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Posted: 11 October 2010

From: Dr. Betty Martini, D.Hum., Bettym19@mindspring.com
To: Commissioner-fda.gov, mitchell.cheeseman-fda.hhs.gov,"aura.tarantino-fda.hhs.gov, LJAFFE@OC.FDA.GOV, mherndon@oc.fda.gov, michael.herndon@fda.hhs.gov, david.acheson-fda.hhs.gov
Date: Sun, Oct 10, 2010 9:16 am
Subject: To FDA: Fw: GE salmon madness, court victory on drugged milk, and GM soy-related reproductive disorders

Why don't you just change your name to "Big Pharma and Big Chemical PR Industry: We Defend Industry and approve their poisons!" What you have done to this country with poisons is despicable. Because aspartame damages the mitochondria it interacts with drugs and vaccines. Therefore, anyone using a drug and using aspartame can die from interaction. No wonder 100,000 people have perished from drug interaction with properly administered drugs. You people ought to hang your head in shame! You may get all kinds of jobs and perks, but what kind of world do you leave to your children and grandchildren. Remember aspartame is an adjuvant just like Squalene in Anthrax (which Dr. Friedman told the military to use, not even approved) increased ALS 200%. Aspartame also can precipitate ALS - http://www.wnho.net/aspartameandgulfwar.htm What a double whammy. Remember adjuvants all cause the same things, autism, ALS, MS, lupus, etc. http://www.rense.com/general/asp.htm

It's a sad commentary when those responsible to solve the problem ARE THE PROBLEM. You are the problem in this country. Consider that government agencies around the world rubber stamped aspartame because of the FDA when you have had so many opportunities to ban it. Like Food Standards told me in New Zealand, "Well, we didn't do any studies, we just relied in the US FDA!" People put faith in your agency that you don't deserve.

I was reading this below and thought how you allowed the glutamate industry to use aspartame as the placebo in studies on MSG for a quarter of a century. Finally admitting it was wrong they probably still do it. You actually help industry to be deceitful and that is as low as you can get. Shame Sobel didn't know about that.

Russell S. Sobel: Russell Sobel [ Sobel 2002, 478] identifies a further potential source of harm stemming from the FDAs efficacy standard. While European officials require drugs to be proven effective relative to existing therapies, the FDA more often uses a placebo comparator, except where placebo would imply unethical treatment of patients (9). Sobel concludes that, due to the existence of a real placebo effect in clinical trials: the FDA definition of effectiveness as effective beyond a placebo is an improper policy that is detrimental to public health. The effectiveness standards deny consumers the benefit of a proven placebo treatment that would improve their condition, even when this may be the only, or at least the safest treatment available [ Sobel 2002, 478 ]. Sobel writes: A free market in over-the-counter medicines, with laws regarding only the factual content of statements would result in an improvement in public health. [ Sobel 2002, 478 ] At pp. 46465, Sobel challenges the presupposition that there is any market-failure rationale for pre-market approval. Below is the MSG''Aspartame Issue

"It's hard to believe anyone associated with the approval of aspartame didn't know the gun was loaded. Glutamate researchers used aspartame as a placebo in studies so they could say MSG wouldn't react anymore than the placebo. MSG is also an excitotoxin, as discussed in Dr. Blaylock's book Excitotoxins. In l993 Jack Samuels, President of the Truth in Labeling Campaign, was reviewing FDA docket files relating to an FDA study on the safety of amino acids in supplements. In the files, he found a letter dated March 22, l991, from Andrew G. Ebert, PhD, Chairman, International Glutamate Technical Committee a glutamate industry organization in which Ebert admitted that aspartame had been used since at least l978 in test and placebo materials that his organization provided to scientists who study the safety of MSG.

A review of studies conducted with the above-referenced test material clearly indicates that some subjects reacted to both MSG test material and placebo material. Scientists conducting such studies concluded that since subjects reacted to both MSG and placebos, their reactions were not from MSG. Even though such logic is highly questionable, we now know that subjects reacted to placebos because of the presence of aspartame, an additive that causes MSG-type responses in MSG-sensitive people. Because of the disclosure of the use of aspartame in placebo material by Jack Samuels, the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology, in its July l995 report on the safety of MSG in food, concluded that the use of aspartame in placebo materials was inappropriate."

One of the most outrageous things the FDA does is while trying to remove safe supplements it violates its own laws constantly. Take the aspartame cancer issue. Your own FDA toxicologist who was on site and investigated aspartame, even asking that the company be indicted for fraud, Dr. Adrian Gross said:

"In view of these indications that the cancer causing potential of aspartame is a matter that had been established way beyond any reasonable doubt, one can ask: What is the reason for the apparent refusal by the FDA to invoke for this food additive the so-called Delaney Amendment to the Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act?"

The Delaney Amendment makes it illegal to allow any residues of cancer-causing chemicals in foods. In his concluding testimony, Dr. Gross asked, "Given the cancer-causing potential of aspartame how would the FDA justify its position that it views a certain amount of aspartame as constituting an allowable daily intake or 'safe' level of it? Is that position in effect not equivalent to setting a 'tolerance' for this food additive and thus a violation of that law? And if the FDA itself elects to violate the law, who is left to protect the health of the publiic?" See Congressional RecordSID835:131 (August 1, l985).

So FDA consistently violates the Delaney Amendment just as if it didn't exist. Even neurosurgeon Russell Blaylock, MD said about aspartame and cancer:

"We know that when formaldehyde binds to DNA, it's very difficult to remove it. It will stay there for long periods of time. What that means is if you just drink a single diet cola today, or sweeten something with NutraSweet, you're accumulating damage every day. Eventually, you're going to produce this necessary pattern of DNA damage to initiate the cancer, and once you develop the cancer, the aspartic acid component of aspartame will make the cancer grow very rapidly. You've got a double effect; it's causing the cancer, and it's making the cancer multiple very rapidly."

Then along comes Dr. Morando Soffritti who did the two Ramazzini Studies proving beyond any shadow of a doubt that aspartame is a multipotential carcinogen and that it only takes a small amount to cause cancer. This was peer reviewed by 7 world experts and yet the FDA again just ignored them. Dr. Soffritti even admitted if a pregnant woman used aspartame and the baby survived, because it is an abortifacient and teratogen, the child can grow up to cancer. 12 toxicologist tried to get you to ban aspartame based on these studies and again you ignored them. Keeping the law means nothing to you.

The other toxicologist, Dr. Jacqueline Verrett, who investigated aspartame made it very simple in her testimony to congress. She said all studies on aspartame were built on a foundation of sand and should have been thrown out. She testified in 1987 to the US Senate and said even at that time aspartame had never been proven safe. This was 6 years after Donald Rumsfeld through political chicanery got aspartame on the market. Constantly studies refer to cancer, and aspartame breaks down to a brain tumor agent, diketopiperazine.

So the very FDA toxicologists who investigated aspartame testified against the FDA for doing nothing and telling the public aspartame is safe, and letting it be thought of as safe around the world as agencies rubber stamped a deadly addictive, excitoneurotoxic, carcinogenic, genetically engineered drug and adjuvant for use. Nobody told you any better than Dr. James Bowen who wrote and said aspartame was mass poisoning of the American public and more than 70 plus countries of the world, now 100. Dr. Bowen has ALS from aspartame. It has destroyed his life, and he has spent everyday warning the world.

World expert, Dr. H. J. Roberts, has told you repeatedly that aspartame is an imminent health hazard. How many letters has he written you about the free methyl alcohol that you have refused to discuss? That's what you do, violate the law, ignore citizens petitions for ban including an imminent health hazard that requires an answer in a week or ten days.

Dr. Jacqueline Verrett even wrote a book against you - "Eating May Be Hazardous To Your Health" and said: "Probably the best solution, as some members of Congress have suggested, is to abolish the FDA and start over with a completely new agency free of some of the political pressures." She quoted Ralph Nader by saying: "Ralph Nader has another excellent idea to keep administrators and policy-maker from being corrupted. He would write into law a provision that officials who display gross dereliction of their duties could be sued by citizens and would e subject o fines, dismissal and criminal penalties. This provision obviously would be a constant reminder to food protection officials of precisely who their constituency is."

I especially liked this statement: "Senator Gaylord Nelson has introduced a number of bills which are aimed at strengthening laws on food additives, and which consumers should soundly support. One would expand the Delaney clause to require a ban not only on cancer causing additives but also on those that cause reproductive damage or mutations in animals or humans as demonstrated by valid studies or other sound scientific evidence. Such a move would relieve the FDA of its discretionary powers concerning birth defects and mutations, and would require an immediate ban on Red a food dye, for example, since it clearly caused fetal damage in rats. This is only a sensible extension of the law in light of present knowledge that there is no 'safety threshold" for mutants or teratogens." Dr. Verrett wrote this book many years ago and this heroine has passed on. But her words will never be forgotten. She did everything possible to let people know the truth about the FDA and aspartame.

So what has been the history of the FDA as concerns the fact that aspartame is a teratogen causing birth defects and mental retardation? The Bressler Report exposed how bad Searle's studies were but FDA took the two worst studies which were teratology studies and removed them from this report, putting them under FDA seal so the public wouldn't know about it, for over three decades. When I wrote for them under FOIA I was told they were destroyed. Well, I found them and added them back for the world to read: http://www.rense.com/general88/hid.htm

Instead of making the Delaney Amendment stronger to protect the public Mike Taylor, a Monsanto attorney, who goes back and forth to the FDA, wrote the De Minimis Interpretation of the Delaney Clause. Where is Mike Taylor now? At the FDA, of course, while consumers scream loud that he should be removed immediately. FDA simply ignores all the shouts, their usual modus operandi!

Even Acesulfame potassium, another poisonous sweetener caused cancer and leukemia in original studies. What is it doing on the market, FDA?

As I read this post below this morning it made me sick. There goes salmon. Wild salmon is so good for people and now it too must be stricken from the list of foods left to eat that are not harmful. Of course, nobody should eat soy. Since fish from the gulf are not safe I'm sure FDA is telling people it is. Nothing like unsafe fish with BP sauce!

Dr. Hattan you have been at the FDA for years so you know FDA tried to have Searle indicted for fraud on the aspartame issue, and you know that the Board of Inquiry of the FDA revoked the petition for approval until Don Rumsfeld stepped in. So if there is anyone at the FDA who knows how deadly aspartame is, its you. Yet you write these FDA Talk Papers telling the public aspartame is safe. Do you ever look in the mirror? When I spoke to Dr. Alemany in Barcelona who did the Trocho Study showing the formaldehyde converted from the free methyl alcohol embalms living tissue and damages DNA, the first thing he told was: "Aspartame will murder 200 million people". It's my opinion it already has while FDA has sat back and protected the aspartame industry since 1981 and ignored petitions for ban and helped the industry who has mass poisoned the public. When you damage DNA you can destroy humanity.

Even in the case of Splenda, the chlorocarbon poison, that petition to ban has been on the books for years. You can easily tell Splenda users as a great many have this red face from the chlorine. I just spoke to a lady from Montana who was concerned with a relative's medical problems from it. I said, "Does she have a red face?" She answered, "Why yes, she has been to several physicians but none of them know why."

The least you people can do is put a note on your door that tells the truth: "Big Pharma's Washington Branch Office!" You spend more time making sure food and drugs are dangerous than any agency in the world. God help us! I hope a lot of people will send this note to their congressman!

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