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30 Dec 2020 - Pence Should Have Declined The Vaccine - Could Still Order Aspartame-Methanol-Formaldehyde Approval Rescinded

07 Dec 2020 - Aspartame Is A Crime Against Humanity, Genocide: Under Title 18 By James Bowen, M.D.

07 Dec 2020 Save Your Own Life! ~ Aspartame, Auschwitz, Assault And Anger

25 Nov 2020 - Millstone And Dawson Archives Of Public Health - November 2020 - Why Did EFSA Not Reduce Its ADI For aspartame Or Recommend Its Use Should No Longer Be Permitted? [PDF format] (It will open in a new window)

24 Nov 2020 - BREAKING NEWS: An International Tribunal Has Included A Ban "On Any And All Uses Of Aspartame By Any Name In Any Formulation In Any Product For Human Consumption Including And Not Limited To Vaccinations" On Page 17 Of Its Indictment [BREAKING NEWS: Dr. Betty Martini, noted Aspartame expert and a Judge on the International Tribunal stated: "This historic Tribunal has included a ban on "on Any and all uses of Aspartame by any name in any formulation in any product for human consumption including and not limited to Vaccinations" on page 17 of its Indictment, downloadable at ]

20 Nov 2020 - Study: Sweetened And Artificially Sweetened Drinks Are Bad

19 Nov 2020 - Artificial Sweetener Used In More Than 6,000 Products Linked To Host Of Serious Health Problems 16 Nov 2020 - World's Most Popular Artificial Sweetener Must Be Banned, Say Experts

16 Nov 2020 - EFSA's Toxicological Assessment Of aspartame

16 Nov 2020 - Campaign To Remove Aspartame From The Planet

14 Nov 2020 - Identification Of Aspartame-Induced Haematopoietic And Lymphoid Tumours In Rats After Lifetime Treatment

14 Nov 2020 - The Untold Truth Of Diet Coke --- Politicians And Presidents On Aspartame

14 Nov 2020 - Aspartame: Oman's New Govt: No artificial Flavorings Or Sweeteners For Children Under Age One

03 Oct 2020 - Letter To The Honorable James Breder

28 Aug 2020 - Why Can't Microsoft Co-Founder Bill Gates Not Pass A Day Without Diet Coke? [This explains a lot. Is Melinda running the show? - Dr. B. Martini, D.Hum.]

11 Feb 2020 - Food Additives And Sweeteners Found To Impact Gut Microbiome Diversity

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