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Posted: 09 February 2016

This is in response to the article, “CSPI Downgrades Sucralose From Caution To Avoid,” which may be found at: http://cspinet.org/new/201602081.html

Plus Dr. Morando Soffritti's peer reviewed study on Sucralose. James Turner, Washington DC attorney, petitioned the FDA to ban Splenda but they refused several years ago. In the meantime, people like Pepsi have removed aspartame to use Sucralose. Dr. James Bowen said if they go from aspartame to Splenda they will maintain the reactions of aspartame and pick up those from Splenda. They could use "Just Like Sugar" which is made from organic food, http://www.justlikesugarinc.com

They have simply made the public lambs to the slaughter:

Poetry best tells the tale:


Sittin in the shadow of a polyester tree
Musing on the wonders of our world of chemistry
Sippin a libation from a thermoplastic cup
Deciphering the label on the potion that I sup

Once a time real lemons were picked for lemonade
Now citric acid and aspartame are that from which it’s made
With several other additives to get the flavor right
It tastes a lot like cheap perfume, or paper roses might

You see the real problem is it costs another dime
Unthinkable consideration in our mercenary time
The Board of Directors decided: FAKE will simply have to do
Its profits they are there to make, not lemonade for you!

So settle down and drink it down, and soon you'll say, it’s true
That lemons give a funny taste, sort of artificial too.

And so you'll saturate your frame
With chemotoxins, such a shame
But you can tell your doctor friend
You were a consumer, till the end

The profiteers endless proclamation
With terminal mental constipation
All is well, All is well!
So lure our land and health to hell

Who is so blind that will not see
This pathologic travesty
The simple truth, all argue done
We buy what they advertise, till were done

And never dare to doubt or question
Mesmerized by the vile suggestion
That not to buy is heresy
So lambs to the slaughter, tragic we

Don and Betty Martini

ASPARTAME AND SPLENDA BOTH CAUSE CANCER!! RE: "Sucralose paper, Dr. Morando Soffritti, Italy"

Dr. Morando Soffritti's paper on Sucralose is attached, and now on line. As you see it showed hematopoietic neoplasms in male Swiss mice. Hematopoietic neoplasms are clonal disorders of hematopoietic cells, which constitute red cells, white cells, and platelets. They typically manifest as leukemias, lymphomas, and plasma cell disorders.

Most remember it was Dr. Soffritti also who did three studies on aspartame. On the Aspartame Resource Guide http://www.mpwhi.com/aspartame_resource_guide.htm you will see information on the first two where I am discussing Prop 65. He found it to be a multipotential carcinogen causing all types of cancer confirming what FDA lead scientist and toxicologist, Dr. Adrian Gross, told Congress on 8/1/85 that because aspartame caused cancer it violated the Delaney Amendment which forbids adding anything to food that you know will cause cancer. His last words will never be forgotten, "If the FDA violates its own laws who is left to protect the public?"

Dr. Soffritti received an award that has only been given twice in history when he reported on the second study in New York.

It hasn't been that long that Harvard came along and said they did the longest most comprehensive study linking aspartame to cancer. Industry has so much power that almost before I could send out the info they apologized saying they should not have published it. I just couldn't help myself and wrote the article:

Harvard Hospital Is Sorry They Told You Aspartame Is Bad! Which may be found at: http://www.mpwhi.com/harvard_sorry_they_told_you_aspartame_is_bad.htm

The point has been made over and over and over and over that aspartame causes cancer. So does Sucralose. On the Aspartame Resource Guide you will also note other information on sucralose/Splenda. After all these years Pepsi finally removes aspartame from Diet Pepsi and then uses sucralose. Dr. James Bowen says if an aspartame victim goes from aspartame to Splenda he can maintain the reactions from aspartame and pick up those from Splenda. Marianne Lamar whose husband had an aspartame brain tumor found out it caused brain tumors and switched to Splenda. He immediately had a grand mal seizure. She finally got the company that makes Splenda to admit that in original studies it also not only caused migraines but seizures - just as aspartame does. Acesulfame Potassium (Sunnett) caused cancer and leukemia too. So all three of these toxins caused cancer, and violated the Delaney Amendment. They are illegally on the market.

On the Aspartame Resource Guide you will see the safe sweetener, "Just Like Sugar" which is made from organic food.

Do spread the word and save lives.

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Also aspartame and Sucralose information on: http://www.mpwhi.com, http://www.wnho.net, and http://www.dorway.com

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