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27 Dec 2018 - Kyrgyzstan And Bhutan: Soon To Have All Organic Agriculture; No More Roundup And Monsanto/Bayer [Dear Friends: This news makes me very optimistic, especially since we have spent the last few decades continuously battling the likes of Monsanto/Bayer and Ajinomoto of Japan. International optimism could go a lot further with an overhauled FDA, one willing and able to move away from the corporate domination and manipulation at the very heart of the American foreign policy over the past 50 years. The USA has dropped to #27 in Education quality, having been surpassed by China, Brazil, and Turkey? That should be a wake up call, and clearly, quality organic agriculture and more careful nutrition practices would help all nations. Please take the time to comment on the article. Thank you. - Stephen Fox, Mission Possible New Mexico] [Has an embedded video on the web page]

30 Nov 2018 - This Loophole Allows Chemicals To Hide In Your Food

29 Nov 2018 - Chemicals On Our Food: When 'Safe' May Not Really Be Safe

16 Nov 2018 - What Turkey Producers Don't Want You To Know

16 Nov 2018 - Holiday Turkey Buying Guide

06 Nov 2018 - Organic JUNK Food? You Can Waste Your Money, Wreck Your Health, And Fill The Pockets Of Evil Corporate America, If You’re Not Careful

26 Oct 2018 - Fluoridated Water Or Pus-Laden, Antibiotic-Laced Milk? Nanny State Of California’s New Law Limits Kid’s Choices On All Restaurant Menus

18 Oct 2018 - Hidden Health Dangers: A Former Agbiotech Insider Wants His GMO Crops Pulled

18 Oct 2018 - Maseca Flours Test Positive For Weedkiller And GMOs. What Should Consumers Do?

18 Oct 2018 - Produce ALERT: New EXPERIMENTAL Monsanto Franken-Fruits Hit The Produce Racks Soon – Watch Out For Genetically Mutated Mushrooms, Tomatoes, Bananas And Strawberries

18 Sep 2018 - Monsanto Hits Avaaz With Subpoena For All Data From Glyphosate Campaigns [Monsanto doesn’t like the truth about itself getting out there and is still trying to silence those who are exposing it’s EVIL!!! – Dr. B. Carey]

18 Sep 2018 - $50-Billion Mega-Corporation Monsanto LOSES In Court While Millions Of Activists And Organic Consumers Win Big

07 Sep 2018 - How Many Innocent And Unsuspecting People In 2019 Will Die Because Of The FDA's Revolving Doors? [This title will no doubt be for many readers very startling, but I wrote it carefully, not intended to merely grab attention, but to raise point blank the very serious questions of how this revolving door question in the FDA really does affect hundreds of millions of people with true life-and-death implications and epidemiological effects. Bovine growth hormones, Roundup/glyphosate, and hundreds of other dangerous carcinogens, neurotoxins, chemicals and processes are essentially routinely ignored and approved by the FDA, the EPA, and the Centers for Disease Control. The FDA, once a powerhouse of regulatory scrutiny since its inception in 1937 under Roosevelt, has moved beyond being a laughing stock among the many nations that used to rely on the mythology of the FDA's accuracy, to a realm bordering on criminal obliviousness more consistent with genocide. The actions are not isolated to one or two here and there, but more of a pattern it has manifested over decades, especially with Aspartame and Roundup/Glyphosate, are in fact established violations of long standing statutes, yet it is doubtful that anyone will ever be indicted in this regard, at least during the present administration. After 2018 and 2020, things could improve, only if the American consumers become massively better educated, then take serious corrective actions in the courts and in the legislative branches, even at the state levels if the federal levels continue to fail and do almost nothing to protect consumers. - Stephen Fox in Santa Fe, Mission Possible New Mexico]

09 Aug 2018 - Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. – The Case Against Monsanto And Glyphosate

08 Aug 2018 - Trump Rescinds Ban On GMOs? Wrong. Just A Fake News Tidal Wave From The Controlled Mass Media

31 July 2018 - Walmart, Costco, Kroger, Publix And Albertson’s All Receive Failing Grades For Selling Meats Loaded With Antibiotics

30 July 2018 - What's A GMO

25 July 2018 - Dr. Russell Blaylock, Genetically Modified Food, Comic By Avalina Kreska

13 July 2018 - Organic Consumers Association: Who Cares? Why We Sued Ben & Jerry's

13 July 2018 - DAMNING EVIDENCE: Revealed Documents Prove That Monsanto Deliberately Sold Banned Chemicals For Years Despite Knowing Their Health Risks

21 June 2018 - GMO Blowback Enlarges With South Korea Rejecting Canadian Wheat And Flour, Might Even Bite Back Bayer! [This is my newest article, and almost none of this has appeared to appear in US Media. Thanks to Reuters, this is very big news in Canada, Japan, India, Africa, etc., however. Korea took the same step earlier this week, after Japan's example. The posturing by this branch of the Japanese government is superficially wonderful at first glance, but pretending to protect consumers, while permitting Ajinomoto to dump MSG and Aspartame all over the world, is a bit absurd to me; however, some good may come of this internationally, especially in the coming of flood of bad news and regulatory failures that will show up with the Monsanto/Bayer Merger getting approved by lackadaisical international governments. If ever a clearer reason existed for electing a President who would put an end to all of this corporate mayhem going on at the FDA and the EPA, I can't think of it. Who else would you trust to get that job done? Thank for reading this article, and thanks for sharing it. - Stephen Fox - Mission Possible, New Mexico]

18 June 2018 - Damage Control Dance, After Japan Suspends GMO Canadian Wheat Import Modified To Resist Bayer/Monsanto's Roundup [Has an embedded video on the web page] [This is my very newest article. None of this has yet to appear in US Media, other than one little Tweet of David Icke. Big news in Canada, Japan, India, and others, however. The posturing by this branch of the Japanese government is superficially wonderful at first glance, but pretending to protect consumers with the likes of Ajinomoto dumping MSG and Aspartame all over the world is a bit absurd to me; however, some good may come of this internationally, especially in the coming of flood of bad news and regulatory failures that will show up with the Monsanto/Bayer Merger getting approved by lackadaisical international governments. Thank for reading it and thanks for sharing it. – Stephen Fox - Mission Possible, New Mexico]

15 June 2018 - Scientists WARN: Genetic Editing Of Humans With “CRISPR” Technology May Lead To Generation Of Cancer Sufferers

31 May 2018 - BETRAYED: Whole Foods Suspends GMO Labeling Promise, Will Continue Selling Unlabeled GMOs After Five-Year LIE To Its Own Customers

15 May 2018 - Watch Out: That New Walmart Cantaloupe Was Developed By Monsanto

07 May 2018 - New Federally Required GMO Labels Won't Say 'GMO'

10 Apr 2018 - Biotech Industry Trying To Eliminate All FDA Regulation Of Genetically Edited Ranch Animals By Shifting Authority To The USDA, Which Has Totally Sold Out To Monsanto

06 Apr 2018 - The Next Huge GMO Crime Is Here

04 Apr 2018 - Farmers Vs. Monsanto: The Glyphosate Trials

28 Mar 2018 - Gun Control Fascist Youth Front Man David Hogg Sides With MONSANTO, Falsely Claims Atrazine Herbicide Doesn’t Interfere With Hormones

22 Mar 2018 - Please Write To Your Senators Today, Asking Them To Help To Prevent The Merger Of Monsanto And Bayer! [Has an embedded video on the web page]

21 Mar 2018 - Hundreds Of Lawsuits Against Monsanto Are Moving Forward

06 Mar 2018 - EU May Intervene To Prevent Monsanto/Bayer Merger; CA Judge: Monsanto "Not Required To Place Warning Labels On Products" [Has an embedded video on the web page] [This is my latest article, one that puts for one of the most serious problems facing all of human civilization, the disbanding of 6000 years of agriculture at the behest of two huge corporations which want to merge into one enormous monopoly and then diabolically go on to subvert the entire process of getting seeds from crops and replanting them. Monstrous! I hope you like it and will share it widely. BREAKING NEWS: Federal Judge Shubb in Sacramento: Monsanto Not Required to Place Warning Labels on Products] "The required warning for glyphosate does not appear to be factually accurate and uncontroversial because it conveys the message that glyphosate's carcinogenicity is an undisputed fact, when almost all other regulators have concluded that there is insufficient evidence that it causes cancer," the ruling issued late Monday states. - Thank you very much. Stephen Fox, Mission Possible New Mexico]

14 Feb 2018 - Industry Writing Its Own Rules

09 Feb 2018 - 'Spinning Science And Silencing Scientists' On The Dangers Of Glyphosate [Has an embedded video on the web page]

09 Feb 2018 - Top Pharma-Brand Of Children's Vitamins Contains Aspartame, GMOs, & Other Hazardous Chemicals

25 Jan 2018 - Monsanto's Fingerprints All Over Newsweek's Hit On Organic Food

12 Jan 2018 - 'Big Organic' Egg Producers Poised To Feather Their Nests If USDA Scuttles Animal Welfare Rule

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