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06 June 2019 - Inevitable Aspartame Dementia In The White House Will Worsen [This is truly a sad article about what I believe is verifiably happening medically. It is backed up by sound medical and neurotoxic knowledge on the part of Neurosurgeon Dr. Russell Blaylock, Dr. Betty Martini, and many others. Many of these facts have already been reported in detail in the New York Times and in the Toronto Globe and Mail - Stephen Fox, Mission Possible New Mexico, Santa Fe NM]

05 June 2019 - Diet Drinks Could Be Making Your Children Overweight

05 June 2019 - Will It Help To Lose Weight Diet Coke?

05 June 2019 - Aspartame: Soda Poison For Your Kids

05 June 2019 - Are Artificial Sweeteners Putting Kids At Risk For Asthma?

05 June 2019 - Depression Is The "New Epidemic Of The 21st Century," According To The World Health Organization

04 June 2019 - Stay Away From Artificial Sweeteners

21 May 2019 - Phony Double Talk? Public Relations Lies? Dr. Martini Asks; Health Canada Still Lists Artificial Sweeteners As Approved [Just when we thought Health Canada had made a huge leap towards at least recommending that Canadians NOT consume artificial sweeteners in general, and aspartame in particular, Canadians pointed out that these neurotoxins are still approved, and officially considered harmless. Maybe this a bureaucratic delay and maybe it is continued corporate strangulation of legitimate regulatory standards. An unfolding story, but some glimmer of optimism is possible when even one nation comes through with such a ban. Maybe it will be Pakistan which banned Ajinomoto's other neurotoxic product, MSG, last year. Maybe it will be Vietnam, which banned Roundup just last month, because Vietnam knows all about American neurotoxic poisons, having lived through Agent Orange. When is all of this going to stop? Dr. Martini's video lecture on aspartame as Biochemical Warfare agent is the headline of this article; just click on the white arrow to watch it. - Stephen Fox, Mission Possible New Mexico, Santa Fe NM]

15 May 2019 - Health Canada NOW Says: "Avoid Sugar Substitutes!" But U.S. Won't Do So Because Of Corporate Manipulation [Maybe sometimes, but only with relentless perseverance, consumer activism can win the day. In the past year, Health Canada has done an about face on not labeling artificial sweeteners, to recommending that they avoid them altogether. Ideally, the strongest response should have been to ban them altogether but behemoth bureaucrats take careful baby steps, only when forced to do so, in this case (we believe) by a large number of Canadian Parliamentarians. Dr. Martini and I wrote articles and sent them several times to every single member of Parliament. I am happy to share some of this breakthrough with the real leader of the ban aspartame movement, Dr. Betty Martini, who has worked tirelessly on this for almost 30 years. - From Stephen Fox, Mission Possible New Mexico Santa Fe NM]

09 May 2019 - Here's Why Kids Should Never Consume Diet Soda Drinks

08 May 2019 - Dangers Of Aspartame & Sucralose (Nutrasweet & Splenda) [YouTube video] [This is an excellent video on aspartame. It comes from a paper on Monsanto's dirty dozen: The reason the aspartame video is so important is it mentions the aspartame brain tumor study at Kings College in England which has never been publicly published to my knowledge. A trust won the lottery and the money went to Kings College. Monsanto was saying it couldn't cause brain tumors because it doesn't answer the blood stream which, of course, is not true. Dr. H. J. Roberts happened to have one of the industry books I didn't have that even proved the point and dictated it to me as I wrote this press release: Here is one remark that became available during the study: "When we exposed human brain tumor cells to nitrosated DKP the cells became more motile and their rate of proliferation was significantly elevated. While it is somewhat early to speculate, it is possible that the aspartame breakdown product may be capable of enhancing the rate of malignant progression of pre-existing (and possibly clinically silent, undiagnosed) tumours in the brain." Now in this video note the remarks about the King's College Study which basically says the more you use of the DKP (diketopiperazine) which breaks down from the aspartame molecule the more chance for brain tumors. It was even admitted aspartame caused brain cancer and brain tumors by one of the chief FDA investigators of aspartame at the time, Dr. Adrian Gross: Here he was telling the Senate that aspartame is illegally on the market because it violated the Delaney clause which says it illegal to allow any residue of cancer-causing chemicals in foods. Notice he says therefore how could FDA set an allowable daily intake: ADI? He says beyond a shadow of a doubt it caused brain tumors and brain cancer. But his last words should be remembered always because he said: "And if the FDA violates its own laws who is left to protect the public?" Here is an article on brain tumors by US Right to Know. I was in England lecturing about the time of the study beginning. I can tell you Monsanto was trying their best to get into the laboratory and see what was going on. If aspartame was safe they wouldn't have cared. This is why I say you can never believe the agencies of the government like FDA in the US or EFSA in Europe or industry defending its product. You ALWAYS can only look at independent unbiased research. In 1992 they actually allowed Big Pharma to fund the FDA which then gave Big Pharma the opportunity to own the FDA. Then in 2009 some brave souls at the FDA wrote Obama and admitted they were broken, corrupt and whistleblowers feared reprisals. Yes, aspartame breaks down to a brain tumor, caused brain tumors and brain cancer, and even the methanol gets in the blood stream. Dr. James Bowen explains it this way: "Only after longer aspartame usage does liver damage cause blood methanol levels to measurably rise because the liver mitochondria are so damaged that the liver no longer quickly processes either methyl or ethyl (drink) alcohol. Then the acute methanol poisoning is directly measurable from lab results, as the blood methanol level elevates. This entire sequence or "toxic axis" begins with your very first dose of aspartame. Both acute and chronic poisonings from this methanol toxic axis, and other additive and synergistic aspartame poisonings, steadily accumulate in the aspartame consumer. While we're on aspartame remember they are putting more and more aspartame in your drugs, especially generics although its in both. So be sure to print out the hospital form, sign it, add any other allergies and give it to your physician and anytime you go to a hospital. It has the entire chapter on aspartame and drug interaction from "Aspartame Disease: An Ignored Epidemic" by Dr. H. J. Roberts ( ). Aspartame damages the mitochondria and interacts with drugs and vaccines. Once signed if the hospital gives you any drugs or food with aspartame they are now responsible. But you must sign it: It was given even to me in drugs without me knowing it and I stopped breathing three times. I put this together so it wouldn't happen to you. After this video you will see another and please please be sure you listen to the lady who worked for the people who made sucralose and gave up a huge salary to tell you real facts. Sucralose was only tested on two people before the Fatal Drugs Allowed folks, the FDA approved it. There were 6 human studies but the FDA allowed it on the market and approved before the other 5 studies were completed. Furthermore, they were not done to give you information on total health but only about tooth decay!!! There were in these studies altogether 36 humans but only 23 were given sucralose. Evidently the lady who worked for them saw all the records like the lady who shredded the aspartame studies, Jana Marie, sending one copy to France. She said the aspartame studies killed everything it touched! Dr. Morando Soffritti who did the aspartame studies showing it to be a multipotential carcinogen at the Ramazzini Institute also did a study on sucralose and found it to be a carcinogen. What do you think the FDA says every time a study shows how deadly these poisonous sweeteners are? Standard statement - there were short comings. Almost 100% of independent, scientific peer reviewed research have shown the problems on aspartame. Dr. Ralph Walton did the research for 60 Minutes: Play it forward and get people this life saving information that can save their life. There is a safe sweetener called "Just Like Sugar". - Dr. Betty Martini, D.Hum, Founder - Mission Possible World Health International - ]

29 Apr 2019 - Unpacking A Recent Study Linking Diet Soda With Stroke Risks

25 Apr 2019 - Aspartame - A Biochemical Warfare Agent By Dr. Betty Martini [YouTube video]

23 Apr 2019 - Blind Food Additives In The Market "Death" By Kim Bien

16 Apr 2019 - Could Diet Soda Raise Your Risk Of Stroke And Dementia? [This is not new material, but here it is setting and the highly credible medical journalism context that is important, since Sharecare goes to millions of people and is highly respected. - Stephen Fox, Mission Possible New Mexico] [I would like to add to Stephen's note this is but one study of many lately that have shown such vast aspartame destruction. As an example the study showing depletion of neurotransmitters, serotonin, 74%, the wanton obliteration of human life. As this study shows, "aspartame may be contributing to the downfall of human civilization by altering the brains of human beings, turning them into cognitively impaired, chemically-altered organisms incapable of rational behavior." This was also published by the National Health Federation who fought at Codex against aspartame. You can subscribe for very little. Then there is the Trocho Study showing the formaldehyde from the free methyl alcohol is embalming tissues and damaging DNA: An informant with Pepsi said the National Soft Drink Assn, now American Beverage, did a 10 year study on aspartame showing Alzheimers, blindness and birth defects. How does Alzheimers happen? Dr. Woodrow Monte who wrote: "While Science Sleeps: A Sweetener Kills", said: "In the absence of ethanol, dietary methanol easily penetrates the blood brain barrier and passes into the intima and media of the veins and arteries of the brain, where it is transformed by ADH into formaldehyde. Formaldehyde diffuses into nearby nerve cell axons and penetrates until it locates tau protein, which is modified and polymerized to produce plaque. Once the plaque breaks through the cell membrane and myelin layers of the axon it is exposed to the brain's macrophages, which become activated, leading to the inflammation of Alzheimer's." Dr. Monte said: "How can formaldehyde produce such large plague configurations that they break through cell membranes and myelin sheaths surrounding the axon? Under suitable conditions the molecules of many compounds can be linked together into giant molecules by methylene bridges when subject to the action of formaldehyde." The Ramazzini Studies and Harvard study have proven beyond any shadow of a doubt that aspartame is a multipotential carcinogen. They show aspartame causes the blood cancers as well. The FDA has known this from the beginning as Dr. Adrian Gross testified to the Senate. The brain cancer proven beyond a shadow of a doubt violated the Delaney Amendment. He explained it is on the market illegally and his last words: "And if the FDA violates their own laws who is left to protect the public?" This is why they keep refusing my petition to ban. They decline to discuss their own records which admitted aspartame causes cancer and is against the law. Recently I added a victim's case to the lists to show that aspartame caused her to use six drugs, and about five of them CONTAINED aspartame which interacts. Nobody has a chance. The ADD people have said prior to the approval of aspartame they hardly used the term ADD. Today they put children on Ritalin and the generic has aspartame in it. Dr. Ralph Walton has written about the psychiatric and behavioral problems and performed a study that had to be stopped when the administrator got a retinal detachment and lost the vision in one eye, and he wasn't even using the maximum ADI. Others claimed they were being poisoned. Pass the information on to save lives. Add it to your web sites. - Dr. Betty Martini, D.Hum, Founder Mission Possible World Health Intl,]

15 Apr 2019 - Heating Food Sweetened With Sucralose May Be Harming Your Health [Dr. Morando Soffritti of the Ramazzini Institute did a study on Sucralose showing it to be a carcinogen. More information on aspartame and sucralose on - Dr. Betty Martini, D.Hum.]

15 Apr 2019 - SHOCKING Report: Coca-Cola Tried To Manipulate The CDC To “Influence Policy On Nutrition And Artificial Sweeteners”

12 Apr 2019 - Question 50 Packs Of Equal A Day

11 Apr 2019 - Food Labels - What Do All Of Those Little Letters Really Say?

08 Apr 2019 - Sabrina Sweeney: Weighing Children Is Not The Way To Tackle Childhood Obesity [See the "Report for Schools" This will give you a better understanding of childhood obesity. They should have named aspartame - "asparfatter" because they are putting it in pediatric drugs and so many foods and 17 products unlabeled in dairy, and on and on. The children are the victims. – Dr. Betty Martini, D.Hum.]

05 Apr 2019 - Millions Of Lives Depend On Refuting And Reversing 4 Decades Of FDA's Aspartame Lies---Statement By Dr. Betty Martini

05 Apr 2019 - Medications And Aspartame: Aspartame Now In Advil - Being Put In Pain Killers

05 Apr 2019 - Oh No. We Have Some Bad News For Diet Coke Drinkers

05 Apr 2019 - The Truth About The “Inactive Ingredients” In Your Medications

29 Mar 2019 - Drinking Soda Can Trigger Colon Cancer

29 Mar 2019 - The Truth About Diet Coke: Is The Fizzy Drink Harming Your Health?

27 Mar 2019 - The Debate Over Neurotransmitter Interaction In Aspartame Usage [Also see Aspartame Depletes neurotransmitters in the brain: Also in the winter edition of Health Freedom News/National Health Federation – Dr. Berry Martini, D.Hum.]

27 Mar 2019 - New Science Links Soda With Heart Problems And Two Types Of Cancer

27 Mar 2019 - (Bitter) Sweet Strokes of Bad Luck

11 Mar 2019 - Sugar-Free? Unsweetened? No Added Sugar? How To Decode Sugar Labels

11 Mar 2019 - Aspartame And Deadly Diet Foods

06 Mar 2019 - Medications That Contain Aspartame [Please note this particular list was written in 2012. Dr. H. J. Roberts told me 20 years ago it was in over 10,000 foods and we know its in thousands of drugs. Today we know its in many products without labeling and like Neotame was advertised now being in pork. I've never seen Neotame, another aspartame product, labeled so is it not labeled. The FDA admitted aspartame is in 17 dairy products unlabeled which is against the law because it requires a PKU warning. If something said E951 would you know that's aspartame? Also they call it AminoSweet, Canderel, Benevia and other names. We know it interacts with drugs and vaccines. After hospitals prescribed drugs that I didn't know had aspartame in them I was given pain medication on three occasions in the hospital and stopped breathing. Because I didn't want this to happen to others I put together this hospital form which has the entire chapter on aspartame and drug interaction from the 1000 page medical text, "Aspartame Disease: An Ignored Epidemic" by H. J. Roberts, M.D. Don't go to the hospital without it: I'm particularly worried about all the opioid deaths because a great amount could be because they are using aspartame and many may not even know it. Now we have the sugar tax because of obesity and unfortunately many are going back to aspartame. The obesity epidemic is logically due to aspartame which makes you crave carbohydrates. Even the National Soft Drink Assn, now American Beverage, used Dr. Richard Wurtman's affidavit on the diet product aspartame making you gain weight in their protest against using it because it had not been proven safe. So don't even think they don't know. They just won't answer a letter written years ago. This list is so you will always know to check any drug you use to see if it has aspartame. You can check a PDR (Physicians Desk Reference), the Internet or ask your pharmacist. One doctor after I complained checked and told me all generic gastrointestinal drugs have aspartame and not to use any of them. Aspartame causes gastrointestinal disease and just recently there was a new study about aspartame and it having toxic effects on gut microbes. Dr. Roberts said many times that it was just outrageous that aspartame caused gastrointestinal disease and then they put aspartame in the drugs to treat it. Remember even gums have aspartame so be careful. – Dr. Betty Martini, D.Hum., Mission Possible International ]

06 Mar 2019 - New Study Finds That Aspartame-Sweetened Diet Soda Causes Stroke, Dementia Risks To Skyrocket… Is Aspartame DESTROYING Brain Function?

06 Mar 2019 - Sweet And Empty: Using Sugar Substitutes Won’t Really Help You Lose Weight, Says Study

05 Mar 2019 - The Sweet Deception Of Food Without Sugar

28 Feb 2019 - Studies On Aspartame Are Alarming, So We Need More?!

26 Feb 2019 - Diet Soft Drinks Increase Risk Of "Dying Young" By 16%

22 Feb 2019 - Sins Of The Father Are Then Visited Upon The Sons: The Saga Of The Aspartame-Rumsfeld Plague

15 Feb 2019 - FDA And Supplements

05 Feb 2019 - OBESITY AND OVERWEIGHT What Sweeteners And Sugars Do We Consume?

05 Feb 2019 - Study: Aspartame In Diet Drinks And Proliferative Diabetic Retinopathy

04 Feb 2019 - Dog Passes Away After Eating Brownies, Owner Warns Of Lethal Sugar Substitute [Has an embedded video on the web page]

04 Feb 2019 - Aspartame May Be Making You Dumb: Study Finds That The Artificial Sweetener Disrupts Your Neurotransmitters

01 Feb 2019 - Aspartame: 11 Dangers Of This All-Too-Common Food Additive

01 Feb 2019 - The 5 Worst Artificial Sweeteners

29 Jan 2019 - Aspartame Is A Silent Killer That Consumes Us Totally

28 Jan 2019 - Letter To FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb: Aspartame May Be Contributing To The End Of Human Civilization

22 Jan 2019 - Selma Blair, MS And Aspartame: Diet Coke

18 Jan 2019 - Bittersweet: Aspartame Breast Cancer Link [While this article by Dr. Woodrow Monte was published in 2008, the facts are current and its one everybody should read because of the link to breast cancer. In his book, "While Science Sleeps: A Sweetener Kills" he correctly calls aspartame a killing machine. Dr. Morando Soffritti in one of his studies at the Ramazzini Institute on aspartame also proved it causes breast cancer. It goes into some detail about if a woman is pregnant and the baby survives (aspartame is a teratogen) that child can grow up to cancer. While we see the horror of the use of aspartame in the population and almost 100% of scientific peer reviewed studies prove the problems, the FDA goes ahead and approves another aspartame product, Advantame. Be safe, read labels and spread the word. – Dr. Berry Martini - Founder, Mission Possible Health International]

18 Jan 2019 - FDA Allows Aspartame, A Seizure Triggering Drug To Be Added To Anti-Seizure Medication

17 Jan 2019 - Chronic Methanol Poisoning With The Clinical And Pathologic-Anatomical Features Of Multiple Sclerosis

17 Jan 2019 - Drinking Diet Soda May Be Killing You

16 Jan 2019 - Aspartame Cancer, Obesity, Insanity

11 Jan 2019 - FDA Refuses Petition To Ban Aspartame Because Approval Was A Criminal Act

11 Jan 2019 - A Mistake Called Light

11 Jan 2019 - No Evidence Swapping Sugar For Artificial Sweeteners Helps Weight Loss, Major Review Warns

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