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For 30 years the American Diabetes Assn has rejected all evidence that aspartame is deadly, you see, they've been on the take from the poison producers whom they really represent. At last the truth is confessed by two reports at an ADA Conference. Like they say: “Murder will out”. See my analysis following their confession.

Diet Soda Leads to Weight Gain, New Studies Find:

Another Study Says It: Diet Soda Leads to Weight Gain
Study after study has told us to watch out for those empty, sugary calories in sweetened drinks like soda, but two new studies remind us about the dangers of diet soda - they too can lead to weight gain and may raise your risk for developing diabetes.

The studies were presented at a diabetes conference this weekend, and together they show that drinking diet soda may just be another thing in our diets that is making us fat. One study followed 474 older-age diet-soda drinkers and found that their waistlines grew 70 percent more than non-diet-soda drinkers, even when the researchers accounted for differences in age, physical activity level, and diabetes status.

The news gets worse; read on for how bad a two-diets-a-day habit is for your waistline.

Those who drank two diet sodas a day or more had waistlines that were 500 percent larger than the nondrinkers. All that extra bulge around the belly is a risk factor for diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure.

This isn't the first study to point out diet soda's role in weight gain. Others have found that artificial sweeteners like aspartame, which is used in diet sodas, make our bodies crave calories. The result? We give in to those cravings by eating even more sweet, high-calorie foods; not only that, noncalorie sweeteners may also trigger our bodies to start storing more calories as fat.

The other study presented at the conference was performed on mice and found that those whose food was sweetened with aspartame had higher fasting blood sugar levels than the mice who ate nonartificially sweetened food. That, the researchers say, can lead to diabetes.

More and more, diet sodas seem to be getting a bad rap. But if you're a fan of the occasional Diet Coke, do studies like these worry you, or is your philosophy "everything in moderation"? Source: Thinkstock End of article

The News Is Everywhere! If you want to get fat (and diabetic) NutraSweet is where it’s at! How long was this known? Since the beginning! On the bottom of Dr. Sandra Cabot's article "Aspartame Makes You Fatter" see the reference to the May 1985 Congressional Record which quotes Dr. Richard Wurtman's affidavit declaring that aspartame makes you crave carbohydrates, producing weight gain. Note also his observation that it produces unstable blood-sugar levels.

Sugar soda is often blamed for obesity, but aspartame and MSG are the real culprits. Uninformed school boards remove regular sodas and replace them with diet drinks so the children get fatter and develop toxic symptoms named on the 1995 FDA list of 92 reactions to aspartame gathered from over 10,000 consumer complaints. (FDA now denies there ever was such a list, but you can see it at There was nobody driving, Officer, we were all in the back seat singing!)

World famous diabetic specialist H. J. Roberts, M.D., F.A.C.P., F.C.C.P., has authored four books and numerous peer-reviewed articles describing the aspartame plague, including the 1,038 page ’Aspartame Disease: An Ignored Epidemic, presenting hundreds of case histories and detailing the specific toxic mechanisms by which it poisons millions of unwarned consumers.

Aspartame is 50% phenylalanine, normally a nutrient when accompanied by the other amino acids in our foods, but isolated and un-buffered by them it depletes serotonin and lowers the seizure threshold triggering psychiatric and behavioral problems. Aspartame interacts with all antidepressants. See Report for Schools:

The second recent study reveals elevated fasting glucose levels but equal or diminished insulin levels, consistent with early declines in pancreatic beta-cell function. Dr. Gabriel Fernandes, who led this research said, "These results suggest that heavy aspartame exposure might potentially directly contribute to increased blood glucose levels and thus contribute to the associations observed between diet soda consumption and the risk of diabetes in humans.

How long have we known aspartame can precipitate diabetes? For 30 years! Dr. H. J. Roberts, now retired, was a member of the American Diabetes Assn for 35 years. He repeatedly warned them that not only does aspartame precipitate diabetes but also it simulates and aggravates diabetic retinopathy and neuropathy, destroying the optic nerve, causing diabetic convulsions and blindness, and it even interacts with insulin. The free methyl alcohol which is converted from aspartame's methyl ester causes them to lose limbs. This alcohol is so addictive that patients willingly undergo amputations rather than relinquish their "diet" drinks. See Lane Shore's report on, above.

The American Diabetes Assn is funded by the aspartame industry. At their walks you can see people in their "Equal" shirts. ADA had a decision to make: payola or public interest. They took the ca$h and let the diabetics die. For years Mission Possible activists have walked along diabetics at their walks, giving them life saving information. Afterwards many diabetics called saying they eliminated it and their blood sugar came under control and other problems disappeared as well.

Finally Dr. Roberts asked the ADA to publish an aspartame diabetic abstract. THEY REFUSED! It was published in Clinical Research. In 2004 because the ADA not only refuses to warn but tells diabetics aspartame is safe, a racketeering suit was filed, although against ADA's power it didn't get far. ADA continues telling diabetics aspartame is safe, knowing full well it can take their lives.

Neurosurgeon Russell Blaylock, M.D. author of Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills, said in an interview about the ADA: " They receive huge amounts of money from the makers of aspartame. They fund their walk-a-thon and all that kind of stuff, so they get tremendous amounts of money from the makers of aspartame, and money talks. Whether they're just deluding themselves and choosing not to believe it's toxic, refusing to look at the evidence, or they're just concerned about the money and could care less, I don't know, but when you look at the pathophysiology of diabetes and the effect of aspartame, it's absolute nonsense for anybody who has diabetes to be on aspartame. Particularly in a neurological aspect, it's going to make it a lot worse.

Dr. Ralph Walton said, "The world-wide epidemic of obesity and type 2 diabetes obviously has multiple causes, but I am convinced aspartame is a major factor."

Jim McDonald of the UK Aspartame Awareness Campaign has told the government agencies that the methyl alcohol from aspartame is 35 times too high in the UK and 44 times in the US. EFSA, European Food Safety Authority, has been asked to do another review on aspartame, and take another look at the independent studies they haven't accepted. Interestingly today a report from "Beverage" says "EFSA confirms access to 1980's aspartame data as it calls for fresh science." There are several who have all the studies from the beginning such as Dr. John Olney. Still, this is an interesting statement. One informant said "when Don Rumsfeld took over G. D. Searle they came in and cleaned out all the studies, everyone knows its poison".

Studies in the 1980's: Norma Vera, translator, said G. D. Searle did studies in 6 countries in 1983/84 which showed aspartame causes seizures, brain tumors, hardens the synovial fluids and damages the brain. They used consumers from poor villages who wouldn't be missed. The pregnant woman, lost her baby, hemorrhaged and disappeared. When Searle got the results they closed down their offices in Florida and went back to Illinois. Then in 1985 they sold to Monsanto.

In the early 80's one of the scientists who worked on aspartame was on the Phil Donahue's show stating that aspartame should never have been marketed, it causes seizures and interacts with anti-seizure medication.

Then another informant, Jana M., wrote me:

"Dear Betty:

"I lived near Columbia, MD and worked as a temp. It was the late 80's and Regan had been elected president. I was a national officer in the largest christian singles organization and needed to travel a lot so I worked as a professional temp. I was sent from a Laural, Md temp agency to an office complex at a corner intersection near Jessup, MD (I can find out the exact location if you really need it). I am an executive secretary w/ high skills and made top dollar. This job paid top dollar. I was asked to take piles of paper and COPY, THEN SHRED them. I was told very sternly NOT to read the material and that if I did I would be fired. Well, I grew up in the military in the 60's w/ secrets all around and I'm very curious. I am after all a paralegal. So, I read while copied and read while shredded.

"Here's what was going on. The copies were being sent to France, then I was shredding them, too and the originals were being shredded. They were about the new product not yet on the market, EQUAL. They were the lab results from the tested rats and other animals. The results were outrageous. This stuff killed everything it touched.

"I overheard a conversation on the second day by the "boss" and the girls who was telling me what to do. She told him what I was doing and that I was also doing the faxing to France. He was livid and started screaming at her, "What if she reads some of this stuff?" she told him I was too stupid to know what I was reading, even if I did.

"What she didn't know was that I was a doctor's daughter, that I had 3 years of college and I was extremely intelligent. Nor did she know that all during my father's college years when he was in charge of the animal lab at his college, he would take me to help give the rats their injections. I knew what I was reading.

"We know that you know some of this information, but did you know the originals are in France? I should have told someone then, but WHO? I just never touched the stuff when it came out and tell everyone I know it is dangerous stuff. I didn't know it was the Aspartame in it that was the problem until recently. A friend of mine sent me to this web site so that I could finally tell what I know. I hope you find that the Reagan Administration (which I believe is the case) did this intentionally. Though I'm a republican, that has nothing to do with what happened here.

"If they can take Neuronton or other drugs off the market because of their effect on people, they can take this off the market. The cover-up is horrific.

Thx for what you do. God Bless and have a good day, Jan"

When Monsanto bought Searle and word got out about the seizures triggered by aspartame and other diseases and cancer, they decided to do their own studies to defend this poison. Here Mark Gold of the Aspartame Toxicity Center shows you the scientific abuse in their studies on aspartame.

Even the original studies were the target of an indictment for fraud by the FDA. Unfortunately the defense team hired the US Prosecutors and the statute of limitations expired. The FDA revoked the petition for approval but the political chicanery of Donald Rumsfeld is how aspartame got marketed.

What does all this tell us? They couldn't get aspartame to show safety in original studies and were caught doing such things as excising brain tumors from rats, putting them back in the study and when they died they resurrected them on paper. They were filtering out cancers and things they didn't want the FDA to see. Then Searle decided to do studies in foreign lands where they wouldn't be observed but the studies got leaked. Next they tried destroying the evidence. Finally they sold the company. Monsanto could do no better. Their studies have been exposed as well. They just didn't get it - you can't get a deadly poison to show safety no matter what you do.

If you took every study ever done on aspartame whether independent or industry funded and mixed them up, it would be very easy to return them to two stacks. All the ones that show safety would be industry funded or influenced, and all the ones showing aspartame not to be safe would be independent. Dr. Ralph Walton did research for 60 Minutes and put this issue to rest.

Dr. Walton's research on Scientific Peer Reviewed Studies and Funding: This showed 92% of all independent scientific peer reviewed studies showed the problems. He considered 6 studies by the FDA to be independent but knowing the controversy stated that if you remove these 6 studies and one pro-aspartame summary, 100% of independent, scientific peer reviewed studies show the problems.

So how can agencies of the government continue to say aspartame is safe when they know that is simply not so? They have great loyalty to the aspartame industry. When Dr. Koeter left EFSA his release stated, "We were pressured by industry to hijack science."

When Jack Samuels ( )filed suit against FDA in the labeling of MSG, it is of interest that he found the glutamate people had been using aspartame as the placebo for a quarter of a century, even though this is against the law. They knew they couldn't show MSG not to react, so this way they could say it didn't react anymore than the placebo. The aspartic acid in aspartame is an excitotoxin just like MSG. The FDA was forced to admit this was wrong but did nothing about it, and for all we know the glutamate people could still be doing this.>[? In 2002 Felicity Mawson, Mission Possible UK, and myself went to Brussels and provided the EU with a lot of damning studies and records on the aspartame issue, because of an aspartame review. So what do you think they did with them? They deleted them. OLAF, (European Fraud organization) found no committee decided on the safety of aspartame, only one man. Obviously, they had made up their mind in advance of our visit. I was wired. So there is no more European Commission on Food and EFSA was born.

Now comes the EU and Parliament wanting the review again, with particular attention to current studies that EFSA has not accepted in the past, and the methanol issue. Plus we now add two new studies above. Sounds like a soap opera. See the whole movie on the issue, "Sweet Misery: A Poisoned World" - In the UK, Play it again Sam! What interesting information will we see in the l980's studies this time?

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