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27 Dec 2011 - Mobile Fluoride Vans To Target Communities That Voted To Remove Chemical From Public Water Supply

27 Dec 2011 - Are You Allergic To Fluoride? Physicians' Desk Reference Says Millions Of Americans Experience Hypersensitive Allergic Reactions From Exposure To Toxic Chemical

03 Dec 2011 - 25 Studies Prove This Reduces Your IQ [Has an embedded video on the web page]

14 Nov 2011 - Lead Poisoning Alert: This Widely Used Drink Is Dangerous [Has an embedded video on the web page]

08 Nov 2011 - 41% Of American Teenagers Have Inherited This Disease [Has embedded videos on the web page]

02 Nov 2011 - Another Win In The Battle Against Fluoride: Save Big Money By NOT Poisoning Your Town

28 Oct 2011 - Alaska Passes Ordinance To End Its Water Fluoridation Program

27 Oct 2011 - Download These FREE 'Truth About Fluoride' Handouts To Distribute During Halloween

25 Oct 2011 - Fluoride Lawsuits Start And May Grow Massively

25 Oct 2011 - Lawrenceburg, Tenn., Axes Fluoride From Public Water System

20 Oct 2011 - Fluoride And Infants - Why Parents Are Not Being Told About Fluorosis

12 Oct 2011 - Hundreds Of Brave Dentists Speak Out Against Water Fluoridation

11 Oct 2011 - The Toxic Import From China Hidden In This Everyday Beverage: Dr. Bill Osmunson Talks About The Dangers Of Fluoride

10 Oct 2011 - Help Put An End To Water Fluoridation By Signing Official 'We The People' Petition

03 Oct 2011 - Hidden Camera Water Fluoridation Video Released By InfoWars

03 Oct 2011 - Texas City Puts An End To Water Fluoridation

26 Sep 2011 - Southampton Officials Vote Against Water Fluoridation Scheme

19 Sep 2011 - Civil Rights Group Adopts Resolution Opposing Water Fluoridation

14 Sep 2011 - Another Tennessee Town Decides To Pull The Poison; Water Fluoridation To End Nov. 10

12 Sep 2011 - Fluoride Aspartame And Agenda 21 [YouTube video]

01 Sep 2011 - Nashville Suburb Officially Ends Water Fluoridation

18 Aug 2011 - New Study Fails To Refute Fluoride-Osteosarcoma Link

17 Aug 2011 - Largest Water Wholesaler In Southern California Sued For Illegal Use Of An Unapproved Drug To Fulfill Fluoridation Program

12 Aug 2011 - Study Proves: This Everyday Drink Lowers Your IQ

11 Aug 2011 - Why You Need To Avoid These 'Healthy' Fruits And Nuts [Has an embedded video on the web page]

10 Aug 2011 - The Crippling Toxin You Knowingly Consume Every Day

09 Aug 2011 - The Healthy Drink That May Destroy Your Sleep

08 Aug 2011 - The Bone Destroying Daily Drink Fooling Millions Of Americans

29 July 2011 - Your Tainted Tap: Study Confirms Fluoride Toxic In Tiny Amounts

25 July 2011 - These Documents Virtually Force You To Destroy Your Health

22 July 2011 - Growing Nashville Suburb May End Water Fluoridation

11 July 2011 - Fluoride Consumption Leads To Brain Damage, Says Study

11 July 2011 - You Won't Believe Who's Now Teaching Dietitians Their Education Courses

20 June 2011 - Health Freedom Victory! Fairbanks, AK, City Council Votes To End Water Fluoridation

15 June 2011 - Dietitians Are Buying Coke's Line: Sugar, Fluoride, Artificial Colors Are SAFE For Children!

23 May 2011 - North America's Water Fluoridation Debate: Battleground Austin

09 May 2011 - Water Fluoridation Is A Civil Rights Violation Say Atlanta Civil Rights Leaders

21 Apr 2011 - NYC Budget Cuts Include Closing Of 20 Fire Stations, While Millions Of Dollars In Toxic Fluoride Keep Flowing In The Water Supply

20 Apr 2011 - Fluoridation Makes Us Stupid And Unhealthy

19 Apr 2011 - Exposed: New York Health Officials Ignore Own Fluoride Report, Continue To Lie About Fluoride Dangers

30 Mar 2011 - Fluoride Spill At Water Facility Literally Burns Holes In Parking Lot Cement

15 Mar 2011 - HHS Warns That All Infant Formulas Are Contaminated With Toxic Fluoride

03 Mar 2011 - The Fluoride Deception [The Fluoride Deception exposes the truth about water fluoridation and the phosphate mining industry] [YouTube video]

01 Mar 2011 - New Mini Documentary Exposes The Truth About Fluoride: Industrial Waste Chemicals Passed Off As Medicine

01 Mar 2011 - Full Transcript Of The Fluoride Deception Animation Video By Mike Adams

01 Mar 2011 - Arkansas Legislature Ignores Science, Mandates Toxic Fluoridation For Entire State

23 Feb 2011 - Fluoride's Deadly Secret: The Truth About Water Fluoridation [Has embedded videos on the web page]

15 Feb 2011 - Fluoridation: The Scam Of The Century

14 Feb 2011 - Major Victory: Calgary City Council Votes To Remove Fluoride From Water Supply

11 Feb 2011 - New Warning About The "Healthy" Habit That Can Damage Your Brain [Has an embedded video on the web page]

09 Feb 2011 - Action: Ask HHS To End US Water Fluoridation Program

07 Feb 2011 - Want Smarter Kids? Then Make Sure They Avoid This Widely Regarded Preventive [Has an embedded video on the web page]

04 Feb 2011 - EPA To Regulate Rocket Fuel Chemical In Drinking Water For Causing The Same Problems As Fluoride

04 Feb 2011 - Popular Infant Juices Loaded With Toxic Fluoride

24 Jan 2011 - This Toxin So Dangerous - Even CDC Now Warns Against Consumption By Infants [Has an embedded video on the web page]

21 Jan 2011 - The Downfall Of Science And The Rise Of Intellectual Tyranny

19 Jan 2011 - Vitamin D, Fluoride, And Vaccines: The Common Theme

19 Jan 2011 - Petitions Lead To EPA Ban On Toxic Sulfuryl Fluoride

17 Jan 2011 - Fluoride Doesn't Deliver: Your Dentist Is Going To Have A Hard Time Trying To Explain This One

13 Jan 2011 - Dr. Brownstein: Eliminate Toxic Fluoride From Water Supplies

10 Jan 2011 - Dangers Of Fluoride

10 Jan 2011 - Feds To Lower Fluoride Limits In Water

06 Jan 2011 - Urgent Action Needed To Help Stop Fluoridation Of New York City And San Diego

06 Jan 2011 - Red Wine And Cranberries Are Good For Your Teeth

04 Jan 2011 - Research Shows Fluoride Is IQ-Killer For Children" While CDC Calls It 'Safe And Healthy Way To Effectively Prevent Tooth Decay'

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