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31 Dec 2014 - Aspartame Poisoning And What You Need To Know [Has an embedded audio file on the web page]

31 Dec 2014 - New Level: Monsanto Tries Patenting Natural Tomatoes

31 Dec 2014 - A Fight We Can Win: Stopping Michelle Obama’s War On Edible Food

31 Dec 2014 - BREAKING: Monsanto/Bayer's GM Plants Contaminate Europe Despite Ban

31 Dec 2014 - The Bitter Truth About Sugar [Has an embedded video on the web page]

31 Dec 2014 - Contradicting Previous Announcements That Obesity Among Kindergarteners Is Declining, New Research Shows Severe Obesity Is On The Rise [Has an embedded video on the web page]

30 Dec 2014 - Supremes Asked: How Long Will You Let Obama Make It Up? : 'The Law Must Be Applied As Written. That Is Vital To Democracy'

30 Dec 2014 - IRS Prepares To Collect

30 Dec 2014 - IRS Goes After Nonprofit Hospitals On Asking Customers To Pay Bills

30 Dec 2014 - Ten Reasons Why You Shouldn't Vaccinate Your Children

30 Dec 2014 - Top-Earning Doctors Milk Their Patients For Every Dollar Possible, Research Shows

30 Dec 2014 - Scientist Terrified Of Geoengineering Technology Being Developed Under Guise Of Halting Global Warming

30 Dec 2014 - Feds Vow To Publicize Vaccine Injuries Claim Program

30 Dec 2014 - The Demise Of Science? Hundreds Of Computer Generated Studies Have Been Published In Respected Scientific Journals

29 Dec 2014 - The Most Censored Health News Stories Of 2014 - Here's What The Establishment Doesn't Want You To Remember [Has an embedded video on the web page]

29 Dec 2014 - Phoenix VA Director Sharon Helman Canned – Not For Falsifying Wait Times, But For Beyonce Tickets [So they fire her for some trivial thing and not for her dereliction of duty, falsifying reports, etc.]

29 Dec 2014 - FACEBOOK Sued For Scanning YOUR Private Messages For THEIR Profit

29 Dec 2014 - Chickenpox Vaccine When Mandated INCREASES Disease Outbreak, South Korean Study Finds

29 Dec 2014 - ObamaCare Causing Massive Wave Of Hospital Closures Across USA

29 Dec 2014 - Finally, The Truth Emerges About Whooping Cough Vaccine: OBs And Pediatricians, Stand Back With Your Needles

29 Dec 2014 - School Teachers Forced To Wear Scarlet Letter Flu Masks, Gloves When They Refuse Flu Shots That Don't Even Work

29 Dec 2014 - The Myth Of Safe Pesticides [Has an embedded video on the web page]

23 Dec 2014 - Open Request To FOIA And Dr David Hattan: Rejection On Banning Aspartame Is Challenged

23 Dec 2014 - 6 Reasons To Avoid Hand Sanitizers

23 Dec 2014 - Leukemia Risk After Breast Radiation Higher Than Thought: Johns Hopkins

23 Dec 2014 - Whole Foods Sued For False Non-GMO Labeling

23 Dec 2014 - GMOs: The “Natural Foods” Industry Is Not Your Friend

23 Dec 2014 - California County Routinely Kidnaps Thousands Of Babies Without Any Warrant Or Reason, Lawsuit Claims

23 Dec 2014 - As GMOs Fail, Mozambique Farmers Turn To Natural Sweet Potatoes To Improve Nutrition, Yields And Income

23 Dec 2014 - Statins Cause Brain Dysfunction

22 Dec 2014 - Ultrasound Photo Captures Baby Smiling In The Womb

22 Dec 2014 - Are Children Medicated For Convenience, Or Necessity? [Has embedded videos on the web page]

22 Dec 2014 - Systematic Review Finds No Grounds For Current Warnings Against Saturated Fat

19 Dec 2014 - Total Food Fraud [Has an embedded video on the web page]

19 Dec 2014 - Pet Medicines: How Safe Are They?

19 Dec 2014 - Forced Alzheimer's Tests At Medicare Paid 'Wellness Visits'

19 Dec 2014 - A New Resistance Film To Expose Dangers Of Roundup In Food, Water And All Around Us

18 Dec 2014 - How To Opt-Out Of Forced Vaccinations [Has an embedded video on the web page]

18 Dec 2014 - Monsanto: Science And Fraud Are The Same Thing

18 Dec 2014 - Another Victory: Poultry Industry Giant Goes GMO-Free

18 Dec 2014 - Bill Gates' Human Experimentation With GM Bananas In Africa Condemned By Scientists

17 Dec 2014 - Top Watchdog: The VA LIED To Media And Congress Over Deaths

17 Dec 2014 - Why Are We Spending A Billion Dollars On Government Preschool? [Start brainwashing and controlling people at a very early age! – Dr. B. Carey]

17 Dec 2014 - Obama’s New Surgeon General Lauded ObamaCare For Mandating ‘Choice And Access To Contraceptives’

17 Dec 2014 - Judge: Lawsuit Against Merck’s MMR Vaccine Fraud To Continue

17 Dec 2014 - Novartis' Fluad Off The Hook In Italy Following 19 Deaths

17 Dec 2014 - Anti-Gun Surgeon General Vivek Murthy Confirmed

17 Dec 2014 - Pharma Abusing Women: HIV And Pregnancy

17 Dec 2014 - Studies Show Fake Honey Is Everywhere. Here’s How To Know The Difference

17 Dec 2014 - What’s The Real Cause Of Heart Attacks? [Has an embedded video on the web page]

17 Dec 2014 - Dangerous Loophole In Law Permits Food Companies To Market Novel Chemicals Without Safety Disclosures [Has an embedded video on the web page]

16 Dec 2014 - 44 Reasons Cell Phones Can Cause Cancer

16 Dec 2014 - Unapproved GM Mosquitoes Being Shipped To Florida For Release NOW

16 Dec 2014 - 4 Conventional Medical Practitioners That Will Guide You In The Wrong Direction When It Comes To Your Health

16 Dec 2014 - GMO’s And CAFO’s Drive Disease Statistics And Destroy Communities

16 Dec 2014 - 'The Truth About Cancer' Donates $50,000 To Cancer Charities

15 Dec 2014 - 15 Of The Best Quotes And Statements On Why Chemotherapy And Conventional Cancer Treatment Kills People

15 Dec 2014 - Teachers Are Being Mandated To Get The Flu Vaccine Or Wear A Mask And Gloves

15 Dec 2014 - FDA Reverses Its Position On Taking A Daily Aspirin

15 Dec 2014 - How To Reduce Exposure To Fluoride

15 Dec 2014 - The Fluoride Deception: An Interview With Christopher Bryson [Has an embedded video on the web page]

12 Dec 2014 - Congress Passes Bill Which Grants “Unlimited Access To Communications Of Every American” [There goes even more of YOUR privacy and YOUR freedoms!]

12 Dec 2014 - 10 Reasons Not To Vaccinate

12 Dec 2014 - Minnesota Schools Take Steps To Reduce GMO Foods Served To Students

12 Dec 2014 - Are you Sensitive To Gluten, Or Just Roundup? American Wheat Often Doused With Toxic Herbicide Before Harvest

11 Dec 2014 - How Far Would You Go To Save Someone’s Life?

11 Dec 2014 - Yes, It's True: CDC Admits This Year's Flu Shot Doesn't Work [And they keep pushing it anyways, all for the almighty dollar – Dr. B. Carey]

11 Dec 2014 - Tetanus Shot: How Do We Know That It Works?

11 Dec 2014 - Watch Out: Corporations Have Renamed ‘High Fructose Corn Syrup’

11 Dec 2014 - The American Cancer Society Admitted That Untreated Cancers Often Go Away Naturally

11 Dec 2014 - Flu Shot Scam? Studies Show THIS Is Just As Effective! [Has an embedded video on the web page]

11 Dec 2014 - The Fight Against Water Fluoridation Continues

10 Dec 2014 - The Same Government That Says Flu Shots Are Safe And Fluoride Is Good For You Also Says Horrific Torture Methods Support "Freedom And Human Dignity

10 Dec 2014 - Whooping Cough Outbreak At Massachusetts High School Affected Only Vaccinated Students

10 Dec 2014 - Flu Shot Statistics And Alternatives

10 Dec 2014 - Why Flu Shots Are The Greatest Medical Fraud In History

10 Dec 2014 - Farm Antibiotics Spur Antibiotic-Resistant Disease In Humans [Has an embedded video on the web page]

10 Dec 2014 - Water Fluoridation: The “Healthy” Practice That Has Deceived The World

08 Dec 2014 - 7 Top Medical Procedures Whose Risks Far Exceed Their Benefit

08 Dec 2014 - What’s In A Name? A lot, When The Name Is ‘Fructose’ And The Product It’s In Claims To Have ‘No HFCS’

08 Dec 2014 - Frankenfish [Has an embedded video on the web page]

08 Dec 2014 - Monsanto Paid Off Senator Who Attacked Dr. Oz Over Supplement Claims

08 Dec 2014 - Aspartame, A Seizure Triggering Drug, Is In New Product For Seizures [Absolute insanity! Do the research – Dr. B. Martini, D.Hum.]

08 Dec 2014 - GMO Ticking Time Bomb [Has an embedded video on the web page]

08 Dec 2014 - Gov't Admits Rotavirus Vaccine Causes Intussusception, Adds It To Injury Compensation Program

08 Dec 2014 - General Mills Settlement Forces Company To Stop Using 'All Natural' Claims On Dozens Of Granola Bar Products

08 Dec 2014 - Why Water Fluoridation Continues, Despite Flying In The Face Of Science [Has an embedded video on the web page]

05 Dec 2014 - Studies Find Flu Shots Can Harm Your Heart, Infant And Fetus

05 Dec 2014 - Aspartame: Why Is This Poison Still Allowed? [Has an embedded video on the web page]

05 Dec 2014 - Independent Education: The Crisis And The Crossroad

05 Dec 2014 - GMO: The Great Land Mob Of Hawaii

05 Dec 2014 - CDC Issues Flu Vaccine Apology: This Year's Vaccine Doesn't Work! [It’s the same story every year as they try to explain why their worthless poisons do not work!]

05 Dec 2014 - As Vaccination Rates Go Up, So Does Infant Mortality - Could Injecting Newborns With Toxic Chemicals Be Behind SIDS?

05 Dec 2014 - Wind Energy Company Sues To Hide Bird Fatality Data From The Media

04 Dec 2014 - Fluoride Dangers: What You Need To Know

04 Dec 2014 - State Agency Writes Homeschoolers Off As Lazy, Invalid

03 Dec 2014 - FDA Further Limits What You Can Be Told about Your Food’s Heath Benefits

03 Dec 2014 - Big Food Giants Like General Mills And PepsiCo Hijack Yogurt Industry

02 Dec 2014 - Millions Wrongly Treated For 'Cancer,' National Cancer Institute Panel Confirms

02 Dec 2014 - If Crazed Americans Trample Each Other Over Discounted TVs, What Will They Do To Acquire Supplies In An Actual Life-Or-Death Crisis?

02 Dec 2014 - Missing From The Vaccine Debate - What The CDC Is Not Telling Us

02 Dec 2014 - Study Finds GMOs Destroy Environment And Human Health

02 Dec 2014 - Vaccine Court: Attorneys Win, Families Suffer

01 Dec 2014 - Megyn Kelly Special: Who Is Teaching Our Kids? [Has embedded videos on the web page]

01 Dec 2014 - How This Journalist Was Censored For Writing Reasonably About Vaccines

01 Dec 2014 - Vaccines Don't Work: Malignant Mumps In MMR Vaccinated Children

01 Dec 2014 - New Study: Hepatitis B Vaccination In France Sparked A Wave Of New Cases Of Multiple Sclerosis

01 Dec 2014 - Government 'Science' Project Censored Conservative Twitter Accounts

01 Dec 2014 - Police State Run Amok As 40 Federal Agencies Now Deploying Undercover Agents As Doctors, Ministers, Protesters And More

01 Dec 2014 - Flu Vaccine Kills 13 In Italy; Death Toll Rises [If they follow their usual pattern, what lame excuse will they come up with this time to explain it?]

26 Nov 2014 - Findings That PHOs Can Damage Memory Should Prompt FDA To Move Ahead On Year-Old Proposed Ban

26 Nov 2014 - It Is Now Illegal To Share Food With The Homeless In Florida

25 Nov 2014 - Chemical Warfare: The State Of Hawaii vs. The People

25 Nov 2014 - Is Judge In Maui GMO Case Connected To Monsanto?

25 Nov 2014 - Too Close To Call: Oregon's GMO-Labeling Initiative Gets Automatic Recount

25 Nov 2014 - Starbucks Supports Pro-GMO Company

24 Nov 2014 - 10 Foods That Increase Your Risk Of Cancer

24 Nov 2014 - Open Letter To McDonald's CEO Donald Thompson To Commit To Never Use Simplot's Genetically Modified Innate Potato

24 Nov 2014 - Marginalizing Megadosing Mammals: A Special Report Leaked From The World Headquarters Of Pharmaceutical Politicians, Educators, And Reporters

24 Nov 2014 - This Is How Doctors Are Puppets For Vaccine Manufacturers

24 Nov 2014 - 6 GMO Loaded Brands You Should Avoid Buying

24 Nov 2014 - GMO Corn Plantings Lead To Death Of 37 Million Bees In Canada

24 Nov 2014 - Biotech Study Claims GMOs Completely Safe For Mammals - Study Took Place Over The Course Of Just Three Months

24 Nov 2014 - Three Things The Government Doesn't Want You To Know About ObamaCare

24 Nov 2014 - Flu Shot Statistics And Efficacy - Reading Between The Lines

21 Nov 2014 - Monsanto Is Trying To Crush Maui Right Now

21 Nov 2014 - Five Seniors Die In Georgia Care Center After Receiving Flu Shot – Report

20 Nov 2014 - 3 Reasons Hospitals Are Not A Good Place To Heal

20 Nov 2014 - Ben & Jerry's Co-Founder Says GMO Labeling Costs Food Companies 'Essentially Nothing'

20 Nov 2014 - Federal Government To Monitor Twitter, Track Conservative Users, Determine What Is Either 'True' Or 'Hate Speech' [More government violating our Constitutional rights!]

20 Nov 2014 - CDC Admits Flu Vaccine Does Not Work – Influenza Outbreak On Fully Vaccinated Navy Ship

20 Nov 2014 - Farmer To Farmer: Monsanto Undermines Farmer Independence & Finances [Has an embedded video on the web page]

20 Nov 2014 - FBI Agents Now Impersonating Associated Press Reporters

20 Nov 2014 - "They've Been Robbed Of Their Womanhood" - Local Milwaukee Media Covers Gardasil Vaccine Injuries

20 Nov 2014 - Increased Screening Has Led To Rise In Thyroid Cancer Misdiagnosis

18 Nov 2014 - How Our Federal Constitution “Secures” Our God Given Rights

18 Nov 2014 - Majority Of ObamaCare Facebook Comments Are From Less Than 100 Unique Profiles [They constantly change the numbers on everything so as to make it look like what they are doing is working!]

18 Nov 2014 - Cancer Epidemiol Biomarkers Prev 2006;15(9). September 2006 - Consumption Of Aspartame-Containing Beverages And Incidence Of Hematopoietic And Brain Malignancies [PDF format] (It will open in a new window)

18 Nov 2014 - Four Reasons Why 25% Of American Doctors Are Refusing To Participate In ObamaCare Exchanges

18 Nov 2014 - A Simple Guide To Evaluating Your Drinking Water Options

18 Nov 2014 - Congress Scrutinizing Corrupt GMO Approval Process

18 Nov 2014 - Are There Illegal Drugs In Your Dairy? [Has an embedded video on the web page]

18 Nov 2014 - Monsanto Vows To Challenge Maui GMO Moratorium In Court [Has an embedded video on the web page]

17 Nov 2014 - VA Officials Have Ignored Three Cases

17 Nov 2014 - Pressure Applied On The US Codex Office Regarding GMO-Contaminated Infant Formula

17 Nov 2014 - The Net Neutrality Tax Hike

17 Nov 2014 - Guide To Pesticides In Produce [Has an embedded video on the web page]

17 Nov 2014 - Vaccine-Injured Child Kidnapped From Family By Child Protective Services

17 Nov 2014 - Obamacare Causes Health Premiums To Nearly Double Among America's Young Adults

17 Nov 2014 - 81% Of Reviewed GM Crops Were Approved Without Any Scientific Safety Studies, Researchers Find

17 Nov 2014 - Dr. Wakefield Files Official Complaint With CDC Over Ongoing Vaccine Fraud

17 Nov 2014 - U.S. Government Houses Veterans In Dilapidated Building Filled With Mold, Bedbugs And Disease-Carrying Rats

17 Nov 2014 - Biotech Front Man Jon Entine Part Of An Shameless Gang Of Propagandists And Character Assassins Targeting GMO Skeptics

17 Nov 2014 - Vaccines—Are They Still Contributing To The Greater Good? [Has embedded videos on the web page]

17 Nov 2014 - A Vitamin D Expert’s Take On The Latest Warning To Stay Out Of The Sun To Avoid Skin Cancer [Has an embedded video on the web page]

14 Nov 2014 - Just Say No To GMO [Has an embedded video on the web page]

14 Nov 2014 - FBI Seeks New Legal Powers To Clandestinely Take Over Computer Systems And Spy On Users

14 Nov 2014 - Stevia vs. Splenda - Choosing The Right Sweetener

13 Nov 2014 - Toyota 52 Deaths, Gardasil 49. Toyota Recalled

13 Nov 2014 - Vaccines And “Herd Immunity” Nonsense

13 Nov 2014 - Vaccine For A Disease That Doesn’t Exist?

13 Nov 2014 - Mainstream Media Web Links Used By FBI To Plant Spyware On Citizens' Computers

13 Nov 2014 - Extreme Bias At Wikipedia On Homeopathic Medicine

12 Nov 2014 - Believe In Traditional Marriage, Get Booted As Red Cross Volunteer

12 Nov 2014 - ObamaCare Open Enrollment: What About Premiums?

12 Nov 2014 - Obama Wants To Reclassify The Internet By Turning It Into A Utility [And by doing that, they will assert more control and then they will use that to justify adding and charging all of these extra usage fees and taxes!]

12 Nov 2014 - Latest FDA Moves Could Stop Further Research On Supplements

12 Nov 2014 - 'The Vaccine Program Is So Corrupt' - Find Out Why! [Has an embedded video on the web page]

12 Nov 2014 - Ralph Walton, M.D. Does Study On Aspartame And Birth Defects

12 Nov 2014 - Flu Vaccines Are NOT Safe For Pregnant Women, Warns Doctor

10 Nov 2014 - This Drug Has Sickened Thousands of Animals – Will It Be At Your Holiday Feast?

10 Nov 2014 - Families Ripped Apart By False Accusations Of Child Abuse – Vaccine Injuries Often To Blame

10 Nov 2014 - Facebook Users: A Psychological Warfare “Echo Chamber” Experiment Is Being Conducted On You Without Your Consent

10 Nov 2014 - USDA Approves New Genetically Modified Potato

10 Nov 2014 - Monsanto’s New PR Commercial Will Make You Queasy [Has an embedded video on the web page]

10 Nov 2014 - Food Fraud Is Big Business [Has an embedded video on the web page]

10 Nov 2014 - Flu Shot Paralyzes Healthy Florida Girl

10 Nov 2014 - Breaking: Report Finds Cancer Deaths Have Doubled In Argentina's GMO Growing Regions

10 Nov 2014 - FDA Targets Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps For Sharing Health Benefits Of Coconut Oil

07 Nov 2014 - FDA Answers Petition To Ban Aspartame After 14 Years

07 Nov 2014 - Supreme Court Agrees To Hear GOP Challenge To ObamaCare Subsidies

07 Nov 2014 - How Monsanto Keeps Halting GMO Labeling Despite Over 96% Approval

07 Nov 2014 - USDA Power Play Threatens The Future Of Organic Foods

07 Nov 2014 - America's School Kids Under Psychiatric Surveillance

07 Nov 2014 - Vaccine Mafia Targets Hollywood Actors Who Try To Protect Children From Toxic Mercury

07 Nov 2014 - Bill Gates Comes Under Fire For Criminally Negligent Vaccine Experiments On Poor Indian Children

05 Nov 2014 - Affordable Health Care: 30,000 Indianans Lose Their Health Insurance

05 Nov 2014 - War Against Supreme Court

05 Nov 2014 - MSG - An Excitotoxin That Kills Brain Cells [Has an embedded video on the web page]

05 Nov 2014 - GMO-Labeling Announced As Defeated Despite Uncounted Votes In Counties Favoring The Measure

05 Nov 2014 - Syngenta Faces Billion-Dollar Lawsuits After Ruining U.S. Corn Exports With GMO Contamination

04 Nov 2014 - Flu Shot Leaves 10-Year Old Girl Bedridden And Speechless On Feeding Tube

04 Nov 2014 - Former Pro-GMO Biotech Scientist Admits GMOs Aren’t Safe, Refutes Claims By Monsanto

04 Nov 2014 - Flu-Shot Coverup? CDC Accused Of Ignoring Data Showing Vaccine Doesn't Work

04 Nov 2014 - Major HFCS Manufacturer Bans Syngenta's GMO Corn

04 Nov 2014 - Bitter Pill: The Dangerous Side Effects Of Fluoridated Antibiotics [Has an embedded video on the web page]

31 Oct 2014 - Diet Book Authors: Who Would You Trust? [Has an embedded video on the web page]

31 Oct 2014 - FBI Wants Expanded Hacking Authority [They just love getting into everyone’s business and knowing what absolutely everyone is thinking and up to!]

30 Oct 2014 - Quarantined Nurse Kaci Hickox Misled Public - Works For CDC – Her Attorney Was White House Visitor & Tied To Al Sharpton

30 Oct 2014 - ObamaCare An Economic Failure For The Middle Class - USA Today

30 Oct 2014 - GMO Approval Process FINALLY Being Scrutinized

30 Oct 2014 - Dangerous Lawsuit Threatens The Few Supplement Health Claims Currently Allowed

30 Oct 2014 - All Out For November 4: Frankenfoods Fight At The Crossroads

30 Oct 2014 - Facebook Is Deliberately Censoring Alternative Media, Pushing Globalist Agenda

30 Oct 2014 - Labeling GMO Foods Would Cost Consumers Less Than 1 Cent Per Day, Report Says

30 Oct 2014 - Big Pharma Seeks Legal Immunity For Damages From Experimental Ebola Vaccines

30 Oct 2014 - Susan G. Komen Partners With Fracking Industry To 'Pink Wash' Cancer-Causing Chemicals Pumped Into Ground

28 Oct 2014 - New York Times: The ObamaCare Rip-Off

28 July 2014 - CDC And Media Agenda Revealed? Nurse That Complained About Ebola Quarantine Employed By CDC

28 July 2014 - Whitewash: The Truth About Milk [Has an embedded video on the web page]

28 July 2014 - Oregon Ignored Complaints For Six Years While Timber Company Sprays Residents With Deadly Herbicides

28 July 2014 - Vaccine Pusher Paul Offit Trying To Revoke All Religious And Philosophical Exemptions To Vaccination

28 Oct 2014 - Antiviral Herbs, Vitamins, And Minerals

28 Oct 2014 - What’s The Number One Beverage Served In The Federal School Lunch Program?

28 Oct 2014 - New, More Toxic Breed Of Crops Gain Approval [Has an embedded video on the web page]

27 Oct 2014 - Use Selenium To Skip The Flu (And The Flu Shot)

27 Oct 2014 - African Farmers Fight Against Gates Foundation's Attempts To Implement Ecologically Destructive Industrial Agriculture

27 Oct 2014 - Documentary Reveals The Dangers Of Everyday Chemicals [Has embedded videos on the web page]

24 Oct 2014 - Other Than Medicaid, How Many Americans Enrolled In ObamaCare?

24 Oct 2014 - Tamoxifen: Praised As "Life Saving" But Still Causing Cancer

24 Oct 2014 - Obama’s Ebola Czar Will Make Big Pharma Fat Cats Happy

24 Oct 2014 - Addiction Therapy For Drugs, Alcohol, Caffeine, And Sugar

24 Oct 2014 - Soda: As Bad For You As Smoking - Literally Ages Your DNA [Has an embedded video on the web page]

24 Oct 2014 - GM Corn Offers No Benefits For Vietnamese Farmers, Top Scientist Says

24 Oct 2014 - Tweeting About Food Poisoning Shown To Help Combat The Problem

23 Oct 2014 - The Sun Doesn't Cause Skin Cancer, But Sunscreen Does! [Has an embedded video on the web page]

23 Oct 2014 - 100% Lemon Juice - NOT! : Watering Down Food Products For Profit [Has an embedded video on the web page]

23 Oct 2014 - Interpol Facial Recognition Experts Meet To Develop Global Database Guidelines [There goes more of your privacy and a bigger increase on the part of the government sticking its nose into everyone’s business!]

23 Oct 2014 - Antibiotic And Heavy Metal Contamination In Environment Contributes To Resistance Of Harmful Bacteria

21 Oct 2014 - HPV Vaccine Linked To Nervous System Disorder And Autoimmunity

21 Oct 2014 - Gardasil: The Day Our Daughter’s Life Changed

21 Oct 2014 - GM Wheat Discovered Contaminating Wheat Fields In Montana

20 Oct 2014 - FBI Director Warns Google and Apple "If You Don't Decrypt Phones, We'll Do It For You" [They just love to stick their noses into everyone else’s business and privacy!]

20 Oct 2-14 - New Film “Second Opinion” Exposes THE Truth About A 40-Year Long Cover-Up OF Laetrile Cancer Treatment [Has an embedded video on the web page]

17 Oct 2014 - Shock AS CDC Head Finally Admits They Don’t Understand Ebola Virus Transmission

17 Oct 2014 - Obama Ebola Czar: Zero Medical Experience

17 Oct 2014 - Twitter Sues The Government Over User Privacy

16 Oct 2014 - CDC Cleared Nurse With Fever To Fly Back To Dallas [Is the CDC deliberately trying to cause an epidemic so the pharmaceutical companies can see their drugs? – Dr. B. Carey]

16 Oct 2014 - 30 Years Of Breast Screening: 1.3 Million Wrongly Treated

16 Oct 2014 - Texas Medical Board As Out Of Control As Ever

16 Oct 2014 - You Won’t Believe The CDC Told This Lie

16 Oct 2014 - The Roll Out Of The Hitler Youth Movement Through The Common Core Invasive Data Mining Of Our Children

16 Oct 2014 - Mercury In Processed Foods - The Culprit: High Fructose Corn Syrup [Has an embedded video on the web page]

16 Oct 2014 - Ebola Hoax: The Numbers Game

14 Oct 2014 - Huh? Ebola Vaccine Not Being Tested Against Ebola

14 Oct 2014 - NIH Pushing To Vaccinate Entire Countries With Ebola Vaccine

14 Oct 2014 - FDA Approves Experimental Use Of Antiviral Drug For Ebola, But Still Won't Allow Testing With Colloidal Silver Or Echinacea

13 Oct 2014 - Unconstitutional ObamaCare Website Won't Release Premium Rates Till After Mid-Term Elections

13 Oct 2014 - CT Gov. Malloy Signs Ebola Virus Mandatory Quarantine Order, Suspends Civil Rights: Will Martial Law Be Used To Fight The Over-Hyped Threat Of An Ebola Outbreak?

13 Oct 2014 - India Holds Bill Gates Accountable For His Vaccine Crimes

13 Oct 2014 - The Five Biggest Lies About Ebola Being Pushed By Government And Mass Media

13 Oct 2014 - Crucifying The Vaccine Heretics. ~By Roman Bystrianyk (Co-Author Dissolving Illusions: Disease, Vaccines, And The Forgotten History)

10 Oct 2014 - Splenda: Insecticide Turned Sweetener? [Has an embedded video on the web page]

10 Oct 2014 - Connecticut Grants State Health Commissioner Power To Quarantine Anyone Suspected Of Ebola

10 Oct 2014 - Flu Shot Facts For Those Considering The Vaccinations

10 Oct 2014 - Obama Declares War On Superbugs With Another Dictatorial Executive Order That Funnels Money To Big Pharma

02 Oct 2014- Louisiana VA Hospital Lacks Pajamas And Sheets, But Spends Millions On New Furniture, TVs And Solar

02 Oct 2014 - The Shocking Lack Of Evidence Supporting Flu Vaccines

02 Oct 2014 - Boy Gets Diagnosed With Autism After 32 Shots

02 Oct 2014 - A Brief History Of Governments Deploying Weaponized Pandemics Against Innocent Populations

02 Oct 2014 - Mercury Spectrum Disorder - Neuronal Cell Damage For Life From Vaccinations

02 Oct 2014 - Public Trust In Mainstream Media Plummets As Readers Turn To Independent News Sources For Truth Reporting

01 Oct 2014 - Judge Blocks ObamaCare Tax Rule For Non-Exchange States

01 Oct 2014 - Aspartame Awareness Month 2014: Quotes From The Experts

01 Oct 2014 - Five Surprising Facts You Never Knew About Aspartame

01 Oct 2014 - GE Wheat Contamination In Montana Proves GMOs Can’t Be Controlled

01 Oct 2014 - Kellogg’s’ Kashi Still Under Legal Fire For Claiming GMO-Laden Foods To Be ‘All Natural’

01 Oct 2014 - Culprits of Autism Identified: Toxins, Gut Bacteria, Nutritional Deficiencies, And Vaccines Made With Human Fetal Cell Lines

30 Sep 2014 - ObamaCare 1 Year Report Card Scores A Big ‘F’

30 Sep 2014 - 3-D Mammograms Deliver A High Dose Of Dangerous Radiation

30 Sep 2014 - Can Pesticides Be Rinsed Off? [Has an embedded video on the web page]

30 Sep 2014 - Mysterious Virus Spreading Across U.S. And Canada And Primarily Affecting Vaccinated Children [Has an embedded video on the web page]

30 Sep 2014 - FDA Targets Essentials Oils: Sees EOs as Threat To New Ebola Drugs?

30 Sep 2014 - India's Biotechnology Monitoring Committee Is A Sham Whose Existence Isn't Even Known By Its Supposed Members

30 Sep 2014 - Genetics Research—A Largely Failed Science Now Used For Social Control?

26 Sep 2014 - Outrage As It’s Revealed Was Paid $14 Million To Promote ObamaCare

26 Sep 2014 - Medical Records Theft: Another Unintended Effect Of ObamaCare?

26 Sep 2014 - FBI Criticizes New Cellphones With Data Privacy [GOOD! The government can keep its big nose out of our private lives!!!]

26 Sep 2014 - CDC Lied Just Before Whistleblower Went Public

26 Sep 2014 - Another University Study On ‘Food Fears’ Appears – Funded By Guess Who?

26 Sep 2014 - 6 Notoriously Misleading Food Terms Used To Trick Consumers

26 Sep 2014 - Pepsi And Coca-Cola Finally Confess To Crimes Against The Human Body, Sort Of

26 Sep 2014 - Using Facebook Could Add You To The Government's 'Enemies Of The State' List; Use Diaspora Instead

26 Sep 2014 - Healthy 12-Year-Old Girl Dies Shortly After Receiving HPV Vaccine

26 Sep 2014 - Alzheimer's Drug Maker Trying To Force Patients To Switch To Maintain Their Drug Monopoly, Antitrust Suit Claims

26 Sep 2014 - EPA Knew Pesticides Were Killing Honeybees In The 1970s But Punished Those Who Spoke Out

26 Sep 2014 - 13 Natural, Easy Ways To Deal With Ant Infestations

25 Sep 2014 - Rob Schneider Dropped From State Farm Ads: Guess Why

25 Sep 2014 - Detention For Student Who Shared Lunch Instead Of Dumping It In Garbage [More nonsense from a system running wild and out of control!]

25 Sep 2014 - NutraSweet To Stop Making Aspartame [This makes international efforts all the more meaningful. Also, they are still making Neotame, a more potent version and the FDA that knows more than anyone else aspartame is poison has approved Advantame. But we can rejoice today. I always said if you don't buy it they can't sell it. However, the formula has not been outlawed to forever prevent this deadly poison from disabling and murdering the public. – Dr. B. Martini, D.Hum.]

25 Sep 2014 - The Vaccine-Autism Lie

25 Sep 2014 - There Are 2 Other MMR Vaccine Whistleblowers

25 Sep 2014 - Something Is Very Wrong

25 Sep 2014 - Bureaucrat SMACKED DOWN After Warning Homeschooling Parents They ‘Must Follow’ Common Core

25 Sep 2014 - Big Pharma Says It Can’t Be Sued For Opioid Deaths: Courtroom Catastrophe! Big Pharma Claims It’s Above The Law

25 Sep 2014 - More Food Recalls Of Imported Chinese Foods Reveals A Dark Secret

25 Sep 2014 - John D. Rockefeller’s American Cancer Society Never Meant To ‘CURE’ Cancer

25 Sep 2014 - Who Is The Number One Foe Of Supplements On Capitol Hill?

25 Sep 2014 - FDA, Flooded With Protests, Revises Food Safety Rules

25 Sep 2014 - FDA Threatens Three Companies With Criminal Charges For Making Ebola Treatment Claims (But Won't Test Natural Substances Against Ebola)

25 Sep 2014 - CDC Fears 1.4 Million Ebola Infections By January; Is It Just Propaganda To Push For-Profit Vaccines?

25 Sep 2014 - US Hospitals Are Unprepared To Handle Ebola-Contaminated Waste

24 Sep 2014 - Long-Term Use Of Pills For Anxiety And Sleep Linked To Dementia

23 Sep 2014 - Court Supports Student Bullies Over First Amendment

23 Sep 2014 - Massive Media Coverup Discovered With Autism + Vaccination Link

23 Sep 2014 - Lies Your Doctor Has Told You

23 Sep 2014 - Israel Bans Fluoride In Drinking Water: Israel Bans Disease-Linked Fluoride — Is It Our Turn Yet?!?

23 Sep 2014 - Antibiotic Clarithromycin Ups Heart Attack Risk 76%

23 Sep 2014 - Banned Books Week Targets Parental Rights, Not Books

23 Sep 2014 - Two States Ready To Fight For GMO Labeling In November While Industry Pushes Bill To Remove State Rights

23 Sep 2014 - Experimental GMO Drug-Making Crops Grown With Little Oversight

22 Sep 2014 - Why Is China Having Measles Outbreaks When 99% Are Vaccinated?

22 Sep 2014 - Monopoly Medicine Is A Killer

22 Sep 2014 - U.S. Government Openly Admits Vaccines Are Seriously Harming Children: See The Email

19 Sep 2014 - Security Required Cover Ups

19 Sep 2014 - It’s Official: Businesses Cutting Jobs Because Of ObamaCare

19 Sep 2014 - Healthcare Costs Proven Higher Than Pre-ObamaCare Plans

19 Sep 2014 - General Mills Or Generally Toxic? After You See This Product, I Know Which One You’ll Choose

19 Sep 2014 - Kiss Your Grass-Fed Beef Goodbye! GMO Grass About To Be Approved

19 Sep 2014 - Drug Recalls Up 309% Thanks To Bungling Feds

19 Sep 2014 - Medical Martial Law Declared In Sierra Leone; Ebola Victims Hunted Like Fugitives In House-To-House Searches

19 Sep 2014 - Widespread Health Violations At Foster Farms Chicken Factories, Including Mold, Fecal Matter And Roaches

19 Sep 2014 - Veteran MD Buys Farm And Prescribes Food As Medicine

18 Sep 2014 - Obamacare Leaves Family “Shocked And Horrified” By Medical Expenses

18 Sep 2014 - 'Damning': Obama Abortion Funding Promise 'Wasn't True' - 'Administration Has Had Years To Deal With This Problem. They've Refused' [Has an embedded video on the web page]

18 Sep 2014 - FOOD FRAUD: Meat Treated With Carbon Monoxide [Has an embedded video on the web page]

18 Sep 2014 - Obama Pulling Military Personnel Off ISIS Mission To Combat Ebola, Pentagon’s “Number One Priority” [More government insanity!] [Has an embedded video on the web page]

18 Sep 2014 - Congressional Committee Says FDA Is Overstepping Its Jurisdiction

18 Sep 2014 - FDA Approves Controversial Diet Drug Despite Warning of Suicide Risk

18 Sep 2014 - The Ugly Truth About Vaccines Is Coming To Light In New Developments

18 Sep 2014 - Printable List Of Bottled Water Containing Fluoride

18 Sep 2014 - 6 Causes Of Autism And A Multi-Faceted Approach To Treatment

18 Sep 2014 - Nestle Removes GMO Ingredients From Baby Food In South Africa,Not USA

18 Sep 2014 - Dozens Of Children Feared Dead After Being Injected With 'Tainted’ Measles Vaccine In Syria

18 Sep 2014 - Tasmania's Ban On GMOs To Be In Place For At Least Five More Years

18 Sep 2014 - Study Finds ObamaCare Insurance Premiums To Be Unaffordable For Many

16 Sep 2014 - Actually, 'ObamaCare' Really Does Cover Abortions, Gov't Report Finds [We’ve been saying that from the beginning. The government has been lying from day one about this and so many other things!]

16 Sep 2014 - In Vaccines We Trust?

16 Sep 2014 - Gerson Therapy vs Chemotherapy [Has an embedded video on the web page]

16 Sep 2014 - The FDA Can’t Be Bothered To Inspect Toxic Food Additives

16 Sep 2014 - Doctors Are Pushing Useless Medical Screenings On Seniors

16 Sep 2014 - ALERT: Federal Government May Seize And Shut Down All Internet Sites That Don't Push Vaccines During A National Emergency Pandemic

16 Sep 2014 - U.S. Government Likely To Respond To Ebola Pandemic With Military Force, Martial Law And Forced Vaccines

16 Sep 2014 - Untested GMO Bananas To Move Directly To Human Experimentation

16 Sep 2014 - The Biggest Lies Told By The Food Industry

15 Sep 2014 - States Contribute To Identity Theft, Judges Condone It

15 Sep 2014 - Fluoridated Water [Has an embedded video on the web page]

15 Sep 2014 - The War On Raw Milk Continues

15 Sep 2014 - Statin Drugs Linked To Thyroid Cancer In Women

15 Sep 2014 - Researchers Openly Admit Dengue Vaccine Would Cause 7-Fold Spike In Infections

15 Sep 2014 - Food Brand Update: Annie's Sells Out To General Mills While Barbara's Gets Its Cereals Non-GMO Project Verified

15 Sep 2014 - Dengue Fever Outbreak Spreads In Japan - Just In Time For GM Mosquitoes And Experimental Vaccines

15 Sep 2014 - Why The Use Of Glyphosate In Wheat Has Radically Increased Celiac Disease [Has an embedded video on the web page]

12 Sep 2014 - Government Threatened Yahoo To Make It Violate Constitution And Users' Privacy

12 Sep 2014 - Yahoo Faced $250,000-Day Fine For Not Giving U.S. User Data [More of government breaking the law and invading YOUR privacy!]

12 Sep 2014 - Subway Restaurant Expels Vet With Service Dog

12 Sep 2014 - How to Beat Diabetes: Your Doctor May Not Know The Answers [Has an embedded video on the web page]

12 Sep 2014 - Vaccine Injury: The Biological Plausibility Of Microbial Predisposition

12 Sep 2014 - The CDC: A Truly Corrupt And Dangerous Organization

12 Sep 2014 - More New York Schools Ditch Michelle Obama's Totalitarian School Lunch Scheme [GOOD for them! Now everyone else needs to do the same thing!]

12 Sep 2014 - Maine To Allow Companies To Put Carcinogenic Formaldehyde In Products Without Informing Public

12 Sep 2014 - Safety Questions Loom Over Quorn Brand Meat Substitute [Has embedded videos on the web page]

12 Sep 2014 - Why BMI Is A Big Fat Scam [Has embedded videos on the web page]

10 Sep 2014 - Obama Admin Renews Attempt To Force Little Sisters Of The Poor To Obey HHS Mandate

10 Sep 2014 - Do Antibiotics Contribute To Mercury Poisoning?

10 Sep 2014 - Doctor Horrified At Media Cover-Up Of Vaccine Science Fraud At The CDC

10 Sep 2014 - Guatemala Rejects 'Monsanto Law' That Would Have Given Multinational Seed Companies Control Over Agriculture [GOOD, more countries need to do the same thing!!!]

09 Sep 2014 - IG Let Veterans Affairs Officials Alter Report To Absolve Agency In Phoenix Deaths

09 Sep 2014 - Soda Has An Evil Twin – Who It Is Might Surprise You

09 Sep 2014 - Big Blow To Biotech: German Super Market Giants Force Return To GMO-Free Poultry

09 Sep 2014 - Man Dies After Hospital Imposes DNR Order, Wife Begged Staff To Save Her Husband As They Did Nothing

09 Sep 2014 - Antibiotics In Chicken: Causing New Infections [Has an embedded video on the web page]

09 Sep 2014 - Mystery Virus EV-D68 Exploding Among Vaccinated Children; U.S. Medical System Clueless Without A Vaccine

09 Sep 2014 - Big Food Tripled Spending This Year To Stifle Growing GMO Labeling Movement

09 Sep 2014 - Hospitals - Why It Is More Important Than Ever To Steer Clear Of Them

09 Sep 2014 - Which Causes Cancer More Quickly: Cigarettes, Diet Soda Or GMOs?

09 Sep 2014 - Israel Bans Fluoride [That’s great news!!!]

09 Sep 2014 - Consumers For Dental Choice Unfolds Brilliant Strategy To Undo “Silver Fillings” Deception, Which Is A Major Source Of Environmental Pollution

08 Sep 2014 - Ouch, The Bill For ObamaCare Coming Due

08 Sep 2014 - Here It Is: How The US Government Admits Vaccines Cause Autism

08 Sep 2014 - Cancer Deaths Double In Argentina’s GMO Agribusiness Areas

08 Sep 2014 - This Is The Way One Father Told His Pediatrician “No” To Vaccines

08 Sep 2014 - Food Fraud - Something Fishy Is Going On [Has an embedded video on the web page]

08 Sep 2014 - The Food Industry BPA: What Is It? How It Has Been Hidden In Our Food Supply [Has an embedded video on the web page]

08 Sep 2014 - Why Does CDC Recommend Pregnant Women Be Injected With Mercury-Filled Flu Vaccines?

08 Sep 2014 - How Corporate Influence Is Subverting The Organic Standards Board In Favor Of Industrial Profit

08 Sep 2014 - How The FDA Deceives You About Mercury Amalgams [Has an embedded video on the web page]

04 Sep 2014 - The World According To Monsanto [Has an embedded video on the web page]

04 Sep 2014 - Ebola: WHO Turns To Experimental Drugs, But Not Proven Natural Remedies

04 Sep 2014 - Vitamin C, Shingles, And Vaccination

04 Sep 2014 - Vaccines Cause Brain Damage: The Mothers Know [Has an embedded video on the web page]

04 Sep 2014 - CNN Caught In Denial Over MMR Vaccines Even As CDC Whistleblower Confesses To Scientific Fraud

04 Sep 2014 - Chemistry Professor Corroborates Whistleblower's Claims; Links Mercury In Vaccines To Autism, Neurodevelopmental Issues

04 Sep 2014 - China Refuses To Permit GM Rice And Corn To Be Grown By Research Groups

04 Sep 2014 - Monsanto Funds Trip For Indian Parliament Members In Bid To Get GMO Trial Ban Overturned

04 Sep 2014 - U.S. Government Bullied Vietnam Into Keeping GM Foods Unlabeled

04 Sep 2014 - National Vaccine Information Center Calls For Removal Of Vaccine Safety Oversight From Department Of Health And Human Services

29 Aug 2014 - The Most Hard-Hitting GMO Report Ever Aired By The Mainstream Media [Has embedded videos on the web page]

29 Aug 2014 - UN Bureaucrat Floats Global Warming Hoax As An “International Public Health Emergency”

29 Aug 2014 - 80% Of All Antibiotics Used In The US Are Given To Farm-Animals: What Are You Really Eating?

29 Aug 2014 - Common Antibiotic Increase Cardiac Deaths By 76% - Drug Company Says: Don't Worry [Has an embedded video on the web page]

29 Aug 2014 - Truth About CDC Vaccine Fraud Revealed By Jon Rappoport In New Video Interview [Has an embedded video on the web page]

29 Aug 2014 - Dr. Andrew Wakefield Speaks Out About CDC Scientist's Admission Of Vaccine Research Fraud – Video [Has an embedded video on the web page]

29 Aug 2014 - GM Mosquitoes Increase Spread Of Dengue Fever In Brazilian Town, Causing State Of Emergency To Be Renewed

28 Aug 2014 - So-Called Hate Speech: First They Track It Then They Target It [To them, “hate speech” is anyone who questions or criticizes the government or anything the government supports or is for, as well as anyone who thinks for themselves and make their own decisions. Basically, it is everyone who is not one of their deaf and blind minions!]

28 Aug 2014 - Ice Bucket Challenge: ALS Foundation Admits Less Than 27% Of Donations Fund Research & Cures [And that research includes stem cell research!]

28 Aug 2014 - UN Climate Chief: 'Not Very Far' From Considering 'Climate Change As A Public Health Emergency' [A health emergency based upon a LIE and a HOAX. The real purpose and goal of all of this is control and domination over everyone and all they do!]

28 Aug 2014 - CDC Autism/Vaccine Coverup Extends To Media And Journals

28 Aug 2014 - CNN Publishes Story Denying Vaccine-Autism Link [More LIES AND FALSE information from those who make and push this poison!] [Has an embedded video on the web page]

28 Aug 2014 - CDC Whistleblower’s 2nd Leak: KNOWN Vaccine Harms For Pregnant Women [Has an embedded video on the web page]

28 Aug 2014 - Mercury/Vaccines/Autism: More Fraud At The CDC

28 Aug 2014 - ALS Ice Bucket Challenge: Do You Know What You Are Supporting

28 Aug 2014 - CDC Scientific Fraud: An Update On Dr. Poul Thorsen Who Authored Fraudulent Study 'Disproving' Vaccine-Autism Connection And Stole Millions Of Dollars

27 Aug 2014 - Shrink Diagnoses Marine 'Dangerous' Without Ever Seeing Him: Accused Of Being 'Mentally Ill,' Held In Psych Ward For Weeks

27 Aug 2014 - Media Conspiracy To Bury CDC Whistleblower Story Protects Vaccine Makers At The Expense Of Human Life

27 Aug 2014 - Congressman Posey Discusses Autism, Vaccines And Lack Of CDC Transparency In Interview With Dr. Brian Hooker

27 Aug 2014 - FDA Admits Not Knowing About Existence Of Many Food Chemicals, Let Alone Their Safety

27 Aug 2014 - Best-Selling Toothpaste Contains Hazardous Endocrine-Disrupting Chemical [Has an embedded video on the web page]

26 Aug 2014 - The CDC Whistleblower...The Story Mainstream Media Doesn't Want To Run

26 Aug 2014 - Now Admitted: Fluoride In Drinking Water Reduces Intelligence

26 Aug 2014 - The Domestic Spy Grid: Police Use Database For Personal Lives [Has an embedded video on the web page]

26 Aug 2014 - Doctor Errors Kill 500,000 Americans A Year

26 Aug 2014 - US Congressman says 'Incestuous Relationship' Between CDC And Vaccine Manufacturers Needs To Be Scrutinized

26 Aug 2014 - New Experimental GMOs Cause Public Outrage After USDA Colludes With Biotech Industry

26 Aug 2014 - Horrifying Accidents At Infectious Disease Labs Hidden From The Public, 'Cloaked In Secrecy'

25 Aug 2014 - Morgan Freeman On Ending Racism: ‘Stop Talking About It’ [Has an embedded video on the web page]

25 Aug 2014 - The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Kills Babies [Has an embedded video on the web page]

25 Aug 2014 - 2,000 More Insurance Policies Cancelled In Colorado

25 Aug 2014 - Screenshots Of ‘CNN iReport’ On CDC whistleblower Before CNN Censored Story

25 Aug 2014 - Congressman: New HHS Rule Is An ‘Obnoxious, Unprecedented Government Attack On Conscience Rights’

25 Aug 2014 - War On Childhood Obesity Attacks School Bake Sales: Nanny State Declares War On Bake Sales!

25 Aug 2014 - Fluoride In Water Could Be Lowering Our IQs: Study

25 Aug 2014 - Breaking Report: HPV Cancers Rising In Spite Of Vaccination

25 Aug 2014 - Cindy Crawford Pulls Her Kids Out Of School, Cites Concerns For Their Safety [Has an embedded video on the web page]

25 Aug 2014 - Quel Fromage! Whole Foods’ GMO Labels Make Trouble For Cheesemakers

25 Aug 2014 - Your Health Can't Come From A Vaccine! [Has an embedded video on the web page]

25 Aug 2014 - Food As Medicine: How One Hospital Is Using Organic Produce To Help Heal Patients

25 Aug 2014 - Actor Rob Schneider Has Obtained Copies Of CDC Cover-Up Documents; Urges California To Investigate Scientific Fraud

25 Aug 2014 - CNN Caught Red Handed Covering Up CDC Medical Genocide Of African-American Babies

25 Aug 2014 - British Think Tank Downplays GMO Failures, Claims Unproven Benefits In Report Urging Africans To Submit To Biotech

22 Aug 2014 - What All This Fast Food Is Doing To Our Bodies

22 Aug 2014 - Breaking: CDC Whistleblower Thompson In Grave Danger Now

22 Aug 2014 - It's Impossible For A Student To Violate The First Amendment

22 Aug 2014 - Mainstream Bullying Prostate Cancer Patients Into Surgery, Radiation

22 Aug 2014 - National Research Council Fails To Design Serious GMO Study Capable Of Answering Biotech Safety Questions

21 Aug 2014 - BREAKING: Whistleblower Names CDC Scientists In Covering Up Vaccine-Autism Link [Has an embedded video on the web page]

21 Aug 2014 - Integrative Doctors—An Online Guide

21 Aug 2014 - Other Good Places To Find An Integrative Doctor

21 Aug 2014 - EPA, Corps Hijack Clean Water Act To Expand Regulatory Authority

21 Aug 2014 - CDC Scientists Accused Of Crimes against Humanity By Whistleblower

21 Aug 2014 - Vaccine-Autism Connection: US Congressman Stonewalled By The CDC

21 Aug 2014 - Food Adulteration: Strong Economic Incentive To Cheat With Processed Foods [Has an embedded video on the web page]

21 Aug 2014 - CDC Refuses To Turn Over Documents To Congress: Evidence Linking MMR Vaccines To Autism Intentionally Withheld From Investigators

21 Aug 2014 - Whistleblower Goes Public: CDC Buried Data Showing Vaccines Increase Risk Of Autism By 340%

21 Aug 2014 - Complications With Allergy Medications - 8 Deadly Effects To Be Aware Of

21 Aug 2014 - Brazilian Vegetable Oil Industries Refuse To Buy Monsanto's New GM Soybeans

21 Aug 2014 - FDA Conspired With Colgate To Bury Evidence Of Triclosan Harm

21 Aug 2014 - Data On Serious Hospital Errors Will Now Be Withheld From The Public [Has an embedded video on the web page]

21 Aug 2014 - Back-To-School Vaccines: Know The Risks And Failures [Has an embedded video on the web page]

21 Aug 2014 - Vitamin D For Depression, Dementia, And Diabetes [Has an embedded video on the web page]

19 Aug 2014 - BPA Contaminating Our Food [Has an embedded video on the web page]

19 Aug 2014 - Medical Doctor Questions Ebola 'Hysteria'

19 Aug 2014 - New Malaria Vaccine Doesn't Work Most Of The Time, But Manufacturer Says It's Good Enough To Sell

19 Aug 2014 - School Kids Are The Target Of GMO Cancer-Causing Cafeteria Food

19 Aug 2014 - Toxic, Cancer-Causing PCBs Still Show Up In Everyday Products Despite Decades-Old Ban

19 Aug 2014 - Sports And Energy Drinks Are 'Essentially Sodas Without Carbonation,' State Researchers Exploring Health Risks Of Sugary Beverages

19 Aug 2014 - UK Spends Millions Per Year On Drug For Disease That's Preventable Through Diet And Exercise

19 Aug 2014 - Should You Worry About An Ebola Outbreak In The US? [Has an embedded audio file and embedded video files on the web page]

19 Aug 2014 - More Pesticides Coming To Our Food

18 Aug 2014 - Another Win In Standing Against ObamaCare Mandate

18 Aug 2014 - Are Vaccines Right For Your Child? Debunking The Myths Of The DTaP Vaccine

18 Aug 2014 - Strangers Diagnose Your Illness And Get Cash In Return

18 Aug 2014 - The Dirty Little Secrets Hiding Behind Our Pretty Little Processed Food

18 Aug 2014 - GlaxoSmithKline Releases New Drug To Treat People Who Just Feel Sort Of Weird Sometimes [More craziness!!!]

15 Aug 2014 - Federal Judge Strikes Down HHS Mandate For Baptist College [FANTASTIC!!!]

15 Aug 2014 - We Might See HUGE Taxes Just For Using The Internet, Thanks To Harry Reid

15 Aug 2014 - Some Prostate Cancer Docs Are Botching 98% Of Cases

15 Aug 2014 - Mercury Levels Have Tripled In World's Oceans Since Industrial Revolution

15 Aug 2014 - Biotech Firms Sue Local Hawaii Government For Protecting Citizens And Environment From GMOs

14 Aug 2014 - Jimmy Carter Advocates Taxing Carbon Dioxide [Is he insane? We breathe in oxygen and breathe our carbon dioxide. Plants breathe in carbon dioxide and breathe out oxygen. It’s called the cycle of life. Something that is required for us to live!!! Basically he wants to tax air!]

14 Aug 2014 - Monsanto Wants Americans To Accept GMO Food, Ramps Up Propaganda Efforts

14 Aug 2014 - Doctors Refuse To Treat ObamaCare Patients, Say They Can't Afford To

14 Aug 2014 - Acetaminophen Overdose Is Far Easier Than You Might Think [Has an embedded video on the web page]

13 Aug 2014 - EPA Used 20-Year-Old Jobs Data To Justify Regulations

13 Aug 2014 - At Issue: Global Warming 'Indoctrination' In Public Schools

13 Aug 2014 - Food Dyes And Children's Behavior [Has an embedded video on the web page]

13 Aug 2014 - New Report Finds FDA Deliberately Deceptive—And Slowly Poisoning Millions Of Americans

13 Aug 2014 - How Big Ag Created Ohio’s Water Crisis

13 Aug 2014 - Colgate Total Ingredient Linked To Hormones, Cancer Spotlights FDA Process

13 Aug 2014 - W.H.O. Says It's Okay For Drug Companies To Conduct Medical Experiments On Ebola Patients [MORE INSANITY! We are seeing a repeat of history. In 1918 more people died from the so-called “treatments” than the flu itself!]

12 Aug 2014 - Kerry: Starving Africa Shouldn’t Build More Farms Because It Would Contribute To Global Warming [What an absolute load of rubbish! How long until they try pulling this same garbage on all of us?] [Has an embedded video on the web page]

12 Aug 2014 - Missouri’s Right To Farm: Analyzing The Aftermath

12 Aug 2014 - We’re All Criminals And Outlaws In The Eyes Of The American Police State

12 Aug 2014 - Obama Denounces Freedom Of Expression

12 Aug 2014 - Pests Develop Resistance To GMO Bt Corn, Leaving Brazilian Farmers With Higher Costs And Lower Yields

12 Aug 2014 - New Study Shows Bee Research Tainted By Corporate Funding [Has an embedded video on the web page]

12 Aug 2014 - Vitamin K Shot At Birth -- The Controversy Reignites [Has an embedded video on the web page]

11 Aug 2014 - Michelle Obama Using The Government As Her Personal Food Police

11 Aug 2014 - What Do Monsanto, Tekmira And The Ebola Virus Have In Common?

11 Aug 2014 - ‘DID THE HPV VACCINE KILL MY DAUGHTER?’: Mom Wants Answers After Her Healthy Girl Drops Dead After Injection

11 Aug 2014 - Ebola: Why Hasn’t A Pandemic Ever Started In Brooklyn?

11 Aug 2014 - Think Yogurt Is Healthy? [Has an embedded video on the web page]

11 Aug 2014 - Ebola Vaccine To Be Manufactured By Criminal Drug Company With Felony Record; Rushed To Market With Near-Zero Safety Testing

11 Aug 2014 - America's Mass Surveillance Is Eroding Freedom Of The Press, Freedom Of Speech And Democracy

11 Aug 2014 - Label GMOs Texas: Grassroots Campaign For Food Transparency Launched In The Lone Star State

11 Aug 2014 - Osteopathic Medicine Is Gaining Recognition

08 Aug 2014 - VA Apologizes, Says 'Confusion' Caused Misstated Number Of Deaths [Confusion, what confusion? There was NO confusion! This is yet just another empty and meaningless apology! They gave the wrong numbers on purpose in an attempt to cover it up!]

08 Aug 2014 - The Age Of Aspartame May Be Coming To An End As More Health Risks Are Confirmed

08 Aug 2014 - Soap Industry Still Won’t Come Clean On Triclosan: Soap Special Interests Getting Hands Dirty In Triclosan Fight

08 Aug 2014 - Pfizer Hit With Wave Of Lawsuits Over Cholesterol Drug

08 Aug 2014 - Big Dairy Attacks Mom And Pop Raw Milk Farmers

08 Aug 2014 - How To Manage Arthritis Naturally

08 Aug 2014 - Where Is The Evidence?

08 Aug 2014 - Monsanto’s Vaccine Will Kill More Than The Ebola Itself

08 Aug 2014 - How Food Is Making Us Sick: What We Can Do About It [Has an embedded video on the web page]

08 Aug 2014 - Scientists And Business Leaders Urge US Government To Reject Toxic Herbicide Mix Of Glyphosate And Agent Orange Ingredient

08 Aug 2014 - Find Out What Chinese Medicine Can Do For You

08 Aug 2014 - Organic Food Contains Up To 60 Percent More Antioxidants: Study

06 Aug 2014 - ObamaCare Rates In CA Soar

06 Aug 2014 - Insurance Company Drug Managers Now Deciding What’s Medically “Necessary”

06 Aug 2014 - Pre-Market Approval Of Dietary Supplements: The Canadian Story

06 Aug 2014 - The De Blasio NYPD Rip Insulin Away From Innocent Diabetic Teen [They just love being bullies and breaking the law and harassing citizens!]

06 Aug 2014 - Monsanto Is Trying To Force Soybean Companies To Collect Its Royalties From Farmers

06 Aug 2014 - FDA Urges Tighter Rein On Hydrocodone Medication While Simultaneously Approving Another Addictive Painkiller [Has an embedded video on the web page]

05 Aug 2014 - Why Does The U.S. Government Have An ‘Office Of Population Affairs’?

05 Aug 2014 - Pennsylvania Dept of Agriculture Brings Down "Agri-Terrorists": Outlaws Seed Libraries

05 Aug 2014 - More School Districts Trashing Michelle Obama’s Healthy Lunch Program [GOOD!]

05 Aug 2014 - Ebola: The US Diagnostic Test Is Utterly Unreliable

05 Aug 2014 - The Monsanto Sponsored Ebola Vaccine Will Kill More People Than The Ebola Itself [Just like when the Spanish Influenza was going around, more people died from so-called “medical treatments” than from Spanish Influenza itself!]

05 Aug 2014 - Ebola – Saving Lives With Natural Allopathic Medicine

05 Aug 2014 - Small Family Farmer Fights Back Against Over-Reaching Government Forcing Her Off Her Land

04 Aug 2014 - The Most Shocking Mistakes Hospitals Don’t Want You To Know About

04 Aug 2014 - Why Monsanto's 'Cure' For World Hunger Is Cursing The Global Food Supply

04 Aug 2014 - Buying Birth Control For Others Is An Obligation Of Citizenship? [No where in the Constitution does it say this or anything remotely close to this. More nonsense and garbage from a VERY UNGODLY and CORRUPT government!]

04 Aug 2014 - Fake Obesity Experts: They Can't Make Their Own Advice Work [Has an embedded video on the web page]

04 Aug 2014 - Botched Food Inspections Are A Plague Waiting To Happen: Federal Food Inspections Are A $5 Billion Fiasco

04 Aug 2014 - Feds Should Ban Foster Farms After Latest Outbreak: Foster Farms Makes America Sick AGAIN

04 Aug 2014 - The Truth You're Not Being Told About The Toledo Water Crisis In Ohio: Chemical Agriculture Poisoned The Water

04 Aug 2014 - If GMOs Are Healthy, Why Aren't Its Proponents (Biotech And Big Food) Excited About Labeling It?

04 Aug 2014 - Blood Thinner Drug Manufacturer Withheld Critical Safety Data From FDA

04 Aug 2014 - FDA Reverses Its Position On Daily Aspirin

31 July 2014 - No One At Veterans Affairs Fired – No One Accountable

31 July 2014 - Warning: MSG Could Be Hiding In Many Of Your Family's Food Choices

31 July 2014 - Glyphosate Linked To Gross Deformities In Piglets

31 July 2014 - Infected Factory Farmed Meat May Be Another Causative Factor For Alzheimer's Disease [Has an embedded video on the web page]

30 July 2014 - Don’t Believe Industry-Paid ‘Experts’ On Soda And Diabetes

30 July 2014 - The Corporate Takeover Of All Natural Food

30 July 2014 - How The FDA And Gardasil Are Destroying The Lives Of American Girls

30 July 2014 - Victory! Dietitians No Longer Hold A Monopoly In Michigan!

30 July 2014 - Michigan Government Forces Farmers To Destroy Vast Amounts Of Healthy Food While Homeless U.S. Children And Veterans Starve

30 July 2014 - Is Monsanto Spreading This Propaganda In Your Child's School?

30 July 2014 - 4 Most Dangerous Toxins Deliberately And Secretly Infused Into Our Food Supply

30 July 2014 - In the Wake Of CDC Anthrax Release, Even More Errors Involving Deadly Pathogens Are Discovered [Has an embedded video on the web page]

30 July 2014 - 6 Food Industry Tricks You Don’t Know About

29 July 2014 - ObamaCare Don’t Care

29 July 2014 - Before Vaccinating Your Children, Demand Your Doctor Sign This Form

29 July 2014 - HERO STUFF: Doctor Blows Off ‘Gun Free’ Rule, Shoots Killer In Hospital Shooting Rampage [GOOD FOR HIM!]

29 July 2014 - Glaxo Seeks Approval For World’s First Malaria Vaccine… Ignores Red Cross MMS Cure Study

29 July 2014 - Government Outlawing School Bake Sales? Just Say NO!

29 July 2014 - Unauthorized (“Tasty”) School Bake Sales Trigger Government Actions

29 July 2014 - Banned In 160 Nations, Why Is Ractopamine In U.S. Pork? (Op-Ed)

29 July 2014 - Serious Fruit Recall Hits Trader Joe’s, Costco, Wal-Mart Stores

29 July 2014 - Pre-Diabetes Diagnosis Has Little Value, Say Two Experts

29 July 2014 - Mammogram Costs (And Dangers) Skyrocketing: Mainstream Cancer Screening Digs For Gold — Not Tumors

29 July 2014 - GMO Food Companies Fight Labeling

29 July 2014 - HuffPost: GMOs Have Never Been Proven Safe

29 July 2014 - Scientific Fraud? Dupont Study Deliberately Hid Toxic Effects Of GMOs Fed To Rats

29 July 2014 - Metal Fillings In Your Mouth Could Make You Really Sick

29 July 2014 - 7 Food Swaps That Will Make You Healthier [Has an embedded slide show on the web page]

23 July 2014 - Monsanto/FDA: 2 Crime Families, Trillion-Dollar Hustle

23 July 2014 - School Lunches: Sold To The Lowest Bidder [Has an embedded video on the web page]

23 July 2014 - Scientist Tries To Sue Journal For Planning To Retract Discredited Golden Rice Study That Experimented On Unsuspecting Children

23 July 2014 - Fluoride, Bleach And Pesticide - Three Common Chemicals In Conventional Food

22 July 2014 - Federal Appeals Court Strikes Blow To ObamaCare

22 July 2014 - ObamaCare Subsidies Ruled Illegal As Federal Court Declares President Is Not King

22 July 2014 - Chemical Company Lobbyists 'Weaving Their Webs' As Coke, Pepsi, Kraft And General Mills Pony Up Millions To Kill New York GMO Labeling Bill

22 July 2014 - Ben & Jerry's Co-Founder Says States Should Be Able To Require GMO Labeling

22 July 2014 - Raw Milk Versus Pasteurized—Which Is Safer? [Has an embedded video on the web page]

21 July 2014 - Mexican Farmers Fight To Preserve 59 Indigenous Corn Varieties Against Hostile GMO Takeover

21 July 2014 - Big Ag Corporations Trying To Blur The Lines Between Organic And GMOs

21 July 2014 - Whooping Cough Outbreak Strikes County Where 95 Percent Of Children Are Vaccinated

21 July 2014 - Toxic Hot Seat—What You Don’t Know About Flame Retardant Chemicals Can Hurt You In More Ways Than One [Has embedded videos on the web page]

18 July 2014 - $84,000 Drug Is The Latest Example Of Medicare Waste: Government Sheep Getting Fleeced By Designer Drug

18 July 2014 - Deadly Sham Science Pushing Antidepressants For Teens

18 July 2014 - Why Some Brands OF Ice Creams Don’t Melt [Has an embedded video on the web page]

18 July 2014 - Nature's Vaccines: Children Who Live On Dairy Farms Have Almost Zero Allergies. Ever Wonder Why?

18 July 2014 - Heavy Metals In Electronic Devices Causing Wave Of Skin Rashes

17 July 2014 - The FDA Calls One Of The Body’s Basic Healing Functions A “Disease”

17 July 2014 - Pro-Lifers React To Senate Attempt To Overturn Supreme Court's Hobby Lobby Decision

17 July 2014 - Americans Are Too Stupid For GMO Labeling, Congressional Panel Says [Actually it is they who are the stupid ones. They obviously don’t care about The People, they only care for themselves!]

17 July 2014 - Outbreak Forces Obama To Admit Illegal Immigrants Alien Criminals Spreading Diseases [Yes we crossed out the word immigrants and replaces it with alien criminals is because an immigrant is someone who has come here legally. By coming here illegally they have broken the law and therefore are criminals!]

17 July 2014 - Genetically Modified Mosquitoes: Experiment Blows Up, Causes Dengue Emergency

17 July 2014 - TSA Declares War On Breast Milk

17 July 2014 - Drug-Resistant Superbug Infections Explode Across U.S. Hospitals: 500% Increase Foreshadows 'New Plague' Caused By Modern Medicine

17 July 2014 - As Painkiller Addiction And Overdoses Continue To Rise, Pharmaceutical Companies Are Sued For Inciting Epidemic [Has an embedded video on the web page]

16 July 2014 - Number Of California Doctors Accepting Medicaid Plummets After ObamaCare

16 July 2014 - FDA Proposes New Rules For Compounding

16 July 2014 - What If The Government Standardized All Medical Testing?

16 July 2014 - Large Study Adds to Evidence that Organic Food Is Superior

16 July 2014 - The School Lunch Scam: Corporate Pigs At The Trough [Has an embedded video on the web page]

16 July 2014 - 120 'Peer-Reviewed' Studies Retracted After Being Exposed As Computer-Generated Fraud

16 July 2014 - Five Things Hospitals Don't Want You To Know

16 July 2014 - Advantame - The Newest Artificial Sweetener Approved By The FDA

15 July 2014 - Why Vaccines Aren't Paleo

15 July 2014 - No, Mr. Holder, This Has Nothing To Do With Race

15 July 2014 - Millions Of Americans Installing 'Perfect Spying Device' In Their Own Living Rooms: Amazon Fire TV Monitors And Records Your Conversations

15 July 2014 - Study Shows Synthetic Vitamins In 'Fortified' Breakfast Cereals Harming Children

15 July 2014 - Most Evil Company Loses Court Battle In Money-Laundering Scheme

15 July 2014 - Premier Government Body Of Science And Medicine Turning Into Yet Another Agency For Corporate Science [Has an embedded video on the web page]

14 July 2014 - The Great Unknown: ObamaCare Cost

14 July 2014 - MSG - Making People Sick Year After Year [Has an embedded video on the web page]

14 July 2014 - South American Version Of ObamaCare Causing Economic Ruin

14 July 2014 - Genetically Modified Foods: The Dangers [Has an embedded video on the web page]

14 July 2014 - FDA Moves To Mandate Vaccines That ‘Cure Autism’ While Condemning Alternative Medicine

14 July 2014 - Xanax Made With GMOs, Allergens And Artificial Coloring Chemicals

14 July 2014 - GM Mosquito Release In Brazil Causes Dengue Emergency, Despite Being Touted As Preventive Tool

14 July 2014 - The Battle Between Big Pharma And Herbal Supplements

14 July 2014 - Animals And Insects That Can Detect Cancer And Disease

14 July 2014 - How To Reverse Type 2 Diabetes, Why Insulin May Actually Accelerate Death, And Other Ignored Facts [Has an embedded video on the web page]

11 July 2014 - Albuquerque Veteran Dies Waiting For Ambulance....While At The VA [Has embedded videos on the web page]

11 July 2014 - Tetanus Shot: How Do We Know That It Works?

11 July 2014 - How GMO Farming And Food Is Making Our Gut Flora UNFRIENDLY

11 July 2014 - The Oregonian Opposes GMO Food Labeling Because They Think You're Too Stupid To Understand

10 July 2014 - Some Federal Lawmakers Seek To Overturn Hobby Lobby Decision

10 July 2014 - Feds To Tennessee On ObamaCare: Obedience Is Mandatory

10 July 2014 - Supporting Evidence For Aspartame-Alzheimer's Link Emerges

10 July 2014 - Hillary Clinton Says She Supports GMO

10 July 2014 - 5 Dangerous Substances Big Ag Pumps Into Your Meat

10 July 2014 - War Against Our Natural Right Of Self-Defense Continues

10 July 2014 - Statin Use Can Lead To Heart Failure: Research

10 July 2014 - Man's Tumor Shrinks When He Alters Environment, Shuns Cancer Treatments In Favor Of Acts Of Kindness

08 July 2014 - The VA's Dirty Little Secret - Incompetent Doctor Care

08 July 2014 - Horrors Of Socialized Healthcare – Senior Citizens Denied Care!

08 July 2014 - Harry Reid: ‘We’re Going To Do Something’ On Hobby Lobby

08 July 2014 - Almost 20% Of Fully Vaccinated Children With Persistent Cough "Have Whooping Cough"

07 July 2014 - Why A Constitutional Amendment? I Thought We Just Ignored The Bill Of Rights

07 July 2014 - Factory Farm Meat Linked To Antibiotic-Resistant Infections: Drugged-Up Cows Could Make You Dead Meat

07 July 2014 - Antibiotics On Factory Farms Causing E. Coli [Has an embedded video on the web page]

07 July 2014 - Gun Control’s Brilliant New Idea: Train Doctors To Determine Who’s ‘Fit’ To Carry A Gun [More government running out of control and more of their INSANITY! Government and Doctors DO NOT have to right to decide who may or may not exercise their Constitutional Rights!]

07 July 2014 - Facebook Mind Control Experiment Was Nothing Compared To The Deliberate Manipulations Of The Mass Media

07 July 2014 - Top Food Products Containing High-Fructose Corn Syrup Tainted With Mercury

07 July 2014 - Trying To Kick The Habit? These Foods Make It Easier For Smokers To Quit

07 July 2014 - Has This Pet Food Giant Opened An Embarrassing Can Of Worms?

03 July 2014 - Cancer Patient Dies From Brain Tumor After ObamaCare Fails To Cover Her Treatment

03 July 2014 - Red Cross Refuses To Disclose How It Spent Hurricane Sandy Money, Says It's A 'Trade Secret'

02 July 2014 - Post-Hobby Lobby, Courts Grant Injunctions Against ObamaCare Abortion Drug Rule For 7 Groups

02 July 2014 - VA Attempts To Book Appointment With Terminally Ill Veteran, Two Years Too Late

02 July 2014 - Report: WH Quietly Grants Itself Power To Censor FOIA Releases [They think they are above the law and constantly give themselves more power and authority and break all the laws they want!]

02 July 2014 - Analyst: Hobby Lobby Decision Was About Religious Freedom — Not Contraceptives

02 July 2014 - Monsanto Tries To Patent & Control Natural, Non-GMO Tomatoes

02 July 2014 - What Are They Putting Into School Lunches Now?

02 July 2014 - The FDA Calls One Of The Body’s Basic Healing Functions A “Disease”

02 July 2014 - Are Drugs Safe?

02 July 2014 - Canadian Government Asked To Distribute Radiation Pills To Residents Living Near Nuclear Facilities

02 July 2014 - More Than Two-Thirds Of Conventional Sunscreens Contain Harmful Chemicals: Learn How To Avoid Them This Summer

02 July 2014 - BabySafe Project Launched To Inform Pregnant Women About The Dangers Of Wireless And Cell Phone Radiation

02 July 2014 - US Healthcare: Most Expensive And Worst Performing

02 July 2014 - US Food Manufacturing—Science Based Or Reckless? [Has an embedded video on the web page]

01 July 2014 - Obamacare And Religious Freedom - This Is Why The Hobby Lobby Case Was Important

01 July 2014 - Pelosi Claims Hobby Lobby Decision A Gross Violation Of “Religious Rights” [What an outright lying loon! This decision by the courts protections a person’s religious rights and freedoms! ObamaCare actually tried to take them away!]

01 July 2014 - The Common Core Face-Off: Hiding The Truth About Choice & Charter Schools - Part 1 Of 2

01 July 2014 - Why Vaccines Spread Disease And Vaccine Science Is Flawed

01 July 2014 - Most Women Don’t Need Regular Pelvic Exams, New Guidelines State

01 July 2014 - Cargill Announces New Non-GMO Soybean Oil

01 July 2014 - Microsoft: Don’t Worry, We Won’t Read Your E-mails [Yeah, sure! In other words, they are reading and looking at everything! They don’t care about YOUR privacy!]

01 July 2014 - Yogurt Buyers Beware: 'All Natural' Yogurt Products Found To Contain Aspartame And Artificial Colors

01 July 2014 - China Halts GMO Grain Imports From The U.S.

01 July 2014 - Google Glass Wearers Can Steal Your ATM Passcode With A Glance From 10 Feet Away

01 July 2014 - Work Hours Being Cut In Preparation For ObamaCare Employer Mandate

01 July 2014 - What Is MSG? Side Effects Explained

01 July 2014 - Environmental Impacts Of Neonicotinoid Pesticides Are Now 'Impossible To Deny'

30 June 2014 - Hobby Lobby Wins: Supreme Court Rules Christian-Owned Businesses Can Reject Birth-Control Mandate [Remember, they consider the form of mass murder and serial killing known as abortion a form of birth control!]

30 June 2014 - Chicago Rally Today Celebrates Hobby Lobby Religious Freedom Ruling: U.S. Supreme Court Decision Overturns ObamaCare HHS Mandate

30 June 2014 - Hobby Lobby Supreme Court Decision Reaction On Christian View Of Work

30 June 2014 - Pro-Life Youth At Hobby Lobby Celebrate Religious Freedom As Supreme Court Announces Decision

30 June 2014 - Dem On Hobby Lobby Case: 'No One Has The Right To Discriminate Against A Woman' [The form of birth control they are trying to force upon everyone, a form of mass murder and serial killing known as abortion, has nothing to do with rights or discrimination]

30 June 2014 - Justices: Can't Make Employers Cover Contraception

30 June 2014 - If New Medical Access Laws Allow Minors To Forbid Parents To View The Medical Records Of The Child, Perhaps Parents Should Be Able To Refuse To Pick Up The Tab For The Medical Bills

30 June 2014 - When Students Pay Their Own Medical Bills Is When They Should Deny Their Parent’s Access To Medical Info

30 June 2014 - Facebook Conducted Secret Psychology Experiment On Users' Emotions [Has an embedded video on the web page]

30 June 2014 - GMO Insulin Causes Type 1 Diabetes in Type 2 Diabetics, Study Finds

30 June 2014 - How Soon Might We Have Genetically Modified Meat?

30 June 2014 - What’s The Difference Between GMO Foods And Hybrid Foods?

30 June 2014 - Big Pharma Being Sued For Thousands Of Painkiller Deaths

30 June 2014 - Whole Foods Ripped Off Customers By Over-Charging For Salad Bar; $800,000 Settlement Reached

30 June 2014 - Seralini Study On GMOs Re-Published After Unprecedented Scientific Censorship

30 June 2014 - Breaking - Spokane City Council Rebels Against Bee-Killing Pesticide And Votes To Ban Neonicotinoids

30 June 2014 - NSAID Pain Killers Linked To Irregular Heartbeat [Has an embedded video on the web page]

27 June 2014 - Vaccines: Child Consent Agenda Pushes Forward [Trying to take away more parental rights so they cannot protect their children from this poison!]

27 June 2014 - 16 Ways The Supreme Court Built The Police State And Destroyed Your Rights

27 June 2014 - Say Goodbye To Aspartame In Yoplait Light [Don't get too excited, as they are replacing it with sucralose and admit people complain about it as well. Of course, who wants to consume chlorine? They need to be told to use Just Like Sugar. Don't they get the point? We don't want poison in our food. If you don't buy it, they can't sell it. If there is anyone who knows how deadly aspartame is, it’s General Foods. Someone who worked for them, an informant, told me they made it first, and in the beginning wouldn't use it because it was so poisonous. – Dr. B. Martini, D.Hum.]

27 June 2014 - Appetite For Profit: How The Food Industry Undermines Our Health - Don't Believe Anything On The Front Of The Package [Has an embedded video on the front page]

27 June 2014 - Hospitals Conduct Unnecessary Medical Screenings Purely For Profit, Not Medical Need

26 June 2014 - Measles And The Measles Vaccines: Fourteen Things To Consider. ~By Roman Bystrianyk (Co-Author Dissolving Illusions: Disease, Vaccines, And The Forgotten History)

26 June 2014 - Monosodium Glutamate And All Its Hidden Forms: Yeast Extract, TVP, Hydrolyzed Proteins And More

26 June 2014 - 70,000 Food Additives Approved By The FDA - What You Don't Know Will Hurt You

26 June 2014 - The GMO Threat: How To Protect Ourselves

26 June 2014 - Four Solid Reasons To Avoid Starbucks

26 June 2014 - Reduce Your Cancer Risk With These 5 New Diet Rules

26 June 2014 - GMO Advocates Ignore Failure Of Golden Rice, Quietly Move On To GM Bananas

25 June 2014 - A Whopping 2.8% Got Insurance Through ObamaCARE Exchanges

25 June 2014 - Warning! Those Vaccines Don't Do What You Think! [Has an embedded video on the web page]

25 June 2014 - Researcher Charged In HIV Vaccine Fraud Case

25 June 2014 - Exposed: How The VA Red-Flags 'Disruptive' Vets

25 June 2014 - 19% Of Seniors Are Victims Of Medical Mistakes During Emergency Care: Whatever Happened To “Do No Harm”?

25 June 2014 - Republication Of The Séralini Study: Science Speaks For Itself

25 June 2014 - Double Dose Of Risky Breast Cancer Drug Being Recommended By Docs: Shady Breast Cancer Docs Will Have You Seeing Double

25 June 2014 - Blocking Faith, Family, And Freedom Websites

25 June 2014 - USDA Approval Of Second-Generation Of GMOs

25 June 2014 - 4 Ways To Detox GMOs From Your Body To Minimize Damaging Effects

25 June 2014 - Superweed Growth Caused By Monsanto Chemicals In Iowa, Nebraska Could Be “Devastating” If Not Stopped

25 June 2014 - AIDS: The Biggest Medical Mistake Of All Time?

25 June 2014 - The Complete History of Monsanto, “The World’s Most Evil Corporation”

25 June 2014 - What Is Aspartame? Five Surprising Facts You Never Know About This Chemical Sweetener

25 June 2014 - Vaccine Researcher Charged With Felony Crimes For Research Fraud; May Spend 20 Years In Prison Over Faked AIDS Vaccine

25 June 2014 - Water Contaminated With Fracking Chemicals Disrupt Human Hormones

25 June 2014 - Corporations Taking Over The World Food Supply Via Farmland Monopolies

25 June 2014 - Weight Loss Supplements—Are They Worth The Cost And Potential Risks? [Has an embedded video on the web page]

24 June 2014 - Central Figure In CDC Vaccine Cover-Up Absconds With $2M

24 June 2014 - Another Big Pharma Scam: First A One Minute Commercial Then The Multi-Billion Dollar Falllout [Has an embedded video on the web page]

24 June 2014 - Inside The FDA Mafia

24 June 2014 - Texas Ag. Commissioner Upset at Chipotle’s Switch to Grass-Fed, Antibiotic-Free Australian Beef

24 June 2014 - 85% Of Measles Outbreak Victims Already Received Vaccinations

24 June 2014 - Global Warming Data FAKED By Government To Fit Climate Change Fictions

24 June 2014 - 4 Reasons Dental Problems Are Causing Illness In Your Body

24 June 2014 - Flu Vaccine Contains 25,000 Times More Mercury Than Is Legally Allowed In Drinking Water

24 June 2014 - DNA From GMOs Can Pass Directly Into Humans, Study Confirms

24 June 2014 - Campaign Launched To Halt Synthetic Biology Food Ingredients

24 June 2014 - Dis-Honest Tea CEO In Hot Water? Why Organic Brands Must Dissociate Themselves From Junk Food Industry [Has an embedded video on the web page]

20 June 2014 - Only 18 Confirmed US Flu Deaths In 2001. What?!

20 June 2014 - Death By Big Pharma Painkillers Higher Than Heroin And Cocaine Combined

20 June 2014 - It’s Official! Apple, Google And Microsoft Agree To Put A ‘Kill Switch’ On All Smart Devices: Please Enjoy Your Government Controlled Smart Device

20 June 2014 - Why to Consider Traditional Chinese Medicine For Healing

20 June 2014 - Fortune 500 Company Discriminates Against Homeschoolers, Refuses To Hire Smartest Kids In America

19 June 2014 - When The State Owns Your Soul

19 June 2014 - Harry Reid: Redskins Will Be ‘Forced’ To Change Name [More of the government’s evil political correctness. They think they can do whatever they want and tell everyone who to run their lives and what they can or cannot do! So now the question arises, “How long until they start coming after Christian organizations and others under the guise of “political correctness”? ]

19 June 2014 - Study Finds Evidence For CDC Cover-Up Of Link Between Autism And Mercury In Vaccines

19 June 2014 - Monsanto, GMA To Sue Vermont Over First Amendment “Violations” [What they call “first amendment violations”, we call speaking the truth and exposing their evil and lies!!!]

19 June 2014 - BREAKING: House Bill To Stop IRS From Enforcing ObamaCare

19 June 2014 - TSA Nudie Scanners Illegal But They’re Using Them Anyway

19 June 2014 - Stop The FDA Stealth Attack On Your Dietary Supplements! [Has an embedded audio file on the web page]

19 June 2014 - Justina Pelletier Is Finally Released. Shows The Power Of Citizen Outrage Against Government Force. But Is This Nightmare Our Future? Can We Stop It?

19 June 2014 - Dangerous Food Additive: Brominated Vegetable Oil [Has an embedded video on the web page]

19 June 2014 - Suppression Of The Truth: GMO Foods [Has an embedded video on the web page]

19 June 2014 - Senator Who Attacked Doctor Oz Over Dietary Supplements Received Over $146,000 In Campaign Contributions From Big Pharma Mega-Retailer And Monsanto

19 June 2014 - Ben & Jerry's Switches To Non-GMO, Fair Trade Ice Cream Ingredients

19 June 2014 - Why Is Obama Concerned About Mercury In Coal Power Plants But Not In Vaccines?

19 June 2014 - Biotech, Chemical Conglomerates Retaliate Against The People Of Hawaii For Daring To Restrict GMO Field Experiments

18 June 2014 - How The USDA Can Make Or Break Public Health, And Why It Has Chosen The Latter [Has an embedded video on the web page]

18 June 2014 - A New Era Of Medical Blackmail

18 June 2014 - Local Officials Are Duty Bound To Resist "Pretended Legislation" [Has an embedded video on the web page]

18 June 2014 - Finally, Justina's Going Home

18 June 2014 - San Antonio Cops Punch 70-Year-Old Man In The Face For Being A Diabetic [The results of a broken system running out of control and those who think they can do whatever they want whenever they want!] [Has an embedded video on the web page]

18 June 2014 - Michigan Hospital Messed With The Wrong Mom

18 June 2014 - A Fed-Up Veteran Blasts VA's 'Lie, Delay, Deny' Abyss

17 June 2014 - If Possible - The VA Scandal Just Got Worse [Has an embedded video on the web page]

17 June 2014 - How Safe Is Advantame?

17 June 2014 - Should Premature Babies Be Included In The One-Size-Fits-All Vaccination Policy?

17 June 2014 - Flu Virus Recreated In A Lab Could Unleash New Deadly Pandemic Rivaling 1918 Spanish Flu

17 June 2014 - Five Reasons Why Roundup Should Be Banned Forever

17 June 2014 - State Asks Judge To Restore Custody To Parents Of Teen After Year-And-A-Half Long Medical Imprisonment

17 June 2014 - Outspoken Vaccine Advocate States Measles Vaccine Can't Prevent Measles Outbreaks [Has an embedded video on the web page]

16 June 2014 - Coburn To Expose VA ‘Incompetency’ [We’ll see if he actually does something or if it is all talk like everyone else seems to be doing so far!]

16 June 2014 - Coming Your Way -- Aspartame On Steroids

16 June 2014 - Yet Another Nation Has Placed A 100% Ban On GMOs!

16 June 2014 - USDA Takes Over Organic Program Eroding Organic Standards To Benefit Big Food

16 June 2014 - How To Go Beyond Heartburn Medication

16 June 2014 - 3 Ways Your Doctor Is Fooled By Drug Companies! [Has an embedded video on the web page]

16 June 2014 - Mainstream Pushing ADHD Meds On Toddlers: ADHD Meds Are Child Abuse In A Bottle

13 June 2014 - 100,000 Veterans Experienced Long Waits For VA Appointments

13 June 2014 - VA Crises Getting Lost In Scandal Overload

13 June 2014 - The Sour Side Of Artificial Sweeteners

13 June 2014 - The Obama Administration Is Trying To Cover Up The VA Scandal By Issuing Subpoenas To Whistle-Blower Sites

13 June 2014 - 2 New Smoking Guns: Psychiatry Is A Complete Fraud

13 June 2014 - Psst, Kid, Want Drugs? I’m A Psychiatrist.

13 June 2014 - Childhood Vaccination Horror Stories That Will Leave You Speechless [“…O thou man of God, there is death in the pot…” – 2 Kings 4:40 KJV]

13 June 2014 - Antibiotics Cause Asthma In Kids: Big Pharma Unleashes Breathless-Baby Epidemic

13 June 2014 - Mainstream Medicine Defends Aggressive Cancer Treatment: There’s A Fool Born Every Minute — Don’t Be One Of Them

13 June 2014 - Mercury: In Fish, In Vaccines - In Response To The FDA's Recent Crazy Advisory To Pregnant Women To Eat Fish [Has an embedded video on the web page]

13 June 2014 - Irrefutable Proof We Are All Being Sprayed With Poison: 571 Tons Of Toxic Lead 'Chemtrailed' Into America's Skies Every Year

13 June 2014 - Is This Even America? Teen Ripped From Her Family By Medical Authorities Begs To Go Home

13 June 2014 - Pharma Giant Glaxosmithkline To Pay $120M For Fraudulent Pill-Pushing Practices

12 June 2014 - The Vaccination Notice

12 June 2014 - Truvia Sweetener A Powerful Pesticide

12 June 2014 - Aspartame In Diet Soda Linked With Premature Death In Women

12 June 2014 - Wearing Sunscreen May NOT Prevent Skin Cancer: Study Claims Even SPF Factor 50 Creams Can’t Fully Protect Against UV Rays

12 June 2014 - 3 Types Of Foods You Probably Didn’t Know Have MSG

12 June 2014 - Pesticide And GMO Companies Spend Big To Lobby In Hawaii

12 June 2014 - Heinz Hides GMO Corn In 'All Natural' Vinegar, Lawsuit Alleges

12 June 2014 - GMO Labeling An Irreversible Trend As More Consumers Demand Clear Labeling

12 June 2014 - GMO Studies Reveal That 18 Million Americans Suffer From Gluten And GMO Toxicity

11 June 2014 - Mumps Vaccine Proves Ineffective

11 June 2014 - Monsanto’s Latest PR Stunt

11 June 2014 - Most Medical Information On Wikipedia Is False, Say Researchers

11 June 2014 - Chemical Industry Front Man Eric Cantor Goes Down In Defeat Against Unknown Economics Professor

10 June 2014 - EXPOSED: 30 Tactics Health Officials Use To Get Innocent Parents To Vaccinate Their Children!

10 June 2014 - Why You Are Insane If You Think GMOs Are Safe

10 June 2014 - 5 Unhealthy Foods Engineered To Be Addictive

10 June 2014 - Vermont’s New GMO Law May Upend Food Industry Nationwide

10 June 2014 - Government Retaliates Against 37 VA Hospital Whistleblowers Who Showed The Courage To Tell The Truth

10 June 2014 - Monsanto's Manipulative Tactics Revealed After Claiming GM Soybeans Are 'Substantially Equivalent' To Non-GMOs

10 June 2014 - Delaying Routine Vaccines Does Not Increase Seizure Risk, But Vaccinating Does

10 June 2014 - Changes Needed For US Vaccine Policy To Protect Human And Civil Rights [Has an embedded video on the web page]

09 June 2014 - ObamaCare Is Still Broken: Data Needs Fixing For At Least Two Million Enrollees [My question is, has it ever been fixed and running right?]

09 June 2014 - Local Taxpayers Threatened With Lawsuits If they Don't Sink Money Into "Preparing for Climate Change" [More government nonsense to force people to become part of this idiotic movement and cult! And even more of them taking away your right to think and decide things for yourself]

09 June 2014 - What Is Aspartame?

09 June 2014 - Cruz: Repeal ‘Every Word’ Of ObamaCare

09 June 2014 - Fun Down Under - The "Skeptic" Attack On The Australian Vaccination Network (AVN) Gets Turned Back On Them Every Time

09 June 2014 - Healthy Food In Hospitals [Has an embedded video on the web page]

09 June 2014 - Obama 'Absolutely' Wants To Go Off On Climate Change Deniers In Congress [Has an embedded video on the web page]

09 June 2014 - Geoengineering, Aluminum, Cancer, Its All Connected

09 June 2014 - You Won't Believe How These Common Foods Affect Your Mental Health! [Has an embedded video on the web page]

09 June 2014 - N.C. Senators Introduce Bill To Restrict Information About Fracking Chemicals

09 June 2014 - Vaccine Illusion Exposed By Doctor In Revealing Book

06 June 2014 - Facebook Mobile App Will Now Listen To And Record All Background Sounds From Your Device: I Will Delete The Facebook Mobile App The Second This Is Released And You Should Too [So much for YOUR privacy]

06 June 2014 - Acting VA Chief: 18 Vets Died On Phoenix Wait List

06 June 2014 - Can The Computer Brainwash Your Child? [Has embedded videos on the web page]

06 June 2014 - New Jersey Court Rules For Nurse Who Refused Vaccine On Non-Religious Grounds

06 June 2014 - Skin-Care Ingredients Americans Use That Are Banned In Other Countries

06 June 2014 - FDA: No Proof Aspirin Prevents Heart Attacks [Typical FDA. They were the ones who made the claim in the first place and now and doing a complete reversal!]

06 June 2014 - Michigan Government Stripping Parents Rights?

06 June 2014 - Virginia Moms Have Lost Their Constitutional Rights

06 June 2014 - School Board Decides To Encourage Pre-Teens To Make Babies [DISGUSTING and PURE EVIL]

05 June 2014 - Eric Holder Announces New “Domestic Terrorist” Program Targeting Americans [This will be so abused, as the government does with everything it gets its hands onto or creates. It is just a matter of time till they use it to come after anyone who questions or criticizes the government or any of its agencies or organizations, or who doesn’t go along with their game plan!]

05 June 2014 - Cancer-Stricken Mom Gives Up Eye To Save Her Unborn Baby

05 June 2014 - How The Food Industry Is Deceiving You - Part 5 [Has an embedded video on the web page]

05 June 2014 - How The Food Industry Is Deceiving You - Part 4 [Has an embedded video on the web page]

05 June 2014 - Five Reasons To Boycott Starbucks

05 June 2014 - Truvia Sweetener A Powerful Pesticide; Scientists Shocked As Fruit Flies Die In Less Than A Week From Eating GMO-Derived Erythritol

05 June 2014 - Mercury In Influenza Vaccines Found To Be 100 Times Higher Than Australian Limit For Complementary Medicine

05 June 2014 - China Bans GMOs From Army Food Supply

04 June 2014 - One Veteran’s Ordeal With The VA: This Is The Kind Of Healthcare You Can Look Forward To Under ObamaCare

04 June 2014 - VA Hospital Axed Veteran Programs While Approving $1 Million In Bonuses

04 June 2014 - Marine Watchdog: VA Deaths Actually 'In Thousands'' - It Was All Deliberate, And It Was All In The Name Of An Almighty Dollar' [Has an embedded video on the web page]

04 June 2014 - Cheerios Switches To Non-GMO After Activist Complaints

04 June 2014 - Panera To Give All Food Additives The Heave-Ho

04 June 2014 - Crazy Joe Mercola vs. Aspartame: Who Wins?

04 June 2014 - Irrefutable Proof That Influenza Vaccines Routinely Given To Pregnant Women Still Contain Mercury

04 June 2014 - Pregnant Women Targeted For Increased 'Mental Health Surveillance'

04 June 2014 - FDA Investigation Confirms That Thousands Of Dogs Died From Contaminated China-Based Jerky Treats

03 June 2014 - Dr. William Koch And His Suppressed Cancer Treatment

03 June 2014 - American Council On Science And Health—Are You Making Health Decisions Based On What This Industry Front Group Says? [Has an embedded video on the web page]

02 June 2014 - Obama Knew About VA Problems, But Did Nothing To Fix Them

02 June 2014 - MSG: Brain Poison In Your Food [Has an embedded video on the web page]

02 June 2014 - Michelle Obama: Good Enough For Your Children But Not For Mine

02 June 2014 - "Organic" vs "Natural" : What's The Difference? [Has an embedded video on the web page]

02 June 2014 - How The Food Industry Is Deceiving You - Part 2 [Has an embedded video on the web page]

02 June 2014 - Shaken Baby Syndrome (SBS) Often A False Diagnosis Really Caused By Vaccines

02 June 2014 - Monsanto's Seed Imperialism Halted In Canada Thanks To Massive Protests

02 June 2014 - Medical Insanity: Over 10,000 American Toddlers Now On Mind-Altering Medications For ADHD

30 May 2014 - VA's Shinseki Resigns Amid Healthcare Scandal [GOOD! It’s about time he’s out of there!!! Now it’s time to get the rest of those who are at fault out of there once and for all!]

30 May 2014 - DELUSIONAL: ‘Not One Single Complaint,’ About VA Hospitals, Says FL Congresswoman [Another one ignoring the facts and the complaints!] [Has an embedded video on the web page]

30 May 2014 - Democrats Says VA Is Great! No Problems Here [They are obviously not only blind but stupid as well. There most definitely IS a PROBLEM!!!] [Has an embedded video on the web page]

30 May 2014 - Federal Citizen Database Program Will Target 227 Million Americans

30 May 2014 - Drop That Spoon! The Truth About Breakfast Cereals

30 May 2014 - Moms To EPA: Recall Monsanto’s Roundup

30 May 2014 - The Fluoride In Your Drinking Water Might Actually Be Killing You

29 Mar 2014 - New Study: FDA-Approved Levels Of Aspartame Distort Brain Function, Kill Brain Cells

29 May 2014 - Working? Really?

29 May 2014 - IG Report Shows VA Problems Much Worse Than We Knew

29 May 2014 - You Don’t Need To Know If You’re Eating GMO [Has an embedded video on the web page]

29 May 2014 - Frau Obama Demands Students Eat As Ordered By Government [So the question is, where does she get her authority to tell people what they can or cannot eat? Is she a trained or licensed nutritionist? If it was you and me doing what she is, we’d be arrested so quickly! Best thing for everyone to do is to simply ignore the fraudster and her big mouth!!!!]

29 May 2014 - Oklahoma Lawmakers Repeal Common Core [GOOD! More states need to do the same thing!!!] [Has an embedded video on the web page]

29 May 2014 - Uncle Sam Is Spending Millions Chasing Fictional Diseases

29 May 2014 - Malibu Moms To Vaccine Industry: Take Your Shots And Shove 'Em

29 May 2014 - Chuck Norris: Veterans, PTSD, And US Government Abandonment

29 May 2014 - Vaccine-Induced Immune Overload Now Affects Majority Of US Children, Study Finds

28 May 2014 - Don’t Say Goodbye To ‘Pink Slime’ Just Yet

28 May 2014 - Inexcusable: Veterans Wait 115 Days For Care In Phoenix Veterans Affairs System

28 May 2014 - Heavy Metals Myth Busted: Everyday Vegetables And Fruits Have Almost ZERO Lead, Cadmium, Mercury And Tungsten

28 May 2014 - Latest Study Links Vitamin D Deficiency In Men To Increased Risk Of Prostate Cancer

28 May 2014 - More Than $5 Billion Spent On Obamacare Website So Far - Compare That To Just $150 Million Spent To Develop iPhone

27 May 2014 - BS FROM BACK THEN: Obama In 2008, The ‘VA Will Be Leader Of Health Care Reform’ [Obviously one of his many outright and numerous lies as he is extremely anti-military and anti-veteran!!!]

27 May 2014 - What’s Wrong With Natural Deodorants? You May Be Surprised To Find Aluminum

27 May 2014 - Huge: Two Counties Ban GMOs: Oregon Fights Biotech And Still Wins

27 May 2014 - Why Choose Home Remedies?

27 May 2014 - Thyroid Cancer Epidemic Caused By Misinformation, Not Cancer

27 May 2014 - After The March Against Monsanto, Momentum Favors The People

27 May 2014 - The Heart Association’s Junk Science Diet

27 May 2014 - New Artificial Sweetener Approved By FDA ‘Sweetest’ Yet

27 May 2014 - Genetically Engineered HIV Vaccine INCREASED Risk Of HIV Infection

27 May 2014 - Fed Up – Everything We’ve Been Told About Food And Exercise For The Past 30 Years Is Dead Wrong [Has an embedded video on the web page]

27 May 2014 - 20 Great Practical Uses For Coca-Cola Other Than Drinking It

27 May 2014 - Pelosi Blames Bush For VA scandal [Here they go once again blaming others for their own shortcomings, mistakes and stupidity!]

27 May 2014 - Feds' Biosurveillance To Grab Private Medical Records: 'Here We Are. HHS Is Poised To Collect Data On Our Doctor Visits For Research'

27 May 2014 - Aspartame-Induced Fibromyalgia: Nutrasweet? NutraDEAD! [Has an embedded video on the web page]

27 May 2014 - Coke To Pull Flame Retardant From Ingredients List

27 May 2014 - Mainstream Test Keeps Prostate Cancer Patients In The Dark: The Prostate Cancer Test You’re GUARANTEED To Fail

27 May 2014 - White House Admits Staging Fake Vaccination Operation To Gather DNA From The Public

27 May 2014 - Merck Issues Mass Recall Of Gardasil Vaccines Over Glass Shard Contaminants

27 May 2014 - Buffalo, Missouri, Stops Adding Fluoride Poisons To The Water Supply

27 May 2014 - Homeopathic Mistakes To Avoid - True For Both Your Pet And You [Has an embedded video on the web page]

27 May 2014 - When You Learn What They’re Up To Now, You Too Will Want To Boycott Monsanto And GMA

23 May 2014 - Democratic Senators Want To ‘Repeal The First Amendment’

23 May 2014 - American Legion Commander: Much More Action Needed To Fix VA Issues

23 May 2014 - The Future Of Food (Full Film) [Has an embedded video on the web page]

23 May 2014 - Obama Denies Wait Times At VA Led To Deaths [Of course he denies it, just like he always denies everything and blames it on others that shows his own shortcomings and fallacies]

23 May 2014 - Monsanto Refuses To Label Their ‘Roundup Ready’ GMO FrankenCorn

23 May 2014 - U.S. Senator On VA Scandal: Action, Not More Reports

23 May 2014 - What Color Is Your Cancer Sweetener Packet: Pink, Yellow Or Blue?

23 May 2014 - Vaccine Dangers: The Facts Don't Lie

23 May 2014 - What Too Many Ignore: Obama's GMO Partnership

22 May 2014 - Obama New World Order Speech 2014 [Listen carefully to exactly what he is saying!] [YouTube video]

22 May 2014 - Open Letter To Obama: Instead Of Fending Off Scandals, How About Looking Out After Our Veterans?

22 May 2014 - Obama Just Got Caught In A Massive Lie [YET AGAIN!!!] [Has an embedded video on the web page]

22 May 2014 - McDonald’s Finally Tells Truth About ‘Pink Slime’ And Other Harmful Ingredients In Their Food

22 May 2014 - Court Blocks Birth Control Mandate For Two Christian Colleges [Remember, under ObamaCare birth control, is what they have carefully worded as “reproductive healthcare” (abortion – murder of the unborn) is included]

22 May 2014 - 'Tide Is Turning' As Oregon Voters Overwhelmingly Approve Ban Of GE Crops

22 May 2014 - Florida VA Boots Vets With PTSD Over Service Dogs

22 May 2014 - GMO Grass: Green, Lush--And Toxic

22 May 2014 - Lawyer: VA Delay Killed Washington State Man

21 May 2014 - ObamaCare Dangers Are Ahead For Seniors

21 May 2014 - VA Supervisor: Older Veterans Should Be “Shot In The Head” To Save Money [And they wonder why myself and nearly all other veterans are so angry at the system and their broken promises concerning our rights and benefits! – Dr. B. Carey] [Has an embedded video on the web page]

21 May 2014 - VA Scandal Spreading – Secret Waiting Lists Also Used At Florida Hospital [Has an embedded video on the web page]

21 May 2014 - A Dentist Exposes The Root Canal Coverup

21 May 2014 - FDA Asked Big Pharma To Self-Police On Dangerous Chemicals [Never going to work! That is like putting a starving little kid in a candy store alone at night and telling him not to eat anything!]

21 May 2014 - Federal Agencies Target Natural Products—But Give Big Food A Free Pass On False Advertising

21 May 2014 - Millions Fall Prey To This Deadly Breast Cancer Myth

21 May 2014 - Calling Out Monsanto [Has an embedded video on the web page]

21 May 2014 - VA Hospital Officials Placed On Leave

20 May 2014 - VA Foul-Up Murders America’s Finest: Federal Health Care Boobs Are Killing American Veterans

20 May 2014 - VA's 'Callous Disregard' For Vets On Display

20 May 2014 - Mio Water Flavoring: Another Ploy To Sicken America

20 May 2014 - Minnesota Bans Anti-Bacterial Chemical From Soaps

20 May 2014 - Polio 'Global Health Emergency' Entirely Fabricated By W.H.O. To Sell More Vaccines Almost Nobody Needs

20 May 2014 - VA Hospital Officials Shredded Documents To Hide Existence Of Secret Waiting Lists That Killed U.S. Veterans

20 May 2014 - GlaxoSmithKline Engaged In Bribery, Corruption Planet-Wide

20 May 2014 - Fluoride Concerns Finally Taken Seriously

19 May 2014 - My Insured Daughter Could Go Blind Because Of ObamaCare Red Tape

19 May 2014 - Obama Breaks Promise To Veterans [This seems to be normal for him to do!]

19 May 2014 - U.S. Citizens On Track To Lose Medical Privacy With ObamaCare

19 May 2014 - Veterans Advocate Says It’s Time For ‘Swift Accountability’ In VA Scandal

19 May 2014 - CNN Reporter To White House: “How Many Dead Veterans Do You Need?” [Has an embedded video on the web page]

19 May 2014 - The First False Flag Of The Veterans Health Administration Scandal

19 May 2014 - Michelle Obama To High-School Grads: Monitor Your Parents For Thoughtcrime

19 May 2014 - Whooping Cough Outbreaks Being Triggered By Vaccinated Children

19 May 2014 - This ‘Misdirection Tactic’ Is Used By Mainstream Media When Reporting Outbreaks

19 May 2014 - Monsanto's Darkest Secret: Roundup's Effect On The Fetus

19 May 2014 - Why The Press Shouldn't Dismiss Vaccine Skeptics

19 May 2014 - Appalling: Task Force Tells Pediatricians And Doctors To ‘Paint’ Toxic Fluoride On Baby Teeth

19 May 2014 - Food Fraud: The Vitamin Water Deception [Has an embedded video on the web page]

16 May 2014 - Why The FDA Should Be Charged With Murder

16 May 2014 - VA Investigation Nothing But Talk

16 May 2014 - More ObamaCare Workers Reveal They Were Paid To Do Nothing

16 May 2014 - Are They Planning To Shoot Farmers Next?

16 May 2014 - 2+2=What? Parents Rail Against Common Core Math

16 May 2014 - Common Core Is The Trap And Public Education Is The Bait

16 May 2014 - Caramel Color In Pancake Syrup Pose A Health Risk

16 May 2014 - The Most Dangerous Prescription Drugs And Valid Alternatives

16 May 2014 - County In Florida Rejects Spending $800,000 To Fluoridate Water Supply

16 May 2014 - Study Finds Americans Are Turning To Supplements: Americans Ready To Kick The Drug Habit

16 May 2014 - HERE’S SOME BS: Vets Die While A Transvestite Traitor Gets VIP Health Care

16 May 2014 - Doctor Declares Independence From Government-Run Health Fiasco

16 May 2014 - PFCs Contaminate 67 Percent Of New Jersey's Public Water Systems

15 May 2014 - ERIC HOLDER: No Investigation Into Secret Waiting Lists, Veteran Deaths At VA Hospitals [it is a PROVEN FACT that something is going on and is not right there. They obviously do NOT care about the veterans or the services that all veterans were promised. But then, this is a very anti-military administration!!!]

15 May 2014 - Total Debacle As ObamaCare Failures Cost North Dakota Company $73m In Losses

15 May 2014 - GMOs And Obesity [Has an embedded video on the web page]

15 May 2014 - 5 Medications Americans Take That Are Banned In Other Countries

15 May 2014 - 5 Things To Know About The State Of GMOs

15 May 2014 - Indian Court Orders Hospital To Pay Up For Child Death Caused By Vaccines

14 May 2014 - Many ObamaCare Enrollees Have Lost Their Doctors

14 May 2014 - 20 Million More Healthcare Plans To Be Cancelled Due To ObamaCare

14 May 2014 - The Toxic Nightmare Lurking In Your Child’s Vaccination Shots

14 May 2014 - Triple Amputee Soldier And Hero Destroys President Obama In Open Letter

14 May 2014 - Learn How MSG Tricks Your Brain Into Loving Junk Food [Has an embedded video on the web page]

14 May 2014 - Could A Chinese Herb Replace Life-Threatening RA Drugs?

14 May 2014 - “Put Down That Healthy Food, And Take Statin Drugs Instead!”

14 May 2014 - Kellogg Agrees To Alter Labeling On Kashi Line

14 May 2014 - CBS: Chicago VA Hospital Also Using Secret Wait List To Hide Delays

14 May 2014 - Worthless Measles Vaccine Triggers Outbreak: Measles Vaccine Failure Puts Mainstream Medicine On The Spot [Of course they will come up with yet another in a long line of lame excuses to blame it on!]

14 May 2014 - Wine Study Puts A Cork In Mainstream’s Anti-Alcohol Crusade

09 May 2014 - Diabetes Drug Makers Slapped With $9 Billion Penalty

09 May 2014 - 6 Food Labels That Don't Mean What You Think

09 May 2014 - Future Organic Farmer Tells It Like It Is [Has an embedded video on the web page]

09 May 2014 - Link Between Polio Vaccine And Rare Childhood Cancers Exposed In 1997 Documentary

08 May 2014 - These ObamaCare Agencies Have The Power To Ration Your Health Care

08 May 2014 - ObamaCare’s War On Pregnant Women

08 May 2014 - Confirmed: Many Of ObamaCare’s ‘Eight Million Enrollments’ Are Duplicates

08 May 2014 - When Protecting Your Children Becomes A Crime Against The State In New Hampshire [Has an embedded video on the web page]

08 May 2014 - Barack Obama And The Monsanto Betrayal

08 May 2014 - Pesticides Are Heavily Used Near Thousands Of California Schools

08 May 2014 - U.S. Wastes $2.9 Billion Growing GMOs Banned In China

07 May 2014 - Pro-Life Leader Sues Government Over ObamaCare Abortion Surcharges

07 May 2014 - Dad Arrested for Speaking Up About Pornographic Content In Required Reading For 9th Graders [Has an embedded video on the web page]

07 May 2014 - Genetically Modified Organisms: ADM And Dow Chemical CEOs Ruthless

07 May 2014 - How Frankenfoods Are Modifying Your DNA

07 May 2014 - One In Five Pregnant Women Take Opioid Painkillers

07 May 2014 - Sham Study Aims To Put 2 Million Kids On ADHD Meds

07 May 2014 - 12 Million Americans Are Misdiagnosed By Their Doctors Every Year

07 May 2014 - Biobank Will Collect Huge Amounts Of Private DNA Data In 'Altruistic' Study

07 May 2014 - Drug Firms Have Used Dangerous Tactics To Drive Sales To Treat Kids

06 May 2014 - What USDA ‘Organic’ Food Is…And What It Isn’t

06 May 2014 - Virginia Proposal Would Limit Size Of Gatherings At Private Homes

06 May 2014 - Michigan Takes Right To Farm Away From Suburbs Dwellers

06 May 2014 - 6 Crimes Against Nature Perpetrated By The Food Industry

06 May 2014 - Latin America Strikes Back Against Imperialist Monsanto

06 May 2014 - Action Item: Are Whole Foods Employees Intentionally Misleading Customers About Toxic Heavy Metals In Rice Protein Products?

06 May 2014 - Coke And Pepsi Replacing Toxic Brominated Vegetable Oil (BVO) With Another Chemical: Sucrose Acetate Isobutyrate (SAIB)

06 May 2014 - GMO Update—Vermont Passes GMO Labeling Bill And Stands Up To Industry Bullying As New Research Confirms Safety Concerns

05 May 2014 - Chuck Schumer Wants To Change First Amendment To Limit Free Speech

05 May 2014 - ObamaCare Crushing Small Business Owners In Nevada

05 May 2014 - Right To Life Director Sues Sebelius: ObamaCare Forces Me To Pay For Abortion

05 May 2014 - FDA Approving Untested Medical Devices For Kids

05 May 2014 - Government Wastes Billions On Worthless Tamiflu Stockpiles: Uncle Sam’s $1.3 Billion Paper Weight

05 May 2014 - Brazilian Farmers Fight Back: Small Farmers Take On Monsanto [Has an embedded video on the web page]

05 May 2014 - Conventional 'Yogurt' Is Junk Food Disguised As Health Food

05 May 2014 - Breakthrough As Cleveland Clinic Begins Using Chinese Herbal Medicine

05 May 2014 - Momentum Builds In Congress To End Raw Milk Prohibition Nationwide

05 Apr 2014 - Fluoridation Doublespeak From The American Dental Association

05 Apr 2014 - Big Businesses Try To Derail Vermont's Toxic Chemical Regulation Bill

05 May 2014 - Safer And Healthier Alternatives To Root Canals And Other Common, Yet Harmful, Tooth Restoration Techniques [Has embedded videos on the web page]

02 May 2014 - Genetically Modified Organisms: Frankensteinization Of Fish

02 May 2014 - Right To Farm Being Stripped From Americans: Michigan To Criminalize Small Family Farms With Chickens, Goats, Honey Bees And More

01 May 2014 - Obama administration Sides With Chemical Company Against Cancer Victims To Avoid Liability For Sick Marines

01 May 2014 - Dallas Considers Ending 50 Years Of Water Fluoridation

01 May 2014 - 80 Percent Of Non-Organic U.S. Apples Contain Harmful Chemical That Is Banned In Europe

01 May 2014 - European Parliament Votes To Ban Industry-Connected Scientists From Food Safety Authority

30 Apr 2014 - Battle To Free Justina Pelletier Continues In Massachusetts -- On The Streets And In The State House!

30 Apr 2014 - Supreme Court Green Lights Detention Of Americans: Lets Stand Arrests Of 'Anyone Viewed As A Troublemaker' [Yet another attack on our freedoms and Freedom of Speech and Freedom to speak out against things we see wrong and to criticize what we do not agree with. Basically the government giving itself absolute authority to detain anyone it wants for whatever reason it wants. PURE EVIL]

30 Apr 2014 - White House Wants Chinese-Style ID System For Internet Users [Yet another attempt by the government to monitor and eventually attempt to control everything you do in your life. What happened to our personal privacy and freedom? And as with anything the government is controlling if it can be abused and misused, they will do just that!!!]

30 Apr 2014 - Say Goodbye To "Net Neutrality" – New FCC Proposal Will Permit Discrimination Of Web Content [Yet another way the government is attempting to take over everything and removed Freedom of Speech as well as our other Freedoms!]

30 Apr 2014 - Heads Up: Hate Crime Reporting Act–One More Limit On Free Speech

30 Apr 2014 - ObamaCare Website Fix To Cost $121 Million

30 Apr 2014 - Why Is The ObamaCare Website Not A Subject Of A Criminal Investigation?

30 Apr 2014 - Vermont Passes No-Strings-Attached GMO Labeling Law!

30 Apr 2014 - A Major Development In The Vaccine Autism Link Exposes The CDC’s Cover Up

30 Apr 2014 - A Third Of Americans Say Government Is Suppressing Access To Natural Cures

30 Apr 2014 - Freedom Of Speech About Health Is Gone In Europe

30 Apr 2014 - If You Think Your Kid's Vaccines Are Safe, DON'T Watch This! [Has an embedded video on the web page]

30 Apr 2014 - Big Pharma Corruption Scandal Widens To Middle East

30 Apr 2014 - Veterans Affairs Problems Extend Far Beyond Phoenix Woes

30 Apr 2014 - CDC, White House Lied About American Children And Obesity: Here's The Real Science

30 Apr 2014 - Kansas House Of Representatives Holds Hearing On Bill To Inform City Residents Of Fluoridated Water's Health Risks

30 Apr 2014 - Open Source Seed Initiative Aims To Keep Seeds Free From Patents

30 Apr 2014 - Abolishing Mammography Screening Programs? A View From The Swiss Medical Board [Has an embedded video on the web page]

29 Apr 2014 - Big Chill: Feds Want To Scour Net, Media For 'Hate Speech'

29 Apr 2014 - ObamaCare: So Good, President Obama Lies About It [Has an embedded video on the web page]

29 Apr 2014 - Rep. Gohmert On Veteran Deaths At VA: 'This Is Where ObamaCare Is Going'

29 Apr 2014 - Genetically Modified Organisms: Cross Contamination Of Other Crops

29 Apr 2014 - Children And Nutrition: Know The Enemy - Meet The People Who Educate Your Children About Food Choices [Has an embedded video on the web page]

29 Apr 2014 - FDA Moves To Mandate Vaccines That ‘Cure Autism’ While Condemning Alternative Medicine [Vaccines are part of what was causing it in the first place. And of course they attack alternative medicine. They know it works and want to ban it so they can control everyone’s health!]

29 Apr 2014 - Five Crucial Skills To Protect Your Health In A World Overrun By Toxic Chemicals, Dangerous Drugs And Medical Propaganda

29 Apr 2014 - 3 Common Medical Procedures That Ruin Your Long-Term Health

29 Apr 2014 - EPA Proposing Biggest Land Grab In The History Of The World, Wants Control Over Everything

29 Apr 2014 - Should Parents Be Allowed To Decide About Vaccines? [Has an embedded video on the web page]

29 Apr 2014 - Bad News About Pesticides

28 Apr 2014 - ObamaCare Deals Blow To One-Doctor Medicine

28 Apr 2014 - Much Of Is Still Under Construction

28 Apr 2014 - Soldier Loses Healthcare Then Has President Obama Lie To Him

28 Apr 2014 - Colorado Lawmakers Weigh Proposals To Rein In Government Surveillance

28 Apr 2014 - Georgia Passes Law Protecting Taxpayers From Forced Funding Of Abortion [GREAT NEWS!!!]

28 Apr 2014 - 15 Natural Remedies For The Treatment Of Acid Reflux And Ulcers [Has an embedded video on the web page]

28 Apr 2014 - Groundbreaking Study: Vaccines Cause Children More Adverse Reactions Than Any Other Drug [Has embedded videos on the web page]

25 Apr 2014 - Genetically Modified Organisms: Cover-Up And Obfuscation

25 Apr 2014 - OUTRAGE!! VA Hospital Deaths Allegedly Tied To Delayed Care

25 Apr 2014 - Test Lets Docs Spy On Blood Pressure Patients: Big Pharma Plan Makes Your Doc A Double Agent

25 Apr 2014 - FDA Set To Regulate E-Cigs — And Cigars, Pipe Tobacco

25 Apr 2014 - Feds To Ban Water Vapor

25 Apr 2014 - Breaking News: Former Merck Physician-Gardasil-The Greatest Medical Scandal Of All Time

24 Apr 2014 - The Great Orange Juice Scam: What You Don't Know About Orange Juice [Has an embedded video on the web page]

24 Apr 2014 - Autopsy Proves Aluminum Is Linked To Alzheimer’s: Hard-Headed Fluoride Nuts Unleash Alzheimer’s

24 Apr 2014 - Two New Studies Prove ObamaCare Is A Disaster Headed For Serious Trouble

24 Apr 2014 - Vermont Senate Approves GMO Labeling Law By Huge Majority

24 Apr 2014 - Students Flood Social Media With Complaints About Michelle Obama's School Lunch Fiasco [Is she even a licensed nutritionist or dietician? So what in the world is she doing deciding who gets to eat what and what they cannot eat? She has no right or authority to do so.!!!]

24 Apr 2014 - Laetrile Cover-Up Exposed At Major Cancer Hospital

23 Apr 2014 - How Big Pharma And The Media Sell Junk Science

23 Apr 2014 - In Pro-Life Case Involving 'ObamaCare' Abortion Funding, Supreme Court Has Free Speech Concerns

23 Apr 2014 - Is The ObamaCare Website Secretly Violating Your Privacy Rights? [Has an embedded video on the web page]

23 Apr 2014 - Unvaccinated Children Will Be Healthiest Among Future Generations Studies And Surveys Predict

23 Apr 2014 - Judge Rules Water Not Allowed In School Because It's A Weapon [Does this judge have a mental defect or something?]

23 Apr 2014 - The Breast Cancer Industry Is Deceiving Women

23 Apr 2014 - Popular Antidepressant May Promote Breast Cancer

23 Apr 2014 - The 5 Most Prevalent Toxins Destroying The Body

23 Apr 2014 - Beware Of The Latest Mystery Sweetener Additive To Be Tested On The Public

23 Apr 2014 - Study Finds Tamiflu Not As Effective As Believed

22 Apr 2014 - Are Secret, Dangerous Ingredients In Your Food? [And the FDA, CDC, etc say they are here to protect you. Sure they are]

22 Apr 2014 - 90% Of New York Measles Cases Were Vaccinated [Has an embedded video on the web page]

22 Apr 2014 - Police Confront Parents For Opting Kids Out Of Common Core [Has an embedded video on the web page]

22 Apr 2014 - GMO Food Labeling Faces Biggest Hurdle Yet With GMA-Manipulated ‘DARK Act’

21 Apr 2014 - If You Haven’t Seen Our Facebook Post.. Here’s Why: The End Of Facebook – FB Caught Scamming Its Users

21 Apr 2014 - Supreme Court Justices Discuss First Amendment [What is there to discuss it was put there for a reason. The government ignores it all the time they want to and now they want to strip us of our rights!]

21 Apr 2014 - Senate Dems Ready To Smash 1st Amendment For TV, Radio, Internet

21 Apr 2014 - The Scary Truth About The New York City Flu Vaccine Mandate

21 Apr 2014 - Genetically Modified Organisms: Killing The Natural World

21 Apr 2014 - Top 11 ‘Health Foods’ That Aren’t Really Healthy

21 Apr 2014 - 5 US Foods Banned By The Rest Of The World / Brainwash Update [Has an embedded video on the web page]

21 Apr 2014 - The Aspartame End Game… And What’s Next [Has an embedded video on the web page]

21 Apr 2014 - Toxic Truth: Evidence GMO Foods Are Far Different From Non-GMO Foods

21 Apr 2014 - HPV Vaccines: Unnecessary And Lethal

21 Apr 2014 - Canada Decides Not To Allow Release Of GM Alfalfa This Spring

21 Apr 2014 - Retractions Of Dishonest Scientific Papers Rose 1,900% In Nine Years

21 Apr 2014 - Monsanto Pressures Sri Lanka To Reverse Ban On Herbicide Believed To Be Causing Widespread Kidney Disease

21 Apr 2014 - Clinical Trial Results More Honest On Government Website Than In Science Journals

18 Apr 2014 - Boston City Council Proposing To Require City Employee Health Insurance To Pay For Sex-Change Operations And Other "Transgender" Treatments [This is INSANE!!! Our tax dollars and insurance money are NOT for this EVIL or anything related to it!] [Has an embedded video on the web page]

18 Apr 2014 - “Sugar With That, Or ASPARTAME [Modified E. Coli Poop]?”

18 Apr 2014 - Now The Post Office Wants To Mine And Sell Data Gathered From Your Personal Mail

18 Apr 2014 - What Chemtrails Are Doing To Your Brain - Neurosurgeon Dr. Russell Blaylock [YouTube video]

18 Apr 2014 - The Shocking Truth About Dairy: The Lies Of The Animal Industry [Has an embedded video on the web page]

18 Apr 2014 - Russia Won't Import GMOs, Has 'Enough Space And Opportunities To Produce Organic Food'

18 Apr 2014 - Cancer-Causing Atrazine Is World's No. 1 Drinking Water Contaminant

18 Apr 2014 - Antidepressants Keep Killing Women, Thereby 'Curing' Their Depression

18 Apr 2014 - Chile Rejects Seed Patent Legislation Known As The 'Monsanto Law'

18 Apr 2014 - CVS Pharmacy Violated False Claims Act, Costing States Hundreds Of Millions Of Dollars, Lawsuit Claims

18 Apr 2014 - Monsanto And Big Food Losing The GMO And 'Natural' Food Fight

17 Apr 2014 - Vaccine's Safety: A Crime Against Humanity [YouTube video]

17 Apr 2014 - Tell Michelle Obama: Consumers Want Labels On Genetically Modified Foods!

17 Apr 2014 - Genetically Modified Organisms: Sobering Consequences

17 Apr 2014 - Monsanto And Big Food Losing The GMO And 'Natural' Food Fight

17 Apr 2014 - GMO Cotton Seeds Made By Monsanto Collaborator Banned In Indian State After Crops Fail

17 Apr 2014 - Protect Yourself From Deadly Hospital Errors

16 Apr 2014 - You'll Think Twice About Seeing Your Doctor After This! [Has an embedded video on the web page]

16 Apr 2014 - Misleading Tamiflu Study Could Cost The World Billions: Are Scientists Manipulating Data To Sell Billions In Tamiflu?

16 Apr 2014 - Something Else You Should Know About Your Milk

16 Apr 2014 - Copper Water Pipes Increase Growth Of Some Cancers

16 Apr 2014 - 75 Percent Of ObamaCare Enrollees Forced To Pay Higher Premiums, Says Cleveland Clinic

16 Apr 2014 - The Aspartame End Game... And What’s Next [Has an embedded video on the web page]

15 Apr 2014 - Isn't The Entire Country A Free Speech Zone? [Has an embedded video on the web page]

15 Apr 2014 - GMO's: Unleashing Frankenstein On The Natural World

14 Apr 2014 - Media And ObamaCare Numbers - Hook, Line, And Sinker?

14 Apr 2014 - TSA Bars Stroke Victim From Flying For Not Being Able To Talk…For National Security, Of Course [More government insanity from a non-functional government running out of control!] [Has an embedded video on the web page]

14 Apr 2014 - Obama White House To Spend More Than $1.5 Billion On ObamaCare Advertising [Has an embedded video on the web page]

14 Apr 2014 - Uncertain Peril: Genetic Engineering And The Future Of Seeds, Part 1 [Has an embedded video on the web page]

14 Apr 2014 - Cosmetics-Giant Avon Removing Hormone-Disrupting Triclosan From Ingredients

14 Apr 2014 - Meat Treated With Carbon Monoxide [Has an embedded video on the web page]

14 Apr 2014 - Uncertain Peril - Part 2 - The Threats To The Food Supply [Has an embedded video on the web page]

14 Apr 2014 - Truth And Lies About Cancer

11 Apr 2014 - Cancelled: Sebelius Resigned Same Week As ObamaCare Victory Lap

11 Apr 2014 - ObamaCare Overlord Sebelius Quits Unexpectedly

11 Apr 2014 - Abortifacient Drugs To Be Handed Out To UK Schoolgirls Free And Without Parental Consent

11 Apr 2014 - Deadline Looms Near – Are You Ready To Report Your Health Care Coverage?

11 Apr 2014 - Middle Schooler Solves Obesity Crisis [Has an embedded video on the web page]

11 Apr 2014 - Covidien Recalls 650+ Devices Over Faulty Coating

11 Apr 2014 - IRS Prepares To Go After ObamaCare Mandate Fines

11 Apr 2014 - Health Insurance Premiums Are Rising Faster Than They Have In Years!

11 Apr 2014 - Sylvia Burwell, Replacement For Resigning Kathleen Sebelius, Ran Common Core, Bill Gates Vaccines And GMOs In Africa

10 Apr 2014 - Consumers Misled By "Natural" Foods: Hoax Labels [Has an embedded video on the web page]

10 Apr 2014 - Dentist Recommending A Root Canal? Read This First!

09 Apr 2014 - ObamaCare 'Worked'? Not So Fast, Says Analyst

09 Apr 2014 - Schools: Sorry, Michelle, But Your Lunch Plan Is Expensive And Wasteful

09 Apr 2014 - Big Pharma “Speaking Fees” Creating Medical Millionaires

09 Apr 2014 - MSG - An Excitotoxin That Kills Brain Cells [Has an embedded video on the web page]

09 Apr 2014 - FDA Flubs Again On Vitamin E, Stubbornly Clinging To Outdated Science

09 Apr 2014 - World’s #1 Herbicide Discovered In U.S. Mothers’ Breast Milk

09 Apr 2014 - Tell Starbucks To Stop Serving Monsanto: No More GMOs In Our Lattes

09 Apr 2014 - Unvaccinated Children Less Prone To Disease: Study

09 Apr 2014 - Vaccination Tyranny In A Maternity Ward: Your Newborn Gets The Hep-B Shot Or We Take Him

09 Apr 2014 - One In 25 Patients End Up With Hospital-Acquired Infections, CDC Warns [Has an embedded article on the web page]

08 Apr 2014 - ObamaCare Wiped Out A Low-Cost Health Plan For Kids In New Jersey

08 Apr 2014 - Eight Month-Old Baby Dies Just Weeks After Hepatitis B Vaccination; His Innocent Father Is Still In Jail 20 Years Later

08 Apr 2014 - 7th Grader Suspended And Subjected To Psychological Evaluation For Pencil Twirling [The results of a system that has gone out of control!]

08 Apr 2014 - Vaccine Cover-Up: Leaked Confidential Document Exposes 36 Infants Dead After This Vaccine

08 Apr 2014 - “Safe” Pharmaceutical Poisons Dont Exist – Tylenol As A Classic Example

08 Apr 2014 - Muzzled By Monsanto

08 Apr 2014 - Why Vaccines Spread Disease; An In-Depth Analysis Of Flawed Vaccination Science

07 Apr 2014 - The Vaccine Illusion: How Vaccination Compromises Our Natural Immunity And What We Can Do To Regain Our Health

07 Apr 2014 - Herd Immunity: Myth Or Reality?

07 Apr 2014 - Rejection: 5 Fluoride Victories Of 2014

07 Apr 2014 - Why You Don’t Want To Buy Organic Eggs At The Grocery Store

07 Apr 2014 - Climate Change, The Trillion Dollar Heist [Has an embedded video on the web page]

07 Apr 2014 - Danger In The Drugstore: What Women Need To Know About Cosmetics

07 Apr 2014 - Fact Or Myth: Are Organic Energy Drinks Safe?

07 Apr 2014 - EPA Failed To Disclose Cancer Risks In Human Experiments

07 Apr 2014 - Norwegian Scientists Warn Against Eating Farmed Salmon: Everything You Need To Know About Farmed Fish

07 Apr 2014 - Actor Rob Schneider Speaks Out Against The Dangers Of Vaccines [Has an embedded video on the web page]

07 Apr 2014 - In anticipation Of Permanent Ban, French Agricultural Minister Reinstates Moratorium On Monsanto's GM Maize

07 Apr 2014 - Chili's Caves To Medical Mafia; Cancels Support For Autism Awareness Efforts

07 Apr 2014 - One In Three Deaths From Cardiovascular Disease Is Preventable

04 Apr 2014 - ObamaCare Forces Abortion Destroys Religious Freedom

04 Apr 2014 - Report: 13K In Maryland Lost Insurance Thanks To ObamaCare And Never Got It Back

04 Apr 2014 - 50 Reasons Not To Vaccinate Your Children

04 Apr 2014 - Corporate Clout Chips Away At Organic Standards

03 Apr 2014 - Cancer Patient Loses Healthcare Coverage – Liberals Attack [Has an embedded video on the web page]

03 Apr 2014 - White House Claim: ObamaCare Seven Million Enrollees - Where's The Proof? [Especially since they deliberately and consistently LIE about the numbers and everything else!!!]

03 Apr 2014 - Why Believe 7 Million ObamaCare Sign Ups When ObamaCare Was Sold On A Lie?

03 Apr 2014 - IRS Commissioner Prepares To Enforce ObamaCare Penalties

03 Apr 2014 - EPA Tested Deadly Pollutants On Humans To Push Obama Green Agenda

03 Apr 2014 - EPA Forced Children To Inhale Cancer-Causing Diesel Pollutants As Part Of Heinous Government Experiments

03 Apr 2014 - Vaccines Kill Far More People Than Faulty Chevy Cobalt Cars, But Drug Makers Are Granted Total Legal Immunity

02 Apr 2014 - ObamaCare: A Tangled Web Of Lies And Loss

02 Apr 2014 - Obama Caught Lying About Supposed 7.1 Million ObamaCare Enrollees

02 Apr 2014 - New York Measles Outbreak 90% Vaccinated [The so-called health professionals are so blinded that they do no want to admit that it is their vaccines that are causing these outbreaks!] [Has an embedded video on the web page]

02 Apr 2014 - TAKE ACTION: Bill Supporting Abstinence Education Funding Heads To White House

02 Apr 2014 - No, Mr. President: The ObamaCare Debate Is Not Over

02 Apr 2014 - 266 Reasons Why Hypocrite Politicians And Unions That Support ObamaCare Want To Be Exempt From It

02 Apr 2014 - What Happened To The 40 Million Uninsured Number That Was Used To Pass ObamaCare?

02 Apr 2014 - Barber: State Governments Have Right To Rebel Against Latest Change In ObamaCare

02 Apr 2014 - Planned Parenthood Appeals Ruling Upholding Arizona’s Restrictions On RU-486 Abortion Drug [Of course they will fight it. Planned Parenthood is all about the mass murder and serial killing of the unborn and this pill of murder does the exact same thing!]

02 Apr 2014 - Top 4 Reasons Your Health Is Deteriorating

02 Apr 2014 - A New Autoimmunity Syndrome Linked To Aluminum In Vaccines

02 Apr 2014 - A Sneak Attack On Your Dietary Supplements: The FDA’s New Food Label Guidelines

02 Apr 2014 - Sen. Coburn: White House Skews ObamaCare Enrollment Numbers

02 Apr 2014 - Backdoor Farm Bill Amendment Orders EPA To Ignore Unsafe Levels Of Fluoride In Kid’s Food

02 Apr 2014 - Monsanto Ordered To Stop Making False Advertising Claims About GMOs In South Africa

02 Apr 2014 - GMO Crops In Iowa Fail As Beetle Larvae Develop Resistance

02 Apr 2014 - Mother Reverses Autism Symptoms In Daughter By Eliminating MSG From Diet

02 Apr 2014 - Beware Of 'Natural' Pretender Foods That Pose As Organic

02 Apr 2014 - BPA-Free: Replacing One Nasty Chemical For Another

02 Apr 2014 - Analysis Of Medical Records Reveals Link Between Pesticides, Autism

02 Apr 2014 - New Cholesterol Guidelines May Put 13 Million More On Statin Drugs [That seems to be the new norm. They constantly change guidelines so they can push more pharmaceuticals on everyone. The more they sell, the more money they make.]

02 Apr 2014 - Environmental Toxins Linked To Rise In Autism

01 Apr 2014 - 321 Babies Saved From Abortion So Far During 40 Days For Life

01 Apr 2014 - ObamaCare Website Ends Enrollment As It Began....Down [Seems like it has spent more time down than it has up! The website seems to be as messed up and worthless as the ObamaCare plan itself!]

01 Apr 2014 - ObamaCare – Not As Advertised

01 Apr 2014 - Sebelius Left Speechless

01 Apr 2014 - Company Closing Doors Because Of ObamaCare

01 Apr 2014 - Mom With Cancer Sacrifices Her Life For Her Baby, Refuses Abortion

01 Apr 2014 - Diet Drinks Linked With Heart Disease, Death

01 Apr 2014 - Shocking Naked Juice Class Action Settlement, Juice Filled With Cancer Causing Chemicals

01 Apr 2014 - Kansas Couple Seeks Justice After Militarized Police Raid Home Over Indoor Hydroponic Growing Equipment

01 Apr 2014 - Glyphosate Found To Accumulate In Animals And Humans, Leading To Chronic Illness

01 Apr 2014 - Cleveland Hospitals Begin To Embrace Chinese Herbal Medicine

01 Apr 2014 - GMO Cultivation Declining In Developed Nations, Despite Industry Promotion Suggesting The Opposite

31 Mar 2014 - Obama’s Minister Of Propaganda Valerie Jarrett Getting ObamaCare Put In Movie And TV Scripts [Has an embedded video on the web page]

31 Mar 2014 - ObamaCare Exchange Sends Couple Voter Registration Form Pre-Marked As Democrat

31 Mar 2014 - Breaking News: CRACKING DOWN ON ANTI-VACCINE Movement Despite CDC Report Autism UP – 1 In 68 Children (1 In 42 For The Boys)

31 Mar 2014 - Tetanus Vaccines Sterilizing Women In Kenya? Catholic Church There Raises Suspicions

31 Mar 2014 - The Body’s Natural State Is Health, Not Diseased As We’ve Been Led to Believe

31 Mar 2014 - The FDA's New Food Label Guidelines - A Sneak Attack On Your Dietary Supplements

31 Mar 2014 - To Journalists On The Eve Of Autism Awareness Month

31 Mar 2014 - When Antibiotics Fail, Are Herbs The Answer?

31 Mar 2014 - Why Young Doctors Are Unlikely To Use Natural Remedies

31 Mar 2014 - ObamaCare A 'War Against Doctors,' Warns Desperate U.S. Physician

31 Mar 2014 - New Monsanto Non-GMO Strains Of Produce Are A Ploy To Confuse Public Between Hybrid And GMO

31 Mar 2014 - Curing Diabetes: A Natural Approach

31 Mar 2014 - Environmental Group Seeks Ban On Toxic Mercury Used In Dental Amalgam Fillings

31 Mar 2014 - French government Threatens Organic Winemaker With Jail For Refusing To Use Pesticide

31 Mar 2014 - U.S. Treating Meat With Ammonia, Bleach And Antibiotics To Kill The '24-Hour Sickness'

31 Mar 2014 - The Truth About Fluoride Becoming More Widely Known [Has an embedded video on the web page]

28 Mar 2014 - A Parent's Response To The New York Time's 'Eliminate Vaccine Exemptions' Goes Viral

28 Mar 2014 - Girl Kidnapped From Family By The Government

28 Mar 2014 - Teacher Bullied And Intimidated For Opposing Common Core [Has an embedded video on the web page]

28 Mar 2014 - Organic Consumers Association Responds To FDA Push For Voluntary GMO Labeling And Safety Claims: Hamburg’s ‘No Evidence Of Safety Risks’ Statement Ignores Latest Scientific Evidence Of The Potential Health Hazards Of GMOs

28 Mar 2014 - More Parents Choose Homeschooling Due To Common Core

28 Mar 2014 - Has A Plague Already Arrived? 205 Americans Die Each Day After Acquiring Superbug Hospital Infections

28 Mar 2014 - West Virginia Inspectors Find More Chemical Storage Tanks Dangerously Close To Public Drinking Water

28 Mar 2014 - New Study Links Endocrine-Disrupting Chemicals To Autistic Behavior

27 Mar 2014 - What About Freedom Here?

27 Mar 2014 - Why Is The United Nations’ UNICEF Defaming & Monitoring Independent Health Sites?

27 Mar 2014 - Pat Buchanan: ObamaCare 'Worst Rollout' Of Any Program In US History [Has an embedded video on the web page]

27 Mar 2014 - Harry Reid Defends Latest ObamaCare Delay Because “People Are Not Educated On How To Use The Internet” [Seems like every day Harry Reid goes out of the way to show how much of an IDIOT he really is!] [Has an embedded video on the web page]

27 Mar 2014 - Obamacare's Tough Day In Court

27 Mar 2014 - The Politics Of Acceptance In A Game Of Social Change

27 Mar 2014 - Institutionalized Tyranny

27 Mar 2014 - Abortion Pill Mandate, Hobby Lobby And Why The Supreme Court Should Honor Faith

27 Mar 2014 - Has The FDA Approved The Next Deadly Street Drug?

27 Mar 2014 - Michelle Obama’s Food Fight, A Cornucopia Full Of Disgrace And Deceit

27 Mar 2014 - Academia Hoaxed By Fake Scientific Papers Auto-Generated By Gobbledygook Text Generators

27 Mar 2014 - 157 Peer Reviews Fail To Catch Fake Cancer Study [Has an embedded video on the web page]

26 Mar 2014 - ObamaCare Partners With Planned Parenthood To Violate His Promise Of No Taxpayer Funded Abortions: Lies That Lying Liars Tell, And The Stupid Americans That Believed Him [Has an embedded video on the web page]

26 Mar 2014 - The 15 Dumbest Anti–Hobby Lobby Signs At The Supreme Court

26 Mar 2014 - Florida Woman Paying For 2 Health Plans Because She Couldn’t Un-Enroll From ObamaCare

26 Mar 2014 - Kagan And Sotomayor Shrug Off Obamacare's Tax On Employers: ‘Not Prohibitive’ [What a bunch of idiots! They have NO right saying such a thing]

26 Mar 2014 - Conestoga CEO: ‘We Didn’t Choose This Fight… Government Forced Our Hand’ [Has an embedded video on the web page]

26 Mar 2014 - Bill Gates Foundation Creating Massive Student Database With inBloom [MAJOR privacy concerns here!!!]

26 Mar 2014 - 10 Ways To Keep Your Diet GMO-Free [Has an embedded slide show on the web page]

26 Mar 2014 - FDA Needs A Lesson In Supplement Science

26 Mar 2014 - Open The Floodgates? Indiana To Scrap Common Core [Great news!!!]

26 Mar 2014 - Government Above The Law?

26 Mar 2014 - Pin Drop! Obama Lawyer Stuns Supreme Justice [Has an embedded video on the web page]

26 Mar 2014 - How “Extreme Levels” Of Roundup In Food Became The Industry Normal

26 Mar 2014 - At issue: Just How Much Does Gov't Respect Religious Beliefs?

26 Mar 2014 - ObamaCare Deadline Extended Again

26 Mar 2014 - Chicken Thieves: Police Confiscate Poultry & Destroy Them; No Charges Filed

26 Mar 2014 - Big Pharma Profiteering Gone Wild: $1,000-A-Pill Hepatitis Drug In USA Sells For Less Than $10 In Egypt

26 Mar 2014 - Mercury Poisoning In Dentistry: Dentist Writes Of Mercury's Health Hazards In New Book

26 Mar 2014 - 'Never Has There Been A Safe Vaccine,' Suzanne Humphries, MD, Says In Interview

26 Mar 2014 - Brazilian Court Reverses Previous Approval Of Bayer's GM Corn

26 Mar 2014 - In-Ground Wastewater Disposal Contaminates Environment With Mercury

25 Mar 2014 - Feinstein’s Bill To Kill Free Speech Of Independent Journalists Has Votes In Senate

25 Mar 2014 - A Timeline Of ObamaCare Delays In Pictures

25 Mar 2014 - Supreme Court Should Uphold Hobby Lobby’s Religious Freedom, Overturn Obama’s HHS Mandate

25 Mar 2014 - Planned Parenthood Organizing Huge Supreme Court Rally To Deny Hobby Lobby’s Religious Freedom

25 Mar 2014 - Cost Of ObamaCare To Explode Because More People Getting Subsidies Than Are Paying

25 Mar 2014 - Monsanto Package Admits Seeds Treated With 'Poison,' Advises Against Human Consumption

25 Mar 2014 - FDA Backing New Nutritional Labeling But Not Labeling Of GMOs

25 Mar 2014 - FDA Denies Hope For Dying Kids, And Other Abuses Waged Against Families Struggling To Help Their Ailing Children [Has embedded videos on the web page]

25 Mar 2014 - Immediate Ban On Dental Amalgam In Philippines Pushed

24 Mar 2014 - Obama Rewrites FOIA - Doesn't Tell America - Sets Sights On Internet Free Speech

24 Mar 2014 - Expert Witness: ObamaCare Good For 'Big Pharma, Big Abortion'

24 Mar 2014 - Forced Into Medicare With A Gun To My Head

24 Mar 2014 - Pharmaceutical Drug Side Effects May Be Worse For Women

24 Mar 2014 - How The Government Is In Bed With Monsanto [Has an embedded video on the web page]

24 Mar 2014 - Battle Escalates Over Woman Living Off-Grid' : This Disregard For Private Property Brings Us Back To Pre-Revolutionary Period' [Has an embedded video on the web page]

24 Mar 2014 - Facebook And Monsanto: Top Shareholders Are Identical

24 Mar 2014 - Flu Patch Does Nothing To Improve Vaccine’s Failures

24 Mar 2014 - More Than A Third Of Americans Now Realize FDA Suppresses Natural Cures To Benefit Big Pharma

24 Mar 2014 - Smart Balance To Convert Entire 'Buttery Spread' Product Line To Non-GMO Ingredients

24 Mar 2014 - Wisdom Teeth Surgery A Deadly Dental Scam: Young Mother Falls Into Coma Following Visit To Dentist

24 Mar 2014 - First Case Study To Show Direct Link Between Alzheimer’s And Aluminum Toxicity [Has an embedded video on the web page]

21 Mar 2014 - The Health Law Is A Fiasco

21 Mar 2014 - ObamaCare Architect Emanuel: Most Employers Will Drop Health Coverage

21 Mar 2014 - Aspartame Being Re-Branded As AminoSweet: The Next Chapter In Aspartame’s Dangerous History

21 Mar 2014 - Clueless People Blindly Sign Petition Calling For MORE Fluoride

20 Mar 2014 - HOPE & SCREWED: Nevada Man Stuck With $407,000 ObamaCare Bill

20 Mar 2014 - Top Ten REAL Medical Conspiracies That Actually Happened

20 Mar 2014 - How Lead And Arsenic Came To Be Sprayed All Over America

20 Mar 2014 - France Gives The EU Commision The Finger By Resisting Monsanto's GMO Corn

20 Mar 2014 - Chemotherapy Proven To Cause Long, Agonizing, Suffering Death

19 Mar 2014 - ObamaCare Is A Pyramid Scheme

19 Mar 2014 - Obamacare Premiums Likely To Skyrocket Next Year

19 Mar 2014 - ObamaCare Limits Access To Best Cancer Centers

19 Mar 2014 - Mennonite Family To Supreme Court: HHS Mandate Violates Our Beliefs [Has an embedded video on the web page]

19 Mar 2014 - Healing The NSAID Nation: Finding Safer Alternatives For Chronic Inflammation

19 Mar 2014 - Why I Don't Recommend NSAID Drugs

19 Mar 2014 - Vaccine-Induced Tissue Scurvy Globally Misdiagnosed As Child Abuse

19 Mar 2014 - Monsanto's New Herbicide-Resistant GM Crops Threaten American Vegetable Farmers

18 Mar 2014 - How Doctors Make Fake Diagnoses For Diseases

18 Mar 2014 - Disease Hoax, Disease Game

18 May 2014 - Hobby Lobby Heads To Supreme Court Next Week — To Fight For Religious Freedom

18 May 2014 - Obama: It’s Your Fault You Can’t Afford ObamaCare [What an arrogant and conceded fool!]

18 Mar 2014 - Huge: New Lawsuit Filed Against USDA Over Missing Docs Showing GMO Dangers

18 Mar 2014 - GBS Is Not Rare After Vaccinations: Here’s How Vaccine Pushers Conceal The Truth

18 Mar 2014 - Dramatic Increase In Kidney Disease In The US And Abroad Linked To Roundup (Glyphosate) 'Weedkiller'

18 Mar 2014 - 10 Facts About Fluoride For The Skeptic [Has an embedded video on the web page]

18 Mar 2014 - How The Food Industry Is Deceiving You - Part 1 Of 5 [Has an embedded video on the web page]

18 Mar 2014 - Big Pharma Pushes Dangerous Epilepsy Drug For Alcoholics

18 Mar 2014 - Chemotherapy Myth Shattered: Toxic Drugs Cause More Cancer Than They Prevent

18 Mar 2014 - 'Informed Consent' A Misnomer When Most People Are Lied To About Vaccine Safety

18 Mar 2014 - Chemo Causes Misery, Kills Patients, And Creates More Cancer, But Is Very Profitable

18 Mar 2014 - Simple Ways To Avoid GMO Foods

14 Mar 2014 - ATMs, Health Records, Credit Cards Face New Risk: Microsoft Decision Leaves Hackers Waiting Breathlessly

14 Mar 2014 - ObamaCare Is Definitely NOT As Cheap As Your Cellphone Bill

14 Mar 2014 - WH Issues Blanket Waiver To Individual Mandate Tax Through 2016

14 Mar 2014 - Sneaky Names For MSG (Check Your Labels!)

14 Mar 2014 - Big Food Strikes Back Against New FDA Food Labeling Standards

14 Mar 2014 - Taking Your Healthy Kids To The Doctor May Make Them Sick [Has an embedded video on the web page]

14 Mar 2014 - Hospital Imprisoned Devoted Spiritual Author By Claiming Her Prayers Are A Sign Of Mental Illness

13 Mar 2014 - More Signed Up For Medicaid Than For ObamaCare

13 Mar 2014 - Olive Oil Labeling Lies

13 Mar 2014 - How Google Protects The Financial Interests Of Big Pharma

12 Mar 2014 - Oklahoma Man Loses Insurance Due To ObamaCare, Owes $100K In Bills [Has an embedded video on the web page]

12 Mar 2014 - Breaking News: FDA’s Sneak Attempt To Ban Another B Vitamin

12 Mar 2014 - Smart Balance Removes GMOs From Their Butter Spreads

12 Mar 2014 - GMOs Will Unleash Global Killer 'Ecocide' Across The Planet, Warns Prominent Scientist

12 Mar 2014 - ObamaCare Architect Says, 'You Don't Need A Doctor...'

11 Mar 2014 - South Carolina H4975 Takes On Warrantless Spying

11 Mar 2014 - ObamaCare Limits How Much Seniors Can Spend Of Own Money On Healthcare Insurance

11 Mar 2014 - Study Finds Mammograms Won’t Add A Day To Your Life: Decades Of Mammogram Lies Exposed

11 Mar 2014 - Vaccine Rights Attorney Challenges Colorado Legislature On Vaccine Exemption Bill

10 Mar 2014 - Obama Surgeon General Nominee Says BANNING GUNS Is A Part Of Medicine [What a load of RUBBISH! Banning guns has NOTHING to do with medicine! All it is doing is taking away one’s ability to protect themselves and their families!!]]

10 Mar 2014 - 42% Of Drug Reactions Are Vaccine Related, Groundbreaking Chinese Study Finds

10 Mar 2014 - Success In Norway: Aluminum Eliminated As A Food Additive For Fish

10 Mar 2014 - The Shrimp Industry: Antibiotics And No Dignity For Workers [Has an embedded video on the web page]

10 Mar 2014 - Chinese Government Cafeterias Go Non-GMO; Public Schoolchildren Still Being Fed Poisons

10 Mar 2014 - Maui Citizens' Group Launches Petition To Suspend GMO Production

10 Mar 2014 - Substance Used To Seal Asphalt Puts Children At Greater Risk Of Cancer

10 Mar 2014 - Farmed And Dangerous... Chipotle Takes Aim At Unsustainable Industrial Agriculture In New Mini-Series [Has an embedded video on the web page]

07 Mar 2014 - BREAKING: Obama Again Delays Deadline For Plans Cancelled Because Of ObamaCare

07 Mar 2014 - GMOs: Ban Them Or Label Them?

07 Mar 2014 - Study Of 1.8 Million: Breast Screening Increases 'Lethal' Breast Cancer Incidence

07 Mar 2014 - Food Fraud Is Big Business [Has an embedded video on the web page]

07 Mar 2014 - Brazilian Activists Launch Petition To Stop Approval Of GMO 'Terminator' Seeds

07 Mar 2014 - Under New Oregon Law, Parents Must Consult Doctor Or Watch Propaganda Before Exempting Children From Vaccination [More of their trying to force us to give up our God-given rights and take their poisons!]

07 Mar 2014 - Hepatitis B Vaccine Kills Eight Babies In China; Drug Manufacturer Says 'Coincidence' [Of course, it is always coincidence with them!]

07 Mar 2014 - Surprise: Under ObamaCare, States Can Seize Assets To Recoup Medicaid Expenses

06 Mar 2014 - GAO To Probe Flawed State ObamaCare Exchanges

06 Mar 2014 - Aspartame Damages The Brain At Any Dose

06 Mar 2014 - Contamination And Bio-Pollution: The Criminality Of The GM Biotech Industry

06 Mar 2014 - Report: U.K. Facing $100M Compensation Payout Relating To GSK's Swine Flu Vaccine

06 Mar 2014 - Texas Takes Stand: 9 Out Of 10 Voters Want ObamaCare Repealed And Welfare Recipients Drug Tested

06 Mar 2014 - Secret Chemicals Revealed In Celebrity Perfumes, Teen Body Sprays

06 Mar 2014 - The Chemicals That Stick Around In The Body: How The U.S. Tracks The Potentially Harmful Substances That Build Up In Humans

06 Mar 2014 - Liz Wahl's On-Air Resignation From RT Brings Up The Question: What Are U.S. Mainstream Media Journalists Whitewashing?

06 Mar 2014 - Yale Study Spotlights FDA's Ineffectiveness In Ensuring Drug Safety

06 Mar 2014 - 'Scientific' Evidence For FDA-Approved Drugs Isn't So Scientific, It Turns Out

05 Mar 2014 - Naturopathic Rights Were Included In The Founding Of America

05 Mar 2014 - Americans Ditching Vaccinations In Droves

05 Mar 2014 - Georgia House Votes To Nullify ObamaCare

05 Mar 2014 - ObamaCare Architect: ‘Be Prepared To Kiss Your Insurance Company Good-Bye Forever’

05 Mar 2014 - Company That Made Zyklon B For Nazi Holocaust Made RU 486 For Abortions [Has an embedded video on the web page]

05 Mar 2014 - The Cancer Industry: Failure, Lies, And Big Profits

05 Mar 2014 - Fluoridated Water Could Be Attacking Your Thyroid

05 Mar 2014 - Take Action: Teen’s Family Sees Small Victory In Ongoing Hospital-Custody Battle

05 Mar 2014 - Brazil Ignored Food Safety Agency Warnings When It Approved GM Maize In 2007

05 Mar 2014 - FDA Unleashes Despotic Food Safety War Targeting Organic Farms

05 Mar 2014 - Big Pharma Shill to Head the Institute Of Medicine

04 Mar 2014 - Rotgut Aspartame, Methanol Mania By Dr. Betty Martini

04 Mar 2014 - A Pox On Their Arrogance And Their Dark Motivations ~ By Shawn Siegel

04 Mar 2014 - MAN: The Cruelty Of Man Represented In A Cartoon [This is what happens when God is not the center of your life!] [Has an embedded video on the web page]

04 Mar 2014 - Live Flu Vaccines Increase Infectious Bacteria Counts 100-Fold In Mice

04 Mar 2014 - Inspectors Raid Raw Milk Farm Over Healthy Bacteria: Raw Milk Farm Closed For Being Too Healthy?

03 Mar 2014 - The Hidden Truth Behind ObamaCare

03 Mar 2014 - Unqualified Medical Services Showing Up Under ObamaCare

03 Mar 2014 - Tenn. State University Requires Students To Wear RFID Microchip Tracking IDs [Has an embedded video on the web page]

03 Mar 2014 - Monsanto Causing Extinction Of The Monarch Butterfly

03 Mar 2014 - Are Diet Drinks A Smart Swap?

03 Mar 2014 - Avoid Eating Dangerous, Genetically Engineered Foods At Your Dining Table

03 Mar 2014 - Uninsured Americans Suddenly Realize They Were Conned By ObamaCare

28 Feb 2014 - Eating Away At The First Amendment

28 Feb 2014 - Harry Reid: There Are ‘Plenty Of’ ObamaCare ‘Horror Stories’; ‘All Are Untrue’ [Well Harry Reid’s most recent actions prove three things we have been saying all along, 1) He is a liar; 2) He is out for his own agenda and that of Obama’s and not for We The People; 3) He is an idiot!!!] [Has an embedded video on the web page]

28 Feb 2014 - Harry Reid Calls Terminally Ill Americans “Liars”

28 Feb 2014 - McConnell On Reid’s ‘Astonishing’ ObamaCare Remarks: ‘He Must Think That Everyone Who Disagrees With Him Is A Liar’ [Has an embedded video on the web page]

28 Feb 2014 - What Is Aspartame? [Has an embedded video on the web page]

28 Feb 2014 - Restaurant Chain Adds ObamaCare Surcharge To Customers’ Bills

28 Feb 2014 - ObamaCare Throws Granny Off A Cliff

28 Feb 2014 - Harvard Research Links Fluoridated Water To ADHD, Mental Disorders

28 Feb 2014 - Prostate Cancer Treatment Could Cause New Tumors To Form: Mainstream Treatment Turns Your Body Into A Cancer Factory

28 Feb 2014 - Five New Reasons Monsanto’s ‘Science’ Doesn’t Add Up

28 Feb 2014 - USDA Policy Fails To Address GMO Contamination Of Organic Crops

28 Feb 2014 - Could Polio Or Other Vaccinations Be Behind The New "Polio-Like" Illness Outbreak In California?

28 Feb 2014 - Russian Citizens, Scientists Feel Reject GMOs As Lawmakers Push For Total Ban

28 Feb 2014 - Orwellian Nightmare Becomes Reality For Florida Woman After Judge Declares Living 'Off The Grid' Illegal

28 Feb 2014 - Insane Public Health Officials Propose Serving Fluoridated Milk To UK Schoolchildren

27 Feb 2014 - Harry Reid Calls ObamaCare Victims Liars [Of course this nonsense and lies of his are coming from a full ObamaCare supporter who has been trying to silence and discredit those who speak out against it!]

27 Feb 2-14 - BOMBSHELL! IRS Warns ObamaCare Tax Will Be Forcibly Taken From Your Tax Return

27 Feb 2014 - Studies Prove Without Doubt That Unvaccinated Children Are Far Healthier Than Their Vaccinated Peers

27 Feb 2014 - Hawaii Spends $120 Million On ObamaCare Exchange, Enrolls…4,300 People

27 Feb 2014 - “Not One Case Of Harm From GMOs” [Here are two GMO quotes that speak for themselves]

27 Feb 2014 - Fordham University Mumps Outbreak Affecting Only Vaccinated Students; School Bans Unvaccinated Students Anyway

27 Feb 2014 - EU Ministers Write Letter To Commission Asking For Withdrawal Of New GM Maize Proposal

27 Feb 2014 - Uninsured Patients Receive Better Treatment From American Healthcare System Than Insured

26 Feb 2014 - CDC Caught Red-Handed Exaggerating Flu Cases And Deaths

26 Feb 2014 - Top Shareholders In Whole Foods And Monsanto: Identical

26 Feb 2014 - What The Whole Foods-Monsanto Connection Really Means

26 Feb 2014 - FDA “Visits” Celebrated Organic Produce Farmer

26 Feb 2014 - Kidnapped By The State: Sick Teen Held By MASS. DCF, Refused Medical Treatment

26 Feb 2014 - Character Assassination [YouTube video]

26 Feb 2014 - NAM: ObamaCare 'Will Hurt Manufacturers And Their Employees' [Has an embedded video on the web page]

26 Feb 2014 - Roundup Weedkiller Linked To Global Epidemic Of Fatal Kidney Disease

26 Feb 2014 - ObamaCare For The Stupid

26 Feb 2014 - The Smart Meter Invasion Is Stealing Your Privacy And Your Health [Has an embedded video on the web page]

26 Feb 2014 - Study Finds No Logic In FDA Drug Approvals: The FDA Is Playing BINGO With Your Life

26 Feb 2014 - Gastric Bypass Surgery A Slow Killer

26 Feb 2014 - Massachusetts Judge Orders Sick Girl Abused By Medical System To Be Taken From Family

26 Feb 2014 - California Senator Introduces New GMO Labeling Bill Providing Greater Clarity Than Prop 37

26 Feb 2014 - Largest, Longest Study On Mammograms Again Finds No Benefit

26 Feb 2014 - EPA Approves Exemption For Bt Residues In Soy Foods From GM Crops

25 Feb 2014 - If The NSA Admits The Data Is Insecure, Why Are They Permitted To Collect It?

25 Feb 2014 - White House Attempts To Unleash Ministry Of Truth To Control All News Sources In America

25 Feb 2014 - Bill Gates Foundation Creating Massive Student Database With inBloom

25 Feb 2014 - Cornered By ObamaCare

25 Feb 2014 - ObamaCare: The Terrifying Consequences To Healthcare

25 Feb 2014 - Aspartame And Other Artificial Sweeteners Pose National Health Risk

25 Feb 2014 - Study: ObamaCare Medical Device Tax Killed 33,000 Jobs

25 Feb 2014 - Harvard Research Links Fluoridated Water To ADHD, Mental Disorders

25 Feb 2014 - Mercury Is Good For Children And Other Insanely Stupid Health Lies Still Pushed By The Nutritionally Illiterate Media

25 Feb 2014 - FDA Releases Flawed Study Proclaiming BPA To Be Safe At Low Doses [More FDA nonsense and lies!]

25 Feb 2014 - EU Chief Scientific Adviser's GMO Lies Called Out In Open Letter

25 Feb 2014 - Doctors Unwilling To Participate In Covered California ObamaCare Exchange

25 Feb 2014 - More Americans Are Saying “No” To Water Fluoridation While Toxic Fluorinated Pesticides Are Still Allowed

25 Feb 2014 - Dentists Targeted For Recklessly Polluting Water With Mercury Waste

24 Feb 2014 - Michelle Obama: Young People Are Clearly “Knuckleheads” – That's Why They Need ObamaCare [More nonsense from someone who does know what they are speaking about and has no right to force others into doing something they do not want, and for violating a person’s individual and Constitutional rights!] [Has an embedded video on the web page]

24 Feb 2014 - Despite FCC Retreat, Free Speech Still Under Fire From Obama Administration

24 Feb 2014 - 7 Hidden Dangers Of Artificial Sweeteners

24 Feb 2014 - Snakebite Uncovers ObamaCare Insurance Scheme

24 Feb 2014 - What We Don’t Know Will Make Us Sick

24 Feb 2014 - DOJ Wants More Control Over Local Broadcasters [This means they want to control more of the news and telling of the truth!]

24 Feb 2014 - Roundup Weedkiller Found In 75% Of Air And Rain Samples, Gov. Study Finds

24 Feb 2014 - Why You Need To Stop Drinking Diet Soft Drink — Right Now

21 Feb 2014 - Obama Administration Attempts To Silence ObamaCare Critics With IRS

21 Feb 2014 - Seattle Children’s Hospital Sues ObamaCare For Denying Kids Coverage

21 Feb 2014 - Fourth Georgia Hospital Closes Due To ObamaCare Payment Cuts [Has an embedded video on the web page]

21 Feb 2014 - What The FDA Knew (And Hid) About Antibiotics In Animal Feed [Has an embedded video on the web page]

21 Feb 2014 - NY Attorney General Confirms Real-Life Conspiracy Among Drug Companies

21 Feb 2014 - Toxic Waste Dumped Into Quarry By Monsanto Continues To Poison British Village

21 Feb 2014 - California Senator Proposes Bill For Labels On Soda Warning Of Obesity, Diabetes And Tooth Decay

21 Feb 2014 - FDA To Make Recall Data Public Beginning This Year

20 Feb 2014 - Why Is The Obama Administration Putting Government Monitors In Newsrooms?

20 Feb 2014 - IRS 'Trusted Partner' Is ObamaCare Propaganda Tool: Mainstream Media Go Wild With 'Studies' Citing Benefits Of Health Takeover

20 Feb 2014 - When The Lawmakers Go Lawless

20 Feb 2014 - Activism Is Destroying Monsanto & Other Corrupt Mega Corps [Has an embedded video on the web page]

20 Feb 2014 - Top 10 Most Unhealthy, Cancer-Causing Foods – Never Eat These Again!

20 Feb 2014 - Hospital Kidnaps And Tortures Child In The Name Of "Medicine"

20 Feb 2014 - ADA Recommends Using Fluoride To Poison Infants As Young As Six Months Old

20 Feb 2013 - Health Basics: The Label 'All Natural' Means Absolutely Nothing

19 Feb 2014 - Obama Plans To Put Government Monitors In Newsrooms [More government control of the news!]

19 Feb 2014 - Drug Manufacturers Under The Microscope For Possible Alzheimer’s Fraud

19 Feb 2014 - Voices For Vaccines: 11 Facts Show How It’s A Propaganda Ploy For Emory University, CDC, And Big Pharma

19 Feb 2014 - California's Safe Cosmetics Program Database Fails To Deliver Due To 'Trade Secrets' Option

19 Feb 2014 - Excessive Sugar And Lack Of Preventive Measures Threaten World With Disastrous Levels Of Heart Disease And Cancer [Has an embedded video on the web page]

18 Feb 2014 - Toxic Heavy Metals In Lipsticks Threaten Health Of Women And Unborn Babies

18 Feb 2014 - Children Dying From Pentavalent Vaccine

18 Feb 2014 - Kraft Removes Sorbic Acid Preservative From Some 'Singles' Products, Replaces It With GMOs And An Unnamed, Proprietary Stabilizer

18 Feb 2014 - Desperate Researchers Blame Superstition As Likely Cause Of Autism, Ignore Vaccines

18 Feb 2014 - Pesticide Spraying May Spread Norovirus

17 Feb 2014 - Rep. James Lankford Introduces Bill For States To Opt Out Of ObamaCare With 'Health Care Compact'

17 Feb 2014 - Obama Announces $1 Billion ‘Climate Resilience Fund’ While East Coast Is Buried In Snow [More lies from the CULT OF GLOBAL WARMING! It’s all amount MONEY and CONTROL! Our tax dollars should NOT be going in to pay for this nonsense]

17 Feb 2014 - Remember Obama Saying People With Pre-Existing Conditions Shouldn’t Pay More? Yeah, Well…

17 Feb 2014 - Study Reveals "Unavoidable" Danger Of HPV Vaccines

17 Feb 2014 - Canola Oil: The #1 Hidden Health 'Danger' At The Prepared Food Bar

17 Feb 2014 - French Senator Introduces Draft Law To Ban All GM Maize Cultivation

17 Feb 2014 - Understanding The Misdirection Of Food Labels

17 Feb 2014 - Grocery Manufacturers Association Sues The State Of Washington Over GMO Labeling Fight: GMA More Evil Than Monsanto

17 Feb 2014 - Genetic Fallacy: How Pesticide Companies Silence Scientific Dissent [Has embedded videos on the web page]

17 Feb 2014 - New Analysis Claims Vitamin D Supplements Are Useless -- Here’s Why It’s Wrong [Has an embedded video on the web page]

17 Feb 2014 - Epidemic Of Infantile Rickets May Have Put Thousands Of Innocent Parents In Jail For Child Abuse

14 Feb 2014 - Pharmacist Fired For Refusing To Dispense ‘Morning-After’ Pill Sues For Religious Discrimination [This is the pill of death that murders unborn children, and many times the mother as well!]

14 Feb 2014 - The Hazards Of Bleached Flour: Homicidal Corporate Fascism? [Has an embedded video on the web page]

14 Feb 2014 - Just How Filthy Is Your Chicken Dinner?

14 Feb 2014 - Reading The Fine Print If You Eat Packaged Food, You're Eating This

14 Feb 2014 - War On Integrative Medicine, Part One: Eliminate The Integrative Doctors

14 Feb 2014 - War On Integrative Medicine, Part Two: Eliminate Supplements

14 Feb 2014 - War On Integrative Medicine, Part Three: Get The Public To Believe Junk Science

14 Feb 2014 - FAIL: Another Mammography Study Finds They Don't Save Lives

14 Feb 2014 - 4-H Youth Club Partners With Monsanto: World's Youths In Danger Of Pro-GMO Indoctrination

14 Feb 2014 - Australian Organic Farmer Files Lawsuit After Crop Ruined By GMO Contamination

14 Feb 2014 - What The FDA Knew (And Hid) About Antibiotics In Animal Feed [Has an embedded video on the web page]

11 Feb 2014 - ObamaCare Employer Mandate Delayed For Political Advantage

11 Feb 2014 - Conservatives To DOJ, FBI: Stop Advancing Southern Poverty Law Center’s Anti-Christian Agenda

11 Feb 2014 - Hospital Forced To Deny Treatment For Kids With Severe Medical Conditions Sues ObamaCare

11 Feb 2014 - Hobby Lobby To Supreme Court: Protect Us From $1.3M In Fines A Day Over ObamaCare

11 Feb 2014 - Hobby Lobby Case Is About Religious Freedom Not 'Women's Health,' Says Attorney

11 Feb 2014 - The Real Truth About Raw Milk’s Health Benefits: Mainstream’s Raw Milk Lies Are Udder Nonsense

11 Feb 2014 - Doctors Turn Cancer Patients Away Thanks To ObamaCare

11 Feb 2014 - Mercury Banned As Vaccine Ingredient By Chilean Lawmakers

11 Feb 2014 - Power Of Monsanto: Shareholder Meeting Had More Cops, Arrests Than Votes For GMO Labels

10 Feb 2014 - 70 million Americans Taking Mind-Altering Drugs

10 Feb 2014 - The Dangers Of Trans Fats [Has an embedded video on the web page]

10 Feb 2014 - Food Rules: Don't Buy Any Food You See Advertised On Television [Has an embedded video on the web page]

10 Feb 2014 - CDC Uses Shady Math To Drastically Overinflate Statistics On Raw Milk Illnesses

10 Feb 2014 - Untested GM Purple Tomato: Scientists Ditch Ethics As They Seek Sick Patients For Human Trials

07 Feb 2014 - Children With Severe Medical Conditions Denied Treatment By ObamaCare Plans

07 Feb 2014 - Local Farming And School Lunches [Has an embedded video on the web page]

07 Feb 2014 - $1 Extra On Pay Could Mean $20,000 More In ObamaCare Premiums

07 Feb 2014 - Food Fights, Corporate Trade Agreements, And States’ Rights: Democracy Or Corporatocracy?

07 Feb 2014 - Another Study Finds Arthroscopic Knee Surgery No Better Than Sham Surgery [Has an embedded video on the web page]

06 Feb 2014 - The Dr. Oz Show: Information I Couldn’t Share – Dr. Joseph Mercola

06 Feb 2014 - Obamacare Pressures Insurers To Extend Doctor Choice

06 Feb 2014 - The Change In The Global Diet [Has an embedded video on the web page]

06 Feb 2014 - After ObamaCare, Families Still Struggle With Medical Bills

06 Feb 2014 - What If Food Ads Had To List The Side Effects Like Prescription Drugs On TV?

06 Feb 2014 - US Government Using Humans As Guinea Pigs In Flu Virus Medical Experiments

05 Feb 2014 - Crossing The Line - Wisconsin School Gets Kids To Snitch On Parents [Game? What do they mean game? This is NOT a game. It is violation of an individual’s privacy and NONE of the school’s business!!!! This is the same garbage Hitler had children do when turning in their parents for even speaking against the government, and you know how that went!] [Has an embedded video on the web page]

05 Feb 2014 - The ObamaCare Security Nightmare Gets Worse

05 Feb 2014 - Roundup Accumulates In GMO Food, Proving Its Lack Of Safety

05 Feb 2014 - CVS Caremark Plans To Stop Tobacco Products Sales [Good! It’s about time someone started taking a stand against this!]

05 Feb 2014 - 297 Scientists, Experts Sign Statement: GMOs Not Proven Safe

05 Feb 2014 - Are GMO-Free Cheerios, Grape-Nuts A Ploy By Grocery Manufacturers Association To Kill Mandatory GMO Labeling?

05 Feb 2014 - Hypocritical FCT Journal Editor Refuses To Retract Inconclusive Pro-GMO Study

04 Feb 2014 - One Brave Doctor Stands Up To ObamaCare

04 Feb 2014 - Doc Gives ObamaCare Mega Smackdown: “We Choose Dignity And Personal Service Over Disrespect”

04 Feb 2014 - Useless ObamaCare Website Completely Unable To Fix Enrollment Errors [When has it ever been completely working correctly? Just a few days ago they were saying it was up and working. More lies again!]

04 Feb 2014 - ObamaCare Horror Story #745: My Rates Went Up 600% [The government never tells you the truth about ObamaCare. They just tell you good things and ignores all else. These are the stories that need to be seen on the television so people will know the truth about this FRAUD called ObamaCare!]

04 Feb 2014 - Folks, This Ain't Normal: Calling For A Return To Local, Sustainable Farming [Has an embedded video on the web page]

04 Feb 2014 - Following Your Inner Compass: Rejecting Flu Vaccine In Pregnancy

04 Feb 2014 - GM Golden Rice Yet Another Quack Science Fraud

04 Feb 2014 - How The CDC Transformed 21 Raw Milk Illnesses Into 20,000

03 Feb 2014 - Fluoridated Water [Has an embedded video on the web page]

31 Jan 2014 - Groups Claim Religious Freedom Act Violates Constitution [This is now their claim to force all churches to comply with the evil acts found in ObamaCare. They have obviously never read the entire Constitution of the United States of America!]

31 Jan 2014 - Just Say No To GMO [Has an embedded video on the web page]

31 Jan 2014 - Exclusive: Feds Threatening Michigan Family Farm With Armed Raid

30 Jan 2014 - Bombshell TV Show About HPV Vaccines Reveals Cruel Nature Of Vaccine Pushers

30 Jan 2014 - Massive Vaccine-Induced Fetal Death Coverup Exposed

30 Jan 2014 - Digging Ourselves A Grave With Drugs And Chemicals

30 Jan 2014 - Dr Pepper Snapple Group, Inc. Is About To Go Flat

30 Jan 2014 - Sen. Coburn: I Lost My Preferred Cancer Specialist Under ObamaCare

30 Jan 2014 - The Revolving Door Between Monsanto, The FDA, And The EPA: Your Safety In Peril

30 Jan 2014 - There Is No Stopping The GMO Labeling Movement, Admits Mainstream Media

30 Jan 2014 - Vaccination Voodoo: New Book Reveals Truth About Vaccines

30 Jan 2014 - Beta-Blockers Killed 800,000 In 5 Years—“Good Medicine” Or Mass Murder? [Has an embedded video on the web page]

28 Jan 2014 - Oklahoma Bill Introduced To Nullify ObamaCare

28 Jan 2014 - Bully Nurse Harasses Parents Of Unvaccinated Baby At Michigan Hospital

28 Jan 2014 - Gates Foundation/CFR Propaganda Against 'Anti-Vaccine' Movement Backfires

28 Jan 2014 - This Study Reveals Children Are Being Vaccinated With Toxic Levels Of Aluminium Causing Neurological Damage And Autism

28 Jan 2014 - Raw Milk On The Rise -- No Illness Seen

27 Jan 2014 - Hobby Lobby May Close All Stores In 41 States Due To ObamaCare Abortion Mandate [Has an embedded video on the web page]

27 Jan 2014 - Are Some Vaccines Contaminated? [Has an embedded video on the web page]

27 Jan 2014 - Too Old To Be Given Cancer Treatment

27 Jan 2014 - GMO Foods: Suppression Of The Truth [Has an embedded video on the web page]

27 Jan 2014 - The Great Medical Myth Of Vaccine Safety And Effectiveness

24 Jan 2014 - Citing ObamaCare, Target Drops Health Coverage For Part-Timers

24 Jan 2014 - The Truth About Teflon [Has an embedded video on the web page]

24 Jan 2014 - Reuters Blatantly Lies About Omega-3 Study To Disparage Nutrition And Deceive Readers

24 Jan 2014 - Baby-Murdering CDC Conspired To Bury Evidence Of Vaccine-Induced Fetal Deaths

23 Jan 2014 - Raw Milk Could Be Legal In Maryland… Again

23 Jan 2014 - Actor Rob Schneider Speaks Out Against the Dangers Of Vaccines [Has an embedded video on the web page]

23 Jan 2014 - States Push For Labeling Of GMO Foods

23 Jan 2014 - The Latest From ObamaCare Central

22 Jan 2014 - Oklahoma Bill Would Virtually Nullify ObamaCare

22 Jan 2014 - New Rules Will Drown Your Doc In Paperwork: Ridiculous New Insurance Codes Include Orca Attacks

22 Jan 2014 - Aspartame: The Bitter Truth Behind This Toxic Sweetener [Has an embedded video on the web page]

22 Jan 2014 - Hawaii's GMO Ban Is Now Official! Mayor Kenoi Signs Bill 113 [Has an embedded video on the web page]

22 Jan 2014 - Simple Tricks To Avoiding Genetically Modified Foods

22 Jan 2014 - Associated Press Caught 'Restructuring' Old EPA News To Mislead Readers; Mainstream Media Blindly Plays Along

22 Jan 2014 - Study: Vaccine Adjuvant Aluminum Hydroxide Causes Neurological Disease

21 Jan 2014 - Real Reason Obama Didn’t Tell People About Losing Doctor [Has an embedded video on the web page]

21 Jan 2014 - If You Have HIV Or AIDS, ObamaCare Is For You! [More government propaganda for this worthless program!] [Has an embedded video on the web page]

21 Jan 2014 - Fact Checker Says Not To Believe Obama’s 6M ObamaCare Enrollees [The government has continually lied about the numbers, so why should they be believed now?]

21 Jan 2014 - How Food Is Making Us Sick: What We Can Do About It [Has an embedded video on the web page]

21 Jan 2014 - Monsanto Sues Hawaiian Island For Passing Legislation To Restrict GMOs [Typical for Monsanto. They care more about their profits than for the public’s health!]

21 Jan 2014 - Man Sells Herbs Proven To Cure Cancer, U.S. Government Jails Him, Lists Him On Interpol

21 Jan 2014 - U.S. Is Now Officially A 'Police State' Says NSA Spook

21 Jan 2014 - Research Indicates That Organic Milk Has More Health Benefits Than Conventional Milk

21 Jan 2014 - European Union Parliament Decides Against Unleashing New GM Maize

21 Jan 2014 - Genetic Testing Wildly Inaccurate; Different Labs Reach Opposite Conclusions On Disease Risk

21 Jan 2014 - The Pesticide Producers And Junk Food Industry Lobby Against Consumer Rights

20 Jan 2014 - Even Turbo Tax Shills For ObamaCare

20 Jan 2014 - Sweet Remedy : The Poisonous Effects Of Aspartame [Full version of the movie, “Sweet Remedy” embedded on the web page]

20 Jan 2014 - 100% Lemon Juice - NOT! : Watering Down Food Products For Profit [Has an embedded video on the web page]

20 Jan 2014 - The Amazing Saga Of A Teenager Who Ran Away From Chemotherapy And Beat Cancer Naturally

20 Jan 2014 - Scientist Exposes Flu Shots Lies And Doom-And-Gloom Media Propaganda

17 Jan 2014 - Top Doctor: The Flu Vaccine Is Worthless

17 Jan 2014 - U.S. Water Flunks Contamination Tests: U.S. Tap Water Overflowing With Chemicals

17 Jan 2014 - "Organic" vs "Natural" : What's The Difference? [Has an embedded video on the web page]

17 Jan 2014 - Slow Death By Root Canal : Common Procedure With High Risks [Has an embedded video on the web page]

17 Jan 2014 - Arsenic In Apple And Grape Juice: Another Reason To Be Careful Of Packaged Food [Has an embedded video on the web page]

17 Jan 2014 - Not Giving Up The Fight: California County Proposes GMO Labeling Legislation

17 Jan 2014 - Filthy Endoscopes Linked To Superbug Outbreaks At Hospitals

17 Jan 2014 - Nearly All Gum And Candy Contain Either Toxic GMO Corn Syrup Or Nerve-Disrupting Aspartame

16 Jan 2014 - South Carolina Expects To Pass Model Legislation To Gut ObamaCare – FreedomWorks Asks Other States To Follow

16 Jan 2014 - Tennessee Bill Would Virtually Nullify ObamaCare In The Volunteer State

16 Jan 2014 - Father Jailed For Life Without Parole After His 12 Week-Old Daughter Died After Receiving 8 Vaccinations!

16 Jan 2014 - "FOOD" Documentary - A Revealing Look At The Sourcing Of Our Modern Food Supply [Has an embedded video on the web page]

16 Jan 2014 - Tell The USDA: Don’t Approve New GMO ‘Agent Orange’ Crops! [Has an embedded video on the web page]

16 Jan 2014 - Tell The USDA: No ‘Coexistence’ With Monsanto!

16 Jan 2014 - More Vaccines Or Better Nutrition To Prevent Disease?

16 Jan 2014 - Argentina Suspends Construction Of Monsanto's Unconstitutional GMO Seed Plant

16 Jan 2014 - Widely-Touted HIV Cure Turns Out To Be False; Patients Once Again Test HIV Positive

15 Jan 2014 - IRS Issues New Rule Censoring Free Speech

15 Jan 2014 - CNN Calls The Obama Administration LIARS

15 Jan 2014 - Disabled Family Loses Children's Healthcare Due To ObamaCare; Snubbed By Public Officials

15 Jan 2014 - The Supreme Court Continues To Support Murdering Children

15 Jan 2014 - Why Is Big Biotech Now Supporting A National GMO “Labeling” Law?

15 Jan 2014 - Big Manufacturers Want GMO Foods Labeled As "Natural"

15 Jan 2013 - Americans Who Lost Their Health Insurance Thanks To ObamaCare Now Face Sticker Shock When Buying New Plans

15 Jan 2014 - Merck Continues Promoting Zilmax, Despite Cattle Losing Their Hooves [Has embedded videos on the web page]

14 Jan 2014 - What Difference Do You Make?

14 Jan 2014 - EFSA Godfather, "Ain't No Aspartame Crime Around Here."

14 Jan 2014 - University Of Sussex - Prof Erik Millstone - EFSA On Aspartame, January And December 2013 [PDF format] (It will open in a new window)

14 Jan 2014 - Cancer Victims Are Lining Up To Sue Cell Phone Manufacturers

14 Jan 2014 - VA Under Fire For Proposed Disability Filing Rule

14 Jan 2014 - Common Knee Operation Is A Scam: Most Knee Surgeries Are Unnecessary

14 Jan 2014 - Maine Governor Signs GMO Food Labeling Bill

14 Jan 2014 - ObamaCare Nightmare Begins As Hospital Workers Go Unpaid

14 Jan 2014 - Students Across America Being Inspired To Opt Out Of ObamaCare Fiasco

14 Jan 2014 - Health Benefits Of Organic vs. Conventional Milk

14 Jan 2014 - Pregnant Nurse Fired For Refusing Flu Shot

13 Jan 2014 - Ohio Constitution Stops ObamaCare In Its Tracks!

13 Jan 2014 - Insurers Have No Records For Thousands Of ObamaCare Enrollees

13 Jan 2014 - A New Condition 'Created' By Big Pharma! [Has an embedded video on the web page]

13 Jan 2014 - GOOGLE is Watching You: The Google/NSA Web Gets More Tangled [Has embedded videos on the web page]

13 Jan 2014 - Chuck Norris: Obama Bullying Nuns, Part 1

13 Jan 2014 - Food Industry To Fire Preemptive GMO Strike

13 Jan 2014 - Antibiotics On Factory Farms Causing E. Coli [Has an embedded video on the web page]

13 Jan 2014 - Vets Groups Slam Obama Administration’s Proposed VA Disability Filing Rule

13 Jan 2014 - UK Bread And Cereal Bars Found To Be Contaminated With Glyphosate

13 Jan 2014 - Oregon Mom, An ObamaCare Supporter, Now Finds She Can't Afford It

13 Jan 2014 - Disease Basics 101: A World Of Misdiagnosis

13 Jan 2014 - “FOOD” Documentary - A Revealing Look At The Sourcing Of Our Modern Food Supply [Has an embedded video on the web page]

10 Jan 2014 - Oops: Insurance Companies Have No Record Of Some ObamaCare Applicants [And the nightmare continues. Interesting how the mainstream media does not expose all of the problems going on with ObamaCare!]

10 Jan 2014 - What Can't They Do? [YouTube video]

09 Jan 2014 - The Fraud And Deceit Of ObamaCare

09 Jan 2014 - Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson Defends Lawsuit Against Obama: He’s Ignoring Oath & Laws Across The Board [Has an embedded video on the web page]

09 Jan 2014 - Parliament, EFSA Did It To You Again!

09 Jan 2014 - European Food Safety Authority Cherry Picks Evidence - Finds Aspartame Completely Safe

09 Jan 2014 - Swine Flu Vaccine Causes Girl To Fall Asleep 30 Times A Day; Vaccine Pushers Still Claim 'Zero Side Effects'

09 Jan 2014 - Gardasil Continues To Devastate Lives Around The World, Obama Administration Responds By Pumping Another $1.2 Million Into HPV Vaccine Push

09 Jan 2013 - Workers, Union Employees, Totally 'Pissed Off' About ObamaCare Betrayal

08 Jan 2014 - New Lies Over Aspartame: European Review Of Aspartame Was Fixed

08 Jan 2014 - Supreme Court Told To Violate Catholics’ Faith By Obama

08 Jan 2014 - McDonald's Shuts Down Employee Website Advising Workers To Avoid Fast Food [Has an embedded video on the web page]

08 Jan 2014 - Glaxo Says It Will Stop Paying Doctors To Promote Drugs [Has an embedded video on the web page]

07 Jan 2014 - WARNING: Flu Shot Drug Pandemrix Will Destroy Your Life

07 Jan 2014 - USDA-Approved Agent Orange Ingredient: Coming To A Farm Near You

07 Jan 2014 - McDonald's Poised To Embrace New GMO Potato Farming In 2014 And Beyond

07 Jan 2014 - 17 Children Die After Receiving Hepatitis B Vaccine [Has an embedded video on the web page]

07 Jan 2014 - Flu Attack! How A Virus Invades Your Body [Has an embedded video on the web page]

02 Jan 2014 - ObamaCare Delivers Staggering Knockout Blow To Middle Class

02 Jan 2014 - Sotomayor Delays Enforcement Of ObamaCare's Birth Control Mandate--For Order Of Catholic Nuns [Well at least she’s doing something right. Why? Who knows because she has her own agenda!]

02 Jan 2014 - It’s Official: ObamaCare Debuts With More Canceled Plans Than Enrollments

02 Jan 2013 - Oregon Spends $300 Million To Achieve 44 Total Signups For ObamaCare

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