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31 Dec 2011 - Tell Organic Baby Food Brands To Stop Using GMOs!

31 Dec 2011 - How To Avoid Processed Foods In A Healthy Diet

31 Dec 2011 - Chiropractors And Naturopaths - Are They Dangerous?

31 Dec 2011 - Right To Free Exercise, Part 2

31 Dec 2011 - Caution: The "Best Route" To Good Health Is Causing 106,000 Deaths/Year [Has embedded videos on the web page]

29 Dec 2011 - Know The TRUTH About The Government Health Care Bill H.R.3200 - Key Points [YouTube video]

29 Dec 2011 - NO DEATHS FROM VITAMINS: America's Largest Database Confirms Supplement Safety

29 Dec 2011 - Sometimes 'Free' Preventive Care Isn't

29 Dec 2011 - USDA Recalls More Than 60 Million Pounds Of Conventional Meat Products In 2011 For Bacterial Contamination - And Health Inspectors Are Worried About Raw Milk?

27 Dec 2011 - America's Farmlands To Be Carpet-Bombed With Vietnam-Era Agent Orange Chemical If Dow Petition Approved

27 Dec 2011 - Mobile Fluoride Vans To Target Communities That Voted To Remove Chemical From Public Water Supply

27 Dec 2011 - Using The First Amendment To Opt Out Of This Potentially Damaging Procedure: How To Legally Get A Vaccine Exemption [Has an embedded video on the web page]

26 Dec 2011 - Why Is There Arsenic In Our Chicken?

26 Dec 2011 - TSA Screener Confiscates 'Wicked Good Cupcakes' After Claiming Icing Might Be National Security Threat [What can we say except, more proof that TSA is a bunch of idiots!]

26 Dec 2011 - Finally... Solo Farmer Fights Monsanto And Wins [Has an embedded video on the web page]

26 Dec 2011 - Why Is The U.S. Doubling Its Protection Against This Non-Existent Health Enemy?

22 Dec 2011 - Physicians Oppose Mandatory Flu Vaccine For Health Workers

22 Dec 2011 - House Wants More Details On Smallpox-Drug Deal: Scrutinizing Award By Obama Administration Of $433-Million Sole-Source Contract

22 Dec 2011 - Personal Identity Thieves Love Health Records

22 Dec 2011 - Tell The EPA To Ban Glyphosate! [Has embedded videos on the web page]

22 Dec 2011 - Michigan Mom's Victory Over Child Protective Service Invasion

22 Dec 2011 - Army Of Loyal Customers Helps Organic Pastures Owner Mark McAfee Get Vindictive Raw Milk Quarantine Lifted

22 Dec 2011 - Christian Group Pulls 'Pink' Breast Cancer Awareness Bibles After Discovering Link To Planned Parenthood

20 Dec 2011 - Supreme Court To Hear Arguments On ObamaCare: Justices Schedule 5 1/2 Hours Of Argument In March, The Most For A Case Since 1960s

20 Dec 2011 - On ObamaCare Benefit -- 'Nothing Is Free'

20 Dec 2011 - Mainstream Science Validates Healing Properties Of Plants

20 Dec 2011 - FDA Revokes Voting Rights From Key Advisory Panel Member Who Publicly Opposes Bayer Birth Control Drugs

19 Dec 2011 - Right To Free Exercise: Part 1

19 Dec 2011 - The CDC Has Known All Along How Dangerous Vaccines Are - And Has Covered It Up... (Part Five): Using The Federal Court System To Uncover The Criminal Conspiracy

19 Dec 2011 - The Health Care Law Raises Lots Of Questions That Can't Yet Be Answered

19 Dec 2011 - The Drug Companies' Newest Profit Weapon To Steal Your Money [Has embedded videos on the web page]

17 Dec 2011 - College Challenges ObamaCare For Violating Religious Rights: Washington Running 'Roughshod' Over 'Beliefs Of Millions'

16 Dec 2011 - Obama Admin. Denies Federal Money To Texas Unless State Funds Planned Parenthood [Isn't this called EXTORTION? This just goes to show that this evil and ungodly man will do anything and everything to force this form of serial killing and mass murder upon everyone!]

16 Dec 2011 - AAPS Battling Enormous Impact Of ObamaCare

16 Dec 2011 - U.S. Airport Scanners Officially Too Dangerous To Use: Europe Bans X-Ray Scanners; U.S. Keeps Using Them

16 Dec 2011 - California Regulators Frame Organic Pastures And Force Raw Milk Shut Down Over Fabricated E. Coli Scare

15 Dec 2011 - Poisoning Young Readers

15 Dec 2011 - Environmentalists Control California's Karuk Tribe

15 Dec 2011 - 'Poor' Health? Pay A Fine! : Employers Impose Penalties On 'Unhealthy' Workers

15 Dec 2011 - Maryanne Godboldo Finally Gets Daughter Back From State Child Abductors; All Charges Confirmed As Unwarranted

12 Dec 2011 - ObamaCare Causing Americans To Lose Insurance Ahead Of Implementation

12 Dec 2011 - Twenty-Seven Years Bring No Deaths From Vitamins But Three Million From Pharmaceuticals

12 Dec 2011 - Internal DOJ Email: Kagan Was Brought Into Loop on Mark Levin's ObamaCare Complaint

12 Dec 2011 - Government Wants To Destroy Family Farms

12 Dec 2011 - Update: News Channel 5 Confirms Door-To-Door Questioning Of Food Supplies In Tennessee While Canneries Downplay Initial Reports [About 10 or so years ago FEMA was going around telling people that they should stock pile on food, water, medical supplies, etc. About a month later the FBI started announcing that if you see your neighbors storing food and supplies that you should report them to the FBI as they may be part of a terrorist cell group. Now here is the government wanting a list of what everyone has. My answer to that is IT IS NONE OF THEIR BUSINESS! If they show up at my door I will tell them it is NONE of their business! Then I will point out and tell them to go back and read the "Private Property No Trespassing" sign at the front of the driveway and that if they return I will press charges! Remember the parable of the ten virgins (Matthew 25:1-13) - Dr. B. Carey]

12 Dec 2011 - CDC Establishes Vaccine 'Task Forces' In Local Communities To Intimidate Parents Of Unvaccinated Children, Coerce Them Into Compliance

10 Dec 2011 - Values Clarification Comes Full Circle

15 Dec 2011 - 15 Food Companies That Serve You 'Wood'

09 Dec 2011 - Report To Parliament: EFSA Cheats About Aspartame

08 Dec 2011 - Evidence-Based Medicine: Neither Good Evidence Nor Good Medicine

08 Dec 2011 - "FDA Is Violating Federal Law"-Emord

08 Dec 2011 - Merck-Too Big To Prosecute?

08 Dec 2011 - Research Scientist Confesses To Falsifying Numerous Studies Published In Peer-Reviewed Journals

08 Dec 2011 - Natural Medicine For Cancer - Do Not Let The Revolution Be Stopped

07 Dec 2011 - ObamaCare Forces Catholic Diocese To Consider Civil Disobedience

07 Dec 2011 - Health And Human Services Shoots Down Over-The-Counter Morning-After Pill For Teens [GOOD! Now they need to ban this pill of murder! They claim that this pill does not cause abortions, which is an outright lie! That is exactly what this pill is used for!]

07 Dec 2011 - Can Vitamin D Really Hurt You? : Sorting Fact From Fiction On Vitamin D

07 Dec 2011 - Institute Of Medicine Safety Report Confirms Vaccine Dangers

07 Dec 2011 - NZ Food Bill To Make Growing Food A Government Privilege Rather Than A Human Right

07 Dec 2011 - If You Go To Church, Heed This Warning

05 Dec 2011 - You'll Ignore Conventional Health Advice - Once You See These Ugly Facts [Has embedded videos on the web page]

05 Dec 2011 - Corporate European Observatory - 15 June 2011 - Exposed: Conflicts Of Interest Among EFSA's Experts On Food Additives [PDF format] (It will open in a new window)

05 Dec 2011 - Maryland Board Of Physicians Seeks A Whitewash

05 Dec 2011 - Toxic Chemicals In Food? : How Harmful Substances Sneak Into What You Eat

05 Dec 2011 - GSK Pays US Government Record $3 Billion For Illegally Marketing Drugs (But CEO And Executives Not Held Criminally Responsible

05 Dec 2011 - Payola Fuels Big Pharma And The Medical Monopoly

03 Dec 2011 - US Constitution Repealed By Traitorous Senators; 'Republican Party Now The Gestapo Party' Says Observer [That is why I don't trust or support either mainstream party! They are both just as corrupt and deceitful as the other!]

03 Dec 2011 - Exposed: Food Manufacturers, Not The FDA, Have Self-Approved Thousands Of Food Chemicals In Widespread Use Today

03 Dec 2011 - Health Myths Created By The "Father Of Spin" - Do You Still Believe Them? [Has embedded videos on the web page]

02 Dec 2011 - On World AIDS Day, Let's Be Honest By Teaching Kids That Male Homosexual Sex Is High Risk

30 Nov 2011 - Obama's Executive Order 13575 Rural Council - Agenda 21 [Has an embedded video on the web page]

30 Nov 2011 - Gardasil Victims Speak Out In Videos Released By Famed Doc

30 Nov 2011 - Finally Where We Can Get Non-GMO Food And No Poisons, Guaranteed! Even A Discount

30 Nov 2011 - New FDA Food Detention Powers Could Endanger Your Access To Food And Supplements

30 Nov 2011 - TSA Attempts To Cover Up Cancer Threat From Its Airport X-Ray Machines

30 Nov 2011 - 49 Sudden Deaths, 213 Permanent Disabilities - And The Silent Plan To Poison Your Child [Has embedded videos on the web page]

29 Nov 2011 - White House: It's A 'Mystery' Why Anyone Would Question That Kagan Should Judge ObamaCare [It is apparent that the White House is full of IDIOTS who need to pull their heads out of where the sun doesn't shine and take a look at reality! Well either that or they are trained conspirators and this is just the game they like to play on The People of the United States!] [Has an embedded video on the web page]

29 Nov 2011 - Justice Kagan Should Recuse Herself From ObamaCare Case

29 Nov 2011 - Medical Mafia In Australia To Force Parents To Medicate ADHD Children

28 Nov 2011 - Governor: 'It's Not The Law Of The Land' - Florida's Rick Scott Will Not Allow State To Implement ObamaCare

28 Nov 2011 - OUTRAGE: Feds To Test Anthrax Shot On Kids - U.S. Panel Backs Anthrax Experiments On Children

28 Nov 2011 - Former Planned Parenthood Worker: Planned Parenthood Lies About Itself

28 Nov 2011 - More Parents Opting Out Of Vaccinations For Their Children

28 Nov 2011 - One Drug To Make You Happy

28 Nov 2011 - Medical Mafia Using Financial Leverage To Enforce Children's Vaccinations On Poor Families

28 Nov 2011 - The Appalling Betrayals Which Illegitimatize This Agency's Views - Why Do You Still Trust Them? [Has an embedded video on the web page]

28 Nov 2011 - How Big Pharma Fools Even Your Doctor [Has an embedded video on the web page]

25 Nov 2011 - Pepsi Shareholders Demand Company Stop Using Aborted Fetal Cell Lines In Flavor Research [I have no words for this disgusting evil! Except, "glad I don't drink any of their products!" We need to "BOYCOTT PEPSI," over this, & put them out of business. I couldn't believe it, but here it is! - Dr. Betty Martini, D. Hum.]

25 Nov 2011 - Durbin And Waxman Strike Again!

25 Nov 2011 - Headlines Scream "Danger"! What's The Truth About This Week's Vitamin D Study?

25 Nov 2011 - The #1 Cause Of Accidental Death In The U.S. - Are You At Risk?

25 Nov 2011 - Urgent: Throw These Cooking Oils In The Trash

25 Nov 2011 - Supermarket Outrage: Psychological Traps Make You Spend More

22 Nov 2011 - Pregnancy Center Fires Back Against San Francisco Law Targeting Pro-Lifers

22 Nov 2011 - Want To Keep Your Baby Healthy? Stay Away From Pediatricians

22 Nov 2011 - Hospital Forcing Nurses To Assist Abortions Now Targets Jobs

22 Nov 2011 - University Of New Mexico Funnels Tax Money To Abortion Training: Report

22 Nov 2011 - Washington State Lawyer Suggests Expanding Euthanasia/Assisted Suicide To Those Not Terminally Ill [This is PURE INSANITY]

22 Nov 2011 - Dietary Supplements Are Fast Becoming An Endangered Species

22 Nov 2011 - Citizens For Health Launches Initiative To Fight Corn Refiners Association Fraudulent HFCS Campaign

22 Nov 2011 - Some Conventional Doctors Now Discriminating Against Patients Who Choose Not To Vaccinate Their Children

21 Nov 2011 - This Woman's Going To Rule On ObamaCare? : Careful Look At Supreme Court Justice's Record Shows Startling Activism

21 Nov 2011 - EU Bans Claim That Water Can Prevent Dehydration [And where did they get this conclusion from? Talk about junk science! I can sum this up on two words, "PURE STUPIDITY!"]

21 Nov 2011 - SF Picking On Pro-Life Centers

21 Nov 2011 - EU Bans Naked Body Scanners Because Of Cancer Risk, US Continues To Coerce Travelers Through Them

21 Nov 2011 - The Magician Who Could Not Make Homeopathy Disappear

21 Nov 2011 - Are You A Victim Of This Nearly One Trillion Dollar Scam?

21 Nov 2011 - This State Concealed Dangerous Radiation In Drinking Water For Years [Has embedded videos on the web page]

21 Nov 2011 - Beware Of These Organic Brands [Has an embedded video on the web page]

18 Nov 2011 - Pelosi, Grassley Want Cameras In Supreme Court During Health Care Arguments

18 Nov 2011 - Sessions Demands Written Testimony From Holder On Kagan And ObamaCare

18 Nov 2011 - Maine Officials Violate Local Food Freedom Ordinance By Suing Man For Selling Raw Milk From Farm

18 Nov 2011 - New Study Reveals Expensive MRIs Pushed On Women For Breast Cancer Screening Have No Medical Benefit

17 Nov 2011 - Leaders Call For House Judiciary Committee To Investigate Justice Kagan's Past Involvement With ObamaCare

17 Nov 2011 - Obama Admin Knew ObamaCare Abortion Funding Ban Was A Sham: Released E-Mails

17 Nov 2011 - Immunization Case Turned Away

17 Nov 2011 - EU Bans 'Naked' Airport Security Scanners After Cancer Fears

17 Nov 2011 - Obama Seeks To Circumvent Congress To Fix 'ObamaCare Glitch'

17 Nov 2011 - Architect Of Romney Health-Care Law: It's 'Same' As Obama's: 'He Can Try To Draw Distinctions And Stuff, But He's Just Lying'

17 Nov 2011 - Court Tells Government: Hands Off Babies' DNA: State Ruling Gives Privacy Advocates Big Victory In Fight With Bureaucracy

17 Nov 2011 - Texas Medical Board Again Tries To Destroy Dr. Burzynski With New Lawsuit To Revoke His Medical License

17 Nov 2011 - The CDC Betrays The Public Trust

16 Nov 2011 - FDA, Texas Medical Board Fights To Kill Cancer Cure

16 Nov 2011 - ObamaCare And Recusal -- A Supreme Matter

16 Nov 2011 - Breaking News: Outrageous New Attack On Dr. Burzynski

16 Nov 2011 - What If Supreme Court Rules Against The Constitution On Healthcare

16 Nov 2011 - FDA Seeks To Outlaw All The New Supplement Discoveries Of The Past 17 Years

16 Nov 2011 - Judge Not: Kagan Cheered ObamaCare Passage

16 Nov 2011 - ADA Claims We're Lying. So Why Can't They Rebut A Single Thing We Said?

16 Nov 2011 - At Issue: Credibility Of The Supreme Court

16 Nov 2011 - CDC Admits Not A Single Person Has Died From Consuming Raw Milk Products In 11 Years

16 Nov 2011 - Why The Medical Monopoly Attacks Homeopathy

14 Nov 2011 - CDC Tells Federal Court - "FOIA Means Nothing To Us. We'll Withhold Whatever We Want..."

14 Nov 2011 - Questions Arise Over $433M Smallpox Drug Contract To Company Tied To Dem Donor

14 Nov 2011 - Supreme Court To Hear Challenge To ObamaCare: Case, Brought By 26 States Out Of Florida, Based On Constitutionality Of Mandate

14 Nov 2011 - FDA Rains On Mobile Medical App Parade

14 Nov 2011 - Chen Guangcheng's Report Released: Forced Abortion And Sterilization

14 Nov 2011 - Big Changes Coming To Your Supermarket: New Food Labels Aim To Dictate What You Eat

14 Nov 2011 - The Great Potato War Of 2011

14 Nov 2011 - Supreme Court Will Hear Health Care Case This Term

14 Nov 2011 - ObamaCare: Maker Of Artificial Hips, Knees To Cut 5% Of Workforce

14 Nov 2011 - Africa: Medical Mafia Fascism Forces Parents To Hide Their Children

11 Nov 2011 - Prediction: Internet In Government's Hands

11 Nov 2011 - How Do You Gather And Share News?

11 Nov 2011 - Psychiatric Drugs, School Violence, And The Big Pharma Cover-Up

11 Nov 2011 - Statin Guidelines Written Under The Influence: Drug Panels Loaded With Docs On The Make

11 Nov 2011 - Health Department Tyrants Raid Local 'Farm To Fork' Picnic Dinner, Orders All Food To Be Destroyed With Bleach

10 Nov 2011 - Airport Scanner Cancer Risk 'Glossed Over,' Says New Report

10 Nov 2011 - How Pure Crapola Becomes Settled Science

10 Nov 2011 - Crooner Pat Boone Pushes ObamaCare Fight

10 Nov 2011 - Obama Defends Planned Parenthood Funding; Says GOP Wants To 'Turn Back The Clock' For Women [What a load of RUBBISH! Standing up against abortion is not turning the clock back! It is about standing up against this form of mass murder and serial killing!]

10 Nov 2011 - The King's Chapel, And The King's Court

10 Nov 2011 - Raw Milk Food Freedom Heroes Stir Up Awareness Of Food Fascism

09 Nov 2011 - Useless: 10 million Kid Antibiotic Prescriptions A Year [...and this article is only the half of it. Allopathic medicine (drug-based) that is predominate U.S. medicine (and very political) is almost worthless. Further, doctors are mere legalized drug pushers for the pharmaceutical firms that infest the medical schools. Take responsibility for your own health (as well as your child's). My suggestion - cure it naturally. - Dr. Arthur Evangelista]

09 Nov 2011 - The Disinformation Myths Against Homeopathy

08 Nov 2011 - Appeals Court Upholds Obama Healthcare Law

08 Nov 2011 - In 'Universal' Flu Shot Push, Medical Industry Admits Current Flu Shots Are Useless

07 Nov 2011 - 40 Days For Life Ends With At Least 508 Lives Saved From Abortion

07 Nov 2011 - Government Wants 9 Year Old Boys To Get HPV Vaccine

07 Nov 2011 - New Mental Health 'Bible' Will Lead To Almost Everyone Having A Disorder

07 Nov 2011 - Potential Loophole In Vaccine Law Could Mandate Vaccines In Children During Declared Emergency

07 Nov 2011 - How Many More Of these "Unavoidably Unsafe" Drugs Will Become Mandatory? [Has an embedded video on the web page]

04 Nov 2011 - Obama In Contempt Of Court, ObamaCare Dispute Claims: Filing Comes After White House Says It's Difficult To Respond

04 Nov 2011 - Herman Cain Is Right, Planned Parenthood Is Planned Genocide

02 Nov 2011 - House Hearing Focuses On Conscience Issues In ObamaCare

02 Nov 2011 - Another Win In The Battle Against Fluoride: Save Big Money By NOT Poisoning Your Town

02 Nov 2011 - 12 Nurses Sue Over Being Forced To Help With Abortions: Legal Action Seeks Injunction To Prevent Coerced Duties As Early As Friday

02 Nov 2011 - 'Do Abortions Or Get Fired' Hospital Told Nurses: Lawsuit

02 Nov 2011 - Over 93,000 Children Killed By Abortion In Canada In 2009 According To New Stats

02 Nov 2011 - Guard Us All Against Gardasil: The Evil 1%

02 Nov 2011 - Exposed: CDC Deliberately Manipulated, Covered Up Scientific Data Showing Link Between Vaccines Containing Mercury And Autism

01 Nov 2011 - Concerns Raised For GM Mosquitoes: Once Genetically Modified Insects Are Released, They Cannot Be Recalled

01 Nov 2011 - Is The CDC Deliberately Hiding The Truth About The Link Between Autism And Mercury In Vaccines?

31 Oct 2011 - U.S. To Decide On Anthrax Vaccine For Kids [This is pure INSANITY! This vaccine does NOT work and now they want to give this poison to children!]

31 Oct 2011 - CDC Considering Mandatory HPV Vaccination For All Boys 11 And Older [This is PURE INSANITY!]

28 Oct 2011 - Hospice Bars Family From Bedside Of Dying Patient: Denied Access Over Password Required Under ObamaCare [Has an embedded video on the web page]

28 Oct 2011 - San Diego, CA: Local Woman Questions Grandson's HPV Vaccination: Tammie Dennis Says Her Grandson, 11, Got HPV Vaccine Without Parental Approval

28 Oct 2011 - Alaska Passes Ordinance To End Its Water Fluoridation Program

27 Oct 2011 - Supreme Court To Pick ObamaCare Lawsuits Next Month

27 Oct 2011 - Senator Durbin's Stealth Move Against Supplements

27 Oct 2011 - NDI Supplement Guidance Is Just A Bait-And-Switch-And Time Is Running Out To Stop It!

27 Oct 2011 - How The CDC Really Spends Your Tax Dollars

26 Oct 2011 - Scandal Exposed In Denmark Study Of Autism And Mercury

26 Oct 2011 - The Growing Army Of The Unvaccinated

26 Oct 2011 - Can Oral Sex Really Cause Cancer? : Sex Fears Being Used To Push Vaccines

26 Oct 2011 - Physician Speaks Out: Gardasil Vaccine Dangerous, Completely Useless At Preventing Cervical Cancer

26 Oct 2011 - Federal Government Wants To Jab Healthy Children With Untested Anthrax Vaccine Just To See If It Works

25 Oct 2011 - Talk Of Treaty Ban On Mercury Concerns Scientists [Mercury is a toxin to the human body and there is absolutely NO real or logical reason for it to be used in vaccines or anything else that goes into the body!]

25 Oct 2011 - Mental Health Screening Of Teens Creates A "Crisis" Where None Exists

25 Oct 2011 - Fluoride Lawsuits Start And May Grow Massively

25 Oct 2011 - Lawrenceburg, Tenn., Axes Fluoride From Public Water System

24 Oct 2011 - Coalition On Abortion/Breast Cancer Challenges CBS News, To Debate Abortion-Breast Cancer Link

24 Oct 2011 - Finnish Government To Cover Lifetime Of Medical Costs For Children Permanently Injured By Swine Flu Vaccine

24 Oct 2011 - Media Pushes 'Success' Of Experimental GSK Malaria Vaccine While Ignoring Deadly Side Effects

21 Oct 2011 - How To Make People Believe Any Anti-Vitamin Scare: It Just Takes Lots Of Pharmaceutical Industry Cash

21 Oct 2011 - Monsanto, GMOs, And The Global Genocide Of Science And Humanity

21 Oct 2011 - Slash Your Breast Cancer Risk: Remove The Real Cause [Has embedded videos on the web page]

20 Oct 2011 - ObamaCare's Fundamental Dishonesty

20 Oct 2011 - SIDS: Sudden Infant Death Syndrome [The medical establishment claims that vaccines protect against SIDS. Where is their proof that immunization protects against SIDS? I know of NO unvaccinated baby who suddenly died, labeled SIDS]

20 Oct 2011 - Fluoride And Infants - Why Parents Are Not Being Told About Fluorosis

20 Oct 2011 - Study: Organic Farming Outperforms Conventional In Yields, Economic Viability, Conservation, And Health

20 Oct 2011 - Healthy Babies Being Given Dangerous, Unneeded Prescription Drugs

20 Oct 2011 - GMO Takeover: Transgenic Canola Popping Up Outside Growing Areas All Over North Dakota

19 Oct 2011 - No Surprise Here! "Tyranny of the Year" Judge Quits The Bench-To Work For Monsanto Law Firm

19 Oct 2011 - HPV Vaccine Victims Speak Out-Will The Media Finally Get It Right?

19 Oct 2011 - Shame On AMA's Archives Of Internal Medicine, Part Two

19 Oct 2011 - Vitamin E Increases Risk Of Prostate Cancer? More Junk Science From JAMA

18 Oct 2011 - Woman Dies Of Cancer After Refusing Treatment In Order To Save Unborn Child ["Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends." John 15:13 KJV]

18 Oct 2011 - Killing Babies Is 'Sacred Work'? That's What One Planned Parenthood Clinic Thinks

18 Oct 2011 - Planned Parenthood Misleads Women About Chemical Abortions

18 Oct 2011 - CDC Caught In Blatant Lies About Pandemics And Vaccines

18 Oct 2011 - Gardasil Injury Victims Hold Press Conference At GOP Debate

17 Oct 2011 - House Strips Abortion Funding From ObamaCare [GOOD! We do NOT need our tax dollars paying for this form of serial killing and mass murder!]

17 Oct 2011 - Obama Admin Dumps MAJOR Provision Of Health Care Law

17 Oct 2011 - The Most Dangerous Way To Lose Weight: Rejected Diet Drug Staging A Comeback

17 Oct 2011 - Media Hoax Exposed: Recent Attack On Vitamins A Fabricated Scare Campaign

17 Oct 2011 - Vitamins Are Deadly? Media Hoax Exposed, Part Two

17 Oct 2011 - Cashless Payment Bracelet Allows Access To Medical Records, Personal Information

17 Oct 2011 - FDA Trilateral Cooperation Charter - The End Of Health Freedom As We Know It

17 Sep 2011 - Protect Our Children - Teach Them How To Avoid The Onslaught Of STD Vaccinations

17 Sep 2011 - Beware Of Mass Misinformation - Know The Real Story Behind Vitamin E And Prostate Cancer

14 Oct 2011 - Seize The Day: 'Food 'N Health 'N Hope' (The Monsanto Song) - Live In Santa Barbara [Monanto is the company responsible for such things as Agent Orange (which they said was 100% safe, artificial sweeteners (which they said were 100% safe) and genetically modified plants and organizations (which they claim are 100% safe). Is it just me or is there a pattern there?] [YouTube video]

14 Oct 2011 - NH House Pushes To Join ObamaCare Lawsuit

14 Oct 2011 - BREAKING: House Passes Protect Life Act 251-172 - Would Stop Abortion Funding In ObamaCare

14 Oct 2011 - Obama Threatens To Veto Bill For No Abortion $ In ObamaCare [More proof as to where his heart really is! He has no respect for the life of the innocent and condones this form of mass murder and serial killing!]

14 Oct 2011 - Pelosi: 'Women Can Die On The Floor' If Protect Life Act Passes [As a supporter of the mass murder known as abortion, she will say and do anything to stop anything that stands in its way or would end it or limit it!]

14 Oct 2011 - CA Ballot Initiative: Standing Up To Monsanto

14 Oct 2011 - Vaccine Refusal: How To Respond To A Growing Problem [Paul A. Offit, MD tells pediatricians how to deal with those of us who stand up and say no to this poison!] [Has an embedded video on the web page]

14 Oct 2011 - Michigan Enacts Partial-Birth Abortion Ban

14 Oct 2011 - Supreme Court Declines Free-Speech Case

14 Oct 2011 - Vaccine Industry Receives Government Financial Bailouts Via Vaccine Injury Compensation Program

14 Oct 2011 - Know The Real Milk Story (Opinion)

13 Oct 2011 - Feds: States Have No Rights [Not long and they will use this against all forms of healthcare]

13 Oct 2011 - Unique Challenge To ObamaCare

13 Oct 2011 - Dr. Andrew Wakefield Speaks At The American Assoc. Of Physicians And Surgeons [Has an embedded video on the web page]

13 Oct 2011 - Feds Ease Up On Junk Food Marketing

13 Oct 2011 - Reader's Advice: Drop 'The Christian Argument' About Public Education

13 Oct 2011 - California Telling 12 Year Olds It's Okay To Have Sex Without Parent's Knowledge

13 Oct 2011 - Half Truth Is No Truth At All: Overcoming Bias Against Nutritional Medicine

13 Oct 2011 - What Kind Of Medical Study Would Have Grandma Believe That Her Daily Multivitamin Is Dangerous?

13 Oct 2011 - Patient Care So Bad In U.K. It's A Crime: Is This What We Get For Spending MORE On The NHS Than Ever Before? Shameful Neglect Of The Elderly In ONE FIFTH Of Our Hospitals Breaks The Law, Says Watchdog

13 Oct 2011 - Stop The Walgreens Flu Shot Harassment! Employees Rewarded With iPads For Meeting Vaccination Recruitment Goals?

11 Oct 2011 - California Lowers Age Of Consent For STD Vaccine

11 Oct 2011 - Jerry Brown Legalizes 12-Year-Old Children Giving 'Consent' To Gardasil Vaccine Injections, But Bans Tanning Beds For Those Under 18

10 Oct 2011 - Don't Trust Current Treatment Guidelines: Mainstream Guidelines Aren't Backed By Science

10 Oct 2011 - Air Rules Are Creating A Dustup In Farm States

10 Oct 2011 - Federal Agents Arrest Prominent 'Quackbuster' Skeptic; Anti-Health Crowd Exposed As Fraud

10 Oct 2011 - How American Conventional Nutritionists Or Dieticians Are Regularly Manipulated By The Food Industry

07 Sep 2011 - Charity Fraud - Susan G. Komen Is Pure Con

07 Oct 2011 - STD Vaccine Mandate Looms In Calif.

07 Oct 2011 - Biotech's Dirty Tricks Exposed In New Documentary: 'Scientists Under Attack'

07 Oct 2011 - Celebrate GMO Awareness Week By Supporting California Labeling Initiative, Educating Friends And Family About Dangers Of Frankenfoods

07 Oct 2011 - How To Save Your Life If You Ever Go To The ER

05 Oct 2011 - Why I 'Sin' Every Day - And You Should, Too: Freedom's Just Another Word For Nothing Left To Eat

05 Oct 2011 - The CDC Has Known All Along How Dangerous Vaccines Are - And Has Covered It Up, Part 1

05 Oct 2011 - Farmers (And Consumers) Denied The Right To Consume Milk From Their Own Cows

05 Oct 2011 - Where Does All The Komen For The Cure Money Really Go?

05 Oct 2011 - Many 'Natural' Foods Are Loaded With GMOs

04 Oct 2011 - Free, Peer-Reviewed Nutritional Medicine Information Online: No Evidence, Eh?

04 Oct 2011 - New Hampshire Fights Federal Contract With Planned Parenthood

04 Oct 2011 - Nursing Home Scandal Exposed: Lost Generation Of Senior Citizens Being Hospitalized For Profit

03 Oct 2011 - FCC's Net Neutrality Rules: A First Amendment Offense

03 Oct 2011 - Texas City Puts An End To Water Fluoridation

03 Oct 2011 - USDA Threatens $60,000 Fine, Federal Raid Against Woman In Legal Possession Of Indoor Lemon Tree

03 Oct 2011 - States Begin Cracking Down On Drug Companies Buying Prescription History Records

30 Sep 2011 - Scary New Plan To Drug Teens: Researchers Say More Kids Need BP Meds: It's Shameless, Dangerous, And Downright Dirty

30 Sep 2011 - Kan. Judge: Healthcare Doesn't Cover Abortions

30 Sep 2011 - Listeria Does Not Grow On Cantaloupes: Why The 'Deadliest Food Outbreak' Of The Decade Is Yet Another Food Scare Campaign

30 Sep 2011 - Many Popular Organic Brands Now Owned By Large Industrial Food Processors

29 Sep 2011 - 26 States Appeal To Supreme Court To Stop ObamaCare

29 Sep 2011 - RU-486 Abortions Lead To 14 Maternal Deaths, 2,207 Adverse Effects: FDA Report

29 Sep 2011 - The Dangers Of Gardasil With Dr. Russell Blaylock, Part 1 of 2 [A good expose of the Merck/Medical Profession/Gardasil propaganda and the Media Blackout of the truth of the issue] [YouTube video]

29 Sep 2011 - Chuck Norris Strikes Back Against GMOs, Codex, And Government Assault Against Health Freedom

29 Sep 2011 - Another Adverse Side Effect Of ObamaCare Rears Its Ugly Head - Government Rationing

29 Sep 2011 - WI Judge Declares That Individuals Have No Fundamental Right To Own Cows, Drink Raw Milk

28 Sep 2011 - Congress To Investigate Planned Parenthood: Confirmation Follows Live Action Videos Revealing Ruthless Abortion-First Agenda

28 Sep 2011 - Religious Exemptions Under Fire In Health Care Coverage

28 Sep 2011 - Surprise, Surprise: 'Health Premiums Rise Sharply' : Despite President Obama's Repeated Promises That His Health 'Law Will Lower Premiums,' Families And Employers Are Paying More

28 Sep 2011 - Dr. Paul G. King Has Just Obliterated CDC Argument On Thimerosal

28 Sep 2011 - A New Tick-Borne Illness-Medical Establishment And The Government Behind The Curve Again!

28 Sep 2011 - Chicago's "Wellness" Program For City Employees- Imagine If This Went National!

28 Sep 2011 - India Files Biopiracy Lawsuit Against Monsanto, Says Biotech Giant Is Stealing Nature For Corporate Gain

28 Sep 2011 - Now Is The Time To Take Action! FDA Extends Comment Period For Dietary Supplement Takeover Proposal

27 Sep 2011 - Door To Door Vaccinations: Training The Public For Forced Inoculations

27 Sep 2011 - ObamaCare Set To Go To Nations High Court

27 Sep 2011 - ObamaCare Headed For Supreme Court

27 Sep 2011 - The Truth About Gardasil, And Why Rick Perry's Endorsement Threatened The Health Of Millions

27 Sep 2011 - The Invasion Of Chemicals In Vitamins And Supplements

26 Sep 2011 - Scary Truth About ObamaCare Keeps Seeping Out

26 Sep 2011 - Catholic Bishops On ObamaCare Reg: 'Unprecedented Attack On Religious Liberty,' Even Jesus Wouldn't Qualify As 'Religious'

26 Sep 2011 - Question To FDA: Who Has Died On Vitamins?

26 Sep 2011 - Engineered Epidemic

26 Sep 2011 - The U.S., U.N., And Genetic Engineering

26 Sep 2011 - Raw Milk Symposium Article

26 Sep 2011 - Two Words You Should Never Utter To Your Doctor [Has embedded videos on the web page]

23 Sep 2011 - Questions Over The European Food Safety Authority: The Reputation Of The European Food Safety Authority Has Been Sullied Ahead Of A Key Investigation Into The Food Sweetener Aspartame

23 Sep 2011 - Food Additives NGOs Dismiss EFSA Defence Of Its Scientific Independence: NGOs Have Dismissed The Strident Defence Of The EU Food Safety Agency Regarding The Independence Of Its Panel Looking At Food Additives Such As Aspartame

23 Sep 2011 - Mainstream Medicine Rejects Alternative Healing With No Scientific Backing

23 Sep 2011 - Former Top Democrat Says When ObamaCare Takes Effect, Small Businesses Will Drop Employee Health Coverage

22 Sep 2011 - How Hospitals Violate Healthcare Worker Vaccine Rights - With Impunity

21 Sep 2011 - Whose Side Is The USDA Really On?

21 Sep 2011 - Boston Catholic Cardinal Condemns Effort To Legalize Euthanasia In Massachusetts

21 Sep 2011 - Rick Perry And Major Media Openly Lie About HPV Vaccine

21 Sep 2011 - Perry And The Texas State Medical Board

20 Sep 2011 - 40 Days For Life Campaign Starts Next Week - Biggest Ever

20 Sep 2011 - Pharma-Backed Legislation To Allow Secret Vaccinations Of Children Without Parental Consent About To Become Law In California

19 Sep 2011 - Loophole A Major Problem For ObamaCare

19 Sep 2011 - US Federal Agents Arrest Top "Skeptic..."

19 Sep 2011 - The Great Cancer Hoax Part II: The Brilliant Cure The FDA Tried Their Best To Shut Down [Has an embedded video on the web page]

16 Sep 2011 - Two Charts That Prove The Government Is Making You Sick [Has an embedded video on the web page]

16 Sep 2011 - Exposed: California Officials Manipulated Safety Data On Methyl Iodide, Ignored Scientist Warnings Against Approving Deadly Strawberry Chemical

16 Sep 2011 - Parents Warned Against New Vaccination Guidelines: A Parent's Horrid Nightmare: Coming Soon To YOUR State? [Has an embedded video on the web page]

15 Sep 2011 - Medical Societies Maintain Secret Financial Ties To Drug Companies

15 Sep 2011 - The FDA'a Vicious Attack On Dietary Supplements

14 Sep 2011 - Why Selling Natural Products Is Such A Dangerous Business

14 Sep 2011 - Un-Like Your Drugs: Big Pharma's A Big Chicken

14 Sep 2011 - Vaccine Wake-Up Call for Parents: Your Children Are Being Taken [YouTube video]

14 Sep 2011 - FDA "Negotiating" To Get More Money from Big Pharma-Again!

14 Sep 2011 - Bill Clinton's Deadly New Outlook

14 Sep 2011 - Merck-Backed Rick Perry Tried To Mandate HPV Vaccines For All Young Girls In Texas

14 Sep 2011 - Another Tennessee Town Decides To Pull The Poison; Water Fluoridation To End Nov. 10

13 Sep 2011 - RED ALERT: FDA Set To Ban Your Supplements [Has an embedded video on the web page]

13 Sep 2011 - HHS Rejects Delaware Healthcare Waiver: 2nd Time Agency Has Issued Outright Rejection

13 Sep 2011 - Pa. Federal Judge Rules Against Insurance Mandate

13 Sep 2011 - Scientific Proof That Homeopathy Works

13 Sep 2011 - Lawsuit Filed Against Duke For Fraudulent Cancer Study

13 Sep 2011 - Taco Bell, KFC Lobby Federal Government To Subsidize Fast Food Through Food Stamps [This is PURE INSANITY!]

13 Sep 2011 - US Homeland Security Now Tracking Medical Records Of Canadians

12 Sep 2011 - Fluoride Aspartame And Agenda 21 [YouTube video]

12 Sep 2011 - U.S. Doctors Steeped In Financial Ties - Drug Money From Big Pharma

12 Sep 2011 - Surprise! Guess Who's Viewing Your "Confidential" Medical Records?

09 Sep 2011 - Documents Suggest Health Care Tailored To Benefit Labor: 'Unions Helped Write The Obamacare Law, Then Get Exempted From It'

08 Sep 2011 - FDA Says You Have No Fundamental Right To Grow Or Eat Healthy Food, It's A Privilege

08 Sep 2011 - The FDA: You Have No Right To Privacy In Contracts

08 Sep 2011 - EPA Declares HAY As A Pollutant - STOP FARMING AT ONCE !! (Agenda 21) [More government INSANITY!]

08 Sep 2011 - Appeals Court Dismisses Virginia's Challenge To ObamaCare

08 Sep 2011 - How To Talk Down That Medical Bill

08 Sep 2011 - BMJ Had Secret Financial Ties To Merck During Publication Of Articles Attacking Wakefield

08 Sep 2011 - Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Sues Trucking Company For Sidelining Alcoholic Truck Driver

08 Sep 2011 - Gibson Guitars Proves The Environmental Police State That Wants Your Wood Products And Guns

03 Sep 2011 - Abortionists Ordered To Follow Disputed 'Informed Consent' Law: Must Tell Patients Procedure Will 'Terminate Life' Of 'Unique Human' [GOOD!]

03 Sep 2011 - Bill Gives 12-Year-Olds Authority On Medical Treatment: Parents 'Bypassed' On Decisions About Sexually Transmitted Diseases [PURE STUPIDITY!]

02 Sep 2011 - Aspartame Awareness Weekend - September 9 - 11 2011: Free Diane Fleming

02 Sep 2011 - 'Smart Meters' - The New Silent Killer, Part 1 Of 2

01 Sep 2011 - Details On Our September 8 Call-In Lobbying Day

01 Sep 2011 - They're Public Servants-Doesn't That Mean They Should Listen To The Public?

01 Sep 2011 - Take Action NOW To Stop FDA From Turning Your Vitamins And Supplements Into Unapproved 'Food Additives'

01 Sep 2011 - Investigation Panel Concludes U.S. Government Conspired With Doctors To Commit Murderous Medical Experiments In Guatemala

01 Sep 2011 - Government Tyrants Fine Oregon Woman For Holding Yard Sales To Pay For Cancer Treatment

01 Sep 2011 - Why Is This "Unsafe" Food Banned When It's 35,000 Times SAFER Than Others?

27 Aug 2011 - What You Must Know - If You're Diagnosed With High Blood Pressure

25 Aug 2011 - Fairness Doctrine Removed From The Books

25 Aug 2011 - Don't Like The Competition Talking About Science? No Problem, Just Take 'Em To Court

25 Aug 2011 - ANH-USA Files Emord-Drafted Analysis With FDA That Reveals Cockeyed Assumptions Behind Proposed New Supplement Guidance

25 Aug 2011 - BMJ Admits That Fraud Claim Against Dr. Andrew Wakefield Has No Basis In Fact

25 Aug 2011 - FDA Draft Guidance To Cripple Natural Products Sector And Health Freedom, Decimate Supplement Innovation

25 Aug 2011 - NaturalNews Exclusive: FDA Wages Secret War On Raw Milk Farmers Using KGB-Style Spying And Infiltration Techniques

23 Aug 2011 - FCC Finally Kills Off Fairness Doctrine

23 Aug 2011 - Is This How President Spent Millions To Sell ObamaCare? : Look How Google, Yahoo Got Paid By White House

23 Aug 2011 - FDA Propaganda Attempts To Destroy The Dietary Supplement Industry

23 Aug 2011 - ObamaCare, Taxes Tough On Business Owners

22 Aug 2011 - FDA To Supplements: Drop Dead

22 Aug 2011 - Rep Issa: Health Care Law WILL Deepen Deficit

22 Aug 2011 - Mommy Issues: Children Drugged In Fertility Study

22 Aug 2011 - Taxpayers Funded ObamaCare Internet Propaganda Campaign

22 Aug 2011 - Academics Who Lend Their Names To Big Pharma Ghostwriting Schemes Should Be Charged With Fraud, Say University Professors

22 Aug 2011 - Why Are They Raising A Fuss Over Raw Milk When These Infections Are FAR Worse?

19 Aug 2011 - NCBA: Obama Midwest Tour Misinforms Farmers And Ranchers

19 Aug 2011 - The Obama Regime Wants To Change The Way Farmers Farm

19 Aug 2011 - Raw Milk Is So Healthy It Needs To Be Attacked By The Sickness Industry

19 Aug 2011 - The Orwellian Truth - Raw Milk Under Attack Precisely Because It Is Safer And Healthier Than Pasteurized

19 Aug 2011 - Farmers Speak Out: GMOs Are A Trap That Monsanto Is Using To Take Over Agriculture

19 Aug 2011 - Biotech Industry At War Over GMOs; Millions Of Dollars Funneled To Lawmakers

18 Aug 2011 - The Meaning Of CDC "Zombie Apocalypse", Part 2

18 Aug 2011 - FDA Commissioner Margaret Hamburg Pushing To Eliminate Conflict Of Interest Laws, Allow Paid Drug Company Shills To Fill Advisory Positions

18 Aug 2011 - Obama Tells Farmer No Need To Worry About Government Over-Regulation Of Agriculture

18 Aug 2011 - After 15-Year Court Battle, Pfizer Reluctantly Compensates Nigerian Families Whose Loved Ones Injured, Killed By Illegal Drug Experiment

17 Aug 2011 - Things The Government Approves That Are More Dangerous Than Raw Milk

17 Aug 2011 - Indictment Of Vaccine Researcher Demands Review Of Published Scientific Conclusions

16 Aug 2011 - Florida Uses ObamaCare Cash To Fund Abstinence Education

16 Aug 2011 - AFRICA: Government Vaccinations At Gunpoint Reported: Agents Waited Until Parents, Children Returned From Safety In Neighboring Nation

16 Aug 2011 - Proof That The FDA's Assault On Raw Milk Has Nothing To Do With Consumer Safety

16 Aug 2011 - Risperdal Drug Maker Faces $1B In Lawsuits, Yet Mother Charged For Refusing Use On Child

16 Aug 2011 - Major Drug Research Company Faked Thousands Of Documents To Get Drugs Approved, FDA Says No Big Deal

15 Aug 2011 - Live Human Experiments; How The FDA Allows Untested Parts Into Your Body

15 Aug 2011 - Big Pharma In Your Doctor's Palm

13 Aug 2011 - FBI Wants Businesses Watching For Customers Paying With Cash: Government Calls Buying 'Night Flashlights,' Making 'Extreme Religious Statements' Indicators Of Terrorism

12 Aug 2011 - The Revitalized Eugenics Movement And The FDA's Role

12 Aug 2011 - U.S. Appeals Court: Individual Health Insurance Mandate UNCONSTITUTIONAL

12 Aug 2011 - ObamaCare Ruled Unconstitutional By Clinton-Appointed Appeals Court Judge

12 Aug 2011 - Researcher: Obama Admin Decision Makes ObamaCare Fund Abortions

12 Aug 2011 - FDA Plans New Rule For Gluten-Free Labeling

12 Aug 2011 - Can My Doctor Get Into Big Legal Trouble By Offering Natural Health Treatments?

11 Aug 2011 - ObamaCare Bombshell: Did The Government Underestimate The Costs Of PPACA's Exchanges By Hundreds Of Billions?

11 Aug 2011 - Food Safety False Flag? USDA Waited For People To Die Before Recalling Ground Turkey It Knew Was Contaminated

11 Aug 2011 - Pediatricians Trying To Obliterate Parent's Right To Refuse Vaccinations For Children

11 Aug 2011 - Many Medical Journals Have No Policies Regarding Conflicts Of Interest In Published Research Studies

10 Aug 2011 - ObamaCare Cost Estimates Hide Up To $50 Billion Per Year

10 Aug 2011 - ObamaCare: Kansas Returns $31.5M Exchange Grant

10 Aug 2011 - The Plot To Kidnap Fat Kids: Harvard Prof Wants Obese Children Taken Away

10 Aug 2011 - Timeline Of FDA Raids On Raw Milk Farmers, Dietary Supplement Makers And Natural Medicine Practitioners

09 Aug 2011 - AARP's Mission: Serving Seniors Or Selling Insurance?: Group 'Fought To Gut Medicare Advantage ... Gain Millions In Royalties'

09 Aug 2011 - Hungary Destroys All Monsanto GMO Corn Fields

08 Aug 2011 - TSA 'Confiscates' Pregnant Diabetic's Insulin: 'This Is A Risk ... I Can't Tell You Why Again. But This Is At Risk For Explosives' [More LUNACY from the TSA Nazis!]

08 Aug 2011 - American Citizens As Guinea Pigs, Part 10

08 Aug 2011 - Old Media Refuses To Cover Rawesome Foods Raid, Avoids Printing Raw Milk Phrase

08 Aug 2011 - Federal Judge Dismisses Similac Lawsuit, Bug-Contaminated Baby Formula Assumed 'Wholesome' And 'Nutritious'

08 Aug 2011 - Government Raids, Terrorizes Christian Health Ministry For Not Complying With Unlawful Demands

04 Aug 2011 - NDI Draft Guidance Is A Big, Fat Gift To Big Pharma

04 Aug 2011 - 3 Arrested On Raw-Milk Charges: L.A. County Prosecutors Allege That Unpasteurized Dairy Products Were Sold Illegally And Did Not Meet Health Standards

04 Aug 2011 - In Time Of Accelerating Economic Collapse, The Police State Targets Health Food Buying Clubs Rather Than Real Criminals

03 Aug 2011 - The FDA's Scheme To Reclassify Nutrients As Drugs

03 Aug 2011 - Breaking News: Multi-Agency Armed Raid Hits Rawesome Foods, Healthy Family Farms For Selling Raw Milk And Cheese

03 Aug 2011 - Scientists Hyping 'Universal' Flu Shot To Perpetuate Vaccine Scam

03 Aug 2011 - Colorado Joins National Trend To Implement Unconstitutional Restrictions On Vaccine Exemptions: Your State Could Be Next

03 Aug 2011 - Court Rules Organic Farmers Can Sue Conventional, GMO Farmers Whose Pesticides 'Trespass' And Contaminate Their Fields

01 Aug 2011 - OBAMACARE TAX: Medical Device Maker To Eliminate 1,200 Jobs

01 Aug 2011 - ObamaCare -- Hello, Supreme Court

01 Aug 2011 - The Meaning Of "Zombie Apocalypse", Part 1

01 Aug 2011 - Company Hiding Affiliates From Public

01 Aug 2011 - Nashville Woman Arrested For Refusing To Let TSA Agents Molest Her Daughter

29 July 2011 - ObamaCare's Fate In Hands Of Supreme Court?: If Affirmed, 'What Human Activity Would Escape Federal Power?'

29 July 2011 - Senator Durbin And The FDA Viciously Attack Dietary Supplements

29 July 2011 - Guide To Pesticides In Produce - EWG Releases New Edition

29 July 2011 - What's Really In The Food? The A To Z Of The Food Industry's Most Evil Ingredients

29 July 2011 - The Studies You Should Never, Ever Believe

27 July 2011 - Study: ObamaCare Costs Grossly Underestimated

27 July 2011 - Ohioans To Vote On ObamaCare In November

27 July 0211 - Open Letter To Senator Durbin: Your Attack On Dietary Supplements, (S-1310) And The Aspartame Issue

27 July 2011 - President's 'Misimpression' To Rationalize ObamaCare

27 July 2011 - Letter To The FDA Regarding Their Classifying Walnuts As A Drug

27 July 2011 - FDA Copies The European Union And Slips In One Of Its Deadliest Weapons

27 July 2011 - The Wheels Come Off The Bus On Genetically Engineered Crops!

26 July 2011 - Senator Durbin And The FDA Viciously Attack Dietary Supplements

26 July 2011 - Walnuts Are Drugs, Says FDA [More proof of bureaucracy gone INSANE!!!]

25 July 2011 - Wake Up Call For ER Doctors

25 July 2011 - Dr. Joseph Mercola: The Smear Campaign They Used To Try To Shut Us Up [Has an embedded video on the web page]

25 July 2011 - These Documents Virtually Force You To Destroy Your Health

22 July 2011 - Winning The Nutrition Wars

22 July 2011 - The Mass Overmedication Of Foster Children With Psychiatric Drugs

21 July 2011 - ObamaCare: No Prescription For Economic Recovery

21 July 2011 - Supreme Court: Generic Drug Makers Cannot Be Sued In State Court For Permanent Damage Caused By Bad Labeling

20 July 2011 - ObamaCare's 'Death Panel' Lies In Wait

20 July 2011 - NYT Launches Attack On Supplement-Protecting Senator-Just As DSHEA Comes Under Renewed Threat

20 July 2011 - Save Your Supplements Write The FDA Now - Here's Why & How

20 July 2011 - Should You Have A Say About What Goes On In Your Home?

20 July 2011 - Medicare Announces It Will Continue To Cover Drugs Even If The FDA Bans Them As Dangerous For Humans

20 July 2011 - Bayer Loses Supreme Court Case, Now Faces Class Action Lawsuit Over Baycol

20 July 2011 - One Of The Biggest Food Frauds Perpetrated On The American People [Has an audio file embedded on he web page]

19 July 2011 - Health Care: RomneyCare Makes Things Worse

19 July 2011 - Bill Bypasses Parents, Puts Youth At Risk

19 July 2011 - Gerson Tapes Were Nearly Lost, But Now Reveal Censored Cancer Cures That Have Saved Thousands Of Lives

18 July 2011 - Without This, Vitamin D May Actually Encourage Heart Disease

15 July 2011 - Government Killing Natural Health

15 July 2011 - Oak Park Drops Charges Against Home Gardener Julie Bass, But Hits Her With Two Other Misdemeanor Crime Charges

14 July 2011 - FDA Confirms RU-486 Abortion Drug Kills: And More Than 2,200 'Adverse Event' Results Documented

13 July 2011 - Why Isn't ObamaCare On The Table?

13 July 2011 - Dietary Supplements: Knocked Down And Counting . . . Only 90 Days Left

13 July 2011 - FDA Guidelines a Perversion of Congressional Intent

13 July 2011 - Disastrous Durbin Bill Finally Online-Help Us Get It Stopped!

13 July 2011 - Threat To Texas Chiropractors' Scope Of Practice

11 July 2011 - Democrats Split On ObamaCare's Independent Payment Advisory Board

11 July 2011 - Ron Paul Demands An End To Federal Airport Security

11 July 2011 - Huge Numbers Of ObamaCare Waivers Granted To Luxury Business In Pelosi's District

11 July 2011 - Food Freedom Alert: Bureaucrats In Michigan Threaten Woman With Jail Time For Planting Vegetable Garden In Her Own Yard

08 July 2011 - Judiciary Committee Launches Probe Of Kagan's Involvement In ObamaCare

08 July 2011 - Will Kagan Recuse From ObamaCare Case?

08 July 2011 - Over Reach And Control Of All The Wrong People

07 July 2011 - Obama Puts Medicare, Social Security Cuts On The Table In Exchange For Tax Increases [More proof that neither Obama or either one of the two so-called main political parties care about the retired or disabled!]

07 July 2011 - Doctors Urge Obama To Protect Conscience Rights, Patients

07 July 2011 - Letter To The FDA: Your Fight For Big Pharma And Against Vitamins And Herbs

07 July 2011 - 'Signs Of Hope' Bill Signed Into Law

07 July 2011 - The Underage And The Unborn

07 July 2011 - FDA's Scheme To Outlaw Nearly All Nutritional Supplements Created After 1994 Would Destroy Millions Of Jobs And Devastate Economy

07 July 2011 - Help Save Nick's Organic Farm From Government Takeover!

06 July 2011 - "Dietary Supplement Labeling Act" A Huge Smokescreen

06 July 2011 - FDA's New Sneak Attack On Supplements

06 July 2011 - FDA Unleashes End Game Scheme To Outlaw Virtually All Dietary Supplements Formulated After 1994

06 July 2011 - Durbin 'Dietary Supplement Labeling Act' To Reward FDA For Failures And Punish Responsible Supplement Producers

06 July 2011 - Infant Kidnapped, Tortured By Missouri State Officials

06 July 2011 - FDA Says: Drinking This Natural Food Is A Crime

05 July 2011 - Felony Penalties Proposed For "Illegal Streaming": Government Permission Internet - Senate Bill 978 [Knowing the government and how they do things, this would be so misused and abused by them. Say NO to the government involvement on the Internet!]

05 July 2011 - Food Safety Panel Members "Update" Declarations Of Interest - Admitting Industry Ties [Notice this is association with ILSI, the industry research front group discussed in the UPI Investigation. If you're not willing to say aspartame is safe no research funds! - Dr. B. Martini, D.Hum.]

05 July 2011 - Congressmen (49) Demand Investigation Of Elena Kagan's ObamaCare Lies

05 July 2011 - Sheriffs Asked To Arrest Airport Security Agents: 'They Are In Blatant Violation Of The 4th Amendment'

05 July 2011 - Suspension Of Washington State Mercury Limits On Certain Flu Vaccine [This is not only INSANE but extremely DANGEROUS! Mercury is a poison to the human body and should NOT be allowed in anything! They obviously do not really care about people's health!]

05 July 2011 - Hide And Seek With Drug Side Effects: J&J Accused Of Hiding Tendon Risks

01 July 2011 - Appeals Court Upholds ObamaCare As Constitutional [The Appeals Court needs to pull its head out of where the sun doesn't shine! Anyone with half a brain can clearly see that ObamaCare clearly violates the Constitution of the United States of America!]

01 July 2011 - AARP Gets Behind ObamaCare Board, Claims Detractors Trying To 'Scare Old People' [More nonsense from those who support this insane program!]

30 June 2011 - Dietary Supplement Labeling Act

30 June 2011 - A Sick Health Care System

30 June 2011 - American Citizens As Guinea Pigs - Part 9

30 June 2011 - Texas House Passes TSA Bill On Second Reading

30 June 2011 - Feds Raid Amish Farm For The Crime Of Selling Raw Milk

30 June 2011 - Poison Politics

24 June 2011 - Time For The FDA To Promote Truth In Advertising For Abortion

24 June 2011 - TSA Claims It Will Soon Stop Molesting Little Children, But Not Adults, Veterans Or Senior Citizens

23 June 2011 - Come September, No More Healthcare Waivers

22 June 2011 - Stop Legal Murder In Ohio: A Biblical Case For The Ohio Personhood Amendment

22 June 2011 - New Studies Turn The Tables On What's Safe-And What's Not

22 June 2011 - House Cuts FDA Budget By $285 Million!

22 June 2011 - It's All Your Fault: Talk About Fine Print!

22 June 2011 - Action Alert: New Legislation Would Expand HSA And FSA Coverage Of Dietary Supplements

21 June 2011 - 'The Federal Government Is Not God': Michigan Lawmaker Wants To Criminalize 'Intrusive' Searches By Airport Screeners

21 June 2011 - Texans Looking At Reins For TSA Gropers: Governor Changes Course, Adds Search Restrictions To Agenda

20 June 2011 - How ObamaCare Will Further Explode The Deficit

20 June 2011 - Don't Mess With Texas! TX Lawmakers To Feds: " We Don't Want Your Lightbulbs!"

20 June 2011 - The Obama Surprise

20 June 2011 - Obamacare Waivers Get Axe In Last-Minute Friday Night News Dump

20 June 2011 - Boycott Pediatrician Bullies

20 June 2011 - Health Freedom Victory! Fairbanks, AK, City Council Votes To End Water Fluoridation

20 June 2011 - UK Scraps Pneumonia Vaccines Because They 'Don't Work'

17 June 2011 - TSA Targets Special Needs Traveler With Invasive Pat-Down, Confiscates His 'Comfort' Item As Security Threat

16 June 2011 - Letter To The FDA Concerning The Feds Seizing Elderberry Juice From Kansas Winery

15 June 2011 - ObamaCare Eliminating 'Laboratories Of Democracy'

15 June 2011 - No Deaths From Vitamins - None At All In 27 Years

15 June 2011 - Kids 'N' Kolesterol: New Push To Screen Babies For LDL Levels

14 June 2011 - National Cancer Institute And American Cancer Society Skewered In New Book By Leading Cancer Expert

13 June 2011 - NY Times: Antibiotics In Animals Killing Us

10 June 2011 - The US Constitution Is Dead

10 June 2011 - New Tennessee Law Criminalizes Free Speech, Thought Crimes: Bans Posting Images That "Cause Emotional Distress"

10 June 2011 - Judges May Be Ready To Declare ObamaCare Unconstitutional

10 June 2011 - Monsanto Gets A Smackdown, Orexigen Nixes Its Diet Pill-But Frankenfish Labeling Bill Flops In California

10 June 2011 - American Diabetes Association's Guidelines Are Killing Diabetics!

09 June 2011 - FCC Agrees To Take 'Fairness Doctrine' Off The Books

09 June 2011 - 11th Circuit Considers 26-State Suit Challenging Health Care Law

08 June 2011 - Obama Lawyers To Appeal Healthcare Ruling

08 June 2011 - Health Overhaul Fight In Pivotal Atlanta Court

07 June 2011 - 30% Of Companies Will Stop Offering Health Insurance After ObamaCare Begins!

07 June 2011 - Health Care Law Waivers Stir Suspicion Of Favors

07 June 2011 - ObamaCare Waivers - Who Gets 'Em And Why

07 June 2011 - FDA Sends US Marshals To Seize Elderberry Juice Concentrate, Deems It 'Unapproved Drug'

07 June 2011 - Cops Arrest Charity Workers For Illegally Feeding Homeless

06 June 2011 - After Medicare

06 June 2011 - What Seniors Have To Fear From ObamaCare

06 June 2011 - American Dietetic Association Attempting To Monopolize Nutritional Advice

06 June 2011 - The FDA Assaults Breast Thermography While Protecting Mammography Industry

03 June 2011 - Health-Care Initiative Draws Fire

03 June 2011 - Scientists Push To Implement Edible RFID Tracking Chips In Food [This is pure LUNACY! Remember the warning God gives us in 1 Corinthians 3:19 KJV, "For the wisdom of this world is foolishness with God. For it is written, He taketh the wise in their own craftiness."]

03 June 2011 - How Doctors Are Bought Off By Medical Device Makers

02 June 2011 - Herbal Therapies That Stop Aging And Fight Disease

01 June 2011 - Obama Health-Care Law Goes To Appeals Court

01 June 2011 - House OKs Pro-Life Changes To ObamaCare

01 June 2011 - Melatonin Cakes And The Backlash On Dietary Supplements [Melatonin-filled brownies called Lazy Cakes have come to the attention of Congress. Will the FDA use them as another excuse to over-regulate dietary supplements?]

01 June 2011 - SC Attorney General's Office Sues Maker Of Avandia

01 June 2011 - Psych Drug Doctors Now Pushing To Add Lithium To Drinking Water

27 May 2011 - U.S. House Blocks ObamaCare Funds For Teaching Abortion To New Doctors [GOOD!!!]

27 May 2011 - Pro-Life Groups Call For Pepsi Boycott Over Aborted Fetal Cell Lines [This is really disgusting what they use the aborted (murdered) fetal cells for!]

27 May 2011 - A Senate Bill To Unseal Secret Pharma Documents

27 May 2011 - POM Wonderful Faces FTC In Court For Making Legitimate Health Claims About Pomegranates [The FTC and the medical establishment once again trying to silence those who give real and legitimate health information!]

26 May 2011 - Texas Anti-Groping Bill Shot Down By DOJ Threats [TSA and the government think they could do whatever they what, with a total disregard to the law. If TSA or anyone else gropes me, you had better believe I will speak up, and rather loudly! It is time for EVERYONE to stand up for their rights and say no!!!]

26 May 2011 - Feds To Texas: We'll Make You A 'No-Fly' Zone: Fight Over Obama-Led TSA Decision To Grope Sex Organs Ratchets Up

26 May 2011 - The Problem Is ObamaCare, Not Medicare

26 May 2011 - U.S. Appeals Court Questions Its Authority In Obama Health-Care Cases [Of course it has the power and authority to deal with this evil!]

26 May 2011 - Liquid Medicine: Controversial Call To Add Lithium To Drinking Water For Mental Health [Mental health? This is pure LUNACY!!!]

26 May 2011 - Immediate Opposition Needed Against Bills That Criminalize Those Who Expose Horrors Of Factory Farms

26 May 2011 - Alert - Assembly Bill 354 Passes

26 May 2011 - Psych Doctors Took Money From Drug Companies To Medicate Children In Juvenile Jails

25 May 2011 - ObamaCare: Obama Skirts Rule Of Law To Reward Pals, Punish Foes

25 May 2011 - Oklahoma OKs 'Health Care Compact'

25 May 2011 - Women Still Want Mammograms: Snap Out Of It, Ladies - You've Been Brainwashed

25 May 2011 - Alabama Senate Votes To Not Fund Abortions Under ObamaCare

25 May 2011 - Ohio Judge Backs Law Limiting Dangerous RU 486 Abortion Drug

25 May 2011 - How Drug Companies' PR Tactics Skew The Presentation Of Medical Research: Elliot Ross Reveals The Secret 'Army Of Hidden Scribes' Paid By The Drug Companies To Influence Doctors

25 May 2011 - Two New Studies Warn -- Medical Doctors May Be Hazardous To Your Health

24 May 2011 - Obama 'Czar' To Squash Unfavorable Stories On Web: Rapid-Response Team Will Respond To Coverage Critical Of Administration [There goes more of our Constitutionally guaranteed Freedom of Speech]

24 May 2011 - Should Kagan Recuse Herself? Previous Defense Should Cancel Kagan's Involvement

24 May 2011 - Homeopathy Under Attack - Bioethics Expert Argues For Closure Of Homeopathic Hospital

24 May 2011 - Are American Children To Be Used In Medical Experiments To Test Anthrax Vaccine?

23 May 2011 - Some Hospitals Consider Rationing O Drugs For Critically Ill

23 May 2011 - Senate Votes To Boost FDA Police Powers With GOP Help: Senate Passes Stealth Food-Safety Crime Bill

23 May 2011 - Doctor Guilty Of Hate Crime In U.K.

23 May 2011 - Operating Under The Influence: What Doctors Admit About Drug Companies

23 May 2011 - Governor Of Idaho Signs Sweeping New Order Banning ObamaCare

23 May 2011 - New Research Shows Factory Farms Are NOT The Way To Feed The World

20 May 2011 - Pelosi's People Excused From Healthcare Law

20 May 2011 - Palin: Pelosi Telling 'Tight-Faced Lie' On Healthcare Reform Law Waivers

19 May 2011 - Waiver Requests Continue

19 May 2011 - Obama Administration To Approve Drought-Resistant GM Corn That USDA Says Grows No Better Than Natural Corn

18 May 2011 - David Limbaugh: ObamaCare Based On Fraudulent Premise

18 May 2011 - Scientists Cast Doubt On TSA Tests Of Full-Body Scanners

18 May 2011 - Ex Pharma Sales Rep Speaks The Truth - Pharma Doesn't Want To Cure You [YouTube video]

18 May 2011 - GE Lobbied For Federally Mandated Light Bulb

18 May 2011 - Asda Settles 'Nasty' Aspartame Legal Battle With Ajinomoto [Aspartame is still nasty. If everyone knew how it's made with E. Coli bacteria, I doubt there would be many users. - Dr. B. Martini, D.Hum.]

18 May 2011 - FDA Accuses Supplement Manufacturers Of...Selling Drugs? [Here we go yet again! Another attempt by the FDA to control our herbs and vitamins. Herbs and vitamins are NOT drugs and the FDA is not concerned about our protection and safety, only with control!]

18 May 2011 - Critics Of Health Care Law Raise Alarm About Medicare Doctor Reimbursements

18 May 2011 - Florida Legislature Refuses To Regulate Mercury In Vaccines

18 May 2011 - ObamaCare Failure Now Evident As Health Care Costs Rise Nationwide

17 May 2011 - Nearly 1 In 5 ObamaCare Waivers Go To Restaurants, Nightclubs, Hotels In Pelosi's District

17 May 2011 - Vaccines And Blue Foot Syndrome

17 May 2011 - Ron Paul Battles FDA To Allow Americans To Drink Raw Milk [Has an embedded video on the web page]

17 May 2011 - TSA Backscatter Radiation Safety Tests Were Rigged

17 May 2011 - 83 Percent Of Brain Injury Vaccine Compensation Payouts Were For Autism Caused By Vaccines

17 May 2011 - Rep. Ron Paul Introduces HR 1830 To Allow Shipment, Distribution Of Raw Milk Across State Lines

16 May 2011 - Rationing Is At heart Of ObamaCare

16 May 2011 - Administration Approves 200 More New ObamaCare Waivers

16 May 2011 - Gingrich Backs ObamaCare's Individual Mandate Requiring Health Insurance

16 May 2011 - Texas Lawmaker 'Drawing The Line At Private Parts' : Says Of TSA Pat-Downs, 'We've Moved From Prudent Caution To Ridiculous Excess'

16 May 2011 - FDA Tyrannizes Amish Farmer

16 May 2011 - U.S. Beef Packed With Drugs, Metals And Poisons

16 May 2011 - UN Wants Billions For STD Vaccination Scheme

16 May 2011 - Gingrich Backs ObamaCare's Individual Mandate Requiring Health Insurance

16 May 2011 - Bugs For Dinner: Supermarket Meat Crawling With Bacteria

13 May 2011 - ObamaCare Challenged In Court And By Members Of Congress

13 May 2011 - Hundreds Of Herbal Remedies Now Outlawed Across Europe

13 May 2011 - Sweetener Warning Labels Are Totally Unnecessary - Wrong! Death Can Occur Without Labels

13 May 2011 - Swedish Parliament Votes Overwhelmingly To Fight Conscience Rights For Doctors

11 May 2011 - Virginia AG Cuccinelli: Supreme Court Will Rule On ObamaCare Before Elections

11 May 2011 - Obama Admin Stands By Decision To Revoke Conscience Rights For Dispensing Plan B

11 May 2011 - FDA's War Against Raw Milk

11 May 2011 - South Carolina Taking Light Bulb Ban Into Its Own Hands

11 May 2011 - How The American Dietetic Association Is Strengthening Its Monopoly

11 May 2011 - FEMA To Confiscate Food From Local Farms In Emergencies?

10 May 2011 - Pulling The Plug On ObamaCare

10 May 2011 - Gov. Scott: Florida Leading Charge Against 'Job Killer' ObamaCare

10 May 2011 - Obama Appointees To Hear Healthcare Challenge

10 May 2011 - Higher Courts Hearing ObamaCare Challenges

10 May 2011 - GRAIN Report Exposes The Fraud Of 'Food Safety' Legislation

09 May 2011 - Obama Health Care Law: Challenge Inches Toward Supreme Court

09 May 2011 - Obama Administration's Alleged Deception Of U.S. Food Safety

09 May 2011 - Soldiers May Pay More For Healthcare

06 May 2011 - Speech IS Constitutionally Protected

06 May 2011 - EU Ban On Top Herbal Supplements Signifies Crackdown On Natural Health

06 May 2011 - They Want To Ban Our Times Square Billboard Message - Doctors Denying Vaccine Risks: An American Tragedy [Has an embedded video on the web page]

05 May 2011 - USDA Creates New Program That Invites Blatant Conflicts Of Interest On Genetic Engineering

05 Mar 2011 - Codex to Consider Labeling For Genetically Engineered Foods

05 May 2011 - Obama's DOJ Ups Ante On Pro-Life Groups

05 May 2011 - Obama Administration Suing Pro-Life Groups

04 May 2011 - House passes Healthcare De-Funding Bill

04 May 2011 - FDA Approved Big Pharma Drugs Without Effectiveness Data

04 May 2011 - EPA, Army Corps Draft New Clean Water Act Guidelines That Threaten To Seize Control Of All Water Supplies

03 May 2011 - America Doomed To Suffer ObamaCare? : Fervor For Repeal Wanes, Below 50% For 1st Time Since Passage

03 May 2011 - More ObamaCare Madness

02 May 2011 - The Cybersecurity And Internet Freedom Act

02 May 2011 - Appeals Court Says 'Yes' To Taxpayer Funded, Life-Destroying Research

02 May 2011 - Codex Committee On Food Additives Meets In China

29 Apr 2011 - The Mafia Approach: How Big Pharma Buys Guidelines

29 Apr 2011 - Bribes And Recalls: Johnson & Johnson Has The Perfect Nickname: Two Crooked Letters, J&J

28 Apr 2011 - Half Of Americans Use Supplements

27 Apr 2011 - Vaccination Law Challenged On Religious Grounds

27 Apr 2011 - New Vaccine Legislation In The States

27 Apr 2011 - ANH-USA Is Taking On The FTC!

27 Apr 2011 - Vaccine Mania

27 Apr 2011 - Armed Agents Invade Maxam Nutraceutics And Steal Natural Health Products In Shocking FDA Raid

26 Apr 2011 - Obama Wants More 'Death Panel' Power: 'Congress Would Be Stripped Of Legislative Role In Favor Of Unaccountable Experts'

26 Apr 2011 - Congress Steps Up Probe Of White House Health Reform Meetings...WH Stalls

26 Apr 2011 - Majority Of Americans Still Favor Repealing ObamaCare Law

26 Apr 2011 - Record Shows Planned Parenthood Not Actually Helping Women

26 Apr 2011 - Court Files Prove Maryanne Godboldo Had Full Legal Authority To Stop Administering Dangerous Drugs To Daughter; CPS Raid Nothing But Illegal Kidnapping

26 Apr 2011 - Lawsuit Against FDA A Success! Court Rules Censorship Of Two Specific Health Claims Unconstitutional

26 Apr 2011 - Detroit Mother's Heroism Sends Message To All Parents: Say "No" To Child Drugging

26 Apr 2011 - Navy Revises Vaccine Exemption Policy And Regs By Attorney Request - Twice!

25 Apr 2011 - PIDS Releases Position Statement On Immunization Exemptions [The Pediatric Infectious Diseases Society recently issued a position statement that "opposes any legislation or regulation that would allow children to be exempted from mandatory immunizations based simply on their parents', or in the case of adolescents, their own, secular personal beliefs." They obviously don't care about what people think or about their rights! They want to force everyone to take their poisons!]

25 Apr 2011 - New Zealand: Progressive Media And The War On The Unborn

25 Apr 2011 - Obama's Medicare Hypocrisy

25 Apr 2011 - What Doctors Didn't Want Me To Know About Gall Bladder Surgery

25 Apr 2011 - On Autism's Cause It's Journalist MacNeil v. Journalist Mnookin

25 Apr 2011 - Protect Health Food And Dietary Supplements From Attack By Opposing New Congressional Bill

25 Apr 2011 - The Cancer Treatment So Successful - Traditional Doctors SHUT It Down [Has an embedded video on the web page]

25 Apr 2011 - The Drug Industry May Be Bad, But THIS Industry May Be Even Worse For Your Health [Has an embedded video on the web page]

21 Apr 2011 - Blue Hill Becomes Third Town In Maine To Pass Food Freedom Law

20 Apr 2011 - Mainstream Media Receives Millions Of Taxpayer Dollars Via ObamaCare Slush Fund

19 Apr 2011 - Obama's Private Remarks Caught On Planned Parenthood, ObamaCare

19 Apr 2011 - Komen: Planned Parenthood Doesn't Do Mammograms With Grants

19 Apr 2011 - Organic Farmers Sue GMO Juggernaut Monsanto: Feel Threatened By Monsanto Seeds

19 Apr 2011 - Nevada Senate Bill 412 To Establish Medical Monopoly, Squelch Natural And Alternative Medicine

19 Apr 2011 - Airport Security Scanners: What Would Your Doctor Do? : Each Time You Are Exposed To This Machine, You Boost Your Risk Of Cancer

18 Apr 2011 - Feds Closer To Grabbing Control Of Internet

18 Apr 2011 - TSA Singles Out People Who Complain About TSA

18 Apr 2011 - With Superbugs Contaminating Fresh Meat, The Truth Comes Out About The FDA Food Safety Bill

18 Apr 2011 - New Documentary Investigates War Being Waged By Biotechnology Companies Against Scientists Who Expose The Truth About GMOs

15 Apr 2011 - Networks Ignore Story Of Canadian Baby Saved From Government-Run Health Care

15 Apr 2011 - Armed Agents Kidnap Child From Mother Who Used Holistic Treatments Instead Of Pharmaceutical Drugs To Treat Condition

14 Apr 2011 - The False Prophet Of Obama And His Ministry Of Economic Voodoo

14 Apr 2011 - Pro-Life Groups Seek Calls On Planned Parenthood, ObamaCare Vote

14 Apr 2011 - Georgia House Wants No Abortion Funding Under ObamaCare Law

14 Apr 2011 - North Carolina County Drops Abortions From Employee Health Plan [GOOD!]

14 Apr 2011 - Public Outcry Leads To Passage Of Amended SB 31 Bill In North Carolina House, Now On To Senate

14 Apr 2011 - Woman Convicted Of Murder Could Face Life In Prison For Trying To Protect Her Autistic Son From Chemotherapy

13 Apr 2011 - FCC's Power Grabs Keep Coming

13 Apr 2011 - Tell Congress To Support The Free Speech About Science Act Of 2011

13 Apr 2011 - The American Dietetic Association's Monopoly Continues To Grow-But You Can Stop It Cold!

13 Apr 2011 - Urgent Action Alert: The Leahy Bill Is BACK!

12 Apr 2011 - Missouri AG Files Amicus Brief In Support Of Multi-State Lawsuit

12 Apr 2011 - Senate Vote On Planned Parenthood, Health Law Funding, Set For Thursday

12 Apr 2011 - Public School Bans Students From Bringing Lunches From Home, Forces Them To Eat Cafeteria Food

12 Apr 2011 - Doctors Don't Tell Patients The Truth About The Treatments They'd Use Themselves

12 Apr 2011 - Europeans Warned To Avoid Drinking Milk Or Eating Vegetables Due To High Radiation Levels

12 Apr 2011 - Fukushima Radiation Taints US Milk Supplies At Levels 300% Higher Than EPA Maximums

11 Apr 2011 - House Passes Net Neutrality Repeal [More of government forcing themselves onto the Internet. They way they are going, soon they will be running it and the content upon it completely!]

08 Apr 2011 - On World Health Day, Your Government Wants To Use Your Money For Abortion

08 Apr 2011 - In Texas...

08 Apr 2011 - Oakland Officials Threaten To Shut Down Urban Gardener Growing Food On Her Own Land

07 Apr 2011 - Free Speech About Science Act Of 2011

07 Apr 2011 - Washington Post And CBS Receiving Money From ObamaCare Slush Fund

07 Apr 2011 - Arizona Bill Bans Taxpayer Funds For Training Abortionists

07 Apr 2011 - Health Freedom Victory Within Reach In North Carolina As SB 31 Amendment Clarifies Definition Of Medical Felony Crimes

07 Apr 2011 - Mother On Trial For Murder After Allegedly Failing To Administer Chemotherapy Drugs To Son

07 Apr 2011 - Congress Repeals Burdensome 1099 Requirement In ObamaCare; Full Repeal May Be On The Way

06 Apr 2011 - Free Speech In Health Science May Become A Reality-But Only With Your Help!

06 Apr 2011 - When It Comes to Natural Health For Children, We're Living In A Police State

06 Apr 2011 - Big Pharma's Naked Greed On Display

06 Apr 2011 - Judge: Pharmacists Can't Be Forced To Dispense Plan B [FANTASTIC NEWS!!!]

06 Apr 2011 - The $1.265 Billion Dollar Lie: Drug Development Isn't So Expensive After All

06 Apr 2011 - Hey, Washington! Where's My Waiver? : 1,040 Groups, Mostly Unions, Given Exceptions To ObamaCare

06 Apr 2011 - Red Tape Cut In Health Care Law: GOP Sees 'Down Payment On Total Repeal' Of Obama Initiative

06 Apr 2011 - AUSTRALIA: Parents Of Baby Girl Who Was A Victim Of Flu Vaccine Debacle Suing State Government

06 Apr 2011 - North Carolina SB 31 Bill Seeks To Turn Healers Into Felons; But The Health Freedom Backlash Has Already Begun

06 Apr 2011 - Depression As NOT A Chemical Imbalance In Your Brain - Here's Proof [Has an embedded video on the web page]

05 Apr 2011 - U.S. House To Vote On Dumping 'Net Neutrality' Rules

05 Apr 2011 - Shhh: HHS Grants More ObamaCare Waivers, Considers New 2012-2013 Scheme

05 Apr 2011 - NC Bill To Criminalize Natural Medicine Delayed: Call And Oppose NOW

05 Apr 2011 - EPA To Raise Limits For Radiation Exposure While Canada Turns Off Fallout Detectors

05 Apr 2011 - Support Genetically Engineered Food "Right To Know" Legislation In Your State

04 Apr 2011 - Lawyer John Stemberger On ObamaCare Lawsuits

04 Apr 2011 - Feds Appeal Judge's Health Care Ruling

04 Apr 2011 - Eight Ways Monsanto Is Destroying Our Health

04 Apr 2011 - Fda Destruction Of The Dietary Supplement Industry

04 Apr 2011 - FDA Says You Have No Right To Real Food Unless They Give You Permission First

01 Apr 2011 - Jury: Merck Plant Contaminated Air, Water With Chromium

01 Apr 2011 - Prehypertension Is A Big, Fat Lie: Study Finds Higher BP Levels Nothing To Worry About

01 Apr 2011 - Some Patients May Be Asked To Stop Dialysis

01 Apr 2011 - FDA Panel Nixes Food Dye Warnings

01 Apr 2011 - Organic Groups, Farmers File Preemptive Lawsuit Against Monsanto To Protect Themselves From Inevitable Destruction By GMOs

01 Apr 2011 - International Seed Day Advocates For Patent-Free Seeds, Organic Food, And Farmers' Rights

01 Apr 2011 - End Your Pharmaceutical Drug Habit And Embrace Real Health Reform

31 Mar 2011 - South Carolina Bill Opts Out Of ObamaCare Abortion Coverage, Protects Conscience Rights

31 Mar 2011 - 'Death Panels Already In Place' : Terri's Family In Trenches Of Healthcare-Rationing War Ahead Of ObamaCare Implementation

31 Mar 2011 - Question Smart Meters

31 Mar 2011 - Unconstitutional Vaccine Rights Bills Keep Coming

31 Mar 2011 - Food Manufacturers Continue To Disguise Inflation By Gradually Shrinking Product Sizes

31 Mar 2011 - Farmers And Consumer Groups File Lawsuit Against USDA Over GM Alfalfa Approval

31 Mar 2011 - UK Grocers Adopt Humorously Illegitimate Certification Program For 'Sustainable' GM Soy

31 Mar 2011 - Foods With Scary Surprises

30 Mar 2011 - Free Speech About Natural Health Science-It's Time To Fight Back!

30 Mar 2011 - 49 U.S. Representatives Ask Court To Toss ObamaCare

30 Mar 2011 - Goodwin Ruling On Vaccinations Wrong, Lawyer Argues [They just don't give up on trying to force their poisons on everyone!]

30 Mar 2011 - Pro-Life Laws Work: Study

30 Mar 2011 - Expose Foul Conditions At Factory Farms? Go To Jail!

29 Mar 2011 - Obama Aims To Curtail Or Eliminate Charitable Deduction [Yet another way the government is attacking and trying to control the churches and non-profit organizations]

29 Mar 2011 - A Personal Waiver For Exclusion From ObamaCare

29 Mar 2011 - Biotech Company Using Cell Lines From Aborted Babies In Food Enhancement Testing

28 Mar 2011 - Group Fights For Doctor's Rights, Conscience

28 Mar 2011 - Antibiotics Have 'Little Green Or Yellow Phlegm Is Of Little Benefit, Says Cardiff University Research Effect' On Cough And Phlegm: Taking Antibiotics For A Bad Cough Which Produces [AMEN - use homeopathy]

28 Mar 2011 - PSAs Proven Pointless: Don't Worry About Rising PSA Levels

25 Mar 2011 - Ron Paul: Homeschoolers Counteract 'Propaganda Machine': Congressman Says Department Of Education Wants To 'Indoctrinate' Children

25 Mar 2011 - The Weiner Waiver Wormhole

25 Mar 2011 - The Salzburg Statement On Shared Decision Making [To bad more doctors don't follow this!]

25 Mar 2011 - Hide Side Effect Reports And Investors Can Sue

25 Mar 2011 - The Worst Homeland-Security Menace: X-Ray Scanning From Airports Coming To Public Events, Mass Transit, Even Your Street

24 Mar 2011 - Allen: ObamaCare An Unconstitutional "Monstrosity"

24 Mar 2011 - Leading ObamaCare Backer Considering Waiver For His City: Cites Special Status Given By Administration As Evidence Of Law's Flexibility

24 Mar 2011 - Vaccine Skeptics Protest Bill Requiring Doctor's Note To Opt Out: Proposal Makes It More Difficult For Parents To Avoid School-Entry Immunization Rules

23 Mar 2011 - ObamaCare -- An Ill-Fated Remedy For Healthcare?

23 Mar 2011 - Zinc Beats The Cold: Hey Feds - Suck On This!

23 Mar 2011 - USDA Sued over Deceptive Language In New Dietary Guidelines

23 Mar 2011 - USDA Refuses To Enforce Organic Standards, Allows Synthetic Omega-3s In Horizon Organic Milk

22 Mar 2011 - Congressman Calls ObamaCare 'Assault' On Health Care: Heritage Panel Warns Takeover Will Chase Physicians From Field

22 Mar 2011 - The Latest in Atrocious Supreme Court Decisions - Only 2 Justices Stand Up For Your Rights

21 Mar 2011 - One Spice Beats Pain, Helps The Brain: Curcumin Is A Disease-Fighting Superstar

21 Mar 2011 - Health Canada Under Massive Attack By Natural Products Maker

21 Mar 2011 - Obama's Weakening Abortion-Conscience Rule Hurts Doctors

21 Mar 2011 - Is The FDA Silencing Journalists?

18 Mar 2011 - Airport Scanners Fail Security Test

17 Mar 2011 - Near And Far, Taxpayers Fund Abortion Businesses

16 Mar 2011 - Federal Funding Of Abortion Continues

16 Mar 2011 - Samuel S. Epstein, M.D. - Emeritus professor Environmental and Occupational Medicine University of Illinois School of Public Health and Chairman, The Cancer Prevention Coalition - American Cancer Society: More Interested In Accumulating Wealth Than Saving Lives [PDF format] (It will open in a new window)

16 Mar 2011 - Obama Administration To Supreme Court: Take Your Time On Health Care Lawsuits

16 Mar 2011 - Rep. John Conyers: ObamaCare Is 'Platform' For Creating Single-Payer System [Has an embedded video on the web page]

16 Mar 2011 - The 'Untouchable' $23.6 Billion Funding ObamaCare

16 Mar 2011 - Medical Devices Get No Real Testing: We Do A Better Job Testing Children's Toys Than We Do Medical Devices - And That Ain't Saying Much

16 Mar 2011 - King Opposes 'Perpetual Funding' For ObamaCare

16 Mar 2011 - Is FDA Handing Out Gag Orders To Journalists Now?

16 Mar 2011 - The Mineral You're Missing: Chromium For Diabetes Control

15 Mar 2011 - Newly Obtained Homeland Security Documents Reveal Radical Shift In Internet Policy: FIGHT BACK: Internet User Arrested For Linking To Other Websites

15 Mar 2011 - A Single Homeopathic Medicine Converts A Skeptical Doctor

14 Mar 2011 - A Personal Waiver For Exclusion From ObamaCare

14 Mar 2011 - TSA Scanners Radiation '10X Higher Than Expected'

14 Mar 2011 - The Plight Of The Autism Activists

14 Mar 2011 - Government 'Cops' Know They Can't Protect You From This

11 Mar 2011 - Federal Bureaucrats: Get Your Dirty Hands Off Our Light Bulbs

11 Mar 2011 - Newsweek's Fall From Grace

11 Mar 2011 - Hmmm... What's Going On Here? U.S. Takes Over Three Tylenol Plants

10 Mar 2011 - 'Kill Switch' Discussion Rambles On

10 Mar 2011 - House Of Representatives - Department Of Defense Appropriations, 1970 - December 3, 1969

10 Mar 2011 - Drug Study Reviewers Ignore Money Trail

10 Mar 2011 - Big Pharma Lies About R&D Costs To Justify Illicit Profits

10 Mar 2011 - New Government Dietary Guidelines Protect Industry Profits Over Health

09 Mar 2011 - Obama Administration Appeals Healthcare Ruling

09 Mar 2011 - State Of Maine Gets Waiver For ObamaCare: Similar Requests Pending From Kentucky, Nevada, New Hampshire

09 Mar 2011 - Mom Whose Autistic Children Got Better Shares More Of Her Story With Us

09 Mar 2011 - Japan Panel Finds No Link To Vaccines, Deaths: Report [Yeah it is just a coincidence, as they always claim, no matter how much proof or how many people are harmed. They just ignore the overwhelming facts and continue on with their "it's just coincidence"]

09 Mar 2011 - Scientists Deliberately Create 127 Hybrid Viruses From H1N1, Then Warn They Are Dangerous

09 Mar 2011 - One More Girl Documentary About Dangers Of HPV Vaccine Needs YOUR Support

09 Mar 2011 - Psychiatry Has Devolved From Personalized Therapy To Shameless Drug Dealing

09 Mar 2011 - Why Aren't GMO Foods Labeled?

08 Mar 2011 - President Lincoln's View Of Supreme Court Decisions

08 Mar 2011 - 9 Questions That Stump Every Pro-Vaccine Advocate And Their Claims

08 Mar 2011 - The Truth Behind "Natural Foods"

08 Mar 2011 - Doctors Warned To Take More Care After 108 Immunisation Mix-Ups: Survey Uncovers Cases Where Doctors Gave Patients The Wrong Vaccine, The Wrong Dose Or Injected Them Without Consent

08 Mar 2011 - Teacher Fired For Bumper Sticker Highlighting The Over-Medication Of Children

07 Mar 2011 - Number Of Healthcare Reform Law Waivers Climbs Above 1,000

07 Mar 2011 - The Schools: If You Aren't Outraged, You Aren't Paying Attention

07 Mar 2011 - Please Don't Visit This Type of Doctor Unless You Absolutely Have To [Has an embedded video on the web page]

07 Mar 2011 - If You Eat Organic Food, Have You Just Been Betrayed? [Has embedded videos on the web page]

04 Mar 2011 - Judge To Prez: You Have 1 Week To Save ObamaCare

04 Mar 2011 - DOJ Sued Over Kagan's ObamaCare Involvement: Judicial Watch Wonders Whether Justice Should Keep Silent On Any ObamaCare Disputes

04 Mar 2011 - TSA Research Proposal To Body-Scan Pedestrians, Train Passengers

04 Mar 2011 - NH Bill Would Make Some Airport Screening Sexual Assault

04 Mar 2011 - Obama Declares State Governors Will Enforce Health Care Bill Whether They Like It Or Not

04 Mar 2011 - The Bible Condemns Drugs And Says To Use Herbs As Medicine (Opinion)

04 Mar 2011 - Is Modern Medicine More Science Or Religion?

04 Mar 2011 - Try Safe And Effective Natural Remedies For Coughs Instead Of Dangerous Medicines

03 Mar 2011 - Judge On Health Appeal The Clock Is Ticking: Florida Judge Orders Expedited Appeal Of His Ruling On Health Law

03 Mar 2011 - Deep Penetrating X-Ray Body Scanners To Be Installed At Airports

02 Mar 2011 - ObamaCare May Increase States' Costs By $118 Billion

02 Mar 2011 - CBO: Obama's Healthcare Reform More Costly Than Projected

02 Mar 2011 - Dark Times For Herbal Medicine In Europe

02 Mar 2011 - HBOT Healing Victory

28 Feb 2011 - FDA Violates Data Quality Act

28 Feb 2011 - Liability Protection & Vaccine Administrators [This is on the US Department of Health and Human Services own website - No mention to the part of the act that said if you didn't get compensation in the Vaccine Injury court you could proceed to sue on your own. So how could the Supreme Court say you couldn't sue them, if the ACT says you can anyone?]

28 Feb 2011 - Genetically Modified Foods Commonplace

28 Feb 2011 - Court Case Warns EPA Could 'Own' Your Land! : Petition To Supremes Cites Danger Of 'Ruinous' Compliance Order Fines

28 Feb 2011 - After Touching Your Junk, TSA Now Wants To Scan And Harvest Your DNA

25 Feb 2011 - Huckabee: The ObamaCare 'Frankenstein Should Never Have Left The Lab

25 Feb 2011 - High Court To Decide If Parents 'Forfeit' Rights

25 Feb 2011 - Several States Consider Loosening Raw Milk Restrictions As FDA Tries To Tighten Them

24 Feb 2011 - Conscience Trampled By The Regime - The Obama Admin's Unbelievable Change In Policy

24 Feb 2011 - Congress Zeroes In On FCC's Net Neutrality Rules

23 Feb 2011 - Healthcare Lawsuit Update: DOJ Asks Florida Judge To "Clarify" [The Obama Administration must be really stupid or desperate or both. What is there to clarify? The Federal Judge said that ObamaCare is unconstitutional. Nothing further needs to be clarified!]

23 Feb 2011 - Planned Parenthood And Susan G. Komen

23 Feb 2011 - Court Rules Against Parents In Drug Vaccine Case: Judge Says Federal Law Bars Lawsuits Over Vaccine Side Effects; Infant, Now 19, Suffered Seizures After Receiving DPT Shot

23 Feb 2011 - Dr. Gonzalez Discusses NBC Dateline's Attack Against Natural Cancer Therapies In Exclusive Robert Scott Bell Show Interview

22 Feb 2011 - Nearly All Drug Trials Scientifically Invalid Due To Influence Of The Mind; Big Pharma Science Dissolves Into Wishful Thinking

22 Feb 2011 - Turning Cervical Cancer Into An Infectious Disease

22 Feb 2011 - The Age-Old Struggle Against Vaccination: A Rebuttal By Jennifer Craig, PhD; Suzanne Humphries, MD; And Sherri Tenpenny, DO

22 Feb 2011 - Proposed New Limits On Vaccine Exemptions: Are They Constitutional?

22 Feb 2011 - Parents: You Can Say No To Vaccinations, Right? Maybe Not For Much Longer [Has an embedded video on the web page]

21 Feb 2011 - Contempt For The Rule Of Law

21 Feb 2011 - Healthcare Conscience Laws Gutted

21 Feb 2011 - 1 Bill Could Kill Obamacare, NEA, PBS, NPR, Abortion Freezing Debt Limit Would Require 40% Cut: 'All Bad Programs Would Have To Go'

21 Feb 2011 - Planned Parenthood 'Lying Through Their Teeth' [Most of the time they do just that! Their evilness needs to be stopped once and for all!]

21 Feb 2011 - Donate Blood ... STDs And All

21 Feb 2011 - US Gov. Software Creates 'Fake People' On Social Networks To Promote Propaganda

21 Feb 2011 - HPV And Natural Alternatives To The HPV Vaccine

21 Feb 2011 - Medical 'Experts' Pushing HPV Vaccines Told What Not To Say About Them, Including Their Death Toll

21 Feb 2011 - Gardasil Approval: FDA Apparently Does Not Follow Its Own Rules

21 Feb 2011 - How Your Medicines Are Killing You

21 Feb 2011 - NY Times Asks: Why Aren't GMO Foods Labeled?

21 Feb 2011 - New USDA Guidelines Fail To Capture The Whole Truth About Proper Nutrition

18 Feb 2011 - 'Death Panels': Canadian Court Rules Baby's Life Support Removed Against Parents' Wishes [This is not only WRONG, it is EVIL! If they do this and the baby dies then it is willful and deliberate MURDER!]

18 Feb 2011 - Administration Asks Judge To Tell The States That Healthcare Law Isn't Optional [The same federal judge ruled it as unconstitutional, and now the government wants him to tell the states that even though it is unconstitutional they must still follow it. The government obviously doesn't care about what the courts say or what "We The People' want!]

18 Feb 2011 - Dr. Blaylock: First Lady's Plan Ignores Real Obesity Issues

18 Feb 2011 - Pharma Company Seeks Over-The-Counter Plan B Access For Minors [This pill of death and murder should be banned, not made more accessible to people!]

18 Feb 2011 - South Carolina Panel OKs Bill For No Abortion In ObamaCare

18 Feb 2011 - Is It Ethical To Kill Children To Save Children? Friday Night NYC Event Explains

18 Feb 2011 - Obama Proposes To Significantly Cut Funding For Organic Conservation Programs

17 Feb 2011 - Internet 'Kill Switch' Bill Threatens Your Access To Health Information

17 Feb 2011 - Michelle Obama: First Lady Of Junk Science

17 Feb 2011 - Dr Richard Halvorsen Answers The Big Questions About MMR, Vaccines And Diseases

17 Feb 2011 - Fight By States Over ObamaCare Takes Wing: Idaho House Steps Between Federal Mandates And Constituents

16 Feb 2011 - Sebelius Gets Earful Re: Conscience Rules

16 Feb 2011 - Now USDA Has Deregulated Genetically Engineered Bio-Fuel Corn!

16 Feb 2011 - Florida Might Try To Be First State To Withdraw From Medicaid: Proposal Would Replace Pilot Program Or State Would Go Alone

16 Feb 2011 - Obama Allocates $44 Billion For Homeland Security To Purchase Hundreds More Health-Destroying Naked Body Scanner

16 Feb 2011 - Fibromyalgia: Science Validates Homeopathy (Again)

15 Feb 2011 - Virginia AG Asks Supreme Court For Early Review Of ObamaCare Lawsuit

15 Feb 2011 - Wife Of Jailed Herbalist Greg Caton To File Criminal Charges Against FDA For Violating Federal Law

14 Feb 2011 - FCC Commissioner: Feds Should Leave Web Alone' : Nothing Is Broken. Nothing Needs Fixing

14 Feb 2011 - Obama's New Genetics Experiments With Veterans Raising Questions

14 Feb 2011 - Big Pharma's Billion-Dollar Gift: Feds Fund New Lab For Drug Companies

14 Feb 2011 - Gov. Martínez, Take A Stand For Consumer Protection

14 Feb 2011 - 'Dark Age' Treatments In Cutting-Edge Comeback

14 Feb 2011 - Homeopathy For Children's Emotional Health

14 Feb 2011 - TSA Refusal To Release Body Scanner Safety Reports Has Many Crying Foul

14 Feb 2011 - This Is What Really Hides In Taco Bell's 'Beef'

11 Feb 2011 - Obama Administration In Contempt (ObamaCare Still Being Funded); Contact These State Attorney Generals

11 Feb 2011 - You Can't Overdose On Homeopathic Remedies; Why Won't Homeopathy Skeptics Drink Their Own Medicine?

11 Feb 2011 - Why The Media Is Usually Wrong About Health Information

10 Feb 2011 - WA Philosophical Exemption From Vaccines About To Become More Difficult [This link goes to the official copy of Senate Report Bill SB 5005] [Of course they want to make it more difficult! They are of the mindset that the more difficult it is, the less people will try to get exemptions from taking their poisonous and deadly vaccines!]

10 Feb 2011 - USDA Says Yes To Genetically Engineered Sugarbeets-Kiss "Organic" Goodbye!

10 Feb 2011 - 28 Governors To President On ObamaCare: Step On It: Republicans Want Appeals Of Unconstitutional Law Rushed To Supreme Court

09 Feb 2011 - Bills Target ObamaCare, Abortion Funding

09 Feb 2011 - Dr Andrew Wakefield Speaks On The Structure Of Scientific Revolutions: Vaccines, Viruses And Evolution

09 Feb 2011 - When Organic Isn't Really Organic - - How You're Being Duped

09 Feb 2011 - Powerful And Simple Tips To Help Lower Your EMF Risks

08 Feb 2011 - Feds Blame US Health Care System, Not Poor Diet And Lack Of Exercise, For Widespread Heart Disease

07 Feb 2011 - America Skips Out On Flu Vaccinations [High dose or low dose, the only flu shot you need is no dose.]

07 Feb 2011 - An ObamaCare Appeal From The States: Twenty-One Governors Representing More Than 115 Million Americans Have Written To Kathleen Sebelius Asking For More Flexibility On Health-Care Reform

07 Feb 2011 - Small Businesses On ObamaCare: What Do We Do Now?

07 Feb 2011 - NETHERLANDS: Patients Whose GP Knows Complementary Medicine Have Lower Costs And Live Longer

07 Feb 2011 - Obama's Discriminatory Application Of Laws Abounds

07 Feb 2011 - Wyoming, Maine Introduce Food Freedom Legislation To Combat S. 510

07 Feb 2011 - EU Commission Tries To Destroy Zero Tolerance Policy For GMO Food Contamination

07 Feb 2011 - U.S. Government Starts Its Own Drug Company

04 Feb 2011 - FREE: Pocket Constitution And Declaration Of Independence

04 Feb 2011 - Healthcare Debate Interrupted By News

04 Feb 2011 - ObamaCare Litigation Carries On

04 Feb 2011 - Democratic Senators Ignore Their Constituents On Health Care

04 Feb 2011 - Conservatives Chide Senate For Failing To Pass Health Care Repeal

04 Feb 2011 - Dr Andrew Wakefield Answers Critics In Video Interview, Says BMJ Has Been Hijacked By False Journalism

04 Feb 2011 - Nobel Prize Winner Luc Montagnier Supports Science Of Homeopathy

03 Feb 2011 - Senate Narrowly Votes To Retain Pro-Abort ObamaCare Law

03 Feb 2011 - Cuccinelli To Seek Immediate Supreme Court Review In Virginia Health-Care Suit

03 Feb 2011 - Bryan Fischer: States Should Just Ignore Obama On Health Care

03 Feb 2011 - Egypt = Glimpse Into U.S. Future With Net Neutrality

03 Feb 2011 - Fight Back Against Obama's Deregulation Of GM Alfalfa

02 Feb 2011 - Animal Rights And The Globalist Agenda

02 Feb 2011 - Update On The Senate Healthcare Repeal Bill Introduced By Sen. Mitch McConnell Tuesday And The 1099 [Has copies of the actual documents on the web page]

02 Feb 2011 - 60 Ways To Divorce Your Doctor

02 Feb 2011 - Stoneyfield Farms: We Stand United In Opposition To GE Alfalfa [Everyone needs to stand up against this EVIL and voice their objections to it!]

02 Feb 2011 - USDA Completely Deregulates Genetically Engineered Alfalfa-It Is Time To Demand Congressional Hearings!

02 Feb 2011 - Repeal Not A Budget Buster - Keeping ObamaCare Is

02 Feb 2011 - Obama Administration Issues Hundreds Of Health Care Exemption Waivers To Friends

02 Feb 2011 - With ObamaCare Ruled Unconstitutional; States Embrace Limits On Federal Power

01 Feb 2011 - Federal Judge Vs. The Little People Of United States

01 Feb 2011 - 'Kill Switch' = More Federal Power

01 Feb 2011 - Judge Compares ObamaCare To Reason For Revolution' : Difficult To Imagine' Founders Forcing People 'To Buy Tea'

01 Feb 2011 - Victory!!! Monday Jan 31st, Judge Rules Health Care Law Is Unconstitutional [The web page contains a copy of the judge's actual ruling]

01 Feb 2011 - Court: No Severability, No ObamaCare

01 Feb 2011 - Second Federal Judge Strikes Down 'ObamaCare' Law In 26-State Lawsuit ["Obama's Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act was the most pro-abortion piece of legislation in American history, and it unconstitutionally mandated that all Americans purchase health care," said Kristan Hawkins of Students for Life]

01 Feb 2011 - Tom Price: ObamaCare Ruling 'Great Day' For Liberty

01 Feb 2011 - Tawdry details Of ObamaCare: White House Quietly Exempts Pampered Politicos

31 Jan 2011 - US Judge May Escalate Battle Over Healthcare Reform

31 Jan 2011 - VA / Privatization = Loss For Vets: New Folks In The House Of Representatives Say They Are Looking To "Cut Spending" And Reduce The Size Of Government. There Is A Movement To Repeal The Affordable Care Act

31 Jan 2011 - Mainstream Media And Public Health Turn On Big Pharma

31 Jan 2011 - Attorney: Gov't Power Won't Stop At Healthcare

31 Jan 2011 - Taco Bell Beef Faked? No More Than The Rest Of The FDA-Approved Toxic Food Supply

31 Jan 2011 - Republican Committee Targets Organic Farmers For Funding Cuts, Avoids Big Ag Subsidies

28 Jan 2011 - Congress Will Probe Special Exemptions To Health-Care Law That Obama Administration Gave Select Unions and Businesses

28 Jan 2011 - Obama Picks Pro-Abortion Activist To Lead Global Health Initiative

28 Jan 2011 - Obama Admin Lobbies Faith Leaders For Pro-Abortion ObamaCare

28 Jan 2011 - USDA Deregulates GE Alfalfa: Opens Door To New Era Of Widespread Genetic Pollution Of Crops

27 Jan 2011 - Defend Babies In The Womb: Urge Your Congressman To Support H.R. 3

27 Jan 2011 - Doctor Incentives Don't Improve Care

27 Jan 2011 - S.C. Sen. DeMint Aims To Repeal 'ObamaCare'

27 Jan 2011 - Congress Will Probe Special Exemptions To Health-Care Law That Obama Administration Gave Select Unions And Businesses, Says Republican Senator

26 Jan 2011 - Obama Calls For 'Shared Responsibility,' But Yields Little Ground On Spending, ObamaCare

26 Jan 2011 - Dr Wakefield Demands Retraction From BMJ After Documents Prove Innocence From Allegations Of Vaccine Autism Data Fraud

26 Jan 2011 - Documents Emerge Proving Dr Andrew Wakefield Innocent; BMJ And Brian Deer Caught Misrepresenting The Facts

26 Jan 2011 - False Foundations Of Science: Can Vaccine Studies Be Trusted?

25 Jan 2011 - Can You Say 'Big Brother Is Watching You'?

25 Jan 2011 - Intimidation In The Court

25 Jan 2011 - Going Digital May Not Improve Healthcare

24 Jan 2011 - Supporters Of Human Life Gather In Washington

24 Jan 2011 - Faceoff! States Tell Feds To Back Down: 8 Already Considering Plans Simply To Ignore Obama's Health-Care Takeover

24 Jan 2011 - Krauthammer Dismembers ObamaCare's Promised Deficit 'Reduction'

24 Jan 2011 - Oklahoma Challenging 'ObamaCare' [Has an embedded video on the web page]

24 Jan 2011 - "Unscientific" Is Secret Code For Anyone Who Opposes GMOs Or Pesticides

24 Jan 2011 - U.S. Government Launches Pharmaceutical Division

21 Jan 2011 - ObamaNet - Government Issued Internet ID Card Required For All Americans: The Government Will Be Able To Track Every Web Site You Visit, Every Keystroke You Send, Every Purchase You Make, Every Blog Comment, And Every Facebook And Twitter Post

21 Jan 2011 - Idaho Set To Nullify Obama's Health Care Law

21 Jan 2011 - House GOP Reopens Healthcare Abortion Debate

21 Jan 2011 - Trial In A Vacuum: Study Of Studies Shows Few Citations

21 Jan 2011 - Bryan Fischer: The Solution To ObamaCare: 'An Obscure 18th Century Doctrine'

21 Jan 2011 - COLORADO: State Plan Volunteers All To Donate Organs, Tissue: 'You Are Automatically Deemed To Have Consented'

21 Jan 2011 - The Downfall Of Science And The Rise Of Intellectual Tyranny

20 Jan 2011 - House Votes To Repeal Health Care Law, Can Senate Follow?

20 Jan 2011 - Minors Can Get Secret Abortions In Kentucky Without Parental Consent, Court Rules [This is completely INSANE! Minors are required to get parental consent to get their ears pierced, yet they are allowed to undergo this extremely dangerous medical procedure to murder and unborn child without the parents even knowing!]

20 Jan 2011 - The Truth About Kids And Alternative Meds: Is Alternative Medicine Dangerous For Your Kids?

20 Jan 2011 - U.S. House Repeals Obama Health Care Reform

19 Jan 2011 - ObamaCare Repeal Vote Expected Today

19 Jan 2011 - 26 States Join ObamaCare Lawsuit

19 Jan 2011 - SRCC: Health Law Consequences: "Huge" Premium Hikes, "Mountain Of New Mandates" For Employers, Loss Of Insurance Plans, "Cuts In Medicare"

19 Jan 2011 - GOP Blasts Hypocritical Union Waivers In ObamaCare

19 Jan 2011 - ANH-USA To File Health Claim For Vitamin D-And It's All Thanks To You! (Plus A Vitamin D Update)

19 Jan 2011 - Support Rep. Kucinich's Efforts To Better Regulate GMOs

19 Jan 2011 - Now The FDA Is Going After Vitamin C!

18 Jan 2011 - The BIG Lie II - British Medical Journal Caught Out - Wakefield Fraud Allegations Based On Incorrect Information

18 Jan 2011 - FDA System Approves Nonexistent Product From Nonexistent Company For Human Testing [And we are suppose to trust these people with our health?]

18 Jan 2011 - Byron's Effort To Block HPV Requirement Clears Its First Panel

18 Jan 2011 - ObamaCare Challenge Moves Into 4th Circuit' : There Are Some Things Congress Simply Cannot Do'

18 Jan 2011 - Priorities Of The People: Repealing ObamaCare Critical To Creating Jobs, Growing Economy

18 Jan 2011 - Cheney Slams Obama, Big Government And Healthcare Law

18 Jan 2011 - Bill Gates: Cell Phones Can Track Newborns For Shots: Knowledge Of Births, Locations Could Be Used For Vaccination Plans

18 Jan 2011 - California County Allows Marijuana, But Not Raw Milk

18 Jan 2011 - WikiLeaks Exposes Pfizer's Strong-Arm Tactics To Cover Up Deaths Of Innocent Children

17 Jan 2011 - Citizen Petition To Repeal ObamaCare

17 Jan 2011 - Abortion - An Issue Of The Unborn's Civil Rights

17 Jan 2011 - ObamaCare Will Contribute To Local Financial Woes

17 Jan 2011 - Vermont Takes Action To Resist FDA Take Over With A Resolution All Should Adopt

17 Jan 2011 - UK Finally Makes Smart Decision To Protect Children... Why Doesn't The US?

14 Jan 2011 - BREAKING NEWS: Statement From Dr. Andrew Wakefield: No Fraud. No Hoax. No Profit Motive

14 Jan 2011 - Web I.D. = More Gov't Control

14 Jan 2011 - Thirty-Five States Take Steps To Keep Abortion Out Of Health Care Plans

14 Jan 2011 - Obama Admin Buys Advertising To Promote Unpopular Pro-Abort Health Reform Law

14 Jan 2011 - Callous Disregard: Autism And Vaccines: The Truth Behind A Tragedy [This is an excellent book by Dr. Andrew J. Wakefield]

14 Jan 2011 - Wakefield & MMR - Brian Deer Cannot Tell Us Where The Fraud Is

13 Jan 2011 - Voila! Vanderbilt Drops Abortion Demand: 1 Day After Complaint Filed, Nursing Students Freed From Requirement

13 Jan 2011 - Six More States To Join Fight Against ObamaCare

13 Jan 2011 - Pseudoephedrine Restrictions Nothing To Sneeze At

13 Jan 2011 - Supreme Court's Stance On ObamaCare Unknown

13 Jan 2011 - Wyoming Bill Would Make It Illegal To Enforce ObamaCare

12 Jan 2011 - Helping With Abortions Required By University: Nursing Students Told To Look Elsewhere If They Can't Participate

12 Jan 2011 - How The Food Safety Modernization Act Will Destroy American Jobs, Farms And Local Foods

11 Jan 2011 - Chuck Norris: ObamaCare's Baby Death Panels, Part 1

11 Jan 2011 - Raw Milk Farmer Wins Victory Against County Over 'Illegal' Sales

10 Jan 2011 - 'End-Of-Life Options' = Death Panels

10 Jan 2011 - Obama Eyes Internet ID For All Americans [A new major violation of your privacy and yet another way the government is trying to control the Internet and the content on it!]

10 Jan 2011 - The Naked Fear Of Health Freedom

10 Jan 2011 - Autism Hoax... Or Vaccine Witch Hunt? : Immunization Researcher Hit With Fraud Allegations

10 Jan 2011 - Media Vultures Have Another Go At Andrew Wakefield's Research

10 Jan 2011 - Autism Fraud? Researcher A Victim Of Yellow Journalism

10 Jan 2011 - Recent Proof FDA Is Controlled By Big Pharma

10 Jan 2011 - In Wake Of Giffords Shooting, The Mere Act Of Questioning The Government Now Being Demonized

10 Jan 2011 - Following Giffords Shooting, Ignorant Lawmakers Call For Criminalizing Certain Symbols And Words

06 Jan 2011 - The National Education Association Agenda-Do You Really Want Your Kids Exposed To This?

06 Jan 2011 - Dr. Andrew Wakefield - In His Own Words [Has an embedded video on the web page]

06 Jan 2011 - We Support Dr. Andrew Wakefield

06 Jan 2011 - Wakefield's Science Proven Valid Again In New Study That Replicates Findings [This just goes to show that the attacks by the establishment against him and his work are unwarranted. They just want to silence what he has exposed about the dangers of vaccines and keep right on pushing their poisons]

06 Jan 2011 - Silenced Witnesses: The Parents' [Has an embedded video on the web page]

06 Jan 2011 - Retracted Autism Study An 'Elaborate Fraud,' British Journal Finds [Have you noticed that whenever a study or information is made public showing the dangers of vaccinations and other medical establishment approved items, that they immediately label it fraud and attack the research and the individuals(s) behind it? It appears that the war against the anti-vaccine movement forges ahead]

06 Jan 2011 - ObamaCare Pushes For Early Death And ObamaCare Repeal Vote Coming Next Week

06 Jan 2011 - White House Strikes Death Panels

06 Jan 2011 - Zero Deaths from Vitamins, Minerals, Amino Acids Or Herbs: Poison Control Statistics Prove Supplements' Safety Yet Again

06 Jan 2011 - Healthcare Marketplace Better Off Without Gov't

06 Jan 2011 - Understand The Difference Between Real Healing And Suppression Of Disease

06 Jan 2011 - Urgent Action Needed To Help Stop Fluoridation Of New York City And San Diego

06 Jan 2011 - Millions Of Rebels Waiting To Be Tapped

05 Jan 2011 - The "Food Safety" Saga: Our Job Is Just Beginning

05 Jan 2011 - Action Alert-Now the FDA Is Going After Vitamin C!

05 Jan 2011 - If Given A Fair Choice, Most Consumers Would Choose Alternative Medicine Over Conventional Health Care

05 Jan 2011 - Federal Disability Program Induces Child Drugging In Low-Income Families

04 Jan 2011 - Educators: Medicaid Rule 'Coercive,' Violates Constitution

04 Jan 2011 - Passengers Rebelling Against Airport Security Measures

04 Jan 2011 - Repeal Of Pro-Abort Health Care Law Is Republicans' First Order Of Business

04 Jan 2011 - Eric Cantor Releases The ObamaCare Repeal Bill That Will Be Considered Friday By The New Congress

04 Jan 2011 - House Republicans Plan Vote On Health-Care Law Repeal

04 Jan 2011 - Conscience Protection A 'Great Concern'

04 Jan 2011 - Midwife Organization Head Says Establishment Conspiring Against Home Births

03 Jan 2011 - ABC Warns Republicans Against Challenging ObamaCare.... (We Must Send Them A Barrage Of Emails)

03 Jan 2011 - The Big Shots In Congress, Senate And Whitehouse Want To Get Rid Of The Gray Brigade

03 Jan 2011 - Stealth Education In America

03 Jan 2011 - Change Healthcare To Sick Care: Americans Choose Ill Health

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