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31 Dec 2012 - Hobby Lobby Will Defy Obama Mandate - Risking Millions In Fines [Mat God watch over and bless and protect them and richly bless them for standing up against this evil and saying "NO"]

31 Dec 2012 - Obama Administration: We Can And Will Force Christians To Act Against Their Faith [This shows just how EVIL and UNGODLY they really are!]

31 Dec 2012 - Study Shows This Amazingly Simple Act Reduces 2 Leading Childhood Diseases By 50% Or More!

31 Dec 2012 - Sheri Nakken Vaccine Dangers Interview [YouTube video]

31 Dec 2012 - Four More Threats To Our Water Supply

28 Dec 2012 - A Plea To The Vatican And Global Leaders For Victims In Illegal Experimentation, No Response From The White House 72 Hours After Requests

28 Dec 2012 - Hobby Lobby To Defy Sotomayor Ruling On Morning-After Pill [GOOD! Everyone should support them for taking a stand against this evil and standing up for what is right, moral, and Biblical!]

28 Dec 2012 - Sotomayor Denies Hobby Lobby Request On Obama HHS Mandate

28 Dec 2012 - Senate Votes On Fourth Amendment Protection Act [Senator Rand Paul: "I think most Americans would be shocked to know that the Fourth Amendment does not protect your records if they're banking, Internet or Visa records."]

28 Dec 2012 - Billions Paid Out For Surgical Errors

28 Dec 2012 - 36 Infants Dead After GKS's Infanrix Hexa/ 6 Vaccine Doses Given At Once At 6 Weeks Old

27 Dec 2012 - A Plea To The White House For Victims In Illegal Human Experimentation In The United States And 48 Hours Later Still No Response

27 Dec 2012 - Geiers v Maryland - Let the Lawsuits Begin... Geier Family Sues Sleazy Investigator, Prosecutor, And Corrupt/Inept Maryland Board Of Physicians

27 Dec 2012 - Hayley Mills: How I Beat Breast Cancer

27 Dec 2012 - Judge Confirms Oklahoma Can Cut Planned Parenthood Funding [GOOD! Our tax dollars should NOT be paying for this EVIL!]

27 Dec 2012 - Washington Activists Push Bill Again To Force Tax-Funded Abortions [They just will not take NO for an answer. All they want to do is force this form of serial killing and mass murder upon everyone and have our tax dollars pay for it!]

27 Dec 2012 - 1,742 Reports Of Adverse Events After Children Received This Vaccine

27 Dec 2012 - Should I Vaccinate My Child Or Baby? [Has an embedded video on the web page]

27 Dec 2012 - Out Of Control Medicine: Psychoactive Drugs The Preferred Treatment For Bullying In The Workplace?

26 Dec 2012 - Protect Your Children - The AAP And WHO Want To Keep Poisonous Mercury In Vaccines

26 Dec 2012 - Would You Eat Biotech Fish? FDA Approves Genetically Engineered Salmon

26 Dec 2012 - Beware Of Big Brother: 'Rental' Computers Discovered Tracking Users' Locations, Passwords And Private Lives

26 Dec 2012 - New study: Infants Receiving The Most Vaccines Are The Most Likely To Be Hospitalized And Die

26 Dec 2012 - Mainstream Media Avoiding Any Mention Of Link Between Psychiatric Drugs And Violent Shootings

26 Dec 2012 - The Canadian Cancer Society And Neutrogena: Partners

21 Dec 2012 - Belgium To Legalize 'Accelerated Deaths' For Minors And Alzheimer's Pts. [The term "accelerated deaths" is their way of saying MURDER! Murder is still murder no matter what you call it!]

21 Dec 2012 - Public Schools, Violence And Fraud

20 Dec 2012 - Federal Court Reinstates Colleges' Lawsuits Against HHS Mandate

20 Dec 2012 - How Science Can Deceive You About Your Cell Phone [Has an embedded video on the web page]

19 Dec 2012 - Judge Overrules Obama Admin On HHS Mandate

19 Dec 2012 - Christian Colleges Score Win: Court Orders Rewrite Of Birth Control Mandate

19 Dec 2012 - EU Quashes Free Speech In Health Claims

19 Dec 2012 - Do You Know The 5 Powerful Psychological Triggers Your Doctor Uses To Vaccinate Your Child?

19 Dec 2012 - ObamaCare Will Cause Your Pet's Veterinary Bills To Increase

19 Dec 2012 - FDA Sued For Withholding Data On Antibiotic Use In Food Animals

18 Dec 2012 - Domino's Farms Files Lawsuit Against HHS Mandate

18 Dec 2012 - Vaccine Industry In A Panic...Over Pending UN Removal Of Mercury In Vaccine Action

18 Dec 2012 - Neurological Disorder MMF Found To Be Caused By Vaccines: Scientific Proof

17 Dec 2012 - Obama Administration's War On Religion

17 Dec 2012 - ObamaCare Gets Stunning Rebuke From 25 States

17 Dec 2012 - CT School Shooter Killer Link To LIBOR SCANDAL [Has an embedded video on the web page]

17 Dec 2012 - The World Cries With Connecticut: Who Was The Killer's Doctor & What Drugs Was He Taking

17 Dec 2012 - Shady Drug Marketing Is About To Get Shadier: Court Claims Off-Label Marketing Is Protected Speech

17 Dec 2012 - Shrinks Want Children To Get More Screenings: Kids In The Crosshairs [Yet another chance for them to force their poison drugs on children!]

17 Dec 2012 - Doctors: Keep Mercury Compound In Vaccines [These doctors are IDIOTS! Mercury is a poison, and they know it! There is no place in vaccines or any place else for it!]

17 Dec 2012 - Employers, Doctors, ObamaCare, And US Supreme Court Cases

17 Dec 2912 0 CBC Pans Medicare Age Increase

17 Dec 2012 - Obama Working To Reduce Deductions For Charitable Giving

17 Dec 2012 - Vaccine Bombshell: Leaked Confidential Document Exposes 36 Infants Dead After This Vaccine

14 Dec 2012 - New Lies Over Airport Scanners: Privacy Tests May Have Been Faked

13 Dec 2012 - Mother Goes To Court After Fleeing With Seven-Year-Old Son To Avoid Forced Cancer Treatment

13 Dec 2012 - Psychiatry Goes Insane: Every Human Emotion Now Classified As A Mental Disorder In New Psychiatric Manual DSM-5 [Psychiatry is a CULT! Jusr as other cults do, they change their belief systems and what is right and wrong, and try to tell you how to run your life!]

12 Dec 2012 - Free Speech vs. Sound Of Silence

12 Dec 2012 - Federal Court Says Free Speech Protection Applies To Big Pharma Drugs, But Not Nutritional Supplements

12 Dec 2012 - 98 Percent Of Big Tobacco Settlement Money Being Used To Fund Something Other Than Smoking Prevention Programs

11 Dec 2012 - Regent University Supports Lawsuit Against HHS-Abortion Mandate

11 Dec 2012 - Planned Parenthood And The Government v. Religious Liberty And Women's Wellbeing

11 Dec 2012 - Obama: States Must Expand Medicaid To Use ObamaCare Funding

11 Dec 2012 - European Sellouts Reject Study Linking GM Corn To Cancer; Ignore Cold, Hard Facts To Protect Biotech Industry

11 Dec 2012 - Will The Natural Products Association Live Up To Its Name In The Continued Fight For GMO Labeling? [Has an embedded video on the web page]

10 Dec 2012 - Second Circuit Slaps Down FDA With First Amendment

10 Dec 2012 - ObamaCare Increases Medical Costs...For Your Pets

10 Dec 2012 - New York Appeals Court: Federal Government Can Vaccinate Your Children Without Your Consent - Trumps State Laws [PURE INSANITY! The courts should NOT have this kind of power or authority!]

10 Dec 2012 - The Secret History Of The War On Cancer

10 Dec 2012 - Aspartame Emerging Class Action Lawsuit [PDF format] (It will open in a new window)

10 Dec 2012 - The Satanic Elite: American Mind Control And World Government

10 Dec 2012 - CDC Begins Hyping Flu Season Early To Push More Useless Vaccines

07 Dec 2012 - There Is No 'Trust Us' Clause In Constitution: Catholic NY Archdiocese Wins Ruling On HHS Mandate

07 Dec 2012 - Younger Kids More Likely To Get ADHD Meds: Drugging Kids For The Crime Of Being Young

07 Dec 2012 - Dr. Oz Flip Flops As High-Profile Attacks On Organic Food Intensify

07 Dec 2012 - Costa Rica Now Battling Monsanto Over GMO Corn

07 Dec 2012 - FDA Quietly Increases Allowed Radiation Doses Of Meats For Human Consumption

07 Dec 2012 - 8 Quotes From A Cancer Surgeon That Will Set Your Hair On Fire

06 Dec 2012 - Vaccine Myths Unraveling: 600 Percent Increase In Number Of Parents Refusing Vaccinations For Their Children (Australia)

06 Dec 2012 - Florida Man Resists Government Tyranny By Refusing To Uproot Front Yard Garden

06 Dec 2012 - How Drug Company Money Is Undermining Science

05 Dec 2012 - 7 Things That Scare Your Doctor With ObamaCare On The Horizon

05 Dec 2012 - ObamaCare Harms Wal-Mart's Part-Time Associates

05 Dec 2012 - U.N. Treaty Fails In U.S.: Parental Rights Maintained

05 Dec 2012 - GMO Riders Could Be Back In "Fiscal Cliff" Funding Package

05 Dec 2012 - Federal Court Blocks California Reparative Therapy Ban

05 Dec 2012 - The Premises Behind Vaccines Are False [Has an embedded video on the web page]

05 Dec 2012 - Eight-Year-Old Girl To Be Given Forced Vaccinations Against Mother's Will After Court Ruling

04 Dec 2012 - Cheesecake Factory CEO Warns On ObamaCare: 'They'll Be In For A Very Expensive Situation'

04 Dec 2012 - Peru Bans GMO Food, USA Doesn't!

04 Nov 2012 - GM Food Toxins Found In The Blood Of 93% Of Unborn Babies

04 Dec 2012 - Congressional Hearing On Autism-From The Awesome To The Ignorance And Outright Lies

04 Dec 2012 - 11-year-Old Boy Exposes The Truth About Monsanto And Tells Them Where To Shove It [Has an embedded video on the web page]

04 Nov 2012 - Is Michelle Obama's 'Natural Food' Campaign Designed To The Hide The White House Attack On Organic Food?

04 Nov 2012 - GMO Company DuPont Pioneer Bribing Third-Grade Students With 'Seed' Money

04 Nov 2012 - Are You Being Fooled By Your Labels? 50 Percent Of People Falsely Believe 'All Natural' Means No GMOs

04 Dec 2012 - European Environmental Bureau Urges EU States To Ban Amalgam Fillings

03 Dec 2012 - One-Third Of Cancers Found In Mammograms Are Not Life-Threatening, But The Chemo Poisoning Of Women Continues

03 Dec 2012 - Florida Town Passes Ordinance Warning Residents About Dangers Of Cancer-Causing Cell Phones

03 Dec 2012 - Another Health Fraud -- "Fat-Blocking" Soda

30 Nov 2012 - Business Owner Gains Temporary Hold On Mandate

30 Nov 2012 - Censorship Of Web Sites Increasing

30 Nov 2012 - Who Says There Is No Money In Making Vaccines? At Least 5.7 Billion Given To Vaccine Manufacturers In 2011 By US Gov't

30 Nov 2012 - Ohio-Based TriHealth Company Fires 150 Employees For Refusing Deadly Flu Shots

30 Nov 2012 - Files Reveal FDA Took 684 Days To Issue Warning To Deadly Meningitis-Linked Pharmacy

29 Nov 2012 - Five New ObamaCare Taxes Coming January 1

29 Nov 2012 - Biotech Industry Wants Organic Farmers To Pay For GMO Contamination Of Their Own Crops

29 Nov 2012 - Anti-Fluoride Group Submits More Than 35,000 Signatures To Portland In 'Confident' Bid To Force Vote

28 Nov 2012 - Let's End The Prescription Drug Death Epidemic

28 Nov 2012 - Critical First Steps After Cancer Diagnosis! [Has an embedded video on the web page]

28 Nov 2012 - The HPV Vaccine Debate [Has an embedded video on the web page]

28 Nov 2012 - Seven Key Ways Organic Farming Is Superior To Industrial Agriculture

28 Nov 2012 - Maine Farmers Get A Second Chance To Win Court War With Monsanto

28 Nov 2012 - Science Behind Tamiflu Recommendations "Missing In Action" [Has an embedded video on the web page]

27 Nov 2012 - U.S. Supreme Court Orders Review Of HHS Mandate

27 Nov 2012 - Fight Back Against Big Food: How To Boycott All The Brands That Helped Kill Prop. 37

27 Nov 2012 - Doctors Now Charging For Extra Visit When Patients Ask Questions

26 Nov 2012 - 4,250% Increase In Fetal Deaths Reported To VAERS After Flu Shot Given To Pregnant Women

26 Nov 2012 - College Cuts Staff Hours To Avoid ObamaCare Costs

26 Nov 2012 - Chelation Proven To Boost Heart Health: The Heart Helper Being Hidden By The Mainstream

26 Nov 2012 - Another Job-Killing Regulation In ObamaCare

26 Nov 2012 - Homeopathy Dramatically More Effective At Preventing And Treating Whooping Cough Than Allopathic Medicine

21 Nov 2012 - Judge: Obama Admin Can Force Hobby Lobby To Obey HHS Mandate [This judge has no right to make such an order. We must remember what the word of God tells us when we are told to do something that goes against what God has said. "Then Peter and the other apostles answered and said, We ought to obey God rather than men." - Acts 5:29, KJV]

21 Nov 2012 - Judges Offer Conflicting Views On ObamaCare Mandate

21 Nov 2012 - GMO Labeling Fight Moves To Washington State

21 Nov 2012 - Nonprofit Medicine: Is Government About Yo Throw It Under The Bus?

21 Nov 2012 - Organic Farmers Slam Genetically Modified Crop-Friendly USDA Report

21 Nov 2012 - Payback Time! Boycott The Brands That Helped Kill Prop 37

21 Nov 2012 - Medical Evidence Shows That Pregnant Mothers Exposed To Mercury In Vaccines Are More Likely To Have Children With ADHD

21 Nov 2012 - GMOs Plus ObamaCare: Your Ticket To Slavery

21 Nov 2012 - Magnesium Reduces The Risk Of Colon And Pancreatic Cancers In Latest Studies

21 Nov 2012 - The Truth About Eggs - What Commercial Egg Farmers Don't Want You To Know [Has embedded videos on the web page]

21 Nov 2012 - Cancer Trials Can Lack Clear Information On Biopsies

20 Nov 2012 - More States Reject ObamaCare Mandates: Ceding Power To The Feds?

20 Nov 2012 - Many Restaurant Owners Cut Back After ObamaCare

20 Nov 2012 - Bible Publisher Gets Good News On ObamaCare Mandate: A Federal Judge Has Blocked Enforcement Of The Health And Human Services Mandate To Provide Free Insurance Coverage Of Abortion-Causing Pills In ObamaCare

20 Nov 2012 - Fluoride Levels In Bottled Water And Colas

20 Nov 2012 - Food Sickens Millions As Company-Paid Checks Find It Safe

20 Nov 2012 - Take Action Against GE Salmon - Tell The FDA To Ban It Now!

20 Nov 2012 - TSA Faked Body Scanner Images With Photoshop To Falsify Privacy Of Images

20 Nov 2012 - Worker Could be Punished Over Flu Shot

19 Nov 2012 - 'ObamaCare Surcharge' Could Go National

19 Nov 2012 - Five 'ObamaCare' Battles To Watch

19 Nov 2012 - UN Report: Religious Objections To Contraception And Abortifacients Violate Human Rights [More proof as to just how evil, anti-God, immoral and indecent the UN really is!]

19 Nov 2012 - Outrageous False Claim: Frankenscientists Say Purple Medicinal 'GMO' Tomatoes Can Beat Cancer

16 Nov 2012 - How's That ObamaCare Waiver Workin' Out For Ya?

16 Nov 2012 - Dozens Of States Reject Participating In Pro-Abortion ObamaCare

16 Nov 2012 - Health Basics: When Is Organic Still GMO?

15 Nov 2012 - FDA Seeks More Authority Amid Meningitis Outbreak [The FDA has way too much authority as it is and can't even do the job they are suppose to be doing. They DO NOT need more authority, if anything they should have their authority and power taken away!]

15 Nov 2012 - Denny's Plans 5% 'ObamaCare' Surcharge: Restaurant Chain Expects To Cut Employee Hours To Deal With Cost [We do not endorse Denny's or its services, but this is important as it shows how ObamaCare is already causing problems with those who do have jobs and with the economy. And, it will only get worse!]

15 Nov 2012 - Organic Consumers Association Calls For Boycott Of Organic Brand Parent Companies That Helped Defeat Prop 37

15 Nov 2012 - Tyndale Publishers Begin Court Hearing Over Contraception Mandate

15 Nov 2012 - Veterans Just Want Their Benefits For Christmas

15 Nov 2012 - ObamaCare Forces Supporter's Company To Lay Off Workers

15 Nov 2012 - The Big Sellout -- Majority Of Organic Companies Owned By Mega Corporations

15 Nov 2012 - City Of Orlando Threatens Man Who Planted A Front Yard Vegetable Garden

14 Nov 2012 - Harvard Hospital Admits It Promoted Weak Science On Aspartame

14 Nov 2012 - Why Saw Palmetto Doesn't Always Work: Saw Palmetto Not Working? Read This Before You Give Up

14 Nov 2012 - Only Prosecutor Ever To Criminally Charge Planned Parenthood Goes Before Ethics Panel Thursday

14 Nov 2012 - Vaccine Dissenter Ordered To Be Homeschooled: Family Sued School Board Seeking Religious Exemption

13 Nov 2012 - How Do We Get Rid Of ObamaCare? Nullify It!

13 Nov 2012 - 'We Will Defy' Obama's Birth Control Mandate, Says New Nebraska Catholic Bishop

13 Nov 2012 - Papa John's And Applebee's Warn Of ObamaCare Cuts [We do not endorse or support these food establishments, but this does show how ObamaCare is effecting business and will eventually lead to more unemployment and make the economy even more unstable than it is now!]

13 Nov 2012 - Pfizer Resolving Several Lawsuits over Its Drugs [These companies keep breaking the law over and over again, and all they ever get is a slap on the wrist!]

13 Nov 2012 - FDA Finds Insects, Leaky Ceilings At Ameridose [The FDA is now acting on this one, but so many others with the same, if not worse, condition, they allow to keep operating!]

13 Nov 2012 - The Dark Side Of Science - New Video Examines Horrors Of Science Pursued Without Ethics

13 Nov 2012 - Vaccines: Who Assumes The Risks?

13 Nov 2012 - GMO Growing Banned In San Juan County, Washington [Good everywhere should do the same thing!]

13 Nov 2012 - UBC Researchers Advocate HPV Vaccine Scrutiny

13 Nov 2012 - To Stem Mumps Outbreak, Doctors Recommend A Third Vaccination Despite Ineffectiveness Of MMR Vaccine And Lawsuit Claiming Fraud [This is PURE STUPIDITY!]

12 Nov 2012 - Nullify ObamaCare Like Three Other States Already Have

12 Nov 2012 - Huge Fluoride Victory In Wichita: Voters Put Their Foot Down And Say No To The Water Supply Chemical Additive

12 Nov 2012 - Prop 37 Vote-Fraud Update: 3.3 Million Votes Still Uncounted

12 Nov 2012 - Medical Products Company To Pay Feds $30 Million To Settle Lawsuit Over Whistleblower Kickbacks

12 Nov 2012 - Documentary Reveals How The Medical And Pharmaceutical Industry Conspire To Maintain A Failing Business Model [Has an embedded video on the web page]

09 Nov 2012 - 'ObamaCare Is The Law Of The Land': Boehner Says House Will Not Repeal [Has an embedded video on the web page] [The American people have now been betrayed, yet again. The Republican Party, which promised to stand up against ObamaCare at all costs, have made yet another in a long line of compromises and will no longer stand up against and try to stop the outrage and the illegal actions that are violating your health rights and personal freedoms.]

09 Nov 2012 - HHS Mandate Lawsuit Count Reaches Milestone Monday

09 Nov 2012 - New Airport Scanners Offer New Risks: Airport Scanners Get A Dangerous New 'Upgrade'

09 Nov 2012 - Florida Man Fights To Keep Vegetable Garden In Front Yard

08 Nov 2012 - ObamaCare Now In High Gear, Fully Operational In 11 Months

08 Nov 2012 - Montana Approves Parental-Consent Law [GOOD! Children should never be allowed to participate in this form of serial killing and mass murder, especially without parental consent! A child cannot get a piercing without parental permission, a child cannot get a tattoo, yet those who perform abortions want children to get them whenever they want without the knowledge or consent of their parents!]

08 Nov 2012 - Brainwashed Police Prosecute Parents To Protect Vaccines

08 Nov 2012 - Massachusetts Rejects Assisted Suicide Bill [FANTASTIC! All life is sacred and a gift from God! It is NOT up to us to end it!]

08 Nov 2012 - Time Warner Cancels Show That Exposes TSA Thugs And Cancer-Causing Body Scanners

08 Nov 2012 - Real History: Vaccines Not Responsible For Halting Infectious Diseases Of 20th Century

08 Nov 2012 - Total Hypocrisy: Monsanto, Agribusiness And Big Food Companies Spent More Than $45 Million To Kill 'Costly' Prop 37 GMO Labeling Bill

07 Nov 2012 - Most UK Medics Refusing Flu Vaccines - UK's New Chief Medical Officer Resorts To Bullying

07 Nov 2012 - California Rejects Labeling Of GMO Foods

07 Nov 2012 - Young And Old Alike Can Skip The Flu Shot: Another Flu Shot Myth Crumbles

07 Nov 2012 - Fluoride Is Simply A Hazardous Waste! [Has an embedded video on the web page]

07 Nov 2012 - Proposition 37 Appears To Have Failed In California, But GMO Labeling Awareness Achieves Victory

07 Nov 2012 - Children Activists Join The Battle For GMO Food Labeling, Fighting For 'Real Food'

06 Nov 2012 - Healthcare Workers: How To Refuse Mandatory Vaccines And Not Get Fired

06 Nov 2012 - If GMOs Are So Great, Why Don't They Want 'Em Advertised? Vote YES On Prop 37!

06 Nov 2012 - World's Top Alternative Cancer Treatment Experts Unleashed In Free Online Audio Event Beginning November 7th - Register Now To Listen In

06 Nov 2012 - GMO - Their Right To Grow, Our Right To Know [Has an embedded slide show on the web page]

06 Nov 2012 - The Forces Of Evil Prepare To Strike Down Prop 37

06 Nov 2012 - Voters And FBI Put On Alert: Massive Deceptions Found In The No On 37 Campaign, All Documented

06 Nov 2012 - Biggest Diseases Big Pharma Will Continue To Cash In On Over The Next Two Decades

06 Nov 2012 - Analysis Finds Flu Vaccine Efficacy Lacking, As Flu Vaccines Are Suspended Across Europe And Canada [Has an embedded video on the web page]

06 Nov 2012 - GE Cow Brings Biotech To New Level Of Creepy

05 Nov 2012 - Hospital Errors Kill Well Over 180,000 Americans Annually - Why Are Super-Safe Supplements And Natural Health Under Attack?

05 Nov 2012 - Merck Agrees To $220M Settlement Of Mo. Vioxx Suit

05 Nov 2012 - David vs. Monsanto-The Story Of How A Lone Farmer Prevailed Against One Of The Most Powerful Companies On The Planet [Has an embedded video on the web page]

02 Nov 2012 - 2nd Judge Halts Enforcement Of ObamaCare Mandate: Confirms Companies Do Have 1st Amendment Rights

02 Nov 2012 - 'Pinkwashing' Reaches All-Time High As Symbol Of Commercialization, Corruption Of Breast Cancer Industry

01 Nov 2012 - Auto Lighting Company Sues Obama Administration

01 Nov 2012 - Freedom Of School News

01 Nov 2012 - Doctors Now Hitting Patients With Extra Fees If They Ask Too Many Questions

01 Nov 2012 - Study: Roundup And Other Pesticides Directly Linked To Parkinson's, Neurodegenerative Disorders

01 Nov 2012 - How Genetically Engineered Soy Threatens Ecological Stability [Has an embedded video on the web page]

31 Oct 2012 - Breaking News Alert! Dr. Mercola Attacked By Biotech Bullies [It is obvious he is doing the right thing because people hate when you use the truth to expose lie. They hate when the truth exposes them for their lies and fraud, and what they are really all about. Deception, greed, and control. As we find in the Word of God, "If the world hate you, ye know that it hated me before it hated you." (John 15:18 KJV). We must also remember what John 8:32 tells us, "And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." Let us all pray that God Almighty strengthen will strengthen and watch over and guide him through this and all things!] [Has an embedded video on the web page]

31 Oct 2012 - Individual Preparedness, Not Big Government 'Management,' Would Have Helped Those Most In Sandy's Path

31 Oct 2012 - Emergency First Aid Checklist: Herbs, Medicines And Tools For Holistic Medical Safety In Any Crisis

31 Oct 2012 - American Nurses Association Issues Draft Statement Opposing Assisted Suicide/Euthanasia [GOOD!!!]

31 Oct 2012 - Texas Cancer Researchers Resign In Disgust Over Cancer Profiteering, Commercialization

31 Oct 2012 - Chemo 'Benefits' Wildly Over-Hyped By Oncologists; Cancer Patients Actually Believe They Will Be 'Cured' By Poison

31 Oct 2012 - How To Avoid GM Foods When Grocery Shopping

31 Oct 2012 - EU Nations Ban Novartis Influenza Vaccine After Dangerous Proteins Found

30 Oct 2012 - Flu Shots Forced On Healthcare Workers: Doctors And Nurses Told To Get Flu Shots - Or Get Lost

30 Oct 2012 - Safe Gardasil? Don't Bet On It! : True Risks Of HPV Shots Not Shown By New Study

30 Oct 2012 - Household Disaster Preparedness

30 Oct 2012 - TSA Pulls Naked Body Scanners Out Of Key Airports; Still Refuses To Submit To Third-Party Safety Testing

30 Oct 2012 - Chefs Rally Nationwide To Support GMO Labeling, Proposition 37

30 Oct 2012 - Americans Waste $765 Billion On Unnecessary Medical Tests

30 Oct 2012 - CDC Brazenly Tries To Poison All Pregnant Women With Whooping Cough Vaccines That We Know Don't Even Work

30 Oct 2012 - Canadian Officials Deny Science, Declare BPA Chemical 'Safe' After First Claiming It To Be 'Toxic'

30 Oct 2012 - All GM Field Trials In India To Be Stopped

30 Oct 2012 - The Bitter Seeds Of Monsanto's Legacy: Debt, Death, And Global Destruction [Has an embedded video on the web page]

30 Oct 2012 - New York Times And Wall Street Journal Warn That Hospitals Are Killing Us [Has an embedded video on the web page]

30 Oct 2012 - Ignore These Shameless Food "Experts" (Fooling Millions On Dr. Oz): "Expert" Detractors On California Prop 37 Are Shills For Big Biotech [Has an embedded video on the web page]

26 Oct 2012 - Obama Justice Dept. Targets Christian-Owned Businesses

26 Oct 2012 - Family Research Council May Challenge HHS Contraceptive Mandate

26 Oct 2012 - The "Skeptics" Are An Organized "Hate Group"...

26 Oct 2012 - Connecticut Health Care Companies File Racketeering Lawsuit Against SEIU

26 Oct 2012 - Obama Again Falsely Claims Planned Parenthood Does Mammograms

26 Oct 2012 - Are Biotech GMO Corporations Plotting To Steal The Election On Proposition 37?

26 Oct 2012 - Monsanto-Funded 'No On 37' Campaign Fabricates FDA Quote, Engages In Criminal Misconduct

25 Oct 2012 - Democrat Blasts ObamaCare Slavery Of Pro-Life Health Workers

25 Oct 2012 - Italy Bans Novartis Influenza Vaccines [GOOD! Hopefully it stays banned!]

25 Oct 2012 - Massachusetts Pharmacy Dodged Reprimand After Protest [Apparently politics and someone NOT doing their job is the reason behind this whole mess!]

25 Oct 2012 - The American Medical Association Will Soon Be Able To Force People To Enter Experimental Vaccine Trials

25 Oct 2012 - The 5 Biggest Threats To Our Health Freedom

25 Oct 2012 - Natural News Announces Lifetime Boycott Of Chemical Pesticide Companies Opposing GMO Labeling (Prop 37)

25 Oct 2012 - Who Is Michael Taylor, Really? Monsanto, The FDA And A History Of Evil

25 Oct 2012 - Top 10 Ways To Dramatically Reduce Your Daily Exposure To Cancer Causing Agents

25 Oct 2012 - Rice Farmers Suing Drug Company And Poultry Industry For Contaminating Their Crop With Arsenic

24 Oct 2012 - Turnabout: Now The Mainstream Media Reports That Vitamins Can Reduce The Risk Of Cancer

24 Oct 2012 - State Officials Find Problems At Massachusetts Pharmacy

24 Oct 2012 - Government Keeps Medicine In The Dark Ages, Part 3

24 Oct 2012 - Will We Let Industrial Farming Interests Set Us Up for Long-Run Mass Starvation?

24 Oct 2012 - What's Really In Vaccines? Proof Of MSG, Formaldehyde, Aluminum And Mercury

24 Oct 2012 - Popular GMO Watchdog Site Targeted With Cyber Attacks

24 Oct 2012 - Scientist That Discovered GMO Health Hazards Immediately Fired, Team Dismantled

23 Oct 2012 - Vandana Shiva: The Future Of Food - Part 1 [TouTube video]

23 Oct 2012 - FEMA Corps Youth Program Draws "Hitler Youth" Comparisons

23 Oct 2012 - Evangelicals, Catholics File Two More Lawsuits Against Obama Administration

23 Oct 2012 - Roche Investigated For Not Reporting Side Effects [This is what happens when the pharmaceutical companies are allowed to do their own testing!]

23 Oct 2012 - Obama Administration Is Persecuting Government Whistleblowers

23 Oct 2012 - Avon And 5 Hour Energy Team Up For Breast Cancer Pink Washing

23 Oct 2012 - No On Prop. 37 Ads Aim To Scare Voters

23 Oct 2012 - India Prepares To Kick Monsanto To The Curb

23 Oct 2012 - Completely Corrupt Portland City Council Secretly Met With Fluoride Lobbyists Before Voting To Poison Oregonians' Water

23 Oct 2012 - State Cuts Philosophical Objections From Vaccine Exemptions

23 Oct 2012 - Toxic Alert: Herbicide Now Detected In Human Urine [Has an embedded video on the web page]

22 Oct 2012 - Italy: Cellphones Can Cause Brain Tumors, Court Rules

22 Oct 2012 - New York Times Columnist Says 'Stanford Study' Bashing Organics Is Totally Flawed

22 Oct 2012 - New Report Shreds Claims That GE Crops Reduce Pesticide Use [Has an embedded video on the web page]

22 Oct 2012 - The Drugs Don't Work: A Modern Medical Scandal

19 Oct 2012 - How The Flu Shot Can Give You The Flu

19 Oct 2012 - Planned Parenthood Flooded With Calls To Schedule 'Imaginary Mammograms' After Obama Gaffe

19 Oct 2012 - When A Promising Cancer Treatment Was Destroyed

18 Oct 2012 - Chicagoans To Rally In Record Numbers Against ObamaCare HHS Mandate On Saturday: Citizens To Stand Up For Religious Freedom In Third Coast-To-Coast Event On October 20

18 Oct 2012 - Three And Counting: Another State Considers ObamaCare Nullification

18 Oct 2012 - "Anti-Vaccine Movement Causes The Worst Whooping Cough Epidemic In 70 Years"- Oh Really??? [More LIES from the CDC and the other agencies that push their poisons. They will say or do anything in an attempt to silence or discredit those who stand up against their EVIL!]

18 Oct 2012 - Obama Criticized For Misleading Voters On Abortion During Debate

18 Oct 2012 - Journalist Uncovers Dietetics Board Campaign To Limit Speech And Competition

18 Oct 2012 - New Bills Could Limit Access To Natural, Compounded Drugs

18 Oct 2012 - South Africa Publishes Updated GMO Labeling Requirements After Food Producers Violate Law

18 Oct 2012 - Monsanto Tries To Criminalize Saving Seeds, Drags Farmer Into Court

18 Oct 2012 - Typhoid Vaccine A Useless Dud, Health Authorities Admit

18 Oct 2012 - Pharmaceutical Giant Genzyme Withdraws MS Drug In Order To Re-Brand It And Sell At 20 Times The Original Price

18 Oct 2012 - Child Interrogated, Suspended From Public School For Having Kombucha Tea In Lunchbox

18 Oct 2012 - Misdeeds, Not Mistakes, Behind Most Scientific Retractions

16 Oct 2012 - Pelosi On ObamaCare: "We Read The Bill" [More NONSENSE, DOUBLE TALK, and LIES, from those who want to force this EVIL upon all of us!]

16 Oct 2012 - Restrictions On Food Supplements Are Based On Misinformation: An Alert From Europe To The Rest Of The World

16 Oct 2012 - Celebrities Speak Out On GMO Labeling: 'You Can't Handle The Truth About Your Food' [And just what makes these IDIOTS think they know what we can or can't handle and if we can believe the truth or not?]

16 Oct 2012 - New Evidence Demolishes Claims Of Safety And Effectiveness Of HPV Vaccine

15 Oct 2012 - Colorado Healthcare Workers To Be Fired If They Refuse Mandatory Flu Shots

12 Oct 2012 - Healthcare Mandate Not About Saving Lives

12 Oct 2012 - Europe Pulls The Plug On Airport Scanners: Full-Body Scanners Fail Another Test

12 Oct 2012 - YouTube's Double Standard

12 Oct 2012 - Taxpayers Still Paying To 'Destroy Human Life'

12 Oct 2012 - Former Planned Parenthood Clinic Director Slams Obama For Parroting 'Mammogram' Lie

12 Oct 2012 - Exclusive New Organic Spies Video Released: Is Whole Foods Systematically Training Employees To Lie About GMO?

11 Oct 2012 - Alaska Court Affirms Parental Notification [GOOD!]

11 Oct 2012 - Bioethics Panel Urges More Gene Privacy Protection

11 Oct 2012 - Texas Baptist Universities Sue Federal Government Over HHS Mandate [GOOD! Everyone should be doing the same thing against this ungodly and evil mandate!]

11 Oct 2012 - Massachusetts Governor: Drug Firm May Have Misled Regulators [This seems to be the normal thing to do in the pharmaceutical industry! And isn't it amazing how the FDA lets these places do their own testing and never double checks or verifies it themselves!]

11 Oct 2012 - Western vs. Alternative Medicine

11 Oct 2012 - Top 20 Ways To Boost Your Immunity To Colds And Flu Without Using Vaccines

11 Oct 2012 - Web Of Deception: GMO Scientific Safety 'Experts' Have Close Ties To Big Tobacco

11 Oct 2012 - Risperdal Causes Teenage Boy To Grow 'D Cup' Breasts; Judge Lets CEO Of Company Off The Hook Regardless

11 Oct 2012 - More Than 20,000 Portlanders Take Unified Stand Against Water Fluoridation

11 Oct 2012 - Flu Shots Triple Hospitalization Rates In Children - But Don't Expect Any Straight Answers From The Government

11 Oct 2012 - The Modern Food System And The Roots Of Obesity [Has embedded videos on the web page]

10 Oct 2012 - Government Releases Report To Justify FDA Pre-Approval Of Supplement Claims

10 Oct 2012 - Flu Shot Being Forced On Health Workers

10 Oct 2012 - Aspartame Is Dangerous! Why Did The FDA Approve It? [Has an embedded video on the web page]

10 Oct 2012 - Organic" Baby Food May Soon Contain Who-Knows-What

09 Oct 2012 - Is There 'Rationing' In ObamaCare? Undoubtedly

09 Oct 2012 - Study Claiming ObamaCare Would Reduce Abortions Debunked

09 Oct 2012 - Evil Geniuses At Your Dinner Table

09 Oct 2012 - Another Secular Business Sues Obama Administration

09 Oct 2012 - NC Settles Medicaid Fraud Case Against Abbott

09 Oct 2012 - The Vaccine Empire Has Collapsed

09 Oct 2012 - Nonprofit Organizations Exposed: American Dietetic Association And Others In Bed With Monsanto

09 Oct 2012 - Whole Foods Censors The Truth, Hides Undercover GMO Exposure By Pulling Videos From YouTube

09 Oct 2012 - ADD/ADHD: Pharmaceutical vs. Homeopathic Treatment

09 Oct 2012 - Whole Foods Market And GMOs: The Whole Truth?

09 Oct 2012 - LA County Drops Charges Against Rawesome Food Rights Champions Sharon Palmer And Victoria Bloch

09 Oct 2012 - Just Label It - New GMO Labeling Music Video Released By The Health Ranger [Has an embedded video on the web page]

09 Oct 2012 - Why Do Supporters Of Genetically Engineered Foods Insist On Organics For Their Own Families? [Has an embedded video on the web page]

08 Oct 2012 - Company At Center Of Meningitis Outbreak Was Investigated By Massachusetts In 2006

08 Oct 2012 - Secret Papers Reveal Funding Refused To Researchers Looking Into Link Between Chronic Fatigue Syndrome And Vaccinations

08 Oct 2012 - Cures For Cancer - Congress Doesn't Want You To Know

08 Oct 2012 - Whole Foods Caught In GMO Marketing Deception, False Advertising - Here's The Proof

08 Oct 2012 - Monsanto Found Guilty Of Chemical Poisoning In Landmark Case

05 Oct 2012 - Clinics Rush To Warn Patients Of Tainted Steroid

05 Oct 2012 - Obama Admin Sues To Force Arizona Fund Planned Parenthood

05 Oct 2012 - GMO-Pushing 'No On 37' Campaign Forced To Pull TV Ads After Caught Blatantly Lying

05 Oct 2012 - Gary Null Releases 'GMO Ticking Time Bomb' Mini-Documentary: Watch It Here Before It Gets Censored [Has an embedded video on the web page]

05 Oct 2012 - British Healthcare System Now Pushing Pregnant Women To Get Vaccinated For Whooping Cough

04 Oct 2012 - Investigation Reveals Epidemic Of Fraudulent Research By Scientists And Doctors

04 Oct 2012 - Health Exchange Grants Fund 'Propaganda'

04 Oct 2012 - Congress Confirms TSA Is Lawless, Rogue Agency That Endangers The Health And Dignity Of Americans

04 Oct 2012 - Fast Food Companies Succeed In Mind-Controlling An Entire Generation Of Children

04 Oct 2012 - Europe-Wide Ban On Monsanto GM Corn Imminent In Wake Of French Study Linking It To Cancer

04 Oct 2012 - Whole Foods Confirms It Knowingly Sells Products Containing Monsanto's Genetically Modified Corn: Don't Ask, Don't Tell!

04 Oct 2012 - Top 10 Drug Company Settlements

03 Oct 2012 - Physicians And Scientists Call For An End To Fluoridation: Online Video Archive Features Experts Speaking Out In Their Own Words

03 Oct 2012 - Whole Foods Censors Video Exposing Their Pro-GMO Buying Practices

03 Oct 2012 - Obama: Bible Publisher Not 'Religious' : Tyndale House Challenges Mandate To Violate Christian Beliefs

03 Oct 2012 - YouTube Censors 'Organic Spies' Video Exposing Whole Foods Employees Lying About GMOs

03 Oct 2012 - Rid The Body Of Dangerous Bt-Toxin Found In Genetically Modified Food With These Tips

03 Oct 2012 - City Of Toronto Destroys Free Community Food Garden, Replaces It With Useless Grass

03 Oct 2012 - Monsanto Enters Pharmaceutical Business, Acquires Key 'Gene Silencing' Technology For Use In Humans [Looks like they are now planning on playing at being God on the human level! BEWARE!!!]

03 Oct 2012 - Influenza Deaths: The Hype vs. The Evidence [Has an embedded video on the web page]

03 Oct 2012 - Obesity Epidemic Not Due To High Fructose Corn Syrup?

02 Oct 2012 - Judge Dismisses Suit: HHS Mandate No Threat To Religious Freedom [This judge is either stupid or an idiot or both! It is a clear violation of Biblical teaching!]

02 Oct 2012 - Occupy Monsanto Goes To The Home Of Monsanto

02 Oct 2012 - Are You Concerned Over Genetically Modified Vaccines? [Has an embedded video on the web page]

01 Oct 2012 - ObamaCare Fines Kick In

01 Oct 2012 - The Flu Vaccine: More Hype Than Substance?

01 Oct 2012 - Fluoridation Battle Engulfs Wichita, Kansas - Part 3

01 Oct 2012 - Opening The Gates Wide To Population Control Abuse

01 Oct 2012 - The Anti-GMO Way: Modern Corn Was Created Through Thousands Of Generations Of Selective Breeding By Indigenous Mesoamericans

01 Oct 2012 - Mainstream Media Called Out For Complete Blackout On GMO Health Risks

01 Oct 2012 - Drug Companies Pushing To Replace Nutrition With Pharmaceuticals; Take Your Meds Even If You Have No Symptoms

01 Oct 2012 - The Racket That Is Big Pharma

01 Oct 2012 - Russia Completely Suspends Use Of Monsanto's GM Corn

01 Oct 2012 - How Vaccine Policy & Law Threatens Parental Rights In America [Has an embedded video on the web page]

28 Sep 2012 - New Jersey Legislature Introduces Physician-Assisted Suicide Bill [Suicide is self-murder. All this bill does is open the door to doctor assisted self-murder. So whatever happened to the Hippocratic Oath where is says to do no harm...period!?]

28 Sep 2012 - Man Awarded Over $7 Million For Microwave Popcorn-Induced Lung Damage

27 Sep 2012 - Updated List Identifies Corporate Supporters Of Planned Parenthood

27 Sep 2012 - Nearly Every Major Drug Company Convicted Of Criminal Behavior In Three-Year, $11 Billion Sweep

27 Sep 2012 - Whole Foods Knowingly Engages In Massive GMO Deception, Says Undercover Video By 'Organic Spies' [Has an embedded video on the web page]

27 Sep 2012 - Russia Bans All GM Corn Imports; EU May Also Ban Monsanto GMO In Wake Of Shocking Cancer Findings

27 Sep 2012 - Yet More Studies Link Fluoride To Brain Damage

27 Sep 2012 - 50 Countries Label Genetically Engineered Foods - When Will Americans Have The Right To Know And Choose? [Has an embedded video on the web page]

26 Sep 2012 - Religious Exemptions To Vaccines Are Life Or Death Rights

26 Sep 2012 - Sources Of Lead You Might Not Know Of! [Has an embedded video on the web page]

26 Sep 2012 - Romney's First Project With Bain In 1977: Help Propel Monsanto

26 Sep 2012 - Lawyer Warns Of Fluoride Class Action In Seattle

26 Sep 2012 - The Fluoride Scam (Opinion)

26 Sep 2012 - Aspartame: Safety Approved In 90 Nations, But Damages The Brain [It mentions that the two amino acids in aspartame are building blocks of life but did fail to say they are two amino acids you can't isolate. Aspartic acid is an excitotoxin and phenylalanine is a neurotoxin. The molecule breaks down to diketopiperazine, a brain tumor agent. Aspartame is in at least 100 countries of the world and the government organizations say its safe even though it destroys the brain, the optic nerve, immune system and central nervous system, and has been proven. It also ravages every organ in the body. Dr. Bill Deagle says because of its ubiquitous nature in food is more dangerous than depleted uranium. The Trocho Study shows that the formaldehyde converted from the free methyl alcohol embalms living tissue and damages DNA. Dr. Maria Alemany who did this study says aspartame will kill 200 million people. Has it already? Aspartame was rubberstamped around the world after it was marketed due to the political chicanery of Don Rumsfeld after the FDA tried to have the manufacturer indicted for fraud and revoked the petition for approval. Be sure to see "Sweet Misery: A Poisoned World" (contact for movie: Dr. B. Martini, D.Hum.] [Has embedded videos on the web page]

25 Sep 2012 - NY Schools Give Teens Plan B Behind Parents' Backs: Catholic Cardinal Dolan Says 'Tragic And Misguided'

25 Sep 2012 - NYC Parents Sign Off On Aspirin But Not Morning-After Pills Given Out At Schools

25 Sep 2012 - Govt. Officials Allowed Billions In Medicaid Overpayments For New York

25 Sep 2012 - Receivers Of Flu Vaccine More Likely To Catch H1N1 Virus, New Study Finds

25 Sep 2012 - Eight-Year-Old Girl Battles Ovarian Cancer Before Ever Hitting Puberty: Are Vaccines, Hormones, And GMOs To Blame?

25 Sep 2012 - Harvard Now Ridiculously Insists That Fluoride Only Lowers IQ Levels Outside The United States

25 Sep 2012 - Surprise! Corn Syrup Is Playing Hide-And-Seek

25 Sep 2012 - The Fluoride Debate Heats Up And Finally Gets Some Media Attention [Has an embedded video on the web page]

24 Sep 2012 - Natural Vaccination Alternatives For You And Your Kids

24 Sep 2012 - Dangerous Banned Vaccine Repackaged And Given New Name

24 Sep 2012 - New Mandate For Healthcare Workers - Get Vaccinated Or Lose Your Job

24 Sep 2012 - Pregnant Rape Victims: Quit Assuming We Want an Abortion

24 Sep 2012 - Pink Slime Beef Producer Sues ABC News For $1.2 Billion Over Report Exposing Sickening Beef Industry Practices

21 Sep 2012 - Genetic Roulette Movie [Has an embedded video on the web page]

21 Sep 2012 - Portland Citizens Vow To Fight Back Against Water Fluoridation

21 Sep 2012 - The GMO Debate Is Over; GM Crops Must Be Immediately Outlawed; Monsanto Halted From Threatening Humanity

21 Sep 2012 - Monsanto, Pesticide Companies Have Now Spent More Than $19 Million To Kill Prop. 37

21 Sep 2012 - Natural Products Association Allows GMOs In Its Certified Natural Products

21 Sep 2012 - GMO Rice Illegally Tested On Chinese Children As Part Of US-Backed Research Project?

20 Sep 2012 - CBO Confirms, ObamaCare To Tax Millions Of Middle-Class Americans

20 Sep 2012 - Tax Penalty To Hit Nearly 6M Uninsured People

20 Sep 2012 - French Study Finds Tumours In Rats Fed GM Corn

20 Sep 2012 - Tell The NPA To Stop Putting The "Natural" Seal On Products That Contain GMOs!

20 Sep 2012 - Organic Consumers Calls On Natural Products Association To Stop Putting Their 'Natural' Seal On Products That Contain GMOs

20 Sep 2012 - Portland, Oregon Votes To Poison Its Citizens With Toxic Fluoride Chemicals

19 Sep 2012 - Millions In Taxpayer Money Used To Place ObamaCare Propaganda In TV Shows

19 Sep 2012 - New Jersey Joins National Trend, Seeks Restrictions On Vaccine Exemptions

19 Sep 2012 - What Exactly Are GMOs And Why Should They Be Labeled?

18 Sep 2012 - Missouri School Challenges 'Restrictive' ObamaCare Mandate

18 Sep 2012 - College Head Calls ObamaCare 'Gov't At Its Worst;' Declares Lawsuit

18 Sep 2012 - FDA Approved Vaccine With Autism And SIDS Listed As Adverse Events, Vaccine Safety Website Removes Information

18 Sep 2012 - Public Library Censors Nutritional Research: U.S. National Library Of Medicine Is Biased And Taxpayers Pay For It

18 Sep 2012 - Bad Science Busted: New 'Study' From UC Davis About Costs Of GMO Labeling Funded By Biotechnology Industry

18 Sep 2012 - Unraveling Food Industry Lies - Your Meat Is Held Together By 'Meat Glue'

18 Sep 2012 - TSA Naked Body Scanners Could Prove Extra Harmful To Women With BRCA Gene

18 Sep 2012 - Mind-Boggling Report: How Many Drug Prescriptions Written In The US Every Year?

18 Sep 2012 - Why Does Conventional Medical Treatment Lead To Chronic Illness?

18 Sep 2012 - The Latest Sneak Attacks In A Coordinated Effort To Eliminate Vaccine Exemptions

17 Sep 2012 - City Prepares To Outlaw First Amendment

17 Sep 2012 - Monsanto Supported GMO Labeling In Europe, But Not In US

17 Sep 2012 - Big Pharma Pushes Doctors To Overprescribe Drugs, Study Finds

17 Sep 2012 - Agricultural Giant Cargill And Others Behind Anti-Organic 'Stanford Study'

17 Sep 2012 - Organic Foods Are Safer And Healthier Than Conventional... True Or False? [Has an embedded video on the web page]

14 Sep 2012 - Missouri Victorious Over HHS Mandate As Conscience-Protection Veto Override Passes

14 Sep 2012 - Hobby Lobby: First Evangelical-Led Business Files Lawsuit Against HHS Mandate

14 Sep 2012 - Christian Retail Owners Fight $1.3 Million-Per-Day HHS Mandate Fine In Court

14 Sep 2012 - Vancouver Researcher Finds Flu Shot Is Linked To H1N1 Illness [More PROOF on why you should NOT get a flu shot]

14 Sep 2012 - New Fluoride Campaign Is Built On Lies: Healthy Teeth Don't Need Fluoride

12 Sep 2012 - EPA Threatens Foundation Of U.S. Economy

12 Sep 2012 - Mothers Shouldn't Have To Protect Their Children From Medical Overtreatment

12 Sep 2012 - Our GMO Boycott Is Changing

12 Sep 2012 - Announcing UK Government Considering Mandatory Whooping Cough Vaccine For Newborns

12 Sep 2012 - The $3 Billion Human Genome Project Was Supposed To Find The Root Causes Of All Diseases, But Turned Out To Be A Scientific Boondoggle

12 Sep 2012 - Michelle Obama Launches New Supermarket Shopping Guide, But No Mention Of GMO, Aspartame, MSG

12 Sep 2012 - CDC Pushing Yet More Disease Paranoia Over Hantavirus Pandemic From Mouse Droppings

12 Sep 2012 - Scotts Miracle-Gro Busted For Illegally Using Pesticides On Its Bird Seed, Falsifying Documents And Killing Wild Birds

11 Sep 2012 - GoDaddy Attack Likely A Psyop To Discredit Anonymous While Pushing Cyber Security Executive Order [When you control the Internet and have a switch to turn it off, then you can control the real news and information that people need!]

11 Sep 2012 - New Book, Planned Bullyhood, Exposes Planned Parenthood's Shakedown Of Cancer Group Susan G. Komen For The Cure

11 Sep 2012 - 30 Stunning Facts They Don't Want You To Know About Gardasil And HPV Vaccines

11 Sep 2012 - Unraveling Food Industry Lies - Your Chicken Is Full Of Liquid Fillers And Chemicals

11 Sep 2012 - Find A Compassionate Doctor To Help You Prevent Vaccine Injuries [Has an embedded video on the web page]

11 Sep 2012 - CDC Preparing For New Swine Flu - Should You?

10 Sep 2012 - Vitamin C For Whooping Cough. Updated Edition. Suzanne Humphries, MD

10 Sep 2012 - Utah Jury Orders Drug Companies To Pay Woman $5M

10 Sep 2012 - Hospital Leaders, Clinicians Misjudge Care Quality

10 Sep 2012 - Report: US Health Care System Wastes $750B A Year

10 Sep 2012 - Unraveling Food Industry Lies - Your Salmon And Meat Are Artificially Dyed To Look More Appealing

10 Sep 2012 - Is It Possible To Eat Healthy On A Food Stamp Budget?

05 Sep 2012 - New Junk Science Study Dismisses Nutritional Value Of Organic Foods

05 Sep 2012 - USDA Offers The Biotech Industry Blanket Immunity For Contaminating Organic Crops

05 Sep 2012 - 'No On 37' Campaign Against GMO Labeling Exposed As Complete Fraud

05 Sep 2012 - Vaccine Pusher Paul Offit Wants To Take Away Your Vaccine Exemption Rights

05 Sep 2012 - Manhattan Next Urban Area To Be Mass-Sprayed With Pesticides In West Nile Propaganda Circus

05 Sep 2012 - New Charges Of Fraud On Heels Of Abbott's $1.5 Billion Plea Agreement

04 Sep 2012 - Measles Vaccine Likely Caused Death Of Four Infants In Nepal, Authorities Say [Of course the CDC will come up with some lame excuse, as they always do, and say that their vaccine was safe and did not cause the deaths!]

04 Sep 2012 - We're "Anti-Vaxers" Because We Don't Have A Choice

04 Sep 2012 - Zombified Government Workers And Regulation Enforcers Use These 'Obedience Phrases' To Demand Your Compliance

04 Sep 2012 - Flawed Organic Foods Study Really Just A Media Psyop To Confuse The Public About Organics While Pushing GMOs

04 Sep 2012 - Study That Sought To Disparage Health Of Eggs Was Authored By Scientists With Financial Ties To Big Pharma

04 Sep 2012 - 50 Years Too Late... Thalidomide Drug Maker Issues An 'Apology' To Victims

04 Sep 2012 - Mainstream Media Begins Questioning Safety Of Fluoride

04 Sep 2012 - EPA Changes Rules To Allow More Toxic Cleaning Chemicals In Mainstream Food

30 Aug 2012 - Aspartame Awareness Month - September 2012

30 Aug 2012 - At Last! Government Documents Locked Up For 30 Years Proving This Vaccine Unsafe Finally Revealed

30 Aug 2012 - How 'Wellness' Will Make You Sick

30 Aug 2012 - Maryland Board - Eight Minutes, Fourteen Seconds...

30 Aug 2012 - Pfizer Caught Running Global Bribery Network

30 Aug 2012 - Carcinogenic Hexavalent Chromium Found In One-Third Of California's Drinking Water, CDPH Sued By Environmentalists

30 Aug 2012 - The Last Antibiotic: Drug Companies Run Out Of Weapons Against The Very Same Superbugs They Helped Create

30 Aug 2012 - An Urgent Message From Ronnie Cummins - Proposition 37: The United States' First GMO Labeling Law [Has an embedded video on the web page]

30 Aug 2012 - Why Have Antipsychotic Prescriptions In Children Skyrocketed?

29 Aug 2012 - This Pharma Company Admits To $2 Million In Bribes To Government And Health Officials

29 Aug 2012 - Ooh, Scary! USDA Wants To Protect Us From Raw Almonds

29 Aug 2012 - More Veterans Being Illegally Detained For 'Thought Crimes'

29 Aug 2012 - Shock discovery: Bacteria Found In Public Water Comes From The Treatment Filters, Not From The Water Source

29 Aug 2012 - Since 1950, Reliable Research Has Been Suppressed To Keep Americans In The Dark About Trans-Fatty Acids Causing Cancer And Heart Attacks

29 Aug 2012 - Obama And Romney Both Adore The Third Leading Cause Of Death In America

29 Aug 2012 - Where's The Evidence Proving TSA's Backscatter Scanners Are Safe?

27 Aug 2012 - In Vaccines We Trust? Paul Offit Threatens Religious And Philosophical Vaccine Exemptions. A Response By Suzanne Humphries, MD

27 Aug 2012 - Your Child's Next "Pain-Free" Vaccines-By Mail?

27 Aug 2012 - Medical Reporters Are Destroying Our Knowledge About Medicine

27 Aug 2012 - Portland, Oregon To Spend $5 Million To Poison Its Residents With Toxic Fluoride

27 Aug 2012 - Home Remedies And Homeopathic Solutions For The Prevention And Treatment Of West Nile And Other Flu-Like Viruses

24 Aug 2012 - Labor Unions Oppose Mandatory Flu Shots As AMA Cherry-Picks Ethics To Endorse Vaccine Mandates

24 Aug 2012 - More Christian Colleges Sue Over Contraceptive Mandate

24 Aug 2012 - How To Minimize Exposure To Aerial And Ground Spraying Of Pesticides

24 Aug 2012 - West Nile: They're Lying To You Again

24 Aug 2012 - Milk Myth Busted: There Are Far Better Sources Of Calcium For Strong Bones

24 Aug 2012 - Parents Of Cymbalta Suicide Victim Can Sue Drug Maker For Deceit And Failure To Warn, Court Rules

23 Aug 2012 - ObamaCare Sued By 'Best Place To Work For Women' To Stop Forced Group Insurance Coverage For Abortifacients, Sterilization, And Contraception

23 Aug 2012 - Gently Detox With 4 Superfoods To Remove Toxins From Chem Trails, Heavy Metals, Noxious Chemicals, Pesticides, Drugs, GMO By-Products

23 Aug 2012 - The Hidden "Cancer-Trigger" You Probably Swallow Every Day

22 Aug 2012 - A Parent's Guide: What To Do If Your Child Dies After Vaccination

22 Aug 2012 - The Great Organic Deceivers

22 Aug 2012 - 'Fetal Flaw': The New Eugenics Rising

22 Aug 2012 - Monsanto Shells Out $4.2 Million To Sabotage California GMO Labeling Initiative

22 Aug 2012 - Online Farmers' Market Etsy Accuses Grandmother Soap Makers Of Selling 'Illegal Drugs,' Launches Snitch Program

22 Aug 2012 - Johnson & Johnson Owns Up To Deadly Formaldehyde-Containing Products In Wake Of Bacteria Scandal

22 Aug 2012 - Despite Health Risks, Two New Weight Loss Drugs Get FDA Approval [Even more proof that the FDA does NOT care about anyone's health!]

22 Aug 2012 - Just Say "No" If Your Doctor Recommends This "Less Costly" Option [Has an imbedded video on the web page]

21 Aug 2012 - Deadly Teflon Chemical - Decades Of Cover-Ups

20 Aug 2012 - ObamaCare Law Designed To Unionize 21 Million Health Care Workers

20 Aug 2012 - Vaccine Research Creating Virulent Strains

20 Aug 2012 - False Accusations of Child Abuse After Vaccine Induced Injuries Destroys Families

20 Aug 2012 - FDA Caught Running 'Paranoid, Retaliatory' Institutionalized Spying Ring

20 Aug 2012 - Dr. Russell Blaylock Exposes Criminal Fraud Of Gardasil, HPV Vaccinations

20 Aug 2012 - The Culture Of Cover Up In The Drug Industry Means It Is Not The Place To Invest

20 Aug 2012 - Google Shopping Blocks All Vitamins And Natural Products - Glitch Or Deliberate Censorship?

20 Aug 2012 - War On Health: The FDA's Cult Of Tyranny [Has an embedded video on the web page]

20 Aug 2012 - Consumers For Dental Choice Shakes Up The Debate On Dental Mercury [Has an embedded video on the web page]

17 Aug 2012 - Medical Group Denies Babies Human Until Birth: Canada's Largest Association Of Doctors Attempting To Stonewall Looming Abortion Debate [Let's try a little bit of logic and common sense. If the mother is human and if the father is human, then the unborn child is also human. What don't they understand?]

17 Aug 2012 - Federal Government Hoarding Meat Stocks In Response To Drought - Food Shortages For The Rest Of Us?

17 Aug 2012 - Destroying Children With The Cloak Of ADHD - Parents Need To Pay Attention

16 Aug 2012 - We Are Woman Rally, ObamaCare Mandate Represent War On Women's Health

16 Aug 2012 - Monsanto Gives $4.2 Million To Kill California GMO Labeling

16 Aug 2012 - Vaccine Campaigns Getting Desperate

16 Aug 2012 - 55-Year-Old Former Model Battles Breast Cancer With Diet Changes; Refuses Chemo And Surgery

16 Aug 2012 - Will Congress Grant Biotech Companies Immunity From Federal Law?

15 Aug 2012 - Agent Orange Soy: Just Another Day At USDA

15 Aug 2012 - The Most Damning Vaccination Study Not Publicly Disclosed To Date

15 Aug 2012 - Eli Lilly Admits To More Than $200 Million Dollars Worth Of Doctor Payoffs

15 Aug 2012 - FDA Drug Reviewer: 'One Manager Threatened My Children'

14 Aug 2012 - Does Anybody Still Believe Slam Pieces On Dietary Supplements?

14 Aug 2012 - Let's All Do Exactly What Consumer Reports Tells Us To

14 Aug 2012 - Your Child Does NOT Have To Be Vaccinated To Attend School, Here's Why

14 Aug 2012 - Total Assault On Medical Free Speech As British Authorities Threaten Vaccine-Autism Website Over Its Content

14 Aug 2012 - Manufacturers Bow To Demand For Healthier Cereals, But Increase Marketing Of Sugary Options To Children

13 Aug 2012 - Time To Start Paying For Our 'Free' ObamaCare

13 Aug 2012 - Fact: Vaccinations Are Killing Our Kids

13 Aug 2012 - ObamaCare Mandate: Sterilize 15-Year-Old Girls For Free--Without Parental Consent [PURE INSANITY!!!]

13 Aug 2012 - CBO: ObamaCare May Leave 29 Million Without Health Insurance

13 Aug 2012 - Court Forces Chemo On Eight-Year-Old Minnesota Girl Despite Family's Desire To Use Alternative Medicine

13 Aug 2012 - Unraveling Food Industry Lies - That Expensive Kobe Beef Isn't Genuine

13 Aug 2012 - Shocking Story Reveals How The FDA Is Recklessly Abandoning Drug Safety

10 Aug 2012 - Man Sentenced To 30 Days For Catching Rain Water On Own Property Enters Jail

09 Aug 2012 - Breaking News - Gardasil Vaccine rDNA Introduced At Coroner's Inquest

09 Aug 2012 - Government Report Links Thimerosal Laden Vaccines To Neurological Disorders

09 Aug 2012 - The Death Star Arrives

09 Aug 2012 - Planned Parenthood, NARAL 'Thrilled' HHS Mandate Is Now Law

09 Aug 2012 - The Stranglehold That The UK 1939 Cancer Act Exerts In Great Britain

09 Aug 2012 - The Battle Over Genetically Modified Organisms

08 Aug 2012 - Another Hatchet Job From Consumer Reports

08 Aug 2012 - Missouri Residents Vote On Religious Freedom Amendment Today

08 Aug 2012 - Google Complies With FDA Demands To Secretly Disable Adwords Accounts Of Nutritional Detox Companies

08 Aug 2012 - There Is 'No Safe Dose Of Radiation' From TSA Naked Body Scanners

08 Aug 2012 - European Commission Report Recommends Phasing Out Dental Amalgam

08 Aug 2012 - City Officials Are Waging A War On Gardens

07 Aug 2012 - The Games Grown Men Play

07 Aug 2012 - Medical Establishment Too Dysfunctional To Correct Simple Problems

06 Aug 2012 - ObamaCare's Sacrifice Of Religious Freedom

06 Aug 2012 - ObamaCare To Create Big Brother, Says Lawmaker

06 Aug 2012 - Komen For The Cure Caught In Mammography Propaganda Fraud; Scientists Blast Agenda Of Deception

06 Aug 2012 - War On Home Gardens - Canada Town Outlaws Food Self-Sufficiency

06 Aug 2012 - EPA Violated 10th Amendment And State Rights - Virginia Coalition Files Federal Suit Over Unconstitutional Rain Water Collection Mandate

06 Aug 2012 - Doctors' Woeful Lack Of Training About Nutrition Dooms Millions To Early Graves

03 Aug 2012 - Obamacare Pro-Abortion Mandate Now In Effect

03 Aug 2012 - Depopulation 'IS' The Big Plan

03 Aug 2012 - Wheaton College Fights HHS Mandate

03 Aug 2012 - Mainstream Media Pushes Malicious Fluoride Lie: Fluoride-Free Bottled Water Is Harming Children, They Claim!

02 Aug 2012 - Why A Major Food Organization Is Teaming Up With Monsanto And Friends To Block Your Right To Know What's In Your Food

02 Aug 2012 - 6 Ingredients You May Not Want In Your Food

02 Aug 2012 - More Massive Conflict Of Interest In Drug Industry: Collusion Between Pharmaceutical Industry And Government Deepens

01 Aug 2012 - Pelosi: ObamaCare Is "About Life, Liberty And The Pursuit Of Happiness"... HUH? [Is she really this stupid, or does she think we are that stupid, or both?]

01 Aug 2012 - Rationing Begins: States Limiting Drug Prescriptions

01 Aug 2012 - Defunding The Education Thugs

01 Aug 2012 - Thanks, ObamaCare: Doctor Shortages, Jobs Destroyed, Coverage Dropped

01 Aug 2012 - Will Those Sneaky GMO Amendments Pass Because Of An Underhanded Maneuver?

01 Aug 2012 - The Backlash Against Backscatter

01 Aug 2012 - 30 Years Of Secret, Official Transcripts Prove Vaccine Schedules In US And UK Are Based On Government Lies

31 July 2012 - Record Number Of Mass. Kindergartners Skip Vaccines [Has an embedded video on the web page]

31 July 2012 - Vaccines: What Your Doctors Know And Don't Know

31 July 2012 - Leading Pro-Abortion Activist Appointed Head Of Ireland's Health Service

31 July 2012 - The Truth About 'Morning-After Pills'

31 July 2012 - Oregon Criminalizes Permaculture; Claims State Ownership Over All Rainwater - Ponds And Swales Restricted - Jail Time For Violators

31 July 2012 - Almost One In Ten Employers To Drop Health Insurance Coverage Under ObamaCare

31 July 2012 - Why Does Monsanto Always Win?

31 July 2012 - Bill Gates Leveraged Philanthropy: Corporate Profit Versus Humanity

30 July 2012 - Score One For Religious Freedom

30 July 2012 - Olympics Kick Off With Tribute To Socialized Medicine

30 July 2012 - Liberal Media Fabricate Another 'Scandal'

30 July 2012 - Abortion: A Symptom Of The Real Problem Of Our Nation

30 July 2012 - One Of Many Reasons To Defund Planned Parenthood

30 July 2012 - Polypill Is The Four-In-One Drug You DON'T Need: The Four-In-One Drug That's Four Times As Risky

30 July 2012 - Monsanto Defrauded GM Corn Field Workers, Lawsuit Claims

30 July 2012 - Urgent - If You Want To keep Taking Supplements [Has an embedded video on the web page]

27 July 2012 - Hey, Mr. Obama: Prescription Drugs Kill 6200% More Americans Than Homicidal Shootings

27 July 2012 - Emergency Effort Against HHS Mandate

27 July 2012 - Vaccines: How Would You Like The Truth For A Change?

27 July 2012 - Public Vigil Red Alert: Raw Milk Advocate James Stewart Seized By Armed Bounty Hunters Driving Unmarked Vehicles With No Plates

27 July 2012 - Did You Know That 'Natural' Foods Can Still Contain GMOs? The Main Difference Between 'Organic' And 'Natural'

27 July 2012 - The Myth Of A Safer Hospital Birth For Low-Risk Pregnancies

25 July 2012 - Help Repeal ObamaCare - Act Now (H.R.6079)

25 July 2012 - Lawsuit Filed Against VA [Good! The VA is extremely slow with cases and has a habit of "losing" and "misplacing" paperwork a lot of the time!]

25 July 2012 - Pregnancy Center Founder Comments On Appeals Court Decision

25 July 2012 - Top Ten Reasons To Avoid Your Doctor

24 July 2012 - Session 22, The Vaccine Safety Conference: Dr. Russell Blaylock, MD, CCN [YouTube video]

24 July 2012 - Pharmaceutical Drugs Are 62,000 Times More Likely To Kill You Than Supplements

23 July 2012 - How To Sell Drugs to Children - GlaxoSmithKline & Shrinks for Sale

23 July 2012 - UNICEF Kills Malnourished African Children With Vaccines And Calls It A Coincidence - The Zimbabwean [The "it is just a coincidence" phrase is their routine line to use whenever any and all side-effects are documented and reported]

23 July 2012 - Post-Vaccination Deaths Spark Debate On Side-Effects - Times Of India

23 July 2012 - Americans Fight For Freedom Of Conscience

23 July 2012 - Whooping Cough Cases On Rise, New York Urges Vaccinations [More inaccurate information so they can push their poisons! Note the word "confirmed" is never mentioned near the word "cases"]

23 July 2012 - FDA Caught Spying On Its Own Scientists To Muzzle Whistleblowers

23 July 2012 - Australian Woman Wins Multi-Million Dollar Payout From Thalidomide Drug Distributor Diageo

20 July 2012 - Unholy Trinity: Monsanto, Big Pharmacy, New World Order

20 July 2012 - Pro-Lifers Are "Hostile" For Wanting To Protect Babies?

20 July 2012 - Health basics - Why You Should Always Choose Organic

19 July 2012 - Wheaton College, Catholic University Jointly Sue Over Birth Control Mandate

19 July 2012 - House Committee Moves Fetal Pain Legislation Forward

19 July 2012 - NEJM Editor: "No Longer Possible To Believe Much Of Clinical Research Published"

19 July 2012 - FBI Questions Pro-Life Advocate

19 July 2012 - Power-Hungry American Dietetic Association Attempting To Criminalize Nutritional Consulting In All 50 State

19 July 2012 - Seven Questions To Ask Your Dentist If You Want To Reduce Dental Toxins

18 July 2012 - Interview With A Planned Parenthood Worker [Has an embedded video on the web page]

18 July 2012 - Homeschool Organization Warns About Imminent U.S. Passage Of UN Treaty

18 July 2012 - Alternative Media Blows The Lid On Big Pharma's Massive Bribery Network

18 July 2012 - Company Tries To Claim Intellectual Property Ownership Over Children's Exercises Like 'Leap Frog' [This is crazy!]

18 July 2012 - Federal Government Routinely Denies Medical Claims To Injured, Disabled Veterans

17 July 2012 - U.S. Government & Whistleblowers Sue Merck About Falsely Certified Mumps Vaccine

17 July 2012 - Pro-Life Leaders: Obama's FBI Is Gathering Intelligence On The Pro-Life Movement [Has an embedded video on the web page]

17 July 2012 - Obama Administration Bypasses Third State

17 July 2012 - Exclusive: Glaxo Whistleblower Goes Public With Shocking Details Of Bribery, Marketing Fraud And Other Pharma Crimes

17 July 2012 - FDA Caught Spying On E-Mails Of Its Own Scientists In Huge Surveillance Operation

17 July 2012 - Science Proves That Cranberries Stop Urinary Tract Infections, But It's Still Illegal To Say So

16 July 2012 - ObamaCare's Medicaid Like Giving Discounted Tickets On The Titanic

16 July 2012 - Top 10 ObamaCare Taxes Coming Your Way

16 July 2012 - Harry Reid Blocks Senate ObamaCare Repeal Vote

16 July 2012 - In Coma Da 24 Anni Per Errore Medico Risarcimento Record Da 1,8 Milioni [This page is in Italian - Another Italy ruling Tetanus/Diphtheria Vaccine caused coma]

16 July 2012 - 9 Questions That Stump Every Pro-Vaccine Advocate And Their Claims

16 July 2012 - Merck's Fake Mumps Vaccine Uses Animal Parts: Protocol 007! [Has an embedded video on the web page]

16 July 2012 - The Tragedy Of Miscarriage And Abortion 'Rights'

16 July 2012 - FDA Spied On Its Own Scientists As Part Of A Massive Witch Hunt

16 July 2012 - Dietetic Association's Latest Power Grab

16 July 2012 - 'Monsanto Protection Act' To Grant Biotech Industry Total Immunity Over GM Crops?

13 July 2012 - SS, The IRS And ObamaCare

13 July 2012 - Senate Considers Adopting U.N Measure Regarding Disabled People

13 July 2012 - Isn't Your Baby's Life Worth More Than $250,000?

13 July 2012 - Idaho News Broadcast: Vaccines Causes SIDS

13 July 2012 - Doctors, Women Increasingly Dislike ObamaCare

13 July 2012 - 'Nourishing Our Children' Documentary Blows Away Illusions About Processed Food Vs. Traditional Diets

12 July 2012 - Congressional Bill Would Gut Pro-Abortion HHS Mandate

12 July 2012 - ObamaCare Repealed!!! Again..... [Has an embedded video on the web page]

12 July 2012 - House Votes To Repeal Pro-Abortion, Pro-Rationing ObamaCare

12 July 2012 - Get 'Em While They're Young: Biotech Industry Organizes Brainwashing Campaign For American Youth On The Marvels Of GMOs

12 July 2012 - Neurosurgeon Issues Public Challenge To Vaccine Zealots: Inject Yourselves With All Shots You Say Children Should Get!

12 July 2012 - 92 Percent Of Americans Want The FDA To Label GMO Foods - Sign This Labeling Petition If You're One Of Them

12 July 2012 - Monsanto Could Pay $7.5 Billion Settlement To Millions Of Brazilian Soy Farmers

11 July 2012 - Government-Run Healthcare

11 July 2012 - The 'Jedi Mind Trick' Of The ObamaCare Tax [Has an embedded video on the web page]

11 June 2012 - U.S. House Set To Vote On ObamaCare Repeal Measure Wednesday

11 June 2012 - "Herd Immunity." The Flawed Science And Failures Of Mass Vaccination, Suzanne Humphries, MD

11 July 2012 - More Reason To Reinforce Abstinence Education

11 July 2012 - Dentists Speak Out Against Water Fluoridation

11 July 2012 - Urgent Action Alert On TWO GMO Amendments!

11 July 2012 - Chemtrails And America Dying [YouTube video]

11 July 2012 - Farmers File Suit Against Monsanto

10 July 2012 - 10 Reasons To Take A Probiotic Daily

10 July 2012 - Activist Mom Launches National Movement Boycotting GMOs

10 July 2012 - The 'Monsanto Rider': Are Biotech Companies About To Gain Immunity From Federal Law?

10 July 2012 - Monsanto Promises Pain To EU, Assault Underway

09 July 2012 - WAR ON HEALTH - The FDA's Cult Of Tyranny [YouTube video]

09 July 2012 - Pro-Life? Obama Considers You A Terror Suspect

09 July 2012 - IRS To Hire Thousands More Agents To Enforce New Healthcare 'Non-Taxes'

09 July 2012 - Tension Increases - Federal Judge Orders CDC To Produce Secret Documents: The CDC Has Known All Along How Dangerous Vaccines Are - And Has Covered It Up

09 July 2012 - Big Pharma Criminality No Longer A Conspiracy Theory: Bribery, Fraud, Price Fixing Now A Matter Of Public Record

09 July 2012 - GlaxoSmithKline Pleads Guilty To Criminal Fraud Charges, Pays Massive $3 Billion In Fines

09 Jul 2012 - Monsanto May Lose Billions In Brazil Over "Monsanto Tax"

06 July 2012 - Oklahoma State Rep To File Bill To Nullify Individual Mandate

06 July 2012 - Another Obama Lie: Never Argued It Was A Tax Before Supreme Court [Has an embedded video on the web page]

06 July 2012 - Give People Real Food Not Genetic Poisoning

06 July 2012 - The Corruption Of The Farm Bill, And Why Clean, Organic Food Remains More Expensive Than Conventional

05 July 2012 - How Medical Criminals Are Faking Medical Science Every Day

05 July 2012 - 15 Reasons Why The ObamaCare Decision Is A Mind Blowing Disaster For America

05 July 2012 - UCS Exposes Lies Behind Monsanto's Claims

05 July 2012 - FDA Approves Spraying Viruses On Meat Products [Has an embedded video on the web page]

05 July 2012 - GlaxoSmithKline Pleads Guilty In $3B US Drug Fraud Case: Admits Misbranding Paxil, Wellbutrin; Withholding Safety Data For Avandia

05 July 2012 - Weight-Loss Pharmaceutical That Caused Tumors In Animal Studies Approved For Lazy America

05 July 2012 - Nutritional Supplements Prove Better Than Toxic Drugs

03 July 2012 - If It Looks Like Tax, Sounds Like A Tax And Works Like A Tax, It Has To Be A Tax!

03 July 2012 - The "Taxing Clause," Five Lawless Judges, And ObamaCare

03 July 2012 - ObamaCare Expands Taxes, Abortion

03 July 2012 - NC Museum Of Natural Sciences Holds 'Biotechnology Day' For Children With Presentations By Monsanto

03 July 2012 - Merck's Deceptive New Entertainment Product Campaign Pushes Drugs Like Candy On Young Children

02 July 2012 - Roberts Rules: ObamaCare Is And Is Not A Tax

02 July 2012 - Catholic Bishops Reject Supreme Court's ObamaCare Ruling [This is something everyone should do, reject this EVIL and UNGODLY ruling!]

02 July 2012 - Why Isn't The U.S. 'Free' Press Reporting Vaccine Problems?

02 July 2012 - ObamaCare, The Great Swindle

29 June 2012 - Not All Medical Professionals Feel The Same About The Supreme Court's Health Care Decision?

29 June 2012 - Most Countries Require Labeling Or Outright Bans On GMOs- Except For The U.S. And Canada

29 June 2012 - ObamaCare To Unleash Crushing New Taxes, Trillions In Debt, Huge Job Losses, And It Doesn't Even Cover Natural Medicine

29 June 2012 - Mainstream Media, Medical Journals Pushing ADHD Drugs For Six-Year-Olds

28 June 2012 - 'We Will Not Comply': ObamaCare Upheld By Supreme Court [Then Peter and the other apostles answered and said, We ought to obey God rather than men. - Acts 5:29 KJV]

28 June 2012 - 5 Unelected Judges Seal The Fate And Future Of 310 Million Americans

28 June 2012 - SCOTUS Declares ObamaCare Constitutional [This is INSANE! The individuals mandate and other provisions of ObamaCare and NOT Constitutional. They are in fact immoral and opens up widely the way for evil to grow and proliferate!]

28 June 2012 - Supreme Court Upholds Pro-Abortion, Pro-Rationing ObamaCare

28 June 2012 - Supreme Court Rules For ObamaCare: Supreme Court Ruling Puts The Nanny State In Control

28 June 2012 - Bill McCollum: War Against ObamaCare 'Has Just Begun'

28 June 2012 - White House Advocates GMO Toxins While Preaching Healthy School Lunch

28 June 2012 - Merck Vaccine Fraud Exposed By Two Merck Virologists; Company Faked Mumps Vaccine Efficacy Results For Over A Decade, Says Lawsuit

28 June 2012 - Supreme Court's ObamaCare Decision Hands Federal Government Unlimited Power To Force You To Spend 100% Of Your Paycheck On Things You Don't Even Want

28 June 2012 - Merck Vaccine Fraud Exposed By Two Merck Virologists; Company Faked Mumps Vaccine Efficacy Results For Over A Decade, Says Lawsuit

28 June 2012 - AMA Backs Unlabeled GMO Foods -- If They're 'Verified'

28 June 2012 - Pregnant? How To Avoid Hospital Hep B Vaccine Woes

28 June 2012 - What Drove Us To Drink 8 Glasses Of Water A Day?

27 June 2012 - Cloud looms Over ObamaCare Decision: Watchdog Group Says Without 'Full Disclosure,' Americans Will Question Ruling

27 June 2012 - Scientists Sue Merck: Allege Fraud, Mislabeling, And False Certification Of MMR Vaccine. Suzanne Humphries, MD

27 June 2012 - Tennessee Enacts Strongest Ban On Explicit Sex-Ed In U.S. After Oral Sex Demo. [Good there is NO reason for this type of demonstration! It is immoral and should never have been allowed in the first place!]

27 June 2012 - Where Are All The Dead Bodies From Swine Flu? CDC's New Estimates Of Half A Million Dead Prove Too Comedic To Ignore

27 June 2012 - CDC's Revised Swine Flu Death Estimates A Fairy Tale Scare Story

27 June 2012 - Syngenta Corporation Faces Criminal Charges For Covering Up Livestock Deaths From GM Corn

27 June 2012 - Why NOT To Give Your Doctor An Anti-Vaccine Liability Form

26 June 2012 - Daughter Of Auschwitz Survivor Compares WHO To Hitler Over Abortion Guide

26 June 2012 - If The Media's Consistent ...

26 June 2012 - Partial Reversal Of ObamaCare Won't End Abortion Funding Concerns

26 June 2012 - EFSA Animation (Ellinika) - EFSA's Conflict Of Interest [YouTube video]

26 June 2012 - Obama Plugs Birth Control And Planned Parenthood In Pitch To High School Students

26 June 2012 - The Forces Against Health In Australia: Nutritional Medicine Could Save Hundreds Of Millions Of Lives, But Vested Interests Actively Pursue The Opposite

26 June 2012 - URGENT: Don't Let The GMO Industry Make An End Run Around The Courts!

26 June 2012 - Mainstream Medicine Takes Another Big Step Backward On Vitamin D

26 June 2012 - Is US Government Setting Stage To Outlaw Vitamin D Like Raw Milk? Mainstream Media Attacks Nutrition

26 June 2012 - Rand Paul Among Senate Members Who Voted Against GMO Labeling Amendment

26 June 2012 - Small West Yorkshire Town Aims To Be First Town With Food Self-Sufficiency By Growing All Its Own Vegetables

26 June 2012 - Former Merck Scientists File Suit Against Merck Under False Claims Act

26 June 2012 - Coming Soon: New Technology To Help 'Persuade' You To Vaccinate [Has an embedded video on the web page]

26 June 2012 - Major Progress At Eliminating Fluoride In Water Supplies By Fluoride Action Network

25 June 2012 - Proof Armed Forces Are Given Untested And Experimental Vaccines

25 June 2012 - World Health Organization Publishes Manual On Best Ways To Kill Unborn Babies [More proof that they are not about life and well-being, but more concerned with the serial killing and mass murder of unborn babies!]

25 June 2012 - Holistic Health

25 June 2012 - Breakthrough Prenatal Surgery At 17 Weeks Saves Miami Girl's Life: Doctor Suggested Abortion

25 June 2012 - History Of Medicine Fact #8: U.S. Water Fluoridation Began In 1945 And Continues Today, Despite The Fact That The FDA Has Never Approved It

22 June 2012 - Analyst: ObamaCare Bad For Women, Men

20 June 2012 - Planned Parenthood: Doctors Must Obey Us [Planned Parenthood has no right or authority to tell anyone, even doctors, what they must or must not do or who they must or must not obey. This is how evil is. It wasn't to take over and control everyone and silence those who stand up against it!] [Who will rise up for me against the evildoers? or who will stand up for me against the workers of iniquity? - Psalm 94:16, KJV]

20 June 2012 - ObamaCare And In-School Abortion Clinics

20 June 2012 - Can You Trust Medical Advice In TV Ads?

20 June 2012 - Five Health Steps The System Does NOT Want You To Take

20 June 2012 - City Of Tulsa, Oklahoma, Destroys Woman's Edible Landscaping With Over 100 Varieties Of Medicinal Plants

19 June 2012 - U.S. Government On A Collision Course With Science, Law, And The Church: Life Legal Defense Foundation Files To Stop The HHS Abortion Mandate

19 June 2012 - Planned Parenthood: Doctors Who Disagree With Us Are A Threat

19 June 2012 - Komen Announces New Funding For Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz

19 June 2012 - Vitamin Bashing Or Bad Science? Vitamin Bashing Or Bad Science?

19 June 2012 - Another Reader's Digest Absurdity: Red Meat Is Bad - No, Wait - Good For You!

19 June 2012 - Instead Of Banning Soda, Maybe It's Time We Banned Stupid Government Bans

19 June 2012 - Food Freedom Alert: City Authorities In Ferguson, Mo., Threaten To Tear Down Another Fully Legal Front Yard Garden

19 June 2012 - Nine-Year-Old Girl's Lunch Blog Shames School And Local Politicians Into Making Changes

19 June 2012 - Here Is The Reason Your Child Should Not Be Number 10 In The Vaccine Queue

19 June 2012 - Germ Theory Delusions Collapse As New Science Reveals Healthy People Carry 10,000 Different Germ Strains At All Times

19 June 2012 - Stolen Freedoms Regained In Stunning Blow To State Lawmakers [Has an embedded video on the web page]

19 June 2012 - Poised: When Doctors Question Your Family's Vaccine Choices, Have Your Answers Ready

19 June 2012 - Corporations Like Monsanto Have Hijacked Higher Education

18 June 2012 - British Medical Journal Campaigns For Legalized Euthanasia [PURE EVIL!]

18 June 2012 - Breaking News: Autism Ruling Hot Off Italian Judge's Gavel

18 June 2012 - The Case For Mandatory GMO Labeling - Even If You Believe In Limited Government And The Free Market

18 June 2012 - Associated Press Caught Lying About Water Fluoridation

18 June 2012 - Doctors, Patients Rarely Hear About Important Drug Recalls

15 June 2012 - Thanks ObamaCare: 83% of Doctors Surveyed Say They May Quit

15 June 2012 - Phony "Death Panel" Definition Won't Make The Issue Go Away

15 June 2012 - IRS To Use $881 M In Taxpayer Dollars To Implement ObamaCare

15 June 2012 - Public Health Unit Turns Down The Offer To Speak At Vaccination Seminar

15 June 2012 - Launch A Revolution In Your Backyard With A Micro Eco-Farm

15 June 2012 - Californians Demand Integrative Care For Cancer Treatment

14 June 2012 - ABC, NBC, CBS Ignore 164 Rallies For Religious Freedom - Contact Their Offices!

14 June 2012 - Franciscan, Ave Maria, And ObamaCare

14 June 2012 - Video: Hawaii Planned Parenthood Helps Patients Get Sex-Selection Abortions On Taxpayers' Dime [Has an embedded video on the web page]

14 June 2012 - UN Warns Of Global Collapse Due To Pesticides; Agenda 21 Is Pushed As Solution

14 June 2012 - EPA In Huge Power Grab To Control All Ditches And Gullies On Private Land

14 June 2012 - Dangerous Diabetes Drug Still On Market Despite Whistleblower Efforts

13 June 2012 - Video Reveals Dangers Of ObamaCare

13 June 2012 - Does The Australian Government Want To Make Real Living Zombies Out Of The Next Generation?

13 June 2012 - Fluoride Dangers: What You Need To Know

13 June 2012 - Two New Critical Senate Bill Amendments-Action Alerts!

13 June 2012 - Doctors Fighting Gag Rule In Pennsylvania

13 June 2012 - Zombies, Deniers, Sociopaths, Schemers And Protectors: The Five Dominant Personalities You'll Encounter In A World Gone Mad

13 June 2012 - Ridiculous Lancet Study Sets Stage For Pushing 'Pre-Diabetes' Drugs On Entire World

12 June 2012 - Cops Stomp On Religious Freedom Rally: Put Your Signs Downs And Slowly Step Away ... [I guess they never heard of our Constitutionally guaranteed rights to Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Religion]

12 June 2012 - Calif. Focuses On Sugary Foods Bought With Food Stamps [Recipients of food stamps should NOT be allowed to buy sugary foods or any other junk food with their food stamps. They are to be used for food and that is all!]

12 June 2012 - Australian Three-Year-Olds Targeted For Bogus Psychiatric Disorders Such As Sleeping With The Light On

12 June 2012 - The Hard To Swallow Truth: A Documentary On Fluoride Dangers [Has an embedded video on the web page]

12 June 2012 - Used In Gardens Everywhere, This "Biodegradable" Product Is Likely Carcinogenic

11 June 2012 - New Yorkers Join Religious Freedom Rally To Protest ObamaCare

11 June 2012 - Killing 'Defective' Pre-Born Babies Said To Be 'Scientific' [Scientific how can this be scientific? This is just MURDER plain and clear!] [For thou hast possessed my reins: thou hast covered me in my mother's womb. I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvellous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well. - Psalm 139:13-14, KJV]

11 June 2012 - Doctors Have The Gall To Push Vaccines But Don't Follow The Instructions They Come With

11 June 2012 - What Happens When Schools Care [Has an embedded video on the web page]

11 June 2012 - Gattaca Becomes Reality As Scientists Start To Screen, Abort Human Babies Based On 3,500 'Genetic Faults'

11 June 2012 - 100 Percent False Labeling - And It's Legal!

11 June 2012 - Effective Alternative Treatments For Lyme Disease And Protection From Tick Bites

11 June 2012 - The Cost-Effectiveness Of Chiropractic Care Vs. Medical Care

11 June 2012 - Coca Cola: Protecting Profits At All Costs (Opinion)

11 June 2012 - NYT Distorts GMO Labeling Issue, Tries To Make It A Debate About Crop Yields

11 June 2012 - New Evidence Against These Cancer-Causing Foods - And The Massive Cover-Up Effort [Has an embedded video on the web page]

11 June 2012 - May Alleviate Cancer Without Chemo, But It's Forbidden [Has an embedded video on the web page]

08 June 2012 - 160 Cities Across U.S. Gear Up For Rallies Protesting Obama Mandate Friday

08 June 2012 - Parents Insist Vaccines Killed Their Sick And Fragile Toddler

08 June 2012 - The Truth About The Health Care Bill By Someone Who Actually Read It

08 June 2012 - Dr. Oz Caves To Big Pharma, Pimps Vaccines On Public After Admitting He Does Not Necessarily Even Vaccinate His Own Children

08 June 2012 - Nutrition Blogger Files Lawsuit Against North Carolina For Violation Of Free Speech Rights

08 June 2012 - HPV Vaccines: Gardasil Becomes A Market Dud In Wake Of Informed Backlash

08 June 2012 - Breaking News On Whistleblower Lawsuit - Coverups, Deadly Cancers And More Linked To The Drug Actos

07 June 2012 - Obama Administration Over-Regulating Farms Out Of Business

07 June 2012 - "Pink Slime" Rejected By Most Of Nation's Schools [Has an embedded video on the web page]

07 June 2012 - TIME Magazine Pushes Death Agenda: Remove Feeding Tubes From The Dying Elderly (And Get A Cash Bonus!)

07 June 2012 - Big Pharma: Getting Away With Murder

07 June 2012 - Newest Scam to Increase Drugs If You're Older Than 50 [Has an embedded audio file on the web page]

06 June 2012 - ObamaCare Premium Could Give Abortion Industry $1 Billion Yearly

06 June 2012 - Big Pharma's ObamaCare Quid Pro Quo: Administration Vowed To Protect Industry From Drug Reimportation From Canada [Has an embedded video on the web page]

06 June 2012 - Christian Law Group: ObamaCare Is Worse Than You Think

06 June 2012 - Registered Dietitian Accuses Dietetics Association Of Violating Its Own Code Of Ethics

06 June 2012 - Supplement Safety: What You Need To Know About More

06 June 2012 - Planned Parenthood Targets Teens At School-Based Clinic In L.A.

06 June 2012 - Health Freedom Victory: Organic Farmers File Appeal vs. Monsanto

06 June 2012 - How To Fight Water Fluoridation In Your City

06 June 2012 - Oregon Dairy Farmers Association Planning Assault On Raw Milk

06 June 2012 - Fishy Studies By Big Pharma

05 June 2012 - Drug Recalls Not Well Publicized

05 June 2012 - Abortion Seller Fights Religious Freedom Amendment In North Dakota [The providers of this form of serial killing and mass murder known as abortion will stop at nothing to push their evil on everyone and silence those who stand up and expose it for what it is!]

05 June 2012 - Vaccines Are Harming Our Children-Admit It, Fix It

05 June 2012 - Stand Up For Religious Freedom Rally II In San Francisco

05 June 2012 - Aajonus Vonderplanitz PhD, Key Informant In Prosecution Of Sharon Palmer And James Stewart, Found To Have Faked Academic Credentials

05 June 2012 - Coke Bottles May Require Cancer Warning Label If Drink Ingredients Not Changed

05 June 2012 - High Fructose Corn Syrup Can't Disguise Itself As 'Corn Sugar,' FDA Decides

04 June 2012 - California Reparative Therapy Bill Passes State Senate [This bill is pure EVIL and clearly violates Freedom of Speech and Religion, as well as the Constitution of the United States!]

04 June 2012 - Obama vs. The Catholic Church

04 June 0212 - Parents Protest Against Vaccinations By Placing Tiny White Coffins Outside Ministry Of Health

04 June 2012 - Only The Most Functional Children Were Included In CDC's Autism Study

04 June 2012 - Flu Shots To Be Pushed Onto All Children In Public Schools

04 June 2012 - Rawesome Bombshell: Lab Test Evidence Against Sharon Palmer (Healthy Family Farms) Found Invalid; Allegations Unsupportable

04 June 2012 - South Carolina Man Starts Urban Garden To Feed Those In Need, Teach People How To Grow Food

04 June 2012 - Ask Your Doctor: Are You Being Bribed To Recommend This?

01 June 2012 - Mexican Farmers Block Monsanto Law To Privatize Plants And Seeds

01 June 2012 - Dispute Over Labeling Of Genetically Modified Food

31 May 2012 - Don't Sue The Philistines, Defy Them

31 May 2012 - ObamaCare More Than Doubles Health Costs For College Students

31 May 2012 - Planned Parenthood: Obama 'Has Our Back' And Gets Our Vote

31 May 2012 - Catholic U. On HHS Mandate: Obama Admin 'Showed No Sign Of Taking Us Seriously'

30 May 2012 - Mainstream Media Ignores ObamaCare Lawsuits

30 May 2012 - Mental Health Worker Punished For Sharing Pro-Life Views, Lawsuit Claims

30 May 2012 - Exposed: Monsanto Planted GM Alfalfa Before USDA Approved It, Federal Agency Knew All Along

30 May 2012 - CDC Wants To Go After All Baby Boomers With Vaccines For A Phantom Virus

29 May 2012 - Before Vaccinating Your Children, Demand Your Doctor Sign This Form

29 May 2012 - The Propaganda Supporting Fluoride And Why They Are Lies [Has an embedded video on the web page]

29 May 2012 - Federal Government Says It's Okay To Lie About Pomegranate Juice, But Not To Tell The Truth

29 May 2012 - FDA Tests Adya Clarity, Confirms High Level Of Aluminum, Multiple Label Violations

29 May 2012 - Poland Beekeepers Kick Monsanto Out Of The Hive, Successfully Ban Bee-Killing GM Corn

25 May 2012 - Durbin Attack On Supplements Fails Again

25 May 2012 - Anti-Vaccine Backlash: Thousands Refuse To Enroll In Austin Community College

25 May 2012 - Congress Votes Down Sen. Durbin's Anti-Supplement Amendment, As Well As Sen. Paul's Freedom Of Health Speech Amendment

25 May 2012 - Freedom Watch: Not A Single Democrat Voted In Favor Of Ending FDA Raids On Raw Milk Farmers

25 May 2012 - USDA To Mask Sodium Benzoate Preservative With New 'Anti-Microbial' Label To Trick Consumers

24 May 2012 - Romney Was Not Forced To Provide Free Abortion In RomneyCare, Says Personhood USA [What he did was of his own free will!]

24 May 2012 - New Report Shows Drug Companies Lied And Overstated Their Drug's Ability To Treat Autism

23 May 2012 - The Selling Of ObamaCare - With Your Money: $20 Million Contract Inked, After Insurance Companies Told To Praise Plan To Everyone

23 May 2012 - Pretty Much Everyone Thinks Religious Freedom Trumps ObamaCare

23 May 2012 - Autism Caused By MMR Vaccine - Italian Government Tries To Avoid Paying Up - Just Like The UK

23 May 2012 - Breaking News: Big Scientific Free Speech Win!

23 May 2012 - FDA, Under Court Order, Nevertheless Refuses To Allow Truthful Claims Based On Good Science

23 May 2012 - More Details Emerge In Obama's Secret Dealings With Big Pharma During Health Care Overhaul

23 May 2012 - Worse Than A Disease Diagnosis - This Mistake Can Land You In The E.R.

22 May 2012 - A Dozen Federal Lawsuits Challenge Health Care Mandate

22 May 2012 - Feds Sign $20M PR Contract To Promote ObamaCare

21 May 2012 - Groups Calls On Doctors Report Docs Who Use Chelation

21 May 2012 - Udder Nonsense: Raw-Milk Confiscations Begin - Officials Now Showing Up At Citizens' Front Doors

21 May 2012 - Big Ag, Monsanto Take Over Research Universities And Turn Them Into Pro-Industry Propaganda Machines

21 May 2012 - Fascinating Documentary Exposes Cancer Industry's Death Agenda: Cut Poison Burn

18 May 2012 - After A 17 Year Struggle, Baby Disabled From Vaccines Wins 3 Million Euros In Compensation

18 May 2012 - Italy - Court Holds MMR Vaccine Causes Autism

18 May 2012 - Washington State House Passes Ban On Toxic BPA In Baby Bottles And Kids' Dishware: Washington Second State To Ban BPA In Sports Bottles

18 May 2012 - Medical Board Of California Bullies Couple Into Shutting Down Colon Hydrotherapy Practice, Entire Profession Now At Risk

18 May 2012 - Lawrence, Kansas, Fights To End Water Fluoridation

17 May 2012 - New York: Queens Schoolchildren Protest Added Fluoride In City Water

17 May 2012 - California Food Police Gone Wild: LA County Health Enforcers Conduct Door-To-Door Raw Milk Confiscation Operations

17 May 2012 - Action Alert: California Legislature Passes AB 2109, Making It More Difficult For Parents To Opt Out Of Vaccines For Their Children

17 May 2012 - Nearly 1 in 2 Americans Are Now Victims Of This Heartless Marketing Ploy

16 May 2012 - How Have Supplements Helped You?

16 May 2012 - Franciscan University Of Steubenville Drops Student Health Plan Over HHS Mandate

16 May 2012 - Kansas Gov. Brownback Signs Bill Protecting Pharmacists' Conscience Rights [GOOD!]

16 May 2012 - Fukushima Radiation Release Is Worse Than You Have Been Told: What You Can Do To Protect Yourself

16 May 2012 - Is The Federation Of State Medical Boards Behind The Brutal Attacks On Integrative Medicine Practitioners?

16 May 2012 - Nutritionists Are Fighting For Their Rights In The States

16 May 2012 - Large Hospitals Spread MRSA Superbug

15 May 2012 - Pharmagedon: Big Coverup: What Is 2D6? Making Our Kids & Soldiers Psychotic!

15 May 2012 - Chuck Norris: Feds' Intrusions Into U.S. Farms And Families

15 May 2012 - Myth Busted: Vaccinations Are Not Immunizations

15 May 2012 - Doctors Make 'Too Many Errors' When Prescribing Drugs, GMC Review Says

15 May 2012 - Minnesota Mothers Defy Criminal Charges In Support Of Raw Milk Suppliers

15 May 2012 - You'll Probably Accidentally Eat This Toxic Food Today [Has embedded videos on the web page]

15 May 2012 - Another Way To Kill Small U.S. Farmers: Seize Their Bank Accounts On Phony Charges

11 May 2012 - A Parent's Guide To Pro-Vaccine Doctors

11 May 2012 - Bird Flu Strain Lab-Engineered!

11 May 2012 - Dispensing With Fluoride

11 May 2012 - Occupy Organic Vegetable Gardens - Rebirth Of The Victory Garden

09 May 2012 - Pfizer And Merck Under Investigation For Colluding With Obama Administration On Health Care Overhaul

08 May 2012 - 'Pink Slime' Maker To Close Three Plants [GOOD!]

08 May 2012 - FDA Proposes Bypassing Doctors, Selling Prescription Drugs Over The Counter [This clearly show that the FDA is more concerned with the profit of the pharmaceutical companies than they are with public safety and health!]

08 May 2012 - What Biotech Company Blamed For Bee Collapse Just Bought Leading Bee Research Firm?

07 May 2012 - Universities That Censor Speech Put On Notice: Letter Campaign Suggests Fixes To Policies That Violate Student Rights

07 May 2012 - Obama Issues New Threat To Supreme Court

07 May 2012 - Monsanto Found Guilty Of Chemical Poisoning In France

07 May 2012 - Coke Meeting Fizzles

07 May 2012 - Huge Victory For Vaccine Rights In Vermont: Legislature Votes To Preserve Vaccination Exemption

07 May 2012 - Government Keeping Tombstone, Ariz., From Accessing Drinking Water?

07 May 2012 - Olympic Vaccination Frenzy As Athletes Urged To Get Their Shots

07 May 2012 - Human Race Being Terminated By 'Scientific Suicide'

07 May 2012 - The Measles Lie, And The Ongoing Ad Campaign Disguised As News

07 May 2012 - The People Vs. Monsanto: How The Lying Giant Prevailed (Opinion)

07 May 2012 - Courts Slaps FDA And FTC For Unjustified Attacks

04 May 2012 - House Investigates Obama Deal With Drug Companies

04 May 2012 - Health Basics: Why Homeopathy Is Rapidly Gaining Acceptance And Credibility

04 May 2012 - Michigan Proposes Eliminating Dietetic And Nutrition Licensing, Allowing Freedom Of Health Speech

03 May 2012 - Justice Department Seeks To Have ObamaCare Case Dismissed

03 May 2012 - Quick Fixes vs. Real Nutrition Fixes

03 May 2012 - No Jab, No Education: New CA Law Requires Middle Schoolers To Provide Proof Of Tdap Vaccination In Order To Receive Education

03 May 2012 - Chemist Declares Fluoride To Be 'One Of The Greatest Public Health Threats Of Modern Times'

03 May 2012 - Massive Corruption Revealed To Be At The Core Of Many Drug Approvals

02 May 2012 - Denver Manufacturer Sues Over ObamaCare Mandate

02 May 2012 - Catholic Group Responds To Obama's Desperate Attempt To 'Dismiss' Lawsuit Against ObamaCare

02 May 2012 - Vermont Legislature Battles Over Vaccines

02 May 2012 - FDA Breaks Promise On Proposed New Supplement Rules

02 May 2012 - Buffalo, NY, Among The First Cities To Allow Urban Agriculture

01 May 2012 - ObamaCare 'Slush Fund' Vs. Student-Loan Bill

01 May 2012 - Another Case Against Unacceptable Mandate

01 May 2012 - Merck Consultants Try To Influence Your Doctor With Anti-Vaccine Propaganda

01 May 2012 - Albuquerque, NM, 32nd Largest US City, Ends Water Fluoridation

01 May 2012 - Something Historical Is About To Happen - But Your Participation Is Critical [Has an embedded video on the web page]

30 Apr 2012 - Auschwitz And Planned Parenthood (The American Death Camps)

30 Apr 2012 - Boycott Ends: PepsiCo Will Not Use Aborted Fetal Cell Lines For Flavor Enhancers

30 Apr 2012 - The Truth About The Safe Drinking Water Act

30 Apr 2012 - Gaia's Bill Of Rights

30 Apr 2012 - What About Religious Freedom?

30 Apr 2012 - Ion, Hologram, And Magnetic Bracelets - Don't Waste Your Money!

30 Aug 2012 - North Carolina Board Violated US Constitution In Threatening Nutrition Blogger

30 Apr 2012 - Vaccines Have Been Based On Medical Fraud For Over A Hundred Years

30 Apr 2012 - FDA Refuses To Ban Antibiotics In Livestock, Resorts To Voluntary Phase Out That Will Be Ignored By Industry

27 Apr 2012 - Expert: ObamaCare To Herd Disabled Seniors To Bare-Bones Medicaid Plans

27 Apr 2012 - Do Nurses Have It Right About Vaccinations?

27 Apr 2012 - Employers To Fat People: You're Fired! - Freedom Friday: Fat People Need Not Apply

27 Apr 2012 - Feds Criminalizing Small Family Farms Under Ridiculous 'Labor Laws' That Target Children

26 Apr 2012 - Obama Lawyers Desperately Try To 'Dismiss' Lawsuit By Pro-Life Catholic Group Against ObamaCare

26 Apr 2012 - FDA = Fatal Drugs Allowed

26 Apr 2012 - The New Inquisition Against Scientists Who Disagree With Theories That Have The Support Of The Government And Tax Dollars

26 Apr 2012 - Industry Damns Sucralose Study At Cancer Conference (Aspartame And Sucralose)

26 Apr 2012 - New Fluoride Warning Coming Soon To Your Water Bills

26 Apr 2012 - No Disease, Disability Can Take Away Our Human Dignity

26 Apr 2012 - Is Vermont's Governor Surrendering To Monsanto?

26 Apr 2012 - Health Blogger Threatened With Jail Time For Advocating Paleo Diet That Cured His Diabetes

26 Apr 2012 - Merck Ordered To Pay $321 Million Criminal Fine For Illegally Marketing Vioxx Painkiller

26 Apr 2012 - Cops Take DNA Samples From Calif. Middle School Students Without Parental Consent

26 Apr 2012 - Health Crimes Against Humanity

25 Apr 2012 - Monsanto Is Bad For The Bees And Bad For Us

25 Apr 2012 - Chemist Gives Three Toxic Reasons To End Water Fluoridation

25 Apr 2012 - First Do No Harm - By The Refusers [YouTube video]

25 Apr 2012 - KOMO News: Local Band Draws Controversy With Anti-Vaccine Song [Has an embedded video on the web page]

25 Apr 2012 - Doctors Change Names of Diseases When Vaccines Do Not Work

25 Apr 2012 - Montana: Bozeman City Commission Opts To Keep Adding Fluoride To City Water

25 Apr 2012 - Montana: Bozeman City Commission Decides To Continue Fluoridating Tap Water [Has an embedded video on the web page]

25 Apr 2012 - Removing Heavy Metals Like Mercury From The Body Is "Dangerous"?

24 Apr 2012 - Obama's Medicare Slush Fund Makes ObamaCare Before Election

24 Apr 2012 - Catholic Bishops Call For Two Weeks Of Action Against Obama

24 Apr 2012 - Citizens, OCA Pledge To Help Vermont And Other States Raise Money To Fight Monsanto

23 Apr 2012 - FDA Condemnation Of The Terminally Ill

23 Apr 2012 - Polio: 47,500 Paralysis Cases After Polio Vaccine

23 Apr 2012 - Susan G. Komen Donations Flow To Planned Parenthood: Let Susan G. Komen Know You Oppose Their Planned 2012 Funding To At Least 17 Planned Parenthood Clinics

23 Apr 2012 - As Children's Brains Are Being Eaten By Vaccines, Parents Urged To Ignore The Symptoms And 'Soothe' Their Babies

23 Apr 2012 - Over 60 Billion Doses A Year And Not ONE Death, But Still Not Safe?

19 Apr 2012 - Cancer Industry Total Fraud Exposed: Nearly All 'Scientific' Studies Fail To Be Replicated

19 Apr 2012 - Why Hospitals Are Silent About Natural Foods

18 Apr 2012 - Barney Frank: On Second Thought, Passing ObamaCare Might Have Been A Mistake

18 Apr 2012 - Pharmaceutical Company Spends Millions Studying How To Steal Black Cohosh Component As Potential Treatment For Alzheimer's

18 Apr 2012 - Unconstitutional New York Bills Would Give Children The Right To Consent To Vaccines

13 Apr 2012 - Double Or Nothing For ObamaCare

13 Apr 2012 - Child Paralyzed By Vaccinations And Stolen From Mother By State

13 Apr 2012 - Homeopathy Under Attack... Again!

13 Apr 2012 - FDA Assault On Herbal Cancer Products Continues With Raid On Missouri Distributor

13 Apr 2012 - Apricot Seed Cyanide Controversy Foolishly Obscures An Effective Alternative Cancer Cure

13 Apr 2012 - Dover Air Force Base Ordered To Restart Water Fluoridation

12 Apr 2012 - Planned Parenthood Sues to Stop Texas From Enforcing Law [Planned Parenthood wants to get our tax dollars so they can use it to perform their evil form of serial killing and mass murder, known as abortion!]

12 Apr 2012 - Women's Birthing Rights Advocates Stage Protest In Response To Arrest Of Indiana Midwife

12 Apr 2012 - Score One For The Chickens - A Small Victory In Johnson City, Tennessee

11 Apr 2012 - Court: TSA, Not Passengers, Deserves Privacy: Rejects Cases Filed By Americans Enraged Over Digital Strip-Searches [This is PURE EVIL! This court does NOT have the right to put any agency or organization above human rights and morals and decency!]

11 Apr 2012 - Big Pharma Whistles, And The Drug Enforcement Administration Comes Running

11 Apr 2012 - Doctors Routinely Order Needless Tests And Procedures

10 Apr 2012 - Obama Administration Diverts $500M To IRS To Implement Healthcare Reform Law

10 Apr 2012 - City Of Roswell, GA, Bullies Andrew Wordes To Death Over His Backyard Chickens

10 Apr 2012 - Proposed 'Natural Health Products Bill' In New Zealand Would Fine Individuals $50,000 For Making A Cup Of Unapproved Herbal Tea

10 Apr 2012 - Dr. Andrew Wakefield Reveals Real Story Behind Vaccines, Autism And More

10 Apr 2012 - Ammonium Hydroxide, Health Effects Of "Pink Slime"

10 Apr 2012 - Revealing Documentary Exposes Disturbing Truths About Processed Milk

06 Apr 2012 - Medical Tests Are Overused - And They're Dangerous, Says Expert

05 Apr 2012 - Is Obama Confused On Separation Of Powers?

05 Apr 2012 - Monsanto Threatens To Sue Vermont Over GMO Labeling Bill [If GMOs are as safe as Monsanto claims, then why are the so scared of labeling requirements?]

05 Apr 2012 - The Philosophy Of Freedom: Much More Than Demanding Government Get Out Of Our Lives, You Must First Get The Tyranny Out Of Your Own Heart

04 Apr 2012 - Appeals Court Calls President's Bluff On ObamaCare

03 Apr 2012 - ObamaCare Overtaking Congress' Power To Legislate

03 Apr 2012 - FDA Says Fresh Milk Is Dangerous, But Chemical BPA Is Perfectly Safe!

03 Apr 2012 - BASF Gives Up On Pushing GMOs In Europe, Moves Operations To US Where 'Frankenfoods' Are Not Labeled

03 Apr 2012 - Baby Receives Cocktail Of Seven Vaccines, Loses Ability To Speak, Recovers With Homeopathic Shock Remedies

03 Apr 2012 - The Dramatic New Rule Change For Genetically Engineered Foods

02 Apr 2012 - Homeland Security Unites With Abortion Industry To Silence Gospel

02 Apr 2012 - Msg To Seniors - Beware ObamaCare

02 Apr 2012 - What Else Will The Government Force Us To Buy If ObamaCare Is Ruled Constitutional?

02 Apr 2012 - 'Legal' Kidnapping By The State To Cover Up Vaccine Injuries

02 Apr 2012 - Terri's Death

02 Apr 2012 - S-EBM (Selective Evidence Based Medicine) Takes A New Turn

02 Apr 2012 - Subcontractor Quits When He Learns He's Building Huge Planned Parenthood Abortion Clinic

02 Apr 2012 - Pfizer Execs To Stand Trial For Cover-Up Of Drug Trial Results

02 Apr 2012 - 'Pink Slime' Is Now Found In 70 Percent Of The Ground Beef At Our Grocers

02 Apr 2012 - FDA Admits In Court Case That Vaccines Still Contain Mercury

02 Apr 2012 - What Hospitals Won't Tell You - Vital Strategies That Could Save Your Life [Has an embedded video on the web page]

30 Mar 2012 - ObamaCare Hearings Test Of Constitution ... And Kagan

30 Mar 2012 - GOP Governors Try To Slime Schoolkids

30 Mar 2012 - IRS Wants 4,000 New Agents, $300 Million Budget To Enforce ObamaCare

29 Mar 2012 - Social Worker Takes Newborn Away From Mom Over Questioning Of Shots

29 Mar 2012 - California Mayor: I Will Fight New Planned Parenthood Clinic 'Even If It Costs Me Personally' [Good for him! May God bless him for taking a stand against this evil!]

29 Mar 2012 - Pastors' Anti-ObamaCare Role [May God bless him for standing up against this evil that threatens us all!]

29 Mar 2012 - Ventura County On Raw Milk Rampage: After Destroying Rawesome, Other Raw Milk Operations Now Targeted

29 Mar 2012 - Pink Slime Factories Shuttered After Massive Public Backlash

29 Mar 2012 - Battle Over Fluoride Warning Intensifies In New Hampshire

29 Mar 2012 - Take Action To Support 'Genetically Engineered Food Right To Know Act'

28 Mar 2012 - Day 3 Of ObamaCare Hearings

28 Mar 2012 - White House Forced To Defend 'Train Wreck' ObamaCare Case

28 Mar 2012 - Pepsi Named One Of "World's Most Ethical Companies" Despite Exploitation Of Aborted Babies

28 Mar 2012 - State Confiscates Newborn Over Vaccinations: You Won't Believe What Social Worker Did Hours After Baby's Birth

28 Mar 2012 - AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Association) Executive Board Passes Annual Rabies Vaccination Waiver

28 Mar 2012 - Consumer Reports Blasts Implant Safety

28 Mar 2012 - Medical Professionals Can Practice Their Faith While Practicing Medicine: HHS Mandate Is A Battle, The War Is Rights Of Conscience, Says Life Legal Defense Foundation

28 Mar 2012 - EPA Tramples Personal Property Rights, Orders Couple To Fork Over $75,000 A Day For Phony 'Violations'

28 Mar 2012 - Massive Public Protests Spur France To Ban Plantings Of Monsanto's MON810 GMO Corn

28 Mar 2012 - How Factory Farmers Use The Media To Distort Reality And Make Them Look Good! [Has an embedded video on the web page]

26 Mar 2012 - The Citizen's Guide To The ObamaCare Supreme Court Hearings

26 Mar 2012 - Veterans About To Get Shafted By The President

26 Mar 2012 - Supreme Court Signals ObamaCare Decision By Early Summer

26 Mar 2012 - Times: Romney Relied On Kennedy To Help Pass 'RomneyCare'

26 Mar 2012 - ObamaCare Commotion

26 Mar 2012 - Bourbon, Indiana Ends Water Fluoridation

26 Mar 2012 - Red Meat 'Study' Is More Lies In Disguise: Another Day, Another Phony Attack On Red Meat

26 Mar 2012 - Monsanto Wants To Brainwash Your Children With 'Biotechnology Basics Activity Book'

23 Mar 2012 - When Gov't Takes Religious Freedom Away

23 Mar 2012 - Pelosi Defends ObamaCare Using... Declaration Of Independence [This just goes to show how ignorant she really is. The quotes she made from the Declaration of Independence actually show why ObamaCare goes against it and our freedoms!]

23 Mar 2012 - ObamaCare Has Missouri Officials In Medicaid Standoff

23 Mar 2012 - ObamaCare Nothing To Celebrate

23 Mar 2012 - U.S. House Votes To Eliminate ObamaCare Panel

23 Mar 2012 - Judge: FDA Must Act To Remove Antibiotics From Animal Feed

23 Mar 2012 - New Chapter's New Owner (P&G) Steeped In Animal Testing And Led By Directors With Ties To Weapons Contractors, Big Pharma, Monsanto, Chevron And More

23 Mar 2012 - Neurosurgeon Issues Public Challenge To Vaccine Zealots: Inject Yourselves With All Shots You Say Children Should Get!

22 Mar 2012 - Aborted Babies Are Being Chopped Up And Sold To Researchers All Over America

22 Mar 2012 - State Of Alabama Joins EWTN Lawsuit Against HHS Mandate: Cites Citizens' Conscience Protections Under State Constitution

22 Mar 2012 - Feeding The Homeless BANNED In Major Cities All Over America

22 Mar 2012 - PepsiCo On Fetal Cell Research -- Deny, Deny, Deny

22 Mar 2012 - "FDA Went Too Far," Says Judge

22 Mar 2012 - The "Wild West" Of Supplement Safety

22 Mar 2012 - 7 Marketing Lies In A Vaccination Campaign Exposed

22 Mar 2012 - GMOs And Freedom Of Speech: 'Scientists Under Attack' - Trailer [Has an embedded video on the web page]

22 Mar 2012 - Ten Years Of ObamaCare Would Cost 1.76 Trillon Dollars - Far More Than Originally Claimed

22 Mar 2012 - Harvard Red Meat Study Ignores Health Benefits Of Grass-Fed Meat

21 Mar 2012 - Texas Sues Obama Admin For Pulling Low-Income Health Funds Over Planned Parenthood Defunding

21 Mar 2012 - Health Authorities Now Admit Severe Side Effects Of Vaccination: Swine Flu, Pandemrix And Narcolepsy

20 Mar 2012 - The New Bioethics-Hopefully Not!

20 Mar 2012 - Color Video Of Human Life From Conception To Birth [YouTube video]

20 Mar 2012 - What The Media Doesn't Want You To Know: Americans Hate The HHS Mandate

20 Mar 2012 - ObamaCare Spawns Confusion Two Years After Passage

20 Mar 2012 - Supreme Court Juggles Several Options On ObamaCare Decision

20 Mar 2012 - Dangerous? Sure! But Take It Anyway: Rejected Diet Drug Is Back From The Dead

20 Mar 2012 - Rehashed Accounting Gimmicks Re: ObamaCare

20 Mar 2012 - Secular Businessman Taking On ObamaCare

20 Mar 2012 - ObamaCare And The Private Sector

20 Mar 2012 - Vaccines And Autism?

20 Mar 2012 - Obama Seizes Control Over All Food, Farms, Livestock, Farm Equipment, Fertilizer And Food Production Across America

20 Mar 2012 - Indoor Urban Farm In New York Helps Feed Hundreds Of Families

20 Mar 2012 - USDA Green-Lights Field Trials Of Monsanto Drought-Resistant Corn After Admitting It Performs No Better Than Natural Corn

20 Mar 2012 - Medical Terrorism In Michigan? Parents Forced By The State To Poison Their Child With Cancer-Causing Chemicals

20 Mar 2012 - Fix These 3 Things And Most Health Problems Can Resolve Themselves [Has embedded videos on the web page]

16 Mar 2012 - Nanny State Nuggets - Freedom Friday: Child Force-Fed Chicken Nuggets In The Name Of Guidelines

16 Mar 2012 - Obama's Abortion Funding Plan: Another Shoe Drops Forcing Americans To Pay For Abortion Coverage

16 Mar 2012 - Court Orders Obama Administration To Release Paperwork

16 Mar 2012 - FDA Permits Use Of Fetal Brain Tissue In Lab Experiments

16 Mar 2012 - Homeopaths Under Assault In Australia After NHMRC Threatens To Declare Their Work Unethical

15 Mar 2012 - Major US Airport To Evict TSA Screeners [GOOD! More airports need to do the same thing and get these power-crazed idiots out of there!]

15 Mar 2012 - Medical Authors Blasted For Drug Industry Ties

15 Mar 2012 - Personhood Mississippi Issues Statement On The Heartbeat Bill

15 Mar 2012 - Doctor From MMR Controversy Wins High Court Appeal - Next Up, Dr. Andrew Wakefield Himself

15 Mar 2012 - USDA Plans To Keep Feeding 'Pink Slime' To Your Kids

15 Mar 2012 - FDA Scandal: Board Members With Drug Maker Ties Voted To Approve Drug That's Killing Women

15 Mar 2012 - American Academy Of Pediatrics Backs Mandatory HPV Vaccine For Boys

13 Mar 2012 - Obama Admin Finalizes Rules: $1 Abortions In ObamaCare

13 Mar 2012 - Christians May Be Denied Right To Practice Medicine

13 Mar 2012 - Dr. Wakefield Comments After The GMC Recants; Will Dr. Andrew Wakefield Be Next?

13 Mar 2012 - Coca Cola Adelaide's Grubby Secret. Whistle Blower Video [YouTube video]

13 Mar 2012 - Write Your Own Vaccine Waiver: Dr Eisenstein Explains [Has embedded videos on the web page]

13 Mar 2012 - FDA Petition To Label GMOs Nears One Million Signatures - Sign It Today!

13 Mar 2012 - World Renowned Heart Surgeon Renounces Mainstream Heart Health Practice

13 Mar 2012 - Absurd Doctor Says Feeding Babies Raw Milk Is 'Child Endangerment'

12 Mar 2012 - ObamaCare's 'Terrible' 10

12 Mar 2012 - Outrage Over 'Pink Slime' Added To School Lunches

12 Mar 2012 - Federal Court Unseals Planned Parenthood Lawsuit

12 Mar 2012 - ALERT: California's AB 2109 Would Make Doctors Gatekeepers For Non-Medical Vaccine Exemptions!

12 Mar 2012 - While California Persecutes Raw Milk Farmers, France Unveils Raw Milk Vending Machines For Happy, Healthy Consumers

12 Mar 2012 - Groups Push For FDA To Require Specific Labeling Of Added Sugars In Foods

12 Mar 2012 - Monsanto's Roundup Threatens Stability Of Global Food Supply

12 Mar 2012 - Is This Fraud Too Big Even For 60 Minutes? [Has an embedded video on the web page]

09 Mar 2012 - USDA Buys 7 Million Pounds Of 'Pink Slime' For School Lunches [Has an embedded video on the web page]

09 Mar 2012 - The Double Standard On Food Safety

09 Mar 2012 - BUSTED! Raw Milk Lies Exposed - Freedom Friday: The Fight For Your Right To Drink Milk

09 Mar 2012 - Doctors' Medicare Cuts: 'Rationing Based On Cost' - Rep. Roe: Repeal Of Provision In ObamaCare Advances In House

09 Mar 2012 - YouTube Censors Anti-TSA Video

09 Mar 2012 - Schoolgirl Suffers Adverse Reaction After Four Vaccines At School Without Parental Consent

09 Mar 2012 - Obama Mandate About Helping Planned Parenthood, Not Birth Control

09 Mar 2012 - House Panel Discusses Circumvention Of Parental-Notification Laws [GOOD! There should be a law preventing this!]

08 Mar 2012 - Victory In Court For Personhood Colorado; Petition Set To Move Forward [GOOD!]

08 Mar 2012 - Lawmakers Move To Repeal Health-Rationing Measure

08 Mar 2012 - Dr. Andrew Wakefield's Co-Author On Controversial Lancet "MMR Paper" Exonerated Of All Charges Of Professional Misconduct

08 Mar 2012 - When You Stand Up For Dr. Wakefield You Stand Up For Your Child!

08 Mar 2012 - Global Days Of Action Against Monsanto

08 Mar 2012 - Australian Children To Be Sterilized Without Parental Consent Under New Eugenics Law [PURE INSANITY and PURE EVIL!!!]

08 Mar 2012 - Let's Make It Go Viral: Video By Engineer Jon Corbett Reveals How TSA Body Scanners Are Completely Useless

08 Mar 2012 - Vermont Legislature: Keep The Vaccine Philosophical Exemption

08 Mar 2012 - Monsanto Guilty Of Chemical Poisoning In France

07 Mar 2012 - House Panel Repeals Medicare Board In ObamaCare

07 Mar 2012 - Look Who's Suspended In Food-Police Outrage - Mom Protests: 'It's The Government That Needs To Be Reprimanded'

07 Mar 2012 - FDA: You Don't Keep Your Own Laws

07 Mar 2012 - Nothing Sweet About SEC's Response

07 Mar 2012 - New Scientific Data Forces Government To Reverse Its Stance On Fluoride In The Water Supply

07 Mar 2012 - Profoundly Flawed Study Used As Basis For CDC's New Report On Supposed "Dangers" Of Raw Milk

07 Mar 2012 - Cancers, Infectious Diseases, And Lifestyle Illnesses: Why "Miracle Drugs" Are The Problem, Not The Solution

07 Mar 2012 - Natural Healing And Massage Schools: Massage Therapy School And Alternative Medicine Career Resources

06 Mar 2012 - ObamaCare Fines Religious Institutions $100 A Day Per Employee For Failing To Provide Contraception [ObamaCare's definition of contraception also includes the form of serial killing and mass murder known as abortion!]

06 Mar 2012 - It's Not Just Pepsi: Drug, Food, Cosmetic Companies Use Aborted Baby Cells, Says Scientist [This is PURE EVIL!!!]

06 Mar 2012 - Conflicts Of Interest In Vaccine Safety Research

06 Mar 2012 - In India, Oversight Lacking In Outsourced Drug Trials [Has an embedded video on the web page]

06 Mar 2012 - Announcing: The Vaccine Research Library

06 Mar 2012 - Dr. Russell Blaylock: The Myth Of Herd Immunity

06 Mar 2012 - Unvaccinated People A Public Health Threat? Nope, People Who Take Antibiotics Are The Real Danger

05 Mar 2012 - Patricia Finn - "I Will Not, Under Any Circumstances, Give Up Those Names... I'll Go To Jail First." [Has an embedded video on the web page]

05 Mar 2012 - AB2109 Threatens Vaccine Exemptions in California

05 Mar 2012 - Obama Agency Rules Pepsi Use Of Cells Derived From Aborted Fetus 'Ordinary Business' [This is NOT 'ordinary business.' It is DISGUSTING and EVIL!]

05 Mar 2012 - How The Medical Profession Covered Up Vaccine Injuries And Called It 'Child Abuse'

05 Mar 2012 - Freedom Of Information Request Reveals Major Government Vaccine Conspiracy

05 Mar 2012 - Parents' Role In Abortion: A Legal Dilemma?

05 Mar 2012 - TSA Forces New Mom To Pump Milk Out Of Her Breasts In Public Restroom Before Boarding The Plane

05 Mar 2012 - Don't Believe The Lie: Organic Farming CAN Feed The World

05 Mar 2012 - Support The More Than 300,000 Organic Farmers Who Lost Their Court Battle To Monsanto - Sign The Heartfelt Petition To OSGTA Today!

02 Mar 2012 - President Obama Elevates Providing Abortion Inducing Drugs And Sterilization Above Religious Freedom And The First Amendment

02 Mar 2012 - The Contraceptive Mandate -- A Power Struggle Between Ideologies

02 Mar 2012 - Canada: Home Schoolers' Family Values Not Allowed

02 Mar 2012 - When Do We Get To Euthanize The Medical Ethicists Who Say Murdering Newborn Babies Is Good For Society?

02 Mar 2012 - Health Ranger Releases Raw Milk Infographic Comparing Fresh Raw Dairy To Pasteurized Homogenized Dead Milk

02 Mar 2012 - Judge In Wisconsin Raw Milk Prosecution Against Vernon Hershberger Exposed As Having No Sworn Oath, No Legal Standing

02 Mar 2012 - Parents Protest Freedom-Crushing Food Police Who Search Lunch Bags Of Schoolchildren

02 Mar 2012 - PEER Sues White House For Withholding Documents From Monsanto-Linked Lobbyist Regarding Protection Of GE Crops In Wildlife Refuges

02 Mar 2012 - SaneVax Writes Open Letter To Medical Journal Editor Protesting Bogus Gardasil Study

01 Mar 2012 - The Great Government Hoax Of Public Safety

01 Mar 2012 - Don't Let Harry Reid Bully Your Religious Freedoms Any Longer: Harry Reid And ObamaCare Violate Religious And Moral Convictions By Forcing Americans To Pay For Drug-Induced Abortions

01 Mar 2012 - Arizona Senate Passes Religious Protections Bill

01 Mar 2012 - Obama Loyal To Planned Parenthood [They still makes claims about using the funds they receive are being used for mammograms or cancer treatments, which is NOT true! Their funding is used to push and provide the form of serial killing and mass murder known as abortion!]

01 Mar 2012 - Medical Journal: Legalize 'After-Birth Abortions', 'Infants Are Not People' [Yet another act of murder and they get away with it under the name of medicine!]

01 Mar 2012 - Illinois Supreme Court Considering Parental Notification Law

01 Mar 2012 - How The Commerce Clause Will Be Used To Stuff ObamaCare Down Our Throats

01 Mar 2012 - Texas Protecting The Health Of Women

01 Mar 2012 - How FDA And Big Pharma Mislead Millions Into Taking Dangerous Anti-Depressants

01 Mar 2012 - Bill Gates, Monsanto, And Eugenics: How One Of The World's Wealthiest Men Is Actively Promoting A Corporate Takeover Of Global Agriculture

01 Mar 2012 - Detroit Teen Given Four Vaccinations, Including Gardasil, By Her School Without Mother's Permission

29 Feb 2012 - Supremes Refuse To Listen To Kagan Arguments: Decline, Again, To Hear Challenge To Impartiality On ObamaCare

29 Feb 2012 - House Judiciary Committee Contemplates Contraceptive Mandate

29 Feb 2012 - 'It Is Not, Per Se, A Tax': Sebelius Contradicts Administration's Legal Defense Of ObamaCare [Has an embedded video on the web page]

29 Feb 2012 - The Public Is Kept In The Dark About Many Medical Issues

29 Feb 2012 - Obama Pulls Texas Medicaid Funds Over Planned Parenthood De-Funding [Isn't what Obama is pulling called extortion and blackmail? These are still against the law aren't they?]

29 Feb 2012 - Texas Defunds Planned Parenthood Completely [GOOD! More states should follow their example and stop funding this business of murder and serial killing!]

29 Feb 2012 - ObamaCare Power Grab: Unchecked Medicare Cuts - Rep. Joe Pitts: 'The Last Thing I Want Is Rationed Care For Our Seniors'

29 Feb 2012 - USDA Decides The Current Rush To Rubber-Stamp GMO Foods Is Too Slow!

29 Feb 2012 - Georgia House Set To Vote On Fetal Protection Bill

29 Feb 2012 - Dietitian HQ Now Resorting To Sneak Attacks

29 Feb 2012 - The One And Only Way You Can Tell If A Food Is GMO-Free

28 Feb 2012 - Senate Prepares To Vote On Religious Protections Bill

28 Feb 2012 - SHOCK: Ethicists Justify Infanticide In Major Medical Journal

28 Feb 2012 - Vermont: S199 Committee Submission With Exhibits

28 Feb 2012 - Vermont Vaccine Exemption Charts

28 Feb 2012 - 3 Years In Jail For Serving Raw Milk? : Food Rights Rally Planned For Farmer's Court Hearing

28 Feb 2012 - Va. Senate Kills Bill To Stop HPV Vaccines

28 Feb 2012 - 'Legal' Kidnapping By The State To Cover Up Vaccine Injuries

28 Feb 2012 - Blues Fined $1.6M For 'Fraudulently Concealed' Fees

28 Feb 2012 - Vaccination Rights Attorney Patricia Finn Threatened With Criminal Charges; New York State Demands She Surrender Names Of All Clients

28 Feb 2012 - Pediatrician's Refusal To Treat Unvaccinated Kids: Legal And Ethical Ramifications

28 Feb 2012 - Vermont Parents Fight To Save Philosophical Exemption [Has an embedded video on the web page]

27 Feb 2012 - Feds Sued Over Kagan's ObamaCare Role: 'Integrity Of The Court Requires A Full Airing Of Those Facts'

27 Feb 2012 - The Heart Of Obama's 'Contraception Mandate' Is Abortion

27 Feb 2012 - A Government That Knows No Bounds

27 Feb 2012 - Attorneys General Teaming Up Against Mandate

27 Feb 2012 - U.S. 'Making Raw Milk Look Dangerous' : CDC Accused Of Skewing Statistics

27 Feb 2012 - Girl Scouts, Planned Parenthood Still Denying Link

27 Feb 2012 - Harvard Study: Pasteurized Milk From Industrial Dairies Linked To Cancer

27 Feb 2012 - Raw Milk Freedom Riders And Farm Food Freedom Coalition To Host Food Freedom Rally On March 2

24 Feb 2012 - Teacher Knows Best! [That's the public school system for you. This clearly shows their arrogance! Both they and the government think they know what is best, when in reality they have no idea. Just yet another attempt to control everything and everyone and take away YOUR rights!]

24 Feb 2012 - Why I No Longer Buy Girl Scout Cookies [In addition, the article does not mention this, but they are also not very healthy for you either!]

24 Feb 2012 - Texas Defies Obama Administration, Bars Abortion Providers From Medicaid [GOOD! More states need to follow this example and stand up against this evil and say NO!]

24 Feb 2012 - 7 States Challenge Birth Control Coverage Rule

24 Feb 2012 - Australia: Anti-vaccine Group Wins Court Case

24 Feb 2012 - PG&E Begins Removing 'Smart' Meters Due To Health Effects [Has an embedded video on the web page]

24 Feb 2012 - U.N. Biospheres: A Scheme To Control People And Their Land

24 Feb 2012 - Court: Pharmacists Don't Have To Dispense Certain Drugs

24 Feb 2012 - Why The Medical Establishment Will Never Find A Cause Or Cure For Autism

24 Feb 2012 - Beat Big Pharma Drug Prices And Chemical Additives - Make Your Own Safe, High Quality, Natural Topical Ointments At Home

22 Feb 2012 - Judge Defends Forced Abortion, Sterilization Ruling Against Mentally Ill Woman [Thus is not only MURDER it is PURE EVIL!]

22 Feb 2012 - 'Ideological Commitments' Afoot In Healthcare Mandate

22 Feb 2012 - Congress Wants To Limit Access To Science

22 Feb 2012 - Big Farma Once Again Walking All Over Your Safety-And The Constitution

22 Feb 2012 - Pasteurized Milk 150 Times More Contaminated With Blood, Pus And Feces Than Fresh Milk - Videos The CDC Won't Show You

22 Feb 2012 - Unvaccinated Kids Banned From Indiana School Due To Measles 'Outbreak'

22 Feb 2012 - Monsanto Found Guilty In France For Farmer's Illness

22 Feb 2012 - Cholesterol Scam: Disinformation Slowly Unraveling Among Health Professionals

22 Feb 2012 - Clinical Pathologist Wants Taxpayers To Pay For HPV Gardasil Vaccination, But Discouraged HPV DNA Testing

22 Feb 2012 - I Will Not Be Pinkwashed: Komen's Race Is For Money, Not The Cure [Has an embedded video on the web page]

21 Feb 2012 - Ob-Gyn: Santorum Was Right, Prenatal Testing Used To Abort Disabled

21 Feb 2012 - Deadly Bird Flu Studies To Stay Secret: 'There Is A Preference From A Public Health Perspective For Full Disclosure'

21 Feb 2012 - At Issue: Planned Parenthood's Illegal Gov't Funding

21 Feb 2012 - FDA Assault On Amish Raw Milk Mirrors Spanish Conquistadors Killing Inca For Growing Quinoa And Amaranth

21 Feb 2012 - Legislators Attempt To Force Fluoridation On New Jersey

21 Feb 2012 - The Cruel Science Experiment They Want To Force You To Take

20 Feb 2012 - Is ObamaCare Just RomneyCare 2.0? : Analyst Says The Programs Are 'Virtually Identical'

20 Feb 2012 - Alabama Supreme Court In Landmark Ruling: 'Each Person Has A God-Given Right To Life'

20 Feb 2012 - Pro-Life Women Don't Count? Cecile Richards Misleads That No Women Testified About HHS Mandate [Has an embedded video on the web page]

20 Feb 2012 - Mandatory Vaccinations: A Collectivist Viewpoint Emerges

20 Feb 2012 - Bills Address Obama's Birth-Control Mandate

20 Feb 2012 - Santorum: ObamaCare's Prenatal Mandate Leads To Abortion Of Disabled Babies

17 Feb 2012 - Rights For Unborn Children Passes: With Senate Approval, The Personhood Measure Heads To The House

17 Feb 2012 - A Monopoly On Bad Advice: ADA Pushes For Complete Control Over Nutrition Industry

17 Feb 2012 - Another Example Of Government Intrusion Into Our Lives

17 Feb 2012 - Facebook Censors Pro-Life Image, Allows DIY Abortion Instructions

17 Feb 2012 - Why You Can't Trust What The Media Say About Our Government

17 Feb 2012 - Feds Succeed In Destroying Entire Business Of Amish Raw Milk Farmer

17 Feb 2012 - Taxpayers Slapped With $32 Billion Bill To Pay For TSA Molestation Of Their Children And Seniors

17 Feb 2012 - Normal Personality Traits And Emotions Like Grieving Soon To Be Classified As 'Mental Illness'

16 Feb 2012 - The World Is Enveloped In Confusion

16 Feb 2012 - Planned Parenthood Guilty Of Tens Of Millions Of Dollars In Fraud Charge Whistleblowers, New Report

16 Feb 2012 - The Fight Over Obama's Mandate Is The Fight Of A Lifetime For Religious Freedom

16 Feb 2012 - Hospital Pays $178M For False Advertising, Inexperienced Doc

16 Feb 2012 - Boycott Komen's Race For The Cure Events, Sham Cancer Fundraisers Prey On Pinkwashing Quackery

16 Feb 2012 - California Family Ambushed By School Officials, TV News Crew After They Refused To Vaccinate Their Daughter

16 Feb 2012 - Sell Monsanto! List Of Top Mutual Funds To Ditch Because They Own Monsanto Shares

16 Feb 2012 - Multiple Sclerosis Society Ignores Nutritional Cures For MS While Promoting Medical Mafia Standard Of Sick Care

15 Feb 2012 - Lawsuit Against ObamaCare And HHS Mandate Filed In Federal Court Today On Behalf Of All U.S. Employers

15 Feb 2012 - ObamaCare Lawsuits Heat Up

15 Feb 2012 - Food Police Invade North Carolina School

15 Feb 2012 - Palin: Birth-Control Controversy Epitomizes ObamaCare's Folly

15 Feb 2012 - Obama Tramples Religious Liberties: Obama Continues His Assault On The Christian Faith

15 Feb 2012 - Can We Succeed In Pushing Back Against Dangerous Genetically Engineered Foods?

15 Feb 2012 - What Parents Don't Know ...

15 Feb 2012 - Dr. Andrew Wakefield Takes Legal Action Against Brian Deer, BMJ And Godlee

15 Feb 2012 - Detroit Newspaper Calls For Birth Control Sterilants To Be Added To Public Water Supply, Reports Aaron Dykes [PURE INSANITY!]

15 Feb 2012 - Profits Over People: Johnson & Johnson Hid Studies Showing Risperdal Drug Caused Diabetes, Says Victim

15 Feb 2012 - Ron Paul Reintroduces Parental Consent Act, Prohibiting Federal Funding For Psychiatric Screening Of Children

14 Feb 2012 - Veterans Administration Further Injures PTSD Veterans

14 Feb 2012 - WH: ObamaCare Allows Pres To Tell Private Companies They Have To Offer A Product, And Offer It for Free

14 Feb 2012 - UNESCO Official Calls For National Registry Of Doctors Who Object To Abortion: Spain

14 Feb 2012 - Your YouTube Speed: Is YouTube Sneaking Away With Your Personal Information?

14 Feb 2012 - Healthcare Reform Violates First Amendment: Forces Abortion Insurance Mandate: Life Legal Defense Foundation Submits Brief To Supreme Court Arguing Mandate Is Unconstitutional

14 Feb 2012 - 12 State Attorneys General: We Will File Lawsuit Against Obama Mandate 'In Weeks, Not Months'

14 Feb 2012 - U.S. Catholic Bishops Vow To Fight Obama Mandate After 'Accommodation': White House Says It's Final

14 Feb 2012 - Catholic Fr. Frank Pavone: No compromise - The Mandate Has To Go, Period

13 Feb 2012 - Merck's Crooked HPV Marketing To Doctors: "Strategies To Combat The Spread Of HPV Infection"

13 Feb 2012 - Norway: Victims May Receive Swine Flu Vaccine Compensation

13 Feb 2012 - Largest National Nurses Union Opposes Mandatory Flu Vaccination As Condition Of Employment

13 Feb 2012 - Texas Now Requiring Meningitis Vaccination For All College Students

13 Feb 2012 - Harvard University To Host Raw Milk Debate On February 16, 2012

10 Feb 2012 - New Obama Scam (You Must Pay, But Nobody Pays) Lays Groundwork For Future National Abortion Mandate

10 Feb 2012 - Activist: Planned Parenthood NOT In Healthcare Business

10 Feb 2012 - Bill Donohue: Obama's Mandate About Abortion, Not Birth Control

10 Feb 2012 - RomneyCare Required Anti-Catholic Regulations Like ObamaCare's

10 Feb 2012 - Doctor Dangers: How To Cut Down On Medical Mistakes

10 Feb 2012 - FDA Monopoly Enforcement Goes After Google For $500 Million In Online Pharmacy Ad Profits

09 Feb 2012 - EWTN Files Lawsuit Against Obama Mandate

09 Feb 2012 - Southern Baptist Leader: If Obama Mandate Isn't Changed, Christians Will Go To Jail

09 Feb 2012 - Church Leader: Jail Over ObamaCare

09 Feb 2012 - Rescue The Perishing

09 Feb 2012 - Court Upholds Firing Of CDC Counselor For Her Stand On Christianity [More proof as to how corrupt both the government and the courts are. This is a clear violation of her Constitutional rights to Freedom of Religion!]

09 Feb 2012 - Wakefield-Hero Or Villain-Decide For Yourself!

09 Feb 2012 - France Defeats Monsanto

09 Feb 2012 - Monsanto Forced Out Of Costa Rica

09 Feb 2012 - A Suit Airs Debate On Organic vs. Modified Crops

09 Feb 2012 - Whole Fraud: Exposing The Myth Of So-Called Natural Foods

09 Feb 2012 - Vermont Introduces Monumental GMO Labeling Legislation

09 Feb 2012 - Do You Want Feds Implanting Contraceptives In Your 13 Year Old Daughter?

09 Feb 2012 - Neotame The Next Aspartame? FDA Doesn't Require Labeling Of Latest Chemical Sweetener From Monsanto

09 Feb 2012 - Drug Firm Agrees To Pay One Billion Dollars In Major Scandal [Has an embedded video on the web page]

08 Feb 2012 - Senate Passes Bill To Allow Airports To Kick Out TSA [It's about time! TSA should NEVER have been allowed in there in the first place!]

08 Feb 2012 - Santorum: Obama Contraception Stance 'Tramples' 1st Amendment

08 Feb 2012 - Why H.R.3380 Is Our Only Means Now To Stop The FDA's Vitamin Grab

07 Feb 2012 - The Hidden Agenda Behind The Media War On Komen

07 Feb 2012 - Legislative Bills Proposed In Six States Would Grant Nutrition Monopoly To ADA

07 Feb 2012 - Dr. Benjamin Rush Warned About Loss Of Medical Freedom Over 200 Years Ago

06 Feb 2012 - CA Rep. Wants Immediate End To Forced Birth Control Coverage, Rest Of ObamaCare

06 Feb 2012 - Take Action: Obama Mandates Pro-Abortion Policy On Faith-Based Organizations

06 Feb 2012 - MONSANTO: Poisoning The World In The Name Of Junk Science And Profit [Has embedded videos on the web page]

06 Feb 2012 - Komen Disgraces Its Own Cause

06 Feb 2012 - Monsanto Forced Out Of UK By Activists [Where are our USA activists??? We need to stand up and rebel against this evil corporation!]

06 Feb 2012 - USDA Forces Whole Foods To Accept Monsanto [This is pure evil!!!]

06 Feb 2012 - While Government Discredits Raw Milk, It Keeps Names Of Salmonella Outbreak Restaurants Secret To Protect Corporate Profits

03 Feb 2012 - Susan G. Komen Apologizes For Cutting Off Planned Parenthood Funding [They try to push that Planned Parenthood does a large amount of breast cancer screening and what they call "other preventative services." What falls under this category of "other preventative services", is what their main purpose is, to push the form of serial killing and mass murder known as abortion!] [A double minded man is unstable in all his ways. [James 1:8, KJV)]

03 Feb 2012 - Komen Foundation Caves To World's Leading Baby Killer With Help From The Media

03 Feb 2012 - Arizona Bill Would Nullify Health Care Act In Its Entirety

03 Feb 2012 - FDA's New Claim: "Your Body Is A Drug-And We Have The Authority To Regulate It!"

03 Feb 2012 - Coalition On Abortion/Breast Cancer Chastises Uninformed Democratic Senators: Planned Parenthood Doesn't Do Mammograms And Damages Women's Health / Susan G. Komen For The Cure Was Right To Halt Planned Parenthood Funding

03 Feb 2012 - Australia Attempts To Enact Scientific Dictatorship At Universities By Banishing Alternative Medicine Courses

03 Feb 2012 - Bill Gates Buys Positive Press Spin On Vaccines, GMOs

03 Feb 2012 - Hawaii GMO Justice Coalition Calls For Massive Protest Against GMOs On February

01 Feb 2012 - This Isn't Just About Catholics Vs. Obama -- This Is Also About Women: HHS Mandate Latest Salvo In Skirmish Over Life ... And Human Dignity

01 Feb 2012 - $29 Billion Reasons To Lie About Cholesterol [Has an embedded video on the web page]

31 Jan 2012 - Catholic Church Rejects Surrender Terms From Obama [Neither Obama or anyone else has the right or authority to tell a church to go and do what is against its teachings, especially when they are being told to allow and commit murder!]

31 Jan 2012 - Judge Who Ruled Against Raw Milk In Wisconsin Quits To Work For Monsanto Law Firm

31 Jan 2012 - FDA Hacked Into Private Gmail Accounts Of Its Own Whistleblower Scientist Using Covert Spy Technology

31 Jan 2012 - Proof That The Cancer Industry Doesn't Want A Cure - Even If It's A Pharmaceutical

31 Jan 2012 - GSK Fined Measly $90,000 By Argentine Court For Killing 14 Babies In Illegal Vaccine Trials; Drug Giant Actually Appealing

31 Jan 2012 - SaneVax Open Letter To Educators Worldwide: Watch For Side Effects Of HPV Vaccines

31 Jan 2012 - Monsanto to Face Biopiracy Charges In India

30 Jan 2012 - ObamaCare's New Shame Police

30 Jan 2012 - Fair And Balanced? Fox TV & Monsanto Kill A Story [Has an embedded video on the web page]

30 Jan 2012 - Confessions Of A Frustrated Pharmacist

27 Jan 2012 - Check Out This Chart Comparing RomneyCare To ObamaCare [This is a very interesting comparison. One nearly bankrupt the state of Massachusetts and the other if running in full will probably bankrupt the US (just after the ad on the page is a link to the PDF format comparison). These are only a few of the things they have in common with one another. There are many more.]

27 Jan 2012 - The Gloves Are On For Dr. Andrew Wakefield

27 Jan 2012 - Overuse Accounts For Up To 30% Of Healthcare Spending

27 Jan 2012 - Hawaii Police State? Government May Track All Website Visits By Residents [This is INSANE! This is a clear violation of the Constitution of the United States of America. If this becomes law, I can see how quickly it will be abused by the officials there!]

27 Jan 2012 - Reuters Promotes Eugenics With 'Abortion Is Safer Than Giving Birth' Headline [What they are promoting is pure EVIL!]

27 Jan 2012 - Raw Milk Vending Machines Growing In Popularity Across Europe

26 Jan 2012 - Oklahoma Senator Correct -- Mainstream Media Wrong: Aborted Fetal Cells Are Used In Development Of Flavor Enhancers For Food Products

26 Jan 2012 - Oklahoma Lawmaker Wants To Stop Pepsi From Using Aborted Fetus Cells In Soda Flavoring Research

26 Jan 2012 - DNA Sample To Be Taken From Students Before Allowed To Take SAT College Entrance Exams

25 Jan 2012 - Is Google Watching You? [There goes more of your freedom and privacy, being stolen before your very eyes! It's none of theirs or anyone else's business what you look at. Perhaps it's time people stop using Google and its affiliates!]

25 Jan 2012 - No Science For You!

25 Jan 2012 - New Proposal May Put the Nation's Food Safety At Even Greater Risk

25 Jan 2012 - Radical Idea: Paper Suggests Forcing Your Children Into Vaccine Trials [So much for our personal freedoms. This is just another way to force their poisons on everyone!]

25 Jan 2012 - A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing

25 Jan 2012 - Statin Drugs Shown To Increase Risk Of Diabetes Significantly-Yet The Media Scramble To Protect The Drugs' Reputation

25 Jan 2012 - Powerful Activism To Demand Labeling Of GMOs - Watch 'Labels Matter' And Sign The Petition Now!

24 Jan 2012 - Legalized Abortion: 39 Years Later

24 Jan 2012 - Obama Gives Faith Groups One Year To Comply With Contraceptive Mandate [Obama is obviously an IDIOT! He is NOT God and he has no power under the Constitution of the United States of America to violate a church's rights and order this!]

24 Jan 2012 - OBAMASCARE: Supremes Refuse To Consider Kagan Recusal

24 Jan 2012 - Why The Government Must Control The Internet [Or so they think!]

24 Jan 2012 - Update: My Fight Against The 'Smart' Meter

24 Jan 2012 - Monsanto: 'There Is No Need For, Or Value In Testing The Safety Of GM Foods In Humans' [They must be nuts if they think we will take their word for it!]

24 Jan 2012 - Raw Milk: Good Enough For Queen Elizabeth, But Prohibited For Ordinary Canadians

24 Jan 2012 - Health Insurance Company Preys Upon The Poor With Junk Food Reward Program For Vaccinating Your Baby

24 Jan 2012 - New Evidence Refutes Fraud Findings In Dr. Wakefield Case [Has an embedded video on the web page]

23 Jan 2012 - Obama Orders Catholics To Act Against Their Faith; Bishops Call It 'Unconscionable' [So who made him GOD? And what happened to the supposed Separation of Church and State"? Seems his highness thinks he is above Biblical teachings and individual and Constitutional rights, something that he thinks ObamaCare is greater than!]

23 Jan 2012 - Where States Stand On Life

20 Jan 2012 - CBO: ObamaCare-Like Programs Don't Save Money Or Reduce Costs

20 Jan 2012 - Paula Deen's Deception For Profit

20 Jan 2012 - An 'F' For Fat Kids: New Plan To Punish Obese Children

20 Jan 2012 - State Department Of Health Defends Seeking Forced Abortion For Mentally Ill Woman

20 Jan 2012 - AMA Journal Article Suggests Mandating Participation In Experimental Vaccine Trials 'For The Greater Good' [This completely INSANE!]

20 Jan 2012 - Paula Deen Exposed As Big Pharma Selling For Profiting From The Diabetes Disease Her Recipes Promote

19 Jan 2012 - Colorado Christian University Sues Over Health Care Law [Has an embedded video on the web page]

19 Jan 2012 - Sec 105 Of SOPA Threatens Freedom Of Health Speech, Aligns With FDA Trilateral Cooperation Charter To Potentially Eliminate Access To Dietary Supplements

19 Jan 2012 - January 24: Join The OCA Protest At Monsanto's Annual Shareholders Meeting - What If Monsanto Had To Pay For Its Corporate Crimes?

19 Jan 2012 - France Upholds GM Maize Ban Despite Court Ruling [Good more countries should follow their example]

19 Jan 2012 - Pediatrician Calls State Trooper, Child Protective Services On Mother For Refusing To Vaccinate Child

19 Jan 2012 - What Big Pharma Doesn't Want You To Know About Bromelain

18 Jan 2012 - SOPA And PIPA Bills Could Threaten Natural Health Websites With Government-Ordered Shutdown [Not just natural health websites, they could also come after Churches and Christian ministries as well!]

18 Jan 2012 - Doctors vs. ObamaCare: Can Your Physician Simply 'Opt-Out'?

18 Jan 2012 - The 'Death Panel' Buried Deep Inside The Healthcare Law

18 Jan 2012 - Supplements: The Real Story -Natural Or Synthetic? Foods Or Tablets?

18 Jan 2012 - Big Pharma Routinely Suppresses Data From Clinical Trials-But FDA Approves These Dangerous Drugs Anyway!

18 Jan 2012 - Bill Would Add Virginia To ObamaCare Opponents

18 Jan 2012 - American Dietetic Association Speeds Up Its Race For Monopoly

18 Jan 2012 - Fact: 80 Percent Of U.S. Pharmaceuticals Made With Overseas Ingredients, Nearly Half Produced In Foreign Facilities Never Inspected By FDA

17 Jan 2012 - Senator Pushes For GMO Labeling In Washington State

17 Jan 2012 - EPA Drops Jackboot On Necks Of Couple For Daring To Build On Their Own Land

16 Jan 2012 - No Deaths In 38 Years From This Raw Food -- So Why Is It Condemned? [Has an embedded video on the web page]

16 Jan 2012 - How To Tell If Your Doctor Is On The Drug Industries' Payroll

13 Jan 2012 - High Court Urged To Reject ObamaCare

13 Jan 2012 - Was Dr. Andrew Wakefield Right After All?

12 Jan 2012 - Ohio Lt. Gov. Taylor Continues Attacking ObamaCare [GOOD! No one should slow down or stop standing up against this evil!]

12 Jan 2012 - Student Privacy At Risk From Feds: How The Feds Are Tracking Your Kid

12 Jan 2012 - Action Alert: Pro-Fluoride Fanatics Pushing Pinellas County, Fla., Commission To Reinstate Water Fluoridation

11 Jan 2012 - IMPORTAMT RECALL INFORMATION: Novartis OTC Consumer Product Updates Website

11 Jan 2012 - Group Fights Genetically Engineered Food Sold Secretly

11 Jan 2012 - Sweet Baby Girl Dies After Vaccination And Parents Being Gagged

11 Jan 2012 - Big Farma Convinces FDA To Take A Dive

11 Jan 2012 - New Regulations Threaten Insurance For CAM Patients

11 Jan 2012 - EU Ombudsman Finds Against EFSA In 'Conflict Of Interest' Case

11 Jan 2012 - 25 Amazing And Weird Facts About How Food Is Made - New Report Now Downloadable From NaturalNews

11 Jan 2012 - Leaked Documents Reveal US Diplomats Actually Work For Monsanto

10 Jan 2012 - 27 Congressmen To Court: If Individual Mandate's Unconstitutional, Strike Down All ObamaCare

10 Jan 2012 - Pregnancy Help Centers To Argue Against Coerced Abortion: Judge Allows Counselors To Join Lawsuit Over State Requirement

10 Jan 2012 - Rep. Kucinich Proposes Legislation To Ban Open-Air Cultivation Of Pharmaceutical-Producing GE Crops

09 Jan 2012 - Wholesale Approval Of Genetically Engineered Foods

09 Jan 2012 - Pepsi's Lawyers Say Mountain Dew Can Dissolve A Mouse

09 Jan 2012 - Publicly Funded GMO Research In India Exposed As Fraud To Secretly Sneak In Monsanto Seeds

06 Jan 2012 - New Year's Tax To Help Ration ObamaCare

06 Jan 2012 - The Non-Condition That'll Get You Medicated: New Push To Drug People For 'Prehypertension'

06 Jan 2012 - Pelosi Claims Repeal Of 'ObamaCare' Would 'Destroy 300,000 Jobs' [Here she goes again with more scare tactics and lies to intimidate people!]

06 Jan 2012 - Andrew Wakefield Sues Brian Deer, The BMJ, And Fiona Godlee: Dr Wakefield Has Lodged A Court Case Against Deer And BMJ [PDF format] (It will open in a new window)

06 Jan 2012 - Monsanto Spends Whopping $2 Million In Third Quarter 2011 Lobbying Federal Government

05 Jan 2012 - Journal Commentary Suggests Flawed Studies Intentionally Obscured Benefits Of Vitamin Therapy In Preventing Strokes

05 Jan 2012 - Control The Fools With Polls

05 Jan 2012 - Planned Parenthood Gets A Half-Billion Dollars To Kill Preborn Babies

05 Jan 2012 - Busted! Scientists Leave Out Data To Produce Bogus Findings

05 Jan 2012 - Woman Files Class Action Lawsuit Against Frito-Lay For Marketing Genetically-Modified Snacks As 'All Natural'

05 Jan 2012 - And Then They Came For The Food Activists

05 Jan 2011 - Class Action Lawsuit Against Monsanto For Agent Orange Pollution While Dow Seeks Deregulation For Agent Orange Resistant Corn

05 Jan 2012 - Almost 68% Of Women Over 40 Have Fallen For This Trap

04 Jan 2012 - Every Good Doctor Must Represent The Patient: The Malfunction Of Evidence-Based Medicine

04 Jan 2012 - Support Kansas For Vaccine Rights' Conscientious Exemption HB 2094

03 Jan 2012 - Cancer-Stricken Teen Mother Dies To Give Her Baby Life [Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends - John 15:13 KJV]

03 Jan 2012 - How Docs Sell You Out: A Doctor's Guide To Joining Big Pharma

03 Jan 2012 - Christian College vs. ObamaCare: Another School Taking Stand For Religious Liberty

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