31 Dec 2009 - 13 State AGs Threaten Suit Over Health Care Deal

31 Dec 2009 - Nelson Feeling The Heat In Nebraska

30 Dec 2009 - Florida Attorney General: Healthcare Reform Unconstitutional?

30 Dec 2009 - Efforts Already Underway In Colorado To Blunt Federal Health Care Reforms

30 Dec 2009 - Proposed Reform Won't Solve Problems

29 Dec 2009 - Compulsory Private Health Insurance: Just Another Bailout For The Financial Sector?

28 Dec 2009 - Senate Passes Health Care Bill: Funds Abortions, Mandates Insurance Coverage

28 Dec 2009 - Democrats Pass ObamaCare Horror On Christmas Eve

24 Dec 2009 - ObamaCare Income Tax Surcharge Unconstitutional

23 Dec 2009 - Who Benefits From Senate Healthcare? ACORN!

23 Dec 2009 - After Senate, Lawmakers Will Have To Decide Between Abortion And Health Care

23 Dec 2009 - Poll: 72 Percent Of Americans Oppose Paying For Abortions In Health Care Bill

23 Dec 2009 - Kathleen Sebelius Admits, Covers Up Abortion Funding In Health Care Measure

22 Dec 2009 - Special Deals, Carve-Outs Keep Health Care Afloat [These so-called "special deals", no matter what you want to call them, are nothing but BRIBERY pure and simple, and those behind them should be removed from office and criminally prosecuted!]

22 Dec 2009 - Democrat Accuses Health Care Opponents Of Racism [So now those who think for themselves and take a stand are now being called names. Standing your ground for what you think and believe is NOT racism! This is just another attempt by those who want to take away your rights to confuse the issue!]

22 Dec 2009 - Abortion Battle May Spoil Democrats' Healthcare 'Victory' [GOOD!!!]

22 Dec 2009 - Sen. Nelson 'Betrayed' Pro-Lifers Back Home: Some Nebraskans Are Upset With Senator Ben Nelson Over His Change Of Heart On Healthcare Reform

22 Dec 2009 - Healthcare Mandate: Get Insured...Or Else

21 Dec 2009 - Will Congress Give America "Obama-Care" For Christmas? [Let's hope and pray not!]

21 Dec 2009 - Harry Reid Schedules First Obama-Care Vote For 1 A.M. Monday [So why have it at 1:00 in the morning? They obviously want to do this while most people and the media are asleep so no one knows what is going on!]

21 Dec 2009 - FDA's Stormtroopers

21 Dec 2009 - Healthcare Pork: Senate Bill Laden With Favors, Pet Projects For Democrats

21 Dec 2009 - Abortion Coverage Battle On Health Bill Continues

21 Dec 2009 - Healthcare Bill Targets Insurers' Taxes, Profits

18 Dec 2009 - Obama Using 'Dire Scenarios' On Healthcare

18 Dec 2009 - Get Doctors' Opinions On Healthcare Bills

17 Dec 2009 - Public Option - A Healthcare Smokescreen

17 Dec 2009 - ObamaCare - Does It Cover Stupidity?

17 Dec 2009 - Joe Lieberman Alright With Forcing Taxpayers To Fund Abortions In Health Care

17 Dec 2009 - 20 Senators Demand Probe Of Health-Care Vote 'Threat' : Did White House Say It Would Close Air Force Base If Nelson Didn't Play?

15 Dec 2009 - Urgent Webcast Tonight To Combat Abortion-Funding Healthcare Bill

15 Dec 2009 - Obama Calls Democrats For Meeting As Pro-Abortion Health Care Bill Implodes

14 Dec 2009 - Exposed: Was Expanding Medicare Obama's Plan To Get To 'Single Payer' All Along? [Has an embedded video on the web page]

14 Dec 2009 - What If Mother Mary Had Obamacare?

14 Dec 2009 - Europe Enters A Nutrition Science Dark Age

14 Dec 2009 - Dem Senator Seeks To Alter Filibuster Rules To Pass Health Bill: Nelson Holds Ground Against Abortion, Public Option; Casey Uncommitted

11 Dec 2009 - Marriage Penalty Hidden In Health Care Reform: Higher Premiums May Discourage People From Getting Married

10 Dec 2009 - Healthcare 'Compromise' An Insult To Seniors

10 Dec 2009 - Patients Choose Alternative Therapies When Granted More Personal Responsibility By Doctors

09 Dec 2009 - The Depths Of Demcare Demagoguery

09 Dec 2009 - Democrats' Health Insurance Efforts Labeled 'Desperate'

08 Dec 2009 - Healthcare Loophole Benefits Illegals

07 Dec 2009 - Missouri Government Plots Undercover Sting Operations Against Families Selling Raw Milk

04 Dec 2009 - Grassley: Healthcare 'Nuclear Option' Will Raise Taxes, Deplete Medicare

04 Dec 2009 - Senate Votes to Keep Medicare Cuts In Health Bill

04 Dec 2009 - Pro-Life Group Faces Senate In Uphill Healthcare Battle

04 Dec 2009 - Senate Backs Mikulski Amdt, Could Require All Insurance Plans To Cover Abortions

03 Dec 2009 - Senate Passes Amendment That Could Mandate Abortion Coverage In Insurance Plans

01 Dec 2009 - Why Drug Companies Are Working To Control Natural Supplements

01 Dec 2009 - Tax Increases May Stall Senate Healthcare Vote

25 Nov 2009 - Senate Health Care Bill Contains Rationing Provisions, Pro-Life Group Warns

24 Nov 2009 - Text of H.R.3200 As Reported In House: America's Affordable Health Choices Act Of 2009 [This is the so-called "ObamaCare" health care plan]

24 Nov 2009 - Someone Did Read The Entire House Bill 3200: The Affordable Health Care Choices Act Of 2009 [Michael Connelly - Retired attorney, Constitutional Law Instructor, Texas about the New Health Care Bill]

24 Nov 2009 - Protests Rise Over Dems 'Cadillac' Health Tax

24 Nov 2009 - Fred Thompson: Obamacare 'Dishonest'

24 Nov 2009 - Health Care Support Drops To Below 40 Percent After Senate OKs Pro-Abortion Bill

24 Nov 2009 - Abortion-Expanding Senate Health Care Bill Passes Procedural Vote

23 Nov 2009 - Gelnn Beck: Healthcare Bills Passing In The Night...When Does Congress Work On The Weekend? When They Don't Want The Public To See What They Are Doing [His show is embedded on his web page]

23 Nov 2009 - Senate Health Care Bill Raises Taxes On Special Needs Children, Their Families

20 Nov 2009 - Stop The Washington Takeover Of Our Health Care System - Urgent: Contact Your Senators Today!

20 Nov 2009 - Goverment Chooses Cutting Costs Over Saving Lives?

20 Nov 2009 - Republicans Blast 'Bait And Switch' ObamaCare

18 Nov 2009 - Palin Slams Obama For Bowing, Breaking Promises [She further charged that Democrats are 'purposefully' holding back details on their healthcare reform proposals from the American people to avoid an open debate. "I think it is a very dangerous place for Americans to be, to be told that the only solution is that government has to take it over."]

16 Nov 2009 - Shooting Fish In A Barrel

16 Nov 2009 - Sure Glad Cows Don't Fly

16 Nov 2009 - Going To Extremes: Pro-Aborts Argue Pro-Life Health Amendment "Paves The Way To Religious Discrimination" [They will say or do anything to take away the sanctity of life and keep abortion available on demand!]

16 Nov 2009 - House Health Care Legislation Still Has End-Of-Life, Assisted Suicide Problems

16 Nov 2009 - American Health Line - July 19, 2000 - RX Drugs II: Senators Under Fire For Industry Ties [Hatch has received more money from the drug industry than any other senator] [PDF format] (It will open in a new window)

11 Nov 2009 - The DNA Of America v. An Obama Ideology

11 Nov 2009 - Bye Bye To The AMA

11 Nov 2009 - Obama: Health Bill's Handling Of Abortion Needs "More Work" : 'This Is A Health Bill, Not An Abortion Bill'

11 Nov 2009 - Obama Welcomes AARP Backing Of Health Care Bill

09 Nov 2009 - Why Should I Worry About The Health Care Bill?

09 Nov 2009 - Mussolini Care: Buy Insurance Or Go To Prison

09 Nov 2009 - President Barack Obama Officially Endorses Abortion-Funding Health Care Bill

09 Nov 2009 - Associated Press Declares War On Alternative Medicine (Opinion)

09 Nov 2009 - Pelosi's Disastrous Health Care Plan [Has embedded videos on the web page]

06 Nov 2009 - Healthcare Bill - The End Of Physician 'Right Of Conscience'

05 Nov 2009 - H.R. 3962 Grants The Power To Ration Healthcare

04 Nov 2009 - Codex Meeting In Germany Begins Amid Disputes Over Nutrient Reference Values For Consumers Around The World [This is very important. We don't want to lose vitamins and nutrients. Remember in the UK they did and they get vitamins from industry and even some they swallow they add aspartame to, so they know they are harming the public. They can make the amount so small they won't even help because of Codex. You may wish to subscribe to the National Health Federation who is fighting hard this issue. - Dr. B. Martini]

04 Nov 2009 - Not Another Czar, But Perhaps A 'Dictator'?

04 Nov 2009 - How FDA, Big Pharma, And Doctors Cause Injury For Profit

04 Nov 2009 - 111 Bureaucracies Created By Pelosi Healthcare Bill

04 Nov 2009 - Abortion Still Alive In ObamaCare

26 Oct 2009 - Free Market Healthcare Alternative To ObamaCare

26 Oct 2009 - Merck: Disclosure Of Payments To Speakers In The U.S.

26 Oct 2009 - Merck Reveals Which Docs/Nurses/Etc It Paid To Speak [This is paying professional medical personnel to push their drugs on everyone! "Merck's top speaker in the last quarter, Dr. James Kemp, a former president of the American Academy of Asthma, Allergy and Immunology, sees it differently. "I'm not a salesman," said the retired San Diego pediatric asthma specialist. "I feel clean and I feel Merck is clean."" (He made $22, 692.31) "I'm not a salesman," said the retired San Diego pediatric asthma specialist. "I feel clean and I feel Merck is clean." - Sure he's not a salesman!]

26 Oct 2009 - Drugmaker Reveals Which Docs It Paid To Speak [Money used to get doctors to push their products!]

26 Oct 2009 - Let's Start A Revolution. Tell Us Your Pediatrician Bully Story. : Pass This Page On To Someone You Know Has Been Pediatrician-Bullied!

16 Oct 2009 - No Deaths From Vitamins or Minerals: Poison Control Statistics Prove Supplements' Safety

16 Oct 2009 - Pharmaceutical Advertising Biases Journals Against Vitamin Supplements

13 Oct 2009 - Dr. Russell Blaylock: Doctors Will Be 'Drafted' Under Democrats' Public Option

13 Oct 2009 - Action Alert -- New Senate Bill Threatens Small Farmers

12 Oct 2009 - Mandatory Vaccination Is An Assault On Individual Liberty

08 Oct 2009 - Congressman Mike Rogers' Opening Statement On Health Care Reform In Washington D.C. [YouTube video]

08 Oct 2009 - White House Continues Push For Health-Care Reform: 'Sadly, There Are People Out There Who Are More Interested In Their Agenda Than They Are With The Health Care Of Their Neighbors.'

24 Sep 2009 - The Rise Of Tyranny

22 Sep 2009 - Is The FDA Poised To Ban A Century-Old Natural Remedy?

15 Sep 2009 - Doctors And Patients Sue White House Over Free Speech Violations

14 Sep 2009 - Hr-2749: The Food Safety Act - The Pale Horse

04 Sep 2009 - FTC Orders Daniel Chapter One To Lie To Customers About Cancer Remedies; Ministry Defends Health Freedom

02 Sep 2009 - Food Safety Bills - Misdiagnosis Strikes Again

31 Aug 2009 - Major Bills To Defeat After August Recess

20 Aug 2009 - National Health Insurance: The Socialist Nightmare [PDF format] (It will open in a new window)

20 Aug 2009 - Sex, Lies & ObamaCare

20 Aug 2009 - Ten Things That Are Missing From Obama's Health Care Reform Debate

17 Aug 2009 - The Ultimate Control

14 Aug 2009 - HR 2749: Welcome To The Global Plantation

30 July 2009 - What's Really In Obama's Health Care Reform Bill - A Plain English Translation

30 July 2009 - Codex Threatens Health Of Billions

22 July 2009 - Compulsory Health-Coverage Plan Wins Support: Proposed Requirement Would Result In All Americans Having Policies [This is completely STUPID! What are they going to do, jail you for not having health insurance? If someone doesn't want it then they shouldn't be forced to have it. This is just another way the government is telling you that it knows what is best for your life, while taking away more of your freedoms and running your life for you!]