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Posted: 29 November 2017

I've been taking the case histories from those who are sick and dying from aspartame for 28 years in January. Throughout the years, many informants have come forward.


Aspartame was never proven safe yet achieved market status that resulted from the political chicanery of Don Rumsfeld, after the FDA tried first to have G. D. Searle indicted for fraud ( with later both US prosecutors going to work for the defense team). They then revoked Searle's petition for approval. Since the Board of Inquiry in making their decision to revoke the petition for approval said it could not be proven safe and caused brain tumors, the realm for further "study" then became the consumer public itself.

Searle hired Rumsfeld to get it marketed. They filed suit to prevent the revoked petition being signed into law. Then, because he was part of President Reagan transition team, Rumsfeld was able to orchestrate the ghastly scenario of what had to be done to FORCE approval.

After Reagan was elected, he had FDA Commissioner Jeri Goyan fired in the middle of the night, according to Goyan's wife. She said the call came in about 3:00 AM and sent me a letter with the details.

He knew it would take 30 days to get a new Commissioner installed, so Reagan wrote an executive order making the FDA powerless to sign the revoked petition into law. Then he appointed one of Rumsfeld's friends from the defense department to over-rule the Board of Inquiry, Dr. Arthur Hull Hayes. He did this by adding another person to the Board of Inquiry resulting in a tie which only he could break.

The Board of Inquiry had already convened and the decision had already been made but this is how underhanded industry makes their own laws, and the FDA is well known for serving above the law. This is how you change a decision after the decision has already been made.

This modus operandi of power is why the public is not protected. As an example, Dr. Woodrow Monte tried to have a hearing on aspartame. He lived in Arizona at the time. Flacks and lobbyists came there to stop the hearing but finally he persevered and got his hearing. Industry used the same underhanded way to stop it. A bill had already been passed on toxic waste. They removed the guts and wrote in how to deregulate artificial sweeteners. The hearing was squelched. Nobody voted to have this done, the bill had already been passed for another subject.

So back to Rumsfeld, he was then in control. By law, the executive orders of a President must always be on the record, but immediately in this case, the executive order was expunged or "scrubbed" from existence. It is mentioned in Dr. Goyan's wife's letter. When Arthur Hull Hayes left FDA, he went to work for the PR agency of the manufacturer, Burson Marsteller, at $1000.00 a day on a ten year contract. What a reward for getting a poison approved! One article said he only spent about 15 days with this company. Rumsfeld got his reward when the company was sold to Monsanto. He got $12 million.


Most informants have given me their name, like Norma Vera, who translated studies for G. D. Searle studies which took place in six different nations. She told me they used people from poor villages so they wouldn't be missed if they died, and they administered a lot of aspartame. She became aware that aspartame caused brain tumors and seizures, damaging the brain so much it was resembled turning them into mush. The pregnant woman hemorrhaged, lost her baby and disappeared.

She reported it hardened the synovial fluids. which accounted for the rapid spike in a brand new disease called fibromyalgia.

Then Big Pharma decided to accept it as a disease when they found out they could make more drugs and more money on this aspartame ailment. According to the University of Florida in a study, when aspartame was omitted no more fibromyalgia. The famed internist, Dr. H.J. Roberts called it a "junk bucket" disease. The pain is excruciating.

Dave Rietz, who set up DORway, went to 12 physicians and 11 simply called it joint pain and one called it fibromyalgia. No physician could help him. The pain was so severe that he built on a room for a Jacuzzi because he observed that the pain was less when he was in hot water. Reading the FDA list of 92 symptoms [ ], he saw joint pain and then subsequently abstained. Then the pain was dissipated. He said he set up DORway to discovery to give back to the Internet what the Internet gave back to him, namely his life. However, in the end he died of aspartame prostate cancer. DORway was hacked so now the entire contents are on my web site, but it takes awhile to open because he has over 1000 pages.

So with the study continuing using the consumer public as guinea pigs, what happened next? The public began suffering from the same problems seen in the original studies. A 52 week oral toxicity study on 7 infant monkeys showed 5 had grand mal seizures and 1 died.

This became a pivotal study used in the approval process. Now the study continuing on the public showed victims suffering from seizures. After Dr. Richard Wurtman from MIT had collected 80 aspartame seizure cases, he stated they were enough to have aspartame removed from the market.

Guess who the monkey and the guinea pigs are now? You can't even get any help for the seizures because aspartame interacts with anti-seizure medication. Now drug manufacturers are even putting aspartame in the anti-seizure medication.

In Dr. Leonard Coldwell's new book, "The Only Answer to The Only Cancer Patient Cure", page 319, Robin Goodwin, Mission Possible Falkland Islands, explains how his daughter had seizures for 18 years until he read an article on aspartame and seizures. On abstaining the seizures immediately stopped. His wife had an aspartame brain tumor. Consider Robin Goodwin a par excellence activist. He wrote to every person in the Falklands to warn them and let aspartame rot on the shelves. Multiply this millions of times worldwide and you understand where the seizure epidemic came from.

Since aspartame caused malignant brain cancer, there arose an epidemic of aspartame brain tumors in victims. One of those victims was Ed Johnson, a former US Prosecutor, who can now be seen in the aspartame documentary "Sweet Misery: A Poisoned World".[ ]

You can order your own copy from from Cori Brackett who produced this outstanding documentary. She herself was a victim, in a wheelchair diagnosed with MS for years. She could hardly walk or talk. After abstaining, she not only got up and walked out of her wheelchair to make this movie, but 8 months later the huge lesion all but disappeared. When you have to buy a gift get a copy of the movie from Cori and save yet another life. She followed this documentary with Sweet Remedy.

Headache is #1 on the FDA list. Victims began having horrible migraines. They would go to their physician who would put them on Maxalt. Then they added aspartame to the drug so you simply wouldn't and couldn't get over the headache. Was Maxalt warned? Of course, but they choose to keep it in the drug anyway with full knowledge they were harming the consumer public. Finally a study was done which showed that using Maxalt with aspartame was making the headache worse. Still the company would not remove the chemical poison. I always wondered how they got away with it because the drug could not stop the headache. One victim said the doctor said it would take 3 days to start working. What kind of company would want the patient to continue to suffer, just so they could sell more drugs and make more money? The answer is Merck, of course, also who makes Singulair and adds aspartame. Aspartame is escalating asthma, so Merck adds aspartame in its product for asthma not only making it worse but causing continued complaints that the aspartame is causing seizures in these children. I could write a set of encyclopedias after seeing the public die from aspartame problems that were originally proven by study before Rumsfeld did his heinous deeds.

Do you remember Flo Jo, Florence Delorez Griffith Joyner ? She was an American track and field athlete, usually with a Diet Coke in her hand. She died of one of those aspartame seizures on September 21, 1998 at the age of 38. What to do since the "new FDA" would do nothing. Dr. Russell Blaylock, neurosurgeon and author of "Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills," wrote an athlete alert to warn athletes.

The study on the consumer public continues. What didn't the chemical poison aspartame cause in original studies?! One of the horrors was ghastly birth defects. With FDA Commissioner Arthur Hull Hayes now in control, the birth defect studies were simply sealed and then forgotten. They were exposed in the Bressler Report so FDA removed them from the report. Jerome Bressler when he retired from the FDA begged me to find them and restore them to his report because he said the public was consuming this poison with no idea of what this horrendous poison could cause. Indeed when I found them, they were neural tube defects, spina bifida and cleft palate. Dr. Woodrow Monte, who had even taken the issue all the way to the Supreme Court because of the blindness and seizure issues from the methanol, then wrote the book: "While Science Sleeps: A Sweetener Kills", Here is the entire chapter on aspartame and autism:

I added the FDA documents that had been sealed back to the Bressler Report:

Industry's dominance and force is horrific - power, power, your life is on fire. You will notice in the chapter on aspartame and autism by Dr. Monte that his house was blown up with him in it. He also tells about the deal between G. D. Searle and the new FDA to seal the teratology studies so the public wouldn't know aspartame causes birth effects.

All of a sudden after aspartame approval autism, ADD and ADHD spiked in the population. The ADD people, Feingold, said in the documentary, "Sweet Remedy" that before aspartame was approved they hardly ever used the term ADD. Autism was rare but now MIT says by 2025 one out of two will be autistic. They think it is Round-Up, the weedkiller, which is a deadly poison but the cause is mostly aspartame. Vaccinations can also cause autism and aspartame is not only an adjuvant like in vaccines, but also interacts with vaccines. It has even been found in some vaccines.

the consumer public. It became apparent immediately, so Senator Howard Metzenbaum wrote a bill to create a moratorium on aspartame and to require independent studies done on what was being seen in the public. It included seizures, what it does to the fetus, behavioral problems in children, drug interactions, etc. When Senator Metzenbaum asked for congressional hearings Senator Orrin Hatch kept putting them off. He kept telling Hatch that it was going to be too late, and to please think of the children.

Hatch was paid by Monsanto in a campaign contribution. Finally they had congressional hearings, in the Senate on 8/1/1985. I wish someone would explain to me why any Senator would not support a bill that would protect the public by putting a moratorium on aspartame until independent studies could be done on what they were already immediately seeing in the population? It should be against the law for Congress to be given money to prevent public protection. Indeed, they need to drain the swamp or start over! This global epidemic could have been prevented!

One pilot complained to the Senate he had an aspartame blackout and only came to when he almost hit the water. After Pilot Cliff Evans crashed his plane into a tree on aspartame, he asked me to help the pilots so I set up Mission Possible Aviation. Our representative for pilot safety is Captain Fred Fox who retired from American when aspartame gave him atrial fibrillation. He also gave me a list of 6 pilots on American who had used aspartame and who later died. We've gotten calls for years. Dr. Russell Blaylock wrote us a pilot alert:

The studies on aspartame were so ruinous and incriminating that Jana Marie Kincaid said she was hired to fax one copy to France and then shred them. She said aspartame killed everything it touched. Here is a picture of one of the most heinous acts in U.S. History, what Dr. James Bowen told FDA was mass poisoning. Dr. Bowen has Lou Gehrigs triggered by aspartame.

In 1990 Dr. H. J. Roberts gave a press conference and said if something was not done then we would end up with an epidemic. He later coined the phrase "Aspartame Disease" because the symptoms were predictable and there was a clear emerging pattern. He declared Aspartame Disease a global epidemic and wrote the 1000 page medical text, "Aspartame Disease: An Ignored Epidemic."

Over the years the picture gets bleaker as babies fill St. Jude Hospital being born with brain tumors from mothers who weren't warned aspartame is a teratogen causing birth defects and mental retardation, and that the molecule breaks down to diketopiperazine, a brain tumor agent that caused malignant brain cancer in original studies. Others are born autistic or with other horrors. Many SIDS deaths are aspartame induced:

All of a sudden there is a blazing epidemic of obesity. In an affidavit by Dr. Richard Wurtman, he stated that aspartame is a so called "diet" product that actually makes you crave carbohydrates so you gain weight. It is listed in the protest of the National Soft Drink Assn, part of the congressional record on

Today, there are six class actions for deceptive advertising in calling aspartame diet when it causes you to gain weight. If you live in California and drank diet pop to lose weight but gained it instead you can contact Jack Fitzgerald, If you're in New Yorkyou can contact Derek Smith

There was no way to even get to informants on Alzheimers without you understanding the population is being mass poisoned, which has been known since the beginning. You're part of a study being done on the public, well described in Dr. Monte's book, "While Science Sleeps: A Sweetener Kills".

Welcome to the International Association of guinea pigs and lab rats. I remember talking to a toxicologist some years ago, and I mentioned the six studies done by G. D. Searle in other countries. He said, "Didn't you know all pharmaceutical companies do studies in other countries where they are not published, so they know how much to pay off Congress?" Over the years we heard about more and more studies. I spoke with one scientist who had worked for Coke just to translate those studies.

ALZHEIMER'S AND DEMENTIA: Hearsay: I Hear What You Are Saying!

Stacks of informants have told the story of Alzheimer's and Aspartame. Now the reader can listen to the hearsay and make up their own mind.

The first person who ever mentioned Alzheimer's and aspartame to me was Craig Chiodi. He wrote and said: "About two years ago I was driving my brother out to Las Vegas, and in a local gas station, as I was about to buy a Diet Pepsi, the delivery driver for Pepsi approached me. What he told me then was to stay away from NutraSweet and any products that contain it. He said he was "demoted" from his position as a chemical engineer when he began to raise objections to the use of aspartame in their diet drinks. At that time, they were beginning to receive the results of the ten year trials conducted by the soft drink industry. Blindness, birth defects, ALZHEIMER'S---Please send me information on what I can do to help spread the word."

Some years later I was giving out flyers in a store and a woman told me, "This flyer is not true. I work for the National Soft Drink Assoc." I replied, "Then you know itís true because the NSDA did a ten year study showing blindness, birth defects and ALZHEIMER'S." She immediately fired back, "You couldn't possibly have those studies!" I said, "Thank you for confirming they were done." She got all flustered, and another lady got her a glass of water and helped her to her car. Hearsay it may be, but I heard what she said. The National Soft Drink Association changed its name to American Beverage.

Often the people from the company itself admit it's poison. Here is a note from "Rohana". She wrote, "In 1987 I was the Exec Asst to the new president of a company called Advanced Polymer Systems in California. We recruited our new president, Gary Whitehouse from Searle, where he was a major part of the team that developed Nutrasweet. His degrees were in Chemistry. He told me at that time, 1987, that the stuff was "poison" and he would NEVER allow his wife and children to use it. He was very clear, quite adamant about it, although we never discussed it in any depth. The last I heard he was working for a big company called Failure Analysis in California, but that was some years ago and I have no idea where he is now."

My husband and I went to an Air Force base in New Mexico some years ago. The Air Force was warning pilots to stay away from and never to consume Nutrasweet through their magazine, "Flying Safety" but then retracted the warning saying aspartame was just "living and breathing," obviously not the way the Air Force writes. Industry had gotten the retraction bytelling the Air Force the CDC investigation showed only mild findings.

In reality, the CDC investigation exposed the grave symptoms and death from aspartame. Someone added the note that the findings were mild which contradicted the investigation showing things like mood alteration, seizures, cardiac arrest and even death. Than the CDC put the false summary on their web site and left off the investigation.

Here is the CDC investigation: I even show this in the documentary, "Sweet Misery: A Poisoned World." The editor told me the Defense Department told her if I called to call them, which I did. Interestingly they knew I would call. As soon as I mentioned aspartame, especially being a biochemical warfare weapon they hung up, and then removed the recorder on that phone number. So I told the editor I was coming to New Mexico. This upset her.

We went to New Mexico after changing planes in St. Louis. Since we had to wait, I gave out flyers in the airport. One young man said, "I know more than you on aspartame." I said, "Tell me about it." The story was that his mother rented an apartment to a physician in St. Louis and told her attorneys for the company visited doctors there and told them if they told anyone aspartame caused Alzheimer's, they would be sued, and that was how they were keeping the information from the public. Hearsay, but I heard what he said.

We then proceeded to the air force base in New Mexico where I gave out pilot packets. A pilot later called and thanked me for coming. Said they had more power and would get the correct information to all the pilots there. We were stopped by Air Force police, but the mission had been accomplished and it kept the pilots from using a neurotoxin.

When the Olympics came to Atlanta we gave out flyers all over the city. One nurse stopped me and said she was dating someone who worked for Monsanto. I gave her a lot of information and she said, "Why does Monsanto tell all their friends not to use aspartame because it causes Alzheimer's?" I replied, "I think you just answered your own question." I've heard it many times. Hearsay, but I had heard it many times before.

One day a lady here in Duluth, Georgia called me and asked: "Could you provide me with some information on aspartame being a poison." I replied, "How did you find out it was a poison?" She told me her husband worked for Monsanto. We became very good friends and she drove me to Alabama for a TV interview. On the way she discussed her ex-husband and said when he first went to work for Monsanto he was told not to use aspartame or allow his family to use aspartame, and not to bring it into the house because it was a poison, and could cause Alzheimer's.

After working for Monsanto for awhile they sent him to work with the FDA. Later they sent him to G. D. Searle and he quit because he said their research was rigged, in other words for whatever they had to pay for the result they wanted. She tried to get her ex-husband to give me an affidavit of this notarized, but he replied that he signed a paper that he could never reveal anything about the company. It would seem it wouldn't matter after two decades, but he nonetheless refused.

Informants have told me aspartame causes Alzheimer's for decades. My husband and I were in Macon, Georgia over 20 years ago for a convention. The lines were long wherever we went so again I gave out flyers. One man said, "I don't need a flyer. I worked for Monsanto and they told us not to use it because it causes Alzheimer's."

An interesting point is that memory loss is so prevalent that it is number 9 on the FDA list of 92 symptoms. For years victims have told me they had terrible memory while on aspartame, even forgetting to pick up their children at school. Usually when people abstain the first thing to go is the brain fog. Dr. H. J. Roberts once told me he was talking to someone in air traffic control and the man couldn't remember where he was or even his own name. All you have to do is read victim's histories on aspartame and over and over again they speak of memory loss. When I was young, whoever even heard of Alzheimer's?

In 1999 an email I wrote about lecturing for the World Environmental Conference went viral. Someone by the name of Nancy Markle put her name on it, but it didn't take long for people to realize that I was the original writer. For at least two years I got calls day and night from aspartame victims who read this email and wanted to know if it was true. Even today, almost two decades later, I still get calls from victims. I received many calls from hospices whose personnel asked, "Why are we getting Alzheimer's patients who are in their 30's?"

Perhaps you remember Michael Fox, who was a diet pop spokesman and very addicted. He asked: "How could I get Parkinson's, an old man's disease at the age of 30?" Aspartame respects no age.

One thing about informants they consistently say the same thing, and itís time for someone to hear what they are saying. Even in Dr. H. J. Roberts book, "Defense Against Alzheimers Disease" he says aspartame is escalating the disease. It would have never reached the public had it not been for the help President Reagan gave Don Rumsfeld in getting it on the market. Reagan used it and what did he die from? Alzheimers! The New York Times in April, 2017 wrote about the study in Boston linking diet drinks with strokes and dementia. When researchers write more studies need to be done on aspartame you would think over 40 years of studies showing aspartame to being deadly would be enough. Even Dr. Ralph Walton did research for 60 Minutes on aspartame peer reviewed studies and funding. They couldn't get aspartame to show safety originally and they have to fund someone to say its safe today, This is why only scientific peer reviewed studies that are independent are acceptable.

As to studies, the longest and strongest is the study on the global public showing Alzheimers rampant.

I've been listening to the victims for almost 28 years and I hear what they are saying. I've seen their suffering and heard them weeping. Lives ruined because of aspartame, and all the while the FDA allowing the manufacturers to put more aspartame products on the market destroying civilization. Aspartame is marketed under many names, NutraSweet, Equal, E951, Advantame, Neotame, Spoonful, Canderel, Benevia, Aminosweet, and on and on.

Some of the FDA scientists admit to being broken and corruption going on but who is the David who wants to take down Big Pharma and Big Chem, and the aspartame industry? It's up to the readers now. It may be hearsay but does anyone hear what they are saying? Start reading labels and in Dr. Roberts words, "when in doubt, throw it out"!

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