The articles posted for previous years have been archived and links are provided to them, by year, at the bottom of this page.

28 Mar 2013 - Once More EFSA Whitewashes Aspartame

28 Mar 2013 - Question To EFSA: How Can Aspartame Be Considered Safe?

12 Mar 2013 - Aspartame…After All These Years…What Parliament Needs To Know Immediately

15 Feb 2013 - Open Letter: Aspartame Is A Chemical Poison

14 Feb 2013 - Response To Query From Food Standards: Rebuttal To EFSA's Evaluation Of Aspartame: Enough Is Enough, The Lies Must Cease!

31 Jan 2013 - To Challenge EFSA On Aspartame [This link for people to contact EFSA and challenge their review that aspartame is safe. Please note on the left-hand side there are chapters. You can click on what subject you want to comment on. They will accept 3800 characters. When this is received you can go to the next subject. This is not just for physicians who no doubt will all challenge it but also for victims and activists.]

28 Jan 2013 - Rebuttal To EFSA's Evaluation Of Aspartame

25 Jan 2013 - Rebuttal Of The EFSA Draft On Aspartame Safety 2013 - January 21, 2003 - Marià Alemany [PDF format] (It will open in a new window)

25 Jan 2013 - EFSA-Draft-Plagiarism

23 Jan 2013 - Parliament Is Right: Independent Aspartame Studies Prove It's Not Safe

21 Jan 2013 - Damning CDC Investigation On Aspartame [Originally posted on 21 May 2009)