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Posted: 27 December 2007

Think Before You Drink is the life-saving theme of Phoenix Organics anti-aspartame campaign. They're backing their words with 20,000 free bottles of Cola labeled with the truth about this poisonous sweetener, the ingredient in Diet Coke and thousands of foods and beverages. Bully! What a heroic and signal stand! Welcome to the Bandwagon!

Back in the old days, the AA Wagon had lots of passengers. The US National Soft Drink Assn. protested against the approval of Aspartame/NutraSweet/Equal/951 for use In soft drinks. This group represents 95% of American soda pop produces. Their many objections, in the Senate Congressional Record, 5/7/85, included these declarations:

"Aspartame is inherently, markedly and uniquely unstable."

"Searle has not demonstrated to a reasonable certainty that APM and its degradation products are safe."

"The inability to account for as much as 39% of APMs decomposition products is significant.{ "Searle Has Not Demonstrated to a Reasonable Certainty That The Use of APM Will Not Adversely Affect Human Health as a Result of the Changes Such Use is Likely to Cause in Brain Chemistry."

Something they didn't mention: the damned stuff is ADDICTIVE! APMs decomposition products, identified by better chemists, include formaldehyde, methyl alcohol, diketopiperazine, formic acid and a list of other killers. Products with this poison aren't for dieting, just for dying!

Phoenix Organics is right: Think Before You Drink. If it says diet, don't buy it.

Despite the damning evidence and objections of renowned scientists including the FDA's own experts, the toxin was approved when Don Rumsfeld, CEO of APM's maker, became America's Secretary of Defense. The soda pop producers found its cheaper than sugar and addicitifies like heroin, cocaine and nicotine; the cash registers began ringing like the London Bells and they all fell off the Anti Aspartame Bandwagon right in front of the bank. We're closing their accounts.

In 2006 Holland Sweetener, Europe's largest producer, closed their doors. Merisant, the current US corporate culprit now loses $50,000,000/year, owes more than they're worth. Care for a case of Diet Slop anyone?

The Anti Aspartame Bandwagon is filling up fast! Alison White of the NZ Safe Food Campaign advocates"no aspartame" stickers on safe food products. In NZ aspartame is indicated by the number 951 and few have a clue. Consumers have a right to know which products destroy their health and which are safe.

It's important to add to this to keep records of all those afflicted in New Zealand. They can subscribe to the Aspartame Information List on and we can forward the cases to the NZ team, but this list also helps them in support and education. Some have a serious problem in getting off the poison because of the addiction. For those who want to sign the petition for ban in NZ or need resources they can contact Alison White at the Safe Food Campaign, She has the medical texts, the aspartame documentary "Sweet Misery: A Poisoned World", Dr.Russell Blaylock's new CD, "The Truth About Aspartame" and other material.

The battle to protect New Zealand against this addictive carcinogenic neurotoxin is against the New Zealand Food Safety Authority which really should be called the Aspartame Manufacturers' Propaganda Front Group. (Replace "Front Group" with any words you wish to substitute."

This summer NZ's Soil & Health & the Safe Food Campaign brought me from America for a 3-week lecturetour. I came with peer-reviewed documents by medical experts, scientists, government documents and every sort of evidence that would convince intelligent people we're dealing with a deadly ignored global plague. Dr. H. J. Roberts 1000 page medical text is aptly titled: "Aspartame Disease: An Ignored Epidemic"! Standing at the door with a goldmine of evidence brought 10,000 miles to protect Kiwi's, I was denied entry to the Food Safety Authority meeting. They knew I had been working with world experts on aspartame for years releasing to the public their irrefutable evidence on the toxicity of aspartame. They didn't want to see it. To prove the point, Ralph Walton, MD who has done a study on aspartame and is a psychiatrist and aspartame expert was even refused comment by tele-conference. I came to New Zealand when Abby Cormack almost died from aspartame and was about to be diagnosed as bipolar. Her symptoms vanished when she quit this poison. Dr. Walton is very interested in bipolar and aspartame and has since written this report: He reviewed Abby's case and exposed aspartame at the time she made world news. Another expert, Dr. Woodrow Monte, actually lives in Wellington and was denied the right to appear at a meeting. See his peer reviewed journal article: Aspartame: Methanol & Public Health:

Refusing experts, ignoring research, banning evidence, rejecting federal documents proves NZFSA cares not for Kiwi's, only for corporations. What is the blood price for such treachery? Horror stories like Abby's arrive like an endless avalanche. Mission Possible World Health International has operations in 30 nations collecting them. In New Zealand one man said, "heard Abby on TV, had the same symptoms, stopped using it and got well". The NZFSA not only didn't want to hear them but as word got out because of the publicity this puppet and protector constantly published releases to stumble people from listening even though Kiwis were getting well by abstaining.

Chris Wheeler, NZ arm of Mission Possible, wrote a definitive expose and discussed what went on in NZ in "Dying For A Diet Coke":

NZFSA's propaganda has been repeatedly rebutted with facts: Yet they strive to brainwash the public into believing lies. Information listing 17 new studies showing aspartame toxicity were completely ignored.

The Safe Food Campaign of New Zealand and Soil & Health are committed to getting Diet Coke out of schools and this has to be done. Reports from world experts on how aspartame destroys the brains of our children have been compiled in this "Report For Schools" This is an effort to prevent children from suffering from such established aspartame symptoms as psychiatric and behavioral problems, reduced IQ, memory loss, disorientation, difficulty thinking and concentrating, visual blurring or even monocular blindness, drug interaction, and other disabilities including death.

Counties around the world are making strong efforts at banning aspartame. Even large chains in the UK such as ASDA/Walmart, Marks & Spencer, Tesco, etc. are withdrawing it in their products; 47 members of the UK Parliament there have asked for a ban. Calls for help from many countries show the people are fedup and want it off the planet. Robin Goodwin, Mission Possible Falklands got tired of waiting for a ban and simply wrote all citizens there so their health could be protected and aspartame products could rot on the shelves. It worked.

The continued courage of manufacturers of integrity and activists in New Zealand read victory. Will NZ be first to ban this carcinogenic neurotoxin? They have exposed NZFSA who now must listen and protect the people instead of the manufacturers. A petition for ban of aspartame based on an imminent health hazard was sent to America's Food and Drug Admin in October. Physicians are being asked to continue to set up Aspartame Detox Centers.

The Trocho Study shows the formaldehyde converted from the free methyl alcohol in aspartame embalms living tissue and damages DNA. NZFSA seems concerned about formaldehyde in products from China, might they be more concerned that Kiwi's are being embalmed with it because of the product they protect.

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