By Stephen Fox
Mission Possible New Mexico

Posted: 16 November 2020

This is how you write to each head of state to recommend to them they also must rescind the approval for aspartame/methanol/formaldehyde as an artificial sweetener. Stephen Fox mostly was responsible for the results in Oman where their new government said "No artificial flavorings or sweeteners for children under age one". One more step would be to ban it altogether. Letters are working!! Another country he dealt with banned MSG. We ask all to get involved because it works. With the power industry releasing the corona virus and admitting in advance it was coming, and then Bill Gates patenting it, we see two biochemical warfare weapons on the market at once and death and disability the world over. All the evidence is there since you can't patent something natural and there are labs all over the US that make viruses that should be closed down exposed by Ronnie Cummings of Organic Consumer.

It's a sad time in history when you see so many suffering and dying from a product that started off as a biochemical warfare weapon now mass poisoning the world that was marketed through political chicanery. Politics are dirty and Don Rumsfeld did not care how many millions aspartame would kill..Just google Donald Rumsfeld and the words: "I don't care how many it kills. I want it on the market." No wonder its now called Rumsfeld's Plague. You see misinformation, deceit and evil right in front of your eyes. Obviously the radical left wants to unseat a president because he is draining the swamp and bringing back companies to America, building a wall and accomplishing what others have not, and they appear to own the fake media. Look at the obvious fraud: Another postal worker who blew the whistle on observing fraud had federal authorities actually trying to change his mind and it was recorded: Everywhere you look you see the power structure controlling, even the courts. We've tried for over 30 years to get aspartame, (NutraSweet, Equal, E-951, Benevia, Canderel, Neotame, Advantame, etc. ) off the market but dirty politics stand in the way. The FDA completely exposed with the admission of some in 2009 they are corrupt, won't even answer letters.

The Bible says the devil is the god of this world and that's who we are fighting. No decent people would be part of the evil works we see in front of us. Our main interest is getting this killing machine aspartame off the market and we need the help of every decent and honest person on this planet. If nothing else forward Stephen's article which you see below my signature. Think of how many babies have a chance now in one country because of a call and a letter. Set up a web page or duplicate mine. We are living in a country that now allows baby killing even at 9 months and making a business of selling body parts. Rage must rise up in the very nostrils of Jehovah God. Look at how they have made a business of killing babies and selling their parts: A truck full of baby parts. These babies could have lived. Notice Kamala Harris upset this was exposed.

We know we are living in end times and see the great tribulation in front of us. I want to encourage people we can make a difference in removing aspartame from the market if more people will get involved. Write letters, forward information and ask for NutraSweet to be rescinded. Here is an article about the FDA and ingredients that poison because when they are cumulative adding food and drugs cause interference. Aspartame is a cumulative poison, and combinations with drugs and vaccine continue to kill people. What is happening with cumulative poisons and drugs was in the news just yesterday: -titled "FDA's Failure to Enforce Science-Based Policy Puts Food Safety at Risk, Analysis Shows. ' This happened to me in the hospital because they used a drug with Vanillin genetically engineered with aspartame. It immediately gave me a heart attack. They gave me another drug that had aspartame and I couldn't swallow and then couldn't walk. Aspartame makes the entire case. So what does the FDA do? With full knowledge they approved Advantame which is half a molecule of aspartame and half a molecule of Vanillin. I sent them studies showing it interacts and they simply ignored it. A study in Africa in 2018 on aspartame showed the depletion of serotonin (the happy hormone) up to 74% explaining why even children are committing suicide and causing psychiatric and behavioral problems. Then they give them Ritalin and they fill the generic and it has aspartame which probably caused the problem in the first place.

Some years ago I tried to get to Prince Charles when a child was arrested in England because they thought he was on drugs and was behaving weirdly. He was only drinking light Coke with aspartame causing all his problems. In the end the Janitor told the headmaster it was aspartame and removal caused him to normalize. Did they take aspartame out of the school? No, they fired the janitor, and then Coke settled with the family. You can read my letter in the attachment. We have tried and tried and tried to protect the lives of children, and aspartame experts wrote articles that we continually send out titled" "Report for Schools": Stephen Fox made a difference because he called a country and wrote a letter and now knowing the truth they began to act and save babies. Corrupt industry puts out misinformation and physicians are ignorant of the facts and it ties their hands. As Dr. Russell Blaylock explained in a lecture "The reactions to aspartame are not allergic but toxic like arsenic and cyanide." "Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills."

Ralph Waldo Emerson once said: “The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference you have lived and lived well.” Some people live all their life and never save a life. You can't stop politics from being corrupt - there is always going to be powerful people with checkbooks to sell their lies. But with all involved we can get aspartame off the market and save millions. We can get people out of wheelchairs, get blindness from methanol reversed in those with vision in the wet stage and children saved by getting involved. Read on for the article by Stephen Fox . Write a head of state or the judge in yours, make a call or do something to be part of the campaign to get this Nazi poison off the market. Read on for the article by Stephen Fox.

Dr. Betty Martini, D.Hum, Founder
Mission Possible World Health Intl

Japan's Emperor Naruhito Asked to Rescind Exports of Aspartame/Methanol/Formaldehyde, the Artificial Sweetener


Gates and Rumsfeld in the International
Criminal Court in the Hague, Netherlands


William Henry Gates 2020 = Heinrich Himmler 1940 ---- Equation for the International Court of Justice


I would rather conclude that Her Majesty did not know that William Henry Gates III would kill so many people with the coronavirus which was patented by Her Majesty's London patent office, # WO 2016 012793 A1, than the alternative conclusion, which is coming up more frequently among heads of state.

It would be very prudent, Your Majesty and Your Royal Highness, to immediately revoke that patent as well as encourage Naruhito to block exports of Ajinomoto's Aspartame/methanol/formaldehyde/embalming fluid as an artificial sweetener.

Furthermore, you must realize that a vaccine for this planned scamdemic is impossible and part of Gates' profiteering and would only kill more people. Surely that cannot be the Intent of the Throne?

The warnings to your government from Member of Parliament Roger Williams in his Early Day Motion 1517 in 2005-2006, signed by 47 members of the House of Commons, were gaveled down and thus ignored by the House of "Lords." Here it is in full, followed by the USA's Food and Drug Administration list of 92 Symptoms of Aspartame.

My article from 2009:

From your own Parliament:

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Sci Tech 6/26/2009 at 16:09:56
Roger Williams, UK Parliament Member, Applauds Reinvestigation ofAspartame's Neurotoxicity
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23rd June 2009

Roger Williams, MP for Brecon and Radnorshire and Liberal Democrat Food and Rural Affairs spokesperson, has welcomed the announcement that the Food Standards Agency, FSA, are to reinvestigate the safety of the diet product Aspartame.

Andrew Wadge, Chief Scientist at the FSA has said that "The Agency's view remains that aspartame can be consumed safely and we are not recommending any changes to its current use. However, we know that some people consider they react badly to consuming this sweetener so we think it is important to increase our knowledge about what is happening."

Roger Williams, said:

"Although the FSA say that the safety of this product has already been established, the fact that a fresh scoping study is being carried out points to concern about this product.

"I welcome this new investigation and look forward to seeing what conclusions are drawn by the FSA."

"It is disappointing that the results will not be available until 2011 but nonetheless it is a positive step forward by the FSA.

"In recent years I have done significant work on these chemical compounds and my belief is that they can have profoundly damaging effects on certain individuals. "


from Stephen Fox:

Despite all of the desperate posturing and puff pieces exuding from the industry spokespersons like those employed by the Japanese monster poison maker, Ajinomoto, this is brilliant, long overdue, as well as legislatively, medically and legally appropriate.

Given that Venezuela has recently banned Coke Zero because it contains aspartame and acesulfame K, I wonder what has taken so long in the UK. Great insights coming from a real leader like Roger Williams, MP, Wales, should have been listened to three and a half years ago when he first circulated the shocking Early Day Motion on the Neurotoxic Properties of Aspartame.

Here is the text:

TOXIC PROPERTIES OF ASPARTAME 30.01.2006 January 30, 2006

Williams, Roger

That this House expresses deep concern over the numerous independent toxicological studies and thousands of subjective reports attesting to the toxic effects of theartificial sweetener aspartame on human health; notes that aspartame, once patented as a biochemical warfare agent, is the synthetically produced methyl ester of a dipeptide which is readily broken down in the gut to release methanol; further notes that in naturally occurring foodstuff methanol is either not released into the body or present together with natural defence mechanisms that mitigate its toxic effects; recognises that methanol is a well known poison and is further converted into formaldehyde, a class A carcinogen according to the World Health Organisation's International Agency for Research on Cancer; accepts that severe health concerns occur from the gradual accumulation of formaldehyde in the body which cannot be excreted and that further research has shown that long term low level exposure to formaldehyde induces leukaemia and nasopharyngeal cancer in humans; acknowledges that of the 166 studies conducted on aspartame's safety deemed relevant to humans, 92 per cent. of independently sponsored studies identified one or more problems with aspartame's safety whereas industry-sponsored studies found unanimously in favour of aspartame's safety; and urges the Government to abide by the precautionary principle and make use of Statutes 13 and 16 of the 1990 Food Safety Act to remove aspartame from the permitted list of additives on the UK market.

Signatures( 47)

Conservative Party
Conway, Derek
Goodwill, Robert
Pelling, Andrew
Spink, Bob

Democratic Unionist Party
Campbell, Gregory
McCrea, Dr William
Robinson, Iris
Simpson, David

Labour Party
Jones, Lynne
Austin, John
Banks, Gordon
Brown, Lyn
Corbyn, Jeremy
Crausby, David
Cryer, Ann
Dismore, Andrew
Drew, David
Etherington, Bill
Godsiff, Roger
Hoyle, Lindsay
Jenkins, Brian
Lazarowicz, Mark
McDonnell, John
Simpson, Alan
Taylor, David
Turner, Desmond
Vis, Rudi
Open: 18 Closed: 1

Liberal Democrats
Baker, Norman
Brake, Tom
Brooke, Annette
Cable, Vincent
George, Andrew
Hancock, Mike
Harvey, Nick
Horwood, Martin
Keetch, Paul
Mulholland, Greg
Opik, Lembit
Stunell, Andrew
Swinson, Jo
Williams, Mark
Williams, Roger
Williams, Stephen
Younger-Ross, Richard

Plaid Cymru
Llwyd, Elfyn

Galloway, George

Social Democratic and Labour Party
McDonnell, Alasdair


This list from the FDA is from 2007, and yet it still remains on the market, forced approval in 1981 by Donald Rumsfeld so that he could make a $12-15 million tip from G.D. Searle, two of whose Board of Directors loudly proclaimed that they drank Diet cokes, and soon thereafter died of Glioblastoma brain tumors. It was compiled by my good friend, Dr. Betty Martini, Founder of Mission Possible International.



I have communicated extensively on these matters to almost all of the 193 heads of state, excepting the Russian bloc and the Stans.

You may know that some of Europe's Monarchs have either blocked or quietly prohibited aspartame/methanol/formaldehyde as an approved artificial sweetener, and now, with the facts delineated in this letter, there is no reason for you to delay revoking aspartame's approval for the entire Commonwealth.

I have been working on these urgent and vital corrections as part of our efforts to establish a new branch of the United Nations focused on solving problems that are ignored by the bureaucrats and the diplomats in other branches of the United Nations.

If you approve, please first remove the approval for aspartame as well as Roundup/Glyphosate, the weed killer made by Monsanto Bayer, corporate descendants of I.G. Farben, the contractors for the death camps from 1939 to 1945, Auschwitz, Sobibor, Dachau, Bergen Belsen, and the others, who also manufactured ZYKLON B, the rodenticide used to kill 6 million European Jews.

I look forward to your replies, of which I have many, dating back to 1982 when I sent Your Majesty a print of the Duke of Buccleuch's Rembrandt, Portrait of an Old Lady Reading.

Also, you may remember, Charles, opening the United World College in Montezuma New Mexico with Dr. Armand Hammer, when I displayed part of my painting collection in the Library. I have a copy of your book of landscape watercolors.

Thank you for your immediate attention to these urgent matters.

Lastly, I must inform you that I wrote a plan for the UN creating a Secretary General's Pandemic Board of Inquiry, which I presented to the UN Security Council, but it was ignored, largely because China and the USA didn't want too many questions asked of a legal nature regarding the plandemic. It could be revived by interest from Your Majesty and Your Royal Highness, in addition to my 2006 UN Resolution to Create a new UN Undersecretary General for Nutrition and Consumer Protection.

Letter to His Royal Highness, The Prince of Wales


Stephen Fox
Founder, United Nations Santa Fe
Founder, New Millennium Fine Art
Founder Mission Possible New Mexico
121 W. San Francisco St.
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87501 USA