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Posted: 14 July 2011

Dear Ms. Norcross,

I'm putting your letter on our lists because you pose some very good questions, and I appreciate your writing. Thank you for your kind comments.

First, I hope you don't use aspartame in any form although I know it's easy to get it by accident because they even hide it in artificial and natural flavors. I say this because aspartame triggers steatohepatitis and has been proven to cause all kinds of liver problems including liver cancer. Remember there is free methyl alcohol in aspartame. It's 35 times too high in the UK and 44 times too high in the US. Also, aspartame victims can always tell when they accidently get some because of chemical hypersensitization, and they can have some serious reactions. I know a man in Canada who use to be a policeman is incredible at giving someone a piece of his mind and when he knows aspartame is in something he won't stop until its admitted. He reacted seriously some years ago when he ate cake which was not labeled aspartame. The company insisted it was not in the product. He continued to give them a hard time so the company called where they got their ingredients for the cake and sure enough it was in the ingredients. So its hard to avoid. We tell all aspartame victims never to eat processed foods to avoid getting it accidentally and the rest of the chemicals and trash that is many times found.

Now you bring up the subject of multinationals owning organic companies. I want people to know this. For instance take companies like Coke and Heinz who use Synomyx: http://www.mpwhi.com/senomyx_sweeter_than_sweet.htm Who would want in their food anything having to do with aborted fetuses. What an abomination. I use to drink Minute Maid until Coke bought it. Is it in that too? So you have a valid point. But when they buy organic companies that the public trusts the public needs to know who owns them.

I don't really have the time but I'm putting this on our lists in the hopes someone would like to take it on as a project to make a list of organic companies and who owns them, and say the companies owned by Coke. Who would ever trust them. The National Soft Drink Assn wrote a 33 page protest which is in the Congressional record showing they knew how bad aspartame is, and the fact its unstable and adulterated. Then they turned around and lobbied for NutraSweet. Dr. James Bowen told me they can always tell when Coke is test marketing aspartame. One physician told me when New Coke was marketed that the people didn't accept it was made with aspartame. Thank God the public didn't accept it because it would be knocking off more of the human race.

Dr. Blaylock is getting a copy of this letter. He tells people if it has aspartic acid in a product not to use it. You were wise to question it. You should read his book about this, "Excitotoxins; The Taste That Kills". You cannot isolate aspartic acid or phenylalanine.

As to your other question, you are correct. When the UK lost supplements, here comes industry producing them. I was horrified that they were adding aspartame in them. You know its on purpose when they add it to things like Vitamin B. Since you swallow it and don't taste it why would they add a sweetener, but they did. It's also in their calcium and one woman almost lost her sight until she looked on the container and saw aspartame. The FDA knows all about what is going on. One woman who is doing a study on interaction of supplements and drugs was told why they are asking her to do this. They are after the supplements in the US. According to one report 200,000 people in the US die of properly prescribed prescription drugs. Why? Many of them may be using aspartame which damages the mitochondria and interacts with drugs and vaccines. There is a chapter on this in Dr. H. J. Roberts medical text, Aspartame Disease: An Ignored Epidemic, http://www.sunsentpress.com It interacts, for instance, with all cardiac and antidepressant drugs. It interacts with anti-seizure medication and even insulin. So all they have to do is find industry supplements with aspartame and it will interact with drugs. They want supplements and this is a way to start getting them.

Statins are so dangerous. Google some of Dr. Blaylock's articles on them. Show then to your physician.

I'll send you some information with this letter that will be of help. You might want to contact Stephanie Blakely, Mission Possible Canada. Her email is arealaddiction@gmail.com Remember what Dr. Roberts says, "When in doubt throw it out!" Be careful also with the protein powders because some have aspartame. Also, aspartame has a synergistic and additive effect with MSG. A safe sweetener which is just food and no additives is Just Like Sugar and I'll send you info on that as well.

All my best,

Dr. Betty Martini, D.Hum.
Founder, Mission Possible World Health International
9270 River Club Parkway
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Aspartame Toxicity Center: http://www.holisticmed.com/aspartame

June 27th, 2011
202-45663 Storey Avenue
Chilliwack, BC Canada V2R3124

Dear Dr. Martini,

I am a senior lady not now on the Internet, though I do have several audios of your radio interviews and many of your articles. I also have the dvd: Sweet Misery.

I have rheumatoid arthritis and for very many years I was taking many of the standard drugs GP's push. My last visit was September 9th when I learned my liver enzymes were dangerously high: my GP tried to put me on yet another drug, this time a statin. Being upset I went to my Merck manual and learned that diet does not cause liver disease but antibiotics (which I was on for a minimum of five years because my then GP told me that many RA patients were doing well on them), corticosteroids again I'd been on Prednisone for years, acetaminophen (I'd also been on high does Tylenol for three years).

On learning that basically my doctor was helping me kill my liver, I made a pact with myself to never go near a GP and his drugs again.

Consequently I have researched natural products and I've been taking a 900mg tablet for liver Detox which believe me works, I've replaced the Prednisone and Tylenol with serrapeptase enzyme that, within fifteen minutes of swallowing it reduces the inflammation and stiffness, thus reducing the pain. I've done other things of a natural nature as well, to help myself.

In March of this year I was prompted to go on a protein powder and within a month I felt even better.

A week ago I thought I'd try a different protein-this time Hemp. I didn't have my reading glasses with me so couldn't read the list of amino acids it contains. At home, I was appalled to see aspartic acid and glutamic acid listed. I called the store because I'd remembered Dr. Blaylock report titled: Aspartame-An Excitoneurotoxic carcinogenic, and told them I would be returning the product.

I have an awful feeling that big Pharma are setting up front companies to push supplements containing glutamic acid, aspartic acid, sucralose, and who know what else detrimental to the human race (genocide by stealth I call it).

This particular company is:

Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods & Oils
Winnipeg Manitoba, Canada
R2R 1V4

and the amino acids listed on their label are:

alanine 503mg methonine 257 mg
arginine 1395 mg phenylalanine 515mg
aspartic acid 1156mg proline 475mg
cystine 190mg serine 571mg
glutamic acid 1957mg threonine 389mg
glycine 510mg tryptophan 137mg
listidine 319mg tyrosine 361mg
isoleucine 459mg valine 568mg
lysine 453mg

The other thing of concern is that on the label in plastered non-GMO. How can we know this is so when multinational food & beverage companies such as Coca Cola, Pepsi, M & M-Mars, Heinz, Tyson, Con Agra, Dannon, Dean, Kellog, Phillip Morris/Kraft, Unilever, Campbell's Soup Company, General Mills, and others own organic brands such as Odwalla, Tostitos Organic, Mountain Sun, Walnut Acres, Shari Ann's, Earth's Best, Rite Spice, Farm Foods, Health Valley, Celestial Seasonings, Muir Glen, Back to Nature, Ben & Jerry's Organic, Kashi, Morningstar Farms, and so many more. Are these multinationals putting their GMO products, which the public has largely rejected in Europe, now into our supplement too?

I've just learned that the vitamin C I take contains sucralose. One wonders how many of the vitamin brands out there are owned by pharmaceutical companies and are thus being poisoned with their aspartic acid, glutamic acid, sucralose, and who knows what else listed under 'natural factors' or natural flavors?

Because so many with medical problems not improved on conventional drugs are turning to natural products, I am concerned that Big Pharma's ownership of established supplement brands will mean their adding their witches brew, detrimental to our health, and I am challenging my local health food store to determine who owns the companies from which they purchase their supplements.

Please ask Dr. Blaylock about the amino acids I've listed, and whether any are detrimental to the human body. If so, millions need to be alerted to what I suspect is going on (genocide by stealth a.k.a. the new world order).

Any advice you can give me would be so welcome. I do intend giving the health food store your info and that they check all their products and the companies that supply them, so they can ensure they are helping those who consume their products, not helping them get sick or even die.

I thank you sincerely for all the years you've stood up to the criminals at the FDA and others on our behalf-there should be a special reward for people such as you.

Bless you and take care.

P. Rosemary Norcross

P.S.-Sorry for my writing, but my arthritic hands don't function like they used to.