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Posted: 07 July 2006

Date: Mon, 26 Jun 2006

News is brewing on the aspartame issue. A copy of the agenda has been received from the Environmental Improvement Board stating that on July 6th there will be a vote on whether to release "an attorney" letter to the public and whether to grant or deny a petition specifically requesting a ban on aspartame in New Mexico.

The first question would be why is this on the agenda. The EIB has already voted to hold a hearing, and then to postpone it until 2007 to give parties time to prepare for a hearing. Dr. K. P. Stoller spoke to Governor Richardson last December and the Governor said the EIB should hold the hearing. In fact, Dr. H. J. Roberts recently met with Governor Richardson in West Palm Beach and said aspartame needs to be banned.

So the question is: Could the "attorney letter" be an informal letter from the Attorney General telling the EIB they don't have the power to hold a hearing on the petition to ban aspartame? Surely not, as the Attorney General must know that the Board does have such power. If the EIB wasn't so empowered it would have no reason to be in existence. Further, New Mexico Attorney Stevan Looney has in the past gone into great detail providing the EIB with the legal authority demonstrating that the EIB has the power to ban aspartame. Aspartame is an excitoneurotoxic carcinogenic drug that is so poisonous that originally the FDA tried to have Searle indicted for fraud, but both US Prosecutors were hired by the defense team and the statute of limitations expired. The FDA revoked the petition for approval. Here is the entire 50 page government document: Aspartame was absolutely never proven safe as you can read. The only reason it is on the market today is because as the UPI Investigation and one of the congressional hearings brought out, Don Rumsfeld said he would call in his markers and get it approved anyway. How did he do it? Washington DC Attorney, James Turner explains in the aspartame documentary, Sweet Misery: A Poisoned World - Has the EIB been TOLD what to do in advance?

Based upon the agenda, it appears that at the next meeting the EIB intends to "vote" on two items: 1) whether to grant or deny the petition, without even holding a hearing on the petition, and 2) whether to make the attorney's letter public. If they have been TOLD what to do they could vote not to hold a hearing even though they had already voted to do so at the last meeting.

Attorney Stevan Looney believes the aspartame industry has pulled some more strings and twisted some more arms. They just may have convinced the Attorney General to advise the EIB that it doesn't have the power that it does. This could be possible since it's an informal letter. As Attorney Looney said, "a formal AG opinion is a public record to be sure and would be available for all to read. It would also have to be well reasoned and legally sound. A letter from the AG to the EIB, on the other hand, can be relatively weak on the law and facts and at the same time leave wiggle room for the AG and EIB to argue the letter is attorney work product and a confidential and privileged communication between the lawyer, the AG and the client, the EIB. Thus it will not be made public."

It seems apparent that the EIB has already conferred with aspartame industry attorneys behind closed doors. As Mr. Looney points out, Government should be open and transparent, there should be no "governing" by secrecy. No one should have the right to totally usurp the power and rights of we the people.

So this note is being sent to the New Mexico Press ahead of the hearing to see that the rights of the people are protected and the EIB does what it is empowered to do, protect the people of New Mexico from a deadly poison. The EIB voted to have a hearing and there is no law that gives them the right to rescind their decision because of outside influences.

The aspartame industry from the beginning has shown they will do anything to prevent a hearing, and the reason is the facts prove how deadly and illegal this toxin is. As an example:

On Feb 17, l984, the FDA denied Dr. Woodrow Monte and James turner the opportunity to hold a safety hearing on questions raised in their petition (Federal Register l984). G. D. Searle sent a number lobbyists to the State of Arizona including Andrew Herwitz, Arizona Governor Babbitt's former Chief of Staff, Charles Pine, a prominent Arizona lobbyist Roger Thies, a G.D. Searle lawyer and David West, a G.D. Searle official. (Gordon l987, page 507 of US Senate l987).

Dr. Woodrow Monte filed for reconsideration of his petition for a hearing in Arizona to have aspartame banned. He was granted a hearing scheduled for April l985. (Gordon l987, page 507 of US Senate l987). In April l985, in an unusual and secret maneuver, the Arizona legislature removed the text in a Toxic Waste Bill and used it to pass a bill which banned the regulation of FDA approved food additives (Gordon l987, page 508 of US Senate l987). This bill scuttled the hearing that Dr. Monte had been promised.

You see how far they went in Arizona to prevent a hearing that would no doubt have banned aspartame in this hot climate. Aspartame breaks down at 86 degrees into a witch's brew of toxins. Arizona had the power just as New Mexico does, and you see how far they went to prevent a hearing from taking place.

We don't want a replay in New Mexico. We know their modus operandi. The aspartame industry even hired Butch Maki as a lobbyist knowing that he was Governor Richardson's former pilot and staffer. Maki's involvement extends beyond aspartame. The Glutamates Associates, representing the MSG industry hired Maki last year when bills to create a state nutrition council surfaced in the legislature.

Even Senator Gerald Ortiz y Pino wrote Attorney General Madrid saying, .. "the manufacturer of this product is attempting to derail any such state-level scrutiny of aspartame and to that end is actively lobbying to derail the EIB's hearings and to block the Pharmacy Board review."

He said further, "Previous New Mexico legislatures established the EIB and Pharmacy Boards with the powers needed to conduct these reviews. It is important to allow them to do their work, free of any prior determination of safety (or menace)."

Senator Ortz y Pino wrote in "Aspartame Buys Time", those well-connected hired hands managed, in December, to frighten State Environmental Improvement Board (EIB) into backing off of the public hearings into aspartame's safety that they had originally agreed to conduct this coming summer.

Further he wrote, "Then those same hired hands resurfaced (augmented by the addition to their team roster of Butch Maki, a close confidant of Gov. Bill Richardson) in time to quash all attempts to discuss the matter during the just-concluded State Legislature. ...."The incredible spectacle of corporate hirelings exerting this kind of influence is, to our great shame, all too common in our state. The legislature has resisted reforming campaign finance laws to inject some real muscle, which leaves the door wide open to the corporate powers to throw money around strategically, buying whatever access they need or blocking their opposition's access to the policy makers."

"But no one should be surprised that Ajinomoto would rely on muscle to protect its profits from aspartame. The entire history of this product's approval by the FDA is rife with muscle flexing ... and very little in the way of science."

Senator Ortiz y Pino ended by saying that with all that money and muscle behind it, aspartame has evaded its comeuppance for another year. But the final reckoning can only be postponed, not avoided.

So here you have laid out the expected modus operandi of the aspartame industry to postpone any type of hearing, and then through twisting arms and using money and influence put an end to hearings. As Senator Ortiz y Pino said, they are buying time. Have they twisted the arm of the Attorney General? They know when aspartame is investigated and the facts are made public it will be banned, because over two decades of records show its an illegal drug. Here are the facts:

  1. Aspartame is illegal because Section 402 of the FDC Act 21 provides a food is adulterated if it contains, in whole or in part "...a decomposed substance or if it is otherwise unfit for food". The National Soft Drink Assn (now American Beverage) admitted this in their protest against aspartame approval. Here it is in the congressional record, May 7, l985, Page S 5509, Senate:

  2. Interstate commerce laws make it illegal to ship an adulterated food for sale. So aspartame violates interstate commerce statutes.

  3. Aspartame violated the Delaney Amendment which says if a product causes cancer in animals you can't put it in food. FDA's own toxicologist, Dr. Adrian Gross, discussed this in Congress:

  4. The law states an additive must be inert or non-reactive. Aspartame is an excitoneurotoxic carcinogenic drug masquerading as an additive. It interacts with all drugs and vaccines making no drug safe as long as aspartame is marketed. The FDA Report listed 92 documented symptoms from 4 types of seizures to coma and death.

Now you see why the aspartame industry tries to buy time. If there is a hearing the above facts will be brought out and armed with the law, the toxin will be banned. Pure and simple. The only thing that could stop it is the muscle, influence and bribes of industry.

Petitioner Stephen Fox says concerning the Environmental Improvement Board's decision on whether to move forward with banning or not banning aspartame/methanol/formaldehyde, the artificial sweetener: "Delay and deflect" should not be the modus operandi in this matter, since so many lives are at stake, and my intent as Petitioner is only to prevent further neurodegenerative and carcinogenic damage, as well as the inevitable behavior problems, learning disabilities, and birth defects resulting from corporations gratuitously and unnecessarily adding a chemical metabolized as formaldehyde and methanol to 6000 food products and over 500 children's medications. Many other states and nations are watching what the New Mexico Environmental Improvement Board does on this issue, and whether it will capitulate entirely to the demands of those reprehensible multinational corporations involved. Our efforts in accordance with Governor Richardson's Year of the Child" initiative have led to an almost complete ban on junk food in the schools, starting in 2007: aspartame-containing soft drinks for high school students is the only barrier for our New Mexico students, and that isbeing considered by the NM Secretary of Education, Dr. Veronica Garcia. Here is Dr. H. J. Roberts report on what aspartame can do to our children and future generations: Dr. Roberts declared Aspartame Disease to be a global plague and published the medical text.

"To protect the entire population of New Mexico, all 1.8 million, not just the students in public schools: that is the issue that is at hand. Governor Richardson has made clear that he wants the EIB to have hearings on aspartame: ten members of the New Mexico Senate has asked the Governor to ban it using the statute concerning public health emergency, to prevent further formaldehyde poisoning of the 70% of those New Mexicans and 40% of the children who consume aspartame.

"If the EIB capitulates to the demands of the corporations involved to have nohearing, all New Mexico will suffer continued medical damages from Aspartame. Those concerned about health and protecting New Mexico's population from further damage from aspartame should come to this July 6 EIB meeting, Room 311, The Capitol and make their voices heard, and be made part of the permanent record on this consumer protection imperative. If you can't come in person, please send a fax to Governor Richardson at 505-476-2276, or email him and the Lt. Governor Diane Denish."

Here again is an example of how far the aspartame industry will go to have their way. In original studies aspartame triggered brain, mammary, uterine, ovarian, pancreatic, testicular and thyroid tumors for starters. So now here comes the Ramazzini Study in Italy proving aspartame is a multipotential carcinogen. The study is so impeccable they let the rats live to the age of 3 instead of cutting them off at 2 years. It is well known rats don't develop brain tumors until they are at least 11/5. It is peer reviewed by 7 world experts, and is independent.

What to do, how can the manufacturer fight such a precise study. As the word got out immediately a new 9 month study is done to try and disprove it. But its impossible for a 9 month study to be better than a 3 year study, and they even used transgenic mice. Even the statistics they used were old. It was such a hoot, it needed a reply, "Mother Goose Rides Again." Nobody took it seriously.

The aspartame industry scrambled for another study to rebut it. They found a 10 year old multifood form asking some elderly AARP members if they could remember what they ate within 12 months. The problem was that the only time aspartame was even mentioned was in 1 of 56 questions when you were asked if you used coffee or tea. But this bogus study was immediately exposed by the experts.

That didn't stop the front groups from putting a spin on it:

Then the European Food Safety Authority does an investigation. The only problem was members on the committee were exposed as having links to Ajinomoto:

They had an impossible task, trying to find error in such a flawless study. They simply couldn't do it, so they came up with a whopper even the Liar's Club would be proud of. They said the respiratory disease caused the cancer. A burglar could think of a better alibi. The only problem is that any physician or scientist knows respiratory disease is part of the dying process as Dr. Soffritti explained.

So now we have a discredited European Food Safety Authority that has to explain. Caught with having members with a direct link to Ajinomoto, they say this type of expertise is necessary. Is that an admission there are no independent researchers in Europe? And what expertise, they merely lied. And to this date the EFSA has not apologized for trying to deceive the world. And what the Ramazzini Study has done is confirmed what the FDA found almost three decades ago - aspartame is a multipotential carcinogen!

New Mexico media, I ask that you watch closely what goes on and print the facts for the people of New Mexico. Publishing at this time before the July 6 agenda will allow citizens to take action to make sure the will of the people is accomplished. To lobby for a deadly drug to be allowed to continue to poison the public is obscene. New Mexico can be known as the state with courage, the first to ban this toxin. Allow the consumers of New Mexico the right to live. Attorney General Patricia Madrid was asked for an official opinion on whether the EIB could proceed with the aspartame hearing, and has still not come forth with a definitive opinion. The defacto operative legal opinion guiding the AG's office thus far seems to be that of the Rodey firm, which was hired by Ajinomoto to squelch and silence the hearings.


Dr. Betty Martini, D.Hum.
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Aspartame Toxiocity Center:

Medical text on global plague: Aspartame Disease: An Ignored Epidemic, by H. J. Roberts, M.D.,

Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills by neurosurgeon Russell Blaylock, M.D.,

Sweet Misery: A Poisoned World,, or Barnes & Noble.

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