Dr. James Bowen
(c) 2011

Posted: 16 June 2011

Diabetes is probably helped by several extrinsic factors:

  1. Androgen supplantation; which is well recognized as beneficial, and is badly needed,on a continuous basis.

  2. Bentiamineis a well recognized healer of neuropathy: Which is observed to help regenerate neuropathy damaged neurons:by eliminating excess levels of potentially damaging glucose metabolites: (triosephposphates) Does this by increasing transketolase activity by about400% It has no known drug interactions.

  3. ReBuilder: Which sends a non painful electrical stimulus which wakes up dormant neurons: Restores blood flow in those neurons;

  4. Chromium supplementation;

  5. Bitter Melon Shown to reduce diabetic neuropathy within 5 hours.

  6. Gymnema Sylvestre: Increases pancreatic production of insulin, by repairing pancreatic B cls, which produce insulin. And has no known side effects.

  7. Niacinamide known since 1950s (also known as nicotinamide.) which prohibit immune attack on Beta Cells and increases the numbers of functional Beta Cells, and restores their activity.

  8. Niacinamide: effective inn preventing and treating diabetes: Stimulates the production of insulin restores beta cell and protects them from immune attack. (dose is 25mg/ Kg)

  9. Banaba (coros) Corosilic acid the name given its active ingredient) ("Glucofit" is 18% corosilic acid.)

  10. Salacia Oblongata in dose 1-5 Gms decreases both insulin and blood sugar levels.

  11. Vanadyl Sulphate: (Which I personally found to toxic to my skin.) has been shown permanently eliminate diabetes in some.

  12. Reversatrol; Prevents many of the adverse effects of diabetes.

  13. Seanol: Shown effective: Treating neuropathy(I take 11 and 12 every day)

Dr. James Bowen