By Abby Cormack

Posted: 13 August 2007

Would you believe Sugar Free chewing gum could destroy you? That it could bring anxiety, insomnia, depression, mind-fog, abdominal pain, unbearable leg and arm cramps, blurred vision, endless trips to the doctors, hysteria, suicidal thoughts and paranoia?

As the weird and horrifying symptoms progressed I sought the help of several doctors, a psychiatrist and made two visits to the Emergency ward. I was prescribed Valium, anti inflammatory, and excessive amounts of pain killers. This gave me no relief. Multiple tests were done for Electrolyte imbalances, mineral deficiencies, Multiple Sclerosis, Diabetes, Lupus, all clear. These conditions all mimic the symptoms of Aspartame poisoning.

Here I was an athletic, health-conscious young woman with every reason to enjoy my youth and life, but this was rapidly being destroyed and the doctors couldn't help me.

I was being poisoned by the 4 packets of sugar free chewing gum I consumed each day. I had no idea that the sweetener used is a neurotoxic chemical that's raining devastation on consumers worldwide. The poison is aspartame; and the American FDA once published a list of 92 symptoms from 10,000 volunteered consumer complaints by victims like myself.

Every one of my symptoms is on that list. Its addictive, carcinogenic and deadly; decomposing into formaldehyde and a whole catalogue of other deadlies as we digest it: diketopiperazine, the brain tumor agent, methyl alcohol: bringer of blindness, aspartic acid destroyer of the nervous system. It makes the neurons fire incessantly until they die. Aspartame destroys the brain, your eyesight, your intelligence.....gradually and unsuspectedly.

So why is it on the market? America's Secretary of Defense, Don Rumsfeld, the genius behind the Iraq war. He was the head of a company with a product he couldn't sell, ruling G. D. Searle, maker of aspartame. But the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) wouldn't approve it since it murdered the rats with brain tumors and a host of other diseases. Don got a government job....and the next day a replacement FDA Commissioner was appointed who approved aspartame over the objections of his own scientists; several resigned in protest. Never underestimate the damage a man without a conscience can do to the world.

The product was a goldmine! It's in thousands of foods and drinks, and little packs of aspartame/NutraSweet/Equal/E951 sit on millions of restaurant tables worldwide. Aspartame had muscle, being backed up at the very top levels of American politics and soon the FDA became the Washington Branch Office for the drug and chemical companies. In fact, today FDA gets most of its cash from the companies it regulates.

I finally researched my symptoms on the internet, to learn about phenylalanine (half of aspartame). And came upon the encyclopedic There are thousands of other aspartame websites and tens of thousands of case histories like mine or worse. I kicked the habit May 23 and after 6 weeks of de toxing I am feeling like a new person.

Abby Cormack