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Posted: 12 October 2011

From: Dr. Betty Martini, D.Hum., Bettym19@mindspring.com
To: foodadditives@efsa.europa.eu
Date: Fri, 30 Sep 2011 10:36:00 -0400
Subject: EFSA call for data: #3

Dear Sandra,

I wanted you to have a copy of this report because it has some of the comments from the task force about how they lied and they couldn't rely on their integrity. It exposed Searle to such an extent they sued to get the comments removed so people wouldn't know what they had done. However, we have the task report. There are no secrets in the world. In the end it all comes out.

Dr. Betty Martini, D.Hum.
Founder, Mission Possible World Health International
9270 River Club Parkway
Duluth, Georgia 30097
E-Mail: BettyM19@mindspring.com

Aspartame Toxicity Center: http://www.holisticmed.com/aspartame


Posted: 20 July 2005

The European Ramazzini Foundation of Oncology and Environmental Sciences Cancer Research Centre in Bolonga, Italy, just released their three year study confirming the link between aspartame and lymphomas and leukemias.
[ You can see this report at: http://www.wnho.net/aspartame_study_14july2005.pdf ]

The report by Morando Soffritti "Aspartame induces lymphomas and leukemias in rats" is in the European Journal of Oncology for July, 2005. Dr. Soffritti and his team carefully set the conditions whereby genetically-uniform test rats were treated equally with the exception of being divided into groups given varying levels of the toxic chemical sweetener.

Rats are deemed appropriate subjects for testing aspartame on humans because both humans and rats metabolize the methyl ester in aspartame into methyl alcohol, then formaldehyde then formic acid - all deadly poisons. The carcinogenicity of substances in rats and mice is a consistent predictor of cancer risk in humans exposed to those substances.

The study commenced with 8 week old rats and continued until the last one died at 159 weeks. Their physical status and behavior were examined three times daily and detailed records of their growth were kept. Every two weeks each of the 3,600 rats were "clinically examined for gross changes." As each rat died, a complete autopsy was performed. Organs, tissues and bones were preserved for further study.

"In our experimental conditions, it has been demonstrated..that APM [aspartame] causes a dose-related statistically significant increase in lymphomas and leukemias in females at dose levels very near those to which humans can be exposed," the authors wrote in their conclusion. Only rats feed aspartame developed brain tumors. Increases of lymphomas and leukemias at the lowest exposure level was 62 percent and "an increase in the incidence of these types of neoplasias was also observed in males exposed to the highest dose."

Neurosurgeon Russell Blaylock, MD, one of the world's leading authorities on aspartame neurotoxicity, extensively reviewed the Soffritti report. "This study confirmed the previous study by Dr. Trocho and co-workers (1998), which also found the formaldehyde breakdown product of aspartame to be damaging to cellular DNA and that this damage was cumulative. The type of damage was a duplicate of that associated with cancers. These two studies strongly indicate that drinking a single diet cola sweetened with aspartame every day could significantly increase one's risk of developing a lymphoma or leukemia.

"This study should terrify mothers and all those consuming aspartame sweetened products. This was a carefully done study which clearly demonstrated a statistically significant increase in several types of lymphomas and leukemias in rats. Both of these malignancies have increased significantly in this country since the widespread use of aspartame.

"They also found an increased incidence of malignant brain tumors, even though it was not statistically significant. This does not mean there is no association to brain tumors, since ONLY the animals exposed to aspartame developed the tumors. With children and pregnant women drinking the largest amount of diet colas, this puts their children at the greatest risk of developing one of these horrible diseases. Their found that even lower doses of aspartame could cause these malignancies, yet, the higher the dose, the more cancers that were seen.

"Since aspartame can increase obesity and may even cause the metabolic syndrome that affects 48 million Americans, there is no reason to ever consume this product. At the least, it should be immediately banned from all schools."

Aspartame was approved for use in dry goods in 1981 under extremely controversial circumstances. The artificial sweetener is currently found in more than 6,000 products-soft drinks, chewing gum, candy, desserts, table sweeteners and even pharmaceutical drugs and is responsible for more than 80 percent of consumer complaints filed with the FDA each year. The FDA itself has published a list of 92 potentially adverse reactions to aspartame that includes weight gain, blindness, chronic headaches, insanity and death.

Soffritti et al conducted this study because they wanted to determine whether or not the ADI for aspartame (50 and 40 milligrams per kilogram of body weight per day in the U.S. and Europe respectively) was an appropriate limit. Their report concludes with these words: "Results of our study call for urgent reexamination of permissible exposure level of aspartame in both food and beverages, especially to protect children."

Here comes the Whopper! Makers and sellers of aspartame tried to rebut this impeccable European research saying: "With billions of man-years of safe use, there is no indication of an association between aspartame and cancer in humans." Medical investigator, Dr. Ralph Walton, found 100% of the studies aspartame producers paid for say its safe as rain. A study on 7 infant monkeys where 5 had grand mal seizures and one died was even presented to the FDA as evidence for aspartame approval. Dr. Walton felt research results may be connected with who signs the check, since 92 percent of independent studies he looked into confirm the dangers of aspartame. Make that 100% if you delete ones sponsored by our Fatal Drugs Allowed folks, the FDA.

In this line Dr. Martini said she checked with the Mafia about the crime rate. These impartial experts assured her: "There isn't any crime in the USA. And for a really bright smile, brush with plutonium!"

Read Dr. Walton's full report: http://www.dorway.com/peerrev.html. When he did an aspartame study the institution had to stop it when one subject got a retinal detachment, went permanently blind in one eye, and another suffered conjunctival bleeding. Others said they'd been poisoned, just like the rats. The makers couldn't control this independent, unbiased scientific peer reviewed research.

"Whopper! Whopper! Whopper!" says Dr. Martini of industry claims there is no association between aspartame and cancer in humans, "Wow, what a whopper! Cancer is regularly and systematically found in humans and animals taking this poison. And here's the proof:"

  1. The original test results presented to FDA for aspartame approval were doctored to conceal the rat cancers the poison caused according to examining FDA scientists in an FDA Task Force Report which found these deceits:

    1. "Excising masses (removing tumors) from live animals in some cases without histologic examination of the masses, in others without reporting them to the FDA." (Schmidt 1976c, page 4 of US Senate l976b). Searle's representatives, when caught and questioned about these actions, stated that "these masses were in the head and neck areas and prevented the animals from feeding." (Buzzard l976a) [In other words, the cancers were so big they choked the animals.]

    2. G. D. Searle told the FDA 12 lots of DKP were manufactured and tested in one study, yet only seven batches were actually made. (Gross l985, page S10835) Diketopiperazine is a brain tumor agent which breaks down from the aspartame molecule.

    3. In the aspartame (DKP) 115 week rat study the written observations of the pathology report was changed by the supervising pathologist, Dr. Rudolph Stejskal even though he was not physically present during the autopsies and could not have verified the observations of the pathologist who did perform the autopsies. The pathologist who did perform some of the autopsies had no formal training for such procedures. (Gross l985, page S10837 of Congressional Record 1985b)

    4. "Contrary to protocol, slides were not prepared of the (unusual lesions from the aspartame (DKP) study tissue for microscopic examination..." (Gross l985, page S10837 of Congressional Record l985b)

  2. FDA Toxicologist and Task Force member, Dr Adrian Gross stated (Wilson l985): "They (G.D. Searle) lied and they didn't submit the real nature of their observations because had they done that it is more likely that a great number of these studies would have been rejected simply for adequacy. What Searle did, they took great pains to camouflage these shortcomings of the study. As I say filter and just present to the FDA what they wished the FDA to know and they did other terrible things for instance animals would develop tumors while they were under study. Well they would remove these tumors from the animals."

    An FDA Toxicologist explained why their experiments were invalidated: "It is highly unlikely the FDA Investigative teams found all of the problems with G. D. Searle's studies. G. D. Searle seemed so intent on covering up their misconduct, that it is quite likely that they were able to hide many of the problems from the FDA.

  3. On Jan 10, l977 in a 33 page letter, FDA Chief Counsel Richard Merrill recommended to U.S. Attorney Sam Skinner that a grand jury investigate Searle for "apparent violations of the Federal, Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act, 21 U.S.C. 331 (e), and the False Reports to the Government Act, 18 U.S.C. 1001, for 'their willful and knowing failure to make reports to the Food and Drug Administration required by the Act, 21 U.S.C. 355 (i), and for concealing material facts and making false statements in reports of animal studies conducted to establish the safety of aspartame.'" The FDA called special attention to studies investigating the effect of NutraSweet on monkeys and hamsters.

    Since everything was all a matter of public record the manufacturer was in deep, er, difficulty, and had to creatively avoid an indictment. Both U.S. Prosecutors, Sam Skinner and William Conlon were hired by the defense lawyers, Sidley and Austin, and the statute of limitations expired. When the district attorney gets a job with the godfather, expect acquittal.

  4. In August 1977 the FDA audit, headed by Jerome Bressler was released. Records for approximately 30 animals showed substantial differences between original observations on pathology sheets submitted to FDA. There were numerous inconsistencies and errors noted. For example, a rat was reported alive, then dead, then alive, then dead again; a mass, a uterine polyp and ovarian neoplasms were found in animals but not reported or diagnosed in Searle's reports. The FDA investigators found dose-related uterine polyps in 15% of 34 animals. Read the entire report at http://www.dorway.com/bressler.txt

    As damning as the report is, when I spoke with Jerome Bressler he admitted the worst 20% of his report was removed in retyping by FDA and asked me to try to get two mice studies and his cover letter. Doctors H. J. Roberts and Russell Blaylock both spoke with Jerome Bressler as well after which Dr. Roberts asked his congressman to retrieve the missing condemnatory data that the public has a right to know. The FDA refused.

  5. FDA wouldn't approve aspartame for 16 years because of the cancer and prevarication problems, then Donald Rumsfeld, CEO of the manufacturer, said he would call in his markers. The entire story is told in the aspartame documentary: "Sweet Misery: A Poisoned World" www.docworkers.com In a clip you can see Attorney James Turner explains how Rumsfeld got aspartame approved by politics instead of science: http://www.soundandfury.tv/pages/Rumsfeld2.html

  6. September 30, l980: FDA's Aspartame Board of Inquiry revoked the petition for approval because aspartame had not been proven safe and there was the question of cancers. Rumsfeld was on President Reagan's transition team and the day after he took office appointed Arthur Hayes as FDA Commissioner. Dr. Hayes over-ruled the FDA Board of Inquiry and then went to work for the Public Relations Agency of the manufacturer on a 10 year consultant's contract. Hayes has refused to talk to the press ever since. Who ever heard of a PR guy who won't talk?

  7. Obviously Searle would never sign up humans for a study of aspartame and cancer where it could be known. So their studies were done in 6 other countries in l983/84 where they sacrificed people in poor villages but never published the horrible results. In a notarized affidavit the translator said: "There was the recurring description of tumors, astrocytomas and gliomas." The rats in original studies developed astrocytomas, pituitary adenomas, etc.

  8. Congressional hearings in l985 and l987 told the horrors of what had been going on in the population. Monsanto had already bought Searle. There were so many complaints the FDA didn't want they began referring the victims to the AIDS Hotline, as they later admitted. Dr. Jacqueline Verrett, a former FDA toxicologist and member of the FDA task force told Congress the original studies were "built on a foundation of sand." In a 1987 Senate hearing she testified that flawed tests conducted by Searle - used as the basis of FDA approval - were a "disaster" and should have been "thrown out." She said that even then, years after approval, the safety of aspartame and its breakdown products had not been determined. She emphasized aspartame is in the marketplace without basic toxicity information. Also that there are no data to assess the interactions with DKP, excess phenylalanine, other aspartame metabolites, additives, drugs or other chemicals. Today we know aspartame interacts with all drugs and vaccines and is a chemical hypersensitization agent. In the new Italian study the rats turned yellow from the formaldehyde.

  9. The late Dr. M. Adrian Gross, FDA toxicologist, spoke out against aspartame in the August 1, l985 Congressional Record. Gross, who took part in on-site investigations at Searle laboratories, said the studies carried out by Searle "to a large extent unreliable." He said, "at least one of those studies has established BEYOND ANY REASONABLE DOUBT that aspartame is capable of inducing brain tumors in experimental animals and that this ... is of extremely high significance."

    Gross testified because aspartame produces brain tumors and brain cancer, FDA should not set an allowable daily intake of the substance at any level: "In view of these indications that the cancer causing potential of aspartame is a matter that has been established way beyond any reasonable doubt, one can ask: What is the reason for the apparent refusal by the FDA to invoke for this food additive the so-called Delaney Amendment to the Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act?"

    The Delaney Amendment makes it illegal to allow any residues of cancer causing chemicals in foods. In his concluding testimony Gross asked, "Given the (cancer causing potential of aspartame) how would the FDA justify its position that it views a certain amount of aspartame as constituting an allowable daily intake or 'safe' level of it? Is that position in effect not equivalent to setting a 'tolerance' for this food additive and thus a violation of that law? And if the FDA itself elects to violate the law, who is left to protect the health of the public."

  10. In original studies aspartame triggered brain, mammary, uterine, ovarian, testicular, pancreatic and thyroid tumors. Today a medical text on the global plague of Aspartame Disease is 1038 pages and documents a host of diseases and tumors triggered by this carcinogenic, neurotoxic poison. http://www.sunsentpress.com or 1-800-827-7991 by H. J. Roberts, M.D.

  11. In the Journal of Advancement in Medicine, Volume 4, Number 4, Winter 1991, Does Aspartame cause Human Brain Cancer http://www.dorway.com/betty/brainc.txt Dr. H. J. Roberts said:

    "The increasing frequency of primary brain lymphoma of B cell derivation - including reticulum cell sarcoma, microglioma and histiocytic lymphoma - also requires explanation because this subset was previously rare. Eby et al all reported a nearly threefold rise in its incidence among immunologically normal persons in the l982-l84 SEER data, which they could not explain..."

    Dr. Roberts also said that "Hockberg and Miller reported a tripling of incidence of this tumor in non-immunosuppressed persons during the 5 year interval between l980 and l984."

  12. In l996 Dr. John Olney made world news over the Aspartame brain tumor association. Increasing Brain Tumor Rates: Is There a Link to Aspartame? J. Neuropath Exp Neurol, Vol 55, Nov & Dec issues. Dr. Olney discusses the aspartame molecule acquires mutagenic activity when nitrosated and this provides a clue to a possible mechanism by which aspartame could cause brain tumors. He says: "Nitrosation of aspartame or its diketopiperazine breakdown product could result in a nitrosourea-like molecule, and nitrosoureas are THE MOST EFFECTIVE AGENTS KNOWN for producing MALIGNANT BRAIN TUMORS in experimental animals. Some nitrosoureas have broad spectrum carcinogenicity and can induce cancer in both the CNS and several other organs, but other members of this family, particularly alkylated nitrosoureas are organo-specific for the CNS. These agents can act by a direct and relatively rapid mechanism to induce brain tumors, when administered systemically to adult rats. In addition, they are particularly potent in acting by a delayed mechanism involving in utero exposure of the fetus and resulting in a high incidence of malignant brain tumors which do not manifest until adulthood. The malignant tumors induced by either the direct or delayed mechanism are not typically of the childhood type (i.e. medulloblastoma) but rather are predominantly adult tumors (e. g. astrocytomas, glioblastomas, mixed gliomas, oligo-dendrogliomas). Thus, it may be significant that the recent surge in human brain tumor rates involved these various adult types of tumors, whereas childhood medulloblastoma was the singular tumor type that showed no increase."

  13. Neurochemist Dr. Peter Nunn and Geoffrey Pilkington did a study at Kings College about 4 years ago having to do with aspartame and brain tumors which is as yet unpublished. In it was this statement: "When we exposed human brain tumor cells to nitrosated DKP the cells became more motile and their rate of proliferation was significantly elevated. While it is somewhat early to speculate, it is possible that the aspartame breakdown product may be capable of enhancing the rate of malignant progression of pre-existing (and possibly clinically silent, undiagnosed) tumours in the brain."

    This agrees with Dr. John Olney who founded the field of neuroscience called Excitotoxicity and tried to prevent aspartame's approval. He is one of the most renowned neuroscientists in the world. His CV can be read on http://www.dorway.com

  14. One would have to wear a blindfold not to see that aspartame is a carcinogen as the FDA's own toxicologist, Dr. Adrian Gross, told congress. If it looks like a duck, waddles like a duck, quacks like a duck, hangs around with other ducks and everybody in town calls it a duck it probably really is a duck! Old Chinese proverb: "The beginning of wisdom is to call things by the right name." The right name for this merciless plague is Rumsfeld Disease.

    Satchel Page warned: Never look back, something might be gaining on you. He was right. It's us! We're taking aspartame brain tumor case histories from New York, New Jersey, Mississippi and Madison County, Illinois for litigation.

Now the European Food Safety Agency (EFSA) says it will review the study linking aspartame ingestion to lymphomas and leukemias"..as a matter of high priority, in the context of the previous extensive safety data available on aspartame." Mark Gold of the Aspartame Toxicity Center says ( http://www.holisticmed.com/aspartame ): "They just told us what the results of the review will be. The review by EFSA (industry consultants) will find no problem with aspartame. That's a guarantee. You read it here first." Read Gold's rebuttal to the EU report, http://www.holisticmed.com/aspartame/scf2002.html Martini agrees: I flew to Brussels and gave the EU damning research proving aspartame toxicity. They ignored the facts in their report and published industry propaganda. Their report read like they were making it up as they went along." For the rest of the story: http://www.wnho.net/new_aspartame_studies.htm

Dr. Betty Martini
Founder, Mission Possible International
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