Posted: 19 February 2008

To: David Ige, sendige@Capitol.hawaii.gov

Dear Senator Ige,

Hawaii may be the first in the US to ban aspartame - if they aren't sabotaged by the industry lobbyists, - but they will not be the first in the world.

Romania has that distinction, having banned aspartame in the mid 1990's; followed by Philippines banning aspartame on October 13, 2005. Anyone breaking that law faces heavy fines.

For ANY government to take such a step there must be grave and valid reasons for doing so. They took the time necessary to investigate with an open mind and acted on the information they discovered.They used the FDA's own list of 92 symptoms attributed to aspartame, which include developmental retardation in children; coma and death. (Document attached)

There are 47 members of parliament in Britain who are pushing to get aspartame banned in their country; Many of the major stores in Britian have voluntarily chosen to stop using aspartame in their products; and there are movements to get aspartame banned in other parts of the world.

Hawaii - if it cares about it's citizens - needs to do the same. No person in government who is addicted to aspartame in the form of Coca-cola light, or zero, or ANY other product including chewing gum will ever give an unbiased and informed vote. They are more concerned with feeding their addiction as surely as any coaine addict!This is a challenge for everyone concerned. Sixty days abstinence from aspartame products should adequately prove the point.Is this product really that dangerous?

I consumed a soda drink for nearly six years which contained aspartame. It was not a 'diet' or 'light' soda and not advertised as such. I consumed just one-and-one-half liters per day. This means I was consuming approximately 227,5mg of aspartame; of which 22,75mg was methanol. This amount of aspartame is well below the daily limit allowed.

Methanol is poisonous. It converts to formaldhyde in the body. These are facts proven by scientific research, not guesswork.

When I began consuming this product I was evaluated at 19% disability because of mild arthritis. In less than six months my disability rating had shot up to 65% and I was in a wheelchair.

Any doctor will tell you that arthritis does not deteriorate at such a rate unless there is some outside agent that is causing severe damage to the joints. Spondiloarthrosis is arthritis of the spine, which is what I have been diagnosed with.

In under a year my disability has soared to 84% and I was also diagnosed with an enlarged heart.

Other toxic effects that I had from aspartame are:

The withdrawal symptoms from this included: severe anxiety; craving similar to drug addiction; constant intense thirst; disturbed sleep pattern; mood swings; short temper; muscle cramps; and much more. It was at least 4 to 5 weeks before I began to feel an improvement.

All of this is medically documented.

I am now on a disability pension. I have been assessed for a dependency rating; I need a caregiver 24/7. I stopped using aspartame products November 2, 2006.

I sincerely hope that Hawaii legislature will have the courage to do what is right for their constituents. Anything else would be criminal negligence.

Thank you for your time.

Yours sincerely,

Lady C. Ann Davies-Joubert