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Posted: 19 November 2012

Harvard Hospital Admits it promoted Weak Science on Aspartame

Aspartame Linked To Blood Cancers

Controversy Swirls Around Sweeteners --- Excerpt: "A recent report in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition (on line Oct 24 2012) has reignited the aspartame controversy. The Nurses' Health Study and the Health Professionals Follow-up Study include thousands of people queried regularly about diet and other habits over decades. The Harvard Scientists who run these studies noted the Italian rat results and analyzed their data to see if they would also show an association between aspartame and cancer."

"The data from approximately 77,000 women (nurses) and 48,000 men (doctors, dentists, pharmacists, etc) led the authors to conclude "In the most comprehensive long-term epidemiologic study, to our knowledge, to evaluate the association between aspartame intake and cancer risk in humans, we observed a positive association between diet soda and total aspartame intake and risks of NHL (non-Hodgkin lymphoma and multiple myeloma in men and women."

"Walter Willett, M.D., Dr. P. H., is Chair of Nutrition at Harvard School of Public Health, and one of the CO-AUTHORS. He told NPR, "I do think this finding is STRONG enough to justify further study on aspartame and cancer risk." That could take years. Until then consumers should keep in mind that the long term safety of aspartame remains controversial." Martini: "Meanwhile aspartame cash registers ring a merry tune and Harvard hospital fills with aspartame victims of the 91 toxic reactions plus death listed in 1995 by the FDA from 10,000 consumer complaints."

Let's analyze this. An actual co-author says the study is strong enough to justify further study on aspartame and cancer risk. The authors say its "the most comprehensive long term epidemiologic study to our knowledge, to evaluate the association between aspartame intake and cancer risk in humans." Yet Harvard Hospital calls it weak science and apologizes. I'll pause for a moment until everyone stops laughing. Perhaps they could have said it this way: "The problem with excellent scientific research like this is that it hurts the aspartame business for which we deeply apologize." Lets say that again. If its bad for the aspartame business its good for the public no matter how many it kills.

Dr. Richard Wurtman of MIT was a tiger in Congress exposing aspartame. He told UPI's Gregory Gordon that the VP of G. D. Searle threatened him if he did studies on aspartame and seizures his research funds would be rejected. They were. Today Dr. Wurtman no longer speaks out against aspartame but MIT gets their research funds. A research front group was set up called ILSI (International Life Sciences Institute). "A number of scientists who pressed for more studies into possible brain damage told UPI they were turned away by Searle and the International Life Sciences Institute, a tax exempt industry foundation supported by the company, it's Japanese aspartame manufacturing partner and 10 sellers of NutraSweet flavored products."

Gregory Gordon said: "Several independent scientists have alleged that the industry has steered research money to allies in the scientific community, while denying funding to those who have raised health concerns."

So you get the picture. G. D. Searle knew that if researchers did studies on aspartame they would prove how deadly it is. Researchers are funded if they are willing to cooperate. Almost 100 per cent of independent peer reviewed studies show the problems. Only industry controlled or funded research say it's safe. Dr. Ralph Walton did this analysis for 60 Minutes many years ago. Be sure to read the entire UPI Investigation. Courageous Gregory Gordon tells the grim truth. http://www.mpwhi.com/upi_1987_aspartame_report.pdf

Over the years I've received calls from hundreds of informants but I'm reminded of the lady who called from ILSI. She didn't call as an informant. She was sick on aspartame. She did mention, "Do you know that ILSI is not independent and if you want research funds you must say its safe?" I said, "Yes I know but then why have you used it?" She replied, "I was using it when I came to work here and then I heard officials discussing how hard it was to cover-up the facts of its toxicity. I was horrified at some of the things said and then looked it up on the Internet and found your reports. I hope its not too late for me to get well."

When Dr. Wurtman stopped speaking against aspartame Harvard scientists also went silent. Dr. Wurtman himself told me to call them but I couldn't get a straight answer.

Aspartame has been known to cause cancer since it was created. On August 1, 1985 the late FDA Toxicologist, Dr. Adrian Gross, testified to the Senate: "In view of all these indications that the cancer-causing potential of aspartame is a matter that had been established way beyond any reasonable doubt, one can ask: What is the reason for the apparent refusal by the FDA to invoke for this food additive the so-called Delaney Amendment to the Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act? Is it not clear beyond any shadow of a doubt that aspartame has caused brain tumors or brain cancer in animals?

"Given that this is so (and I cannot see any kind of tenable argument opposing the view that aspartame causes cancer) how would the FDA justify its position that it views a certain amount of aspartame (50mgm/kgm body weight) as constituting an ADI (Allowable Daily Intake) or "safe" level of it? Is that position not equivalent to setting a "tolerance" for this food additive and thus a violation of that law? And if the FDA itself elects to violate the law, who is left to protect the health of the public?"

G. D. Searle filtered out all reports of cancers and what they did not want FDA to see. Morando Soffritti, M.D., of the prestigious Ramazzini Institute did three studies which showed aspartame is a "multipotential carcinogen" causing everything from kidney cancer to lymphoma, leukemia, breast, lung and liver cancer, and more.

The aspartame industry has strong ties to government agencies and conflict of interest is rampant. So immediately the European Food Safety Authority went to the defense of aspartame manufacturers. Dr. Soffritti answered: "In examining the raw data of our study, the EFSA (2006) observed a high incidence of chronic pulmonary inflammation in males and females in both treated groups and in the control group. Based on this observation, it was concluded that "the increased incidence of lymphomas/leukemias reported in treated rats was unrelated to aspartame, given the high background incidence of chronic inflammatory changes in the lungs . . . ." In my opinion, this conclusion is bizarre for the following reasons:

"First, the EFSA (2006) overlooked the fact that the study was conducted until the natural death of the rodents. IT IS WELL KNOWN THAT INFECTIOUS PATHOLOGIES ARE PART OF THE NATURAL DYING PROCESS IN BOTH RODENTS AND HUMANS.

"Second, if the statistically significant increased incidence of lymphomas/leukemias observed were indeed caused by an infected colony, one would expect to observe an increased incidence of lymphomas/leukemias not only in females but also in males. The EFSA (2006) did not comment on this discrepancy in their logic.

"Finally, in support of the hypothesis regarding the safety of aspartame, the EFSA (2006) cited the negative results of recent carcinogenicity studies carried out in transgenic mice by the NTP; the ESFA did not mention that, because the NTP studies on genetically altered mice were performed using a new experimental model, the NTP subcommittee unanimously agreed "there is uncertainty whether the study possessed sufficient sensitivity to detect a carcinogenic effect" (NTP 2005).

"Interestingly, the same scrutiny applied to our study has not been applied to a recent abstract published by Lim et al. (2006) from the NCI diet questionnaire survey (NCI 2006) in which self-reported aspartame consumption showed no increases in either leukemia/lymphomas or in brain cancer. These results have been used by industry, the EFSA, and others to argue that aspartame is not a risk for humans, in spite of our animal study results. Without specific information on each individual's consumption rate and duration it is difficult to assess the power of the survey, in spite of the large number of participants. The second related issue is whether aspartame is an early- or late-stage carcinogen. If it is an early-stage initiator of cancer, then reporting the lack of effects in older individuals who have not consumed aspartame since early childhood would be expected to show little or no increased cancer (Hoel 1985). "The safety-in particular, the noncarcinogenicity-of today's most widely diffused artificial sweeteners and their blends is largely based on studies conducted decades ago. I second Karstadt's nomination of acesulfame K for further study; however, I add that it should be evaluated using a long-term mega-experiment. "The author declares he has no competing financial interests." Morando Soffritti Cesare Maltoni Cancer Research Center European Foundation of Oncology and Environmental Sciences "B. Ramazzini" Bologna, Italy Email: crcfr@ramazzini.it

This is such an example of industry influence. This study was so impeccable they couldn't figure out how to rebut it so they used something as silly as the rats had respiratory problems when any researcher knows respiratory disease is the dying process. Believe it or not the rats just stopped breathing!

Then there was an oncogene study in Hungary. "The effect of aspartame administration on Oncogene and suppressor gene expressions." This was done in Hungary in 2007. The definition of oncogene is a gene that causes the transformation of normal cells into cancerous tumor cells, especially a viral gene that transforms a host cell into a tumor cell. The results showed an increase in gene expressions concerning all the investigate genes especially in organs with a high proliferation rate: lymphoreticular organs, bone-marrow and kidney." Aspartame has been controversial for nearly 50 years. The FDA has admitted it causes cancer. Numerous independent studies show aspartame causes cancer. If you research the issue you will find the necessity of using influence, threats or bribes to keep the cancer issue from the unsuspecting public.

The modus operandi of the aspartame industry is to rebut studies that show how deadly it is. If too much damning data gets out they will even call it a hoax as they did when I lectured for the World Environmental Conference. They assassinate the integrity of the researchers. They call names. They especially use the term "scare monger". When you expose the facts in their own records they don't answer. They use money to buy results they want. In this case they apologize for a study on aspartame and the cancer risk. According to Erin McDonough of communication and public affairs, this was "the first time something like this had ever happened in her 25 years of working in media relations."

I remember when I spilled out Diet Coke in Atlanta, home of Coca Cola, in front of the media, Dr. Robert Moser of NutraSweet said "it's nutritional terrorism"! Dr. H. J. Roberts, world expert on aspartame, declared best doctor in the US in 1983 in a medical magazine and author of the 1000 page medical text, "Aspartame Disease: An Ignored Epidemic", http://www.sunsentpress.com they called a toxic terrorist. When this happened in Atlanta he told me I had now arrived.

Just how toxic and deadly is aspartame? It's been known to be an addictive, excitoneurotoxic, carcinogenic, genetically engineered drug and adjuvant for decades. If you haven't made up your mind yet or haven't researched the honest facts and records here are some quotes that may help you make up your mind.

Dr. James Bowen, a victim of aspartame with Lou Gehrigs and stomach cancer in a letter to the FDA:

-- "the only responsible action would be to immediately take aspartame off the market, fully disclose its toxicities, offer full compensation to the injured, public and criminally prosecute anyone who participated in the fraudulent placement of aspartame on the marketplace. That includes those who work so diligently to keep in on the market as well."

He also said: "Every known metabolite of aspartame is of marked or questionable toxicity and patently unsafe for human use. Methyl alcohol is metabolized to nascent formaldehyde in the eye, nervous system and other metabolically active organs. It immediately attacks and denatures the tissue structure proteins in which is metabolized to nascent formaldehyde. This stimulates specific organ and subcellular autoimmunity which seems to be a preponderant source of the bad experiences reported by NutraSweet victims. Aspartic Acid is a neuroexcitotoxic present in damaging amounts, it own right, at the ADI for aspartame. Simple logic tells one that it will vastly increase the metabolism of methyl alcohol to formaldehyde attach there. This corresponds well with the symptomalogies often experienced, such as Lou Gehrig's Disease (ALS), bulbar palsies, neurohormonal disorders, diketopiperazine issue remains totally unresolved and dangerous. The amino acids that are released by hydrolysis, form eimers and isomers that are either not sufficiently studied, or which are known substrates in undesirable pathological states such as Alzheimer's disease."

Dr. Richard Caldecott (1961) (Atomic Energy Commission):

"By far the most mutagenic agents known to man are chemicals, not radiation. And in this regard, food additives rather than fallout at present levels may present a greater danger."

Dr. Bill Deagle in a conversation with me on his radio show:

"Aspartame because of its ubiquitous nature in food is more dangerous than depleted uranium."

Dr. Deagle also has said to me several times and written:

"I called Dr John Olney while the director of Neuropathology of Washington State Medical School, when applying for a Neuropathology Residency to do research on Multiple Sclerosis and Brain Cancers, as well as other motor disorders... Dr Olney said after introduction and receipt of my application...

"Dr Bill Deagle, I have been doing research on Aspartame for the FDA. I found that identical changes on scanning electron microscopy of brains of laboratory animals exposed to this peptide, as the early changes in brain cancer, such as Multicentric Astroglliomas. I predict at 10 to 20 % increase in brain cancers, and other neurological diseases such as ALS amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, dementias, and neurodegenerative diseases, as well as peripheral neuropathy and cardiac conduction bundle abnormalities." I said, "Wow, when the FDA has your preliminary data, what are they saying?" Dr Olney said," I don't know what their response will be but there is no doubt that this neurotoxin, and genotoxin should never be approved." I was amazed that my questions on a Neuropatholgy Residency turned so quickly to his work on Aspartame. He seemed unimpressed that his data and findings would be accepted by the FDA and PTB. I was in shock, that public health, fetal development, brain aging and disease take a back seat to Big GenoPharma, makers of the most dangerous GMO food, Aspartame.

"Report on the Genesis of Aspartame from E.Coli with a cassette of genes in an unstable plasmid.:

When working with employees of the Augusta Georgia aspartame plant as a physician in Georgia in 1987 and 1988, I received a briefing by the plant communications director to physicians at the Augusta Regional Hospital. We were told not to report to media any unusual illnesses including neuropathy, organic brain diseases, transverse myelitis, cardiac conduction problems or cancers for employees we would see in our practices or the emergency department. Then, I was given a plant production report verbally about the E.Coli was genetically engineered to make the peptide by a high velocity gene gun coated with Gold ions as a genetically non-connected unstable plasmid of genes to make this peptide. Centrifuges would take the E.Coli peptide slurry and separate by multiple stages the final tripeptide. The said that had take precautions to make sure the E.Coli would not come in contact with workers or leave the plant by accident or in product they produced. Plasmids can survive extreme environments, but stable outside the cell in the extracellular space and can enter gut bacteria or host of any mammals or other host, then producing uncontrolled production of this Glutamate agonist neurotoxin. Having worked under Dr Robert Brown PhD in the early 70s, who was a bioweaponeer at US facilities, I was aware that proper precautions were in no way present at the Aspartame Peptide GMO E.Coli facility in Georgia in 1987 and 1988."
Dr Bill Deagle MD AAEM ACAM A4M

H. J. Roberts, M.D. after reviewing Dr. Morando Soffritti's first aspartame cancer study: "It's now incumbent upon researchers of leukemia and lymphoma to inquire about the use of aspartame products routinely in such patients. And its also highly relevant, the striking increase of primary brain lymphoma which I reviewed in my books an articles. You are dealing with a unique lymphoma of the brain, which most neurologists had not seen before the availability of aspartame. In view of the unequivocal induction of brain tumors and of leukemia/lymphoma in experimental animals, animals the intent of the Delaney Amendment should be involved. This justifies aspartame as an imminent public health hazard and should be removed from the market as I've emphasized for two decades."

Neurosurgeon Russell Blaylock, M.D. also reviewed Dr. Soffritti's first study and commented:

"The new study released in the European Journal of oncology by Morando Soffritti and co-workers should terrify mothers and all those consuming aspartame sweetened products. This was a carefully done study which clearly demonstrated a statistically significant increase in several types of lymphomas and leukemias in rats. Both of these malignancies have increased significantly in this country since the widespread use of aspartame.

"This study confirmed the previous study by Dr. Trocho and co--workers, which also found the formaldehyde breakdown product of aspartame to be damaging to cellular DNA and that this damage was accumulative. The type of damage was a duplicate of that associated with cancers. Along with this most recent study, this means that drinking a single diet cola sweetened with aspartame every day could increase one's risk of developing a lymphoma or leukemia. "They also found an increased incidence of malignant brain tumors, even though it was not statistically significant. This does not mean there is no association to brain tumors, since only the animals exposed to aspartame developed the tumors. With children and pregnant women drinking the largest amount of diet colas, this puts their children at the greatest risk of developing of these horrible diseases. Their study found that even low doses of aspartame could cause these malignancies; yet, the higher the dose, the more cancers that were seen."

I spoke with Dr. Maria Alemany in Barcelona about the Trocho Study. The first thing he said to me was:

"Betty, aspartame will kill 200 million people!"

I could continue with pages of quotes from eminent, honest and independent physicians and researchers all day. Cancer has been established since the FDA first investigated over 3 decades ago. Dr. Woodrow Monte, another courageous researcher who recently wrote "While Science Sleeps" tells how the FDA made a deal with G. D. Searle to never let the public see the birth defect studies on aspartame. He was able to get four of them and it took me 8 years to locate two of them at the request of Jerome Bressler who authored the famous Bressler Report while at FDA. They had also been stricken here too. Dr. Monte explains why now we have an epidemic of autism and there is no warning for pregnant women!!

The FDA law is that if you file a Citizens Petition for ban it must be answered in 180 days. If you file an Imminent Health Hazard petition it must be answered in a week or ten days. I filed first in 2002 and then the imminent health hazard amending in 2007. They have never answered but did send two letters saying they had more important things to do. What is more important than removing a product that has caused according to Dr. James Bowen mass poisoning of the world? The FDA did finally call me in 2009 and when I said people are sick and dying all over the world I was told: "So what, we have to depopulate". Check out Agenda 21. Erected in 1980 in Elberton, Georgia are the Georgia Guide Stones. Four gigantic granite slabs in which are cut Guides for a better world in eight languages. The first "Guide" is: Maintain Earth's population at 500 million, in perpetual balance with nature. So they want to kill off 92% of humanity.

While I was writing this report Dr. Bowen called me and told me about original toxicity studies which obviously were not made public and in humans caused breast and bone cancer. He said when Dr. Adrian Gross reviewed the studies he said not only is this a horrible chelating agent but also a horribly toxic substance and it will carry heavy metals out of the can and lead in ceramic cups into humans poisoning them. So Dr. Gross was transferred to the EPA to silence him. He discussed the fact he had spoken with people who service Coke and Pepsi dispensing machines and when aspartame was used it ate the aluminum walls of the machine. He said much, much more.

James Turner, DC Attorney who with Dr. John Olney attempted to prevent approval of this poison, said today: We've known since the l980 Public Board of Inquiry that aspartame/NutraSweet is not safe enough for consumers to eat. Decade by decade the evidence mounts that the public is being harmed by NutraSweet. This study is one more addition to the mounting condemnation of the American food safety system."

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Aspartame Toxicity Center: http://www.holisticmed.com/aspartame

P.S. When I returned from the trip I intended to write for my lists a recap of interesting points but this report is long enough. I will say I met with Felicity Mawson, Mission Possible UK, and made a video with Corinne Gouget, MP France. These are incredible women who have done a vast amount of research and saved lives all over Europe. Corinne lost her children because of speaking out against aspartame.

I was on a ship. Give me 3000 people and I'll give you an epidemiological study. I had magazines from the National Health Federation who publish Health Freedom News. It had two cover studies, Dr. Blaylock's article on chemtrails and my article "No Safe Dose of Aspartame". Reports on the dangers of aspartame were continually given out. Many wanted more info for sick on aspartame.