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Posted: 09 January 2013

Parliament, do you remember how aspartame got approved in England?
Then aspartame was reviewed by the European Commission on Food but it was found only one person, no committee, made the decision, probably an aspartame flack. So no more ECOF and EFSA, European Food Safety Authority, was set up with the hope of eliminating the conflict of interest. It didn't. Then another review but with more and more studies being done on aspartame showing the dangers Parliament wouldn't accept the review of "safety" and said to do it again. So they did it over and see what happened by reading the press release below:

EFSA’s Godfather Jury

Imagine you’re a juror who has spent months sequestered and listening to a case. The criminal is well known to the public, which has complained about his crimes for 30 years. The prosecution did their homework and has 82 damning pieces of evidence. Much had become public record even though the criminal had sued over the years to hide the facts. It’s obviously an open and shut case,

Finally, the Judge tells the jury its time to make a decision. As he charges the jury he explains the decision is to be made based on the evidence beyond a reasonable doubt.

Enter the Twilight Zone: You pour yourself a cup of coffee and get ready to review the evidence by which the Jury will decide. You know it’s going to be easy and soon you will be home with your family. As you raise the cup to your mouth you notice the Foreman is tossing the 82 documents of evidence out the window. Seeing the shocked look on your face he says: Don't be so concerned, I'm throwing out the evidence so we can ignore it.

All of a sudden you think you recognize the Foreman. Why it’s the criminal’s brother Tony the Trigger. In fact, the whole jury is made up of the Godfather’s family! What a conflict of interest! Oh, and there is the criminal’s partner that makes the poison he sells to pregnant women that kills or maims or causes autism in their children if they survive.

Conflict of interest is covered with grime. The criminal again gets away with the crime.

This is exactly what the European Food Safety Authority did. They threw out 82 scientific peer reviewed studies, the evidence of aspartame’s dangerous toxicity and the killer symptoms and diseases that have slaughtered multitudes of innocent victims worldwide.

Read all about it. Start with Dr. Erik Millstone’s incredible rebuttal report.

Dr. Betty Martini, D.Hum.
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PS: A comment from France about conflict of interest:

December 20, 2013 3:3AM

I am a Canadian living in Nice, France. They just broadcast a television programme here, Dec. 19, 2013, called "Envoye Special". The subject discussed was "conflict of interests". We are told that the EFSA panel which deemed aspartame safe was composed of unbiased authoritative experts. However, the broadcast goes on to show that one woman there once worked for Coca-Cola and the biggest manufacturer of aspartame in Europe. It even showed that, at one point, a certain part of this meeting/conference by EFSA was sponsored by Coca-Cola (in nice very small letters). When this woman was approached by the journalist with questions, she was rudely abrupt and said that any questions should be referred to the EFSA and then she fled.