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Posted: 20 June 2017

This is in response to the article entitled, “FDA Quietly Bans Another Cheap Cancer Treatment: Intravenous Vitamin C”, which may be found aT: http://www.blacklistednews.com/FDA_Quietly_Bans_Another_Cheap_Cancer_Treatment%3A_Intravenous_Vitamin_C/59105/0/38/38/Y/M.html

Note in one of the comments in the article the mention of low fat milk having undeclared aspartame which, incidentally is illegal because it should have a PKU warning on it. FDA serves above the law.

First of all, about IV Vitamin C. I have a friend, Chris, whose mother was dying. They were to operate at Emory but the doctor told Rosemary it was metastatic, she had limited time to live. It was Rosemary's last wish that she be taken to another state where a doctor's wife gave IV Vitamin C, having been taught by her physician husband. She was there 10 days and come home cancer free. The Emory oncologist affirmed he could find no evidence of cancer but if she lived 4 years she would make him a believer. Chris told Rosemary that while there was no cancer now you do have to keep taking IV Vitamin C at intervals and raise the amount. She only had it that one time and never went back. However, she lived 4 years before the cancer returned proving to her physician she had gone from being too terminal to operate to cancer free for several years. Interesting how brilliantly Dr. Whitaker explains how the banning of IV Vitamin C came to be.

I do not know if there was some special way this IV Vitamin C was given but physicians would ask the woman. The FDA, "Fasting Dying Americans" tried to stop her and the doctors moved her to a different country where she wouldn't be harmed. As many of you have heard there have now been over 50 alternative medicine physicians murdered in the last year. Google it.

I have a formula I used on myself, and gave to many people who got well from cancer. If you tried to market it the FDA would swarm in but there is no law to giving away an herbal formula.. The formula is in the book, "The Only Answer to Cancer”. The FDA found out where we got the herbs and sent the Forestry to destroy the acreage of the herbalist and all his herbs. Earl, the herbalist, then bought herbs which the FDA confiscated, and fined him $75,000. He was made to sign a paper he would never reveal what they did, and then the FDA expunged the record. One of the Forestry members who destroyed Earl's acreage told him the FDA made them do it, and apologized. They were not about to allow cancer to be cured. Meantime, Earl, had received over 800 letters from people who were dying of cancer and had been cured because he gave them the formula.

About the low fat milk with undeclared aspartame. You could email the FDA and ask but would you get an answer? The dairy people petitioned the FDA to allow aspartame undeclared in several dairy products because today people know to avoid it. I have Freedom of Information requests (FOIA) going back two decades still unanswered. Evidently, there is some loophole if they have an important agenda they can put it off. So they send a letter telling you they haven't answered because they have more important things to do. The problem with that is tomorrow never comes. Even Newt Gingrich when he was Speaker of the House tried to get FDA to answer 24 questions I had sent about aspartame. To this day they have refused to answer. After reading the comment it just happened someone from my insurance company called to say they were sending two weeks of meals because I had been in the hospital. First I was stunned because I had never heard of an insurance company doing this. I then asked "what's in the food, aspartame?" She told me she didn't think so. The following day I received the shipment. The delivery man came in with two big boxes and holding two half gallons of low fat milk. What to do! Obviously I wouldn't drink it and didn't want to give it to cats. Then I got an idea to test it. Wild animals usually will not eat food that is poisoned. As an example, I accidently got bird seed that had GMO corn in it. The birds ate all the seeds but left the corn. Ants have actually built over aspartame so other ants wouldn't be poisoned, and it’s a well-known killer for fire ants.

The Ultimate Test: Being a lover of animals the wild raccoons will come to me. So I put a half a gallon of the low fat milk in a bowl and other food in containers. When I went to bed there were three raccoons. This morning I picked up the empty bowls and they had eaten every drop of food, but the bowl with the low fat milk they hadn't touched. I left it there today and it still remains full. No wild animal would drink it.

Do raccoons like milk? See the video below.


When a hungry wild animal finds some food unfit to eat that's a message we should accept. I still have the other half gallon.

Some people actually put trust in the FDA. In 2009 indeed nine brave souls wrote they were broken. http://www.mpwhi.com/fda_claims_they_are_fundamentally_broken.htm How does Big Pharma run FDA? Try this on for size: Congress, to save tax dollars, has ruled that regulatory agencies may be self-funded. That means they are paid by the businesses they control thru licenses, permits, approval fees, etc. So FDA and DOT and OSHA and many other agencies live off the fines and fees they collect. This transforms the companies they regulate into paying customers. And if a customer brings gigantic sums, isn't it only natural to take good care of him? Especially if you can get a deal for rich employment so when you're done being a bureaucrat you can be a plutocrat. In 2004 of the 1,291 registered lobbyists in Washington 52% were former federal officials. For whom does FDA work, you or Big Pharma? You figure it out!

WASHINGTON (AP) March 3, 2006
A month before he abruptly resigned as Food and Drug Administration Commissioner, Lester Crawford sold more than $50,000 in shares in a company that makes medical devices ... Neither he nor his lawyer, Barbara Van Gelder, returned telephone calls and emails seeking comment. He had held the top position of just two months. A spokeswoman for the inspector general declined to comment on the status of the investigation. Crawford joined Policy Directions Inc, a Washington lobbying firm, as senior counsel.

Read this excellent article exposing how IV Vitamin C was banned by FDA.

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