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Concerned for the protection of our avian population, and with compassion for defenseless chickens, the International Fox Alliance set up a commission for the establishment of uniform Henhouse Management Practices. (UHMP: the sound of foxes gulping dinner)

Reports of poultry-house fires require immediate measures to protect helpless hens from deadly dangers. Henhouses aren't even equipped with fire alarms or extinguishers, and chickens are constrained by gates and fences, this creating a traumatizing concentration-camp environment. Should lightning strike they can be trapped. This breeds depression and fear, and chickens become chickenhearted, as is shown in a recent stud by UHMP's Hencology Research Institute.

The love of Foxes for chickens is historic. For generations Foxes have protected chickens from old age. This unique relationship qualifies Foxes as their natural guardians. Who has greater love for chickens than Foxes? Foxes celebrate chickens in prose and song, for instance:

Serving Chickens in Style (best seller)
I Cried and Cried for Kentucky Fried (country)
Take a Chicken for Lunch Today (foxtrot)
Would You Rather Be a Colonel With an Eagle on your Shoulder or a Private With a Chicken in Your Lap? (swing)

These steps must be taken immediately:

  1. Remove of all doors, gates and fences from Poultry Containment Areas, (PCAs) Henhouses must not be concentration camps!

  2. Eliminate Floodlights and Illuminatory Devices near PCAs. Chickens need their sleep!

  3. Grant UHMP free access to monitor the safety of all PCAs.

  4. All matters of chicken safety & security shall come under UHMP Director Bushmore Redtail, an Honorary Rooster. Lakota Indians call him Dines With Chickens.

If the European Food Safety Authority can cook up a lie, UHMP can cook up a chicken! Pass the salt, Red!

5/5/06 the European Food Safety Authority, who's officials have outside careers with financial ties to aspartame producers, gave the stuff a clean bill of health. They had to do something, anything, because the 3-year study by an Italian cancer research institute under the direction of Dr. Soffritti condemned aspartame as a "multipotential carcinogen." The impact of that research was to turn millions from it. In the USA Merisant's sales dropped 22% and they have more debt than the outfit is worth. Holland Sweetener, Europe's largest asparshame producer just announced the biz is a loser and they're ditching it this year.

EFSA is an Alliance of Foxes with a stacked deck! EFSA Chairperson Susan Barlow is bought and paid for by ILSI, the International Life Sciences Institute, a coalition of chemical, drug & food outfits including Asparshame manufacturers like Ajinomoto and Merisant, plus Coke, Pepsi and the rest of the usual suspects. ILSI funds biased research as a "scientific" front for poison makers. UPI investigator Greg Gordon was told that ILSI rejected Dr. Wm. Partridge's grant proposals when he questioned aspartame effects on children.

Gordon said, "These and other researchers describe a world of subtle, high-stakes strategy in which the availability of corporate funds and the design of research protocols may have influenced the course of a multibillion-dollar industry and affected the safety of millions of people." The World Health Organization barred ILSI research when warned by health and environmental groups and the Natural Resources Defense Council that WHO would risk scientific credibility and could be compromising public health by partnering with ILSI since 60 percent of their budget comes from "hundreds of chemical, food and drug companies" including DuPont, Merck, Monsanto & Pfizer.

ILSI director Suzanne Harris declared "We're not a back door for industry ... We're not trying to sell anything." True, ILSI doesn't sell, it buys, pays for counterfeit "research" to say a product is great, regardless! ILSI doesn't fund studies that detects problems. UPI's Gregory Gordon told about ILSI Executive Director Jack Filer who conducted numerous "studies" for NutraSweet and had conflict-of-interest judging the "safety" of MSG while being paid by firms that makes it. Typical ILSI corruption!

Chairperson Barlow is also a consultant for Exponent International, a corporate regulatory advocacy company. A principal scientist at Exponent is Harriet Butchko formerly Director of Clinical Research at the NutraSweet Co. Karl Heinz Engel received grants from Ajinomoto, the world's main aspartame manufacturer and conducted research on genetically manipulated crops, perhaps funded by Monsanto since Engle is a consultantto Degussa Bioactives. Monsanto recently gave them an award for providing catalysts. He's a lapdog, loyal to his checkbook.

Also on the EFSA committee is Dr. Iona Pratt, who said: "The Ramazinni Foundation's study showed an increase of cancers of the blood - lymphoma and leukemia - in the rats." But, she said, the working group concluded that these tumors were not related to aspartame. AFC said the rate of the tumors was not related to the dose of aspartame, which would have been expected if there was a link. The working group believes respiratory disease in many of the rats in Ramazzini's study was the likely cause of the tumors."

We needn't check Pratt's credentials! Anyone who would make such a stupid statement shouldn't work in the industry. Aspartame causes respiratory disease. She should get the 1038 page medical text by Dr. H. J. Roberts, Aspartame Disease: An Ignored Epidemic, and learn about the diseases, symptoms and drug interactions brought by this excitoneurotoxic carcinogen. The rats also died in the original studies, the reason the FDA revoked the petition for approval. In a test on 7 infant monkeys 5 had grand mal seizures and one died, an 86% casualty rate. ILSE and EFSA want you and your kids to be the monkeys now.

Mark Gold of the Aspartame Toxicity Center investigated the background of the first two speakers and knew they had no intention of giving an honest opinion. Mark commented on the 2005 announcement of EFSA's upcoming "study" which said: "The European Food Safety Agency will review the study linking aspartame ingestion to lymphomas and leukemias... as a matter of high priority, in the context of the previous extensive safety data available on aspartame." Note: the high priority was previous data, the Ramazzini study. Gold foretold "EFSA will find no problem with aspartame. That is a guarantee." Mark is a great prophet! EFSA's Alliance of Foxes whitewashed the hencoop!

Now the asparshame industry and front groups like the Calorie Control Council prate EFSA's report as exoneration. If you care for your life and health ignore their propaganda and take time to get the truth from those not profiting from this poison, like The Green Party in the European Parliament.

Their release said: "Where doubts exist, a potential toxin should be banned from the market, rather than being allowed the benefit of the doubt. Apart from the potential links between the aspartame and cancer, there is also evidence linking it toneurotoxicological damage. The independence of the EFSA panelists is at best dubious - three of the panel members have admitted a direct link to industry.

"Relying on their opinion over that of critical independent scientists is clearly not in the interest of consumers. The credibility of scientific panels must not only depend on statistic interpretations or toxicological methods, but also on the independence of the experts and an open and transparent way to deal with possible conflicts of interests. The European Commission must not just sit back and pass the buck to EFSA." Unlike some others, the Greens aren't chickenhearted!

Well what do you know? As we prepare this the FDA has just announced it will now complete their own review of the "discredited" Ramazzini study as soon as possible. Considering that a parade of FDA executives including three Commissioners hired into the asparshame business, guess what these diligent public servants will decide?

Mark Gold set the example, so we'll make this prophetic prediction: The Food & Death Administration will sanctify aspartame above all others, even tho FDA has received more complaints about this toxin than all other food additives combined. Ten years ago they published a list of over 10,000 volunteered consumer complaints and a tally of 92 symptoms from seizures to headaches to sexual dysfunction to death! (Where did I put my Viagra?) Since then FDA is in denial. (Not a river in Egypt) "Are you stupid or something? We never had a list like that!" So, following Mark Gold's example, I make this prophecy: FDA wizards will sanctify aspartame above all others, could evengive the poison a new name ... say, Fantastico.

The aspartame industry is pros at making a poison appear safe. Read the referenced articles below to show you how they do it. It's called deception, and they have bottomless checkbooks to swing things their way.

Heavily-referenced articles:

The aspartame makers have thrust a poison on the global community, one so deadly even the FDA said no to approval. But Don Rumsfeld, CEO of Searle cared so little about the human race that he said he would call in his markers and get it approved even though the FDA said they wouldn't allow it. See the movie, Sweet Misery: A Poisoned World, Here's the clip that tells you how he did it:

At least with the fox its a natural instinct to kill to eat and survive. With the speakers on the committee of the EFSA, they knew they were going to lie, and people would continue to die from the cancers, neurodegenerative diseases and other horrors aspartame causes.

As soon as the Ramazzini Study was published to the world, the government trying to protect the aspartame industry came up with a nine month study on transgenic mice. It was almost a waste of time to expose it as most just laughed. Rats, for example, usually don't even get brain tumors until they are over 1 1/2 years old, that's the reason Dr. Soffritti let the rats live three years to get to the truth of the matter. To try and rebut this impeccable study peer reviewed by 7 world experts, with this phony baloney and nine months of testing was an exercise in Mother Goose. Next they scrambled to find something else to try and deny again the carcinogenicity of aspartame. How pathetic. They found a multifood form filled out by some elderly people a decade ago which only mentioned aspartame once in 56 questions. It was not an aspartame study and only asked these elderly people if they could remember what they ate for 12 months. It didn't even mention the 6000 products aspartame is found in. Bogus Aspartame Study Exposed by Experts: Then the front groups like the Calorie Control Council and the dietitians put a spin on the report trying to put the issue of carcinogenicity to bed.

They lie, they lie and they lie some more. In the meantime, study after study shows more of the horrors of this deadly chemical poison. Here is the Greek Study: Bottom line, Alzheimers. Then came the Liverpool Study: This exposes how aspartame interacts. In reality it interacts with all drugs and vaccines: It's notorious for causing blood disorders: And on and on. The aspartame industry are pro's in fixing studies in an attempt to get the public into thinking a poison can show safety.

As stated by the Green Party, "If the Commission does not move quickly to address the continuing concerns about the safety of aspartame, the issue must be put on the agenda of the European Parliament and sale of aspartame products should be suspended."

I would add, aspartame is illegally on the market. It has destroyed a generation of children with birth defects, mental retardation, psychiatric and behavioral problems. It ravages every organ in the body. It can precipitate diabetes, and interacts with insulin, and has caused an epidemic of obesity. It liberates free methyl alcohol which causes chronic methanol poisoning. This effects the dopamine system of the brain and causes addiction. Naturally its a cash cow to those who thrust the poison on the human race to addict and maim.

The aspartame industry should be indicted for genocide. All those with conflicts of interest who were on the EFSA panel should step down in disgrace and apologize. What is this world coming to. Give Dr. Soffritti the Nobel Prize and give those who poison the public their one telephone call, that's all they deserve.

Dr. Betty Martini
Founder, Mission Possible World Health International
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