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Posted: 12 March 2013

This is in response to the article entitled, "Cancer And Premature Birth Fears Linked To Fizzy Drink Sweetener" which may be found at:

This is an excellent article in the Daily Mail. Dr. Erik Millstone has exposed aspartame for years from England, and as you see was instrumental in setting up Food Standards to keep free of industry. Unfortunately, Food Standards today is aligned with industry and uses the standard propaganda of the aspartame industry.

When the European Commission on Food did a review back in 2002 and said it was safe, it was found out that no committee made the decision but one person. In fact, Felicity Mawson, Mission Possible UK and myself flew to Belgium and met with the EU giving them all the damning information on aspartame, peer reviewed research, etc. I knew this was going to be a whitewash when I showed them Dr. H. J. Roberts medical text, "Aspartame Disease: An Ignored Epidemic", 1000 pages of horrors triggered or precipitated by aspartame. They never turned the first page, was not even interested because they knew they had already made a decision. So no more European Commission on Food and the European Food Safety was set up, EFSA.

The first review EFSA did on aspartame said it was safe. Parliament immediately said go back and do the review again. All studies coming in (independent and unbiased, not industry controlled and financed) show its not safe. They mentioned the Denmark Study on 60,000 women showing aspartame can jump preterm births 78% and three studies by the Ramazzini Institute, Dr. Morando Soffritti, showing aspartame to be a multipotential carcinogen, causing everything from lung, liver, breast and kidney cancer to lymphoma and leukemia, and more. Dr. Soffritti even got an award given only one or two times in history.

The studies haven't stopped. Go to and click on peer reviewed research at the top of the page. One study showed the link to diabetes, another that aspartame raises fasting blood sugar. Studies have shown since then that it causes obesity as others have, heart attacks and strokes, and Harvard (one of the longest and strongest with the most people) that aspartame causes multiple myeloma, leukemia and lymphoma confirming Dr. Soffritti's study. This is not even all the recent studies. How can EFSA say aspartame is safe when all the studies show its not safe? These committee members should be lined up and MADE TO ANSWER! Dr. Millstone in this article above explains the conflict of interest. They are in bed with the aspartame manufacturers as they have always been.

Consider some of the worst things that aspartame causes. The Trocho Study shows the formaldehyde converted from the free methyl alcohol embalms living tissue and damages DNA. When you damage DNA you can destroy humanity. Dr. Maria Alemany told me the NutraSweet people tried to assassinate his character because the study was so damaging. One funeral director told the head of the board of the American Anti-Cancer Institute that they were using 25% less formaldehyde now because of the existing formaldehyde in the body. Reginall Bundrage told me he worked for the EPA as a pathologist on the aspartame issue in the early 1990's and said he asked his superiors how aspartame could remain on the market killing so many people. He was told that the FDA would have to take it off the market. He said: "That was in the early 1990's and here it is 2010 and it's still on the market."

Can it get worse? Aspartame causes sudden cardiac death: Ever wonder about the epidemic of autism? G. D. Searle, the original manufacturer made a deal with the FDA for the teratology studies (birth defects) never to be released so the public couldn't see them. Dr. Woodrow Monte wrote the book "While Science Sleeps" and explains those studies (he was able to get four of them and I got two of them), neural tube defects. Here is the last chapter in the book showing aspartame has caused the epidemic of autism.

If you think it can't get worse still now they want to put aspartame unlabeled in dairy products. It is mentioned this will help school children because of obesity. Yet, aspartame has caused the obesity epidemic!! Aspartame (E951, Canderel, Benevia, NutraTaste, Spoonful, NutraSweet, AminoSweet, Neotame, etc.) is so poisonous (once listed with the pentagon in an inventory of prospective biochemical warfare weapons) it causes chemical hypersensitization. In the movie Sweet Misery: A Poisoned World ( Cheryl Kemptner told the hospital she was an aspartame victim and chemically hypersensitive and that if she got any of it accidentally she would react. They gave her a bracelet and put it on her records but a dietitian gave her some Crystal Lite with aspartame and she became a Code Blue. They had to resuscitate her to save her life. Some people getting it accidentally can go into anaphylactic shock. So consider pilots and we do have a Mission Possible Aviation: One pilot drinking a Diet Coke on American dropped dead and the plane had to land to have the body removed and the pilot replaced. We've gotten many of them off aspartame, but what if they are given coffee with cream or milk with unlabeled aspartame. Your life is in the hands of the pilot!

I discussed the issue in Europe last night on the Jeff Rense radio show and it will be replayed today or tomorrow - Jeff Rense has one of the largest web sites on the net and the media goes there for news. Jeff has put articles on aspartame on his web site for years and years saving the lives of millions.

Everyone reading this should go to the Federal Register of the FDA about adding aspartame and other dangerous sweeteners to dairy products unlabeled and demand this not be done. It is against the law because aspartame requires a PKU warning. Dr. James Bowen says aspartame actually causes Phenylketonuria. Consider what aspartame is doing to our children and they are the ones drinking milk. In "Sweet Remedy" that followed "Sweet Misery" the ADD people were interviewed, Feingold. They said before aspartame was approved they hardly even used the terms ADD and ADHD. If you want to see their complete report go to and read on the banner, "Report for Schools".

It should also be noted that world-renowned H. J. Roberts, M.D. who wrote the medical text, "Aspartame Disease: An Ignored Epidemic" just passed away. This 1000 page medical text gives the mechanism by which it causes each disease that is triggered or precipitated by aspartame. Asking me to carry on his work before he died he sent me his 30 years of research on aspartame, so we have all the damning information on aspartame.

For you people in Europe please pass this article on your lists. It will save lives and help to get aspartame banned in Europe. Also, if aspartame is not banned by Codex it can be used in countries where it is not approved. We need all the help we can get. For more information on resources email me for the Aspartame Resource Guide which is not on web.

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