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Posted: 12 June 2019

This is in response to the article entitled, "Over-The-Counter And Prescription Drugs Containing Aspartame", which may be found at:

In trying to find a list of all generic drugs that contain aspartame it was never ending. Many times they are not labeled. There are over 5000 drugs and so many in children's drugs. The FDA that tried to stop approval of aspartame when Donald Rumsfeld's politics got this poison marketed told Dr. John Olney they would see to it that no child ever got it. Instead they continually add aspartame to drugs including brand and flood pediatric drugs. Today aspartame disease is called Rumsfeld's Plague.

Some years ago a pediatric organization said babies were dying and asked Big Pharma to stop marketing unnecessary drugs for babies. A lot of SIDS deaths are due to aspartame such as this one: One consumer suggested "Now that so many fed sealed indictments (on PACER) exist it appears to suggest the time is ripe to take action on an ongoing crisis worse than opioids-aspartame. It may be possible in this climate to add aspartame to the controlled substance list." Indeed, methanol is classified as a narcotic. Aspartame is a drug and not an additive, and interacts with drugs and vaccines.

From Dr. H. J. Roberts medical text: "Aspartame Disease: An Ignores Epidemic", The interaction of aspartame with opioids:

'Nikfar et al (1997) noted that aspartame increased morphine analgesia in the early phase (wherein saccharin had no effect), and further enhanced morphine analgesia during the late phase. The sister of heavy diet cola consumer related the apparent potentiation of morphine by aspartame while he continued drinking it in an intensive care unit after a heart attack. This interaction became evident when the aspartame was stopped, coupled with halving the insulin required for managing his diabetes. " No doubt some of the opioid epidemic has to do with the fierce reaction of aspartame with opioids. I was given prescription drugs with aspartame and didn't know it at the time. When I was given pain medication in the hospital I stopped breathing three times. It will also cause urticaria (hives) as it did with me from head to foot. Sign this hospital report so it won't happen to you. It contains the chapter on aspartame and drug interactions from Dr. H. J. Roberts medical text: Do not go to the hospital without it. Give it to your physicians as well, and the physicians of your children.

More drugs with aspartame below and needed information.

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