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Welcome to the home page of Mission Possible World Health International. Mission Possible World Health International was founded by Dr. Betty Martini, D.Hum and is headquartered in Duluth, Georgia.

On our site you will find lots of information about the substance known as aspartame and the effects it has on you, others, and the environment. If you have any questions or concerns about this deadly substance please contact us and we'll be glad to help you.


Health Freedom Information 03/26/2019

Vaccine Information 03/26/2019

Cancer Information 03/25/2019

Nine Out Of Ten Drugs Contain Excipients That Can Cause Allergies Or Intestinal Disorders, According To A Study. Lactose, Peanut, Dyes: Are These Substances Really Dangerous And Can They Be Easily Replaced? 03/20/2019

Fluoride Information 03/20/2019

Why Vaccine Herd Immunity Is A Hoax [NOTE: The following information is being censored by the corrupt, fascist entities as Google, Pinterest, YouTube, Facebook, etc. as corrupt corporations protecting corporations, the FDA [Federal Depopulation Agency], and corrupted congressmen submitting to the lobbyist of the Pharmaceutical industry. They are trying to suppress the scientific evidence, as in this report, in favor of financial interest of the Pharmaceutical industry, sacrificing the lives of children and adults, and eliminating "inform and consent" which majority of doctors do not provide patients or parents. Think about it. When was the last time your doctor pulled out the vaccine makers packaging list of warnings, adverse symptoms, or the complete list of ingredients being injected into you or your children. It is time to educate yourself and gain as much knowledge as you can to make an "informed decision" rather than becoming a sheeple lead to the slaughter house out of ignorance. Today, people out of ignorance, only look at and support one side of an issue rather than also looking at the opposite side of an issue to make an honest decision not only for themselves, but their innocent children. The vaccine issue involves (1) money verses health, (2) non-scientific in-house studies with prejudice verses independent scientific studies without prejudice, and (3) death or lifelong damaged health verses a lifelong quality health without a manmade products compromising or damaging the immune system that has be implanted in our bodies by our "Grand Creator."] 03/15/2019

FDA Surprise: Commissioner Scott Gottlieb, Aggressive Regulator Against Vaping, Resigns 03/12/2019

Aspartame News 03/11/2019

He Died As A Direct Result Of The HPV Vaccine [This is information is of importance that must be shared with parents of children (girls and boys) who are being targeted for HPV Vaccines. Especially since many states are looking at enacting laws to make vaccines mandatory for all children with no exemptions for medical reasons and even religious exemptions. These laws will even affect home schooled children and even the Amish, etc. Most doctors are too busy to research this type of information, or are either ignorant, or being bribed by the pharmaceutical companies. I would even advise parents to print out this article which is attached in PDF format to give to all health care providers. After doctors, nurses, and others in the health care industry read and research and digest this information, I do not understand how their conscience would allow them to do any type of vaccines without informing the parents and patience before they give their consent. This article also educates you with scientific proof about the toxic adjuvants in vaccines like 1). Mercury (Thimerosal or Thiomersal), 2). Aluminum; and the scary reality of what they do to the brain as it keeps accumulating with each and every vaccine injected into the body. When you read this information, you will now understand why more and more informed parents, adults, and doctors are becoming educated and resisting vaccines. Also learn of the over 4 billion of dollar the government has already paid out for vaccine injuries cause be mercury in the vaccines and Gardasil injuries. This is only accounting for 1% reported with 99% injuries never reported. Do your homework. You cannot trust the corporate government that backs and shields corporate entities like pharmaceutical corporations that are not in the business help the sick, but to profit off of the sick, even if their drugs cause even worse health issues. - Tom Armstrong] 03/06/2019

Portable Laser Against Food Fraud Signed By Enea. The Technology Has Already Been Tested On Large Consumption Foods 03/06/2019

The Sweet Deception Of Food Without Sugar 03/05/2019