Dr. James Bowen

Posted: 08 January 2008

I have seen patients for over 20 years with aspartame created health problems, because I myself, was very early on poisoned by aspartame, and with my unique expertise in applied biochemistry, I was able to familiarize myself with more and more of those extreme poisonings built into the aspartame multi-poisonous molecule.

Starting with those writings of Dr. Woodrow Monte of Arizona State University at Tempe, and Dr. Richard Wurtman of MIT, who published aspartame warnings in the New England Journal of Medicine in 1982. People might assume aspartame passed its toxicity testings but, in fact, it miserably failed. Donald Rumsfeld's function was to get it licensed and marketed anyway!

Aspartame's extreme mitochondrial damage is best illustrated by the fact with only six weeks exposure to the aspartame Lo Cal Kool Aid, my mitochondria were already so very rapidly damaged and so severely damaged I went from having a full head of dark brown, reddish tinted hair, to then very rapidly graying and balding. I started out looking as if I had dyed my hair, and now the gray roots were showing as my aspartame damaged mitochondria were producing their first growths of gray hair.

Because 75% of the methanol to formaldehyde to formic acid (which shatters mitochondria and chromosomes!) toxic axis, occurs within the mitochondria which are typically about 1% of cellular volume, and within them your Mt DNA exists totally unprotected and with no repair mechanisms available, your mitochondrial DNA is very quickly damaged, usually preceding those other brain and body damages and diseases caused by aspartame.

In your cells, alcohols are metabolized within the mitochondria. A single dose of methyl alcohol can destroy this metabolic function, resulting in acidosis by mitochondrial impairment. Then measurable levels of alcohols will be in the blood. This MtDNA damage and consequent detectable blood levels of methanol are caused by the methanol in aspartame.

Aspartame quickly damages liver mitochondria causing an accumulation of alcohols in the blood stream. Your mitochondria handle ethyl (drink) alcohol far better than methanol. I have seen patients who used no alcohol beverages nevertheless develop high ethanol levels in their blood from digestion of food because aspartame had so severely damaged their liver mitochondria.

Thus liver damage from aspartame results in blood accumulations of methanol as the liver is unable to metabolize it because of mitochondrial destruction.

I'm a medical doctor and biochemist with an extremely well developed knowledge of applied biochemistry. Aspartame is such an effective Brain Wash and so addictive, its victims often cannot bring themselves to even acknowledge what aspartame is doing to them. The very same with myself: I very quickly had congestive heart failure with resultant pulmonary edema and my RN wife was screaming at me: "Jim! Get off the damn aspartame! It is killing you!" And I still could not even comprehend, and thus continued Lo Cal Kool Aid, for six health devastating weeks, until I went to see a psychiatrist who then told me, "something chemical is doing this to you!".

James Bowen, M.D.