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31 Dec 2011 - Tell Organic Baby Food Brands To Stop Using GMOs!

29 Dec 2011 - The Bugs That Ate Monsanto

28 Dec 2011 - Study Confirms GMO Herbicide Glyphosate Contaminates Groundwater Supplies

26 Dec 2011 - Why Is There Arsenic In Our Chicken?

26 Dec 2011 - Finally... Solo Farmer Fights Monsanto And Wins [Has an embedded video on the web page]

22 Dec 2011 - Tell The EPA To Ban Glyphosate! [Has embedded videos on the web page]

22 Dec 2011 - Green PolkaDot Box Launches, Begins Shipping Selection Of Organic And Non-GMO Groceries Directly To Consumers

20 Dec 2011 - Exposed: Genetically-Modified Salmon Found To Be Contaminated With Infectious Salmon Anemia

17 Dec 2011 - How To Win A GMO Debate: 10 Facts Why GM Food Is Bad

17 Dec 2011 - Are You Eating, Drinking And Breathing Monsanto's New Agent Orange?

13 Dec 2011 - Monsanto Defeated By Super Weeds [Has an embedded video on the web page]

13 Dec 2011 - Watch Out: These Foods Seriously Mess With Your Health [Has an embedded video on the web page]

10 Dec 2011 - The Hidden Epidemic Destroying Your Gut Flora [Has an embedded video on the web page]

09 Dec 2011 - DHA Used In Infant Formula Products Comes From Genetically Modified Algae

05 Dec 2011 - Chicago Tribune - May 27, 1982 - Searle Opens Plant For DNA Technology [This is an old report, but shows genetic engineering and using it in vaccine - Dr. B. Martini, D.Hum.] [PDF format] (It will open in a new window)

30 Nov 2011 - Finally Where We Can Get Non-GMO Food And No Poisons, Guaranteed! Even A Discount

29 Nov 2011 - Genetically Modified Alfalfa And Roundup Herbicides May Create An Agricultural Disaster

29 Nov 2011 - Take Heed - Nearly Every Processed Food You Eat Is Contaminated With This Material

25 Nov 2011 - Urgent: Throw These Cooking Oils In The Trash

22 Nov 2011 - The Surprising Truth About This Favorite Breakfast Food [Has an embedded video on the web page]

21 Nov 2011 - Monsanto Partners With USAID To Push GM Corn In Nepal

09 Nov 2011 - Another Fishy Bailout And GMO Produce In Our Future-New Action Alert!

09 Nov 2011 - State Department Uses Taxpayer Money To Push GMOs In Other Countries

07 Nov 2011 - USDA Gives Half Million In Taxpayer Dollars To Aquabounty To Promote GM Salmon

01 Nov 2011 - Concerns Raised For GM Mosquitoes: Once Genetically Modified Insects Are Released, They Cannot Be Recalled

21 Oct 2011 - Monsanto, GMOs, And The Global Genocide Of Science And Humanity

20 Oct 2011 - GMO Takeover: Transgenic Canola Popping Up Outside Growing Areas All Over North Dakota

19 Oct 2011 - No Surprise Here! "Tyranny of the Year" Judge Quits The Bench-To Work For Monsanto Law Firm

14 Oct 2011 - Seize The Day: 'Food 'N Health 'N Hope' (The Monsanto Song) - Live In Santa Barbara [Monanto is the company responsible for such things as Agent Orange (which they said was 100% safe, artificial sweeteners (which they said were 100% safe) and genetically modified plants and organizations (which they claim are 100% safe). Is it just me or is there a pattern there?] [YouTube video]

14 Oct 2011 - CA Ballot Initiative: Standing Up To Monsanto

14 Oct 2011 - Know The Real Milk Story (Opinion)

10 Oct 2011 - More Expensive Than Organic Food - But It Poisons You: Consumers Should Demand For Certified Organic Food Products [Has embedded videos on the web page]

07 Oct 2011 - Five Short Videos From Jeffrey Smith Provide Sharable Introduction To GMOs For Your Friends Who Need To Know

07 Oct 2011 - Biotech's Dirty Tricks Exposed In New Documentary: 'Scientists Under Attack'

07 Oct 2011 - Celebrate GMO Awareness Week By Supporting California Labeling Initiative, Educating Friends And Family About Dangers Of Frankenfoods

07 Oct 2011 - Perhaps The World's Most Overlooked Poison [Has an embedded video on the web page]

07 Oct 2011 - Dangerous Toxins From Genetically Modified Corn Found In Blood Of Women And Fetuses [Has embedded videos on the web page]

05 Oct 2011 - Many 'Natural' Foods Are Loaded With GMOs

05 Oct 2011 - Scientific Studies Conclude GMO Feed Causes Organ Disruption In Animals

05 Oct 2011 - This Food Knowingly Causes Cancer In Rats - Are You Eating It? [Has embedded videos on the web page]

04 Oct 2011 - Healthful Foods You Should Never, Ever Eat [Has an embedded video on the web page]

03 Oct 2011 - Death Blow To GMOs? California Ballot Initiative Calls For Mandatory Labeling Of All Genetically Engineered Foods

03 Oct 2011 - The Label Even Monsanto Considers A 'Skull and Crossbones' [Has embedded videos on the web page]

29 Sep 2011 - Chuck Norris Strikes Back Against GMOs, Codex, And Government Assault Against Health Freedom

28 Sep 2011 - India Files Biopiracy Lawsuit Against Monsanto, Says Biotech Giant Is Stealing Nature For Corporate Gain

26 Sep 2011 - Engineered Epidemic

26 Sep 2011 - The U.S., U.N., And Genetic Engineering

26 Sep 2011 - Why Are Toxin Proteins Genetically Engineered Into Your Food?

22 Sep 2011 - How High Fructose Corn Syrup May Adversely Affect Fertility

21 Sep 2011 - Whose Side Is The USDA Really On?

01 Sep 2011 - Organic Versus Genetically Engineered Crops: Some Rays Of Light

22 Aug 2011 - The Obama Administration Love Affair With GMOs Is Selling America Down The River To Agricultural Ruin

18 Aug 2011 - Obama Tells Farmer No Need To Worry About Government Over-Regulation Of Agriculture

17 Aug 2011 - Many GMOs Are Virtually Unregulated Due To Technicalities In Current Federal Law

15 Aug 2011 - How To Avoid GMO's

12 Aug 2011 - Monsanto Preys On Popularity Of Omega-3s By Developing GMO Soybean That Produces Fake Fish Oil

11 Aug 2011 - Truth Advocates Push For GMO Labeling Initiative To Be Placed On 2012 California Ballot

09 Aug 2011 - Hungary Destroys All Monsanto GMO Corn Fields

08 Aug 2011 - GMOs Failing Across America - Farmer To Farmer Film Reveals Disastrous Failure

05 Aug 2011 - 50% Of Rats Given This Died -- Why Is It On Your Dinner Plate?

03 Aug 2011 - Court Rules Organic Farmers Can Sue Conventional, GMO Farmers Whose Pesticides 'Trespass' And Contaminate Their Fields

01 Aug 2011 - Monsanto-Spawned Superweeds Growing Three Inches Daily, Destroying Farm Equipment

29 July 2011 - GMOs Killing Off Monarch Butterflies, Report Finds

27 July 2011 - The Wheels Come Off The Bus On Genetically Engineered Crops!

26 July 2011 - Prominent Agriculture Figure Says GMOs Do Not Belong In Africa, Organic Biodiversity Is The Way

26 July 2011 - Who Knew This Cocktail Of Up To 20 Chemicals Was In Your Glass Of Milk?

20 July 2011 - One Of The Biggest Food Frauds Perpetrated On The American People [Has an audio file embedded on he web page]

19 July 2011 - Coming Soon - GMO Vaccines Contained In Our Food

15 July 2011 - Scientists From Around The World Decry Proposed Human Trials Of GM Wheat

11 July 2011 - What State Uses More Antibiotics On Livestock Than Entire U.S. On Humans?

08 July 2011 - British Government Squanders Millions Conducting Secret GM Potato Trials While Non-GM Variety Already Performs Spectacularly

05 July 2011 - Push To Secretly Approve GM Corn In Pakistan Leads To Resignation Of Chief GM Regulator

01 July 2011 - NPR Violates FCC Rules, Promotes Interests Of Its Sponsorship Donor Monsanto

30 June 2011 - Organic Consumers Association Boycott Forces Silk Soymilk To Get Honest With Non-GMO Project

30 June 2011 - Stop USDA From Allowing Commercial Plantings Of GM Eucalyptus Trees

24 June 2011 - Peru Implements Ten-Year Ban On GMOs [FANTASTIC! More countries need to follow their example!]

22 June 2011 - Biotech Quick Fix For Superweeds Could Lead To 'Super Superweeds'

21 June 2011 - Genetically Engineered Rice Is A Trojan Horse: Misled By Bill Gates And Monsanto

17 June 2011 - Genetically Modified Foods Invade U.S. Diets

17 June 2011 - Obama Administration Gives Green Light For GMOs To Be Planted In National Wildlife Refuges

15 June 2011 - Chief Scientists Continue To Ignore Science By Promoting GMOs

14 June 2011 - Secret GM Wheat Experiments Begin In Australia

13 June 2011 - NY Times: Antibiotics In Animals Killing Us

10 June 2011 - Monsanto Gets A Smackdown, Orexigen Nixes Its Diet Pill-But Frankenfish Labeling Bill Flops In California

07 June 2011 - Kenyan Farmers Band Together Against GMOs, Insist Organics Will End Poverty And Food Shortages

07 June 2011 - Big Seed Companies Ignored Evidence Showing It Is Possible To Solve The World's Food Crisis Without The Use Of GM Crops Or Fertilisers

01 June 2011 - Genetically Engineered Food Alters Our Digestive Systems!

01 June 2011 - Australia Shuns GM Canola In Response To Consumer Demand For Non-GMO Products

31 May 2011 - Dangerous Toxins From Genetically Modified Plants Found In Women And Fetuses

24 May 2011 - The False Claims Of GMOs

23 May 2011 - GMOs - A Toxic Plume To Rival Your Worst Fears

20 May 2011 - This Should Be Banned: Found In 80% Of Supermarket Foods

19 May 2011 - Obama Administration To Approve Drought-Resistant GM Corn That USDA Says Grows No Better Than Natural Corn

17 May 2011 - EU Agriculture Chief Slams GMOs, Expresses Strong Support For Natural Agriculture

17 May 2011 - Indian Farmers Commit Suicide Due To Devastation Caused By GM Crops

11 May 2011 - California To Mandate Labeling For GMO Salmon

09 May 2011 - Swiss Researcher Proves That Natural Selective Breeding Works Better Than GMOs

05 May 2011 - USDA Creates New Program That Invites Blatant Conflicts Of Interest On Genetic Engineering

05 Mar 2011 - Codex to Consider Labeling For Genetically Engineered Foods

05 May 2011 - The Dirty Secret GMO Companies Don't Want You To Know: Eight Foods You Should Almost Never, Ever Eat

29 Apr 2011 - Monsanto Chemical Shown To Cause Infertility And Super Weeds

27 Apr 2011 - 19 Studies Link GMO Foods To Organ Disruption

20 Apr 2011 - High Levels Of GMO Agrochemicals Found In Breast Milk Of Brazilian Mothers

19 Apr 2011 - Organic Farmers Sue GMO Juggernaut Monsanto: Feel Threatened By Monsanto Seeds

18 Apr 2011 - New Documentary Investigates War Being Waged By Biotechnology Companies Against Scientists Who Expose The Truth About GMOs

06 Apr 2011 - New EU Policy Welcomes Untested GMOs Into Food Chain Despite Widespread Rejection By Farmers

05 Apr 2011 - Support Genetically Engineered Food "Right To Know" Legislation In Your State

04 Apr 2011 - Eight Ways Monsanto Is Destroying Our Health

04 Apr 2011 - The Latest Scientific Abomination: Genetically Modified Cows Produce Human Breast Milk

04 Apr 2011 - Scientists Vigorously Objected To This Food - Are You Eating It? [Has an embedded video on the web page]

04 Apr 2011 - Grocery-Shopping Mistakes To Steer Clear Of

01 Apr 2011 - Organic Groups, Farmers File Preemptive Lawsuit Against Monsanto To Protect Themselves From Inevitable Destruction By GMOs

01 Apr 2011 - International Seed Day Advocates For Patent-Free Seeds, Organic Food, And Farmers' Rights

01 Apr 2011 - Eco-Farming Outperforms GMOs At Improving Crop Yields And Growing More Food, Says Report

31 Mar 2011 - Farmers And Consumer Groups File Lawsuit Against USDA Over GM Alfalfa Approval

31 Mar 2011 - UK Grocers Adopt Humorously Illegitimate Certification Program For 'Sustainable' GM Soy

29 Mar 2011 - Biotech Company Using Cell Lines From Aborted Babies In Food Enhancement Testing

28 Mar 2011 - GM Soy Making Its Way Into The UK Food Chain Through Animal Feed

09 Mar 2011 - Why Aren't GMO Foods Labeled?

08 Mar 2011 - EU Successfully Undermines Ireland As A GMO-Free Zone

07 Mar 2011 - If You Eat Organic Food, Have You Just Been Betrayed? [Has embedded videos on the web page]

07 Mar 2011 - Monsanto's "Unlikely" New Business Partner -- A Name You Know Well [Has an embedded video on the web page]

04 Mar 2011 - Emergency! Pathogen New To Science Found In Roundup Ready GM Crops?

03 Mar 2011 - MSNBC Poll: Nearly Everyone Supports Mandatory GMO Labeling

01 Mar 2011 - Monsanto Rated Among Worst Corporate Lobbyists

28 Feb 2011 - Genetically Modified Foods Commonplace

28 Feb 2011 - Cloned Milk, Meat May Soon Hit UK Store Shelves

24 Feb 2011 - Consumer Confidence In Organic Products May Be At Risk As More GMO Foods Are Unleashed

21 Feb 2011 - NY Times Asks: Why Aren't GMO Foods Labeled?

21 Feb 2011 - Join OCA In Grassroots Fight To Stop GMO Takeover

18 Feb 2011 - Monsanto, Dow To Begin Pushing Dangerous 2,4-D Herbicide As 'Solution' To Superweeds

17 Feb 2011 - GM Alfalfa Cannot Be Contained, Will Spread Everywhere, Say Experts

17 Feb 2011 - Do-It-Yourself GMO Labels: Show Grocers How To Label Their GMO And Factory Farmed Foods!

17 Feb 2011 - German TV Exposes The Horrors Of Toxic GM Soy

16 Feb 2011 - Now USDA Has Deregulated Genetically Engineered Bio-Fuel Corn!

16 Feb 2011 - USDA Deregulates GMO Corn Engineered To Produce Fuel, Not Food

16 Feb 2011 - CFS To Sue USDA For Deregulating GM Alfalfa

16 Feb 2011 - Stop Genetically Engineered Alfalfa

11 Feb 2011 - Mexico Rejects Monsanto's GMO Corn [GOOD!]

11 Feb 2011 - Organic Giants Whole Foods, Organic Valley, And Stonyfield Accused Of Compromising On GMOs

10 Feb 2011 - USDA Says Yes To Genetically Engineered Sugarbeets-Kiss "Organic" Goodbye!

09 Feb 2011 - Monsanto Nation: Exposing Monsanto's Minions

07 Feb 2011 - EU Commission Tries To Destroy Zero Tolerance Policy For GMO Food Contamination

03 Feb 2011 - Fight Back Against Obama's Deregulation Of GM Alfalfa

02 Feb 2011 - Stoneyfield Farms: We Stand United In Opposition To GE Alfalfa [Everyone needs to stand up against this EVIL and voice their objections to it!]

02 Feb 2011 - USDA Completely Deregulates Genetically Engineered Alfalfa-It Is Time To Demand Congressional Hearings!

02 Feb 2011 - The Organic Elite Surrender To Monsanto - What Now?

02 Feb 2011 - This Could Threaten The Future Of Food - Destroying The Entire Food Chain

31 Jan 2011 - Malaysia Unleashes 6,000 Genetically-Modified Mosquitoes Into Wild

28 Jan 2011 - USDA Deregulates GE Alfalfa: Opens Door To New Era Of Widespread Genetic Pollution Of Crops

25 Jan 2011 - GMO Lies: Deliberate Misuse Of The Term "Genetically Modified" Designed To Mislead People

25 Jan 2011 - Farmers Forced To Buy Expensive Chemical Arsenals To Control Pesticide-Resistant 'Superweeds'

25 Jan 2011 - Monsanto Launches Deceptive Ad Campaign In Desperate Attempt To Improve Image

24 Jan 2011 - "Unscientific" Is Secret Code For Anyone Who Opposes GMOs Or Pesticides

21 Jan 2011 - The Downfall Of Science And The Rise Of Intellectual Tyranny

19 Jan 2011 - Support Rep. Kucinich's Efforts To Better Regulate GMOs

18 Jan 2011 - Are There Antibiotics In Your Dinner?

17 Jan 2011 - Feds Forced To Stop Planting GMOs In All Refuges In 12 Northeast States

14 Jan 2011 - Monsanto, GM Foods And Seeds

12 Jan 2011 - Town Forces University Of Philippines To Uproot GMO Eggplant

12 Jan 2011 - US Government To Europe: Give This To Your People Or There Will Be "Some Pain" [Has embedded videos on the web page]

10 Jan 2011 - GM Corn Releases Insecticide Chemicals That Are Now Polluting Rivers And Streams

05 Jan 2011 - Aspartame Exposed - GM Bacteria Used To Create Deadly Sweetener

05 Jan 2011 - Monsanto Connected To At Least 200,000 Suicides In India Throughout Past Decade

03 Jan 2011 - Europe, Japan To Cancel Grain Contracts With Australia Due To GMO Contamination

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