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Posted: 22 December 2006

From: Dr. Betty Martini, D.Hum. Bettym19@mindspring.com
To: Mayo Clinic,
Date: Fri, Dec 22, 2006 12:49 pm
Subject: Mayo Clinic: Regarding your article on artificial sweeteners and diabetes

Dear Mayo Clinic:

Whenever I read one of your articles it disgust me because every time you put out misinformation about artificial sweeteners you can take someone's life. The Mayo Clinic has been told, and told, and told and told. They do not care.

The question was in reference to diabetes. As H. J. Roberts, M.D., says, (world aspartame expert and diabetic specialist) aspartame can actually precipitate diabetes, simulates and aggravates diabetic retinopathy and neuropathy, causes diabetics to go into convulsions, destroys the optic nerve and interacts with insulin. It is discussed in greater detail in the 1038 page medical text on the global plague, Aspartame Disease: An Ignored Epidemic, http://www.sunsentpress.net or 1-800-827-7991.

Splenda has caused so many reactions James Turner, Attorney, in Washington, D.C. and Citizens for Health have asked that it be recalled. It's a chlorocarbon poison and there are many articles about it on http://www.wnho.net It liberates free chlorine. We call it DDT-Lite. Reference is made that this should never be used for diabetics.

Acesulfame potassium caused cancer and leukemia in original studies.

The new Ramazzini Study from 2005 confirmed FDA's original records that aspartame is a multipotential carcinogen.

From the Journal of the Diabetic Association Of India is a good report on the damage aspartame does: http://www.dorway.com/barua.html Dr. Roberts position paper on diabetes and aspartame is: http://www.dorway.com/betty/diabetes.txt

Every time the Mayo Clinic puts out information on sweeteners its always industry propaganda. There is no excuse for you. In fact, it's illegal to stumble the public with full knowledge under Title 18, Section 1001. You people ought to hang your head in shame.

There is no problem finding safe sweeteners. Just Like Sugar is made of chicory and orange peel and chicory has been used for 70 years to improve diabetics. It can be bought in any Whole Foods or Wild Oats. Stevia which you can get in any health food store helps in the metabolism of sugar.

Here is a new article on the recall of aspartame: http://www.thenhf.com/articles_408.htm

Don't ever say the Mayo Clinic doesn't know because over the years I have received calls from them when they had an aspartame victim.

How much money do these companies who make poisons give the Mayo Clinic? Do you think it's worth the life of these victims who suffer tragic deaths?

Dr. Betty Martini
Founder, Mission Possible World Health International
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Duluth, Georgia 30097
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Aspartame Toxiocity Center: http://www.holisticmed.com/aspartame