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Posted: 29 March 2007

From: "Dr. Betty Martini, D.Hum." Bettym19@mindspring.com
To: "Commissioner-fda.gov" Commissioner@fda.gov, "mitchell.cheeseman-fda.hhs.gov" mitchell.cheeseman@fda.hhs.gov, David: ;, Jaffe Lyle D LJAFFE@OC.FDA.GOV, "inforeply-cdc.gov" inforeply@cdc.gov
Date: Wed, Mar 28, 2007 7:45 pm
Subject: FDA: Ban marketing of products to children with aspartame


The Commissioner of Health for Baltimore and pediatric experts understand the harm to children from these products. As they state: "Cold medicines for children are often loaded with chemical sweeteners and other artificial ingredients that can actually be harmful to a child's health." ... " In some children, unintentional overdoses have caused heart rhythm changes, cardiopulmonary arrest, hallucinations, psychoses, hypertension and seizures." In any amount aspartame is deadly, and its cumulative. Below my signature is a case of death, and no doubt there are many cases of SIDS that could be due to aspartame. Aspartame interacts with vaccines that by themselves can cause disability and death. If a physician prescribes medication for a child, a mother might also pick up over-the-counter chewable pediatric products or flavored with aspartame cough syrup. Aspartame interacts with all drugs: http://www.wnho.net/aspartame_interacts.htm

When Dr. John Olney, neuroscientist, and founder of the field of neuroscience called excitotoxicity, provided FDA with his report he was told aspartame would never be marketed to children: http://www.wnho.net/dr_olney1.doc Even in the UK according to Food Standards artificial sweeteners cannot be marketed to children under 3, not that they are any better in enforcing the law.

These problems mentioned: " heart rhythm changes, cardiopulmonary arrest, hallucinations, psychoses, hypertension and seizures" are known to be caused by aspartame. All of them are discussed in the medical text on the plague it has caused, "Aspartame Disease: An Ignored Epidemic," http://www.sunsentpress.com by H. J. Roberts, M.D. 1038 pages of horrors caused by the FDA approving poison for human consumption. Furthermore, some of the companies also use Splenda which is a chloro-carbon poison or DDT-Lite as we call it. What a lethal combination, aspartame and sucralose.

It was bad enough aspartame was FDA approved but sitting back and doing nothing for over a quarter of a century while being swamped with complaints that already have caused three congressional hearings, is a crime against humanity, absolutely obscene. People are literally dropping dead from this toxin: http://www.wnho.net/aspartame_msg_scd.htm

I wrote a petition for recall almost 5 years ago which you have ignored even though the law gives you only 180 days to answer it. http://www.wnho.net/citizens_aspartame_petition.htm

Diseases triggered by aspartame continue to rise. As an example, Alzheimers has risen 10% in just five years: http://www.wnho.net/prevalence_of_alzheimers.htm Not only is there an aspartame link but with other toxins you continue to approve the public doesn't have a chance. Autism which is known to be triggered by aspartame is skyrocketing. In New Jersey alone 1 in every 93 children born is autistic. Then they are vaccinated and thimerosal can also trigger autism. Which will be the lethal dose, perhaps aspartame laced cough syrup after receiving pediatric Penicillin (Augmentin) with aspartame?

When will this insanity stop? When will you do your job and remove this poison from the market? Dr. James Bowen told FDA 20 years ago: "the only responsible action would be to immediately take aspartame off the market, fully disclose its toxicities, offer full compensation to the injured, public and criminally prosecute anyone who participated in the fraudulent placement of aspartame on the marketplace. That includes those who work so diligently to keep in on the market as well." Instead of FDA doing its job more and more aspartame was approved until in l996 David Kessler granted blanket approval of aspartame even though the manufacturer, Searle, said in their secret trade information voluntarily submitted during Congressional hearings that aspartame could not be used for everything.

FDA has made addicts of children because the methanol in aspartame, classified as a narcotic, causes chronic methanol poisoning, affecting the dopamine system of the brain, causing addiction.

Read on for the Artificially Sweetened Horror Story, a child given aspartame products. This is what aspartame did to one family and caused the death of the woman's son. The calls never stop from the sick and dying on aspartame.

Note: Also included in this letter was a copy of the article, "Artificially Sweetened Horror Story: A Letter By Renee A. Wilson." Since it is already posted, instead of recopying it here, we have provided a link to it for you. You will find it at: http:// www.wnho.net/sweetened_horror_story.htm

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