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Posted: 17 May 2010

So many of you have asked about my trip and aspartame I wrote some notes so you would have an update. No matter where you go aspartame is known as poison and people will tell you their horror stories as long as you are willing to listen. Even though we were on vacation and to rest we spent three weeks giving out material and educating people who wanted to know more. The stories never stop. I thought I had brought enough material but everyday I had to make more copies. Sometimes you just had to take a deep breath because you felt their suffering as they related the happenings.

I wondered years ago how long it would take to reach critical mass - today we are past that point. You never know when you plant seeds what will grow. The exponentiation of knowledge has exploded. If everyone only gave out one flyer a day, imagine how many hundreds of thousands of lives would be saved. When Cori Brackett filmed the documentary on aspartame she titled it: Sweet Misery: A Poisoned World. Indeed that is no exaggeration. I still haven't figured out which is more epidemic with aspartame, MS or lupus. It's everywhere. When Dr. Maria Alemany told me in Barcelona "aspartame will kill 200 million" it was no exaggeration. If one did a census door by door on aspartame they would be shocked by the numbers of the poisoned.

Don and I have been suffering jet lag for a week now, but it was a wonderful trip. We feel we accomplished some good in spreading the word further. We came back home with only a handful of papers left, and knowing a lot of people now have more knowledge to get well. So read on about some of the countries, and know you all shared in spreading the word.

All my best,



I think we have a network of some of the most remarkable compassionate people in the world working to rid the planet of Rumsfeld's Plague. No, we're not done by any means but I want people to know that one thing that has been accomplished and its very obvious from this trip is it is well accepted around the globe that aspartame is a deadly poison. You can now understand why the name has been changed to AminoSweet. It's very deceptive as its the methanol that gives it the sweet taste, and not the excitotoxic and neurotoxic amino acids. You remember all the cases against Splenda, the chlorocarbon poison, like in New Zealand, Philadelphia, France and California because of deceptive advertising. The Splenda manufacturers settled or lost the cases. The name change should be stopped.


Just before I left on our trip Dr. H. J. Roberts who authored the medical text, "Aspartame Disease: An Ignored Epidemic" [ ] and has fought and educated the world for over 3 decades gave Mission Possible his 30 years of research on the subject. He should be nominated for the Nobel Prize for his work. So today we now have the H. J. Roberts, M.D., Aspartame Library, probably the largest in the world. We look forward to using this material to get this toxin off the market.

On the ship, every night we sat with a large table of people from other parts of the world and gave out information. It didn't matter what country they were from the usual answer was "oh yes, we know, aspartame is poison".


The first stop was Cadiz Spain where we spent the day with Lady Ann Davies, Mission Possible Spain, and her sister, JoAnn. Annie who has 62% cardiac disability from aspartame has lost 90 lbs off the poison. She was so excited to tell me about Jose, a young handsome cab driver who brought her to the ship. His wife had a little girl but then started using aspartame. Her physician told her she was infertile and could have no more children. He had no idea aspartame is an endocrine disrupting agent, stimulates prolactin, changes the menses and causes infertility. Annie told Jose - "get her off the aspartame." Jose couldn't wait to show Don and I the picture of his beautiful new baby girl. It was a high light of the trip.

I asked Annie about the progress in Spain. She said even Jose goes up and down the coast telling people to get off the poison and that it has really spread. . Annie is a professional writer and does so much good. JoAnn who also used large amounts of aspartame still has the lesions in her brain. Even in their disability they translate into Spanish and continue to warn the people of Spain.


This is an interesting and beautiful island. Don and I got in a cable car and I thought I saw the blink of a camera. What a system they have. As the door opens at the top of the cliff you are met by a couple of women who present you with a brochure on the island with your picture. I gave them some literature on aspartame, and one said, "Oh yes, everybody knows this is poison. No one in his right mind would use it. Thanks for the literature it will help spread the word." You could see the difference in the people who mostly eat healthy food - slim and healthy.


I was shocked in Albania to know people even there knew it was poison. No longer under communist rule, of course, they're trying to rebuild. Everything was new except for a few decrepit houses of what Albania had been like. The new buildings were only half built. I guess as they sell them or rent them they finish them. They are a beautiful slim people and you see the fresh food they eat bought on the streets. But aspartame products are being pushed there now but there are not many. You see such things as Orbit gum, however, and aspartame pop. Someone told me of reading one of Dr. Roberts reports...even in Albania. I stopped in what you might think was the Albania Chamber of Commerce. They had books and information. The man looked at the material and said, "oh, yes we hear this is bad stuff and are told to avoid it because it's poisonous." I asked him would he see that my packet was translated to further help the people there and he said, "Of course, and how else can we help?" I asked if he ever heard of Elvis Presley and he had. I remarked, "Elvis wrote a song called "Return to Sender", and that's what the people of Albania should do, send it back to America and get it out of the country!!"


It use to be if you were in an area where lots of people consume food and drink you would see the public consuming Diet Coke or Diet Pepsi. I was amazed that in three weeks I only saw two people drinking a Diet Coke and I assure you after I got through with them they will never drink it again. This is not to say there may have been people using it, but since I went from table to table, and there were well over two thousand people I'm sure, I only saw it being consumed by two people.

I will only mention a few cases, but I want people to know the suffering this poison has caused no matter where you go. At lunch, which was a buffet, I was giving out flyers and talking with people. I mentioned to someone that aspartame triggers such things as MS and lupus. One man told me about a relative who uses aspartame products all day and has lupus. People were listening and as I explained to him what to do another man said, "Did I hear you say aspartame causes lupus?!!!" He told me he had three daughters who use aspartame and two of them have lupus. I asked about the third and he said, "she has so many problems, she is almost bedridden". He had wondered what they had done to cause their children to be so ill, and why all three could not have children. I explained that aspartame caused infertility and that's why he had no grandchildren. It was just more than he could take and tears ran down his cheeks and he just wept. Finally I told him, "think of the good news, your daughters can get well off aspartame and you can have lots of grandchildren"! I told him to write me and let me know when they are well and when they are pregnant. I might mention that after 19 years of warning the world about aspartame there has "never" been a case where I told a woman on aspartame who said she couldn't have children, that she didn't get pregnant.

Another man said, "my sister uses aspartame and I've been trying to get her off this poison but she is addicted, and she has lupus." There must have been about 11 cases. One woman said, "my daughter uses aspartame but she has MS". It seemed the stories would not end.

It was interesting at one table as I was discussing the pharmaceuticals with aspartame and how Big Pharma knows, there was a man from Johnson and Johnson. He kept very quiet for awhile and finally said when I asked what he did, "I was trying to keep quiet since you were taking apart Big Pharma. I work for Johnson and Johnson." After explaining my problems with J & J like chewable Tylenol with aspartame he told me he was the one who worked on that product. My conversation included destroying the brains of our children with a neurotoxin. He said, "Who says it's a neurotoxin?" I answered, "Anyone who knows the formula and chemistry." I was stunned he didn't know because Big Pharma does. He had a Russian accent and may not have known because of lack of information from another country in the beginning and misinformation from industry. I gave him the web sites.

A nurse from Canada said, "Of course, we know it's a poison." She works in psychiatry and I gave her additional information from this standpoint and asked that she and the physicians in Canada to please get the medical texts and email me if they needed contact with Dr. Ralph Walton, psychiatrist, who has done a study on aspartame.

There were so many cases that just made you sick. My husband and I were waiting for a show to begin on the ship and were talking to a woman who said she and her husband were going to Rome by limo because he couldn't walk. When I asked why he couldn't walk she replied, "Because he's diabetic"! Yes, he used aspartame all day and had no idea it hardens the synovial fluids or what the toxic components and breakdown products cause. I did mention to her that aspartame can actually precipitate diabetes, simulates and aggravates diabetic retinopathy and neuropathy, destroys the optic nerve, causes diabetics to go into convulsions, and interacts with insulin. I explained that it's the free methyl alcohol, a severe metabolic poison that is causing diabetics to lose their limbs.

While my husband went back to our room to get more information for her and her husband's physician she related that her children had donated the money to pay a limo for an 8 hour ride in Rome. It amounted to about 700 Euro which would probably be close to $1000.00 American dollars. How fortunate we were sitting next to her, and know soon her husband will probably be able to walk without pain. The constant horror stories made you realize over and over again that aspartame manufacturers are guilty of genocide.


How often I have written this poison is on every restaurant table. So waiters and staff on the ship were given our flyer: "Waiter, please remove this neurotoxin from our table": Some of the staff took this and other material I gave them to the ship's management. One manager was so concerned I gave him the movie, Sweet Misery: A Poisoned World, and asked if he could get top management to watch it or even show it on the ship.

Another waiter said he checked with ship management and found out there was some regulation about them having to keep certain artificial sweeteners on the table. If that be true then a safe sweetener like "Just Like Sugar", in green packets should be included.

You can be assured in my presence no one used Equal or Splenda. I brought along the green packets of JLS and introduced it to those who would use other sweeteners. Many were so delighted to find out there was something safe.

The Splenda victims were easy to spot because of the red face it causes. One man had opened his Splenda and added it to his coffee. I shook my head no and he said, "well you have to die from something". I answered, "you don't want to die this way, from the chlorine in this product". He admitted no one could tell him why he had a red face as if he had fallen asleep in the sun. As days went by you could see the redness finally leaving.

A man in the art department said he lectures on aspartame and was glad to have more material. Turns out he doesn't live far from us and told my husband he would visit. Several people were familiar with reports by Doctors Roberts and Blaylock.


Even in Croatia as I gave out literature they knew about aspartame. One man said, "My wife refuses to allow our son to use it after reading articles about it. It's a poison." It's a lovely country. Again you see all the fresh fruit on the street and the people slim and beautiful. They were running a marathon at the time. Most know about the aspartame drinks being poison and there didn't seem to be many processed aspartame products. I actually saw strawberries being sold on the street that were red inside. I hadn't seen that since I was a little girl.


Rome, Naples, Sicily and Venice - how magnificent. Yes, they know aspartame is poison and material was given out. Venice is one of the most expensive places in the world but its some place everyone should see.

We were supposed to be staying at a hotel that once was a castle and the pictures on the Internet showed ceilings that looked like the Sistine chapel. Since we were celebrating our 31st anniversary we had asked for one. I was warned you could get lost getting to it and to take a water taxi direct. The lady also warned there was no direct landing and you would have to walk to it with your suitcases and over a bridge with steps.

In Venice when it rains it pours. We had four suitcases and carry-ons and couldn't find this castle. Finally Don went off with one suitcase and came back and said, "I found the name of the hotel but under it a brass plate that says "this is not a hotel"- must be a private residence. Maybe we were let off at the wrong place." We sat in restaurant thinking and as a religious person when I get in trouble I pray - "We're in big trouble here Jehovah". About that time I saw a young man and his girlfriend come in, so I asked about the hotel, My prayer was answered. He said he was just leaving for the airport and had stayed there, he would take us and carry the suitcases. It's a good thing he did as I never would have looked for the registration desk on the second floor of a door in a small alleyway. The porter came downstairs and took us to another alleyway and through another door. Now I understood the message on the brass plate - "don't go in the door - go look for an alleyway!"

Looking up I could see a winding staircase, but the only problem was this castle had no elevator. I said to the porter, "Look, I can't go up those stairs, so you have two choices you can either carry me or send down a cable car." With a smile he said, "Just for you mademoiselle, there is one bedroom on the first floor." The room was the size of a walk-in closet, no Sistine chapel, and the window behind the drape was not in the direction to be outside. I climbed up to see what was behind it and said to Don, "Honey, this is a castle, look, here is the dungeon!" It was perfect lodging for aspartame manufacturers!

As we travel we always take things in stride, think positive and try to make light of what might be a little humorous. We were drenched and our suitcases hadn't been delivered because the porter was now taking a siesta. He evidently spends most of his time in the first alleyway. Finally we found him and were off to see Venice.

We stopped at a restaurant for lunch and gave the waiter information on aspartame. He said they knew it was poison there but you had to stay healthy because it was added to so many medications in Italy. Horrors! I told him they did that in the US as well. One of the things that pleased me was in visiting restaurants where you always found white tablecloths like in fine restaurants you never saw a bowl of artificial sweeteners. You do not see a lot of processed foods in general; they eat well in Italy. They are a beautiful people and they all dress well. You don't see people with earrings in their nose or bleached and cut jeans. What a difference. Made me feel like I had gone back to the 50's. My friend, Brenda Cassini, who use to be married to Oleg Cassini's brother and lived in Italy said they use to have a saying before aspartame got in the country, "If you want to get embalmed go to the US, they have NutraSweet."

We finally made it to breathtaking St. Mark's Square, and you can lose your head. There is beautiful orchestration, and to think I thought music had become obsolete in favor of loud noise. If you have re-mortgaged your home you might not even think of paying $50.00 for a cup of coffee and ice cream when they bring it out on a silver tray with the ice cream looking like it belongs in a museum, and the orchestra plays you "Arrivederci Roma". Italians have to be some of the greatest artisans - everything is decorated.

We lost our heads to such an extent we forgot the name of the hotel, and the street and the hotel are one letter apart so in trying to remember the spelling simply got us directed in the wrong direction. It's easy to understand the Italians if you just add an "A" to every word. "You take a righta there and a lefta over there." It was like living in another world and I loved it.

Everybody walks in Venice because it's built on the water. Don knew I couldn't walk any further and left me where the boats pick up passengers because it was covered. It was getting cold, windy and rainy.

For two hours I spoke to a lot of people and gave out a lot of information. Indeed in Venice it seemed everybody knows aspartame is poison, and even those who don't speak English recognize the word. It is called in Italy "aspar-tommy". As I was giving out literature waiting for Don to return and a lady heard me talking about aspartame she yelled "Aspar-tommy"!!!!! and then commenced to spit. I said, "I take it you don't care much for people like Ajinomoto, Monsanto and our FDA?" She said something in Italian that I don't think was very nice and made the sign of the noose. Yes, I definitely know why Ajinomoto changed the name to AminoSweet. There is great hatred for those responsible for allowing this poison to be marketed and for those who work to keep it on the market.

After a couple of hours I had run out of literature and it was getting cold, dark and rainy. I suspected Don had not found the hotel or was lost. The Italian police said they couldn't help because they didn't speak enough English. Little did I know that Don was at the Police station still looking for the name of the hotel and me. Finally a lovely couple offered to help me find the hotel which they did. One of the problems said the porter was that they had changed the name of the hotel! It would have been nice to have been told that.

As it got darker and the rain got worse, I began to pray again. As I opened the door there was Don soaked walking down another dark alleyway still looking for the hotel and me. If I hadn't opened the door at just that instant I wouldn't have seen him.

Incidentally, we were only a couple of hours by train from the prestigious Ramazzini Institute where Dr. Soffritti did the studies showing aspartame to be a multipotential carcinogen. It would have been nice to see it but we figured if we couldn't find the hotel we probably couldn't find the Institute in time to get back and make the plane. We should have stayed another day.

The next morning we flew back to the US on an Italian airline. The food was so good you would expect it came from a fine restaurant. But you came back to reality when you realized Delta was operating the flight and the napkins advertised Coke Zero with aspartame and Diet Coke. There were 6 or 8 flight attendants who appreciated the information from Mission Possible Aviation, as well as a couple of pilots who already knew about aspartame.

In New York, JFK, we had to wait about three hours to change planes back to Atlanta. I had the opportunity to speak with the four flight attendants who came about an hour early. They too told their stories about aspartame. Across from Don and I was a woman drinking a Diet Coke. Her husband was more interested in the aspartame material I gave them. She lifted her can and I said, "How can you drink that poison after what I've told you and given you?" She said, "That's why I'm not reading it now, so its okay to drink it," And they say kids say the darnest things! The addictive and psychiatric aspect of aspartame has robbed people of all reason. As Dr. Bill Deagle once said, "Aspartame affects the frontal lobes first so its like talking to someone who has had a lobotomy."

It was a great trip, We spent three weeks giving out literature and I asked several to translate into their language. The Internet has made the world a smaller place so that even in places like Corsica, Albania and Croatia it is known that aspartame is poison. Even the ship's physician subscribed to Dr. Blaylock's newsletter.

Isn't it interesting that no matter where you go it is known that aspartame is a deadly toxin masquerading as an additive. When you get in a crowd of people so many have aspartame horror stories to tell. Yet government agencies who have given their loyalty to industry try to convince the public aspartame is safe. What an abomination.

Imagine a world without aspartame. Billions would be saved on medical care alone. Think of the resources used. Aspartame Disease and MSG have caused a global epidemic of obesity. Aspartame causes you to crave carbohydrates so more food is used. Think of institutions like psychiatric hospitals and those for mental retardation, problems triggered by aspartame. I've heard Doctors Roberts, Blaylock and Walton say mental hospitals are filled with people who may be only aspartame victims. Bipolar is simply rampant. People today are dying from drug interactions with physicians not even knowing aspartame is a excitoneurotoxic drug that interacts with what they prescribe. I will never understand how humans can sell out to manufacturers of aspartame at any price causing such human suffering. It will never be said any better than what Dr. James Bowen told the FDA years ago: "This is mass poisoning of the American public and more than 70+ countries of the world." (Now over 100 countries)

All my best,

Dr. Betty Martini, D.Hum.
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