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Posted: 06 December 2017

This is in response to the article entitled, “This Life With Gracie: What Is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?” which may be found at:

From National Institute of Health - Trying to evaluate Chronic Fatigue Syndrome:

From Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Support Group including fibromyalgia, both of which are big time aspartame problems:

The new article on Chronic Fatigue in the Atlanta Journal Constitution above shows they are still wondering what it is. Even the NIH tried to study and evaluate it. The CFS support group discusses it and fibromyalgia, another horror of Aspartame Disease.

On June 17, 1995 the Atlanta Journal Constitution wrote the article: "The Enemy Within". It is over a page long and was trying to figure out where CFS came from,. It said: "At least 50,000 people have a CFS diagnosis, but the number of suffers is likely at least 2.5 million and could be much higher." Under Diagnosis it said: "Many family physicians still know little about the condition that until a few years ago was derided as "yuppie flu." Routine lab tests rule out other conditions, such as lupus and Lyme disease, with similar symptoms but do not reveal whether a person has CFS.

Aspartame triggers lupus very commonly. Dr. James Bowen explained: "The ability of methyl alcohol/formaldehyde to create antigenicity, especially as combined in aspartame molecules is so great as to cause severe autoimmune reactions to the tissues deformed by formaldehyde polymerization, adduct formation. The immune system turns against the victim's tissues: Lupus." It even mimics Lyme Disease: Here is Dr. James Bowen's article: titled: Lyme Disease Is Sexually Transmitted - Reactivated By Aspartame.

Aspartame triggers or precipitates many diseases with similar symptoms. Dr. H. J. Roberts declared it to be a disease and wrote the 1000 page medical text, "Aspartame Disease: An Ignored Epidemic" He knew the symptoms were predictable and there was a pattern.

In the 1995 article they are discussing Laura Hackenbrock's nightmare. It says: "Her doctors offer scant comfort. Though they expect her to live a normal lifespan, they can't say for sure what's wrong or if she'll ever be "normal" again. Researchers can't either. Not at meccas of research such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or any of the best medical schools in the world. And nobody can do much more than treat symptoms with experimental therapies conceded to be of marginal value." "That's frightening, because Hackenbrock's sickness, dubbed chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) has reached epidemic proportions."

Obviously the CDC knows aspartame destroys the immune system and causes chronic fatigue syndrome. After all, the CDC are the ones who covered up the investigation of aspartame by allowing a summary that contradicted the actual investigation of aspartame. On their page you only get to see the summary or cover-up. On our web site you can read the entire investigation: Then you can decide if problems like cardiac arrest, myocardial infarction, grand mal seizures, mood alteration, blindness and death are just mild symptoms of aspartame! In the documentary: "Sweet Misery: A Poisoned World", I hold up this investigation by the CDC so the world would know what they did.

The article is very interesting because it says ..."researchers once thought there was a connection between Epstein-Barr virus which causes mononucleosis and CFS." In 1987 ? The Chronic Epstein Barr Virus (CEBR) Association was founded by Marc Iverson and Alan Goldberg. In the late 80s the group changed its name to The CFIDS Association of America at the suggestion of immunologist Seymour Grufferman who suggested the name chronic fatigue immune dysfunction syndrome? to reflect the immune abnormalities and lessen the emphasis on fatigue.

You may remember Cher suffered from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. She was just about to sign a new contract to continue to be the spokeswoman for Equal when I wrote her and told her aspartame triggers Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. She changed her mind and didn't sign the contract.

In the article "The Enemy Within" it says: "The illness began to rise from "flat-line level" in the late 1970s, skyrocketed through the mid-80s, peaked in 1987 and is still rising slowly." Aspartame was approved in 1981 through the political chicanery of Donald Rumsfeld." Interestingly, a neighbor who built the Augusta, Georgia NutraSweet factory said even though the FDA told them not to market it in 1975 they were doing it anyway, and it made him deathly ill. He said, "It's an actual poison". They revoked the petition for approval but G. D. Searle hired Don Rumsfeld to get it on the market and filed suit so the petition couldn't be signed. Then he said he was calling in his markers and was on President Reagan's transition team. Reagan wrote an executive order which prevented the petition being signed into law. He fired the FDA Commission, Jeri Goyan, who was going to sign it and appointed Dr. Arthur Hull Hayes to do the deadly deed of over-ruling the Board of Inquiry even though the decision had already been made.

Further in the article it says: "Technologies that allow scientists to look into living brains to determine blood flow have shown that most people with CFS have a discernable injury in a brain region known as the hypothalamus, Cheney says. The injury is caused by protein that normally fight viral infections. However, in people who develop CFS, the proteins inexplicably inflict damage to the hypothalamus, the region of the brain that controls stress levels."

I find that interesting because aspartame damages the hypothalamus, a reason it triggers male sexual dysfunction and ruins female response. Here is Dr. James Bowen's article on the subject:

The article continues, "Maybe it's due to ozone depletion, or something in the food chain, something in it that made us change, either something new that got into the environment, or what was already in the environment began to affect us differently, like a virus," Cheney says. In this regard Cheney almost has it, something in the food chain like a deadly, deadly addictive excitoneurotoxic, carcinogenic, genetically engineered drug, adjuvant and teratogen, once listed with the pentagon in an inventory of prospective biochemical warfare weapons submitted to Congress. Thrust upon the public . society becomes the guinea pigs and lab rats. Read this article in the prestigious Ecologist by Pat Thomas: It is titled: "What do Donald Rumsfeld, Bio-weaponry, Sick Mice and Diet Coke have in common?" by Pat Thomas.

On March 27, 1996, a new article appeared in the Atlanta Journal Constitution: "Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Is Still a Mystery". They still hadn't figured it out and there is the blame of the CDC, rightfully so. This article by Anne Rochell says: then there was the illness that emerged in 1984 and didn't kill, but instead devastated the lives of its suffers by making them indescribably tired, achy and mentally fuzzy." .."Twelve years later, chronic fatigue syndrome remains essentially a medical mystery, even though it may afflict as many as 2 million Americans. It is dismissed by many physicians as a psychiatric problem, and derisively called "yuppie flu" by skeptics."

The article gets interesting - "A new book by a journalist who has the syndrome blames the government, specifically the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, for this derision and lack of information about CFS."

"We look to the CDC to protect us from disease outbreaks, to identify them and find ways to stem them," said Hillary Johnson author of "Osler's Web: Inside the Labyrinth of the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Epidemic" (Crown Publishers), due out today. "But the CDC failed miserably in this case."

The article continues, "Her claims are backed by the physicians who reported clusters of cases in the 1980s, and by a CDC researcher, Walter Gunn who left the agency in the early 1990s,because the book says, he was frustrated with the disrespect he thought CFS was receiving."

Obviously, the CDC wasn't going to tell where CFS came from, they had covered up the entire investigation on aspartame. The article continues:

"In her 700 page book, Johnson alleges: The CDC botched the investigation of a cluster of CFS cases in a Nevada resort town in 1984. The CDC scientists dismissed the outbreak as nonexistent. Dr. Paul Cheney, whose practice was the epicenter of the CFS outbreak in Nevada, said he and his partner "begged the CDC to talk to the patients, but they just wanted to stay in my office and hike in the afternoon."

In September 1994 the CFIDS Network News in Greenville, South Carolina wrote on article on Chronic Fatigue. It starts out by saying that most CFS researchers advocate avoiding various substances in our diets - often referred to as the "forbidden five" - alcohol, tobacco, sugar, caffeine and NutraSweet. The rest of the article is about NutraSweet, "The Sweet Poison". It says its composed of 3 molecules: "Phenylalanine, Aspartic Acid and Methyl Alcohol, a highly toxic poison.” I'm glad the article admits that methyl alcohol is very toxic to the fetus causing malformation and even death. The article ends, "Because of the damage done to the brain and other organs by the end products of methyl alcohol intake, the only way to avoid these deadly side effects is by AVOIDING THIS LETHAL SUBSTANCE!

By George, they finally got it - Chronic Figure Syndrome is Aspartame Disease - Rumsfeld's Plague on the world population. Dr. H. J. Roberts in Sept 1992 published his letter to the Lancet regarding Chronic Fatigue in Townsend Letter for Doctors, and included the excessive ingestion of products containing aspartame. Dr. Roberts and I went to a workshop together because the next to the last subject was a discussion of chronic fatigue syndrome. It was a long workshop but when the professor finally got to the subject he said, "We don't know much about chronic fatigue Syndrome, so we will skip this one!"

What’s the FDA doing about all this? In 2009 they wrote President Obama and said they were broken, corruption going on and they feared speaking out because of reprisals. One agent even called me as I had written two petitions to ban aspartame. When I said I lectured all over the world and people were sick and dying from aspartame he said, "So what we have to depopulate".

The top scientist who investigate aspartame was Dr. Adrian Gross who testified before the Senate on 8/1/85 and told them aspartame was illegally on the market because it caused brain tumors and brain cancer and violated the Delaney Amendment. He even mentioned you couldn't even set an allowable daily intake because of the cancer, and if the FDA violated its own laws who is left to protect the public? Well it’s definitely not the FDA who has allowed aspartame in 17 dairy products unlabeled, sent aspartame complaints to the AIDS Hotline when they had more than they could handle. And just approved another aspartame product called Advantame which came after Neotame. Dr. Morando Soffritti did three studies on aspartame at the Ramazzini Institute in Italy and said it’s a multipotential carcinogen. It was so prestigious Dr. Soffritti received an award only given twice in history. It was peer reviewed by 7 world experts. Our Fatal Drugs Allowed folks wouldn't accept it, they already knew it caused cancer and had to try and persuade the public to ignore it. Just like they ignored Dr. M. Alemany's study, Trocho, which even showed the formaldehyde embalmed living tissue and damaged DNA.

In Dr. Woodrow Monte's book, "While Science Sleeps: A Sweetener Kills" he tells how the formaldehyde turns the tissue to plastic. Here is his last chapter on aspartame and autism, you will notice he explains how G. D. Searle and the FDA made an agreement not to let the public know about the teratology or birth defect studies. You can get his book on his web site, or He has just released his published article on aspartame and Alzheimers:

Here is Dr. Russell Blaylock, author of "Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills" discussing aspartame studies on cancer and obesity: Read about the letter FDA wrote to Obama about being broken and the corruption, and still nothing has been done. And the people keeping dying of Rumsfeld's Plague.

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