aspartame can actually precipitate phenylketonuria.

The FDA was on the side of the people before Rumsfeld called in his markers and caused the mass poisoning of the public around the world. Back then, they told Dr. John Olney that they would see to it that no child ever got aspartame. Now FDA sacrifices babies!

Tell me, Dr. Thomas, how can the FDA ban aspartame twice and still tell people itís safe? Here is a short article on that fact, and the Board of Inquiry decision is on my web site, Here is that article:

G. D. Searle originally dealt with the reality aspartame is a poison by cover-up. Aspartame breaks down to diketopiperazine a brain tumor agent so Searle would simply excise the tumors, put the rats back in the study, and when they died resurrected them on paper., This is just one of the reasons FDA chief scientist, Dr. Adrian Gross, asked for an indictment based on fraud. You know the rest of the story. Both US Prosecutors hired on with the defense team and the statute of limitations expired. This is a very repetitive story but FDA has yet to address it.

FDA toxicologist, Dr. Jacqueline Verrett told the Senate in 1987 aspartame was never proven safe and they were working up to a whitewash. Yet aspartame was approved in 1981 and this was 6 years later.

There is an entire 1000 page medical text on why aspartame is an imminent health hazard, and you have a copy: "Aspartame Disease: An Ignored Epidemic" by H. J. Roberts, M.D. Naturally the #1 reason is it causes cancer. How can FDA employees tell the public aspartame doesn't cause cancer when the chief scientist in the FDA investigation, Dr. Adrian Gross, told the Senate on 8/1/85 that it was illegally on the market because it violated the Delaney Amendment which says you can't market anything you know will cause cancer. He went so far as to admit that because it causes cancer FDA should not even have been able to set an allowable daily intake. He said beyond a shadow of a doubt it causes brain tumors and brain cancer. How could anyone forget Dr. Gross' final words, "And if the FDA violates its own laws who is left to protect the public?"

Do you think when someone throws a diet soda 6 pack in their shopping cart or any of the other more than 14,000 products they know aspartame was never proven safe? They put their faith in the FDA who has betrayed the public - not only in knowing aspartame is not safe but even lying about it. FDA has never addressed the fact aspartame is not even an additive, but an excitoneurotoxic drug!

How can FDA ignore three Ramazzini Studies proving beyond any shadow of a doubt that aspartame is a multipotential carcinogen? Excuses like "the rats were sick" just makes FDA look foolish since this was a lifetime study and the rats had respiratory disease because that's the dying process and they were dying. Dr. Morando Soffritti answered industry and governmental agencies with eloquent rebuttal.

So FDA has at least four studies proving aspartame is a carcinogen and against the law. Besides the study from Harvard which I've sent, you have the admission of cancer by your own late chief scientist who headed the investigation on aspartame, Dr. Adrian Gross. How can FDA ignore its own investigation? Twelve toxicologists petitioned the FDA to ban aspartame because it causes cancer in 2007. FDA ignored it.; Dr. Woodrow Monte took the issue all the way to the Supreme Court on the fact aspartame triggers seizure and blindness. Because of politics the Supreme Court didn't hear it. Pediatrician Dr. Kenneth Stoller filed for ban, and I've filed twice. Romania has already banned aspartame because it causes cancer. If it causes cancer in Romania, it causes it in the US.

Aspartame is an imminent health hazard because it interacts with drugs. The medical text sent has a chapter on it. Do you think a neurologist knows when he has a patient having aspartame seizures that the drugs he will prescribe will interact, and FDA has known about it for years?

You, Dr. Thomas, who writes you have the medical text but there are no mechanisms, needs to read it. You know fully well aspartame is a drug and here are the MECHANISMS for interaction you seem to have overlooked:

Page 469:

"Aspartame may either reduce or potentiate drug action by various MECHANISMS. A few of the possibilities are listed.

On page 471, you can read how anti-seizure medications interact with aspartame. The physician has no idea unless he has been educated on this addictive, carcinogenic excitoneurotoxin. Think how many thousands could be dying from this alone? Dr. Roberts gives the case of a 51 year old man who drank considerable diet cola. He said on page 471, "When his physician increased the dose (Depacote), he became comatose and required hospitalization."

Aspartame is also an imminent health hazard because of bone marrow and blood changes. Dr. Roberts stated, "Aspartame disease may be evidenced by changes involving red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets. The aspartame reactors reported below and elsewhere evidenced either anemia, a striking elevation of the white blood cell count suggestive of leukemia or markedly decreased platelet counts (thrombocytopenia)"

You can continue reading on page 475. When I was given aspartame, my hemoglobin went down to 5. When generics of Zofran and Raglan were given to me they had aspartame in them. So when given pain medication I stopped breathing on three occasions. Multiply this by the millions using aspartame and also using prescription drugs.

Aspartame is not only an imminent health hazard because it has been documented to interact with drugs but the fact it causes birth defects. It is a vile crime by the FDA to have sealed the teratology studies for decades. It took me 8 years to find them after Jerome Bressler, the FDA Compliance officer at the time of the aspartame investigation, pleaded with me to get them back in his report when he retired.

Dr. H. J. Roberts who wrote the medical text tried to obtain them.

Here is what the FDA did. Dr. H. J. Roberts spoke with Jerome Bressler and then wrote his senator to acquire these studies and FDA information that they thought to seal. Jane Kirby for Melinda Plaisier, Associate Commissioner for Legislation wrote Senator Bill Nelson on April 8, 2002 and said: "Additionally, some documents are considered confidential under FDA's FOIA regulations and in some instances the Agency cannot acknowledge the existence of such documents."

I find this appalling. Had there been a pregnancy warning on aspartame thousands of babies wouldn't have been born with neural tube defects, autism, cleft palate, spina bifida, etc. This is a heinous crime of such magnitude the FDA ought to be shut down based on Title 18 of the Federal Genocide law:

A serious element is the fact FDA uses industry propaganda which ties the hands of the physicians .and tells them aspartame is an additive when itís a drug., When a physician prescribes Coumadin as an anticoagulant there is the need for continually monitoring the prothrombin time. The likelihood of interference by aspartame was raised in patients who had been maintained on coumarin for extended periods without difficulty. Unexpectedly, their prothrombin time approximated the control values meaning loss of anticoagulant effects coupled with recurrent thrombophlebitis or angina pectoris.

Fred Friendly, former president of CBS News once made the statement "What the American people don't know can kill them."

A physician apologizing to me for giving me generic drugs with aspartame in them said, "We just didn't know." Dr. Thomas that's the job of the FDA, to protect the public not assist Big Pharma in selling more deadly drugs.

As in the attachment aspartame has been a killing machine for decades with independent scientific peer reviewed studies identifying the problem.

The consumer public shouldn't have to do FDA's job of alerting the public what is truth and what is propaganda so physicians can treat patients appropriately.

FDA has received everything they have asked for - over 900 scientific studies on the health hazards of aspartame, listed by the National Library Medicine Index, documentation on the mechanisms by which aspartame triggers or precipitates disease, thousands of case histories of the sick and dying. If Dr. David Kessler is right, that only about 1 % report to the FDA then we are talking about millions which it obviously is from the cancers, neurodegenerative diseases, drug interactions, brain tumors, seizures, SIDS deaths, diabetes, metabolic syndrome and such.

When is enough enough? When will you address aspartame was never proven safe and the chief investigator, Dr. Adrian Gross admitted aspartame causes cancer and is on the market illegally violating the Delaney Amendment because it was proven beyond a shadow of a doubt aspartame causes cancer.

An imminent health hazard petition has to be answered immediately, No letters stating you have more important things to do accepted.


Dr. Betty Martini, D.Hum.
Founder, Mission Possible World Health International
9270 River Club Parkway
Duluth, Georgia 30097

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