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Posted: 02 June 2009

An insidious chemical poison in thousands of foods and beverages spreads disability and death throughout Europe. A prestigious cancer research institute devotes over a million dollars and several years to two impeccable studies, which confirm that the toxin is absolutely a multi-potential carcinogen. The lead researcher is honored with a seldom given award for his outstanding work from which the lives and health of 830,000,000 Europeans and everyone on planet Earth will benefit. Benefit because indisputable scientific ground has been laid for its elimination from the world's food supply.

So there is an agency of the European Union charged with protecting the population from dread poisons masquerading as food additives. Who should be more positively enthusiastic about such a revelation? A panel is set up to review the study, "experts" are they, fully qualified to pass judgment.

But this panel has an "expert" with side-jobs working for the maker and marketers of the deadly venom, so they give it a clean bill of health with heartless unconcern for the heinous consequences their duplicity will bring to innocent and unwarned millions.

The poison is aspartame.

The research was conducted at the European Ramazzini Institute by Dr. Morando Soffritti.

The manufacturer is Ajinomoto

The marketer is Coca Cola

The duplicitous bureaucracy is the European Food Safety Agency

And on the panel sits Dr. Dominique Parent-Massin, five years on Ajinomoto's awards committee, and four years a consultant to Coca Cola France. The probability of this woman dissing aspartame is likely as Barak Obama voting Republican. What in the world is she doing on a panel investigating products of companies that are paying her?

The game was over before it started!

May 6, EFSA held a press conference in Rome to proclaim their decision. EFSA had a job to do and the last thing they wanted was neutral scientific impartiality. This charade was to discredit Dr. Soffritti, deliver Ajinomoto and push aspartame. Fiat Accompli!

The meeting called for "a consorted European-wide initiative to address in a comprehensive manner the concerns about the safety of aspartame for use in food." The meeting was meaningless, but it accomplished one thing: aspartame got a pass, a counterfeit pass. And millions will sicken and die!

Jim McDonald of the UK Aspartame Awareness Campaign is challenging EFSA over the validity of their Opinion on the Ramazzini studies, and a recent London meeting of Toxicology "experts", who are conducting another review, of the safety of aspartame, - We are awaiting an EFSA's response.

Now Europe waits for this review of aspartame which decision should be in November. Dr. Dominique Parent-Massin has openly declared she is member of the scientific advisory body of Ajinomoto since 2005, is also an occasional speaker, and did a lecture on Aspartame EFSA evaluation. She was on the scientific board of Coca Cola in France.

The aspartame industry has been steering government agencies ever since it was approved thru the political chicanery of Donald Rumsfeld, then the CEO of the manufacturer of the poison. America's Food and Drug Administration asked the Department of Justice to prosecute Rumsfeld's company for fraud and revoked the petition for approval, turned it down cold. But political pressure won and America now has a rampage of obesity, diabetes, developmental retardation, seizures, male sexual dysfunction - nearly a hundred other maladies listed on the 1995 FDA Report.

The Ramazzini Studies were peer-reviewed by seven world experts. Nevertheless EFSA fabricated preposterous excuses to reject them; neither did they consider the thousands of documented case histories and testimony by other medical authorities condemning aspartame.

Dr. Ralph Walton investigated who sponsored the studies done on aspartame. All of those bought by the producers said it was harmless. 92% of the studies independent of corporate financing showed it is debilitating and dangerous.

So what can we expect from EFSA, blinded by commercial influence? EFSA replaced the European Commission, Scientific Committee on Food, SCF, which blessed aspartame in 2002. The EU watchdog, The European Anti-Fraud Agency, OLAF, found that SCF's opinion: "Update on the Safety of Aspartame/E951" was written by a single individual, not by SCF's whole committee. OLAF did not tell the writer's name, qualifications or conflicts of interest. The bizarre "update" was a single-person hatchet job.

Some SCF scientists with the same conflicts of interest now work for EFSA. Be sure that Coca Cola and Ajinomoto are there too, bribing, cajoling, seducing, striving day and night to keep their poison in the diet of Europe and the world. The outcry of those afflicted by aspartame worldwide demand it to be banned immediately.

H. J. Roberts, M.D., authored the medical text, Aspartame Disease: An Ignored Epidemic, 1000 pages of evidence of neurodegenerative diseases and cancer triggered by aspartame. Aspartame is supposedly an additive, which must be inert, but in reality a neurotoxic drug and Roberts included a chapter on drug interaction.

Russell Blaylock, M.D. Neurosurgeon: Author: Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills,, commenting on both Ramazzini studies, said: "My review of the first Ramazzini Study concluded that the study was one of the best designed, comprehensive and conclusive studies done to date on the multipotential carcinogenic danger of aspartame. This second study is even more conclusive, in that it shows a dose-dependent statistically significant increase in lymphomas/leukemia in both male and female rats exposed to aspartame. These two cancers are the fastest growing in people under age 30.

Dr. Betty Martini, D.Hum.
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