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Posted: 28 September 2011

From: Dr. Betty Martini, D.Hum.,
To: Sandra Adedapo, ANS Unit
Cc: European Food Safety Authority ""; Paques Maud ""
Date: Tue, September 27, 2011 4:33 pm
Subject: New Review on Aspartame

Dear Sandra,

I finally got lists of independent scientific peer reviewed research on aspartame together for you. They’re on: As new studies come in or we find more old ones they will added to this link. Some industry studies may have got mixed in but for the most part they are independent.

The first one is Adverse Effects Of Aspartame: Current Bibliographies In Medicine, National Institutes Of Health, Health And Human Resources (167 Citations) Thus the adverse effects identified in these studies are acknowledged by the U.S. government. If aspartame shown to be unsafe in that many studies, how could another study say it's safe, unless the “study” is rigged, in which case it can prove anything!

The next one is Survey of Aspartame Studies: Correlation of Outcome and Funding Sources. When 60 Minutes did an expose’ on aspartame in 1996 as Dr. John Olney made world news about the aspartame/brain tumor correlation, they contacted Dr. Ralph Walton who stated that aspartame is only declared safe if the industry is defending it. His research here shows 92% of independent studies show aspartame is unsafe, and if you eliminate 6 studies the FDA was connected to plus a pro-aspartame summary, 100% of the independent peer reviewed studies show it is unsafe. FDA gets over half of its funding from the drug and chemical companies it regulates. You know where their loyalty is, Think of FDA as Big Pharma's Washington Branch Office. FDA is above and ignores the law. Note that research through 1998 presented on Dr. Walton's report lists both independent and industry funded studies. FDA is no longer considered independent.

I located the studies since then to show EFSA that beyond a shadow of a doubt all independent studies since 1998 also show aspartame to be unsafe. With 30 years of independent professional testimony to aspartame toxicity, how can you believe an aspartame producer who says "its safe, we did a study"?

The damning report by FDA Compliance Officer Jerome Bressler disclosed that in the original studies the G. D. Searle Co. submitted to get FDA approval, they filtered out cancers, and if the rats developed brain tumors they excised them then put the animals back in the study. If the rats died they were resurrected on paper

Jerome Bressler asked me to find for him copies of two studies that FDA deleted from his report when they published it. It took 8 years, but we found the studies and investigator Lane Shore, Mission Possible Chicago, returned them to Mr. Bressler. They were teratology studies that show aspartame caused birth defects. The FDA didn't want the public to ever see them and rather than putting a warning for pregnant women sealed them saying they were “confidential”. Let the babies die!

Two FDA toxicologists testified to Congress against the FDA’s handling of aspartame. Dr. Adrian Gross, told Congress at least one of Searle's studies: "has established beyond ANY REASONABLE DOUBT that aspartame is capable of inducing brain tumors in experimental animals and that this predisposition of it is of extremely high significance. . In view of these indications that the cancer causing potential of aspartame is a matter that had been established WAY BEYOND ANY REASONABLE DOUBT, one can ask: What is the reason for the apparent refusal by the FDA to invoke for this food additive the so-called Delaney Amendment to the Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act?

"Given the cancer causing potential of aspartame how would the FDA justify its position that Is that position in effect not equivalent to setting a 'tolerance' for this food additive and thus a violation of that law? And if the FDA itself elects to violate the law, who is left to protect the health of the public?" Congressional Record SID835:131 (August 1, l985)

The Delaney Amendment prohibits any cancer causing chemicals in foods. The late Dr. Jacqueline Verrett, FDA Toxicologist, and member of a FDA task force that investigated the authenticity of research done by Searle to establish the safety of aspartame said the original aspartame studies were "built on a foundation of sand." (Testimony of Dr. Jacqueline Verrett, FDA Toxicologist, before the U.S. Senate Committee on Labor and Human Resources, regarding "NutraSweet Health and Safety Concerns." (November 3, l987)

She testified to a Senate hearing in 1987 that flawed tests conducted by Searle -- used as the basis of FDA approval - were a "disaster" and should have been "thrown out." Verrett said the studies left many unanswered questions about possible birth defects and the safety of aspartame. She said the team was instructed not to be concerned with, or comment upon, the overall validity of the study, and that a subsequent review discarded or ignored the problems and deficiencies outlined by her team's original report, and that "serious departures from acceptable toxicological protocols" her investigative team noted in the reevaluation of these studies were also discounted.

She warned that any such improper practices would compromise and negate a safety study of a food additive. Verrett concluded the data in the study was worthless, and the safety of aspartame and its breakdown products have therefore not been determined. She emphasized that aspartame exists in the marketplace without basic toxicity information. She said there are no data to assess the interactions with DKP, excess phenylalanine, other aspartame metabolites, additives, drugs or other chemicals. Dr. Verrett plainly declared in 1987 that aspartame still was not proven safe, and it had already been on the market since 1981. From the beginning FDA knew aspartame is a toxic carcinogen. Finally came the prestigious 3 year Ramazzini Studies on thousands of rats. The studies were peer-reviewed by seven world experts, who certified what was known from the beginning, that aspartame is a “multipotential carcinogen” EFSA saying the study was invalid because the rats had respiratory disease caused a lot of researchers to laugh. Dr. Soffritti explained that respiratory failure is part of the dying process. It was a life study!

EFSA’s chief, Dr. Herman Koeter, wrote before he resigned: "We were pressured by industry to hijack science". EFSA is hijacking the good health, well being and lives of millions to guard the criminal corporations, the pathological liars, who care not whom they kill.

EXAMPLE: They announce a study on a half million senior citizens vindicates them. Ten years ago AARP sent out a 56 question survey to members asking what they ate last year. It asked deeply scientific questions like: How high did you go in school? Have you had a hysterectomy? Do you eat brownies? Oatmeal? Margarine? Question #25 asked "Over the last 12 months when you drank coffee or tea, what kind of sweetener did you regularly add?" There were 6 multi-choice selections, one of which was: Equal or aspartame. This 3-word item converted the questionnaire into the biggest aspartame study in history, which showed no problems at all! (None were asked for!) Thru saturation news releases this propaganda spread planetwide in major magazines and other media. This is the aspartame industry in action.

When I lectured at a medical school in New Zealand I spoke to a medical student there. He went on and on about the big AARP/NCI cancer study and how necessary it was to have big studies like this to prove the point. So I told him, "Well then, you'll be interested in this study because I just happen to have a copy!" He looked at this form and said, "But this is a big nothing - this is not on aspartame, its food form!!" He also said "this misleads the medical community who are looking for facts!" I said, "Tell me about it. The aspartame industry thinks if they mention a study nobody will look to confirm it, and they get away with another lie.”

This is how the aspartame industry does business. There have been two recent studies; one linking aspartame to obesity and the other showing it raises fasting blood-sugar levels. Aspartame can precipitate diabetes but simulates and aggravates diabetic retinopathy and neuropathy, destroys the optic nerve, causes diabetics to go into convulsions and even interacts with insulin. The free methyl alcohol causes diabetics to lose limbs. Mark my words the aspartame industry will find some study, probably from a large university to try and rebut this.

How do they get universities and researchers to go along? It is very important for you to read the 8 month investigation by United Press International: Notice top scientists testified that aspartame was not safe like Dr. Richard Wurtman of MIT who was a tiger in Congress. Trade or professional organizations are funded by the manufacturers, and they protect and defend the aspartame industry. The American Diabetic Assn are on the take. Dr. H. J. Roberts, a diabetic specialist and author of the 1000 page medical text, “Aspartame Disease: An Ignored Epidemic” was a member for 35 years. He asked them to publish an aspartame diabetic abstract. So the ADA had to decide whether to warn the people and lose their aspartame funding or keep taking money and sacrifice the people. It was a 30 second decision: Take the $$$. They refused to publish the abstract that would have alerted their members, so Dr. Roberts abstract was published in Clinical Research. In 2004 the ADA was sued for Racketeering because they knew what aspartame would do to diabetics. They got out of it and continue to push aspartame for the diabetic, knowing it kills them. In Congress the ADA was right there defending the manufacturer.

There are many professional or trade organizations from the MS people to the Methanol Institute. Read the congressional records, found on the first page of scroll down to banners, you will note brilliant physicians and researchers testified how unsafe aspartame is. Always the ones testifying to protect manufacturers are trade organizations, professional whores. Those responsible to solve the problem are the problem, traitors to all but the corporations they serve.

Dr. Richard Wurtman kept speaking out; when he decided to do aspartame seizure studies the VP of G. D. Searle threatened Dr. Wurtman that he would lose his research funds. He didn't even deny the threat, and he did lose his research funds as noted in the UPI investigation.

I want EFSA to read this document because ILSI (International Life Sciences Institute) is discussed. Obviously you're right in the middle of this conflict of interest issue and members of EFSA with links to ILSI. The press called them a lobbying group, true, but it goes deeper. In the UPI Investigation consumer attorney, James Turner, says: "The notion that an industrial company would take large sums of money and parcel it out to scientific consulting firms and university departments, who they consider to be personal and commercial allies is an unconscionable way to ensure the safety of the American Food supply."

Years ago a woman who worked for ILSI in Atlanta called because she was a victim of aspartame and very ill. I asked her about the company and she said, "They are anything but independent. It’s just a “research” front group. Unless you are willing to say the product is safe you don't get research funds." This is shown in the UPI Investigation, the reason I say it’s very important to read this document.

It is my personal opinion that G. D. Searle knew even if they got aspartame on the market through political chicanery as was the case with Rumsfeld "calling in his markers" after the FDA revoked the petition for approval, they would have to contend with constant independent studies showing it to be unsafe. So ILSI was setup and the members are Searle, Monsanto, Coke, etc. Like the lady said, if you don’t say aspartame is safe you don't get money.

You will see Dr. Spiers is mentioned in the UPI Investigation and was concerned after the first study on aspartame. But something happened!!! All of a sudden Wurtman stopped speaking out against aspartame. He knew he couldn't erase his paper trail because he had not only spoken against aspartame but there was even a book: "Phenylalanine and Brain Function". Next thing he has removed it from the market although you can still get a used copy. He refuses to talk to reporters. However, now MIT was getting research funds. The researchers at Harvard who were against aspartame all of a sudden are silent. Dr. Spiers first study on aspartame concerned him greatly. Monsanto financed the second study and all of sudden aspartame is as safe as rain. Now they had MIT and Harvard in the palm of their hands.

Yes, there will always be universities who the aspartame industry can turn for help in defense. Headache is #1 on the FDA list of 92 symptoms. Susan Schiffman does a study at Duke and says aspartame is safe and doesn't cause headaches. But some may not know about her previous association with the aspartame industry and that she has studies funded by Monsanto in the "Searle Center" of Duke University. So now Duke is on the list where they get aspartame propaganda.

EFSA should not have anyone on their committee who has ever had anything to do with ILSI because they know going in what is expected of them. ILSI is how the aspartame industry controls studies.

It should be on the record how the industry performs studies: Here is how Monsanto does research: They are scholars at how to mislead. Note in the Rowen Study they were so afraid someone would have an aspartame seizure that they put 16 of the 18 subjects on anti-seizure medication and didn't tell anyone. Notice they only used one capsule of aspartame for a one-day study. Obviously with the methanol problems, the seizures, Parkinson's symptoms, etc they had to have a study to rebut what was going on in the public. They know just how to get what they want and how much it takes to pay for it. Then they have influence with peer-reviewed journals and actually get this nonsense published. That's why when any agency uses these flawed studies to show safety we know it’s the same thing Dr. Koeter discussed - "pressure of industry".

When too much information gets out on the toxicity then Ajinomoto goes into full foul play. They get all their flacks and defenders and do a full review such as the Magnuson or Burdock review of 2007. Then they put it all over the world - a new review, aspartame is safe. See Mark Gold's rebuttal to more nonsense. We know their names, we know their background and we know what they have been doing and what they stand for. After lecturing in New Zealand Coke's sale of Diet Coke went down so they actually sent Bernadette Magnuson there to see if she could get people to listen to more lies and go back to using the products. Abby Cormack, an aspartame victim, debated her eloquently and talked about the research showing 92% of independent peer reviewed studies. Magnuson humiliated herself as anyone could look up the record of these studies on the net and know its true.

The methanol issue is very serious. As you know from Jim McDonald of the UK Aspartame Campaign the free methyl alcohol in the UK is 35 times too high and in the US it’s 44 times too high. Methanol is classified as a narcotic, causes chronic methanol poisoning and this affects the dopamine system of the brain and causes the addiction. People are dying from methanol poisoning. This letter to the FDA goes into detail: They refuse to answer it. Diane Fleming remains in a Virginia prison for poisoning her husband with methanol when in fact as doctor's affidavits show he died from aspartame. It also interacted with creatine and a toxicologist's report shows the part it played in his death. Now another woman in New York has died from methanol toxicity from aspartame and they have indicted her husband. The only reason another man escaped prosecution is that another victim of aspartame methanol poisoning lived to tell police it was aspartame before she later died. Mathew Hobson, a16 year old from Yorkshire was accused of using crystal meth when it was found out that it was from his Light Coke in school. The case was settled. Another man in Canada was arrested on a DUI and a study on aspartame shows the methanol in aspartame can cause this effect. This study has already been sent to EFSA.

Dr. Maria Alemany did the Trocho Study: showing the formaldehyde converted from the free methyl alcohol embalms living tissue and damages DNA. Damaging DNA can destroy humanity. There is absolutely no way to get around the fact that there was all this formaldehyde in the tissues. With this proof aspartame should have been taken off the market immediately. In this particular case they got Tephly to rebut it but in the end even Tephly finally recanted and admitted he used the wrong test. The study shows so much evidence trying to rebut it just looks foolish. There is a book by Stauber called "Trust Us, We're Experts". It goes through the modus operandi of manufacturers and even the aspartame industry. It tells how they try to put down the researcher even resorting to name calling because they can't debate the issue. Indeed, the Trocho study is so damning the NutraSweet people tried to assassinate his character. Dr. Alemany told me when I visited him in Barcelona, "Betty, aspartame is going to kill 200 million people."

In the Ramazzini Studies there was so much formaldehyde the rat’s hair turned yellow! Dr. H. J. Roberts in his medical text has a page on pre-embalming. Dr. Woodrow Monte wrote the peer reviewed journal article: "Aspartame: Methanol and the Public Health": It has constantly been omitted in reviews, probably because it’s so damning. When the European Commission on Food did the review I personally brought this to Brussels with other damning research. They omitted it in favor of industry studies that were flawed. Fortunately OLAF, the European anti-fraud organization got to the bottom of it; there was no committee making a decision, it was only one person, obviously an industry flack. So no more European Commission on Food and up sprung EFSA. No valid review on aspartame therefore has ever been done. If the review was disqualified then they shouldn’t be able to use it. Here is the rebuttal to the review:

Also no one should be on EFSA’s committee from Coke and Pepsi since the National Soft Drink Association (name changed to American Beverage) protested to the FDA about allowing aspartame in soft drinks. They knew the gun was loaded, that it is adulterated and unstable, for starters. Then they turned right around and lobbied for NutraSweet. This is the reason it was added to the congressional record. You will see the congressional record for l985 and 1987 on the front of

It is the modus operandi of industry to do studies in foreign lands to see what injuries the products produce, but not publish any bad results. G. D. Searle, the original manufacturer of aspartame did studies in 6 countries using people in poor villages who wouldn’t be missed. These studies were translated by Norma Vera, and you can contact her at In her notarized affidavit she explains not only that some died but aspartame hardened the synovial fluids (the reason for so much joint pain and fibromyalgia), destroyed the brain, triggered all kinds of seizures and brain tumors and the pregnant woman hemorrhaged and lost her baby. She then disappeared. I doubt there were many survivors. All this in only 18 months.

How did it get approved in England (no studies were ever done) here is the article from the Guardian This was a business deal between G. D. Searle and Paul Turner of the agency there. While Parliament had a big blowout they still did not rescind the order. Then aspartame was rubberstamped around the world. So you can understand Food Standards saying to me when I was in New Zealand: “No studies were ever done here on aspartame. We relied on the FDA.”

There have been constant efforts to ban aspartame ever since it was marketed through the efforts of Don Rumsfeld. In 1986 the Community Nutrition Institute and Attorney James Turner tried to have aspartame banned because of all the seizures and blindness from the toxin. It was taken all the way to the Supreme Court. I’ve been told the only reason it wasn’t removed at that time was because of a corrupt judge. Industry always manages to get to somebody! Even 12 toxicologists have asked for it to be banned. Not only has the FDA refused to answer my citizen’s petition for ban but also the one by Dr. Kenneth Stoller. A citizen of Romania told me that they banned aspartame in the early 1990’s because aspartame causes cancer.

It is also important for EFSA to know what a danger aspartame is for pilots, and we do have a Mission Possible Aviation. Here is the pilot alert written by neurosurgeon Russell Blaylock, M.D. Mission Possible Aviation was started when a pilot crashed his plane into a tree on this poison. He told Dr. Blaylock, “Dumb I’m not but I couldn’t make a decision on aspartame”. At the time this alert was written by Dr. Blaylock six pilots on American had died from aspartame, one in flight drinking a Diet Coke.

In conclusion, almost 100% of independent peer reviewed research on aspartame has shown it to be unsafe. It was even admitted in Congress that the FDA receives so many complaints they were referring them to the AIDS Hotline, they closed the aspartame window. There are operations around the world warning people off aspartame. Medical texts by experts expose the mechanisms by which aspartame triggers and precipitates neurodegenerative diseases and cancers and interacts with drugs and vaccines. Movies interviewing the experts expose how aspartame has poisoned the world.

From the beginning industry studies and their propaganda have been exposed. FDA tried to have the manufacturer indicted for fraud. No industry studies should be considered. Here is their propaganda rebutted with medical references:

The military has admitted that aspartame caused Gulf War illness:

Here is a link to more doctor’s reports: Here is a link: FDA’s admission of 92 symptoms from four types of seizures to coma and death:

EFSA is using industry propaganda and saying aspartame does not get in the blood stream, which is absolutely not true so I want this letter on the record. You will note in their corporate book on aspartame the manufacturer themselves show it does get in the blood stream. Here is also a link to the movie, Sweet Misery: A Poisoned World: Here world experts testify. I’m in the end of it. Here is a direct link to James Turner, Atty, explaining how Rumsfeld got aspartame marketed after the FDA revoked the petition for approval. Here is the actual Board of Inquiry of the FDA revoking the petition for approval:

If you need any additional information please advise.

Dr. Betty Martini, D.Hum.
Founder, Mission Possible World Health International
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