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Posted: 13 July 2010

Aspartame jumps premature births up to 78% European study on 60,000 women:

How aspartame kills the fetus & maims babies

For 30 years it has been known that aspartame is an abortifacient, and causes birth defects and mental retardation as a teratogen. It's sold as a sweetener, but it is an addictive, excitoneurotoxic, genetically engineered, carcinogenic drug that is poisoning the world. Marketed as NutraSweet, Equal, E951, Canderel, Benevia and just recently as AminoSweet it is even included in vaccines as an adjuvant to stimulate your immune reactions. It interacts with drugs and vaccines, damages the mitochondria or powerhouse of the cell. Many mothers lose their babies even before they know they are pregnant. An adjuvant is (an immune stimulator). Squalene was an adjuvant in the Anthrax vaccine given to the Persian Gulf troops. Adjuvants cause MS, ALS (Lou Gehrigs), Lupus and autism for starters. The Gulf War Illness saw a 200% increase in ALS from the squalene in Anthrax vaccinations. Also diet drinks sat on pallets for weeks in the 120 degree Arabian sun and the thirsty American boys drank them all day long: Formaldehyde cocktails! Aspartame precipitates ALS like other adjuvants and by the 40% aspartic acid in the molecule, which excites the neurons to over stimulation until they exhaust and die. Neurosurgeon Russell Blaylock defines isolated aspartic acid as an excitotoxin: Is it worse for a baby? Read Dr. James Bowen's brilliant report Aspartame Murders Infants and prepare to be outraged. Dr. Morando Soffritti's 3 year study on 1800 rats at the Ramazzini Institute of Oncology identified aspartame as a multi-potential carcinogen. It was followed up by a second study, peer reviewed by seven world experts and this report: "The second ERF study (2007) was conducted on 400 Sprague-Dawley rats (70-95/per sex/per group). In order to simulate daily human intake, aspartame was added to the standard rat diet in quantities of 100, 20, and 0 mg/Kg of body weight. Treatment of the animals began on the 12th day of fetal life until natural death. The results of the second study show an increased incidence of lymphomas/leukemias in female rats with respect to the first study. Moreover, the study shows that when lifespan exposure to APM begins during fetal life, the age at which lymphomas/leukemias develop in females is anticipated. For the first time, a statistically significant increase in mammary cancers in females was also observed in the second study. The results of this transplacental carcinogenicity bioassay not only confirm, but also reinforce the first experimental demonstration of APMs multipotential carcinogenicity." If a pregnant mother uses aspartame and the baby survives the child can grow up to cancer. Neurosurgeon Russell Blaylock, M.D, author of: "Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills", and DVD: "The Truth About Aspartame" evaluated the Ramazzini studies: "My review of the first Ramazzini Study concluded that the study was one of the best designed, comprehensive and conclusive studies done to date on the multipotential carcinogenic danger of aspartame. This second study is even more conclusive, in that it shows a dose-dependent statistically significant increase in lymphomas/leukemia in both male and female rats exposed to aspartame. These two cancers are the fastest growing cancers in people under age 30.

"Also, of major concern is their finding of statistically significant increases in breast cancer in animals exposed to aspartame. With newer studies clearly indicating that toxic exposures during fetal development can dramatically increase the cancer risk of the offspring, this study takes on a very important meaning to all pregnant women consuming aspartame products. Likewise, small children are at considerable risk of the later development of these highly fatal cancers. It should be appreciated that the doses used in these study fall within the range of doses seen in everyday users of aspartame. This study, along with the first study, should convince any reasonable scientific mind, as well as the public, that this product should be removed from the market."Dr. John Olney is one of the most famed neuroscientist in the world. His CV is at He did studies on aspartic acid and found it causes lesions in the brains of mice. 40% of aspartame is aspartic acid. The study in is our Report for Schools: He and Attorney James Turner a former Nader Raider and famed consumer attorney, author of the Chemical Feast tried to prevent the approval of aspartame. He knew that birth defects would destroy the brains of our children, and be compounded with the use of MSG. Read the actual 49 page report by Dr. John Olney to the Board of Inquiry of the FDA proving it to them. The FDA agreed. The story of how aspartame got on the market is long. It was not approved on the basis of any positive scientific support. The FDA found so much fraud in G. D. Searle's submissions that it asked the Department of Justice to prosecute them for fraud. This was only the second time FDA ever took such a drastic action. Two Federal prosecutors were assigned to indict Searle. They had Searle dead-to-rights, it was an open and shut case. So what did Searle do? They had their lawyers, Sidney and Austin, hire the prosecutors who promptly switched sides, and the case died with the statute of limitations and can never be initiated again. When the district attorney goes to work for the Godfather expect acquittal! Nevertheless, the FDA revoked the petition for aspartame approval , but through the political muscle of Don Rumsfeld, who was part of Reagan's transition team and also the CEO of G. D. Searle, aspartame clawed its way onto the market. I suggest everyone see the movie, Sweet Misery: A Poisoned World and learn how President Reagan wrote an executive order making FDA powerless to do anything about aspartame until Reagan's new Commissioner, Arthur Hull Hayes, got to the FDA to overrule the Board of Inquiry. The night of Reagan's inauguration the then current FDA Commissioner, Dr. Jere Goyan, was fired at 3:00 AM. I have a letter from his wife. It's also in Andrew Cockburn's book "Rumsfeld: His Rise, Fall and Catastrophic Legacy" It is a matter of public record.

More tragic facts on how aspartame affects pregnancy: It is also an endocrine disrupting drug, stimulates prolactin, changes the menses causing infertility as detailed in Aspartame Disease: An Ignored Epidemic, a 1038 page medical text by world expert H. J. Roberts, M.D., So women sit in fertility clinics sipping diet soda not knowing they're holding in their hand the traitor that prevents them from being pregnant. Ermelle Martinez dropped out of her final year in medical school and never became a physician because she consumed aspartame and was diagnosed with MS. Ready for a wheelchair, she was referred us and relinquished the poison. Neurosurgeon Russell Blaylock, M.D. found a large lesion in her brain. Her husband divorced her because she was barren. Now she's fine today, the lesion disappeared she began to ovulate again, but she is too old to begin a family. What have these criminal aspartame manufacturers done to the world! Destroyed families! Even if a woman discontinues aspartame and does get pregnant she may lose her baby or birth one with defects, especially if she gets back on it again. Some restaurants have signs warning pregnant women not to drink alcohol for fear of birth effects. The warning is against ethyl alcohol, a simple two-carbon intoxicant. Far more deadly is the single-carbon methanol, wood alcohol, CH3OH which fetal tissue cannot tolerate. As little as one ounce of methanol can be fatal to an adult human. One third of aspartame is a methyl ester, CH3O, although this is only 10% by weight. As you metabolize it the methyl ester picks up another hydrogen atom and now you are poisoned by deadly methyl alcohol, CH3OH Next an oxygen atom picks off two of the hydrogen to make a molecule of water, H2O, leaving a dancing molecule of CH2O, formaldehyde! The better to embalm you with, my dear. See this article from the Aspartame Toxicity Center:

We provided a mountain of data to the English Food Standards and the European Food Safety Authority, including abundant scientific backup. The methanol from aspartame is free and unbound, unlike that in oranges which is bound to pectin so it is safely removed from your body. Also, in natural fruits it's accompanied by much larger volumes of ethanol, the classic antidote for methanol toxicity. Aspartame: Methanol and the Public Health by Dr. Woodrow Monte. Read one paper I sent that cites many medical experts:

What happened at EFSA? With overwhelming independent studies that show the toxic reactions and sordid history of this poison, plus numerous case histories of the sick and dying, plus reports from the experts like those above, the European Food Safety Authority sided with industry as they always do. They tried to rebut the prestigious Ramazzini studies with pure medical foolishness. EFSA's head, Dr. Herman Koeter confessed they were pressured by industry to hijack science and resigned! Go ahead you chemical criminals, poison everybody in England and Europe. Full speed ahead to genocide !!!

FDA toxicologist, Dr. Adrian Gross, told Congress FDA should not set an ADI on aspartame because it causes brain cancer and violates the Delaney Amendment.which prohibits any ingredient in food which is carcinogenic. (Senate, 8/1/85). It breaks down to DKP, a brain tumor agent. Dr. Ralph Walton told Food Standards the ADI of aspartame should be zero!

We have now reached critical mass. The world knows that aspartame, AminoSweet, NutraSweet, E951, Spoonful, Equal, Canderel, Benevia, etc. is a poison. The prestigious English magazine, The Ecologist, in a 17 page expose told the world aspartame began as a biochemical warfare weapon: This was followed by a 15 page article in their Spanish edition. Aspartame is a cash cow because it addicts. The methyl alcohol, a narcotic, creates chronic methanol poisoning, altering the dopamine system of the brain, producing addiction. We provide data to help these poor victims get through the horrible symptoms of withdrawal. FDA ignores everything, they receive more than half their funds from Big Pharma, so who do you think they work for? A conscience is not required to work for the Fatal Drugs Allowed crew. has the Aspartame Information List. But we're winning, the jig is up! Like a criminal adopting a new alias, Ajinomoto just changed the name of aspartame to AminoSweet. This is three kinds of a crime:

  1. It's misleading since not the amino acids but the methyl alcohol sweetens their toxin.
  2. They're trying to duck the squalid history of their murderous criminal concoction.
  3. When victims get off aspartame they are often chemically sensitized and must never use it again because it causes polychemical sensitivity syndrome. In the movie, Sweet Misery: A Poisoned World, Cheryl Kemptner told this to the hospital when she was admitted. They gave her a no-aspartame bracelet but it didn't prevent someone from giving her a glass of Crystal Lite with aspartame and her becoming a Code Blue. She was saved by resuscitation. Someone could not know AminoSweet is aspartame, use it and go into anaphylactic shock! This should come under Title 18, Section 1001 of the criminal code of stumbling the public, the same law the FDA used when they sought to indict the manufacturer.

Aspartame is genocide as Dr. James Bowen explained in his report, Aspartame Murders Infants. It comes under Title 18 of the Domestic Genocide Code. The first weekend after Labor Day is Aspartame Awareness Weekend. Forward this letter and article and save some babies, and help get this deadly chemical poison off the planet. The FDA must respond to an Imminent Health Hazard Petition in ten days. Mine was submitted in 2007 and was ignored for two years until one Michael Delaney called me at 3AM, identified himself as with the with the FDA, and said he came across my petition. I said they better go back 7 years and answer my original Citizens Petition for Ban which the law requires being answered in 180 days. Ignored. Dr. Maria Alemany's Trocho Study showed that formaldehyde in aspartame converts from aspartame's methyl alcohol and embalms living tissue and damages DNA. In Barcelona he told me that aspartame would kill 200 million. I never forgot it. If the FDA had answered my original petition and banned the venom, imagine how many more victims would be alive and well today, and how many healthy babies would be thriving. Of course neither petition has been answered. Now, what needs to be done is for somebody to do a study on how many of these babies born prematurely have birth defects. Also, Dr. Blaylock in "Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills" says that even if a baby appears to be normal you usually will see the problems at puberty.

Dr. Betty Martini, D.Hum.
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